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Fraud Upon the Court and Kidnapping - Pierce County, Wisconsin

Ed's note: Update as of 28 November 2019 by Field McConnell who is presently in the Pierce County, Wisconsin jail.

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Open Letter to Wisconsin State Governor Tony Evers

Field McConnell speaking from the Pierce County Jail in Wisconsin on 28 November 2019:

Thanksgiving 2019

"Great, no not at all. I am always ready. Who is talking? I will listen. Okay, why don't I just make a couple of points then we'll have _______ respond to them perhaps? Well, maybe this will be very short but of course I can go on for about 18 minutes but they will cut me off. But if you want me to call back. Actually, this is my third show today, one with you earlier which went for about an hour and 20 minutes, one with _______, _______  and Denise.

But I would like for this information to get to Kirk for him to consider as we approach Monday.

First, in that courtroom that I am going to be at on Monday at 4:00pm; the 21st of August of 2014 I reported the global network of pedophile procurement that was run by Hillary Clinton and my sister Kristine Marcy. And when I was in there I recognized a flag that had a gold fringe. And so my first question if I were allowed to ask questions to the judge, which I don't anticipate, but my very first question would be under what jurisdiction is this court operating today? Because the last time I was in this courtroom on the 21st of August of 2014 it was operating under Admiralty law which does not apply to my case right now.

Secondly, another event that transpired in that court building, in June of this year a mortgage fraud expert went in and got every record in the court house with my name on it  and took pictures of several of them. And after lunch the same person went back in, got the same records, and found that at least one of the court records had been altered between the time that she took a picture of it and the time we came back from lunch. That establishes a track record of fraud within that courthouse I believe.

Thirdly, in that courthouse of November 2015 a divorce case was fraudulently adjudicated. The name of the case was 15 - 2015 - FA, that's the initials of Field and Allison, 178 in the case of the divorce filing of 15FA178 there were no grounds for divorce. In the paperwork they sighted it irreconcilable differences which is not grounds for a divorce although it is commonly used. The truth is in the case of that divorce my former wife abandoned me as in: she left without warning, had no comment, no explanation, she just left. And when someone abandons a marriage they're entitled to nothing in the divorce settlement.

So, I would like that divorce to go back - you know fraud has no - what's that term? Statute of limitations?  The divorce was fraud, the mortgage issue that is currently at play in that courthouse is rife with fraud. And one of the frauds is brought on my persona because they've got my name intermixed with nine other names and my property intermixed with nine other properties. It's just fraud from beginning to end. Now they don't generally have extremely well experienced mortgage fraud investigators going through their records but that is unfortunate for them because in June and then again in July of this year, Denise and I were blessed to have a mortgage fraud expert taking a look at the court records in the Pierce County Courthouse and they are full of fraud. And fraud vitiates anything that it touches. And I'm smart enough to know what vitiate means, but it means it destroys the case.

So the divorce case was based on fraud and it needs to go back to the beginning. It's called de novo. The action against my 100 acres and my retirement home is filled with fraud from A to Z and it needs to go back to de novo. De novo is a legal term which means "go back to the beginning" [everyone must begin de novo] and get your sh*t together and do it right. That's not verbatim but that's the idea.

I've also been denied due process each and every step of the way. In the case of the divorce my ex-wife knew I was making two trip to England. And during both of those two trips to England, and during those trips to England, there were court proceedings held while I was not available to represent myself. And my wife knew that, and the attorney by the way who - the attorney's name is Daniel P. Murray - and as recently as 2015 he was still using the term esquire at the end of his name. What esquire means is that the attorney, in this case Daniel P. Murray, is an agent for the United Kingdom. That's what esquire means. That's a title of nobility and you cannot have a title of nobility of you are a united states citizen. In addition to the fact that the divorce was fraudulent, it was also prosecuted by a person whose loyalty at the time was to England and not the united states.

Another way that my due process has not been served, is when the Waumandee State Bank was trying to be the lead instigator in the attempt to take my property, my retirement property, and of course I'm a geriatric veteran. And I think it is pretty unkind for any bank to try to take the property from a geriatric veteran whose payments are up-to-date. However, the problem for the Waumandee State Bank and their CEO Herb Lallemont and their branch manager, Tracy Sterry [VP/Branch Manager], they have not followed due process. They have sent me legal documents that were served by a process server and I responded within the time of - I was given 20 days to respond and I responded. There's been three times where I have asked three questions of Waumandee State Bank and they have not replied to those three questions because they cannot because the three questions prove mortgage fraud.

So, what I am saying is, I've been dealt with fraud at this courthouse going back to 21 August of 2014 through 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and here we are with state of Florida asking for an extension of my imprisonment which is wrongful. There was not a legitimate want, therefore I was not arrested, I was kidnapped. That is my opinion and I would love to be correct if I could speak.

Browder County legal machine that has been trafficking children for eleven years plus ultimately to Ukraine through Washington DC, the Ukrainian Embassy and the Ukrainian office at the United Nations. Now they are asking for more time to get their case organized and they are asking for me to be detained while they organize their case. That is not the way it should work in America. Our justice system should allow them the opportunity for them to present their case then allow me to respond. My response is: please get it right the first time. Let's go back to de novo, let's go back to the very first step, Broward County, and give me timely service which they didn't before. They demanded that I show up in a courtroom on the same day I was in Dallas with the Trump campaign, and that was the 16th, 17th and 18th of October 2019. They had told me to be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the 16th and I couldn't be there because I was pre-committed to Trump. And not only that but they did not give me 21 or 45 days which ever it is when there are illegal demands made by Florida on a Wisconsin person. [Ed.'s note: be very careful with words such as "person"; they do not have the meaning most think they have.]

The legal shenanigans of Broward County are fraudulent, they are not in keeping with due process, they are not to be honored in Wisconsin. So when I go to court at 4:00pm Monday, the 2nd of December I will be asking my legal team to insure that the letter of the law is followed. I think that would include my being freed and ultimately a claim to be made for 28 days of wrongful, or unlawful imprisonment. And because that 28 day unlawful imprisonment has been done by a RICO network across state lines, Florida into Wisconsin, the normal penalty for wrongful imprisonment will be tripled in the clam that will be made. And I believe the claim will be made to the US congress and not to the Department of Justice.

So that is sort of where we are at..."


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