Thursday, January 28, 2010


Amazonian Custodians of a Year When World Caught Fire
NAG Murders by Numbers Kellogg, Femme Comp, Sidley Women, DOJ Pride

After almost reaching satiation early Chips imagined Sasquatch’s ugly mug and Thunder Thighs walrus like body and gave Beanie the 2 hours of T-Bone. KSM Chatterbox Hamish Clippers Chips with Precis on Amazons’ Year the Earth Caught Fire. He described how NAG algorithms for ‘Murder by Numbers’ and pre-insured burning of evidence of cat bond fraud had been taken into custody by the Amazonians. He listed the principal Amazonian member groups led by Kellogg and LSE Gay and Lesbian Management Association, DOJ Pride, Women @ Sidley and Femme Compromise Inc. He described how the Amazonians infiltrate LBGT students into social, academic and pre- and post-professional network; how the FEMME COMP NAGs cooked cattle futures in the U.K. and dead firefighters at Ground Zero.

KSM follows up with a brief to Chips on FBI counter-terrorism agent who headed security at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City knows about the First Lady bypass needed to trigger the 350 cat bonds at Vancouver 2010 and bring in U.S. military soldiers from across the border. KSM Defense Attorney Scott Fensterman FLASH Clipper to Chips warns the Amazonians of the Devil At Your Heels and Abel Danger at your ass. This is the only warning shot. Cancel Whistler’s Mother or Abel Danger cancels you, capeche? Cole told his Dad, to forget the DHL tire caper. The van was at the epi-center and nothin’s left. Hanna, a member of the Irish Drinking Team who wasn’t Irish, searched for the Russian Standard Vodka and wondered which lady would be providing security for Our Man Chips on this mission.


After almost reaching satiation early Chips imagined Sasquatch’s ugly mug and Thunder Thighs walrus like body and he was again ‘under control’ and giving Beanie the 2 hours of T-Bone that she needed. In response to his rapier like T-Boning she put out 2 18 ounce tins of Smoked Oysters knowing that Chips would need more ammo to whammo the Octopi, now reduced to seven tentacles and zero testicles, capeche? As he swallowed the last of the Oysters, and all of the oyster juice, the radiant and fever hot Beanie handed him a bubblewrapped trio of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extend-o-peters and sensing the engorgement whispered in Chips’ good ear ‘whoa’ meaning slower not stop.

As Chips slowed down to a frequency not much different than the low speed PTO of his IH 284 utility tractor, 540 rpm, Beanie gushed “that’s the way I like it’ as she got into some pelvic magic that would have made Elvis look like a choir boy. She reached over and selected 300 + C6 and Chips thought he was going to hear ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ but unlike Agent Del N. Pole who is always right according to his very popular blog in London U.K. Beanie threw Chips a curve while he was throwing her a bone, so to speak, making Chips hark back to the childhood story he had written at Tinker Elementary School on MacDill AFB, Florida in 1957 when his teacher, Fannie Zamore, challenged the second grader to use his literary talents for a good purpose. She asked him to write a poem about Old Mother Hubbard, to wit, laconically and in an affable manner:

Old Mother Hubbard,
Went to the cupboard,
To get poor old Rover a bone.

But when she bent over,
Old Rover drover,
And gave her a bone of his own.

Beanie must have been reading Chips’ mind as she barked, slowly, sounding like a basset suggesting subliminally to Chips that for the next 5 hours she wanted for him to be a man with a slow hand, not to come and go in a heated rush. As she hit C6, Chips got her point and she got his pointer, as it were.

At the predictable, that is “dict” get your mind out of the gutter, predictable 2 hour point she called switch and while doing a 180 degree longitudinal roll while not falling out of the saddle, in a manner of speaking, Chips noticed a 4 light blink, alternating in amber and red. Not wanting to withdraw from Beanie’s cervical paradise he hit ‘audio play’ as Beanie’s eyes cycled like a women possessed as Chips, ever the responsible rescuer of America, listened to an Immediate from Hamish as he saved a ‘not so immediate’ oyster launch for Agent Beanie, formerly so young and so shy.
“KSM Hamish Immediate Clipper to Slade Lane, Barmy Badger, Del N. Pole and Chips: We have established that Brown-Balls CDP [Carbon Disclosure Project] loan syndicates are enforcing the AGW protection racket by paying propagandists, saboteurs and assassins through AL GORE RHYTHMS, disguised as algorithms, developed by NAG – what appears to be a racketeering organization run by geeks. NAG was founded by academics from four universities Nottingham, Manchester, Oxford and Birmingham in 1970 – it became a UK company in 1976. As you know one of these universities was the British link between Germany's Thalidomide and American Birth Defects. The libraries had been around for a number of years before that. The intellectual property was contributed through Rose Law (Hillary) as authorized by Sidley-Austin (Michele O.) by academics and employees of US government laboratories to a non-profit company in the UK and a wholly owned subsidiary in the US formed in 1978 [Unabomb launch]. Captain Sherlock’s penny has now dropped and the dog is barking. The Warmist bankers put a charismatic male in the White House dictator position; to get ‘distance’ from decisions to have an enemy (Ron Brown, Beverly Eckert/Colgan 3407-Senator Dorgan) whacked they use a First Lady intellectual property lawyers as Femme Comp custodians of the algorithmic newrulesets which trigger kill signals at the crime scene. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are both Alinskyite IP lawyers married to charismatic thieves. Take them out Chips; these harpies and the Femme Comp lesbianistas are pointing the “Kill” algorithm at the Vancouver and London Olympics.”
Chips was picking up most of what Hamish was laying down but due to what the military fighter pilots would call 'brevity’, Chips sought a more lucid and focused message from Hamish by selecting the ‘brevity’ feature on his Clipper Squirt Gun while Beanie had disabled any brevity feature on Chips by her forced ingestion of 6 18 ounce tins of Smoked Oysters. Hamish, with rapier like speed, responded in ‘brevity protocol’:

“KSM Chatterbox Hamish Priority (brevity) Clipper to Chips, Bean, Umbrellaman, Uncle Ray and Queen Hornet: ‘Precis on Amazons’ Year the Earth Caught Fire. We have recognized that NAG algorithms for ‘Murder by Numbers’ and pre-insured burning of evidence of cat bond fraud have been taken into custody by the Amazonians. The principal Amazonian member groups are led by Kellogg and LSE Gay and Lesbian Management Association, DOJ Pride, Women @ Sidley and Femme Compromise Inc. The Amazonians infiltrate their LBGT students into social, academic and pre- and post- professional network and used FEMME COMP NAGs to cook the cattle futures in the U.K. and the dead firefighters at Ground Zero. Is that clear enough Chips? Hamish.”
Chips got that look of resolve in his steely fighter pilot eyes reminiscent of Colonel Jim Kasler who inspired the book Tempered Steel [ ISBN 1-57488-834-X, 2005, by Potomac Books, Inc ]. Beanie could see ‘the look’ and wondered if a 64 ounce oyster launch was imminent, she postured to receive, placing her ankles behind her ears, just in case. However resolute Chips looked, it was simply in keeping with the third comment on the back cover of Tempered Steel written by Maj. Gen. Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg, Jr. USAF (Ret.):
“You couldn’t pick a better person to read about than Jim Kasler He is a paragon of what a fighting airman is all about. He didn’t break the sound barrier first or go to the moon or jump up and down. He’s just the best at his trade that anyone could be, and a complex individual whose characteristics all came together when he needed them to produce what he did. I consider him a genuine American hero, and I hope our Air Force has a few like him in the future when we need them.”
Chips whispered “Relax Beanie, I can keep this up for hours, however, let me play F8 as it was the Gate at the Minneapolis Airport from which my flight to the DC Court left when I went to see the District Court Judge at 1015 on 19 January, 2010 and F8 is also a jet that was known as the ‘last of the gunfighters’, F8 was my first choice of assignments when I got my Naval Aviator wings on 6-22-73 at NAS Kingsville and this song, F8, will answer General Vandenberg’s question regarding ‘a few like him…when we need them’, capeche?

As Chips hit F8 play three quick cycles of the cervical muscles caused Chips to know she got the message and he got the squeeze, in a manner of speaking.

General Vandenberg, Chips reporting for duty. Now if General VDP can use some of his influence to get F4D 66-7478 out of the AMARC boneyard and refurbished Chips will accept a voluntary recall to active duty and fly the Sweet Talkin’ Woman to airshows around North America to demonstrate the Victory of WE THE LITTLE PEOPLE over the ungainly, slow, moronic OCTOpus that has now been inerted prior to it’s death NLT 4 March, 2010 which is understood to be the limit of Sec Def Gates’ patience as it pertains to a military coup, a la Seven Days in May, to take out the femme comp sissies currently bleeding America, but sadly after it may have HAARPed a million or more innocents not far from Puerto Rico.

This victory is declared as we have PRIMA FACIE electronic intercepts that indicate that at 1100 Fargo time on 19 January, 2010 Boo Boo used his Blackberry to call Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and tell them “If you think that I am taking the fall for 9/11 you got another think coming. Clintons and Pelosi will not RON BROWN me and I will not MARC RICHMAN your traitorous husbands. Stronger message to follow. ABORT WHISTLER’S MOTHER.”

As Boo Boo, as in the biggest Boo Boo every perpetrated on the lower order of people by the electoral college acting FBO OCTOpus, hit ‘send’ on his Super Trick and Piss Wicked Blackberry it was down loaded immediately by Hillary, Nancy and Brumhilda, the mysterious person in this picture alongside Abel Danger’s Agent James Crosby who looks like a dead-ringer for David Crosby who sang “Just a word before I go, to whom it may concern, flying twice the speed of sound, it’s easy to get burned”.

As Chips kept stirring the pot with Agent Bean he harked back to how he had walked into the ‘belly of the beast’ on 1-19-2010 when he ambulated into the District Court, District of Columbia testing the theory, or promise, that two Born Again Christian US Marshals had shared with him in Destin, Florida at 11 PM on 24 October, 2009 within earshot of Name Dropper and Moxie G:

“Chips, we assure you that you will be safe when you go to Court in DC. We’ve got your back. There are more than 95% of the agencies’ employees that are loyal servants to their oaths of office to this country. However, starting in 1979 SES ‘blockers’ were squirted in to obstruct the loyal servants and prevent them from protecting America. Consider Jamie Gorelick’s contributions at DOJ [ google Gorelick Wall ], Fannie Mae and the ultra treasonous 9/11 Omission. Senator Max Cleland, whose favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5/6 also served on the 9/11 Omission minus two legs and an arm that he left in VietNam, perhaps Khe Sahn.

If you can somehow delay you Status Hearing until after New Year’s Eve, we will assure your safety in the Court System and you will be remembered forever as “the man who shot Liberty Valance” especially if you carry a ‘lawbook’ in your hand.. Even DOJ has a majority of loyal patriot servants, many of them Christians. We know your case, your Judge and her staff. They are ready to serve America; you and your case are the catalyst they have been praying for. According to Psalm 37 God is in this Battle and so Victory for God's people is ordained. Go in Peace, and read and carry your lawbook.”

Chips had done as instructed by Marshal Tucker and Marshal McCloud, he carried a small Bible in his left breast pocket as he appeared before Judge Rosemary M. Collyer and therein signaled an end to the OCTOpus plans for Martial Law under the ONE who campaigned on HOPE. Actually, it was more like a DOPE ON A ROPE AND DON’T DROP THE SOAP. Minnesota, also known as the 9/11 Truth State, places their hope in #4 and his Pro Bowl teammates such as Hutch, Jared Calfroper, Harvin, Rice, AP, KW and even when those hopes don’t pan out, they stand tall, and stand. See Ephesians 6 and in particular Ephesians 6:10-13 regarding standing and stand.

Chips saw the countdown timer on his Clipper Squirt Gun still indicated 37 minutes to the finish line and Beanie’s eye were rolling and her vital signs were good so he kept plugging away while he thought back to the ‘G-Man from Quantico’ whom he drove with from Alexandria, VA to Annapolis, Maryland after the Court Hearing. Agent Justin Hairwierd, not to be confused with Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues who sang Forever Autumn, Mattress Thrasher’s all time orgasm trigger, but rather a triple agent Justin Hairwierd of FBI, CSIS and Abel Danger.

As a younger man he had been educated at Estee Lauder’s Aveda School in Metaire, Louisiana. A native Canadian from British Columbia he had studied and mastered ‘information machining’ and was hired by the CSIS and sent for further study with the FBI where the USIS tried, and failed, to gain his support. Chips had been told that USIS was formed to block CIA and FBI, time would tell. FBI and CSIS were aware of the other’s involvement in Justin’s work but neither was aware that during Katrina he had been drinking beer with Stone Kohl of Abel Danger, a block off the old Chips. Justin and Stone became good friends and gained a level of trust that made Justin a natural to enter into the Abel Danger Tent, not to cause our global audience to hark back to Maria Muldaur’s killer hit from 1974 “Midnight at the Oasis” where she moaned like the majority of Chip’s fellow agent assets do. [ ass + set, I love English just as much as Agent Del N. Pole does, rightly, but alas he has seen your future and it doesn't work in Obamaland ].

Some 6 years into his tri-axial employment, dare I suggest triply redundant, Justin had gotten the FBI in some hot water with some ‘dummied up photos’ of Osama Bin Laden where he time enhanced them and made Osama look older and more mainstream. Unfortunately in his haste and exuberance he had ‘ripped off’ the hair from a Spanish PM’s photo and that Spaniard recognized his own hairline and color. So much for the Aveda advantage in hair tinting. It was Justin who had used the MP’s hair and forehead for the picture put on a State Department webpage with an offer of a $25 million dollar reward the week of 18-22 January, 2010 several days in advance of the hit on a B737, Coronet BEIRUT SWIM and the same week that Chips and his Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) visited Judge Collyer's Court.

Robert Swan Mueller III’s right hand man Louis E. Grever hailed it as a “powerful example” of how technology and science can be used to bring wanted people to justice. Chips couldn’t worry about that now as he was using his skills to bring a wanted person to climax, as it were, and I refer not to the small town in Western Minnesota not far from Fertile which once spawned the headline in the Grand Forks Herald after an auto accident “Fertile woman dies in Climax” [ google it, I dare you ].

Chips could sense a dramatic up tick in the PCR and in response to the pelvic cycling rate increase he reached for a Minnesota Vikings Purple and Gold tube sock and stuffed it in Beanie’s mouth so that when she climaxed the trains at the Gatwick station wouldn’t jump the tracks thinking it was the horn of an oncoming express. PCR should not be confused with Professional Computer Resources of Charlotte, NC, a 1995 startup to cover for Agent Corazon Dulce’s work in ICE nor Polymerase Chain Reaction developed at NDSU to allow depopulationists the ability to reproduce specific DNA sequences as the rate of millions per hour. Chips knew it was almost ‘mission complete’ not to be confused with George Bush’s successful S-3A Viking landing on the aircraft carrier in 2003. As Beanie bit down hard on the sock and then ‘let go’ Chips, a firm believer in ladies first, exploculated with a vengeance as DNA-matter a-plenty was transferred not to bring up the name of McCain’s supposed running mate in 2008 Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty to who Chips had delivered formal Treason charges on 6 April, 2008 [ wanna see ‘em? ] causing Sarah Palin to replace TP on the ticket. Quite an upgrade.

Otherwise voters in America thinking their votes got thru the Diebold machines unaltered, which of course according to ARKANCIDED Mike Connell of Ohio, who died in an aircraft accident just prior to testifying, they certainly never did, would have had to choose between BO and TP for the WH….White House. I agree with Hillary and Nancy that it is time for BO to go, but it is incumbent upon Abel Danger to continue working with RCMP, FBI, CIA, DNI and others to ensure there is no child left behind. As in the ‘child of God ’ alluded to in CSN’s “Woodstock” chronicling the 1969 concert that occurred about time of Lavendar Merkin and Thunderthighs were dating each other at Wellesley and Slick Willy was getting kicked out of Oxford for biting a girl’s lip while he raped her before he went to Moscow to prepare to rape America for benefit of OCTOpus and China well in advance of the witch from Gay Bay going to Syria seeking a back door violating the Logan Act although she had not been violated by a male. Grab your ankles Nancy, Z-Big the Polock has ‘nominated’ you, capeche? And Nancy, when Cafferty on CNN called you a Horrible woman I think he vastly understated the truth, capeche?

The triple exploculation was almost simultaneous as Beanie and Chips were within a nose just prior to the alternating amber and red lights of a second ‘coitus interruptus Clipper’ which of course Our Man Chips did not honor with an interruption as he kept his mind on his mission to pleasure this little girl not alone and certainly over her shyness. As Beanie went to the bathroom to powder her nose, Chips read the LED of his Clipper Squirt Gun to wit:
“KSM Agents Del N. Pole and Mitch Stack to Slade Lane, Barmy Badger and Chips: We have established that Brown-Balls CDP [Carbon Disclosure Project] loan syndicates are enforcing the AGW protection racket by paying propagandists, saboteurs and assassins through algorithms developed by NAG – what appears to be a racketeering organization run by geeks. NAG was founded by academics from four universities Nottingham, Manchester, Oxford and Birmingham in 1970 – it became a UK company in 1976. The libraries had been around for a number of years before that. The intellectual property was contributed through Rose Law (Hillary) by academics and employees of US government laboratories to a non-profit company in the UK and a wholly owned subsidiary in the US formed in 1978 [Unabomb launch]. Captain Sherlock’s penny has now dropped as his dog started barking. The Warmist bankers put a charismatic male in the White House dictator position; to get ‘distance’ from decisions to have an enemy (Ron Brown, Beverly Eckert) whacked they use a First Lady intellectual property lawyers as Femme Comp custodians of the algorithmic newrulesets which trigger kill signals at the crime scene. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are both Alinskyite IP lawyers married to charismatic thieves. Take them out Chips; these harpies and the Femme Comp lesbianistas are pointing the “Kill” algorithm at the Vancouver and London Olympics. Del and Mitch, Full Moon, Rudge.”
As Chips could hear the shower running he knew he had to put Beanie on the front burner and allow Mitch and Del to handle saving America, the Anglosphere and the Global Commoners as Beanie never showered as she always said it was un-ladylike. However, on those occasions where she wanted a post-enduro quickie, she would run the shower so that when she exploculated she would not be subject to the Minnesota Vikings tube sock baffle. It baffles Abel Danger that the French American Foundation wasn’t more careful with their Georgetown Alumnus selections to attack New Orleans with a LaFarge barge and I speak not of Thunder Thighs who would more accurately be described as the LaFarge Bilge. And Bilge-breath should never have trusted that ACORN bonehead Wade Rathke with the New Orleans office even if ACORN was hatched in Arkansas in 1970. As Beanie came out of the bathroom wearing a madri gras mask Chips knew that was she was seeking was some New Orleans ‘who-dat’ sex, which he provided in truckloads speaking only of cubic inches multiplied by applicator length, capeche?

As Beanie was finding her thrill on Blueberry Hill Chips was thinking of Walking to New Orleans to minister to those still recovering from the HAARP induced, under water explosive assisted, and LaFarge Barge triggered false flag attack on the ‘little people’ of New Orleans as the Eye of the Storm had passed them by through the Grace of God who's only begotten Son was the original Soul-man as he died to save your soul from eternal fire. And when Chips went walking he never walked alone be it in DC District Court or the Streets of Laredo. As Chips finished Beanie off she emitted her signature ‘trumpeter swan-like call’ that could be heard from Kelmarsh [ ] to Brighton causing flocks of migrating waterfowl to head north prematurely although our steel resolved affable and laconic Chips never did anything at all prematurely including leaving Happy Hour. Chips saw some blinking LED lights in green on his Clipper and he observed a routine Clipper from Skymaster who was believed to still be on the Isle of Man while Chips had been in the inlet of Woman, sort of.
“KSM Chatterbox Skymaster routine Clipper to Chips, copy Hamish: Chips in today’s headlines is a story from the James Madison Center for Free Speech in Terre Haute Indiana where that F4 with a dead pilot was landed by a WSO flying wing on another F4 one night 20+ years ago. PRESS RELEASEJanuary 21, 2010Contact: James Bopp, Jr. Phone: 812/232-2434; Fax 812/235-3685 U.S. Supreme Court Embraces First Amendment in Case About Hillary: The Movie:Today, in Citizens United v. FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court protected the First Amendment right of citizen groups to engage in political speech, even if they choose the protections of incorporation. The case involved the ability of Citizens United to broadcast Hillary: The Movie. It refers to a 2003 case “McConnell v. FEC” was that your case? Skymaster, Abel Danger Legal/PR”
Chips responded thusly to Skymaster in a laconic, yet affable, Clipper routine.
“Negative SkyPie, our case was McConnell v FECES as it was filed against the 120 ‘pieces of feces’ who treasonously attacked American on 9/11 and then blamed it on the hapless Muslim patsies who were solely motivated to get to meat 72 virgins. The planning of 9/11 was completed during the 2nd Clinton Administration and was executed by Maurice Baril’s Canadian forces while Gen Henry Shelton, who signed off on it, enjoyed 'plausible deniability' as he was airborne enroute to Europe while Chief Perps WJC and Hot Air Al were hiding in Austria and Australia. They had planned a 9/11 Part 2 for Christmas 2006 but we caused them to cancel that through some last minute, high stakes gambit. Now here come the Winter Olympics and Abel Danger believes we have caused AMALGAM Whistler’s Mother to be cancelled as Boo Boo figured out that ‘the girls’ were trying to expunge the alien occupant and that Zbigniew Brzezinski was their ‘sponsor’, capeche? Seems these Columbia Feces don't have a very tight fraternity even if they do grant degrees with no attendance in class.”

As Beanie was satisfied and lay in sweet repose, not to be confused with the USS Repose which predated the USS Comfort sent to Haiti, in Chips’ arms she drifted off to sleep but certainly not REM sleep initially. Chips kept his mind active by mentally organizing a logo to put on magnets banners for the sides of the Purple Reign II Limo which would be front and center at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville on the three days before the Super Bowl where it was assumed errantly that the Vikings would hand the Jets their first loss in 4 post season games during rookie Mark Sanchez’ otherwise brilliant 20 game first season in the NFL as Chips looked back on 43 years of service to his OATH although sometimes assume makes an ass out of u and me.

Chips settled on a logo just as Beanie rolled over freeing Chips’ right arm and allowing him to egress to the shower where the hot water helped his linebacker like upper torso relax although his lower torso was always at the ready just like the fellow with the Big Johnson in the last chapter not to be confused with Big John’s Son who was having his way with Agent April Cunning at the B&B in Port Erin, Isle of Man. As Chips stepped out of the shower briefly to reload with 2 tins of Smoked Oysters and 2 gel tabs of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extend-o-peters just in case Beanie woke up in a romantic mood he saw his Clipper Squirt Gun taking an immediate call.
“KSM Chatterbox Marquis d’Cartier Priority Clipper to Uncle Ray, Hamish, Umbrellaman and Chips: Hillary’s Femme Comp commanders and the Kellogg alumnus Robert Hanssen, set up the Canadian Ken Taylor as triple agent in Tehran to organize the 1979 siege of the American Embassy and sabotage the helicopter-borne rescue attempt. Usual treasonous crap by Teachers’ students recruited into the "Office for Strengthening of Unity Between Universities and Theological Seminaries". Same as ‘Black Hawk Down’ in Mogadishu; same philosophy to humiliate America at all costs. Femme Comp used Ken Taylor, a Canadian diplomat, as a triple agent. Prime Minister Joe Clark thought he was working for Canada. Loyal CIA agents thought he was working for them but it was QH’s S.E.S. and Hillary’s Femme Comp lesbos who paid Taylor through his government pension fund for the intelligence needed to thwart the U.S. rescue mission involving US Marines flying special US Navy RH53D helos as I recall. Some questionable USAF C130 ‘staff pilots’ from a headquarters in Germany where they routinely flew LMDs [ large mahoghany desks ]also couldn’t resist the opportunity to get an Air Medal so the attempt was really an abortion, much like Obama’s history in Chicago where he approved of Ayers tromping on the Flag of the United States of America as he hoped to embrace his Muslim fellows globally some 30 years after ‘draftdodger’ Carter has gotten egg all over the face of US Marines; fatal error Jimmy boy, capeche? Marquis.”
Not to be outdone by a fellow Vancouver researcher Hamish immediately added content to the thread started by Marquis d’Cartier who often used his Peni-cam to copy records or micro-fish in the interest of proving the linkage of the 9/11 attack to numerous Canadian corporations such as Cascade Aero, MDA, Tomoye and Carlyle Canada as well as Pelosi’s two companies near Vancouver which enabled Ft. Hood, NWA 253, and we're looking at Haiti and Beirut Swim, stay tuned.
“KSM Blabbermouth Hamish priority Clipper to Marquis d’ Cartier, Uncle Ray and Chips, copy Umbrellaman: “Taylor was the ambassador in Iran from 1977 to 1980 and “the de facto CIA station chief” in Tehran when the U.S. embassy was seized by the Teachers’ students on Nov. 4, 1979; 63 Americans, including a four-member Central Intelligence Agency contingent, were taken hostage. Joe Clark – either a fool or a traitor – liaised with U.S. president Jimmy Carter – also either a fool or a traitor – to move Femme Comp intelligence through officials at what was then the Canadian Department of External Affairs in Ottawa. (This department was later run as the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada by David “Charlotte’s Web 9/11” Emerson) Back in 1979, Ken Taylor sent intelligence to support the siege and the phony Teachers’ students to Louis Delvoie, director of the DFAIT intelligence analysis division, and Pat Black, assistant undersecretary for security and intelligence. These clowns passed the material on to the U.S. ambassador in Ottawa, Kenneth Curtis, who in turn forwarded it to Femme Comp contract killers in Washington. In April, five months into the stand-off, Mr. Carter ordered a rescue mission, launching helicopters from secret bases in the Middle East and aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the Indian Ocean. By then Hillary’s Femme Comp saboteurs had hacked the POTUS chain of command and two helicopters were ‘collided’ in the Iranian desert, killing eight American servicemen. Per our cat ‘catastrophe’ bond simulation in the Richmond Integrated Security Unit (RISU), you can see the ‘Algorithmic Lesbian’ signature of Hillary and Michelle links Tehran (1979) to Mogadishu (1993) and the planned backdoor attack (Honeywell) on Vancouver 2010.”
Kenneth Curtis was a name that stuck in the craw of Chips as he believed he had heard that name somewhere else. As he tumbled it around in his mental rolodex he came up with a winner but unrelated to Abel Danger’s work of ensuring justice for the innocent victims of 9/11 who lost their lives due to the actions of the 120 defendants in Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 which had not metastasized into the KSM Trial which would be moved from New York City to Fargo to placate “The 9/11 Never Forget Coalition” founded by the sister of Chips’ college classmate Chic Burlingame, of Minnesota, and to be given that change of venue immediately after the appointment of a US Attorney for the District of North Dakota.

Chips realized he was thinking of Ken Curtis, not Kenneth Curtis. Ken had been the lead singer of the Sons of the Pioneers before morphing into Festus Hagen, sidekick and deputy to Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke a TV show that had taught Chips to recognize Smoking Guns such as the little white jets [ LWJs ] deployed as On Scene Commanders to monitor the drones and decoys of the Canadian launched attacks of 9/11. Marshall Dillon’s character was played by James Arness of Minneapolis who was the first infantryman ashore on D-Day according to Minnesota lore not to be confused with Minnesota Loon which would describe those who voted for Al Franken. As Beanie settled into REM sleep and Chips’ appendage was contemplating a ‘sneak attack’ on the resting beauty another Clipper was signaled as green lights flashed 4 times.

“KSM Chatterbox Hamish to Rico, Marquis d’Cartier and Chips; a reminder on our meeting at No. 5 Road in Richmond under the closed-circuit Kellogg-Honeywell cameras. Remember what the plainclothes cop told us about how they were setting up the Richmond Integrated Security Unit (RICU or is it a RICO?) as a CTU ( Counter-Terrorist Unit) for the hit TV show. We have followed the RICO links to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), to U.S. military forces across the border, to the Canadian Department of Defence, and to government departments from Vancouver City Hall and the provincial disaster-management unit up to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Prime Minister’s office and all the way to Femme Comp Inc Chantilly. We know FCI has a real time “Olympic Theatre Footprint” with double or triple agents among the 6,000 police, 4,500 Canadian Forces soldiers, and 5,000 private [Steelworkers/SEIU] security guards.

Kellogg-Honeywell can completely bypass RCMP Asst. Commissioner Bud Mercer, the nominal head of the entire Olympic-security operation. They have Charlotte’s Web devices to bypass legit cellphone operators past the check-in desk for the “Integrated Command Centre” on the ground floor to oversee and control the movement of planes and helicopters in the air, boats and ships on the water, and police, soldiers and guards on foot and in vehicles on the ground. The crisis-control “Incident Interface Team” will track police, fire and ambulance responses throughout Metro Vancouver, the Sea to Sky corridor and Whistler but they report direct to Femme Comp commanders. Images from the 900 cameras leased by the Integrated Security Unit, that point inward at Olympic can be ‘adjusted’ according to azimuths uploaded through the FCI’s Amazonian algorithms. RCMP Const.

Mandy Edwards, a spokeswoman for the ISU pretends the public will be safe by virtue of the 5,000 private security guards trained as crotch bomb sniffers. There is a gold-room commander reporting to Mercer and “silver” commanders from a rotating pool hold responsibility for the Whistler and Metro Vancouver areas and the Canadian army, navy and air force have been tricked into placing their sub-command centres in the “Canadian Forces Games Joint Operations Centre,” under the ISU umbrella. They have arranged to bypass the ISU headquarters with a “redundant” site in Vancouver. Ray Mey, a former FBI counter-terrorism agent who headed security at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City knows about the First Lady bypass needed to trigger the cat bonds and bring in U.S. military soldiers and resources from across the border. Mercer may or may not know about the algorithmic cat bond triggers. Judge for yourself when he says this, “It would have to be a fairly major catastrophic event for American forces to come into Canada”. Remedy Charlie and start mobilizing Lady Eagle; you are going to need a keen airborne eye to stop this First Lady Lesbian Murder by Number shit”
Beanie stirred in her sleep, rolling one quarter turn counter clock wise which allowed ‘the grand tetons’ to be in full view of our Mr. Observant the ever affable Chips. As he kept his eyes on the fun bags he ran through the list of female pilots in Abel Danger North America trying to think of a candidate to work with Lady Eagle in air photo reconnaissance for 2 weeks in February as opposed to 7 Days in May or Pieces of April. He knew that Caffrey was to be in Amsterdam with the airline, Jam was to be in the S-4 sub with QB-Name Dropper and Uncle Ray had the intel hammer south of the 49th parallel. Then he recalled that Nellie Nosebush had a friend at the old Hamilton Air Force Base just north of San Francisco who owned a fully restored O-2A. Perfect. As the Grand Tetons showed remarkable firmness, this caused Chips to want to be a mountain man as in “when the moon comes over the mountain, I want to be mounting you” as opposed to Ewe, capeche? In her dreams Beanie started to undulate and freshen so Chips new his Clipper would have to be quick.

“KSM Blabbermouth Chips priority Clipper to Nellie Nosebush copy Kui and Banzai : “Nellie, if you can get up to Boeing Field near Seattle in the Skymaster we would forward deploy you into Vancouver to provide a ‘view to a kill’ over Whistler. Lady Eagle has the KU capable cameras harvested from the TR1 unit at Beale. If your Salsera dance card allows we really need that aircraft so please ask ‘Slicer’ if you can borrow it for 2 weeks or so. Kui and Banzai if Nellie is visiting either of you please nudge her. Chips.”

As Chips sent the message out he thought back to the March, 2008 mission to Dubai where he and Slicer had pursued those undermining the Barj Dubai while swilling Gin at Long’s Bar, the longest bar in the Mid-East, bar none, to get his mind off Beanie so she could get her beauty sleep. He looked forward to the Tea Party Convention in Nashville and wondered if Glenn Beck and or Jesse Ventura would attend. Jesse had gotten a 30 minute video of Chips speaking to a group of 31 Christian Patriots in Brainerd, Minnesota on 4 January, 2010 and it appeared Jesse would be the only major media personality with the balls to breech 9/11 Truth. Further as Jesse and Chips were both from Minnesota and Minnesota was known as the 9/11 truth state it seemed logical that Jesse, Sarah Palin, Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and Chips would make a fearsome foursome to take on the dysfunctional and reproductively unsound wenches from FCI and Sidley-Austin. It crossed Chips’ mental radar that Sarah Palin might be a person of faith as were Michele Bachman and himself.

Beanie opened her eyes and seeing Chips was across the room she summonsed him over by pulling the comforter back. As Chips reclined beside her she asked him to retell the story about how Northwest Airlines and ALPA had tried to silence him after he revealed the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot and QRS 11 modifications to ALPA, NWA and DoD on 11 December, 2006 prior to the vaporization of Adam Air 574 on 1 January, 2007 or Kenya Airways 507 on 5 May, 2007, or Colgan 3407 to silence Beverly Eckert or the ‘re-insurance generating hit on Air France 447’ that occurred on 1 June 2009 as Senator Dorgan and his Rockefeller approved or handcuffed US Senate Aviation Safety Hearings were caused to be a ‘limited hangout’ operation so as to allow the remaining 93 illegally modified Boeing 737s to be effective reinsurance generators and whistle blower silencers such as the Beirut Fireball at 0230 on a Silent Night, so scratch one more leaving 92.

“Beanie, unbeknownst to me, in June, 2006 Boeing had paid the largest civil fine in history, $615 million to USDOJ to shut down a criminal investigation of Boeing over illegal export of the 96 QRS 11 modified B737s to China. With QRS 11 technology and Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilots these 96 or so illegally modified and illegally exported Boeings became, in effect, laser guidance enabled ‘flying weapons’ such as the drones that hit WT1, WT2 and the Pentagon on 9/11 after the real airliners, UA175, and American Flights 77 and 11 had been taken out to the Atlantic ‘drop box’ where US Navy and Coast Guard assets ensured no eye witness aircraft or surface vessels where there in the ALTREV.

It would appear they hadn't swept the geographical coordinate set for sub-service vessels as Abel Danger's S-3 4 man sub got some interesting periscope film enabled by KU transmissions from the 2 NATO AWACS and Pelosi's Pals. United 93 also would have gone to the ‘dropbox’ had we not imputed the 41 minute delay at Newark’s Liberty Airport. After Boeing and DOJ thought they’d closed the door on illegal mods I came along 6 months later and opened the door thus preventing the second round of 9/11 attacks we believe the Global Guardians had planned for 1 p.m. on 24 December, 2006 as the perps wished for the Bush-Cheney tandem to have another disaster to manage in the same manner that in January 2010 the incumbents would have this sign from Casa d’Ice to manage as they cleaned out there offices and updated their beneficiary forms.”

“When they tried to silence me by sending me to ALPA’s shill shrink in LA Dr. Elliott, I retired early and avoided their silencing. And just like Pastor Rod Parsley’s 2005 book written on Judicial Tyranny “Silent No More” I, like an ever increasing number of Americans, am fully awake and silent no more. But enough of this criminal cabal crushing, your ample bounty has me wanting to play hide the salami for another hour or two if you don’t object.”

“By no means do I object, quite the contrary. I will exercise the 2 hour option and please enjoy another 2 tins of Smoked Oysters and these two extend-o-peter gel tabs as I perform some magic to get you in a ‘mission ready’ configuration as I see your TI is at about 90% and I prefer tempered steel, so to speak.”

As Agent Bean did her handiwork, Chips reached over to his Clipper Squirt Gun and selected F4 and C120 ensuring they’d have music to listen to for the full 2 hours of the mini-enduro. As Earl Thomas Conley began singing, penetration was achieved however it was not slight such as that cautioned against by UCMJ, the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Chips ensured that the Minnesota Viking tube sock was nearby to ensure that some 2 hours later the exploculation would indeed be silent so as not to cause a train wreck at the Crawley station directly below the window of the Abel Danger lovenest where nearby a ‘mini-drone’ launched by Pelosi’s Air Patrol was positioning to get photos of the fully erect Marine not aware that overhead an MQ-9 Reaper deployed out of Alconbury but controlled out of Fargo was ‘locked on and tracking’ as Our Man Chips was locked in and racking, as it were.

MQ-9 Reapers from Fargo’s 119th Wing had the ability to monitor many things including the ‘record’ transmission from ADT to the mini-drone. As the mini-drone achieved an azimuth allowing a ‘clear shot’ of the coitus non-interruptus and prepared to film for extort, as the record feature was selected a Direct Energy Weapon was loosed from the Reaper taking out the mini-drone as Chips employed his incredible energy weapon giving a whole new meaning to ‘mountin’ DEW’, capeche?

As Beanie quick cycled her cervical muscles Chips read between the lines (?) that she got his thrust. Chips was so aroused by her ‘globes a-plenty’ that he feared a premature expoculation so he mentally reread the entire book ‘Devil At My Heels’ by Louis Zamperini copywright 2003 when Chips was inside the 9/11 Commission and GWB was landing on the carrier signaling ‘Mission Complete’.

Louis Z. was the 1936 Olympic miler who had won the Gold in Berlin in 1936 before becoming a B24 Navigator after dropping out of pilot training prior to his deployment to Hawaii where he was aboard a ‘bent’ B24 that lost 2 engines on the right side and cartwheeled into the ocean 700 miles south of Hawaii as a man known as A TRUE RAMEYITE was cartwheeling his B24 into the China sea also with the right two engines out.

Louis Z and the True Rameyite would become friends at the Ofuna prison camp where Pappy Boyington and Field Harris’s son Bill Harris were also held as emaciated guests of the Emporer of the soon to fall Nippon organization. It is interesting google fodder that Field Harris was USNA 17 and that USNA 71 would also have a Field but not a Field of Dreams much to the consternation of Dr. Elliott in LA and John Prater of ALPA both of whom where enmeshed in a RICO enterprise that had allowed 4+ airliners to be ‘dropped’ for re-insurance profits for the OCTOpus as their 1892 Banker’s Manifesto inspired Mortgage Matrix in America failed to keep their coffers full as Chips thought of his FAA Doctor’s bi-annual admonition to “turn your head and cough” which triggered a coughing reflex in Beanie which pleasured Our Man Chips as the coughing also caused her cervix to cycle in Rhythm but not an AL GORE RHYTHM such as those that ‘triggered’ AA11, AA77, UA175, UA93, Adam Air 574, Kenya 507, Colgan 3407, AF 447 or the Beirut Fireball. Do the math.

As Chips was laying the lumber to her lack of slumber, a 4 light amber Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun which did not cause Chips to squirt prematurely and deny Beanie the Full Measure of his giving, a cup full of living that she held in her hand, so to suggest.

“KSM Agent Banzai Pipeline Immediate Clipper Kui Longboard, Skymaster, Umbrellaman, Hamish, MdC, Del N. Pole and Chips, copy Thrasher and Corazon: From Nippon comes a discovery linking activities of a New York Times Ghost Writer communicating with MR BIG regarding the cessation of oppression by the 7 tentacled and 0 testicled OCTOpus. The timing of his APPEARANCE had to be held until the issue of DD214 ‘codes’ had been shared with the Marine Corps Reserve, the American Legion, the VFW, the 47 loyal Adjutants General and Generals P&M and I refer not to Pell Mell. On the authority vested in AD I seek Operation PRESS ENTER to trail the cancellation of AMALGAM Whistler’s Mother and VIGILANT Beirut Fireball. The Amazonian OCTOpus is being gaffed and the BANKER’S ARE BEING BLED, invoke GLOBAL ODIOUS DET [ GOD ] when authorized by Global Operations Director/Earthly Face. Rollout Purple Reign II as per Feather Boa/Moose/GB timing inputs. Banzai Pipeline.”
Chips took it all in, as did Beanie in a different fashion, while from Norwich England Agent Hamish ‘piled on’ in the same vein as Chips was mining a different vein with a turgid index of ‘splendid’ according to Beanie’s facial expressions. Beanie sensed, errantly, that a premature Oyster launch may be imminent so she reached over to her Clipper Medical Bag and selected F4 and C180 not to be confused with a Cessna 180 but rather 3 hours of a song with her suggestion that the show must go on.

Chips was holding up his end of the bargain, so to speak, while a priority Clipper came in from a relative seeking his help in escaping but unfortunately he was knee deep in a project that was not scheduled to climax, foot stomper, climax for another 3 hours and no where in the vicinity of Fertile, Minnesota at least not in his fertile mind or Beanie’s fertile FIELD. As Chips reconsidered the Beirut (Lebanon) Fireball he considered Isaiah as Beanie was considerate to Chips:

Isaiah 29:17 (New International Version)
17 In a very short time, will not Lebanon be turned into a fertile field
and the fertile field seem like a forest?

Isaiah 55:11 (New International Version)
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Chips had only considered Isaiah 29 so when 55 also came across his radar he interpreted it as a message of encouragement from the GLOBAL OPERATIONS DIRECTOR (GOD).

Immediately thereafter Beanie whispered in Chips’ good ear, “I hate to break this off early but I have a feeling we should move” to which Our Man Chips did so and handed her a purple robe as he looked out the window and saw 3 mini-drones flying in triangular holding patterns with 2 minute legs. He relaxed his 4 hour leg and selected KU BLOCK on his Clipper while contacting James Crosby on Beanie’s Clipper while she ran a bath complete with oatmeal and Merlot, one in the water, the other in a pair of scepters but not like the Interceptors Chips had flown from 1977 to an undetermined date including F4D, F16ADF and some Kazak jets at Karaganda, Semipalitinsk, and Aktau, Kazakhstan.
“KSM Blabbermouth Chips FLASH Clipper to James Crosby, Del N. Pole and Brumhilda: 3 bogeys, between Crawley Train and Arora Hotel, Air Patrol Minis, triangular hold, Amazonian mission kill, execute, Chips”
Beanie was just getting ready to hop in the tub as Chips watched outside for results as he had gotten 4 green lights from JC, DNP, Brumhilda and Alcobury. He observed a brilliant blue flash as he got an aural “Splash 3” from JC. From DNP he got a laconic ‘concur’ which caused Chips to rethink the evacuation as Del N. Pole was always right. Chips caught Beanie’s right foot as her toes sampled the water and Chips sampled the moisture.

“Beanie, threat removed, how ‘bout we finish off the project before we get sudsy?”

“I’m sudsing already, Chips, just at the prospect” and she could see visible evidence that the ‘old prospector’ was fully ready to do some shaft work in the ‘mine to die for’.

As Chips pulled the curtains he selected F4 and C90 on his Clipper Squirt Gun so they could enjoy an hour and a half of miner music before happy hour at Captain Morgan’s down stairs and to the right.

Beanie was praying that Chips’ timber wouldn’t crack, as it were, before all the innocents were protected as her innocence had been laid bare on 2 October, 1965 at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico about the same time Dr. William Gordon finished the Arecibo radio-telescope not to be confused with Chips Air-Libido Telescope which was currently deployed searching for signs of life and as Beanie redoubled her undulation index Chips was finding the sign he was looking for just as Convention goers to the National gathering in Nashville on 4, 5, 6 would find a sign of victory by the Opryland Hotel Sign, the Purple Reign II Limo in Royal Plum Metallic with an affable Grolsch consumer not far from the wheel. Beanie was feeling mischievous so when she did a mental rolodex for ‘wheel’ and ‘middle’ she overrode Chips’ F4 as Chips overrode her 02 but not her C02 as that would invoke the Wrath of Gore, i.e. WOG. Chips was entertained as much by Beanie's musical mastery as she was amazed at his Swordsmanship learned at Annapolis where the Trident had been sharpened to gaff the OCTOpus as the pussies inked themselves, prematurely as Beanie leaned over a chair hoping not to fall off.

Clowns to the left [ democrats ] and Jokers to the right [ republicans ] would find out in the 2010 elections that their days where numbered and had been before their were formed in their mother’s womb assuming they were not ‘swirled’ in a Petri dish such as the ugly offspring of the FCI frumpsters, the Sidley Sows, the SES androgynous NAGS or the UGLY 8 of the OCTOpus who would be defendants 1-8 in Abel Danger’s response to a letter hand delivered to Chips when he went out, through security, of the District of Columbia Courthouse before 1100 on 19 January, 2010 EARLIER THAN EXPECTED.

As Chips was keeping Beanie centered on the chair, actually an overstuffed futon not to be confused with an overstuffed Beanie as the STUFF MASTER spun his magic, no one noticed a priority Clipper coming in from the Nippon office as Chips was thinking of nipping on some Gin as soon as he finished off his human treadmill, as it were as it relates to Agent Bean's dedication to his aerobic capacity and pulmonary function not to mention his prostate health. To keep his mind active and to forestall exploculation Chips tried to remember some real embarrassments in the history of Columbia University to wit I recall with great lucidity and turgidity also.
“History is an account, mostly false, of events unimportant, which are
Brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools.”— Ambrose Bierce
His mind thought back to Columbia University’s ‘phantom student’ Barry Soetero and wondered if his master might be Zbigniew Brznzinski as they would have had common roots at Columbia along with some other unsavory persons intent on destroying America.

“Not on my watch” thought Chips as he redoubled his stroke in hopes of spurring Beanie into an earlier launch as Happy Hour was soon approaching. Chips was thinking of how Boo Boo had been instructed by his ‘master’ to crash the economy a contrarian theory compare to Agent Mitch Stack’s opinion that in 2010 all should deploy ‘tight-ass’ economic tools and when it came to tight ass or tools Chips knew a lot more that the loose-ers hanging around DC, NY and GB [ think of Nancy’s homeport ] while Chips and Beanie have some post coital Brandy, capeche?

While Sidley Sows, FCI frumps, and SES double-uglies google a trio of BC names it can be assumed to be ‘unsearchable’: [ braided chain + bearded clam + broken cup ] but easily learned if one knows what Book Jeremiah 33:3 is written in, and what it says. As they relaxed in the heart shaped tub and cooled down from the mini-enduro a disturbing FLASH Clipper came into their Clipper Whisker Biscuit disguised as a fruit basket:
“KSM Chatterbox Banzai Pipelime FLASH Clipper to Uncle Ray, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Sluggo, Chips: When The Man Comes Around:

I have been following this controversy since I first became aware of it one year ago. What if any connections are there between the Veterans Administration to the entities Abel Danger and Ghost Writer have been identifying? The Veterans Administration has connections to corporations and insurance companies. The lid is being kept on a system of allocating secret codes attached to the discharge papers of over 20 million U.S. veteran soldiers. Codes which corporate and bureaucratic interests have been using to deny employment and legitimate veteran benefits. Codes which facilitate a huge theft of over $70 Billion, in a scam which has lasted decades. The theft of necessity extends to the highest level of the U.S military and political establishments. It has been squashed by the top tiers of the judicial system and unreported by the corporate media. It's a story which could blow the lid off America, as tens of thousands of new vets return to face the same ruthless theft as veterans before them including Chips, Tango Whiskey, Name Dropper, Skymaster and millions more. It seems like an innocuous code, but if veterans check their DD Form 214s, they will observe special coded numbers and these codes are critical to understanding how this elaborate systematic theft is going on at the highest levels. Edwin H. Crosby has been researching and documenting this controversial subject for thirty years. He has been shunned - until now. Edwin H. Crosby III - Veteran Court Codes Even on an Honorable discharge, a “Spin Code” (SPN - Separation Program Number) can hurt a veteran's chance of being hired by a prospective employer. These spin codes were put on DD 214 (discharge papers) from the 1940’s through the early 1970’s. Veterans can request a new DD 214 with the spin codes removed. These codes as of this email date are still being placed on veteran's DD 214 Forms from Iraq and Afghanistan. Examples of a few spin codes:
SPN 258 - Unfitness, multiple reasons
SPN 263 - Bedwetter
SPN 41A - Apathy, lack of interest
SPN 41E - Obesity
SPN 46C - Apathy / Obesity
SPN 463 - Paranoid personality
Veterans must find out what their coded number is, remember, if veterans were discharged before 1974, they automatically have one, “after 1974, it went on the other 8 or more copies of DD-214, and they're still dead meat.” This is massive fraud against America's veterans and Banzai says, “This is war.” Time to make hay because the momentum is on our side. Lock and load.Banzai [ PRESS ENTER ]”
Beanie could sense Chip’s rising blood pressure as she had her hand on a very good blood pressure monitoring organ. Of course being formerly so shy her hand was below the surface of the tub water as was all but the last 4 inches of the BPMO. Her digital manual interface [ DMI ] was calming him somewhat as a second immediate came in, this on from Agent Kui Longboard, formerly a Mortuary Service Officer at Hickam AFB during General Hunter H. Harris IV’s ‘corpse enclosed narcotics transfer’, or CENT, during the mid to late 60s. Chips had calmed down to the point where Beanie was willing for some of his ‘water-broading’ not to be confused with Nancy Pelosi’s waterboarding and if she truly sits at a position upstream from the same US Intelligence communities she criticizes ad nauseum she truly is where the buck stops although Chips is part Cherokee and Chips, as a buck, would never stop at Pelosi’s teepee or her ‘Facelift 1’ C32 aircraft when it comes to draining the swamp. As Beanie had ‘turned a shoulder’ and Chips had put a foot in the stirrup, so to speak, another FLASH Clipper came into their Clipper Whisker Biscuit, to wit, laconically and affably:
“KSM Defense Attorney Scott Fensterman FLASH Clipper Chips, FYEO: Chips, you and I have never done business but understand that you and Hamish have offered to ‘appear’ at the KSM trial being moved to Fargo ND as soon as a US Attorney is appointed. I am honored to be assisting in the defense of KSM and knowing of your work with Abel Danger as leaked to me by JT3 at QR I’d like to chat face to face regarding your witness value as well as that of the recently married fellow. However, if you do not see ZB as a menace to our sovereignty [ USA ] it may not work. I am a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and understand you are a man from Annapolis. I can be in Nashville 4-6 February if you’d like to bring down those who would bring down America contrary to the will of God. Please read the attached and then email your thoughts to Re-Education of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski By William Dean A. Garner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2010 Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski Center for Strategic and International Studies 1800 K Street Washington, DC Dear Dr. Brzezinski, My name is William Dean A. Garner and I’m a NY Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many books. For example, I edited Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, among dozens of others. I’m also a former scientist (biophysics), US Army Airborne Ranger (C 1/75 Ranger Regiment), and corporate mercenary for international private military firms I designed and helped build. I did 211 overseas missions in extremely hostile territories over nine years, escorting important people so they could have a voice of peace, freedom and democracy, and a voice against fascism and dictatorial rule. Please know that I am building a great case against you and your cartel, something the world will hear, even if you murder me and my family. As a Jeffersonian Patriot, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to defend Thomas Jefferson’s great cause, which is the firm establishment and maintenance of Peace, Freedom and Democracy all over this planet. In my studies over the past 30 years, I have learned much about you and your actions. I also know you and your colleagues are getting desperate as well you should with the Devil At Your Heels and Abel Danger at your ass. This is the only warning shot. Cancel Whistler’s Mother or Abel Danger cancels you, capeche……….”
Chip’s rising blood pressure caused Registered Nurse Agent Bean to realize if he didn’t get soothed he may have a myocardial infarction so thinking only of the sovereignty of the USA and the good of the global commoners she jumped out of the tub, laid on the bear rug in the bedroom and applied approximately 13 ounces of low fat Redi-Whip. Chips, sensing the medical urgency, grabbed 3 maraschino cherries and met her in the middle, so to speak. As Beanie served her country and Chips served Beanie a third Clipper came in from our snitch at KVRR-15-TV in Fargo, North Dakota who was aware the CNN was considering going ‘true’ also:
“KSM Chatterbox Austin Immediate Clipper to Blabbermouth Chips: Chips, unless you are probing some intel agent please watch the HORRIBLE WOMAN piece done by Cafferty on CNN:
After you watch it please share your thoughts with me and Jim Shaw in WF ND. Also, if you communicate with please make me a BCC as always. Alpha Sierra, Fox Fargo.”
Chips placed a spelunking helmet Clipper on Beanie’s head so he could watch the Cafferty piece while not neglecting Beanie’s effort to keep him from stroking out while he continued stroking in.
“KSM Blabbermouth Chips Immediate response to Alpha Sierra at WF ND: “I watched the Cafferty piece twice and concur except to suggest Cafferty understates the horrible index of this abortion from Gay Bay. Stronger message to follow as soon as I pull my stronger member from a non-fellow if you know where my head’s at. Chips, plugging away on security intel”.
Chips was enjoying the Redi-Whip as much as Beanie was enjoying the low fat nature of the Redi-Whip which she was ingesting although not orally as one might imagine. Immediately after pulling the trigger on the Clippers about Horrible Nancy Chips saw a ‘routine’ Clipper from his son Agent Stone.
“KSM Stone Kohl routine Clipper to Agent Chips, copy Bean: Dad, leaving Gatwick on a custom luggage delivery to Arora International, please arrange to have one of your people flatten all 4 tires of my DHL van so that I can join you and Bean for Happy Hour at Captain Morgan’s. Also I have the insurance papers and estimates you asked for regarding ‘Beirut Fireball’ not to be confused with Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs who did “Sugar Shack” the song from the 50s not the cougar and fighter pilot bar “Sugar Shack” in Gulfport, Mississippi. Stone.”
Chips sensed a FADEOUT being encouraged as Beanie’s arms flexed and any cervical sphincter type muscle contracted for maximum pleasure. At her physical ‘release’ signal a load of oysters changed owners as the Pelosi alarm clock signaled time to dress and go with it’s proprietary cuckoo sound. Now that I think it over that could be a Biden alarm clock. As Bean was bathing and Chips was taking a Marine Corps shower, somewhere on a virtual private network the Horrible Woman was giving a tongue lashing to her handler Zbigniew Brezenski as incoming calls from Hillary, Boo Boo and Michelle the disbarred JD who created the Purple Monster were piling up in queue as Chips noticed Bean had laid out a puma striped thong in Chasmal and Argaman.

Knowing that was meant as a respectful signal to the one she Glorified in Chips selected Crimson for himself and Crimson tiger stripes for her from their virtual rainbow of matching ladylike underpinnings and Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmasters with the HP override (humongous pouch). Chips was peeking through the bathroom key hole when the sound of a hovering Puma over the Crawley train station caused him to check his Clipper Squirt Gun. At the same time as the Puma was pointing directly at Chips and Bean's window and Chips sensed the warmth of a laser target designator on the left side of his chest, recently heaving. In his earpiece, Chips heard from a monitor in North Versailles, PA “Stand tall Chips, His ass is mine, Ice Man”

As Chips engaged in a virtual staredown with the sensor operator in the left seat of the Puma, from behind him he heard “Dad, it’s me, you’re OK” and then the sound of a 12 gauge blast as Stone fired two paint balls at the windscreen of the Puma covering all forward looking glass with red and blue paint. Immediately the Puma went into a max climb as the HAC was forced to get on instruments and get outta Dodge as the New Sheriff in town had his back covered by a very determined deputy.

Chips held up an index finger to his son Stone as if to suggest ‘hold your thought’ as he Clippered Bill Balsamico on his Clipper Squirt Gun. At the Casa d’Ice Bill heard his Clipper Ice Bucket go off so he climbed down from the Marquee board and answered.

“Iceman, Chips. Thanks friend, you may have saved my ass. I will swing by in the Purple Reign II and share a toast with you as soon as I can. Perhaps we can get a photo of the Limo and your marquee with a message that you and I can agree on. Gotta run Bill, happy hour starts in 12 minutes and I want a good stool”.

“Chips, my pleasure friend. As always mi casa es su casa in Spanish, English or my third generation Italian. I heard your attorney is also third generation Italian, you are in good hands. Iceman out.”

Stone stood by the door looking thirsty so Chips peeked his head in the bathroom where Beanie was waxing and said “Gotta get Stone down to his DHL van, I sense that he has four flat tires. I see that flatness hasn’t befallen you my Mensa Temptress. After Happy Hour what say we ditch Stone and bury the bone?”

Agent Beanie gave him a presentation that translated into roughly “Any thing you want you muscular Marine master of cyber intel” to which Chips said “Any thing you want you got it” as he motioned to his straining Slingshot Rumpmaster. As Stone and Chips got into the elevator, Chips was surprised to hear Roy Orbison in the English elevator:

While descending to the lobby floor with stops at 3 and 2, Chips took a routine Clipper on his Clipper Squirt Gun from Hamish:
“KSM Blabbermouth Hamish routine Clipper to Chips, MdC, Uncle Ray and Rico: 2001 was the Year the World Caught Fire – aided and abetted by Maurice Strong’s Amazonians in Femme Comp Inc to run the protection racket; he is actually using a Charlotte’s Web (The Airborne Internet built by Carlyle Canada and the CAI Private Equity Group led by Emerson and his MindBox saboteurs) to coordinate SWAT teams of arsonists……………………silence”
The lobby floor was rocked by a large explosion preceded by a brilliant blue-white flash. The plate glass windows all along the front of the reception area were turned to tiny crystals. Startled airline crews ran from the curb, those that could move on their own. A large tour bus sent to gather an airline crew had its windows blown out also. The elevator car was stopped between floors until Chips inserted his fire-man’s key and selected gravity fall-slow while saying a prayer of thanks it wasn't one of Gorillawoman's 'death-trap' UT-Otis Elevators like those in Towers 1 and 2. On the reception lobby floor Chips pried open the doors and Chips and his son Stone saw several persons injured by debris as well as 3 taxies and the crew bus disabled by the blast. The 360 degree blast pattern indicated an epi-center 4 feet to the street side of a curb with a no-parking sign.

“Stone, didn’t you say that you needed to have the tires deflated on your DHL van? Where is it parked, I can do the tires while you order a pair of Black and Tans in Morgans pub, tell Hanna to put them on my tab.”

“Dad, forget the DHL tire caper. The van was at the epi-center and nothin’s left. I am glad I got here 20 minutes early. Forget the black and tans, we may need a Captain Sherlock Martini or 6 while we try to get over this close call.”

As Chips and Stone perched themselves upon stools 1 and 3, Hanna, a member of the Irish Drinking Team who wasn’t Irish said ‘Welcome mates, having fun yet?”

“Right-O Hanna, having a blast, how ‘bout 2 industrial sized CSMs and a magnum of Merlot for the lady”.

As Hanna searched for the Russian Standard Vodka and the two 32 oz tumblers, she wondered which lady would be providing security for Our Man Chips on this mission.

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Who's visiting Abel Danger
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