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New York Times Feature photo THE SPIN WAR The New York Times' Long History of Endorsing US-Backed Coups

Ed.'s note: After reading this material on the New York Times, readers will probably understand this is another reason why we decided to rename this blog to: "Defeat the Mainstream Media."

Source: MPN

The New York Times Editorial Board, it seems, rarely meets a coup backed by the US government that it doesn't approve of.

by Alan Macleod | November 27, 2019

Problems Are Stepping Forward For Resolution

Ed.'s note: There are solutions to the following seemingly dreary foreboding social and economic circumstances developing in America. The biggest fear Americans need to overcome is the fear of scarcity via the City of London-delivered "peak oil" scam and the "global warming" scam as well as the Malthusian fraud of overpopulation. Americans are obsessed with fear. They have every damn thing you could imagine and still live in fear. America is a frightening place - it's a frightened place. Look at Canada: "The US is wealthier than Canada but Canadians feel more developed." The Canadians aren't living in a constant state of trauma and fear. Yet despite demonstrated trends of a downward trending population, the global financial and banking elitist structures running this financial and economic harvesting machine are moving rapidly towards a global tax YOU will be forced to pay.

Related news for 30 November 2019: 'CO2 Reduction' Is a Mass Murder Policy Designed by Wall Street and the City of London

The Global Government Is Preparing A Global Tax Regime

UN Goes Begging For Trillions To Fund Agenda 2030

Source: Sputnik

US Life Expectancy Drops Third Year in Row Due to Alcoholism, Drugs and Suicide Rates - Report

November 28, 2019

US life expectancy continued to decline for the third year in a row, while midlife mortality rates increased for all population groups, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported on Tuesday. According to JAMA, midlife mortality, which is defined as mortality for individuals between the ages of 25 and 64, had increased "across all racial groups" and was caused by "drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, suicides, and a diverse list of organ system diseases."

This Isn't Going to Work In America

Source: Christians for Truth

New US Law To Give 'Holocaust Survivors' Billions In Insurance Reparations With No Proof Required


Friday, November 29, 2019

Joe, Leave Your Hands Off the Children Alright?

Ed.'s note: We have a news update on Joe Biden when he apparently went off script and started talking about some really weird things. This is presidential material? With Joe Biden continue checking in here for continuous updates. Wtf, Joe? You love kids jumping up on your lap?

News update for 2 December 2019: Video: Joe Biden Went Off Script he is Talking about Kids Playing with His Hairy Legs and How Much He Loves Children on His Lap and Roaches

Joe Biden says the darndest things Cartoon 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

We Live In a Savage World

Ed.'s note: If you go up against the pharmaceutical/vaccine cartels you had better take precautions. Understand that autism's connections to vaccines and all these other physical problems we are witnessing are all part of the transition to transhumanism. Autists will be more readily absorbed into the Artificial Intelligence-ruled Transhumanist future coming at us. There is nothing that is going to slow down or stop these pharmaceutical/vaccine cartels. When this material is read consider for a moment there are private mercenary corporations that are being hired out by private corporations to "maintain their stock prices."

Related news update for 29 November 2019: Army DEVCOM: 2050 Vision For Cyborg Super-Soldiers

Source: Market News

Jennifer Jaynes death, Obituary : USA Today Author Found Dead.

by Market News | November 28, 2019

Death – Obituaries: (MARKET NEWS) – Friends and families are mourning the death of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Jaynes, with unconfirmed reports saying she was found dead with 2 bullet wounds to the head.

Jaynes passed away Monday, November 25, 2019. She was born October 30, 1972 in Minot, North Dakota.

Fraud Upon the Court and Kidnapping - Pierce County, Wisconsin

Ed's note: Update as of 28 November 2019 by Field McConnell who is presently in the Pierce County, Wisconsin jail.

Arrest of Field McConnell - Abel Danger "Sandbox"

Open Letter to Wisconsin State Governor Tony Evers

Field McConnell speaking from the Pierce County Jail in Wisconsin on 28 November 2019:

Thanksgiving 2019

Blood Libel Against White America - Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America

Ed.'s note: News update for 29 November 2019. Unless whites organize and take immediate remedial action this is only going to intensify: Black Mob Attacks White Actress and Her Friends in New York City, Shout Anti-White Language During the Assault

This is an interesting development: Top Neocon Says Tucker Carlson is Loyal to Moscow, the 'Capital of the White Race'

News update for this post for 29 November 2019: Social Psychology As Anti-White Pseudoscience

Source: The Unz Review


Earlier: Peter Brimelow's "Time To Rethink Immigration"—The Twenty Year Anniversary Edition

The Decline and Fall of American Civilization - Transitioning to Transhumanism

Ed.'s note: Many haven't recognized yet that the drive to transgender with young girls having double mastectomies done is about moving the species into transhumanism as a stepping stone. This shift to transhumainsm is going to create all kinds of new problems in society with violence against transgenders in the worst of cases. Get ready, mass social engineering is transforming the species into digital cyborgs..."if you want breasts later on in life you can go and get them." We are one short step away from full blown eugenics.

Transgender, transhuman: technological advances offer increased choices but also create new prejudices

Source: H News Wire

Transgender: Over 26,000 Girls Seek Funds for Breast Removal at GoFundMe

November 28, 2019 / By StevieRay Hansen

The Queen James Bible, also known as the homosexual Bible, is a new assault on biblical orthodoxy and sexual purity. This is to be expected in a world of moral relativism. In it, the 1769 King James Bible has been reproduced with only a very few select verses altered–the ones that relate to homosexuality. Those verses are listed below and analyzed. I hope you will see that the Queen James Bible is a perversion of the original text and is the result of obvious prejudices against the original Hebrew and Greek texts in order to make homosexual practices appear acceptable…

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ukrainian-Jewish Oligarchs Launch Assault on Ukraine; ADL Launches Assault on American Social Media

Ed.'s note: What readers need to know about Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine and that there are very few Jews remaining in Russia today are important facts in trying to understand what is going on in Ukraine. Ukraine is an American-IMF debt slave outpost (Ukraine produces nothing America needs) where Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs have been given the full support of American Jewish oligarchs. In 2012 the world's largest synagogue opened in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The synagogue's biggest financial sponsor was the Ukrainian-Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyi.

A bloody effigy of the Jewish oligarch was left outside of the Brodsky Synagogue in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 14, 2019. It is well known most Ukrainians are nationalist in their sentiments and have no love for the Jewish people. This is a mainstream point of view in Ukraine kept from Americans. The press is owned by Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine, so the fact Ukrainians have no love for the Jewish people and many more facts will never be allowed to be released for American consumption. With an average yearly salary of roughly $301 a year, there is a widespread feeling of defeatism and helplessness within the Ukrainian population. This bloody effigy is representative of those feelings.

Bloody effigy of Ukrainian-Jewish oligarch found outside synagogue


Source: The JC

World's largest Jewish centre opens in Ukraine

World's largest Jewish centre lights up like a menorah - one block on each day of the week

Ukraine's seven-tower Menorah Centre

5,792 Secrecy Orders Issued - Americans Deprived of Technological Advances - America Undermined With Bribery; Sex; Blackmail; Pedophilia; Murder

Ed.'s note: All we can say is that Americans have to break this death grip on their economy to unleash the already proven and demonstrated collective creativity of the American people. Where do we start as a people and as a nation with our own national self-interests? Energy production with thorium. America has a lot of catching up to do so get busy: The US is losing the nuclear energy export race to China and Russia. Here's the Trump team's plan to turn the tide. It looks as though John Galt showed up in Russia.

Stay Strong, Go Long – Bulletproof Russia Becomes Contrarian Haven

Source: Thorium Energy World

Putin has Thorium Plans and Engages Russia's Vast Nuclear Establishment

August 31, 2016

[Image: Vladimir Putin - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009]

As per an order from President Putin, the leading Russian nuclear institutions Rosatom and Kurchatov will make a proposal on how to use Thorium while Rosatom will develop a procedure to extract and handle Thorium from Rare Earths production. Is this the beginning of a long term Thorium plan for Russia?

Russia is moving fast to become a global nuclear power leader. The Vice President of Rosatom states that Russian nuclear plants are very welcomed worldwide with more than 90 plants in the pipeline worth some $110 Billion in total. These 90 reactors are just the beginning of Rosatom’s vision to deliver 1000 GW by 2050. Now in a meeting that took place on the 29 of July, Putin ordered the leading Russian nuclear institutions Kurchatov and Rosatom to:

Flying Monkey Pompeo Fleeing the Coop Or About to be Shot Down?

Ed,'s note: Admit it everyone. It's fun keeping tabs on these elitist "government officials" of the US corporation moving in and out of Washington this time with Mike Pompeo. We reported on Pompeo yesterday and missed this news on him as to the reason he wants to ditch Washington and head home but only as a lucrative corporate position as a "senator." We would encourage readers to go to the Gold Goats 'N Guns blog to view the clip by Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Mike Pompeo and Pompeo's relationship to President Donald Trump. The fact that Dr. Steve Pieczenik is never in the mainstream media and he is never mentioned by them either is telling. Dr. Steve Pieczenik and a few others were largely behind Donald Trump moving into the White House. One thing that must be observed very carefully about Mike Pompeo and that is he is not Jewish. This fact has huge ramifications as the "flying monkey falls."

Pompeo Gives Away the Palestinian West Bank

Source: Gold Goats 'N Guns

November 23, 2019 | Tom Luongo

Afghan President Orders Probe Into Alleged Pedophile Ring

Ed.'s note: Without ever missing a beat the US State Department never misses the opportunity to bash Russia. This time with US Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass "being deeply disturbed by these Soviet-style tactics" on the detention of two activists in Afghanistan who revealed a pedophile ring operating in Logar Province. Up until the late 70s Radio Free Liberty was receiving covert funds from the CIA. Probably today a similar financial arrangement although now through "legitimate" US government sources. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's ordering an investigation into the detention of the two activists is pretty much the usual reaction of government officials. It's as if to say that "officially" governments and government leaders oppose pedophilia and they are generally concerned which isn't the case at all as we've seen in America with the Jeffrey Epstein sex slave trade and pedophile networks. Ghani would be better off stating child trafficking in Afghanistan is on the rise and still remains a Tier 2 country for child trafficking then get to work. It now looks as though the two activists have been released within the past 18 hours: After U.S. pressure, Afghanistan frees activists who exposed sex abuse

Source: RFERL

November 26, 2019 | By RFE/RL

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

What's It Going To Be: Global Warming Or Global Freeze?

Ed.'s note: Could be a good ploy. Convince the global Lilliputians there is "global warming" and then promote it like religious fanatics when in reality we are headed for a mini ice age. Might be a good way to knock off a good segment of an unprepared population. Might want to start thinking about installing some of those high tech greenhouses with systems installed to maintain higher temps for growing vegetables. The Child Climate Goddess claims that "fossil fuels are literally killing mankind" indicates a "project" going on here. Good idea, little goddess, lets get with the program here and instead of trashing civilization and putting a blood libel out on half of humanity, why not offer a solution? That solution would be thorium. And little goddess of green, it's not "fossil fuel", it is abiotic fuel. So get your facts correct please.

News update for 2 December 2019: Global Warming Swindle: A Scheme To Redistribute Wealth

News update for 2 December 2019: Ahead of COP25, Child Climate Goddess Greta Demands 'Complete Dismantling of Colonial, Racist, Patriarchal Systems of Oppression'

Source: Technocracy Rising

Dear Greta: Your Climate Worship Is Just Rebranded Paganism


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Look What has Been Grafted Onto America: Communitarianism

Ed.'s note: Amitai Etzioni born Werner Falk, is a German-born now Jewish-American sociologist, best known for his work on socioeconomics and communitarianism. Etzioni's alma mater is the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He founded the Communitarian Network, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the moral, social, and political foundations of society. He was called the "guru" of the communitarian movement in the early 1990s, and he established the Communitarian Network to disseminate the movement's ideas. His writings emphasize the importance of having a carefully-crafted balance between individual rights and social responsibilities, and between autonomy and order, in all societies. And the American system doesn't have "individual rights" and "social responsibilities" already built into its unique system of government along with its Constitution? Etzioni was criticized in 2016 for publishing an article titled "Should Israel Flatten Beirut to Destroy Hezbollah's Missiles?" So much for his ideas of working for the "common good" and the "rights of the individual." Etzioni is now at Georgetown University.

Helgelian dialectics...


Why It's Always the Navy

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

If you go to the US Patent and Trademark Office and start reviewing patents held by the US NAVY you will see some truly criminal and deceitful patented processes. Things that will make your hair curl and your blood boil. And it is all right there, in their own words, with their names and addresses on it.

And then, the more you trot around the world, you realize that it is always the Navy causing trouble. Just like Britain, the Navy is always at the bottom of the dog pile. All roads in skulduggery go back to.... the Navy.

Not the Army. Not the Air Force. It's always, predictably, the Navy that causes trouble. And there is a reason for that.

Virginia Sheriff Defends The Second Amendment

Ed.'s note: Remember our post on sheriffs we did awhile back on how what you know about county sheriffs could save your life? Well this is becoming more apparent as elected county sheriffs around the country begin to have their eyes opened as more and more state and federal statute laws are stacking up to prevent gun ownership. Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the threatening circumstances that are developing and are taking precautions as they rightly should be: Another Va. county aims to be a '2nd Amendment Sanctuary'

Source: News Radio WVRA

© Gregory S. Schneider/The Washington Post Sheriff Ricky L. Walker, left, attends a Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday in support of a resolution to declare Amelia County a "Second Amendment sanctuary."


Human Trafficking Sex Cult, Mexican Connections and Getting the Dalai Lama's Approval

Ed.'s note: Anything most may know about the occult, Jeffrey Epstein and human sex trafficking is just the tip of the iceberg. Patrick Howley reported that: "Ex-members describe the key role played by Emiliano Salinas, son of the former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The human experiments performed on children at the cult's Rainbow Cultural Garden daycare centers -- located in Central America, Mexico, the United States, and Europe - underscore the pain NXIVM inflicted on its helpless victims." Since the LeBaron Mormon family members who were gunned down in Mexico are implicated in this sex cult network, what looks to be victims, what was the role if any of the former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari considering his son, Emiliano Salinas is alleged to be a co-conspirator?

Source: National File

EXCLUSIVE: Former NXIVM Members and Employees Describe Clinton-Connected Satanic Cult

Human Trafficking Continues To Disgrace Our World

By Patrick Howley | November 25, 2019

Pompeo Gives Away the Palestinian West Bank

Source: The Unz Review

The Trump Administration again demonstrates its subservience to Israel


A story has been circulating suggesting that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will soon be resigning because he needs to focus on planning for his campaign to become a Senator from Kansas in 2020. This is good news for the United States, as Senator Lindsey Graham has had no one he is able to talk to about exporting democracy by blowing up the planet since Joe Lieberman retired and John McCain died. And the tale even has a bit of palace intrigue built into it, with an interesting back story as Pompeo is apparently considering his move because he fears that staying in harness with Donald Trump for too long might damage his reputation. There are also reports that he has been traveling to Kansas frequently on the State Department's dime to test the waters, a violation of the Hatch Act which prohibits most government officials from engaging in self-promotional political activities unrelated to their actual jobs.

The Only Thing That Remains for Oligarchs Is Power

Ed.'s note: Although there are ideological and political differences, Russia is leading along with China  a counter alliance against the US-Israel military machine. The Russian counter alliance is based on regionalism and a strong state while the US-Israel alliance is based on liberalism, on "buccaneer capitalism" and oligarchy. This is why the Neocons, the neoliberals and the oligarchs in America supported the Russian oligarchs against Vladimir Putin. The US came to the defense of the oligarchs in Russia and in Ukraine against the labor class in the hands of these oligarchs who the majority are also citizens of Israel.

The Neocons and neoliberals in the US believe that only oligarchs have the right to rule and this is what the American ruling class calls "democracy." The American ruling elite in cooperation with oligarchical Ukrainian ruling elite are determined to destroy the "cultural buttresses" of the labor class. This labor class have their unique ethnic local traditions that have been in place far longer than these oligarchs of economic domination ever came about in the US.

Monday, November 25, 2019

ADL Launches Hostile Takeover Against Silicon Valley's Big 6

Ed.'s note: Bear in mind when going over this material that Sacha Baron Cohen is a British citizen and he is Jewish.

News update for 28 November 2019: Sacha Baron Cohen is wrong about social media

Source: Forbidden Knowledge TV

November 24, 2019

Last week, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) bestowed their latest censorship award on comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen, who accepted it in his first-ever public appearance as himself and not in character, as one of his on-screen personas.

What a shock, to discover that Cohen's real self is a Globalist demagogue! The comedian called for a "purge" of all non ADL-approved online speech and for the arrest Big Tech heads who don't comply. Was that a joke?

Cohen reserved particular ire for Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. The latter had recently made statements that he didn't feel it was the responsibility of Facebook to censor political speech. Zuckerberg said this, despite having ramped-up Facebook's censorship algorithms of late.

Iceland Finally Getting Chabad House and Resident Rabbi

Ed.'s note: Get ready Iceland, your country is about to be opened to immigration in a very big way. Now that we have witnessed over the years Europe completely overrun with immigrants from Africa in an endless cascade of boats arriving on Europe's southern flank, Iceland is next. What is the first thing Rabbi Avi Feldman announced one week after he was appointed to Iceland by Chabad Lubavitch authorities? He announced "Iceland must do more for refugees." What does Avi Feldman and his wife Mushky hope to do in Iceland? They "hope to light a Jewish fire under the northern lights." So let's get serious here. Chabad Lubavitchers advocate prying open different countries for immigration flows but when it comes time for immigration into Israel they are opposed to immigration. There were 5,000 refugees from Syria that were being allowed to immigrate to Iceland, while Israel which is right next door to Syria, has prevented Syrian refugees from entering Israel.

Reykjavik, Iceland: The Last European Capital Without a Rabbi Gets One 


Source: World Religious News

18 February 2018 | BY ALISON LESLEY


Arm Ukraine? Congress Might Want to First View This Excellent but Brutal Compilation Video of Verified Ukrainian War Crimes

Ed.'s note: One of the reasons why US President Donald Trump is being impeached is for briefly withholding military aid to Ukraine, but it should never have been provided in the first place. Here are just some of the reasons why US military "aid" should be withheld from the fascist regime in Kiev. It is US military assistance to Kiev that is keeping this proxy war between the US and Russia going. There are no tank battles going on in Ukraine so why did the US State Department approve $39 million in Raytheon-manufactured anti-tank missiles? And as we will see, with Adam Schiff pushing RussiaGate the arms industry has rewarded him handsomely.

Source: Russian Insider

By RI staff | 25 November 2019

From Watchdog Media, which has put out excellent high-qaulity videos about the Ukraine over the years.

With Trump being impeached over whether or not to arm Ukraine, it's a good time to recall how the Ukraine has used these weapons over the years.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Anti-Russian sanctions based on fraudster’s tales? Spiegel finds Magnitsky narrative fed to West by Browder is riddled with lies

Ed.'s note: How are we to interpret this news about William Browder and his relationship with Sergey Magnitsky who died ten years ago under suspicious circumstances in a Moscow prison? Why is it that in an article written by Israel Shamir in June, 2016 described Browder as the "untouchable Mr. Browder?" He is "untouchable" because he has many allies, mostly powerful Jewish allies who are covering for him from many sources including in the media like the London Times. As we are about to see for ourselves, it's not what you know with Mr. Browder, it is who you know.

News update for 2 December 2019: Tax-Cheating Jewish Oligarch Keeps Lying About His Dead Auditor to Make Everyone Hate Russia

When listening to Morgan Ortagus discuss William Browder and the unfortunate death of Sergey Magnitsky in the Twitter embedded below in the RT News article, keep in mind that Ortagus's husband is Jonathan Weinberger who is Jewish. Ortagus discusses how Magnitsky was subjected to "physical abuse." Ortagus follows the lie that Magnitsky exposed "a major tax fraud scheme perpetrated by Russian officials." That's not how the Russians view it. The Russians put an Interpol arrest warrant out on William Browder for running the fraudulent tax scheme. Weinberger who is Jewish, is Senior Vice President, Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) at the US Chamber of Commerce. Ortagus is currently an American government official serving as spokesperson for the United States Department of State since earlier 2019. Jonathan Weinberger and Morgan Ortagus were married by Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is Jewish in her chambers at the Supreme Court in Washington in May, 2013. As Israel Shamir states in the linked article below: "the Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime." It's too bad Ortagus at the US State Department is now part of the "heady upper-class Jewish cocktail" party concerning Browder.

Source: RT News

24 November 2019

© Bill Browder / AFP / Drew Angerer; Sergey Magnitsky / AFP / Hermitage Capital Management

Mozart's Death was Faked

by Miles Mathis

First published November 21, 2019

I just watched Amadeus again, so all the old questions resurfaced. We already know Peter Shaffer's story is false in many ways, since they admit it. Salieri could sue for defamation were he alive, since he was not a mediocrity and there is no evidence he killed Mozart or allowed him to die. Mozart was not buried in a communal grave or pauper's grave, the original story being he was buried in a commoner's grave (not a common grave). But that just means he was not buried in a noble's grave, which would have been protected from re-plotting after 10 years. He was also not poor at his death, or in major debt. The previous year had been his best in years, and he had made a lot of money.

If You Take Off His Brooks Brothers Suit He Will Be a Bolshevik In Britches

Ed.'s note: It is now official Michael Bloomberg has entered the 2020 US presidential race. President Donald Trump has referred to Bloomberg as "little Michael," describing Bloomberg as having "some personal problems", having some "issues" and only "having a little magic." There are no rabbits in Bloomberg's hat but there are Jewish rabbis in his magic hat. What Americans will be getting with Michael Bloomberg will be a guy who if you "take off his Brooks Brothers Suit will be a Bolshevik in britches." Here's what would happen if Michael Bloomberg becomes president in 2020: Removal of the 2nd Amendment; more wars for Israel; more homosexual parties; more transgender celebrations; LGBT issue becoming elevated to a national priority; gun confiscation.

News update for 1 December 2019: Michael Bloomberg's Israel connection runs deep

News update for 1 December 2019: Does Mike Bloomberg's Presidential Run Raise Questions About Democracy & A Free Press?

News update for 1 December 2019: Say No to Bloomberg

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially 
enters 2020 presidential race | ABC News

These Children Are Being Victimized: Listen to the Audience Clap and Cheer at Their Own Destruction

Ed.'s note: This is apparently for real. Listen to the audience clap and cheer. Bet is they are clueless about what is coming: Transgender leading to Transhumanism. Always "transitioning" the population. Keep cheering, Americans, you are being led straight to your extinction by a gradual imperceptible transition. In case readers haven't figured it out yet, the little boy is being victimized. It is time US military officers step in to repair the enormous probably irreversible damage to America. There is no other country in the world that promotes this insanity. Look who is promoting this: CNN. A CNN Town Hall Meeting to promote this crap.

Elizabeth Warren takes question from a 9 year old "transgender" 

What you need to know:


Understanding the Right-Left Political Charade

Ed.'s note: We're fairly certain readers will be able to make the correlation between this post and the previous post:

Ben Shapiro and the Myth of the Judeo-Christian West

November 24, 2019

(left, Otto Kahn, 1867-1934)

"We Control Both Left & Right" -- Kuhn Loeb Banker

In a candid dinner conversation after WW1, Kuhn Loeb partner Otto Kahn was asked why the Capitalist bankers supported Communism.

He replied they both have "an identical purpose, the remaking of the world from above by the control of riches, [Right] and from below by revolution [Left.]" They are all Freemasons (Cabalists.) Their final goal is the deification of the Rothschild banking cartel posing as representatives of the Jewish people.

Hence we have the Communist faction on the Left (globalist, homosexual, migration, US Demonrats, Canada, EU, Sweden, Russia, Iran, and China) and the Zionist faction on the Right (nationalist, heterosexual, US, UK, Brazil, Bolivia, Hungary.) Israel is at the fulcrum. No nationalist is ever critical of Israel.

Ben Shapiro and the Myth of the Judeo-Christian West

Ed.'s note: If America and particularly those Americans considering themselves "conservatives" are going to survive, then they are going to have to get serious about not only dumping "conservatism," but dumping the "Judeo" in Judeo-Christianity. We've already known Ben Shapiro has ideologically corralled Americans into what it means to be conservative and is dominating this discourse. You don't have to be a "conservative" to be an American and you certainly do not have to be a liberal. These toxic ideologies are taught and methodically focused on to divide Americans, not bring them together. And as far as Ben Shapiro's book The Right Side of History is concerned, it was published by The New York Times. That fact alone should alert readers to an agenda. We've known for a long time how Jews like Ben Shapiro are masters of discourse, so the best thing to do is to develop a rigorous pattern of thinking of your own rather than allow someone like Shapiro to tell you what you should think about religion and conservatism. The "left" and "right" charade must come to an end if America is to survive. Catholics themselves should be alerted too on how it was that Malachi Martin was used as a proxy by Jewish rabbis to subvert the Catholic church doctrine at Vatican II that took place in the early 60s.

Source: The Unz Review


Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Steven Crowder. CC BY 3.0

Former Bill Clinton Pilot Charged with Aggravated Child Molestation, Sodomy and Statutory Rape

Source: Big League Politics

The rabbit hole goes deep.

Nov 21, 2019 | By Shane Trejo

Steven Robert Setzer, a former U.S. Marine Corps pilot who once escorted former President Bill Clinton on the crew of the Marine One, is facing years in prison after being hit with child sex charges.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

We Haven’t Seen A Manufacturing Slowdown Like This Since The Last Financial Crisis

Source: Economic Collapse

November 5, 2019 | by Michael Snyder

This isn't what was supposed to happen. According to the economic optimists, there was going to be a great "manufacturing renaissance" as America entered a wonderful new golden age of boundless prosperity. But of course that is not what has happened. Manufacturing activity has been declining for the past three months, and all across the country we are seeing economic conditions rapidly deteriorate. Over and over, we are seeing economic numbers that are worse than anything we have seen since the last recession, but the economic optimists keep assuring us that these are just temporary blips on the way to America's glorious economic renewal. Well, they can keep believing in a mirage of future prosperity if they want, but the hard numbers keep telling us another story. For example, the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index has now fallen to a level that was "last sustained during the financial crisis"

Can We Just Make It Illegal to Arrest Blacks? Black State's Attorney of 70% Black Baltimore Excuses Away Black Crime, Compares Criminal Justice System to Slavery

Ed.'s note: At some point whites are going to have to step forward and take back control. It's inevitable and means their survival. Jewish Rabbis in fact for the most part, do not like white civilization. They go out of their way to diminish it and degrade it. Go to the end of this post: "Remembering John F. Kennedy's Vision for the Future that Should Have Been" and read what a Jewish Rabbi says about whites. Why is this even tolerated? So let's get this straight: Israel can have an all Jewish nation-state and America can't have an all white nation-state?

Source: The Unz Review


PK Note: Get a copy of The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore. It makes the perfect Christmas gift!

Rh Positive and Rh Negative

Ed.'s note: A lot of the information on this subject is obtuse and contradictory and that is on purpose. It is probably true this is a subject that is sensitive and anyone poking around in this subject will be led astray by going at it from two opposing angles. The basis of this discussion is that Rh positive red blood cells have an antigenic glycoprotein layer attached to them that Rh negatives ones do not. This protein layer was been discovered to be an  ammonium transporter as well as a Co2 transporter. It was completely unknown what function RH factor served. It was assumed that ammonium and Co2 were eliminated completely by defusion. A recent discovery changed this view point.

Rhesus macaque monkey (RH positive)

It is still completely unknown how RH negative blood eliminates these waste materials. The fact that RH positive blood eliminates these waste materials different than RH negative blood could explain certain traits that are largely associated with RH negative blood types. A huge question is how can vaccines be administered by pharmaceutical cartels when it isn't even fully understood the mechanisms of RH negative and RH positive blood types? It is worth noting that RH positive blood has an entirely different structure on the surface of the cells than than RH negative types. This difference is not taken into consideration by the pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines. The RH positive has a "positive factor" from the Rhesus macaque monkey whereas the RH negative blood cell types do not have the Rhesus macaque monkey factor. Dig in and start researching. This field is wide open for some serious discovery.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Remembering John F. Kennedy's Vision for the Future that Should Have Been

Source: The Canadian Patriot

By Matthew Ehret | 22 November 2019
"Man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe…."
President Kennedy, 1961 Inaugural Address
Where China and Russia are currently leading a new paradigm of cooperation and development, it is too easily forgotten that America itself had once embodied this anti-colonial spirit under the foreign policy vision of John F. Kennedy. Even though the young leader died in office before the full effect of his grand vision could take hold, it is worth revisiting his fight and stated intention for a post-colonial world governed by win-win cooperation. This exercise is especially important now that we are coming to the anniversary of the murder of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

"It's Kind Of Despicable": Chicago Is Rigging Red Light Cameras To Rack Up Millions In Fines

Source: Zero Hedge

by Tyler Durden | Wed, 11/20/2019

It appears as though someone figured out that red light cameras could rack up tons more in fines if the number of times a light changes to red increases. This has led to nefariously shorter green lights in certain areas of Chicago.

Intersections where drivers are issued hundreds of thousands of dollars in tickets have been unfairly racked up, according to ABC's investigative reporting team. The team timed traffic lights at intersections where cameras were present and found that drivers had less time to legally get through intersections in directions where cameras where watching.

In once case, yellow and green lights were only 20 seconds - combined.

Trump Woos Jews, Jews Impeach Trump

Source: The Unz Review


The impeachment farce is basically a Jewish affair, noted the Israeli daily Haaretz. The soul and engine of the impeachment is Adam Schiff, 'Shifty Schiff' in Trump's colourful expression. His name brings to mind the Jewish banking house of Schiff, top Jewish aristocracy of money and media. The second man is Greedy Goldman, or Daniel Sachs Goldman, the chief interrogator in the impeachment hearings. Sachs Goldman or Goldman Sachs, another top Jewish name and bank. The third Jew in the heart of the impeachment is infamous George Soros. Haaretz could add that the top witnesses for prosecution are also Jewish, the bizarre Gordon "Zelensky loves your ass" Sondland, or Vindman the Spy. Trump would never dare to notice this remarkable coincidence, concludes Haaretz. Only antisemites would.

Another Project

Ed.'s note: Readers are encouraged to read this essay first:


Source: AIM


To Every Facebook User,

Mark Zuckerberg, and all of us who were there from the beginning, are lying to you and using your personal life as a government-controlled experiment in brain-washing and mind-control - basically a weaponized system of the military (CIA especially) that got out of control. At this point, Mark Zuckerberg has lost control of a company that he never really owned or operated. Truly, anyone who has ever worked with Mark knows that his mind is a blank and that he is nothing more than a parrot for the government handlers who created him. Mark is incapable of running a McDonald's, let alone one of the most powerful companies in the world. Not even his name is real and his identity has always been covered up. Mark was chosen as child for a CIA training program because his relatives were some of the people creating the program.

NYT's "Leaked" Chinese Files Story Covers For Terrorism

Source: Land Destroyer

November 21, 2019 (Tony Cartlaucci - NEO) - The New York Times has once again exposed itself as an organ of US special interests operating under the guise of journalism - contributing to Wall Street and Washington's ongoing and escalating hybrid war with China with a particularly underhanded piece of war propaganda.

The US Government Continues To Side With Saudi Arabia Over 9/11 Families

Source: MPN

For years, the U.S. government's handling of the investigation surrounding the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks has been a slap in the face for the families of victims.

by Jon Gold | November 21st, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What Is An Oligarch?

Ed.'s note: Obviously, something urgent is going to have to be done to rid ourselves of this predatory plague. Their access to such extremely vast sums of money is irrational and completely irresponsible. We've had historical precedents. Ivan the Terrible (Ivan the 4th) who came to power in the Russian kingdom went to war on oligarchs. The Russian peasants viewed Ivan the Terrible as the liberator from the tyranny of the Russian oligarchy (machiavellian mentality). Ivan the Terrible was the Russian leader who it was seen braking the back of the Russian oligarchy even though British and American intellectuals have never been able to figure this out. Ivan the Terrible put an end to the pillaging of society by the aristocracy. The Russian oligarchy pretty much took everything in Russia that wasn't nailed down. Contrary to this author's opinion in this article below that America is a "democracy," which it is emphatically not, America is an oligarchy. Of course, there are those who would disagree and that depends on who is paying them to do their research and reporting.

The U.S. is an Oligarchy? The Research, Explained

Source: The Conversation

November 16, 2019

Boris Yeltsin shakes hands with Russia's most powerful businessmen in Moscow. AP Photo

JP Morgan Charged With Criminal RICO Violations: Suppressing The Silver Market

Source: Political Vel Craft

by Volubrjotr • 19 Nov 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

How Can The US Survive This?

Ed.'s note: Keep in mind that when this article is read that the purpose of the FBI is to protect the "deep state" however you want to interpret the deep state to your individual understanding. The FBI has no other purpose. Whatever the "deep state's" relationship to China is, it can probably be stated rather confidently it is to make sure China continues receiving American technology as the American empire collapses on itself. Whatever happened to the death penalty for espionage?

Source: Epoch Times

Thousands of US-Based Scientists Sell Research to China, Report Says

BY MARK TAPSCOTT | November 18, 2019

A biologist works on immunotherapy in a lab in Bethesda, Md., on Feb. 7, 2018. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

DiGenova Calls Out Soros' Hegemonic Control Over State Department

Source: Fort Russ

Open Society Foundations and ADL go ballistic

By Matthew Ehret | Nov 20, 2019

George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations arrives for a meeting in Brussels, on April 27, 2017. Meeting will mainly focus on situation in Hungary, including legislative measures that could force the closure of the Central European Unive

How San Francisco's Democrats made Jim Jones, and then made his memory vanish

Source: Washington Examiner

by Daniel Flynn | October 15, 2018

Jim Jones (AP Photo)

Do you remember that time the entire Democratic Party in California behaved like cultists, enraptured by Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones?

The Best Thing American Parents Can Do Is Take Their Children Out of the Schools and Universities

Source: Confessions of a College Professor

Higher Learning Commission: Accreditation Is No Sign Of Quality

Sunday, November 10, 2019 | by Professor Doom

The College Meltdown recently had a post which basically said what I showed years ago in my book: accreditation is a fraud.

Before going on, a quick overview of accreditation: well over a century ago, our institutions of higher education got together and decided to share ideas on how to run their institutions. It was a completely voluntary system, and so what rules there were, were given as suggestions, with an underlying assumption of good faith.

Holocaust Training for American Police

Ed.'s note: News update for 9 June 2020 from Philip Giraldi on police in America trained by Israel security tactics.

Militarized Police a Gift from Israel?

Source: The Unz Review

Law enforcement copies Israeli brutality


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Thomas P.M. Barnett's New Rule Sets (Are You In the Gap?) - Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Ed.'s note: It's our understanding Thomas P.M. Barnett quit Wikistrat in July 2015.

Source: Winter Watch

The Barnett Plan: The Pentagon's Dead-End Map for Neocon Globalism

November 16, 2019 | by Russ Winter

VIDEO: Protesters Have Burnt Down The Central Bank In Behbahan

Ed.'s note: Here is a fun Twitter post. Iranians torch their central bank in Behbahan.

US dirty hands behind violent protests in Iran?

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Boycott the 2020 Vote - Stop Giving Washington Legitimacy

Ed.'s note: Why do Americans give the US congress and senate legitimacy the way they do? According to the 2018 US Census, it recorded 327.2 million people. Beginning in 1790, after each census, Congress enacted a law that specified the changes in the actual number of representatives. The law also designated the increase in the ratio of representatives to the population. In 1929 the Permanent Apportionment Act (solidifying banking and corporate power) became law holding the number of representatives at 435. This act was passed to make congress "manageable." And the corporate charter, the Constitution which runs the government, that's how the US government is supposed to run, says the US needs one member in congress for every 30,000 people. That means the US needs 10,907 congressional representatives. The US only has 435 congressional representatives. The US congress operates off the Masons Meeting Manual which means 435 is not a quorum when 10,907 congressional members are required for a quorum. This means that there is nothing congress has done, no law that they have passed and no act of congress that is lawful. There is no government. The government ceases to exist. They are sine die (sine die is Latin for "without day"; means "without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing"). If Americans have had enough of what is going on in Washington, censor them. Stop giving them legitimacy by voting for congressional members. Boycott the 2020 vote. Put congress on notice they have no standing legitimacy.

Where Is The Impeachable Event, Shifty? You're Not Normal! 

Bloomberg Is Candidate Of Choice For Trans-Atlantic Pedo-BDSM Plutocrats

Ed.'s note: News update for  6 February 2020MSNBC panelist freaks out after Sanders surrogate calls Bloomberg an 'oligarch,' because it's a 'Russian' term

News update for 1 December 2019: Michael Bloomberg's Israel connection runs deep

News update for 1 December 2019: Does Mike Bloomberg's Presidential Run Raise Questions About Democracy & A Free Press?

By Yoichi Shimatsu | November 12, 2019

If Mike Bloomfield had run for president, I surely would have endorsed that guitarist from the Chicago blues era, but unfortunately he's been pushing up roses over the past three decades. The good die young whereas the corrupt get richer and evermore ambitious. Instead of listening to a snappy riff from that iconic musician who reminded the high-flying rock generation of their down-to-earth roots in the muddy Delta blues tradition, Americans will soon be asked to vote for the very personification of soulless Wall Street greed, Mike Bloomberg, multi-billionaire owner of the world's most straitjacked media behemoth and former three-term mayor of post-911 New York City.

On the Satanic Majesties Inquest

Before and after the "Holocaust": Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948

Source: The Truth Seeker

Rebel of Oz — Nov 30, 2013

For over a century, the Jewish World Almanac has been widely regarded as the most authentic source for the world's Jewish population numbers. Academics all over the world, including the editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica, used to rely on the accuracy of those numbers. Here is what the World Alamanacs of 1933 and 1948 had to say about the world population of Jews.

World Almanac 1933

The Black Nobility’s 5G Kill Switch

Ed.'s note: Circumstances have become so bizarre and strange in this world we felt  this material might offer a better reason as to how we arrived at this point.

Source: Left Hook

November 11, 2019 | 55 Comments

(Excerpted from Chapter 34: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

Researcher Michael Tsarion posits that the old European Black Nobility (Hapsburgs, Guelphs, Tudors, Saxe-Gothas, Algobrandinis, Odeschelis, Borbons, et. al.)) and their now well-intermarried Sephardic Jewish banker cousins (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Kuhn Loebs, Lazards) are Nephilim hybrids who were run out of their previous galaxy due to a full array of vile activities.

Tsarion believes these bloodthirsty pedophiles were chased to the former planet Tiamat, which was then attacked and decimated by their pursuers. Another name for Tiamat is Lucifer.

Tiamat was a water planet. The cataclysm which resulted, says Tsarion, resulted in the 40-day deluge upon Earth which resulted in the Great Flood. Along with the raindrops fell the surviving Nephilim, which Tsarion claims launched the evil empire of Atlantis and have run every warmongering empire since.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Weimar Berlin Was Hotbed of Homosexualism, Male Prostitution; Home of First Male-to-Female 'Surgery'

Source: Russia Insider

In his 2014 book, professor Robert Beachy documents the rampant degeneracy of the German capitol before the Nazis set things straight.

By Caroline Howe (Daily Mail) | November 13, 2019

November 25, 2014

Think Liza Minnelli and Joel Gray in Carberet. Think West Hollywood, Greenwich Village and Provincetown and the Castro, known as hotbeds of homosexuality.

But they are nothing like the uninhibited urban gay sexual scene and vast homosexual subculture that flourished in Berliin under Germany's Weimar Republic.

Flashback: Bolivia's President Declares 'Total Independence' from World Bank and IMF

Source: American Herald Tribune

July 23, 2017 | By Aht Staff

Bolivia's President Evo Morales has been highlighting his government's independence from international money lending organizations and their detrimental impact the nation, the Telesur TV reported.

California's Disastrous State Illustrates Limits of Progressivism

Ed.'s note: Recently released news on the homeless circumstances in California as of 23 December 2019:

Homelessness Is On The Rise In The U.S. And One State Is Driving It

News update on the liberal sh*thole state of California for 5 June 2020: Illusion Of Prosperity Shattered As California Makes Its Case For Federal Bailout


Source: The Daily Signal

By Victor Davis Hanson | @VDHanson | October 31, 2019 | 230 Comments

More than 2 million Californians recently were left without power after the state's largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric—which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year—preemptively shut down transmission lines in fear that they might spark fires during periods of high autumn winds.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Open Letter to Wisconsin State Governor Tony Evers

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers
2 East Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703

Governor Tony Evers:

Field McConnell, a retired US Marine Corp fighter pilot and civil aviation pilot, was arrested by the Pierce County, Wisconsin Sheriff's Office on Monday, 4 November 2019 in Plum City, Wisconsin at 1:22pm. We have every reason to believe Field McConnell's arrest was politically motivated because of Field McConnell's recent political activism. We also believe Field McConnell's right to freedom of speech has been completely eviscerated culminating in his arrest for extradition to Broward County, Florida. This indicates to us Field McConnell was kidnapped under false felony charges of "cyber stalking" and "making death threats."

How to Crush a Bankers' Dictatorship: A Lesson from 1933

Source: The Canadian Patriot

By Matthew Ehret | 2 days ago

The western media has been hit with warnings of "financial Armageddon" and the need for a "global hegemonic synthetic currency" to replace the collapsing US dollar under a new system of green finance. These statements have been made by former and current Bank of England Governors Mark Carney and Mervyn King respectively and should not be ignored as the world sits atop the largest financial bubble in human history reminiscent of the 1929 bubble that was triggered on black Friday in the USA which unleashed a great depression across Europe and America.

While I'm not arguing that a systemic change is not vital to protect people from the effects of a general meltdown of the $1.2 trillion derivatives bubble sometimes called "the western banking system", what such central bankers are proposing is a poison more deadly than the disease they promise to cure.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Veteran's Day: The Plight of a Naval Aviator

November 11, 2019

Ed.'s note: We do not currently know the status of this veteran and naval aviator. We do not know the status of this naval aviator as of 1 October 2019. Wondering about the cockroach? Start reading.

Would readers really like to know how US military personnel are treated in America? This is the case of a US Navy fighter pilot who has a degree in physics. This fighter pilot had more carrier landings than any other ensign and was awarded by the US Navy. On his way from Idaho to help a friend move from New York he pulled into a gas station. The police didn't like his trailer he was pulling. Apparently, one of the tail lights on the trailer was out which he did not know while pulling the trailer. The police stopped him and asked him for his driver's license.

The Tribe Strikes Again Series Continues

Source: The Unz Review

The Life and Times of Fay Stender, Radical Attorney for the Black Panthers and Disrupter of White Social Order


Fay Stender


Disney Wants Your Children's Brains

Ed.'s note: Please take note of the fact that Disney owns ABC News so any news you may be obtaining from ABC News is tainted. In other words, falsified or faked. Have a very nice Disney Day.

Source: Winter Watch

Disney Runs 'Shutterbug' Surveillance Psyops on Little Kids

November 10, 2019 | By Torchy Blane

With Disney owned ABC News revealed by Project Veritas as engaged in burying the Epstein scandal, a look at that company's role in the cultural cesspool is in order.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Democrats Pushing For "Civil War" In America

Ed.'s note: Wars are not civil so you might want to start taking precautions.


November 7-8, 2019

Trump did indeed say "I caught them, I caught them all", meaning he totally busted the deep state, and I believe he did. However, when Obama poisoned the well with corrupt judges and prosecutors that Trump can't remove, LET'S SEE ANYTHING GET DONE ABOUT IT. What's he going to do? Cry? He's in the position of "catching" 900 thugs with Uzi's" and he's all alone, on a hilltop with not even a pea shooter. In this subverted system, he can "catch them all" and nothing at all will happen. WATCH THIS. IF THERE ARE NO SIGNIFICANT ARRESTS BY ELECTION DAY, PUT A FORK IN IT, IT IS OVER AND THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FORWARD. One way forward to keep yourself out of the gulag. ONE. WAY.

Bankers and Lawyers Like Football Fans

Ed.'s note: See these football fans? Take a few minutes to watch this. These football fans are fed this tripe to keep their minds off the banks and the lawyers who are stealing from them.

NFL Fan Fights Compilation - Knockouts, Brawls, & Chaos || 2017 Edition ᴴᴰ [ Heike Fassbinder ]

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