Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene - Chapter 21

Ustinov Huhne Patent Pool for Mountbatten Gandhi Hits
Promis and Casolaro point to a network of 'red-scarf’ killers enlisted in India.

Banzai realizes Chips and Hamish have broken mysteries of 'back doors' into patents from Promis, Inslaw and Casolaro and then back to the 1600s with 'red scarf killers', or thugs, enlisted in India. Thugee Thumper Slicer tells Chips to go to Room 106 not his assigned Room 102, ‘Have Marquis go to extreme right end of Pub Bar and order Fish and Chips and a Black and Tan. A man in a slicker will join him and he will have a poodle and an umbrella’. KSM Witness Uncle Ray tells Hamish about hit on Mountbatten; a close friend of Edward, Prince of Wales. In the late 1930s he was issued his 2nd Patent (UK Number 508,956) for a system for maintaining a warship in a fixed position relatively to another ship. He paid a flying visit to Pearl Harbor. He invented aids to assist with opposed landings and pushed through disastrous Dieppe Raid of 19 August 1942. He suggested Hamish, Banzai and Marquis sniff around 7 December, 1941, day of infamy. Thurgood Thumper Slade Lane clippers Lonewolf on Peter Ustinov’s father Iona who worked as press officer at the German Embassy in London in the 1930s. Ustinov’s father hosted secret meetings of senior British and German officials at their London home. He was President of WFM to establish a unified human government and part witness to assassination of Indira Gandhi so team can connect the Tippoo Tiger dots. Global Operations Director says JIG is up; he encourages Chips and Hamish to 'press' with DoD and Treasury on board. Abel Danger Agent DJ clippers, ‘Hamish, if you and Chips go live on Jack Stogwell on 5-25-2010 .. Strangle Parrot, repeat, Strangle Parrot. Do not honor commitment made on home page of Abel Danger’.

As Banzai Pipeline maintained the 'duty' at Abel Danger, he anticipated action which reminded him of the 1972 hit Anticipation by Carly Simon who bore a son named Ben from a father named James Taylor. In this Banzai and Chips were aligned as in 1972 Chips was in hot pursuit of Sandi DeLynn Disante, and his quest was not opposed by Ms. Disante's mother or her step-father from Bossier City, Louisiana where at nearby Barksdale AFB on 9/11 President Bush's AF 1 landed to transfer the 'client and the codes' to an E4B launched from Offutt AFB where Warren Buffett was hosting 300+ Goldman Sachs Bankers, GSB, not to be confused with Abel Danger's Agent GB from Fox. While Ms. Disante had never 'been late', others who crossed the Abel Danger radar screen had, and it was not a comfortable time for the DNA providers. Banzai realized that Agents Chips and Hamish had responsibly broken the mysteries built through the 'back doors' of patents from Promis, Inslaw and Casolaro back to the 1600s with the 'red scarf killers', or thugs, enlisted in India. As Banzai monitored the pulse of the Abel Danger Operations, he imagined Chips was up to more stimulating pursuits.

Mary Ann MATS wanted to pleasure Chips not only to calm him down in the face of danger but also because she knew that at the Full Moon B&B, a sultry English agent, originally from Kazakhstan, was awaiting Our Man Chips, always affable, never flappable and seldom flaccid not to be confused with Thurgood Thugee, the invisible Columbia student who gained a degree without ever warming a student's desk at the New York University where Zgibiniew Brezinkski arranged for thugs to get advanced degrees while on safari to Pakistan and Afghanistan sporting a British Passport but not an Occidental 'foreign Muslim student aid' receipt or an unaltered birth certificate such as the one that Pastor David Manning of the ATLAH Church has concluded does not exist, capeche? Further, the scholarships passed out like candy by Arkansas' Fulbrights, more accurately regarded as 'not so' brights, were generally provided to malleable dimwits who could be easily coerced into serving the elitist global banker's opposed to the continuation of the sovereignty of the United States of America, see also THE DOPE FROM HOPE. As Thurgood Thugee squats at 1600, an ever increasing force is being assembled to ensure his removal prior to the landslide defeats of 2010 in what Abel Danger Plum City is calling "No Incumbent Left Behind" a program that started with Dodd, Dorgan and Obamaroy and will add Pelosi, Hairless Weed and other fixtures of the Fabian Marxists dressed up like Demorats serving both Lucifer and Rothschild pardon the redundancy; here kitty, kitty, kitty. While the Rockefeller DNA reservoirs from Arkansas think that they are under the radar it is interesting to see a photo of Rodhog Rocky in front of a Boeing 737 in Pudlong, China 9 years after illegally modified [ Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilots + QRS 11 + Smacsonic + KU band] [ google previous 4 terms, I dare you ] Boeings attacked WT1, WT2 and the Shanksville, PA countryside while Abel Danger North America caused Captain Jason Dahl to be 41 minutes late so that he would produce some evidence in Pennsylvania, such as what Susan McElwain was an eye witness to, while the 2nd Raytheon A 3 Sky Warrior was 'eliminated' after the 1st Sky Warrior flew through a 16 foot hole in Wedge One subsequent to the murders of Captains Chic Burlingame and Gerald DeConto by a bunch of pissants who thought that Americans would not recognize the signature of the red scarfs intentionally 'evidenced' in Pennsylvania and the streets below the twin impacts at Ground Zero where the Rockefeller Twins were too vacant to please David, et. al., and too tall to be removed in a controlled demolition unless done by Muslim patsies shortly after a double occurrence insurance policy had been written for twice the value of the Rocky Twins. The red 'fireproof' scarves were similar to those of the rumals which traces this MO back through Lloyd's of London to the East India Trading Company and the Thugee network to be explained on Jack Stogwell and Uncle Ray radio shows on 25 and 26 May, 2010 after Thunder Thighs took the bait and got photographed in front of a Chinese B737 with QRS 11 GyroChips patented by Rose Law of Little Rock where she impersonated an Intellectual Property Attorney where Joe Gigiore did all the thinking and work prior to Roadhog's joining forces with the disbarred allegedly female Intellectual Property Attorney from Chicago married to a disbarred attorney who never attended Columbia but got a Brezinkski Bonus Degree; BBT not to be confused with the banking empire called BB&T that is spreading out all over the south eastern portions of the imperiled United States of America whose sovereignty depends on Jack Bauer or Agent Chips, pick one, and keep in mind Jack Bauer is bowing out while Chips is hanging in, as per his custom, ask Natalya, Corazon, Thrasher, Bean, Slicer or even Nellie Nosebush. Don't ask Agent Jam, she is still submerged trailing the North Korean ship that launched the mini-sub prior to Deepwater Horizon going deep in the water below the horizon while overhead the ultra secret X37B droned shuttle employed technology searching for German torpedoes on Korean subs, capeche?

"Four up, four down, switches safe" came the call from Tim White in the back of Bob Six's Thud indicating that the 4 drones launched to terrorize or terminate Hoss and his helicopter were intercepted by the electro-magnetic and unmanned flying weapons launched from the EB66 and the Wild Weasel F105G. In the Merlin chopper Hoss breathed a little easier, flew a little higher and a whole lot slower as the dim lights of Frome and Rudge came into view. The amber flashing lights on a Leyland Lorry were noticed by Hoss who hovered overhead the English truck while Chips, Marquis d'Cartier and Stone slid down the rope dangling from the chopper's right utility door. Five minutes later the lorry was pulling into the car park of the Full Moon B&B while Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun was taking an Immediate from Slicer.

“Thugee Thumper Slicer Immediate Clipper to Stone and Chips, copy Hamish and Uncle Ray: Stone, GPS hitchhiker indicates you found the idling lorry and have arrived. Send Chips to Room 106 not his assigned Room 102. Have Marquis go to extreme right end of Pub Bar and order Fish and Chips and a Black and Tan. Deidre from O'Reilly's in San Francisco will recognize order and bring 4 black and tans. Ditch the lorry behind the pub in 'service delivery' position with back doors open and hazard flashers flashing. Then join Marquis at the bar. A man in a slicker will join you and he will have a poodle and an umbrella. This is not Umbrellaman. Umbrellaman remains in Western Florida. where he is recruiting some All-Stars and Game Breakers. Chips and I will join you after the 'in-briefing' in Room 106. Slicer.”
"Sorry for the rough ride dad, these British trucks are crap" apologized Stone as he stopped to let his father and Marquis out.

"Actually Stone, they are 'scrap' as in SCRAP merchant trashed manufacturing base in England that has been intentionally dismantled prior to the Rothschild's dismantling of GM and Chrysler in the USA. Actually Leyland is a good corporation and is the builder of our 1965 London Double Decker we have hidden in the barn at the Abel Danger Plum City Office which recently went 'hot' due to the exposure of Alien Technologies in Fargo and how that office ties to Senator Dorgan, Pelosi, Rockefeller, Rothschild and the intended dismantling of the US economy and manufacturing base dare I suggest 'financial havoc'? Abel Danger's David Manning and California's Orly Taitz are bringing some more powerful flashlights out of their tool-boxes to illuminate the vermin and cockroaches 'placed' to end the US sovereignty. Watch as Pelosi gets replaced just like recent replacements in Massachusetts and Hawaii. Timber! No Incumbent Left Behind. I need to run up to an in-briefing with Slicer, I have CCed to you both the plans for the next 2 hours. See you at the right end of the bar, the man in the slicker with the poodle is Lonewolf from the CIA retirement home in Phoenix. If his poodle is wearing a rain poncho, do not engage. See you soon." As Chips headed left from Room 106, Marquis went into the Pub and sat at the extreme right end as Stone put the lorry where instructed. As Stone joined Marquis a man in a slicker with a poodle in a poncho walked by them and into the Lou after dropping a matchbook at the foot of the stool where Marquis had a foamy upper lip from a tasty Black and Tan. As Marquis intentionally dropped a ball-point pen, he leaned over and retrieved both the pen and the matchbook from the floor as Stone drained his first Black and Tan. Stone and Marquis read the handwritten note as an Abel Danger knock at Room 106 was answered by a pair of Abel Danger knockers and an English asset who clearly merited both syllables of that 5 letter word. Chips, ever the detail man, noticed an Item of Clothing in Pastel Peach draped over the nightstand lamp, a globe of Merlot, and what looked like a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini. As the lamp was turned off, Slicer proved to her satisfaction that she had a handful of Chips while in reciprocation Chips verified the headlights that would make a 1937 Bugatti fail to be noticed. Slicer reached over to her Sookie Clipper and selected F4 and C30 indicating to Chips that they would have to hurry things along and be out the door for a meeting in the pub after 30 minutes of getting to know each other just as in the killer hit song from Chicago's Spanky McFarlane not to be confused with Bud McFarlane the suicidal Marine from CIA or Chips' slapping of an English bum in Room 106 only because she liked it that way and don't confuse 'killer + Chicago' to implicate the Intellectual Property Attorneys Salt and Pepper who have worked very hard to ensure China owns the USA starting with Salt's treasonous husband who provided military secrets thru General Shailiskasvili, son of a Nazi, to the PLA or Pepper's squatter whose social security number indicates he is 120 and from Connecticut, not 47 and from Kenya.

As Elaine McFarlane exploded into the 1968 monster hit, Chips finished his cursory spanking intended to warm up the 'target area' and honored the presentation that Slicer offered reminiscent of AIM-9F Sidewinder heat seekers which were not all aspect and only had a .9 probability of kill when launched from the stern with a good heat source. Chips found the heat source presented as hotter than a chili pepper, although not as hot as a habanero and much to his liking as he mentally pictured the female (?) members of Clinton's first Cabinet to delay exploculation as new ground was being plowed much to the delight of Agent Slicer who though a lass of some 24 years was earning her keep when it comes to Abel Danger's infiltration of the Magic Circle Jerks or Chips' infiltration of Slicer's heat source. Chips had just mentally recalled Madeline Albright and was moving on to Jocelyn Elders when an Immediate Clipper came in from Hamish who had taken a very small team up to the sites of Lord Northampton’s mansion, Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate, and then on to the site of Lord Craven’s House in Leadenhall Street where it was thought that the East India Tea Company had given way to Lloyd's of London which later gave way to a dissolution effort by Queen Victoria which was not anything more that a façade by the Magic Circle to spin the public away from Tippoo’s Tiger and murder most foul.

“KSM Witness Hamish Immediate Clipper to Uncle Ray, Umbrellaman, Marquis d'Cartier and Name Dropper, copy Chips and Lonewolf: Ustinov-Huhne Patent Pool for Mountbatten-Ghandi Hits. Check Chris Huhne and late Peter Ustinov’s association with a BBC ‘snuff-film’ patent pool. Looks like they used City-based Magic Circle law firms to record the contract killings (‘hits’) of Louis Mountbatten, last Viceroy of the British Indian Empire, and Indira Ghandi, India's first female prime minister. We have some evidence that ‘snuff-film’ patent pools – allegedly used by Huhne and Ustinov to record the Mountbatten-Ghandi hits – were originally developed by the BBC World Service through the Pearl Harbour attack of 1941. Of course they would have been later refined by Hillary Clinton, a former patent law partner with Rose Law in Little Rock, Ark. Remember that Chris Huhne was educated at Westminster School, and at the Sorbonne, where he obtained a certificate in French Language and Civilisation, and Magdalen College, Oxford where he was a scholar (Demy). At Oxford, he edited the student magazine Isis, served on the executive of the Oxford University Labour Club, and achieved a first-class degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). Huhne was active in student politics supporting the Labour Party. Before his political career, he was a City of London economist, founding what became one of the largest teams of economists in the private sector. He founded Sovereign Ratings IBCA in 1994; in 1997 became managing director of Fitch IBCA, and from 1999 to 2003 was vice-chairman of Fitch Ratings. Before that, Huhne was an economic commentator for The Guardian, The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. He was the business editor – head of department – on The Independent and The Independent on Sunday notably during its investigations into Robert Maxwell's fraud on the Mirror group pension fund. He started in journalism as an undercover freelance reporter in India during Mrs Gandhi's emergency when western journalists had been expelled. Standby for corroborating Clipper from Dr. Nano al-Umina who is with Agent Betty Crocker inside the Magic Circle and the City of London. Hamish”
While Clippers lined up in queue in Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun the countdown timer in Slicer's Sookie Clipper, Slicer saw the 15 minute half way point and called 'switch' to which Our Man Chips immediately rolled over to let Slicer have the high ground. In the dim light of Room 106 Chips noticed what looked like two volleyballs counter-rotating while he forced himself to close his eyes and picture Donna Shalala from Clinton's first Cabinet. Chips was hoping that Slicer would exploculate before Janet Reno's turn came up in his mental review of the Abel Danger's 'least wanted' list of apparent females. While Slicer did the driving from the high ground, Chips realized his career choice had clearly been inspired as Slicer's rhythm and speed was approaching the 540 RPM low PTO speed of his 1984 International 284 gas utility tractor without the recommended ROPS.
Chips sensed that Slicer was about ready to exploculate not only from temperature rise and cervical contraction but also a Minnesota Vikings tube sock she stuffed in her mouth. Taking a play out of Agent Bean's playbook Chips called 'switch' and doubled his stroke to finish her off in keeping with the mantra of the Eau Claire office of Abel Danger some 40 minutes east of Plum City where if looking out his back window Chips had clear FIELDS of fire at the dense woods below.

There once was a man from Eau Claire,

Who serviced his wife on the stair,

The bannister broke, he doubled his stroke,

And finished her off in mid-air.

As Slicer salvoed first Chips joined in sequence just as a third Clipper came in from Banzai Pipeline who had been underground at the old RAF-SAC command post dating back to World War II but more recently a disco where he had been retrieved by Otto Pilot who had free fallen from a Norwegian C130 operated by Skymaster and Pink Pamela out of Bergen, Norway. As Otto Pilot had free fallen from 14,000 feet he used a low opening technique to avoid being seen and then had ingressed the disco after splashing Absolut Vodka all over his Icelandic wool sweater so that other disco-partiers would not realize that Abel Danger was operating nearby. Otto and Banzai had been assigned to the protective services of Sluggo and Dwarf who waited above ground in a late-80's Land Rover covered with cow manure that would be in violation of the USDA Animal Research Facility at Plum Island, New York not to be confused with Plum City, Wisconsin where Abel Danger Global had recently be moved to for 'security purposes'. Plum Island had failed to take advantage of 'the truth' pertaining to discretionary nature of the 2001 Foot in Mouth Outbreak in the United Kingdom that was brokered by the same miscreants who later that year perpetrated the Treason of 9/11 and then tried to pass it off to the hapless Muslims with their MO-identifying red scarves; stronger message and prosecution to follow. SES, FCI and Magic Circle: this is a wake-up call, capeche? By the way, that mini-hit on UKIP's Nigel was rather lackluster, had you removed the empennage such as was done to JFK Jr., or cancelled the lift of one wing, as was done to Senator Paul Wellstone Nigel Houdini would not be helping Abel Danger Crawley from his post at Morgan's Pub at the Arora International just a Stone's throw from Gatwick.

“Wrecking Crew Agent Banzai Flash Clipper to Plum City Global Operations, Uncle Ray, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Kui Longboard and Yellowhammer, copy Chips, Hamish and Slicer: Just finished plowing through Colonel James L. Sleeman's Thug: Or a Million Murders. All agents need to read this book and I think this is the exact same method imported into Britain from India. This book is almost like reading a training manual of enemies of Abel Danger and the US Marines. If anyone needs a clear understanding of the SCRAP Merchant or the actors/killers in 9/11, this is it, not only did the British import Hindu beliefs (reincarnation of elite oligarchs) back into England, but their techniques as well and we owe a debt of gratitude to Slade Lane inside the Magic Circle Law Firm and Lonewolf from the Phoenix retired community; see also Arrow Air/Gander/1985/Accuracy. Reading Sleeman's accounts in his book are just mind boggling. "Sahib," replied the benevolent looking native standing before him, in a quiet voice tinged with a note of pride, "there were many more, but I was so intrigued in luring them to destruction that I ceased counting when certain of my thousand victims!" This religon of murder if it were fiction it would be extravagant, indeed unbelievable; but that it is fact must surely compel the most skilled and ruthless Chicagoan gun-man to feel the veriest amateur by comparison and to hand the palm for murder to the Thug of India. Thugee's victims rarely escaped death: The histrionic sense of the Thug was highly developed, many being remarkably good actors, and if they detected the slightest suspicion on the part of travellers they were attempting to ingratiate- themselves with, they immediately departed and disappeared in another direction. No sooner were they out of sight, however, than messengers were sent to other gangs — for they quartered the ground like wolves — who caught up the travellers, primed with any information that the first Thugs had gleaned, and it was seldom that the quarry escaped death. Is this the technique being used by sabotage, assassination and deception teams today? This is like FC KU Crime scenes. The parallel is truly astounding and what an analogy to use, Thugee. Banzai Pipeline, enroute Full Moon with Otto.”
Chips noted that Slicer was dressing in a pastel mint green IOC so he selected a matching Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster and as he stuffed the monster and splashed on some 'Come To Me' Fu-Fu juice he was impressed to see that Slicer did not need an industrial strength over-the-shoulder-boulder-holden to suspend lefty and righty which were quite impressive as a tandem, a veritable 'pair to draw to'. As Slicer finished getting dressed with a green madras shirt and tight fitting jeans, the monster strained against an IOC as Slicer passed Chips 2 18 ounce tins of Smoked Oysters and a 3 tab packet of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extend-o-peters produced by NDSU Animal Science center where Joseph Chapman was President before an incredible overun in the construction cost of the NDSU President's House. Oh well, at least Chapman is an American with a birth certificate. As Slicer put her Sig Sauer 226 9mm piece next to her left breast Chips put his hand near her right breast so as to disallow a case of 'knocker-envy' between the magnificent bookends. As Slicer exited Room 106 and into the cool night air both she and Chips saw a triple flash of green from both behind the Full Moon as well as from the Field across the street. Though Slicer and Chips had only just met, Chips was optimistic they would become Old Friends, not to be confused with the country band from West Fargo, North Dakota that had the bass voiced lead singer and a great steel guitar player who succumbed to lung cancer, according to legend.

As Chips and Slicer came to sit at the right end of the bar with Marquis and Stone they noticed 4 empty black and tan pints. Chips motioned to the barkeep, however, Stone passed him the matchbook that the man in the slicker with the poodle in the raincoat had dropped.

"Stone, Chips, et. al., only drink draft beer until I return. The normal bartender, Diedre from O'Reilly's in San Francisco, is not present. I am paging her both through Miles O'Reilly and Mattress Thrasher, troopmaster of the Abel Danger female asset corps. Lonewolf."

As the surrogate bartender responded Chips ordered "4 more Black and Tans please" as Lonewolf walked in without the poodle and went to a table for six in a dining room generally only used for the Full English Breakfast. Lonewolf sat alone reading his biography of Alexander the Great until Marquis, Slicer, Stone and Chips joined him at the table.

"Can I order you a pint?" asked Chips.

"I will wait for the real bartender and then we can push it up. Until then, water is fine for me" responded Lonewolf as he folded a toy poodle sized doggie poncho.

As the quintet was about ready for some 'chit-chat' Slicer's Clipper Sookie took a priority call.

“Blabbermouth Corazon Dulce priority Clipper to Slicer, Mattress Thrasher, Agent Bean and Mary Ann MATS: I see that Banzai's message about the killers was corrupted by ADT/Air Patrol. Here is the completion of the corrupted message: If there were people in the vicinity and it was dangerous to dig the graves in the open, the Thugs did not scruple to bury the bodies beneath their own tents, eating their food and sleeping on the soil without a qualm!Many devices were adopted by the Thugs to make their murders easier, one favourite ruse being 'to feign sickness, the Thug selected for the part pretending to be taken violently ill. Others would attempt to succour him, but to no purpose — the pains growing increasingly severe. It was then pretended that a charm would restore him, and the doomed travellers were induced to sit around a pot of water, to uncover their necks, and to look up and count the number of stars. Having, in their superstitious folly, put themselves over so completely in the hands of the Thugs, the rumals were about their necks in a trice and they were strangled with dispatch. Banzai, Name Dropper and myself concur that the rumals and their scarves bear similarities to the red scarves harvested from impact points of alleged UA175, alleged AA11 and the real UA93. Corazon, Abel Danger ICE, Madrid. Reminder; Chicken Legg needs to be plucked.”
Chips and Lonewolf introduced themselves to Slicer whereupon Slicer had one question. "Lonewolf, earlier I believe you had a small poodle with you, what has become of the dog?"

"Our Abel Danger security sweepers located two 'hot-spots' in the woods behind the hotel and also determined the bartender is new. We cooled off the hot-spots, permanently, and sent a picture of the poodle with a pair of human testicles in his mouth to the new bartender. It appears that he got the message as his 1971 Triumph Spitfire in faded robin's egg blue with a ratty black convertible top, was recently seen departing the Full Moon. I expect a friend, Nell, from the British White Cattle Society to fill in shortly if Abel Danger's Deidre cannot be located. It is important to note that Deidre's last name is neither Cooprider nor McConnell. At this point, we are free to talk openly." As Lonewolf concluded his remarks and placed the folded poodle poncho in his pocket thus demonstrating his mastery of alliteration which is the redundancy of consonant sounds, Chips and Slicer both received a priority clipper from Dwarf.

“Canadian Chatterbox Dwarf of the Prairie priority Clipper to Chips and Slicer, copy Stone and Marquis: Both Nell in a Land Rover and Deidre in a Rover had arrived in the car-park. They have both been 'proven up' but they are switching name tags as Nell M. will be bartender while Deidre takes an AQFB27-W scanner to the outside of Room 102 and searches for 'upgrades'. Dwarf and Sluggo securing security and repositioning to Room 103 where the defensive array is set up. Dwarf.”
Slicer and Chips both got the confirming triple green LED sequence verifying that their transmission did not get routed through a hacked satellite. As they sat side by side across the table from Stone and Marquis with Lonewolf at the end with his back to the carpark window Slicer moved Chips' left hand to a position from which he could better establish and or monitor her temperature. Chips was pleased with his findings, as was Slicer who appreciated his thoroughness. Such a professional is Our Man Chips. As the MI and the TI were both being elevated beyond 'pleasant' an incoming Immediate Clipper from Slade Lane was taken by Lonewolfs' Alexander the Great bio which doubled as his Abel Danger Clipper. The antenna thereupon was not internal but rather Napoleonic if you are a student of history, urology, or miniaturization.

“Thurgood Thumper Slade Lane inside the OODA loop at Magic Circle Immediate Clipper to Lonewolf, copy Marquis, Umbrellaman and Name Dropper: "Check out Peter Ustinov. He was born Peter Alexander Baron von Ustinow in Swiss Cottage, London. His father, Iona (né Jonah Freiherr von Ustinow), had served as a lieutenant in the Imperial German Air Force in World War I. Iona's father was Plato von Ustinov. Iona (or Jona) worked as a press officer at the German Embassy in London in the 1930s, and was a reporter for a German news agency. In 1935, two years after Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, Iona von Ustinov began working for the British intelligence service MI5 and became a British citizen, thus avoiding internment during the war. He was the controller of Wolfgang zu Putlitz, an MI5 spy in the German embassy in London who furnished information on Hitler's intentions before World War II [allegedly including the incendiary bombing of Guernica] (Peter Wright mentions in his book Spycatcher that Klop was possibly the spy known as U35; Ustinov says in his autobiography that his father hosted secret meetings of senior British and German officials at their London home.) Ustinov's great-grandfather Moritz Hall, a Jewish refugee from Krakow, where Agents Chips and Natalya Antonov recently chatted with the Polish government and LOT Polish Airlines, and later a convert and collaborator of Swiss and German missionaries in Ethiopia, married into a German-Ethiopian family .. Ustinov was educated at Westminster School and had a difficult childhood because of his parents' constant fighting. One of his schoolmates was Rudolf von Ribbentrop, the eldest son of the Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. Between 1952 and 1955, he starred with Peter Jones in the BBC radio comedy In All Directions. The series featured Ustinov and Jones as themselves in a London car journey perpetually searching for Copthorne Avenue .. Peter Ustinov was the President of the World Federalist Movement from 1991 to 2004, the time of his death. WFM is a global NGO that promotes the concept of one world government. WFM wish to lobby those in powerful positions to establish a unified human government based on democracy and civil society. The United Nations and other world agencies would become the institutions of a World Federation. The UN would be the federal government and nation states would become like provinces. He was also unintentionally a part witness to the assassination of India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She was on her way to be interviewed by him for a documentary for Irish television, at her residence, when two of her bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, opened fire and riddled her with bullets. Encourage Hamish, Corazon and Umbrellaman to connect the Tippoo Tiger dots. Slade Lane, on assignment, Overy Law, Magic Circle”
Lonewolf immediately shared the Clipper update with his tablemates explaining that Overy Law was not to be confused with Abel Danger's Madam Ovary who was assigned to monitor Berkshire Hathaway, Offutt AFB, and FEMA's E4B fleet purloined from SAC during the Clinton 'pro-China' years. One of the E4B's was the white mystery jet that flew low over the Pentagon and White House on 9/11 violating P5606 Prohibited Air Space while in NYC an F16B flown by Ricky Gibney of Fargo gave NY State FEMA's official Jacoby a view to a kill, or as Thomas Barnett former director of the Naval War College commented; the first mass snuff film in history. What an irresponsible quip from an insignificant wimp not to be confused with Blabby Elvis Blago, squealer extraordinaire on all things Obama or whatever his name is; my guess is Frank Davis, Jr. a far cry from Sammy Davis, Jr. who had class, rhythm, a social security card, a birth certificate, and a history not including 2 years of special credit from Brezinkski's Private University with campuses in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And Chips had to spend 18 months in Kazakhstan to figure this all out.

Nell M from the British White Cattle Society appeared behind the bar wearing a name tag emblazoned Deidre and immediately asked the quintet if they'd like another round. Stone and Chips ordered Captain Sherlock Martini's while Lonewolf asked for a pair of double Ramey Rimshots, Marquis d'Cartier requested a Black Russian while Slicer responded 'the usual, make it a double' causing Chips to muse as to a subliminal message wrapped in the request for a double Screaming Orgasm.

Screaming Orgasm Ingredients:
1/2fl Vodka
1/2fl Amaretto

1/2fl Baileys Irish Cream

Screaming Orgasm Instructions: Fill rocks glass with ice and combine ingredients. Find Chips, insert.

As Nell had the drinks completed and lined up on a tray, the real Deidre appeared with a Nell M. nametag and a relieved look on her face. As she seated herself at the end of the table opposite Lonewolf she handed three miniature electronic devices to Chips. "One in the smoke alarm, one in the TV, and one in the hair dryer. Do not sleep in Room 102 tonight, however Dwarf and Sluggo are putting an inflatable mannequin with your size and features in the bed with an inflatable mannequin with my own features; that should allow Pelosi to do a 'gran mal faux paux' like the May 23 'photo op' of the Intellectual Property Attorney from Rose Law who visited Pudlong's Boeing facility on 23 May, 2010 5 months in advance of the OOS planned to inert any elections planned for November of this year."

Chips was mentally undressing Deidre, solely for security purposes, and wondering to himself if Deidra and Slicer objected to 'trios'. Before he could decide, Slicer again placed Chips' trigger finger on the launch button as an Immediate Clipper from Uncle Ray came in from a U-Haul Rental Truck enroute from Freedom, CA to Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and the NASA Hanger where United 93's Daryleen Druyen drone was hidden after Cleveland Hopkins was evacuated to eliminate loose lipped witness. Chips was certain that Slicer was not loose lipped, as it were. Knowing that Uncle Ray was not in CONUS Chips realized that she must have put a 'repeater' in her household goods, including many plants, prior to arranging their shipment to Cleveland, Ohio, not to be confused with Cleveland, North Dakota not far west of Fargo where Alien Technologies would become the second nail in the coffin of a North Dakota friend of the Rockefellers, see Chapter 9 of Book 4.

“KSM Witness Uncle Ray Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Banzai, Otto, Marquis d'Cartier, and Nano, copy Chips and Yellowhammer. Check out the late and former Admiral of the Fleet Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma KG, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, DSO, PC, FRS, né Prince Louis of Battenberg (25 June 1900 – 27 August 1979); he was a statesman of German descent, and an uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He was the last Viceroy of the British Indian Empire (1947) and the first Governor-General of the independent Union of India (1947–48), from which the modern Republic of India would emerge in 1950. From 1954 until 1959 he was the First Sea Lord, a position that had been held by his father, Prince Louis of Battenberg, some forty years earlier. In 1979 Mountbatten was assassinated by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), who planted a bomb in his boat at Mullaghmore, County Sligo in the Republic of Ireland. Please note that Chips' favorite watering hole in Astana, Kazakhstan, was 'Sligos' just to the west of the Okan Intercontinental Hotel. In 1922, Mountbatten accompanied Edward, Prince of Wales, on a royal tour of India. It was during this trip that he met and proposed to his wife-to-be Edwina Ashley. They wed on 18 July 1922. Edward and Mountbatten formed a close friendship during the trip but their bond deteriorated during the Abdication Crisis. In the late 1930s Mountbatten was issued his 2nd Patent (UK Number 508,956) for a system for maintaining a warship in a fixed position relatively to another ship, later to become STATION KEEPING RADAR (SKR) in the US Military. It was also in 1940 that he invented the Mountbatten Pink naval camouflage pigment. His ship was sunk in May 1941 during the Battle of Crete. In August 1941 Mountbatten was appointed captain of HMS Illustrious which lay in Norfolk, Virginia for repairs following action at Malta in the Mediterranean in January. During this period of relative inactivity he paid a flying visit to Pearl Harbor, where he was not impressed with the poor state of readiness and a general lack of co-operation between the US Navy and US Army, including the absence of a joint HQ. Mountbatten was a favourite of Winston Churchill (although after 1948 Churchill never spoke to him again since he was famously annoyed with Mountbatten's later role in the independence of India and Pakistan), and on 27 October 1941 Mountbatten replaced Roger Keyes as Chief of Combined Operations. His duties in this role consisted of planning commando raids across the English Channel and inventing new technical aids to assist with opposed landings. Mountbatten was in large part responsible for the planning and organization of The Raid at St. Nazaire in mid 1942: an operation resulting in the putting into disuse of one of the most heavily defended docks in Nazi-occupied France until well after war's end, the ramifications of which greatly contributed to allied supremacy in the Battle of the Atlantic. He personally pushed through the disastrous Dieppe Raid of 19 August 1942 (which certain elements of the Allied military, notably Field Marshal Montgomery, felt was ill-conceived from the start). The raid on Dieppe was widely considered to be a disaster, with casualties (including those wounded and/or taken prisoner) numbering in the thousands, the great majority of them Canadians. Historian Brian Loring Villa concluded that Mountbatten conducted the raid without authority, but that his intention to do so was known to several of his superiors, who took no action to stop him. Suggest Hamish, Banzai and Marquis sniff around and see if this Limey helped arrange the 7 December, 1941 day of infamy only to be outdone on 9-11-01 with the attacks solved by Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and sitting on Holder's desk today. Uncle Ray”
Chips, Lonewolf and Marquis were beginning to discuss the Mountbatten/Pearl Harbor/FDR potential when Yellowhammer and Name Dropper walked through the front door of the Full Moon B&B. Nell M. wearing a Deidre name tag knew that Name Dropper preferred Ramey Rimshots and was about ready to mix one when it dawned on her that Lonewolf had ordered two double Ramey Rimshots which made it appear that Name Dropper and Lonewolf were communicating discreetly, much like what Slicer was doing under the table and involving an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster whose tensile strength was being sorely tested. As Name Dropper sat to the left of Lonewolf a double Ramey Rimshot was passed his way while a Smithwick's pint was placed in front of Yellowhammer of the Abel Danger office not far from the RAF base in Scotland from whence the Cameron-Geddes 1871 Chicago fire surviving safe and name plate had been located and audited. Chips could tell from Slicer's flushed face that she was desiring of a debriefing so he passed her two aspirin-like placebos and Slicer did the rest.

"Sorry gents but I think my monthly visitor is arriving," as she choked down the placeboes and washed them down with a long pull on both Chips' Martini and another unseen item "so press on with the mission while I repair to my room to watch reruns of Hyacinth Bucket in "Keeping Up Appearances". Excuse me gentlemen, I will see you all for a right proper Full English breakfast at 0800 before the briefing for Amalgam Sausage Slammer 2010 which is in reply to Brilliant Ardent 2010, capeche?" All the men, except Stone, at the table arose as the lady exited towards Room 106.

Chips, ever the attendant gentleman, suggested to Stone, "If you have your pea-shooter, Stone, could you see the lady to her room?"

"Dad, I am a little reluctant to provide details but I do not believe I cannot stand up right now if you know what I'm saying" and as Chips surveilled the fronts of Stone's trousers he recognized the problem; 'gran mal erection'.

"No problem Stone, that is natural at your age but I have overcome such nuisances so I will see her to her room and be right back, please continue and record the conversation on Clipper 6 for me". As he carefully ambulated toward Slicer he was glad that the tensile strength of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster was similar to an arresting cable on the USS Kittyhawk, presently being prepped for duty afloat with the Indian military much to the dismay of Pakistan where Boo Boo had attended a satellite campus of Brzezinski University from 1981-1983. As Slicer and Chips faded from view a FLASH Clipper came in to all players except Lonewolf from Abel Danger Agent Bean in the CIA retirement complex just north of Phoenix. Lonewolf had been pre-briefed by Bean during a weekly gathering at Eli's in Mesa and with a Mensa like mind neither did Lonewolf like repeats but was offended by persons who did not recognize the size and speed of his 'processor'. It was Agent Bean and Lonewolf who had facilitated Chips' meeting with Ralph and Mr. Accuracy on 28 Feb 2010 when Chips was given special treatment by a young pair of Abel Danger Security Assets pictured here.

“Thurgood Thumper Del N. Pole FLASH Clipper to Hamish, Umbrellaman, Banzai, Uncle Ray and Lonewolf, copy Thrasher and Slicer: Mrs. Clegg’s carbon offset of Serbs, thuggeed by the BBC. Consider ‘to thuggee’ as a verb. Mrs. Clegg appears to have been in a conspiracy with the BBC World Service and Foreign Office. Evidence she helped stage ‘Wag the Dog’ faction fighting, financed by carbon offset trades which reward killers on both sides of a fight. Study the crap in Serbia, check what George Latham, the Bullingdon buddy of Dave and Nat, was doing at the time and see if you can smell the cold dead Spanish hand of a future Mrs. First Lady Deputy Prime Minister. Then go back over the signature of the IRA and al-Qaeda contract hits during the ’90s and find out what made Mrs. Clegg, aka Chicken Legg, so essential to the Middle East Peace process at the Foreign Office / BBC World Service. “Continuing Serbian repression had radicalized many Albanians, some of whom decided that only armed resistance would change the situation. On April 22, 1996, four attacks on Serbian security personnel were carried out almost simultaneously in several parts of Kosovo. A hitherto-unknown organization calling itself the “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA) subsequently claimed responsibility. The nature of the KLA was at first highly mysterious. It is widely believed that the KLA received financial and material support from the Kosovo Albanian diaspora. In early 1997, Albania collapsed into chaos following the fall of President Sali Berisha. Military stockpiles were looted with impunity by criminal gangs, with much of the hardware ending up in western Kosovo and boosting the growing KLA arsenal. Bujar Bukoshi, shadow Prime Minister in exile (in Zürich, Switzerland), created a group called FARK (Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosova) which was reported to have been disbanded and absorbed by the KLA in 1998. The Yugoslav government considered the KLA “terrorists” and “insurgents”, attacking police and civilians, while most Albanians saw the KLA as “freedom fighters”. In 1998, the U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization, and in 1999 the Republican Policy Committee of the U.S. Senate expressed its troubles with the “effective alliance” of the Clinton administration with the KLA due to “numerous reports from reputable unofficial sources (…) that the KLA is closely involved with: the extensive Albanian crime network (…) [and with] terrorist organizations motivated by the ideology of radical Islam, including assets of Iran and of the notorious Osama Bin Laden (…)”. On 2000, a BBC article stated that Nato at War shows how the United States, which had described the KLA as “terrorist”, now sought to form a relationship with it .. During the next month, however, NATO, under the influence of US diplomats Rubin and Albright, sought to impose a forced, as opposed to invited, military presence. The tilting of NATO towards the KLA organization is chronicled in the BBC Television “Moral Combat: NATO at War” program. This happened despite the fact, quoting General Klaus Naumann (Chairman of NATO Military Committee), that “Ambassador Walker stated in the NAC (North Atlantic Council) that the majority of [ceasefire] violations was caused by the KLA". I am not proud of my background and see the Bullingdons as having gone too far, especially with this refugee from Spanish Harlem, not to be confused with Ben E. King, former lead singer of The Drifters whose monster hit from the musical West Side Story made the Sharks and the Jets look like Sunday School Students when compare to the Bullingdons and the Magic Circle Jerks contracted through Chicago Bar Association. Del N. Pole, Exhibition Pub, Over.”
As Lonewolf was briefing those at the table, Chips was debriefing the asset in Room 106. Slicer had taken the time to 'activate' the mannequins in Room 102 which started a 4 hour period or rhythmic undulations and occasional gasps and grunts as the remotely controlled mannequins simulated for the remaining sensors what the Bullingdons and Rocky-Rothy Rats would expect from Our Man Chips who was always affable and never flappable. While the Rothy-Rocky depleted sensor suite in Room 102 monitored what was believed to be Chips dishing out all that Deidre could dream of, in Room 106 Slicer had removed a 16 ounce tin of low fat Redi Whip and a six ounce jar of Maraschino Cherries as well a pair of hip-waders, a riding crop and a video of midgets on motorcycles, not to discredit Obama's Penguin who would, if confirmed, make about a 70% Jewish component on the US Supreme Court against a backdrop of no, none, zip, squat Born Again Christians. Connect the dots. As Slicer prepared an 'all day sucker' at the table downstairs Name Dropper saw three yellow flashes on his Clipper Purple Sac so he knew that Banzai and Otto would be joining the group after they checked out Chip's Purple Rain Limo and Name Dropper's '57 Chevy parked outside the Full Moon Pub but with a 'projected backdrop' of Fargo's Vogel Law Firm and a Legion of Americans . As Banzai walked in with his Clipper Wrecking Ball and Otto followed with his Clipper Cod, from the distance Agent DJ called 'sociable' and everyone at the table obliged while in Room 106 Chips had reached TI of 'tungsten' and forewent the maraschino cherries in favor of another and preferred option. As Project Insert reached a mutually satisfying synergy, Name Dropper read a recent Immediate Clipper from Umbrellaman.

“Umbrellaman Immediate Clipper to Uncle Ray, Name Dropper, Banzai Pipeline and Slicer, copy Agent Bean and Lonewolf: Check if Prince paid Piper to call a tune on Princess Di. Check carbon-offset trades executed by DLA Piper root firms. May have been paid by unwitting principals of the Prince’s Trust after a ‘Boston Brakes’ tune was played on the control systems of the Mercedes in which Princess Diana died on 31 August 1997. Prince’s Trust is a shell charity; it gives DLA Piper agents power of attorney over the BBC World Service's 'Thuggee’ networks and a license to use hybrid patent pools of CO2e, encryption, DVD, RFID and explosive devices to record snuff films and pay assassins with kickbacks from the carbon-offset trade. “Hitman claim at Diana inquest .. A driver said yesterday he saw two biker "hitmen" cause the car crash that killed Princess Diana and then check that the victims were dead. Francois Levistre, 63, claimed a blinding "white flash" [dial-a-yield incendiary bomb] was directed at Diana's Mercedes from the men's motorbike after it overtook in the Pont d'Alma tunnel, Paris. Seconds later the Mercedes ploughed into a pillar. Mr Levistre said he then saw the bike's pillion passenger get off the machine, stroll over to the car, peer at the bodies of Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul and signal to his colleague that they were apparently dead before speeding off. “Major General Arthur Denaro CBE DL was born in 1948 and raised in County Donegal. He was educated by Benedictine monks at Downside and commissioned from Sandhurst in 1968 into the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars. Later, he became Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for three years where he trained international graduates in the art of leadership and the skills of management. As a young officer, Major General Arthur Denaro CBE DL spent the majority of his time commanding tank troops in the British Army of the Rhine or involved in clandestine operations worldwide with UK Special Forces, before taking command of the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars, Irish Cavalry Regiment in 1989. He was one of the highest ranking officers in the British Army to be of foreign nationality. The highlight of his 35 years as a soldier included commanding his Regiment in the War to Liberate Kuwait. Arthur became Chief of Staff of 44,000 troops during the Balkans conflict (the troops were drawn from no less than 31 different nations and they had to operate in a particularly complex and often cruel environment). Until Dec 2002, Major General Arthur Denaro CBE DL was the Middle East adviser to the Secretary of State for Defence, a position that he held for 6 years. Areas of Expertise Other appointments have included commanding an armoured brigade in the transition period following the end the Cold War, being Chief of Staff British Forces Cyprus and running the artillery, air and Special Forces assets within the Ace Rapid Reaction Corps in Germany. His final job was as General Officer Commanding the West of the UK until his retirement in Feb 2003. He is an adviser to the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Chairman of the Princes’ Trust (Team Programme) and an Extra Equerry to HRH The Prince of Wales. Take a look-see at any relationship between Diana's brakes and JFK Jr.'s empennage, capeche? Umbrellaman, Destin Florida”
Umbrellaman's briefing was no sooner consumed that the headlights of a large military lorry filled the front windows of the Pub at the Full Moon B&B. Out from the driver's door crawled Diehard, who adjusted himself to the left and grunted. Homi and Duke crawled out of the back of the truck and Sluggo and Dwarf joined them in the car park for an 'overnight security' briefing. When the briefing was completed Sluggo and Homi disappeared into the woods, Dwarf returned to the C&C array in Room 103 as Diehard sat alone at the bar and indicated a desire for 4 pounds of Tiger Meat. Overhead James Crosby in J-Stars provided top cover while Norski 07 held VFR at 14,500 in a race track pattern anchored in Dorset and aligned northeast southwest with 30 mile legs. In Room 106 Slicer barked twice with a sound similar to a Great Pyrenees indicating to Chips that a stern attack was desired from a big dog from the north. Chips reached for his Clipper Squirt Gun and selected F4 and C240 as he started a slow enduro in the aspect requested by the young lady playing 'catch'.

As Umbrellaman's message was being expounded upon by Name Dropper with a historical perspective by Lonewolf, Homi and Sluggo started to have the hair on the back of their necks raise as Homi's dog Duke growled almost imperceptibly low. In Room 103 Dwarf was picking up occasional hits from an Air Patrol/ADT platform being monitored by James Crosby and Brumhilde in the J-Stars. As the defensive security agents monitored the electronic landscape, Agent Del N. Pole reconnected with another Clipper, this one a FLASH relay from inside the Avery Law Firm and repeated from the Exhibition Pub in Over, one village south of Cambridge.

“Bullingdon Beater JD FLASH relay from Mitch Stack and Mattress Thrasher inside Avery at the Magic Circle: Blago's not the only singing canary, check for DLA Piper Power of Attorney over BBC Patent Pool 9/11 Check out Entrust chain of command manipulations which appear to have given DLA Piper the power of attorney over patent-pool devices used by the BBC World Service and Magic Circle law firms to film the events on 9/11. We have evidence that DLA Piper had power of attorney over BBC snuff-film patent pools which used carbon-offset, encryption, DVD, RFID and variable-yield explosive devices and Thuggee (?) camera crews to block the road (see above), record the money shots and stage what has been described by an insider as the “first live broadcast mass snuff-film in history. Seeking confirmation from Greg Dyke or any of the Dykes at Sidley Austin, SES or FCI that don't want to go down with the ship. Mitch Stack/Mattress Thrasher inside Avery's OODA.”

As the patent pool-BBC-Magic Circle triangular noose was drawn tighter from within the offending firms, the lights flickered three times at the Full Moon prior to three red flashes on all Clippers from Homi and Sluggo in the woods. In Room 103, Dwarf enabled defensive fire as Diehard ran into the night with a 14 inch Rwandan machete in his right hand and two pounds of Tippoo’s Tiger Meat in his left. Duke had sniffed out the recon forces and pointed them out to Homi who was advancing towards the offenders in a crawl with his M249 while the defensive salvo launched by Dwarf took out all rogue elements. The lights remained out in the Full Moon while over the battery powered Clipper Agent DJ, the Voice of Ramey, called 'sociable' as up in Room 106, Slicer called 'switch' and reached for her riding crop. Neither Chips nor Slicer were aware that Agent Nellie Nosebush was standing on the broad shoulders of Kui Longboard outside the window of Room 102 as an Oyster transfer of legendary volume was about to be consummated four doors down. In the excitement of the moment a FLASH priority Clipper from Umbrellaman went unnoticed by all but Banzai Pipeline and even Banzai missed in Immediate from DJ.

“Global Operations Director Umbrellaman FLASH Clipper to Name Dropper, FYEO: Agent 'Game Breaker' is set to announce some breaking news on Fox. Deepwater Horizon could have avoided 'financial havoc' if blocked in 8 hours per: Just got back from Illinois. Google this combo: [ dog walker + lion cage + npr airliner + surfbroad rack ]. The JIG is up. Listen to whispers while looking for pureness of heart. Encourage Chips and Hamish to 'press'. Execute AMALGAM Sausage Slammer; DoD and Treasury are on board. Umbrellaman.
“Abel Danger Agent DJ, Voice of Ramey Immediate Clipper to Hamish: Hamish, if you and Chips go live on Jack Stogwell on 5-25-2010, one of you will be removed. Strangle Parrot, repeat, Strangle Parrot. Do not honor the commitment you made on home page of Abel Danger. Death awaits. Agent DJ”

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