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5,792 Secrecy Orders Issued - Americans Deprived of Technological Advances - America Undermined With Bribery; Sex; Blackmail; Pedophilia; Murder

Ed.'s note: All we can say is that Americans have to break this death grip on their economy to unleash the already proven and demonstrated collective creativity of the American people. Where do we start as a people and as a nation with our own national self-interests? Energy production with thorium. America has a lot of catching up to do so get busy: The US is losing the nuclear energy export race to China and Russia. Here's the Trump team's plan to turn the tide. It looks as though John Galt showed up in Russia.

Stay Strong, Go Long – Bulletproof Russia Becomes Contrarian Haven

Source: Thorium Energy World

Putin has Thorium Plans and Engages Russia's Vast Nuclear Establishment

August 31, 2016

[Image: Vladimir Putin - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009]

As per an order from President Putin, the leading Russian nuclear institutions Rosatom and Kurchatov will make a proposal on how to use Thorium while Rosatom will develop a procedure to extract and handle Thorium from Rare Earths production. Is this the beginning of a long term Thorium plan for Russia?

Russia is moving fast to become a global nuclear power leader. The Vice President of Rosatom states that Russian nuclear plants are very welcomed worldwide with more than 90 plants in the pipeline worth some $110 Billion in total. These 90 reactors are just the beginning of Rosatom’s vision to deliver 1000 GW by 2050. Now in a meeting that took place on the 29 of July, Putin ordered the leading Russian nuclear institutions Kurchatov and Rosatom to:
'the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" and State Corporation "Rosatom" Atomic Energy will in conjunction make proposals on the prospects of using thorium.' (Deadline March 1st 2017)

'State Corporation "Rosatom" Nuclear Energy in cooperation with relevant organizations to develop a coordinated position on the procedure for handling of thorium, resulting in the production of rare earth metals.' (Deadline October 1st 2016)
Kurchatov is the institute behind most of Russia's reactor designs. A molten-salt reactor research program was started in the second half of the 1970s at the Kurchatov Institute. It covered a wide range of theoretical and experimental studies, particularly the investigation of mechanical, corrosion and radiation properties of the molten salt container materials.

Rosatom is the only vendor in the world able to offer the nuclear industry's entire range of products and services.

In other words, Rosatom and Kurchatov will make a proposal on how to use Thorium while Rosatom will develop a procedure to extract and handle Thorium from Rare Earths production.

In Russia, the Lovozero mine in Murmansk Oblast has been the country's only rare earth producing mine. A joint venture called TriArkMining was created in 2013 between state-owned Rostec and IST Group, a private company, to acquire and process 82,653t of rare earth concentrate stockpiled for more than 60 years in warehouses of state-owned Uralmonatsit in the Sverdlovsk region. The thorium content of the stockpile is unknown but a usual content is 5% or more which would mean Russia has some 4100t of thorium available above ground. If they can extract and purify it to nuclear concentrations and use it efficiently it is enough to power Russia for many years without any carbon dioxide emissions.

Who will be able to compete with Russia if they can efficiently adopt an affordable and safe Thorium fuel cycle based on modern reactors? ​

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: NBN

Russia develops a new Thorium-based nuclear fuel

by Aasem Abuzeid | August 3, 2019

Scientists at the Tomsk Technological University have been able to create nuclear fuel based on radioactive thorium for the latest generation of nuclear reactors. This fuel is also expected to be backward compatible with currently used reactors.

According to the project's supervisor, Igor Chamanin, "The result of the chemical-plasma fusion is a dispersed Nano powder, a mixture of oxides and metal carbides, which forms the basis of the new nuclear fuel, whose properties will allow the construction of a fourth generation of nuclear reactors".

The university spokesman said that the expansion of the base of raw materials for the production of nuclear energy could include thorium in the near future, as huge reserves of it have been discovered, and scientists have devised new technology that will help produce different types of nuclear fuel, using additional internal safety precautions, ensure complete combustion of isotopes in spent fuel.

In addition, under the same project, scientists have been able to study the pathway of plasma chemical fusion reactions, how plasma indicators affect different activities and the speed of interaction. For example, if a stable flow of plasma is not provided and there is a possibility of higher temperatures than required, the properties of the result material will be affected and will not be satisfactory!

"Scientists are now trying to create new combinations of materials with unique and different properties", said Igor Chamanin.

The results of this study were published on the AIP Conference Proceedings. You can download the study HERE

Source: AIM


By AIM Patriot and Energy Expert 'Condor'

On November 3, 2018 your American Intelligence Media published an article by Steven Aftergood titled:


I wanted to comment on it. Steven Aftergood wrote, "Whenever disclosure of a new invention is deemed to be "detrimental to national security," a secrecy order may be imposed on the patent application, preventing its public disclosure and blocking issuance of the patent.

By the end of FY 2018 (September 30, 2018), shadowy government officials, just over the last seven to eight decades, have issued "5,792 secrecy orders. Just in the last year, since 2017, the American public has been again denied the knowledge and possible benefits of an additional 77 patentable advancements, most of which, the American taxpayers funded."


Globalists have feared American innovation for centuries. Globalist wanted serfs…not educated, innovative peers who might one day have the intellect to recognize they were being preyed upon by economic parasites. Rather than forge for food and shelter and a meager existence on earth, 20th century humanity dreamed of reaching up to the heavens. To accomplish this mankind requires advance energy technologies.

From the table above, the suppression of GALT (Geothermal Atmospheric Liquified Thorium) chemical reactors, was of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the Globalists recognized this was but another threat to the status quo of their secret dominion over humanity as a whole. GALT would not be permitted to go to commercialization until the day Globalists could directly benefit from it.

GALT arose out of WWII's Manhattan Project in the mid-1940s along with Congress's Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE) and the President's Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Between the 1950s and 1960s, the knowledge of GALT was held back from the American public. It was deemed such a breakthrough in energy development, it would remain temporarily a national security secret to keep the Soviet Union from benefiting from it. In the early 1960s, with the inventor of GALT as President Kennedy's scientific advisor, thorium and space exploration were being championed as America’s promising future. This all changed with the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

It took another decade for the Globalists to finally secured enough clout, in both Congress and the Presidency, to order the demolition of JCAE, the AEC and the final solution to GALT. Similar to Nikola Tesla's wireless electricity, from the early 1900s, GALT would be secretly entombed. All evidence of its existence erased from history. By bait and switch treasonous congressional legislation, thorium fuels were prohibited from further consideration. The American public had been hoodwinked again.

Foreign Globalists would only permit the inferior nuclear fuels under dangerous pressurized light water reactors (PLWR) to compete against their fossil fuel monopolies.


Without access to the GALT technology, the Globalists knew the nuclear industry would eventually self-implode and no longer be a threat to their petroleum monopoly. Nuclear power would be hated and vilified upon the first accident and world's addiction to oil would resume for at least another century.

Please go to AIM to read the entire article.


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Russian scientists look to thorium reactors

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