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Those Are Some Big Bug Eyes There, Adam

Source: The Duran

Identity of Schiff's "whistleblower" leaks out. Deep ties to Nuland, Biden, Rice & Brennan (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 356.

by Alex Christoforou | November 2, 2019

The Duran's Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the Real Clear Investigations (RCI) released a detailed examination of evidence that seems to support much of the speculation as to the real identity of the whistleblower that got the impeachment ball rolling after President Trump's now-infamous "Ukraine call."

Ciaramella worked for disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan, and his name has been whispered for weeks that he was indeed the Schiff protected "whistleblower".

Trump officials are fairly confident that it's him, and that the MSM has known it is Ciaramella for a while now, but has curiously not leaked his name, or reported on this story.

Identity of Schiff's "whistleblower" leaks out. Deep ties to Nuland, Biden, Rice & Brennan 

Via NOQ Report

The purpose of being a "whistleblower" is to expose wrongdoing perpetrated by people in power whose actions are being concealed from the public, oversight officials, and/or law enforcement. It is never to be used for political gain, whether personal or on behalf of others. It is also not supposed to be used as a ploy against one's political opponents or the political opponents of those with whom the whistleblower is attached.

In other words, blowing the whistle is not supposed to be weaponized for political purposes, but if it turns out CIA operative Eric Ciaramella is the Ukraine whistleblower, his report can only be viewed as an attempted political assassination. We know this because he has been actively involved in multiple attempts to take down the President even before he was elected. He is the "Deep State" pawn many on the right have condemned, a pawn who has reported multiple instances of the President's "wrongdoings" which invariably turned out to be false.

If anyone can be less credible than Adam Schiff, it's Eric Ciaramella. When other news outlets pointed out the whistleblower was a Democrat, I shrugged. No big deal. A person's allegiance to an opposing party does not eliminate credibility in and of itself. But when it was revealed that he worked for former Vice President Joe Biden, his credibility started slipping away, even in the eyes of skeptics like me. Now, we're learning he has a long history of attempts to expose President Trump, including getting fired from the NSC for leaking information to the press. His attachments to John Brennan, Adam Schiff, Susan Rice, and others who have worked against the President is the cherry on top of the obliteration of his credibility.

Please go to The Duran to read the entire article.


Nunes: Adam Schiff was coaching Alexander Vindman throughout his testimony

Russia's Sergey Lavrov knows the score. Watch him express diplomatically signaling Nuland to piss off. Compared to the Russians these people are novices.

Lavrov Snubs Blood-Soaked Neocon Witch Nuland Before Meeting with Kerry in Zurich 

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