Monday, August 15, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 7

Obama’s Onions Routed through FC-Ku passport frauds
Defeated by Red Rooster’s TOP COCK, SYGADYL

You’re kidding me?

Clinton-Marcy ordered U.S. Navy to patent Onion Router in 1999

Rebekah Skyhacker – Sun post production for snuff-film IMDb – Onion Router passports for FC-Ku crime scenes

Sam Cam, Marcy and Templars FC-Ku passport

EJ Clinton saboteurs in Lehman HQ Onion Router Created war room isentropic hot spot signatures with wireless igniters for incendiaries embedded in WTC #1, #2 and #7 but 3,000 innocent victims had to fry!

Segue: Chips noted Clipper which linked the bombing of the Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry Building and the torture-murder of Gareth Williams to the GCHQ ultimatum of 20 August (8) at 3 pm ( 2083). Royal Crown Agent Lurking Hacker Clippered Chips’s mates, ‘Ensure Glamour Boy receives a copy of our Case of Folded Spook and Norway's Middle Temple Ecocide’. A wiretap on Sauve in Chez Fatima picked up the sound of draft dodger Bruce M as he predicted a SNOOKERED CHINOOK. Agent Q “Cream sauce” responded the laconic and affable sporter of turgid warrior Chips as he considered the possibility of if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck and has a CUKC passport, it probably is a Duck deployed by the Crown. Royal Crown Agent Hamish sent a routine clipper to Red Rooster players. A wire tap of Trudeau Tuna Trap indicates that Middle Templars’ Mad Cows and Cypherpun Associates benefited from illicit deployment of Onion Router / Matrix 5 Database IMDb. Glamourboy was advised on 11 August, 2011 that Twisted Sister Kathy Lette was linked to the FOLDED SPOOK SNUFF FILM. A Middle Temple Master and his Mad Cow Mistress posing as happy heterosexuals blow the lid off the Pelindaba Pirates and a treason charge against the NOWHERE MEN is expected at any time. Sugarbush started watching Vino in the Valley youTube when on screen 3 of her Clipper Aasvogel came an Immediate TM from Abigail Chopsticks which lit up like a Christmas tree, key root word Christ, written in red. Royal Crown Blogger Abigail Chopsticks notified agents that while doing a Sudoku in Oxford she heard about an “Increment on Excrement” characterized as ‘problem-reaction-solution’ policy of Cameron’s government under Iron Fist Cressida Dick, google ‘fisting’. Treason charges are readied in event Euro Rent-a-cops are hired to stand behind an ever awakening Metropolitan Police Force, currently led by dickless Cressida. A link describes attempted hit on Queerboy. Comparing Stuffed Queens to 44D funbags, Chips took a last swig of the Martini, went to pre contact and asking “How’d you like it Suikerbossie?” "Switch" called Sugarbush; asking for 'side oiler, pile driver', from laconic, affable and seldom flappale Agent Chips. She selected D6 at the switch and Chips felt like he should be marching to Pretoria more often. He wondered if Cameron, Zuma, Obamarama and Harper could hear the diesels hummin’. Step down. Expect us. People, get ready, one Marine and the remnant of Seal Team 6 are comin’. Chips read a clipper from Royal Crown Good Copper but missed a second. The first told him that Clinton had assigned the U.S. Navy's Onion Router patent to trusted third parties for Marcy's phony continuity-of-government exercises on 9/11. Clinton had had to 'cybersweep' the crime scenes but left a picture of a nearly naked Queen Hornet, peeling her onions in the south bedroom on the second floor of 832 Coachway in Annapolis, Md. The Clipper Chips missed would have told him that Tony Mann's EJ-Electric setup wireless (not weinerless) igniters for Clinton saboteurs in the Lehman HQ Onion Router war room to create isentropic hot-spot signatures from incendiaries embedded in WTC #1, #2 and #7. He would also have had Mann had had the EJ foreman on the 107th floor run to the basement ensure all his people got out and left almost 3,000 innocent victims to fry! Reports from White Plains, New York indicates Hillary still furious re: Weiner issue.

Who's this lady and what is she folding into a Northface Holdall?

Agent Dwarf finished his third Grolsch widebody while listening to ‘up tempo’ combat ops on Clipper Six. James Crosby and Brumhilde in J-Stars had seen two exhaust plumes from a pair of AGM-114Bs fired on the decoy ambulance sitting in the car park outside the King’s Arms Pub in Oxford where up to 1973 the Bullingdon shirtlifters could drink in the private bar called “The Office” without the distraction of females who were barred from Oxford’s last male only alcohol emporium where Eton spoiled brats took up time and space as they awaited being called to the Middle Temple in an academic miscarriage called ‘increment on excrement’, pardon the unkindness towards excrement to be put in the same kettle as Bullingdons. As J-Stars dropped the two B-model Hellfires, Agent Banzai Pipeline in the basement of Molly’s on Main in Plum City was monitoring ADT/Air Patrol through an Onion Router backdoor called ‘hitchhike’ and detected a single ignition of an AGM-114M from a set of geographical coordinates that appeared to be on, or near, the River Thames, where on 12 August, 2012 the Pirates of Pelindaba (*) had once planned to end the sovereignty of England and the US in the simultaneous sinking of 7 cruise ships included the Panamanian registered ( redacted ). As he authorized Agent Hoss in Chopper 6 to engage the Hellfire, his research weary brain thought it odd that an experimental 114M would be deployed apparently by Crown Agents prior to them meeting SAD protocols for deployment on US Navy ships. As Banzai Pipeline used ADPT to determine the target of the wet launched 114M he picked up his Clipper and transmitted a warning to Dwarf in the blind.

(*) google [ obama + david Cameron + Jacob Zuma + nuclear + Chicago ]

Christopher Shale murder linked to that of Dr. David Kelly

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline to Field Agents in Red Rooster/SYGADYL Flash Warning:
Hellfire M launched from 1 Canada Wharf, target coordinates 49°45′00″N 001°35′01″W, eta 30 seconds, deploy HYENA. Godspeed. Banzai

As Agent Dwarf deployed his ‘gate stealer’ ECM he relied on James Crosby in J-Stars to deploy HYENA which was the back door installed at Pelindaba during the 2008 cooperative effort by Cameron, Jacob Zuma and the CUKC passported teleprompted imposter that favored North Korea and would end the lives of Christopher Shale and Dr. Thomas Kelly in hopes that the Pirates of Pelindaba would not be found out before the MOAFF scheduled for 12-8-12, with a tip of our hat to the Masonic squealer. Abel Danger OODA interlopers Agent Sugarbush Protea and Chips had accompanied the ‘oathkeeper’ from Raytheon who felt that following the death of Cheney, the creator or Raytheon, the defense giant had been taken over by the MC5, the Mad Cow rogue element with ties to Chicago and the summer of ’66. Names such as Sherrin, Percy, Marcy, Dorhn and Madam Q come to mind. We are trying to determine if this fellow has had 4 heart attacks or if his wife has written lesbian drivel to stir up the Mad Cows or among the erudite twirps at Oxford, Belligerent Bovines (bb) not to be confused with bodacious boobs (BB).

As the Joint Stars E8C from Robins left the racetrack hold south of Crawley and accelerated at .5G to .92IMN to increase beam strength, Brumhilde reduced the weapon to 4 bar scan and armed HYENA as the AFM-114M was just shy of the no-abort threshold. As the sea launched AGM reversed course to seek out its launch point, coordinates 51°30′14.4″N 0°1′4.1″W, Agent Sugarbush was alerted by Banzai at Global to expect a ‘caller’. She turned on her Clipper Aasvogel, selected Clipper 1, and saw that Chips was involved in a debriefing at a position 2 miles due south of Brize Norton, the RAF base that opened in 1937 and was the B47 nuclear base for the 369th Bomb Squadron, 306th Bomb Wing of MacDill AFB that had sent Chips’ father to Brize as a guise to monitor the 1953 Coronation and ensure that the young Bess didn’t fake her oath as would later be the case when Kid Kenya and Knight of Malta Roberts tried the same chicanery in January, 2009. While “he who would be teleprompted” may escape treason charges as he owes no loyalty to the United States of America, the same protection will not protect ‘bumbler’ and that is not a bee. As Agent Sugarbush waited for a link to Chips, she fumbled through her chest of drawers to find her FCT in desert camo knowing that if Chips were to visit, they’d be busy at Pelindaba when they weren’t engaged in sharing heavenly bodily fluids at the Westcliff or Melrose Arch, as per Abel Danger Protocol. She referenced a hand written note that had been slide under her hotel room door in a sealed enveloped from the NH Hotel Grand Krasnopolsky in Amsterdam.

Sugarbush and Crusher, 'n boodskap vir Chips in GTFS: Ons sien uit na jou melkbeen en hoop die Operasie Rooi Haan ontbloot die grapjasse van Pelindaba se warm oond en die veraadelike aksies van Heath, Blair en Cameron, waneer kontak met Albert Burgess in Osvord gemaak word. Agent Benzai Pipeline, die Pluim.

As Sugarbush Protea’s mind considered Pelindaba’s hot oven and what lies beneath it, her ‘oven’ heated up knowing soon she be lying underneath Agent Chips, then on top, then sideways, then doggie style and hopefully finished off with a rimshot at the buzzer.

“Splash it” came the urgent call from Banzai at Global as he saw Abel Danger Suky Slicer had just arrived at Canada Square with a video camera to watch for Agents Provacateur deploying with the same type combat boots that the APs used in Canada during the proxied unrest deployed 23 August, 2007 by the Hapless Glamourboy as directed by his wife from out west who likes to go camping with the ‘girls’, especially her Harley driving RCMP mate, see my Brumhilde, aware that the nervous Banzai had used incorrect jargon in ‘splash it’ when he meant ‘kill’ detonated the kill switch in the AGM-114M and all that was left of the weapons targeting City Group Centre, London, was confetti raining down on the Cutty Sark Pub on the north side of the river adjacent to the Greenwich time center which sets CUnT, coordinated universal time. In 1973 CUnT was changed to UTC by some Mad Cows, see again names from Chicago such as Rodham, Sherrin, Marcy, Percy, the Princeton Prickcess and Madam 6. This is the same Cutty Sark Pub shown in this intel video of an August 12, 2012, briefing between Mr. Bigg and Agent Chips.


“Splash 1, knock it off” came the reply from Brumhilde as the mini-transponder trace of AGM-114M ‘faded’. As Agent Dwarf heard the ‘splash’ call he drove the Land Rover Ambulance out of the concrete tunnel and followed the ‘red line’, as opposed to the magenta line, on his Garmin GPS which directed him to a rendezvous point where Agent Hoss would pick up Chips with his Super Puma helo for transfer to City of London Airport where Skymaster and Stone were ‘cocked’ in an A318 which was to be ferried to Phoenix for a C check. As Dwarf drove, Agent Chips had finished off his PWA, an Alberta Darling who enjoyed being drilled on bridge arches, and handed her a NAPAWASH as he stuffed his junk in an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumaster in Pastel Manly Mocha. Chips opened the hatch to the driver’s compartment and looked over Dwarf’s left shoulder and saw that the red line indicated they would be at the rendezvous point in 3 minutes 36 seconds at 88kph. Chips grabbed a Grolsch widebody and checked his Clipper. In queue were three messages. He selected the Immediate from Banzai Pipeline.

Piano Wire Assassin

Global Hammer Banzai Immediate Clipper to Sugarbush, Dwarf. Stone Kohl, Skymaster and Chips, copy Atomic Betty and Vani: Umbrellaman has directed the Pelindaba Option 4 to commence on Chips’ arrival at COL airport. His combat kit was forwarded from Crawley to COL Menzie’s and Agent Vani (pastel teaberry )has taken custody. Chips and Vani to depart COL at hack + 50, ready hack. Banzai, The Plum

Chips saw from the DTG link that the message was 11 minutes old as he heard the sound of a single Turbomeca Makila 1A1 engine at idle power. Chips saw the green ‘go light’ blink slowly indicating that the ambulance would be at rendezvous in 30 seconds. As Chips turned to Alberta Darling for a goodbye kiss, she turned her Clipper to F4 and the melody that accompanied the steady green ‘go light’ was Passionate Kisses. Chips got the point and his Slingshot Rumpmaster was stressed as his TI passed 103% wishing he could accommodate the sultry wench from Gatineau whose favored position was ‘bridge topper’ and who referred to his ‘one-eyed trouser trout’ as the iguana, capeche?

Dwarf had the parking brake set and opened the rear egress hatch as Chips ambulated in an erect fashion towards the Cougar One chopper operated by Hoss. As Chips took up his roost in the left seat he saw that both engines were now operating in the green as Hoss increased both the cyclic and the collective and the 1971 model former RAF chopper set a direct course for COL airport.

"Here, read this Chips” as Hoss passed a single 3 by 5 salmon colored index card to Chips. Chips had mastered all four 9/11 attack languages as well as later learning both Kazak and Russian during his tenure in Astana as an American spheon where he tracked back the 2005 Uranium swindle by Slick Willy and the Canadian and also studied Khazarian faux church teachings that would infest #10 in England and also the male half of the FOGHORN LEGHORN couple that stood by to infest #10 when Cameron would be forced to ‘face the music’ in the Pelindaba Nuclear heist notably assisted by Jacob Zuma and the bumbling squatter. The Smothers Brothers had linked Illinois to Pretoria in 1967 during a performance at Molly’s on Main in Plum City. Chips thought back to a hot day in 2008 when he had been probing an Abel Danger asset ‘in the bush’ between J-burg and Pelindaba, not far from Pretoria and what lies below known as Pretoria’s Secret.

Chips, ek het reëlings stel om te reis. Crusher is "in die land en die Pelindaba-Pirates sal meer as waarskynlik sommige afleiding soos die onluste in Engeland af, skiet in Estland of selfs 'n Disney-fliek chronicling Osama se derde dood.Zuma Obama Cameron is vasgekeer. Ons sien daarna uit om jou melk been. Sugarbush (Suikerbossie, Pastel Protea )

Chips felt his purple tipped red monster straining against the extra humongous pouch of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha as he thought forward to having his way with the sultry South African who taught him the position ‘Aasvogel’ during the Pelindaba caper in 2008 when the HSBC Ship Jumper, Jacob Zuma, and the undocumented teleprompted POS arranged to have a SA nuke travel through Chicago enroute to North Korea. As Chips looked forward to probing Sugarbush for intel, he felt the Cougar increase pitch and decrease airspeed as Agent Hoss handed him the business end of a 22 foot rope ladder and mouthed ‘Vaya Con Dios’. As Chips descended the rope ladder and the Cougar made 30 knots over the tarmac at COL airport, a blue and white Menzie’s tractor pulled an empty baggage cart towards an idling A318 sporting BA livery but with a horizontal bar painted over the registration which is international code for ‘out of service’, capeche? As Chips arrived overhead the baggage cart he dropped 8 feet to a mattress softened landing as the Cougar increased power, dropped the nose and turned back to RAF Brize Norton. Chips noticed that lodged in a crevice was a baggage tag that had KPDX and AK written on it as he thought of a South African crevice that he hoped to tag shortly with his PRTC. Chips thought it odd that a British company such as Menzies would provide baggage service in domestic US airports until he recalled the SOS-Children’s Villages that had set up a global pedophile snatching service in 134 countries around the globe and that a British company had a 45 year contract to ‘suppress security’ at many US airports just as Scotland and France had pulled a 45 year ‘auld alliance’ deal to gut the UK military which of course doesn’t make Shorty in France any taller or Glamourboy in Canada any less staid or more laid. He knew that Sugarbush and Crusher would be taking him to one shortly after his arrival in Johannesburg. And his TI passed 118% while the Menzie’s cart was slowed by the portable stairs at door 1L of the A318.

Hole In Fuselage Forces Emergency Landing

Chips saw a familiar face and a flash of pastel teaberry as he hastened up the boarding stairs. Once aboard the mini-Airbus he looked forward to where Skymaster and Stone were advancing power to begin the taxi for departure. He noted the flight plan was to GTFS with an alternate of GACE. As Chips considered that the collision of two jumbo jets had occurred at Tenerife he hoped that the weather would be good enough for Skymaster and Stone to taxi clear of the runway upon landing. Chips felt two small warm hands cup his bits and pieces and he turned his head to see that Agent Vani was in her pasta cooking attire, and he liked that. He also noticed a ‘glistening’ near the target area.

Vani cooking pasta

"What kind of sauce did you bring for the Penne Pasta Chips?” gushed the apron only pasta cook who also ran the Abel Danger office in Paramus-Mahwah, New Jersey that had arranged the 41 minute delay in Captain Jason Dahl’s departure from Newark’s Liberty International Airport in United 93 on 9/11 in the year of THE LORD 2001 or for the suddenly Weinerless Hillary Rodham Clinton and her limp second fiddle, year of the snake. Strangely, 1953 was also the Chinese year of the snake and that was when the German frump failed to swear her oath properly in England as her malodorous Greek philandering fellow Phartingham was dreaming of a teenager in Corinth who would bare him an illegitimate daughter.

Royal Crown Agent Lurking Hacker Immediate Clipper to Agents Marquis d’Cartier, Atomic Betty, Rico Gambolino, Dwarf and Tango Whiskey, copy Asswipe: Would one of you canucks ensure Glamour Boy receives a copy of our Case of Folded Spook and Norway's Middle Temple Ecocide? FBI-CSIS-MIT-BVD and Cressida Dick have had it since we leaked it to them 15 July, 2011 in Chapter 5, capeche? To summarize; the people who planned the Oslo bombing of the Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry Building are the same people who arranged the torture-murder of GCHQ/MI6 folded spook, Gareth Williams. Gareth's online screams upset his friends in GCHQ; they sent an ultimatum to the perpetrators on 20 August (8) at 3 pm. Welcome to 2083 and the Middle Temple world of Ecocide ( ) Agent Lurking Hacker, 1425 K Street Northwest/ 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, a wiretap on Sauve in Chez Fatima picked up the sound of draft dodger Bruce M. predicting a SNOOKERED CHINOOK. Agent Q

"Cream sauce” responded the laconic and affable sporter of a turgid warrior as he considered the possibility of if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck and has a CUKC passport it probably is a Duck deployed by the Crown and no, this is not a reunion of the Platters and the Supremes but it does seem like one of the brothers sticks out like a sore thumb while in the distance a dog does not bark while Hillary is still furious regarding the Weiner Withdrawal.

A CUKC family propped up by Marina's associates in a Middle Temple fraud

If the fellow in the red circle were to be interviewed and asked questions regarding his DNA, his CUKC passport, or his whereabouts in 1981-1982 school year, his answers would sound just about like this ‘congressman’ meeting the press on a lie detector:

Pretty much any piece of video that has ever been recorded is becoming clip art that producers can digitally sculpt into the story they want to tell, according to Eric Haseltine, senior vice president for R&D at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, Calif. With additional video manipulation technologies, previously recorded actors can be made to say and do things they have never actually done or said. "You can have dead actors star again in entirely new movies," says Haseltine. []

The A318 engines were advanced to the third gate as the lightly loaded mini-Airbus rode the centerline for 2200 feet before rotating to 22 degrees of pitch and turning to the south at 15 degrees AOB. As the seat belt sign went off, Chips was removing the apron from his PWA from New Jersey as she was locking the door to the VIP pod in the aft section of the stripped cabin. Chips sampled the target area and found the MI to be beyond adequate and nearly ‘splendid’ as he asked Agent Vani “ What is your favorite thing that comes out of a weiner and I refer not to the Muslim Pakistani from Saudi Arabia who ditch the Haggard Clinton for something younger and much fresher perhaps like a suikerbossie that has never been plucked?”

"Wrinkles” responded the double breasted mattress thrasher from the Garden State. As Chips began his arduous duty at 540rpm, which was the low PTO setting on his IH284 with 893 hours on its Mazda 28 horse engine, Agent Vani selected F4 on her Clipper noodle strainer as the Rolling Stones set the tempo for the trolling bone as Chips’ noodle did some straining of its own, capeche?

As Agent Vani gleefully accommodated El Penne Grandisimo, in Johannesburg South Africa an alert Abel Danger branch manager observed an Italian car ordered by Marten Trucking of Mondovi, Wisconin, pull up in front of the hotel where she was awaiting the arrival of Agent Chips. She observed Aussie Crusher get out, turning only to set the remote HYENA device, before adjusting himself to DRESS LEFT. She selected the left screen of her iPod and saw the Immediate Clipper from Agent Bean at Global in Plum City.

Global Hammer Bean Immediate Clipper to field agents Vani, Ginger Cookie, Sugarbush, and Suky Slicer copy Crusher, Courtly Stonewall, Stone Kohl and Chips: Abort Pelindaba Pirate/SYGADYL per Umbrellaman. Hitchhike tap of Tomoye in Gatineau indicates MONTREAL AP BOOTS being delivered to City of London via Menzie’s COLA. Umbrellaman orders BOOBS ON THE GROUND Oxford to prep for takedown of the ‘dolphin rider’ as Albert Burgess, Brian Gerrish, Tony Farrell and Agent Quattro suggested on IC radio 11 August 11. Lethal force encouraged, Pastel Protea to protect the client, switch to occur at GTFS. Execute. Agent Bean, the Plum

Agent Protea understood the mission and immediately configured her red Northface Holdall with 11 Pastel Protea full combat thongs, a gross of Chicken of the sea smoked oyster tins, 144 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and her Sig Sauer P226 9mm similar to the one carried by the ST6 fellow snuffed in SNOOKERED CHINOOK. She went to the window, hoisted her skirt to show Crusher Pastel Protea, then gave him a signal including the letter O and five fingers, or as the purist or anally retentive folks might suggest, four fingers and a thumb. She then pointed to a bright light descending towards the car park and pointed at Crusher then herself. Crusher understood and grabbed his travel kit from the Italian car while tossing the keys to the concierge.


Crusher waited for the AH1N to settle on the carpark, then ambulated in an erect fashion, opened the gunner’s hatch and settled in the front seat after deploying a 22 foot rope ladder with alternating blaze orange and blaze green rungs colored by 3M tape produced in the state where Bachmann will rise and Pawlenty will fall as Ricky Perry and Hairdo Romney are deployed by Soros and his mini-weinered friends as it is reported that Hillary is still furious regarding the withdrawn Weiner. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Perhaps those with enquiring minds and good English language skills would enjoy googling [that’s the way the cookie crumbles + hillary rodham + jfk] or for those of you short of time hit this link:


Hillary Roadhog Rockefeller KFC Special: Two Fat Thighs with Small Breast and a Left Wing

The scantily breasted Thunder Thighs will probably gasp when the world sees her crass statement regarding the murdered Chicago Cookie in 1963 or how that ties certain militant lesbians to the hot summer of 1968. HRC, SS, BD, KAM amongst others not to mention that Princeton Prick, pardon the redundancy. Tick tock, Thunder Thighs, Tick tock.

As Agent Hoss had the Cobra gunship hovering over the roof of the hotel, Agent Sugarbush grabbed the bottom rung with her left hand while keeping a keen grip on her kit bag with the eleven matching FCTs in Pastel Protea. Once she gave a head nod to Hoss he pointed towards the SAAF Museum where an F16B was being preflighted along side an Alpha X1 chopper and a Mirage F1. During the flight hanging on underneath the Huey gunship Agent Sugarbush recalled the time in September, 2009, when Agent Chips had been sniffing around the SAAF Museum and they shared intel in the back end of a retired Dakota. After what seemed like 4 hours she fired multiples to which Agent Chips honored with an exploculation that was so forceful and voluminous she first thought it must have been a be a mirage not to be confused with a Dassault Mirage, capeche? Thinking she could wrest the advantage from a man 30 years her senior the nubile Agent Pastel Protea suggested a post enduro quickie in the back of a 1935 Hudson Terraplane as she had a penchant for straight-8s. Following 36 minutes of ‘pile driving jackhammer’ Agent Sugarbush concluded that her heterosexual paramour was a pretty good bush pilot, tail dragger or otherwise. Meanwhile, somewhere Hillary is still furious regarding the withdrawal of her Weiner.

Sugarbush could see his face coming into view as Agent Hoss had the parking spot adjacent to the F16B illuminated by a SAAF retiree. Hoss descended gently to a hover 27 feet AGL allowing Sugarbush to let go and head to the B model Falcon as Hoss ground hovered allowing Crusher to join Sugarbush. Two museum volunteers helped strap in the two Abel Danger Assets, isn’t English a lovely language, ass + sets, required items of all Abel Danger Dangerettes and Abel Bodies. The distaff side has 44D fun bags while the other group has brass balls the size of cantaloupes as opposed to the hapless NO WHERE MEN in Cressida Dick’s London who only have ED Balls. Google [ Cressida Dick + ED Balls + Abel Danger ] and learn how we have cornered those who arraigned SNOOKERED CHINOOK silencing Seal Team 6 so that Disney’s Pro-Obama fairy tale would not be brought down by the ST6 men who did not bring down Osama as he died in December, 2001. Teleprompt that, Disney. Abel Danger is so deep in the Twisted Sister’s OODA loop we can see their tonsils.

cressida dick + ed balls + able danger

Crusher had the B model idling awaiting the 30 mile call from the KC135R with the callsign Upset 52. In the back seat Sugarbush checked her Clipper Aasvogel and saw a routine Clipper from Hamish to all Red Rooster players.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish routine clipper to all Red Rooster players, copy Umbrellaman, Global Hammer and Corazon Dulce: A wire tap of the Trudeau Tuna Trap has rendered the information that the Middle Templars Mad Cow and Cypherpun Associates benefited in their illicit deployment of Onion Router/Matrix 5 Database IMDb.

We advised Glamourboy on 11 August, 2011 that Twisted Sister Kathy Lette was linked to the FOLDED SPOOK SNUFF FILM and that in 1999, Mad Cow patent lawyer Hillary Clinton fraudulently converted assignment of U.S. Navy's patented Onion Router to Middle Temple hit teams according to taped conversations recorded in the second floor, street side bedroom at 832 Coach Way in Annapolis by an Abel Danger Garlic Rooter. A Middle Temple Master and his Mad Cow Mistress posing as happy heterosexuals have blown the lid off the Pelindaba Pirates and treason charges against the NOWHERE MEN can come at any time. Albert Darling’s call to BELLIGERENT BOVINE indicates that Abel Danger Agent Slade Lane had hacked the Templars' Mad Cow Onion Router CSI spoliation inference shows that the Templar Mad Cows used the same Onion Router OODA loop to move snuff-film images of the murder of GCHQ Folded Spook code breaker Gareth Williams ( Abel Danger’s Slade Lane ) as they did with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996; a fighter pilot could have told them that repetition of OODA maneuvers is a fatal mistake. Have Chips and Sugarbush dress as dobbelgangers to the couple of misfits attached. Hamish, King’s Arms.

Dobbelgangers Sugarbush and Chips, Operation Red Rooster

Sugarbush was considering that her Pastel Protea FCT might clash with such a horseshit dress when the simultaneous “Thirty miles” call and the releasing of the parking brake brought her back into the here and now as her moisture index receded to ‘resting’ as her mind was temporarily off Agent Chips and his PRTC. She heard Crusher switch to hot mic as he held short of the runway looking over his left shoulder for any sign of Upset 52. He saw a single flash of the right landing light signaling 5 miles so he lined up on the centerline and light the burner or as the RAF types would say, selected reheat. As the light loaded Falcon leapt into the air Crusher deselected burner as the gear and flaps were up. Leveling at 500 feet AGL and 220 knots he awaited the overflight by the Upset tanker. As the KC135R passed overhead at 1000 feet Crusher called ‘tied’ as the Boom Operator lowered the boom and the ‘cleared to pre contact’ call was made on 311.0 UHF.

As the boomer plugged the Falcon, Sugarbush was reviewing plugging procedures manually as a priority Clipper came into her Clipper Aasvogel.

Aussie Asset Usher Immediate Clipper to Crusher, Sugarbush, Chips, Vani, Stone Kohl copy Hamish, Banzai Pipeline and all Red Rooster players: Crusher, another one bites the dust. Per our agreement I was to interview the Red Roo. I have attached a link here but in short she is so cold, dare I say frigid, that if she were to walk into a kitchen the refrigerator light would come on. What’s with these Phartingham Phucers being upset with the truth. The only melt down that rivals the Red Roo is Hot Air Al’s hissy fit in Aspen when he had to come to grips with the fact he is the world’s biggest liar, not be be compared to England’s recent convertee to NWO Catholicism Tony B. Liar, at least according to our Abel Danger Agent Asswipe who monitors Sandor and Bienen in Chicago’s HOUSE OF HORRORS, see also EVL at NWU/KSM and Isle of Man offshore depository of Climate Change Exchange dwindling funds. I will attach a photo of Gore as a courtesy to the Red Roo but her photo with her head similarly inserted is available at AD. Aussie Usher, GTFS

Al Asswipe speaking at Aspen code BS-GD

In the back seat Sugarbush enjoyed recalling that Red Roo, formerly Duchess of Pork, had modeled a US foundation for kids in desperate situations, a carbon copy of Common Purpose in UK not to be confused with the Common Porpoise who has a dolphin tattoed on her ankle. Chances for Children and Children in Crisis were smokescreens to cover the genocides of children of not elitist breeding, or rather, in the Petri dish mixing as is current in evidence in Penny Wang’s neighborhood where no weiner was withdrawn simply because no weiner was inserted, capeche? The same weinerless Mad Cows who worked with the Duchess of Pork thought they’d never be tied to the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Korsovo hits ordered by Thunder Thighs or the SOS-CV tent cities in Sierra Leone or Pelindaba after orphans were created by controlled deployment of Aids viruses according to Ed Boyd Graves who now lies in his own. Graves and Chips were shipmates at Annapolis. Prior to passing the 300# threshold and becoming a challenger to Oprah and her evil twin Sasquatch, Red Roo had been the US Spokeslesbo for the American Heart Association and Weight Watches International until the has-been disgraced Duchess of Pork was turned loose by more than just one prince. It is rumored that once she asked Joe Lieberman if he’d like some ‘super sex’ and the weasel party jumping midget that had suggested social security could be cut to increase defense replied “I’ll take the soup” having misunderstood the horny neanderthal’s suggestion.

"Offload complete, 9416 transferred” caused Sugarbush to realize the boom had been withdrawn just like Hillary’s Weiner and she noted a few drips disappearing into the windstream as the tanker’s alternating red and green anti-collision light indicated Crusher was cleared direct to his next rendezvous point where Happy 53 would meet him over Sao Tome in the Gulf of Guinea not far west from the launch point of Kenya Airways flight 507 which was taken down on 5 May, 2007 in a manner consistent with Adam Air 574 and Air France 447 as reported to ALPA President Lee Moak and John Prater and now being reviewed in Paris as SNPL and BEA turn their forus away from Airbus and Air France. As the Cape of Good Hope faded in the early morning light Sugarbush realized that hopes were also fading for David Cameron, Jacob Zuma and the Kenyan who would be king if America was a monarchy instead of a wholely owned corporation as the Mormon Moron expressed in Iowa on 11 August 11, capeche? Let’s see, George Soros has FIELDed a Mormon moron, and a ‘would be Texas Christian as bookend’ for the woman from Minnesota who will benefit most when the Misprision of Treason charge is leveled on Tim Pawlenty at a time of Abel Danger’s choosing, say, perhaps on Saturday, 13 August, 2011, forsooth. Just a hint for little Timmy, you got the charges on 6 April, 2008 and since that time you and Chief Justice Anderson have done jack shit, capeche? Perhaps Timmy and Andy should review the penalty for Misprision of Treason. Stronger message to follow from The Plum.


Simultaneous Garlic Rooter swaps were made with MATRIX 5 Agents in Tomoye, ADT and Air Patrol so that those MAD COWS monitoring controlled airspace saw what wasn’t there and didn’t see what had been there regarding the air refueling of Crusher by Upset 52. The KU signals were corrupted by Abel Danger’s James Crosby in Joint Stars and swapped with images of a Crusader being buddy refueled by an A4F Skyhawk. Sugarbush was marveling at the technology which surely was turning some minds inside out in Femme Comp, SES and NAPAWASH Mad Cow barns, barns needing to be ‘mucked out’ just as Little Timmy Pawlenty is being ‘mucked out’. Just as in the ‘ghost attack’ of 4 August, 1964 where Admiral Morrison’s canned remake of the attack of 2 August, 1964 involving DESOTO, Morrison’s flagship the Bonnie Dick ( Bon Homme Richard for any FROGS out there), the F8 Crusaders off the Ticonderoga and the DD731 Turner Joy was a convincing false flag, updated false flags were made more convincing and more efficient according to our Disney Abel Danger ‘insert’ DBMT in Los Angeles just minutes away from Glendale. Is it statistically probable that Admiral Morrison and Chips’ father would have attended regular Wednesday meetings at Camp Smith on Oahu in the same academic year that Chips was at Punahou being ‘tweaked’ for ONI and his sibling was at the East West Center at UH being suckered into treasonous disservice to the United States of America violating the 5th and 9th Commandments, capeche? Oh, one more thing, Lt. D. Derrig aboard Bon Homme Richard briefed Chips of the False Flag called Gulf of Tonkin as Derrig was an A4 attack pilot during that cruise and his son B. Derrig was one of the 4 Happy Hooligan pilots hanging around Pentagon and New York on 9/11. Twisted Sisters, Zuma, Cameron and Soetero….can you feel me? EXPECT US.

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

As early as the year 2000 seeing was no longer believing and the images put up by BBC and other MURDERoch hacked news dis-services often are fake, fabrications of fast new video manipulation technologies not to be confused with manual de-brief digital pelvic exams mastered by Agent Chips. According to our asset in R&D for Walt Disney in Glendale it has long be possible for dead actors star again in entirely new manipulations of the public’s minds. Eisner and Barry Soetero even think Americans are dumbed down enough to watch a Hollywood movie being prepared now that the Seal Team Six issue has been tidied up with only 3 breaches of protocol and a mere 17 flag draped coffins. Hey, to genocidal egomaniacs like Hillary “That the way the cookie crumbles” Roadhog Rockefeller 17 is a pittance. Lets see what the other 283 members of Seal Team 6 think, shall we?

Technology Review - Lying With Pixels

Sugarbush was manipulating an item that shall remain ‘personal’ when she heard Crusher say “Gonna take a quick cat nap Sugarbush, autopilot is coupled to J-Stars so if something comes up, push it down, wake me up or contact James Crosby on 311.0.” The click of his mic indicated he was on cold mic perhaps so his snoring didn’t bother her or perhaps he was afraid he would reveal something by talking in his sleep just as Barryboy did when the names Larry Sinclair, Donald Young and Robert Wone slipped from his mouth while he was in the men’s sauna with the Rahm the Rammer, Mayor of Chicago, who generally got to do the ‘boy part’.

After enough time to see his helmet droop, not to be confused with Helmut Kohl, to the left indicating REM sleep had Crusher firmly in its grip, Agent Sugarbush placed a video tape into her Clipper Assvogel as she thought back to her visit to Pierce County where she first tasted Chips’ Wisconsin sap on a crisp morning in February of 2011 shortly after the FRAUD UPON THE COURT in ALPA’s corruption of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) caused Chips to seek the comfort of a girl from down under whose favored position was SPELUNKER and it is legend how much Chips value caverns and canals, in a manner of speaking not intending to offend anyone, shelter no guilty nor accuse any innocent, capeche?

Sugarbush packing a Northface Holdall with Chips, 2 August, 2012, Crawley

Her mind was back in the woods of rural Ellsworth, Wisconsin where she had learned the position ‘side oiler’ from Chips and in a classic tit for tat taught him SPELUNKER while she had played an old South Afrikaan classic to set their synergistic tempo. They had danced the night away at Molly’s on Main where they were disguised as Agents Stevie R. Gowray and Oliver North so as not to draw attention to themselves nor their mission to save the world from Hillary, Soetero, Soros and Cressida Dick. Sugarbush harked back to how cold the ground was against her back as Chips had enjoyed SPELUNKER well past noon under a blanket covering her trembling knees. In her mind a videotape from Travel Pierce County made her think back favorably to having been pierced in Pierce County, in so many words, as she looked forward to Victory Party 2 scheduled for 20 July, 2012 if the victories anticipated and promulgated in Oxford on 9/11/11 occur as hoped for universally as as evidenced by the PAWLENTY WIPEOUT of August, 2011.

Agent Suiker and Agent Bossie, Molly’s on Main, 12 February, 2011

Sugarbush had just started watching the Vino in the Valley youTube when on screen 3 of her Clipper Aasvogel and Immediate TM from Abigail Chopsticks lit up like a Christmas tree, key root word Christ, written in red.

Royal Crown Blogger Abigail Chopsticks Immediate Clipper to all Agents assigned to Operation Red Rooster copy Brendan B. Hand, the Tugboat Twins and Agent Kneel: Heard an informative chat on IC Radio last night while doing a Sudoku in Oxford. “Increment on Excrement” was characterized as ‘problem-reaction-solution’ policy of Cameron’s government under Iron Fist Cressida Dick, google ‘fisting’. Suggest Albert Burgess, Brian Gerrish, Tony Farrell and Agent Chips to gather at Vino in the Valley on Friday, 20 July, 2012 if Hillary is gone, Pawlenty is no longer running, and the military coup has made itself evident. From pillar to post the Cameron Clampdown is to fail against the ‘sick society’ that HSBC ship jumper must see in the mirror if he is old enough to shave. Treason charges being readied in event Euro Rent-a-cops are hired to stand behind an ever awakening Metropolitan Police Force currently led by dickless Cressida. Whereas Tony B. Liar dropped the death penalty for treason it was only for his own escape, not an act of conscience as he and his beard with the slight forehead have no conscience or perhaps Cherie doesn’t think her familial relationship to John Wilkes Booth is known in the colonies. We are setting out to nationalize the Bank of England and expose the Treason of Gordon Brown’s selloff of UK gold reserves as hastened by the remotely controlled rollback of both engines on Speedbird 38 at LHR in January, 2007 as queerboy’s limo slithered by the airport missing by a mere 25 feet the pervert in question.. See link that describes the attempted hit on Queerboy. Suggest we solicit input, I say again , input, from Brendan B. Hand, the Tugboat Twins and Agent Kneel to cross talk with BG, AB, TF and Agent Chips. Abigail Chopsticks, Oxford

British Airways Flight 38

Immediately following the Clipper from Abigail Chopsticks who is neither Chinese nor female, Brendan B. Hand joined the crosstalk from mid-England.

Loyal Oathkeeper Brendan B. Hand Immediate Clipper to all Agents in Operation Red Rooster copy Tugboat Twins and Agent Kneel: The warning to Gordon Brown to not obstruct the gold flow preceded the plummeting morale as squaddies fully understand that Pat Tillman was correct, the only mission of the coalition farce is to protect the flow of poppies, heroin and opium, and therefore ‘cash and control’ to elitist bankers and wankers pardon the redundancy. As the UK and US forces wake up and smell the cappuccino, watch for gallows to be built and guillotines intentionally dulled as the 1300 or so ‘elitists’ find for themselves that there is indeed no hiding place from the Kingdom’s Throne, capeche? Perhaps the Khazars phucing up England, described here: should be locked down instead of the common English citizens loyal to their Constitution. Cameron and Clegg may be Khazars or Khazar supporters but I didn’t bump into either of those twirps in the 18 months I spent in Kazakhstan where I learned that in Almaty there are more synagogues than mosques. If Foghorn Leghorn’s limp Khazar and Empty Suit Ship Jumper want a NEW WORLD ORDER let it be a world filled with love and truth and devoid of impostors which is exactly what Khazars are; non-Jews imitating Jews to facilitate hatred towards Jews. How ill informed, don’t these Bullingdon Brats recall that Christ Jesus was a Jew? Grow up or go down, expect us. You may marry first cousins to keep the ‘money in the family’ but when banks are nationalized and odious debts repudiated the debt slavery of sovereign nations will be reversed and perhaps Abel Danger will gain some of the credit. Who else is singing this song.? It may be Abel Danger’s song but the Iowa media has being singing along. Brendan B. Hand

Agent Sugarbush was captivated by the simultaneous engagement of Abel Danger Agents worldwide when she she heard Upset 53 call on UHF 311.0. She saw that Crusher was still fast asleep so not wanting to alarm him she draped one of her Pastel dainties on an extendable pointer, not as thick as Chips’, and dangled her suikerbossies in front of his probiscus.

As Aussie Crusher SNIPHed (Standard Navy Intel Profiler Human) the scent of a woman he awoke, checked his battle standard for mission readiness, then realized his was strapped into the front seat of a redundant F16B.

"Sugarbush, status check" he murmured.

"Moisture index 93%" came the comely reply in a voice more like Julie London than the werewolves of London.

"Negative my sweet cumquat, the status of our flight is what I seek" responded the Orange Crush fan from the other down under.

"Sorry mate, 12 minutes to top of descent, weather CAVOK, wind calm, 0+57 fuel on board, suggest we release Happy 53."

"Happy 53, Crusher, we are good to go, you are released back to Nigerian ATC for your recovery to Wheelus AFB, safe journies mate."

"Click, click" was the only reply from Happy 53 as the boomer stowed his probe and repaired to the front office. As the autopilot was turned off, Sugarbush’s Aasvogel received an Immediate from the Tugboat Twins in Portsmouth, England.

Royal Crown Tugboat Twins to all Red Rooster players, copy Mr. Bigg and Good Copper: Our man on the police force suggests agents provacateurs are being deployed to incite trouble at flashpoints. Suggest ‘armlock’ to become ‘full body slam’. Old school cops like Albert Burgess would be arresting senior police officials suffering from pension paralysis. Current police dicks, most notably Cressida, have no experience ‘on the beat’ except their first 2 years and lack the moral courage to do the right thing. Leaders don’t set the example, and therefore ‘street cops’ do not feel well led resulting in morale almost as bad as the squaddies who secondment to guard the flow of opium from Afghanistan is a part time gig only until they get their redundancy furlough. Shitheads in France, pardon the redundancy, are deploying APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY throughout the English police, military, and citizenry. Today the Exchequer is a Bilderberger who favors behavioral change cels and attacks on the minds of the commoners. Google [ george Osborn + behavioral economics + common purpose ]. Comments such as ‘not an intelligent person, not a leader, lacking moral fiber and forgets pre-orchestrated answers now applies to Zuma, Cameron, Soetero, Clegg and the staid but seldom laid economist playing solitaire at 24 Sussex. Austerity facism in full swing and we are finding that Maggie Thatcher was correct when she said Bilderbergs are a “litmus test for future leaders”. See also [Edward Heath + Misprision of Treason + Violation of attestation]. More at the King’s Arms Pub on 9/11/11. K&J, Portsmouth

Sugarbush felt a slight pitch down and a reduction in wind noise as Crusher began a descent at .74 mach. Looking over his left shoulder she could see the Canary Islands growing bigger as they were now committed to landing as they didn’t have sufficient fuel to rendezvous with Happy 53 or the alternate tanker from the Mainiacs, Pack 61, a KC67 on trial from Boeing and not yet seen by the Bangor, Maine public. Just like a vacuum can suck or blow, the KC67 test bed could deliver fuel or receive so as Pack 61 turned to rendevous with Happy 53 they would then be able to one-leg it back to KGGW where the 4 trial tankers await formal transfer to the BANGME, Mainiacs much to the angst of the regular Air Forces tanker units including Grand Forks, Fairchild and Seymour Johnson.

Sugarbush received an Immediate Clipper from Hamish still in the carpark at King’s Arms.

Royal Crown Agent Mountcastle Immediate Clipper to all Red Rooster Assets copy Umbrellaman, Corazon Dulce and Name Dropper: Obama travels on the Onion Route through Marcy FC-Ku passport fraud : Abel Danger believes Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy authorized Femme Comp Inc. to issue fraudulent Ku-band electronic passports and allow illegal aliens – allegedly including Barack Obama – carrying Onion Router PKI* encryption devices to travel through FC-Ku crime scenes for Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attacks on a target state. From Nano comes: I believe Elenin is not that big of a thing of we would have blown it to dust by now, but I believe the US Defense Department is using this as an excuse to destroy the planet. Leon Pin Head and Gen Betray Us, etc( DC RAT PACK) are not nice people and I believe take pleasure in the pain of others. This is the premise I run with. I will summarize the downing of Flight 447 by the US Governemnt. I have about 2 small pages to work with on APFN and will try and summarize your findings. Most likely I will post in on Monday. Pravda and RT are onboard. Pat Tillman and SNOOKERED CHINOOK are gonna’ be a little tough to defend when the rifles turn on the mis-leaders. We just reached 1 1/2 million readers. I know we reach the Russian Dumas because their leader quoted form one of my articles about 2 weeks ago. It was actually a posting on Pravda, but I am sure they follow me on APFN. If the FBI Joy Boys touch APFN or Pravda again allot more that 100 of their agents will die this month, so says the I AM That I Am. Tomcat Mountcastle, Beeville TX.

As the landing gear was extended and the flaps followed on schedule, Crusher flashed the landing light 3 times and saw a solid green from the tower. He noticed the beacon start flashing on a German A319 and he reminded Sugarbush to lock her harness. He could see a temporary barrier rigged at the rollout end. Touching down on the ‘first brick’ he aero braked down to 105 knots then transmitted ‘drop the laundry’ on 2828 mHz and the Air National Guard guys from Aruba lowered the barrier as Crusher and Sugarbush cleared the runway opposite the idling Airbus. Crusher set the parking brake and raised the tandem canopy. He disabled the EPU so that if the engine or generator failed while no one was ‘minding the store’, hydrazine would not be exhausted to sicken those around the Falcon B model. A crew ladder was placed and both Abel Danger assets egressed towards a waiting jeep, noting all three wheels were chocked on the Falcon.

Doppelgangers of Chips and Vani crawled into the F16B for the journey forward as Crusher and Sugarbush climbed the stairs to the A319 now destined for a fuel stop at Brize Norton enroute Hanover, Germany.

As Skymaster and Stone Kohl selected TOGA Agent Vani handed Chips a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini while giving Sugarbush two tins of smoked oysters, 3 Rodney Baldinger Extend-o-peters and a knowing wink.

"The CRF is in the aft section Chips, an urgent message from Ginger Cookie is on the Nav Planning table in the CRF. Time enroute Brize 3 +54, I will debrief Crusher."

As a positive rate of climb was indicated in the COCK PIT, yes that is right Kagan, Napolitano, Hillary, Gorelick, Marcy, Blair, Clegg, Cameron, Alberta Darling and Cressida Dick, COCK PIT, the CRF door was closed and latched as Sugarbush removed her blaze orange nomex flight suit and a single IOC in Pastel Protea on the door handle. Chips took a look at the message from Ginger Cookie with two words BANG ME and understood that a special asset was being forwarded from Bangor, Maine on the next Wells Fargo Buffett jet hauling US wealth towards Europe prior to the upcoming repudiation of odious debt involving a majority of mortgages written in 1996 or later and the attendant repudiation of the Odious Teleprompted Squatter who Princeton Porcine Princess will be doing a rice rocket runner, capeche?

As Sugarbush put on her spelunking light she gave Chips a routine Abel Danger Security question.

"Chips, one swallow does not a summer _____ , fill in the blank".

Savoring the taste of the Absolut martini but then comparing the Stuffed Queens to 44D funbags adorning the delightful ass set from JoBurg, he took a last swig of the Martini, went to pre contact and asked “How’d you like it Suikerbossie”

"Gentleman’s choice least for the first 15 minutes".

As the knees were draped on the shoulders, Sugarbush selected F4 + 240 on her Clipper Aasvogel and mouth synched the words to her rhythm method favorite.

Chips was so enjoying the energy level and ‘core temperature’ of Agent Sugarbush so much that he needed to picture a bitter frigid ‘stomper out of interviews’ to keep from issuing a vastly early dna-rich tribute to some very nice suikerbossie. As he pictured the Duchess of Pork choking down a juicy pork chop, with a side of red potatoes, in the CRF next door Agent Vani was realizing that an Orange Crush was not longer just a carbonated soft drink at all.

"Switch" called Sugarbush as she asked for ‘side oiler, pile driver’ from our laconic, affable and seldom flappable Agent Chips. Chips harked back to a Canadian hit from 1965 by Chad Allen and the Expressions of Winnipeg but even their ‘Shakin all over’ couldn’t hold a candle to what Sugarbush was laying down. She selected D6 at the switch and Chips felt like he should be marching to Pretoria more often.

As Chips was living a pastel dream he wondered if Cameron, Zuma, Obamarama and Harper, could hear the diesels hummin’ as Tim Pawlenty just did. Step down. Expect us. People, get ready, one Marine and the remnant of Seal Team 6 are ‘a-comin’.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Delaware, Stupid seeks a pork chops with a side of red potatoes as a Clipper is lost in queue as a Spelunking Sugarbush looking 20 years younger than her age is taught the colloqueilism BURY THE BONE by a Septaganarian from the Vino in the Valley area, capeche?

Royal Crown Agent Kneel from southern England Immediate Clipper to all players in Operation Red Rooster/TOPCOCK, copy Corazon Dulce and Laundress of Pretoria: Obama has been traveling on the Onion Route over the last 30 years through Marcy FC-Ku passport frauds. Check out how the Templars trapped Mad Cow Marcy and authorized Femme Comp to issue the fraudulent Ku-band electronic passports. These FC-Ku passports allow illegal aliens – including Barack Obama – to carry Onion Router PKI encryption devices into and out of FC-Ku crime scenes. The Templars have been launching Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attacks on target states for over 400 years. They had the Mad Cows stage a pseudo-Osama bin Laden pseudo snuff film in Abbotabad to make the Pakistan government look bad; they staged the real snuff film of the Navy Seals to make the Pentagon and Afghanistan leaders look incompetent. It’s all broadcast on Rebekah Skyhackers’s Matrix, courtesy of Elizabeth Murdoch; dig deeper and you will find the Onion Route explains how and why Gareth Williams ended up folded into a North Face hold all and Maddy McCann’s parents had a meal cooked for them by the late Clement Freud at his villa in Portugal. For enhanced security while in England, Umbrellaman suggests Agent Sugarbush pose as HOT PEA and Agent Chips pose as PEA SHOOTER” Kneel, the Scot from England writing for the Irish paper, capeche?

As Agent Sugarbush was reaching for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock, Chips noticed on the Clipper Aasvogel that they were only 2 hours and 45 minutes into ‘the project’ so he disconnected and repositioned for his signature position, sidewinder, as the delightful young morsel raised in Victorian Pretoria regained her composure and prepared to ‘receive’. Chips stretched towards the channel selector of his Clipper Squirt Gun and selected F4 and 75 and as he hit ‘select’, the image of a girl appeared on the video screen of his CSG.

The hyperventilating and chest heaving Agent Pastel Protea asked ‘who’s that lady’ however due to her Afrikaans accent, Chips thought she said ‘hose the lady’ so he complied with what he thought was her request for male attention and placed the PRTC in the target area.

While Chips was driving home the message intending to use his pea shooter to make the hot pea mushy, he missed two immediate clippers, one each from Ginger Cookie in the BANGME Abel Danger Office aboard PACK 61 and the other from Agent Good Copper in England.

Piano Wire Assassin Ginger Cookie Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips FYEO: Trying again thanks to yahoomail and Carnegie-Mellon captcha project, ARGH matey...and where else but on AD would you learn that there is such a thing as a pea emporium? I am DRAFTING Pack 61 to Brize to join Red Rooster. The GERMAN GROCER will be joining us to halt 4th Reich by the German Royals phucing England from the inside out.

I also have on good authority from BRIDGETOPPER that the Alberta Darling has gone camping with some none babes in black, Abel Danger secret code Hairy Mammals. See link and photo when you get in KU band range. BANGME, Ginger Cookie WMPOM.

As Agent Chips was visualizing the Albert Darling and a quartet of Mad Cows his noodle strength dipped to a less than turgid 92% to which Agent Sugarbush remedied by putting her suiker on his bossie, as in traditional Afrikaans Suikerbossie, capeche? Within 60 seconds of the ice cream treatment the purple tipped red champion was ready for Field duty aBroad and as Sugarbush rolled over to let Rover take over, she demonstrated one of her many talents in Amsterdam bicycle as Chips was pedaling at the proper speed. As Sugarbush and Chips enjoyed consensual herterosexual security debriefing, the Immediate Clipper from Agent Good Copper who would be Guest of Honor #1 at the King’s Arms ( dare I suggest CopperField ) was lost as Operation Bury the Bone/Top Cock had the attention of both Sugarbush and Chips. However, in Pack 61 Ginger Cookie reviewed the message as did Agent Hamish who was still in the car park at the King’s Arms enjoying a double mineral water with customary lime slice.

Royal Crown Agent Good Copper Immediate Clipper to all players in Red Rooster/TOP COCK, copy Glamour Boy, Nowhere Man, and Teleprompted Squatter: Chips et. al.: We in MI6 have learned the fact that Clinton had assigned the use of the U.S. Navy's Onion Router patent to a number of trusted third parties, including PwC and Entrust, for a Kristine Marcy's phony continuity-of-government exercise on 911. Here below is one of the Onion Routers whom Clinton will have tried to cybersweep however ever since Queen Hornet left a nearly naked photo of herself in a small home in Alexandria, Virgina at the south bedroom on the second floor of 832 Coachway in Annapolis, Maryland, NSA, ONI, AD and MI5/6 have been ‘peeling the onion’. Short message is TONY MANN is helping Agent Asswipe, complete message when you land at Brize Norton. Good Copper

As Hamish and Ginger crosstalked via KU Clipper, Agent Sugarbush was hotter then a pepper sprout and she moaned “hit me with your best shot, Chips”.

As a compliant septuagenarian exploculated with the power of the AMEC tac nucs in Old Faithful, both Sugarbush and Chips were ‘seeing stars’ as an EMP was aimed at the German Airbus. As James Crosby and Brumhilde were authorized to block, all parties heard the same Flash message on 121.5, 243.0 and 2828.

"SYGADYL, execute".

As all electricity was removed from the ADGs, APU and batteries similar to 9/11 event where wireless (not Weinerless) igniters required for Clinton's saboteurs in the Lehman HQ Onion Router war room to create the isentropic hot-spot signatures seen above for incendiaries embedded in WTC #1, #2 and # 7 , Sugarbush called ‘switch’ which caused Agent Chips to remount and miss the longer message from Good Copper while Sugarbush was receiving a Lengthy Portion of Chips.

Somewhere near White Plains Hillary was still missing the Withdrawn Weiner, capeche?

[The Longer Message Chips missed during Red Rooster/TOP COCK]

"Tony Mann, president of E-J Electric, Long Island City, which had an office in Tower 2, built and maintained the World Trade Center's entire security system. On the morning of Sept. 11, the electricians were doing routine maintenance work when the first hijacked commercial airliner slammed into Tower 1. "Five minutes before it happened, one of our foremen was on the 107th floor," Mann said. "His radio wasn't working, so he came down and was walking across the lobby when the first plane hit. He then ran down to the basement to make sure all our people got out." [leaving almost 3,000 innocent victims to fry]"

Bios - Anthony E. Mann

President, E-J Electric Installation Co.

Mr. Mann continues the tradition of three generations of hands on leadership at E-J Electric. Electrical Engineering and Graduate Management education combined with extensive industry experience has made him an industry leader.

Under his leadership, E-J has completed over $1 Billion in leading electric construction projects including:

Power Plants

NYPA 500 MW Poletti Power Plant
Astoria Energy 500 MW Power Plant
Fresh Kills Methane Recovery Plant
Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility


Bowery Bay Waste Treatment Plant
Visy Paper
USPS General Mail Facility, Manhattan


Jet Blue Airways Terminal - JFK
American Airlines Concourse C - JFK
International Arrivals Bldg. Terminal 4 -JFK
Transit Facilities
World Trade Center - Path Station
St. George Ferry Terminal
LIRR Hillside Car Maintenance Facility
Myrtle Avenue Subway

High Rise Office Buildings

5 Times Square – Boston Properties
New York Times Headquarters
11 Times Square – SJP Properties

Sports & Entertainment

Yankee Stadium
USTA National Tennis Center
Empire City @ Yonkers Raceway

Transmission & Distribution

Grasslands Substation
Brooklyn Army Terminal
Con Ed 345kv Oil Filled Cable


United Nations

Financial Services & Data Centers

Bank of America Mission Critical Power
Sempra Energy Trading
Federal Reserve Bank
Sentinel Data CenterG.E. Capital


American Museum of Natural History–Rose
Jazz@Lincoln Center
Jewish Community Center on the Upper West Side
United Nations Security Strengthening
Columbia University Butler Library


Rego Park Mall
Abercrombie & Fitch
M&M World Times Square


New York Hospital Queens
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center
Interfaith Medical Center
Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Mt. Sinai Medical Center


Empire State Building
Colgate Palmolive
Brause Realty
United Nations
Mandarin Oriental Hotel


WTC Security System
USPS General Mail Facility, Manhattan
Columbia University
138KV Astoria Transmission Line

E-J Communication Systems, President

E-J Communication Systems is dedicated to excellence in supplying and supporting high quality sophisticated voice, data, and video communication solutions. E-J is a manufacturer certified installer and or a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for industry leading products such as Avaya Systimax PDS, Corning Cable Systems Fiber Optics, Chipcom Intelligent Hubs, ITT Structured Cable Systems and Panasonic Digital Business Systems. Clients include: Bear Stearns, Bell Atlantic, Brown Brothers Harriman, New York Public Library, Montefiore Medical Center, United States Tennis Center, Japan Airlines and Mt. Sinai Hospital.


New York Building Congress - Building Industry Leadership Council
New York Electrical Contractors Association - Executive Board
Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry - Deferred Salary Plan Committee
Electrical Employers Self Insurance Safety Plan - Executive Committee
Electrical Construction Roundtable - Founder
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers
Young Presidents' Organization


Kellogg School of Management [Associate of Robert Hanssen, FBI Counterintelligence!!], Northwestern University – Past President, New York Alumni Club

Tufts University - Alumni Interviewer, Regional Alumni Admissions Committee
Columbia University School of Engineering - Guest Lecturer

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