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Arm Ukraine? Congress Might Want to First View This Excellent but Brutal Compilation Video of Verified Ukrainian War Crimes

Ed.'s note: One of the reasons why US President Donald Trump is being impeached is for briefly withholding military aid to Ukraine, but it should never have been provided in the first place. Here are just some of the reasons why US military "aid" should be withheld from the fascist regime in Kiev. It is US military assistance to Kiev that is keeping this proxy war between the US and Russia going. There are no tank battles going on in Ukraine so why did the US State Department approve $39 million in Raytheon-manufactured anti-tank missiles? And as we will see, with Adam Schiff pushing RussiaGate the arms industry has rewarded him handsomely.

Source: Russian Insider

By RI staff | 25 November 2019

From Watchdog Media, which has put out excellent high-qaulity videos about the Ukraine over the years.

With Trump being impeached over whether or not to arm Ukraine, it's a good time to recall how the Ukraine has used these weapons over the years.


Ukrainian tanks rolled into Mariupol on the 9th of May (2014), leaving dead bodies and a burning police station in their wake. "Rocket-propelled grenades fired in city centre streets, shooting, where yesterday people were shopping."[1]

An airstrike killed "5 women… 3 men," in the centre of Lugansk on the 2nd of June. Ukraine denied the airstrike and blamed a bomb from inside the admin building and a heat-seeking rocket that targeted the air conditioner.[2]

A surgeon in Krasny Liman was killed by a shell fragment after Ukraine deliberately targeted the railway hospital on the 3rd of June.[3]

Human Rights Watch reported that on the 2nd of July an airstrike killed 9 people in Stanitsa Luganska, including a father and his 5-year-old son.[3]

On the 12th of July, "multiple rockets hit a residential area in western Donetsk… killing 7 people, including 2 children… The evidence strongly indicates that Ukrainian government forces were responsible."[4]

Please go to Russian Insider to read the entire article.

US-Russia proxy war in Ukraine is being deliberately prolonged:

US arming of Ukraine is a scandal on its own 

Kurt Douglas Volker is an American diplomat who served as the U.S. Ambassador to NATO and served as executive director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership. He worked in a volunteer capacity as the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine until his resignation on September 27, 2019. His resignation probably came about because of his conflict of interest with Raytheon and the BGR Group. Volker advocated for sending Raytheon-manufactured anti-tank Javelin missiles to Ukraine.
"Volker simultaneously worked as a Ukraine diplomat and as a lobbyist at BGR Group (the Haley Barbour/Ed Rogers super-firm), which represents Raytheon, the company that makes the Javelin anti-tank missile that Ukraine wants. Were it not for the larger Ukraine affair, that conflict of interest would be a scandal all by itself."
In 2011, Volker joined BGR Group, a Washington-based lobbying firm and investment bank, where he currently serves as a managing director in the firm's international group.

News update for 25 November 2019The wolves are coming for Kurt Volker

News update for 25 November 2019: Raytheon plans to add 1,000 more jobs in Tucson

News update for 25 November 2019: State Department Backs $39 Million 'Javelin' Package For Ukraine

Just so we have all of our bases covered here:

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