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British Creation: Muslim Brotherhood - UK's Love Affair With Radical Islam - al Nursa Mercenary Interview - Radicalized Outside of Syria - 95 Percent Are Foreign Mercenaries In Syria

Source: GlobalResearch

UK’s collusion with radical Islam: Bin Laden, the Taliban, Zawahiri: Britain’s Done Business With Them All 

Five years after the 7/7 bombings in London

By Mark Curtis
Global Research, July 07, 2010
Guardian 5 July, 2010

When the London bombers struck five years ago, many people blamed the invasion of Iraq for inspiring them. But the connection between 7/7 and British foreign policy goes much deeper. The terrorist threat to Britain is partly “blowback”, resulting from a web of British covert operations with militant Islamist groups stretching back decades. And while terrorism is held up as the country’s biggest security challenge, Whitehall’s collusion with radical Islam is continuing.

Two of the four London bombers were trained in Pakistani camps run by the Harkat ul-Mujahideen (HUM) terrorist group, which has long been sponsored by Pakistan to fight Indian forces in Kashmir. Britain not only arms and trains Pakistan but in the past provided covert aid benefiting the HUM. There are credible suggestions that Britain facilitated the dispatch of HUM volunteers to fight in Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the 90s. Earlier, MI6′s covert war in Afghanistan involved the military training of various Islamist groups to counter the Soviet occupation of the country. Many HUM militants were instructed by an insurgent faction that Britain was covertly training and arming with anti-aircraft missiles.

One of that faction’s warlords was Jalalludin Haqqani, who is now the Taliban’s overall military commander fighting the British; his past is not something the Ministry of Defence relates to the young soldiers deployed to Helmand province. Another old friend is the Afghan commander Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, known as a ruthless killer, who was given covert aid and training in the 1980s and was even received by officials in Whitehall. It was Hekmatyar who Britain backed to conduct secret operations inside the Muslim republics of the Soviet Union.

The further twist is that Britain is now reliant on doing a deal with these forces to secure something more than a humiliating exit from the increasingly brutal war in Afghanistan. The stakes are exceedingly high – General Sir David Richards, the head of the British army, has said that the “UK’s authority and reputation in the world” are on the line in Afghanistan. He also remarked last week that talks should be held with the Taliban “pretty soon”.

In fact, Whitehall has been desperately trying to do a deal with the Taliban since at least 2004, when it is claimed that Maulana Fazlur Rahman, a radical pro-Taliban cleric in Pakistan, was invited to visit the Foreign Office. Rahman told the Pakistani media that “Britain is holding indirect talks with the Taliban militia to seek an honourable American exit from Afghanistan”.

This dependence on militant Islamists to achieve foreign policy objectives is an echo of the past, when such collusion was aimed at controlling oil resources and overthrowing nationalist governments. The Anglo-American operation in Iran in 1953 to remove the popular Mossadeq government, which had nationalised British oil operations, involved plotting with Ayatollah Seyyed Kashani, the founder of the militant fundamentalist group Devotees of Islam. MI6 and the CIA financed demonstrations against Mossadeq, and even discussed installing Kashani – a predecessor of Ayatollah Khomeini – as Iran’s leader after the coup. The Foreign Office noted that in power Kashani “would conceivably accept western money”, but viewed him as “a complete political reactionary”, and therefore not reliable as a long-term asset.

Also targeted was Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, who in 1952 overthrew the pro-British King Farouk, providing an Arab nationalist alternative to the pro-western monarchies in the Middle East. Britain had first covertly funded the Muslim Brotherhood, a new radical force with a terrorist wing, in 1942, and further links were made with the organisation after Nasser’s revolution. By 1956, when Britain invaded Egypt, contacts were developed as part of plans to overthrow Nasser. Indeed, the invasion was undertaken in the knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood might form the new regime. After Nasser died in 1970, and the pro-western president Anwar Sadat secretly sponsored militant Islamist cells to counter nationalists and communists, British officials were still describing the Brotherhood as “a potentially handy weapon” for the regime.

Declassified files reveal that planners recognised their Islamist collaborators as anti-western, but entered into marriages of convenience to achieve short-term objectives. As British power waned in the Middle East, Whitehall sought out all the allies it could find, with little regard for the long-term consequences. Britain’s role in the emergence of global terrorism should not be exaggerated, but there are many contributions: opposition to Arab nationalism, which paved the way for the rise of radical Islam in the 1970s; support for the Afghan holy warriors in the 1980s, from which emerged Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida; and the phenomenon of “Londonistan” in the 1990s, when the capital became an organising centre for global jihad, tolerated by the authorities.

But Whitehall’s view of Islamist militants as handy weapons or shock troops is far from historical. In 1999, during Nato’s bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, the Blair government secretly trained fighters in the Kosovo Liberation Army to act as Nato’s soldiers on the ground. The KLA was openly described by ministers as a terrorist organisation, and worked closely with al-Qaida fighters who joined the Muslim cause; their military centre was in the same camp network in Kosovo and Albania where the SAS were providing training. One KLA unit was led by the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s right-hand man. This murky feature of Blair’s “humanitarian intervention” remains conveniently overlooked in most accounts of the war.

The attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 have made Britain revise but not end its secret affair with radical Islam. In the occupation of southern Iraq, Britain’s weak position led to conniving with Shia militias. Liberal, secular forces were bypassed after the invasion, and when Britain withdrew its combat forces it in effect handed responsibility for “security” to these militias. The irony is that Britain’s favoured collaborator, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, has long been Iran’s favoured vehicle for its policy in Iraq. Britain also continues its deep alliance with a Pakistan that is the main protector of the Taliban, and does little to press Islamabad to end its support for the jihad in Kashmir. Thus, in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Whitehall has been in the bizarre situation of being allied to its enemy.

Militants may be serving other useful functions. The then Foreign Office minister Kim Howells told a parliamentary inquiry in March 2007: “At dinners at embassies around the world I have suddenly discovered that somebody happens to be sitting next to me who is from the respectable end of a death squad from somewhere. The ambassador has, with the best will in the world, invited that person along because he thinks that, under the new democracy, they will become the new government.”

The government says it has prevented 12 bomb plots in the last decade and that we face a threat from 200 networks. My concern is that the wards of state pledging to protect us have neither accounted for “blowback” nor stopped contributing to it. Governments guided by morals would have different priorities and would discontinue policies based on interests that endanger us and much of the world.


Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam

In Secret Affairs, Mark Curtis shows how Britain has helped create the Islamic terrorism that now threatens us. Exploring how the bombings of 7/7 can be traced back to groups and individuals trained and supported by Britain, Curtis draws on formerly classified government files to unravel a long history of the British government's secret collusion with and direct involvement in Islamic terrorism, from 1945 to the present day. From the overthrow of Iran's popular government during the 1950s and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, to Libya, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia's ruthless internal oppression, Secret Affairs shows Britain's hidden hand in the rise of global terrorism.

At a time when British forces are being sent to wage war in Afghanistan in increasing numbers, Mark Curtis' book shows how the seeds of today's lose-lose situation were sown a long time ago in a hidden politics as ineffective as it was immoral. 

Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses

Britain complicit in the deaths of ten million people since 1945

Those are Unpeople – those whose lives are seen as expendable in the pursuit of Britain’s economic and political goals.

Historian Mark Curtis pieces together the Blair government’s “public deception campaign” on Iraq and reveals government plans to increase “information operations” directed towards the public. Citing official documents, it discloses that the government has in effect abandoned a commitment to international law and is poised for a new period of global military intervention in alliance with the US.

Read the introduction

To order the book: go to or

“Mark Curtis is, in my opinion, this country’s best popular historian” – John Pilger 
Unpeople documents recently declassified government files to reveal: British support for the 1963 killings in Iraq that brought Saddam’s Ba’ath party to power

*British arming of Baghdad regimes’ brutal aggression against the Kurds throughout the 1960s
*A covert British military role in the US war in Vietnam and secret correspondence from Wilson and *Heath privately backing the US
*The Heath government’s support for the Idi Amin coup in Uganda in 1971 and the 1973    Pinochet coup in Chile
*Covert operations to overthrow governments in Indonesia and Guyana
*Previous “dirty wars” in the Middle East, involving extensive war crimes, in Oman, Aden and Yemen
The new research calculates the number of deaths from British military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain. Britain bears “significant responsibility” for between 8-13 million deaths.

"Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam" written by Mark Curtis"

"SAS False Flag in Basra"


The following two videos are illustrative of how Americans become caught up in "revolutions" with their often distorted sense of "justice." Matthew Van Dyke obtained his degree to work for the CIA as he readily admits in this documentary on events in Libya and now unfolding in Syria. More evidence of British brains and American muscle behind the events now unfolding in Syria. Do Americans realize there are pubs in Britain two and even three times older than the country of America? The British have the upper hand in geo-political strategies is the point. How would Matthew Van Dyke react to the above information or the recent video that was released from Syria of foreign mercenaries having a young boy hack the head off a local Alawite leader in Syria opposed to the FSA terrorists? Matthew Van Dyke is a self-promoting American opportunistic adventurer and he has taken no moral sides to what is now considered a fight to the death (GRAPHIC) in Syria.

Watch the following linked video to get an understanding of just how many foreign mercenaries are being funneled into Syria, while Matthew Van Dyke films his documentaries embedded with FSA terrorist fighters in Syria. It is suggested that 95 percent of the FSA fighters are foreign mercenaries (this linked video is fascinating because it shows Russian journalists embedded with SAA forces; they also discover an Australian mercenary; also, take notice of the Saudi Arabian and Libyan bank notes taken off dead foreign mercenaries). As Professor of International Law at Georgetown University, Daoud Khairallah, remarks in this video interview, this is a huge violation of international law. 

"Rebel with a Camera: The War Films of Matthew Van Dyke Part One" 

"Rebel with a Camera: The War Films of Matthew Van Dyke Part Two" 

The following video has been filmed by Russian journalists embedded with SAA forces documenting the number of foreign paid mercenaries and radicalized Jihadis pouring into Syria from Libya and Saudi Arabia, killed in Syria including an Australian. Before viewing the next video, observe the face of the dead mercenary killed by an SAA sweep. Foreign mercenaries pour petroleum on the faces of dead fighters then set fire to them to destroy evidence of them being foreign fighters. 

"Killed foreign mercenaries in the suburb of Damascus. Dec 13, 2012"

The following video is an interview Sky's Tim Marshall of the BBC had with six foreign mercenaries caught by the SAA fighting in Syria. Mahmoud al Ahab, who described himself as a "Palestinian Syrian" who is interviewed, told Tim Marshall he was in the al Nusra Front which he said was an al Qaeda group. He had sworn an oath of allegiance to al Nursa but now felt this was a mistake. Ahmed al Rabido, a 48-year-old Syrian, another of the interviewees in the following video, said he was a religious leader, a Mufti, in the Free Syrian Army. Ahmed al Rabido said: "I joined because I wanted to demolish the secular state...I don't believe in this anymore because the country is being ruined." The al Nursa Front has subsequently been declared a foreign terrorist group by the U.S. Seen by most observers as camouflage to protect the U.S. State Department under Hillary Clinton from any coming blow back.

Bahar al Basah, age 35, a Palestinian Syrian as he describes himself, told Tim Marshall he was influenced by the writings of Abu Qatada, the radical cleric currently under house arrest in the UK. The men only became animated when Tim Marshall showed a little knowledge of Salafist ideology and brought up the works of Islamists such as the Egyptian Sayyid Qubt. Sayyid Qubt was a leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (originated with the British in Egypt) in the 1950's and 1960's. Salafism has become associated with literalist, strict and puritanical approaches to Islam and, in the West, with the Salafi Jihadis who espouse violent jihad against civilians as a legitimate expression of Islam. These foreign mercenaries are being radicalized outside of Syria and then are being brought into Syria to destabilize and ultimately destroy Syria. The Syrian Army is forbidden to yell "ala Akabar" while foreign mercenaries chant it as a requisite for killing.

In a recent article by Webster Tarpley published at called "Scenarios for Obamagate in the second term" published on December 17, 2012, Webster Tarpley describes how one of the reasons for the Obama administration being forced on the defensive regarding the killing of American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens being killed in Benghazi, Libya, is that "a main task of the Benghazi consulate/CIA post has been to maintain relations with al-Qaeda death squads, especially for the purpose of moving them through Turkey into Syria to wage war against the Assad government." Any serious inquiry into the death of Christopher Stevens assassination, according to Webster Trapley, "risks exposing his role as an ambassador to al- Qaeda."
In the case of Syria, the United States has now extended full diplomatic recognition to the Syrian National Coalition, a collection of front men for the al-Qaeda fighters who provide most of the military potential of the so-called Free Syrian Army. In an attempt to camouflage this scandalous state of affairs, the State Department has also officially branded the principal striking force of the FSA, the Jabhat al Nusra brigades, as a terrorist organization. Al-Nusra includes 29 of the principal death squads, which have been doing most of the recent fighting against the Syrian army.
Interestingly enough and just like the title of this post to this blog suggests, there is a British "love affair" with Islamic radicalism.  The President of the Syrian National Coalition is Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib Al-Hasani. Moaz al-Khatib traveled internationally to teach including Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, the UK and USA. Khatib established the Islamic Civilization Society, and taught Sharia (Islamic Law). How Khatib's interpretation of Sharia law is being interpreted by the fundamentalist Jihadi terrorists funneling into Syria can be demonstrated by their incredible violence that can be verified by going to LiveLeaks and doing a search for "Syria." There are countless videos documenting the fundamentalist Jihadis' brutality and destroying shrines in Syria. The Syrian people themselves have made it clear: they do not want Sharia law forced upon them and that they want to keep Syria for all people and all religions.  

"Interview With Captured Foreign Jihadis in Syria- Must Watch UK"

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  2. Actually, I can't handle watching the Van Dyke asset stuff; he is part of the big problem. Psychokiller CNT. The only footage worth seeing is on behalf of the Syrians, Libyans, Egyptians, Palestinians and human beings everywhere.


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