Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Fidel Castro's Bolshevik Son Under Canadian Nomenklatura Buys Off the Canadian Media

Editor's note: Money and sex the alpha and the omega of power will get you anything you want. And if the people of Canada don't like these arrangements? They will be locked down, socially isolated; Covid injected, issued a QR code and sent to Covid camps. Bolshevik Nomenklatura: Buys the media then dictates what is investigated and reported.

Source: PM

Trudeau Heritage Ministry hush on $61 MILLION in re-election 'emergency relief' to media

The grants were in addition to annual subsidies already paid, including proceeds from a $595 million media bailout approved by Parliament in 2018.

August 12, 2021 | By Alex Anas Ahmed
Canada's heritage department continues to refuse naming publishers awarded nearly $61 million in pre-election "emergency relief." The grants were to ensure readers receive "timely information they require from their government," wrote Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault in a letter to MPs.

"These measures demonstrate the government's commitment to both a robust, diverse and sustainable news ecosystem and ensuring Canadians can receive the timely information they require from their government," wrote Guilbeault in a July 21 letter to the Commons heritage committee. The letter did not elaborate on links between subsidies and coverage of cabinet announcements, reported Blacklocks.

The letter referenced unnamed publishers as "emergency support" provided through an existing heritage department program called Aid To Publishers. The grants were in addition to annual subsidies already paid, including proceeds from a $595 million media bailout approved by Parliament in 2018.

Despite the massive subsidy, staff counted a continued net loss of thousands of jobs. The findings contradict what publishers said, who claimed increased readership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The decrease in advertising revenues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic led to service reductions and newspaper closures resulting in the loss of more than 2500 jobs," said a briefing note Improving Federal Support For Journalism. The department said it knew of "the hiring of 342 journalists" but only because wages were subsidized 100 percent under a $50 million Local Journalism Initiative.

In recent years, 41 daily newspapers have disappeared, and 10,000 jobs have been lost, indicating a "crisis" for the struggling industry. 

Periodicals in Canada are already heavily subsidized. Bayard Presse Canada Inc. of Toronto, publisher of children’s magazines like Chickadee, received $1.35 million on April 1. The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, publisher of Ontario Out Of Doors, received $568,703. OP Media Group Ltd. of Vancouver, publisher of Pacific Yachting magazine, received $251,999. The Halifax publisher of Frank Magazine was paid $109,594.

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Canadians, are you ready?


Does anyone else think we should formulate creative strategies to bring down the media and replace the Bolshevik corporate tyranny with new media organizations and institutions? Pick your tribe then arm yourselves they say

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