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$hadow Gate

Ed.'s note: This post will have continuous updates as this case turns more bizarre (systemic rot across all sectors of society).

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Ed.'s note: News update for 18 August 2020 on this Millie Weaver case (note we changed the title of this post from "Shadow Gate" to "$hadow Gate." We certainly hope readers appreciate the significance. Although we can't vouch for the absolute veracity and truth to the material present at this link, it certainly conforms what we have suspected about this case.

Millie Freed & Cashed Up; Illuminati Recruiter Defango MAGA Coalition's Biggest Donor [Updates]

This case is looking more bizarre by the day.  There is more evidence appearing the arrest of Millie Weaver has more to do with previous events concerning her mother than it does for releasing her documentary "Shadow Gate." Charges that go back to April, 2020 and are not for Weaver putting out any "controversial" documentary. We've known for years the NSA has been spying on investigative journalists so this is really nothing new. As far as these corporate generals go, we've known of their revolving door relationship with with Silicon Valley many related to cyber security. When they "retire" they go to work for many of these tech companies.  And now a video clip shows up of what looks to be the arrest of Judge Becky L. Doherty, Portage County, Ohio for driving while intoxicated. It is Judge Becky L. Doherty who has been assigned Millie Weaver's case. Weaver's GoFundMe account has been funded with so far $157,000 within a couple of days which is just astonishing.

News update for 15 August 2020:


August 14-15, 2020

Statement issued by Millie Weaver's mother:

This is Millie's mother ... It's my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohio ... because it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done. All families have their disagreements...especially during a quarantine.... In Ca nothing happens when you call the police.....I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief, who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset... this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry... makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this. I verified with the police that this is the reason for her arrest. Beyond ridiculous....I can't believe it. Grand jury indictment for her mom's cell phone ???

My comment: Obviously the grand jury was not over a cell phone. Mom was a leftist until this event, it looks like she got a wake up call. Additionally, her mom wanting charges dropped won't make a difference, the state prosecutor will take it from there if the mom won't. Corruption at it's finest!!!

Millie Weaver update:

After jailing her first, Youtube and other "mainstream" video sites deleted her video and called it "hate speech" when there was no hate speech in it. Then the state issued orders to take her children and put them in custody, even though they were already being cared for. Then the public freaked out and last I heard (very early news) she may be released without charges. 

Here is how it goes:

Youtube labeled her video "hate speech" because despite the fact she never mentioned the Jews, it was 100 percent their infrastructure, system, and consipiracy she pointed out. Since everything was Jewish, Youtube knee jerk reacted and called it "hate" when there was no evidence of any hate, it was just the "wrong" information. Once she was helplessly in jail, the state issued orders to get rid of her children. I say "get rid of" because they figured they had her and she was not going to be around to complain about them being taken, while on whatever they drugged her with as she was either killed or sat in jail. The dad could just be kept out of the press. KIDS GET FRAZZLE DRIPPED, to provide an enormous rush to the J community and maybe the blood is saved for matzo balls. At least they thought, -

THEN, people out in the community started posting everywhere that the people who detained her needed to be shot, and that it was time to use the second amendment. It really looked like it was going to happen. Very convincing, here are a few samples:
"This is a job for the local militia. they need to arm up, and surround the building and arrest all within on grounds of attempted and past kidnapping. Hold a trial, and a public hanging. Or, just burn the building down with them all inside."

"It's fucking crazy how mad these people are. It's total fucking war at the top of the chain psychotic sociopathic child rapists fighting for power using any means necessary. CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES is even corrupted and used as a tool to make people comply. It's sick when will it end."

"When we do something to the politicians - we need to use the second amendment the way it was intended - so that any future politician will remember that if they mess around it will happen to them too"
It appears that kind of talk, along with a large number of people showing up at the court house demanding her release got her released. I am still waiting for details but it is obvious the line was crossed when the state said it was taking the kids.

From 2:30 Millie & Tore in Conversation from jail 
 7 minutes: "Maybe we should just point our guns at you, 
 pull the trigger and shoot"



EXCLUSIVE: Millie Weaver Speaks From Jail Via Video Conference

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver 'arrested' mid-premiere of her whistleblowing investigation into 'shadow government'

InfoWars correspondent arrested on robbery, domestic violence charges in Portage County

Ed.'s note: This looks too obvious. An operation something along the lines of blown-cover-for cover? A tactic to misdirect investigative journalists and researchers? Perhaps destroy Dynology so that adversarial competitors can replace the destroyed company's technology or software with its own cyber security systems?

Source: The American Awakening

Obama's Clandestine ShadowNet

Social Media Psychological Warfare for Clandestine Information Operation.

AUGUST 21, 2018 | By Patrick Bergy – Tampa, FL.

Originally Published August 3rd, 2018. (updated August 21, 2018)

The "ShadowNet" program I developed while working for a small, family military contracting company, was owned by Obama's National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones.

That company, Dynology, made millions in defense contracts with Gen. Jones' son at the wheel as the president, while "Big Jim" was Obama's National Security Advisor. Connected to all of this was Paul Manafort, John McCain, Gen. James Jones and President Obama. It would not be hard to conclude Hillary Clinton knew about this as well being Secretary of State; I can't see how she couldn't have known?

Did you read the attached marketing slick thinking it sounds like the company is promoting the exact same tactical, social media psychological warfare the FBI just indicted 13 Russians for? If that is what it sounds like to you, you're right. Complete with fake persona's, fake news and completely anonymized browsing allowing an analyst to appear as anyone, coming from absolutely anywhere on the planet… For the right price.

Feeling a bit shocked and concerned something so potentially damaging to the integrity of our election process, which is the core of our democracy, was available commercially? Good, you're not alone. Oh, and did I mention this project was started by Bush in 2007, then massively expanded by Obama from 2008-2010? And I would be remiss to mention the company that was awarded this contract was a family owned private military contracting company owned by Obama's National Security Advisor and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, retired Gen. James Jones.

Forget the fact Gen. Jones and his family was making millions in defense contracts while serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor. What would the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander be doing owning a company that's profiting millions making tactical, military grade, battlefield tested, clandestine social media psychological warfare applications? I can think of several countries, both allies and enemies, that should find this relationship troubling and worthy of further scrutiny. Irregardless of your political affiliation, you should demand answers. If you're upset that Putin is hiring contractors to do his cyber warfare, what do we say to them when Obama's NSA is running ShadowNet, a taxpayer appropriated, clandestine cyber information operations from his family business?

Wait, it gets better. Gen. Jones is a lifelong friend of John McCain, and Dynology provided IT security and communications for McCain's 08' campaign during the primary. After the primary, Paul Manafort's company took over IT for the McCain campaign. At that same time, Google Way-Back Machines shows Dynology as a preferred partner of Manafort's company. Gen. Jones made millions in DoD contracts while serving as Obama's NSA developing the same capabilities the Russians that were recently indicted used.

In 2010 Paul Manafort was accused by Ukrainian officials of an Information Operations targeting social media. In 2008 the RNC paid Paul Manafort's IT company over a million dollars for "targeted social media" services. I wonder if Facebook's investigation into social media influence operations will go back to the 2008 McCain primary and general election for a sign of tactical IIA information operations? Knowing what I know, I will not consider McCain's primary win using an IT service with likely the only battle-tested IIA social media psychological warfare application that existed until Facebook or law enforcement looks into it and clears McCain. There are far too many similarities to what the FBI just indicted the 13 Russian's for and what I know to say John McCain didn't cheat during the 2008 primary. I also can't say Paul Manafort and Obama's NSA didn't use Dynology's ShadowNet and iPsy to influence the 2010 Ukrainian elections.

Please go to The American Awakening to read the entire article.

How military psychological warfare programs 
are used against people through mainstream 
corporate media and social media.



'This is bigger than Ed Snowden' -Fintan


No wonder movie maker Millie Weaver has just been arrested, because this is DYNAMITE. It exposes the fake news network, jury tampering, election interference and the psywar tacticians who are behind Covid-19.

On August 11, 2020, Millie Weaver posted a trailer with the caption: "The ObamaGate scandal only scratches the surface. This may the biggest whistleblowing event to date. Official Trailer - Shadow Gate."

The tweet went viral with over 7,000 retweets and 8,000 likes in a few hours. The narration in the trailer says, "Both parties are equally guilty in what should turn out to be an even bigger scandal. Shadow Gate the tactical and operational role the shadow government played behind the scenes carrying out the coup against President Trump.

The trailer also detailed that the documentary would detail who the real puppetmasters and string-pullers are.

As per a USSA News report, her documentary 'Shadow Gate' was all set to tell the tale of two whistleblowers who claim that a secretive network of government and military insiders have 'backdoor' access to intelligence agencies and information on elite personalities including politicians which would be used to blackmail powerful people. Not just that, the film was also set to show how military psychological warfare programs are used against people through mainstream corporate media and social media.

According to the same report, one of the whistleblowers in the film named Tore was recently suspended by Twitter.

When reporter Spiro Skouras tried getting in touch with the Portage County Sheriff's Office, they confirmed Weaver is in their custody and said that she was served a secret indictment. Currently, she is being charged for tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and domestic violence. As per the Sheriff’s Office, she is being held without bond and will remain in custody over the weekend until she appears before a judge on Monday morning, August 17.

The news first surfaced on Twitter when Weaver posted a video of officers knocking her door and announcing her arrest in front of crying children. When she asked the reason, she was told that a "Grand Jury indicted her for burglary". The one-minute 50-second clip soon made its way to Twitter and was posted by several social media users.

Cassandra Fairbanks shared a fundraiser on Twitter and tried to seek help from people for her release. The GoFundMe page reads: "Millie Weaver, the popular independent journalist, was arrested today in a shocking raid. No information is publicly available, and in cell phone footage of the arrest, Millie repeatedly asks what the arrest is for, with police providing no answers. Whatever the case, we know Millie will need financial help — to pay for a lawyer and other expenses."

It further adds: "I have just spoken with a work colleague of Millie, and with her friend Tore, who have given me their approval to launch this fundraiser. They confirm that it will not conflict with any other actions to help Millie. All proceeds will be transferred to Millie or her designate as soon as she's out of custody."


Help support the Indiegogo campaign:

"ShadowNet: The American Awakening"


McCain Connection to Multiple Illegal Psychological Warfare Operations

Tore Says:

This is likely why Michael Hastings (he definitely changed his story before his death) at the Rolling Stone was removed in 2013:

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators

As we suspected if this story is ripped into on a deeper level there will be discovered connections to Israel and Stratfor:

Two-Year Retrospective on Prediction of Israeli Involvement in DNC Emails

Starter: The World's Leading Geopolitical Intelligence Platform

If those who are concerned require a refresher course on how industrial grade Zionism has deeply embedded itself inside the Pentagon and the US military, a refresher course with Kay Griggs would be most useful; because circumstances are only going to become far worse:

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