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Olympic Debt and the FC KU Crime Scene—Chapter 17

Mrs. Clegg’s Patent Pool—S.E.S. Torpedoed Corvette
BBC Magic Circle of EU Babel Bombs – Fairy Dust Upper Virgin’s Seat

18 ounces of Chicken of Seas Smoked Oysters were transferred to a Kazakh custodian; same way as patents and opportunity were transferred to the Deepwater Horizon. Chips and Agent Kaya saw that when the lights came back they were south of the west end of Iceland. Hamish briefed the inner circle, “The Magic Circle and Legal Sector Alliance used patent pools to help BBC World Service produce “first live broadcast mass snuff film in history.” Miliband and Hillary moved the BEI QRS11 Gyrochip patent into the pool so BBC snuff-film crews could coordinate the azimuth of cameras and weapons for the ‘money shots’. Miliband was Foreign Secretary in charge of funding the BBC World Service and its 32-language broadcast from a Tower of Babel; he supports EU laws for a low carbon global economy; legislation for carbon reductions at U.N. and a "Carbon Credit Card". Abel Danger Global hears how Queen Hornet was extorted into transferring Boeing trade secrets to Thales, Airbus and SCRAP Merchants to destroy U.S.; how risks are getting greater as DOJ sits on Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). Chips decides to fire his attorney and go Pro Se. Hamish tells Banzai that though he is not the aviation expert, Chips and Tango Whiskey have convinced him that Virgin is concerned with a Magic Circle patented BUS, perhaps an illegally modified Upper Seat. Abel Danger Global clippered Team Gold, ‘Mrs. Clegg’s Babel Patents in the Torpedo which Sank Corvette; she’s using an EU pool of patented devices for the BBC World Service, U.S. Senior Executive Service and her Magic Circle. The buyers wanted to liquidate Cheonan about 1.9 km off Baengnyeong Island in Yellow Sea” Buck Naked received a FLASH CLIPPER, “ .. turn off generators, battery and both engines, EMP detected, execute”. Stone kept wings level and drained the Grolsch; Agent Kaya of Taldykorgan called ‘switch’ as Chips rolled in to finish her off.

The riding crop protocol produced the desired result as 18 ounces of Chicken of the Seas Smoked Oysters were transferred to a Kazakh custodian much in the way that some vapid female patent attorneys have been transferring patents, weapons and therefore opportunity from well meaning corporations and brilliant designers to gutless and heartless units of two legged effluence such as those who sabotaged the Deepwater Horizon and then tried to pin it on the hapless North Koreans. Fortunately all of the MO brings us back to the Magic Circle Jerks who have been doing the bidding and dirty work for a Khazar since Waterloo produced the first mega-payday in the heartless and foolish quest for control of the world’s money – money that is rightfully the property of God.

Chips and Agent Kaya were relieved when the lights came back on in the Gulfstream 550 and considered starting another enduro however they saw on the wall mounted moving map that they were south of the west end of Iceland when the PA carried the voice of Buck Naked sitting in the left seat.

“Chips, please come to the cockpit when your security debriefing duties allow, we may need to file a draft.”

As Agent Kaya slipped back out of her pastel magenta thong with purple piping she gave Chips three short blasts on the ship’s whistle and asked if a draft was a beer. As she crawled under the comforter she gave Chips’ a clear shot of the target area.

“Kaya, my nubile young rack artist, a DRAFT in pilot talk is an acronym for the information which must be shared with Air Traffic Control when a destination is changed to an alternate airport. The 5 letters stand for Destination Route Alitude Fuel on board as measured in time and Time enroute. What Buck Naked is suggesting is that for some reason it appears to him we may need to proceed to an airport other than our intended destination, KMSP or Minneapolis St Paul International.” As Chips fumbled with the door to the CRF she gave him another free shot and suggested that she, also, was buck naked and she thought he should proceed to the anatomical feature she was pointing her left index finger at. He handed her a globe of Merlot and told her he wouldn’t be long. As she gave a powerstroke to the tiller bar she gushed “Oh yes you will” in Kazakh.

As Chips left the CRF the monster was straining against the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster also in pastel magenta but with different piping. Entering the cockpit he brushed past Mary Ann MATS who handed him a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini and gave him a quick status check.

“Buck and Stone, regarding draft are we going into Keflavik or Prins Christiansund?”

“Negative, Chips, no problem with the aircraft but Otto just ACARSed this ‘no shitter’ to us from Norski 02, it originated with Agent Abigail Chopsticks from Crawley who has been inside DLA Piper for a while. Read it and then I will tell you where Banzai Pipeline and Uncle Ray wish for us to proceed to.

Chips could see that Agent Abigail Chopsticks, who shared time in Crawley, Brighton, Victoria BC and Plum City, had used standard Abel Danger brevity writing in the ACARS message: 3 CVA enr NK, USS Peleiu departs 25 May, DLAP-P to attack

NYSE with 15B sell P&G, Iran-Ben set ¾-11. X37B, Greeks to riot, Iceland to ‘dust’, Poland to resist, mission status pending.

Chips jaws tightened as Mary Ann MATS cupped him from behind and whispered “Code Maytag, capeche?”. Chips realized he’d be a little busy for a minute so he handed Mary Ann off to Stone tactfully.

“Stone, I need to confer with Buck and Banzai and so I hate to bother you but could I borrow the right seat for about 2 hours? You look hungry, maybe Mary Ann MATS could find some of the hot oatmeal you like so much.”

Mary Ann handed Stone a Grolsch while he crawled out of the right seat of the G550 and headed for CRF 2 to see what he could do for Mary Ann.

As Chips sat down in the co-pilot seat Buck ensured the cockpit door was closed and then turned up the intensity of the ‘weather radar’ and a live image of Banzai appeared with a clock on a wall behind him indicating that he might be in Japan where he lives in an apartment the size of a rabbit hutch. Banzai Pipeline had grown up in Wisconsin where the Rush City Produce folks have killer blueberries if you ever find yourself hungry for antioxidants when 9 miles west of Plum City. Following school Banzai served in the USAF, mostly in the Pacific Rim, I say again, Rim and also mostly in C130 aircraft which have been in continuous production since 1953 and which Agent Chips flew in the early 70’s. It was at Hickam AFB that Chips, Banzai and Kui Longboard met while Kui was a medical examiner for American servicemen returning from Viet Nam in black plastic bags and often stuffed with ‘golden triangle’ narcotics. Buck gave a “3” signal to Chips to indicate that VHF3 was the radio Otto was patching Banzai through.

“Good evening Banzai, status check”.

“Mission changing, Status Pending, Chips, suggest you bring in Hamish for this briefing”. Chips nodded to Buck who called Hamish via a remote pager. Moments later Hamish appeared with a double mineral water and signature lime slice. Hamish was a quick study and he realized from the face on the radar what was cooking while back in CRF 2 the only cooking being done was an oatmeal applicator being stirred in Mary Ann MATS’ most favored container and it was not Corningware if you know where my head’s at. Because the radar also had a fish eye camera, but not a Bell and Howell camera such as P G Peterson had once deployed for million dollar money shots to rival those of Team Naudet & Barnett not to be confused with Chips’ favorite squeeze Agent Kaya whose cover job was as a legal secretary for Kit & Kaboodle PC, Banzai realized Hamish was dialed in.

“Hamish and Chips, we have a 3 ring circus evolving. It is reported that 3 carrier air wings are steaming towards the Koreas, plural and it involves a response to not only who sank the oil rig but also who sank the Corvette. It appears Al Gore’s home state may have received a payback HAARP in the form of torrential rains from some elitists set to lose billions in the AGW scam while Hot Air Al hides out in his $9M bunghole, no strike that, bungalow in California, Project Iran BEN is heating up……”

“Banzai, is that BEN as in Bejing Ethics Network?” interrupted Chips.

“Negative BEN as in Bibi Netanyahu, so we have US-NK, IS-IR, and Rothschild v. NYSE all set to blow as an Octopus might blow ink. Raven 02, Otto and Agent Abigail Chopsticks have been patched into a ‘real time’ with Umbrellaman and Name Dropper. The only common link between these three potential attacks is a man that perhaps could get a courtesy visit from Homi and Diehard, let’s call him BMI….”

“Excuse me Banzai, but BMI, is that British Midlands International, a DLA Piper client?”

“Negative Chips, I will have Hamish brief us both but in this case BMI Millbanks will be ‘Boston Massachusetts investigation of David Miliband’, Hamish could you give us a thumbnail sketch of this fellow please.”

“Glad to Banzai, are others dialed in because I’d like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?” while back in CRF 2 Stone was killing a bird with 2 stones, if you can follow me.

“The inner circle plus Abigail Chopsticks, Agent Yellow Hammer and Agent Courtly Stonewall of Tidewater, Virginia, Hamish, speak openly, we’re good to go.”

“Hello Abigail, Yellow Hammer and Courtly et. al., first let me address BEN. Writing Unwritten Rules After lying dormant for more than half a century, the Chinese economic dragon is awakening – it’s the biggest single business phenomenon in the world today. There is almost limitless imagination, entrepreneurship and potential in China. There is also, inevitably, a deficit in experience and knowledge of best business practices. That is why DLA Piper founded the Beijing Ethics Network (BEN). Once a month, approximately 15 people in different roles at multinational companies in Beijing meet at Boeing’s offices to share experiences, compare notes and champion sound ethical business practices. To be effective, such a meeting depends on openness and needs to be strictly confidential which is an oxymoron only the Alien Resident’s Teleprompter might believe. Lawyers at DLA Piper’s Beijing office drafted the non-disclosure agreements that every BEN participant signs, enabling this important work to proceed.”

“Now for our target ‘BMI’: Banzai, Chips; the Magic Circle law firms and other members of the Legal Sector Alliance used patent pools to help BBC World Service produce “first live broadcast mass snuff film in history” on 9/11. Those words are Dr. Thomas Barnett’s, not mine. David Miliband and Hillary Clinton moved the BEI QRS11 Gyrochip patent into the Magic Circle patent pool so the BBC snuff-film crews could coordinate the azimuth of both the cameras and the weapons to record the ‘money shots’ at the points of impact, nominally Cantor Fitzgerald / eSpeed / in WTC#1 and AON Corp. and Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) – the global professional services and insurance brokerage firm – in WTC# 2 . David Wright Miliband is the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He is the son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband. He was admitted to Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and went on to obtain a first class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.”

“Excuse me Hamish, is that like the PPE Party in the English Elections now?”

“Good question, Banzai, but no. Not the Parasitic Pig Extortionist party with the Bullingdon Blood & Steal Club but a university degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, or as they call it at the United States Naval Academy “the Bull Department” as those who can afford college but cannot do math or science gravitate to these bullshit disciplines so as to get a useless piece of parchment to hang on a wall while their parents get hung with a six figure college bill not including beer and condoms. But back to the script, from 1988 to 1989 he took an S.M. degree in Political Science at MIT, where he was a Kennedy Scholar. On 28 June 2007, the day after Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, Miliband was appointed Foreign Secretary [a post which puts him in charge of funding the BBC World Service and its 32-language broadcast from a Tower of Babel]’ Miliband had the motive, opportunity and weapons to participate in the organization of BBC snuff film on 9/11; he supports EU laws for a low carbon global economy; legislation for carbon reductions at the United Nations General Assembly; European Union proposals to cut emissions by 30% by 2020; a "Carbon Credit Card"; the Guantanamo Bay detainees; a post-Mumbai resolution of the dispute over Kashmir with a Sri Lanka government ceasefire with the Tamil Tigers and, he supports the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat owing to claims that an embassy official from that country forged passports and a public warning against travel to Israel because of identity theft concerns. Miliband supports terrorism, "yes there are circumstances in which it is justifiable and .. in which it is effective .. "

“Sociable” inserted Chips, as he hoisted his CSM and took a mighty pull. “I must repair to the CRF as I need to share this with Agent Kaya; Hamish give me 90 seconds to get to the CRF and snatch, I say again, snatch the signal from my Clipper Squirt Gun and forward it to the wall mounted moving map flat screen, 90 seconds….”.

One minute and 9 seconds later Chips sent 3 green flashes to the weather radar and Hamish knew he could continue. As Kaya removed Chips’ Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in pastel magenta, but with no piping, a coy Kaya queried Chips: “No piping?”

“How’s this for piping?” responded Chips as he got to know her again. As Chips resumed pumping Kaya for information, Kaya was watching Hamish on the screen and listening to him drone on ad nauseum to wit:

“Remember Hillary is an Alinskyite revolutionary whose career as a patent lawyer allowed her to broker Magic Circle custody of the weapons allegedly used to record the ‘money shots’ in BBC snuff films of 9/11. Hillary Clinton [former Rose Law partner responsible for transferring QRS11 Gyrochip into Magic Circle patent pool] has admitted she has a "crush" on Britain's youthful-looking, 44-year-old foreign minister David Miliband. Unlike the other departments of the BBC, BBC World Service is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We need to visit this woman at BBC 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TS Jones, Sarah Legal Adviser 020 8008 1941 Management of the BBC's lawyers specialising in media litigation, intellectual property and employment law. Size of department: 43 qualified staff. Career: Trained Allen & Overy, qualified 1987. Education: Lincoln College, Oxford (1983 BA Jurisprudence); College of Law, Lancaster Gate.”

As Hamish stopped for a gulp of mineral water, Kaya cooed in Chips’ good ear “If you turn off Hamish, I will turn you on, capeche?”

Chips found the remote and canceled the Hamish Show but did press record in case there would be a quiz later. In return for the cancelled Hamish, Kaya got a rattan chair and suspended it from a rotating hook over the CRF bed. Kaya got settled in the chair and as Chips engaged her for a ‘spinner’ he wondered how such a shy little 22 year old should be so skilled. Then he realized it didn’t matter at all she obviously studied the repertoires of Thailand’s ladies of the sixties and Chips drifted back to the Viet Nam era in a blur of spinning, aural, as opposed to oral, and otherwise.

Chips had selected C240 so Kaya continued to spin as in the cockpit Hamish continue to drone, not like a Darleen Druyen drone, or a Sky Warrior drone, or an MB or QB47 drone, or like the PQM102 drone Chips shot down in April of 1982, or the droned space shuttle called the X37B and how it might relate to NK and Deepwater Horizon but rather the droning monotony that often forced Agent DJ, the Voice of Ramey, to yell sociable.

“And for Abel Danger Global please listen carefully to what has been confirmed by Abigail Chopsticks from the Magic Circle penetration as well as by Agent John Galt whose female significant other has been probing the big talker at DLA Piper in Phoenix. For over 8 years we have been unclear on who extorted Queen Hornet. However, we now know that she is extorted and was at the time when the COO of U.S. SBA enabled the Magic Circle Jerks to confiscate by liquidation US intellectual property and patents through, to, and for the benefit of, the EU, the European Union. She was extorted into transferring Boeing trade secrets to Thales, Airbus and SCRAP Merchants intent on destroying the United States of America and the risks are getting greater the longer the United States Department of Justice sits on Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). If I were Chips I’d fire his attorney and go Pro Se.”


Case No.: 1:08-CV-01600-RMC

City of Glyndon

FIELD MCCONNELL, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

1) My name is Field McConnell, I am 60 years old, I am a retired airline pilot, and I reside at 9223 50th Avenue, South in Glyndon, Minnesota.

2) That the attorney, Christopher A. Zampogna, the sole owner of Zampogna, P.C (hereinafter “office”), has served as my legal counsel.

3) That this office was retained on or about January 19, 2010.

4) That I consent to his withdrawal and that he will no longer represent me due to my decision to proceed with my case Pro Se in the interest of the Safety of the Public.

5) That I consent to his withdraw due to a difference in decisions of a tactical, technical, and legal nature and ALPA’s failure to perform as agreed to; and my desire to proceed with my case pro se in the interest of Aviation Safety, Globally.

6) That Mr. Zampogna has explained, and I understand, that counsel will facilitate any requested transfer of client file material to me.

7) That for these reasons and by my consent, the attorney, Christopher A. Zampogna, shall be allowed to withdraw as counsel of record.

May 6, 2010

Field McConnell

9223 50th Ave., South
Glyndon, Minnesota

This document Acknowledged before me on 6 May, 2010 by Field McConnell

Global Operations Director, AD

Notary Public

My Commission Expires never”

Hamish took another John-Wayne-esque pull on his double mineral water before continuing. Back in the CRF the Spinners had been singing for 28 minutes when an attentive, observant and well stacked Agent Kaya yelled ‘switch’ as she crawled out of the rattan chair, positioned herself to receive, and barked liked a Tea Cup Poodle. As Chips honored her offer in a way reminiscent of “…old Rover drove her and gave her a bone of his own….’ from the old children’s fable Old Mother Hubbard he wondered if Hamish would ever wrap up the briefing.

At her – at least it appeared he was a she – waitress station at O’Neills Irish Pub in Brighton, Agent Abigail Chopsticks listened intently as did Agent Yellow Hammer from the Huntly, Scotland area not far from RAF Kinloss. At the FCI office in Chantilly, Virgina, Agent Courtly Stonewall sat down and took a break from his cover job as a night janitor for FCI. Although he lived in Tidewater, his Marine Corps Intel experience gained at Schriver AFB, Colorado where he once communicated with the deployed FBM fleet, as well as monitored the delivery of several AGM 12C missiles to Loveland/Ft Collins to be carried by a pair of Raytheon Sky Warriors, prepared him well to be planted by DNIF to monitor FCI in Chantilly while his twin brother, Studly Stonewall, also an x-Marine performed the same function at FCI Colorado Springs. Neither brother was humiliated posing as a nighttime janitor as 6 figure incomes were difficult to find for many with only a high school education and in both cases the handsome x-Marines found the minority of straight women working for FCI to be appreciative of their anatomical gifts. Their father, Hardly Stonewall, not to be confused with Studly Hungwell, had been the proprietor of the Lengthy Portion, the Brew Pub on M Street in North West Washington DC where many good listeners serve on the wait staff as first reported in the gripping Chapter 19 here.

Just as Hamish was prepared to continue droning on in his cheesy English accent, Wensleydale cheese, by the way, an alert Banzai could read his mind via the fish eye camera in the weather radar and beat him to the punch.

“Hamish, Banzai here, quick question. Of the 5 airlines that had contacted you prior to the stock market plunge of 6 May and the Greek rioting not supportive of Goldman Sachs and the Khazars in the Magic Circle regarding aviation could you pick a single airline with a specific issue that you are currently helping with? I fully understand that Polish LOT, Turkish, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Icelandic and at least on of the top two US domestic carriers are working with Abel Danger/Aviation, but one example for us not aviation type sleuths, please.”

“Banzai, I am not the aviation expert but Chips and Tango Whiskey – code name Tim White – have convinced me that in the case of Virgin Atlantic they are concerned with a Magic Circle patented BUS, and that is not an electrical bus but rather an illegally modified Upper Seat, perhaps. We see signs that in their Magic Circle RICO acts the CEO or BOD may be extorted via DLA Piper’s IP group regarding Court of Appeal patent infringement case in VA’s innovative Upper Class Suite aircraft seat. The Court of Appeal overturned the first instance patent decision of Mr. Justice Lewison finding Virgin Atlantic’s patent valid and infringed. Julian Homerstone, VA’s GM for Legal Affairs was quoted as saying “We are very pleased with the Court of Appeal judgement which fully vindicates our decision to appeal the High Court ruling. It has always been and will remain a key strategic objective of Virgin Atlantic to protect its intellectual property rights from misuse by third parties……”.

“Sociable” interrupted Buck Naked on the cockpit while in CRF 2 Mary Ann MATS called switch and next door in CRF 1 young agent Kaya handed Chips a tin of Smoked Oysters and a three tab set of Rodney Baldinger EOPs and said “More Love, Chips” to which our ever affable and never flappable master swordsman hit D6 and C120 on his Clipper Squirt Gun to give her a glimpse of music from ’68 as she gave him a fish eye view to something born in ’88.

After all had accessed their adult beverage of choice and Hamish had drained his second Mineral Water with signature lime slice, he droned on into the night as the lights of Narsassuaq, Greenland, passed under the right tip. Agent Chips had always called Narsassuaq radio when passing overhead in NWA DC10s and was well aware that it was there that a B17E being delivered to the RAF ditched on June 27, 1942. The bomber was named ‘The Sooner’ and its tail number was 41-9090, construction number 2562 and registered with civil authorities as N3142U. Recovery of the derelict aircraft was planned but Chips was not to participate as debriefing female Abel Danger Agents seemed more important to his pursuit of global aviation safety which qualifies him as a Pursuit Pilot.

Hamish continued quoting to wit: “We are very grateful to George Godar and the DLA Piper team whose expertise, guidance and impressive work ethic were fundamental in securing this victory." IP group partner George Godar, who led the DLA Piper team commented "We are delighted to have secured this victory for Virgin Atlantic. This was a technically demanding and resource-intensive case. We understood the huge significance of the case to our client as seat design has become a key battle ground in an increasingly competitive market." Hamish then explained that DLA Piper's team of George Godar and Leona Marshman instructed Richard Meade QC and Henry Ward of 8 New Square,. Wragge & Co LLP represented Contour (part of the Premium Aircraft Interiors Group) who instructed Mark Vanhegan and Kathryn Pickard of 11 South Square.

“Hamish, thanks for clearing that up in the case of VA. We look forward to your notes on Polish AF 1 and the VD Cloud set off in Iceland later; however Norski 02 reports that Limey 1 and 2 should be told to ‘RTB Keflavik’ as Nodak 1 and 2 have launched off Thule and they, and Upset 51 will be escorting us to Pease.”

Buck Naked looked at the horizontal display as a DRAFT for their jet came in from Norski via ACARS clearing them ‘present position direct Scrod, direct Pease’ and soliciting from them an ETA and a FOB. Buck Naked thought that would be good experience for young Stone so he left the cockpit unattended as he went back to embarrass Stone and Mary Ann MATS who weren’t fooling anybody.

“Buck, there is no one to fly this plane, is it safe for you to go back now?” asked a perplexed but not flaccid Hamish who wondered if Name Dropper was still polishing his balls carried in a purple sack with gold piping.

“Relax, it is an NPR flying vehicle, just like the X37B worrying the North Koreans right now.”

“NPR jet, what is that?” asked a mildly unsettled Hamish.

“NPR jet is what Chips has been telling ALPA about for 3 and a half years. Perhaps you should call Captain John Prater or blabbermouth Pete Junhanen at ALPA, surely they could tell you what a NPR jet is. They may both become ‘troubled guys’ when Polish, Turkish, Lufthansa, Air France, Iceland, British Airways and VA send them a bill for billions relating to ALPA’s failure to address Fairy Dust which our Chapter 4 covered and was delivered to ALPA prior to 19 January, 2010 three months before Brilliant Ardent and the VD charade. Stronger message to follow.”

As Buck went back to get Stone for the admin work, a large bolt of lightening flashed as two QF4Ds stroked a burner as a visual tied signal to the Gulfstream 550. Too bad no one saw it. Two thunderous thuds shook the Gulfstream as it flew a steady course for Scrod at .9 IMN. As Hamish watched in amazement the course of the G550 was adjusted by technology to deviate around an area of KNOWN TURBULENCE and Hamish wondered how much longer human pilots would remain high priced babysitters for a traveling public not interested in relying on artificial intelligence not to be confused with patent attorneys from Chicago such as Thunder Thighs and Sasquatch, one of which has been disbarred and has a history with Union Carbide’s sabotage in Bhopal, India. Perhaps these grotesquely ugly women should review Matthew 25:40 and see how God takes it when they, for benefit of the R&R goons, oppress God’s ‘little people’. It’s almost as if these two dipshit JDs have never heard what happened to Polk Salad Annie’s granny, capeche? Hamish was calmed by the ‘purr’ of the Thales printer as it spit out a message from Abel Danger’s

“Attention Abel Danger Global and via Norski 02 to Team Gold in G550: “Here’s the big issue right now. Mrs. Clegg’s Babel Patents – Torpedo Sank Corvette. We need Yellow Hammer and Slade Lane to replace Del N. Pole and investigate her ‘Tower of Babel’; it’s an EU pool of patented devices she built for the BBC World Service, U.S. Senior Executive Service and her Magic Circle & Associates in the Legal Sector Alliance. She’s trading carbon offsets. The buyers asked the sellers to liquidate the Cheonan, the South Korea corvette which was sunk by a torpedo on 26 March about 1.9 km off Baengnyeong Island in Yellow Sea, Agent Abigail Chopsticks”
Stone and Buck Naked re-entered the cockpit with a fresh supply of Grolsch frosties. As Stone selected AP2, Buck passed him the printed draft or the re-route to Pease Airport in New Hampshire where Strategic Air Command had been for all of the Cold War and then some prior to the Clinton-China-Wrecking Crew maestroed by the son of a Waffen SS Officer.

Stone read the reroute and intended to put it in the MCDU however he saw that the ‘destination line’ already indicated destination KPSM 34 meaning the G550 had already been reprogrammed to proceed direct Scrod, direct KPSM and to land on runway 34. Stone was very much relieved as the message that Buck Naked had passed him was not a DRAFT but rather a second copy of the ALPA ‘Troubled Guy’ lie that would sooner or later sound like a legit complaint from an untroubled guy who appears to be a leading authority on droned aircraft ops going back to QB7, BQ8, MB47, QB47, PQM102, QF4D and the drone currently threatening North Korea, the X37B.

“The lawsuit, filed last week, claims Boeing Co. and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) can't assure him that B747-400 planes are safe. McConnell, who is the process of seeking an early retirement from Northwest, claims the planes are rigged by Boeing and can be remotely detonated. ‘We do not believe in any way, shape or form that that is true, said Pete Janhunen, a spokesman for ALPA, the world's largest pilot's union. Our senior lawyer and senior engineer both said that on its face, it's an insane complaint. It sounds like he's a troubled guy.’”

Blabbermouth Pete Junhunen and John Prater would be hiring a U-Haul to clean out their offices once the European airlines bearing the brunt of the billion dollar fib called Volcanic Dust laid the bill at the feet of the appropriate party, or parties, I will have to consult Marquis d’Cartier for some editorial assistance.

“Buck, first of all you handed me some ‘old sheep dip’ from ALPA, but of more immediate concern is when I went to load, I say again, load the Draft, I found that it had already been done while the cockpit was unattended. How is that possible?”

“Stone, these NPR jets can have their flight plans altered by a variety of control agencies. My guess is that Banzai Pipeline filed the Draft with Gander Oceanic control and then used the BUAP feature to send us on the proper course after Banzai took manual control and flew us around the KNOWN TURBULENCE, savvy?”

“Yeah, I get it all right. If I were not an aviation professional with chiseled good looks like my dad I may stoop to say ‘sweet’.”

“Don’t stoop in front of Hamish, those Oxford grads…..”

“Up yours Buck, I am a Cambridge Scholar not an Oxford partier and part-time rapist. And furthermore, as long as you brought it up like a bad burrito, what do you know about Fulbright scholarships for foreign students, inquiring minds want to know?”

Buck was set to answer with a comment about the ‘notso’ scholarships, as in ‘notso’ bright when the purr of the Thales printer drew the attention of the trio in the cockpit.

“Banzai-gram to Abel Danger Globel and via Norski 02 to Team Gold: Chips, Hamish, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper copy Banzai and Otto: “ During the 1980s and 1990s, I witnessed coordinated theft of patents and intellectual property and the extortion of staff at major U.K defence contractors, such as Racal Defence Electronics and Marconi Underwater Systems, the manufacturer of the Tigerfish and Spearfish torpedoes of the type allegedly used to sink the Cheonan. After your superb forensic analysis of the patented devices used in the attacks of 9/11, we can identify the principal investors in Mrs. Clegg’s Tower of Babel and patent pool of torpedo-borne devices which sank the South Korean corvette; it shows that the two halves of the ship when fitted together, the centre of the bottom of the ship would be shaped like an inverted V; that looks like a Spearfish or Tigerfish which they must have Nicked from MUSL. These suckers are trying to kill us all; while I was working with MUSL and Racal between 1982 and 1990 twenty-five British-based GEC-Marconi scientists and engineers who worked on the Sting Ray torpedo project, and other US Strategic Defense Initiative related projects (better known as Star Wars) died under mysterious circumstances much like the bio-weapon researchers in the USA or the participants in the Minot AFB nuc missile fiasco. Agent Yellow Hammer, Lion and Unicorn Pub, Huntly Scotland”
Buck Naked was retrieving the printed message when a simultaneous FLASH CLIPPER came from Banzai and Otto Pilot: “Buck and Stone, turn off generators, battery and both engines, EMP detected, execute”.

As Buck deselected both generators and turned off battery and disabled emergency power, Stone shut down both Rolls-Royce BR710 engines. In the quiet stillness of the darkened G550 Buck handed Stone another Grolsch frosty as Stone started a .74 idle descent into the eastern coastal waters 66 miles east of Scrod intersection. Over head an X37B monitored the dynamic while in Joint Stars ‘the hammer’ determined source of the EMP. As Stone kept the wings level and drained the Grolsch, in the Crew Rest Facility, Agent Kaya of Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan called ‘switch’ as Chips rolled in to finish her off.

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