Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene - Chapter 18

Mrs. Clegg Magic Circle and the Anglo Nazi Patent Pool
Tracking Filming Lustmord – Sexual Murder – Basque Boys at Buscot Park

Stone and Buck Naked re-energized jet; threat of an EMP attack ‘frying’ the systems was gone. Nano’s message was brief: EMP AIR PATROL. KSM Witness Banzai Pipeline notified Chips that Mrs. C and QH planted one of their 13-star SES cronies Clapper in NIMA for the hit on Ilan Ramon in the shuttle and the clean up of patented devices at the FC-KU crime scene. KSM Witness Marquis d’Cartier told Chips of some evidence to suggest Isherwood and Auden played a role in Anglo-Nazi development of Lustmord [Sexual Murder] set to music and filmed with cameras licensed through the Magic Circle patent pool. He noted that the early version of the DVD/AVD patented devices used at the Bullingdon Buscot Park orgies may have been embedded in an RCA/NBC camera. KSM Lead Defense Witness Hamish mentioned rent boy and girl prostitutes and how they sold precisely what the audience wants to buy. VD Chatterbox Clippered for relay to Chips: Walter Leonard, son of the famous German singer Lotte Lenya, was himself a fugitive from the Nazis before becoming involved with the Basque children, he supervised a Basque colony housed in a cottage on Lord Faringdon's estate at Eaton Hastings, Oxfordshire. The anarchist cook accused him of exploiting the older boys as slave labour and had to be sent away.’ Chips fired a rimshot when a .458 Weatherby round was fired through the center of the shower in Suite 400-B. Fortunately, the girls were on all fours and were stimulated but not injured. April Cunning called ‘switch’ as an RFID signal came from an asset in Istanbul and an escaping marksman fell into the hands of Diehard and awaited a HICKORY NUT CRUNCH.


“All clear” came the call from Banzai Pipeline and it was seconded moments later by Agent Otto Pilot in the left seat of Norski 02. Stone and Buck Naked re-energized the jet restoring generator power, battery power and emergency power on stand-by as the threat of an EMP attack ‘frying’ the systems was gone and Banzai didn’t have to worry about the G550 having a dual engine failure such as was foisted upon British Airways Flight 38 on 17 January, 2008 when electro magnetic transmissions shut down the engines on short final at Heathrow, as the ACARS timed in and the green screen stabilized Stone drew Buck’s attention to an immediate ACARS message from Dr. Nano al-Umina on temporary duty with ‘Little Noah’ at University of California, Berkeley where in 1967 the Summer of Love masked the campaign of hate as agents of the Maestro of the Magic Circle imposed disharmony into America opening door for puss-heads in Chicago principals being Bill Ayers and the ugly wench aka ‘cop killer’. Nano’s message was brief: EMP AIR PATROL. Stone and Buck pressed the CRF call button just as Agent Kaya had called ‘switch’ and taken out her riding crop. Seeing that Chips and Kaya were busy ‘debriefing security items’ Buck pressed the localized PA button and spoke: “Chips, all clear, Air Patrol” as Chips continued dishing out just what Kaya was needing while he pondered when the reign of ersatz terror would end and the Second Reign of Jesus Christ begin, which is a misnomer as his first Reign never ended but rather world leaders grew arrogant and narcissistic [ see King Uzziah in the Bible or Barry Soetero behind the teleprompter ] and worshipped themselves with funding from the Magic Circles Grand Maestro, the Khazars from Hannover, Germany, long since removed. Hanover, which can also be spelled Hannover with or without the approval of Agent Marquis d’Cartier of Vancouver, BC is on the River Leine not to be confused with Leinekugel’s Beer of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin whose sales and stock should both go up dramatically with the transfer of Agent Chips to PCW, capeche? Jacob Leinekugel would more than likely be working with our Abel Danger office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin were he still alive today.

As Chips continued to pleasure Agent Kaya he realized that the Purple Reign II Limo had been timed correctly as the Global Guardians had hoped to hold off the attack on Iran until March-April, 2011 but due to the fact that Mr. O has caused great harm to the more liberal of the two false parties created in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 and revealed by Charles Lindberg, Sr. of Minnesota it would be incumbent upon the donkeys to remove the First Donkey in hopes of preventing a landslide in the mid term election of November, 2010. The dilemma was the dearth of replacements as Face Drop, Dummy and Thunder Thighs were in the pecking order although none of the 3 were considered strong peckers, excuse me, candidates. As the donkey party watched their players announce intentions to end their terms of disservice to America, British Petroleum was laughing at Washington and suggesting they had created a wonderful new dinner entrée that would save the cook one step as this fish product is pre-oiled thanks to the North Korean sub or the X37B, the jury is out on this one.

“British Petroleum announced today plans to release new BP Fish Sticks in grocery stores. The move, viewed as putting into the practice the saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” has many environmental groups furious. “It’s absolutely unconscionable for BP to do this,” said Roger Pretpopp, head of the Gulf Coast Environmental Protection League. “The company should have all its efforts focused on the clean-up of its massive oil spill, not product diversification.” Terrance Fawdalraw, VP of Communications at BP disagrees. “We are doing everything in our power to clean up the unfortunate Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the result of a burst of anger from Mother Nature, North Korea or another False Flag see X37B and not negligence on the company’s part. It is simply coincidental that our product development people discovered a revolutionary way to pre-oil fish so they bake up crispy, flaky and delicious in your oven in minutes.” When asked if these fish sticks were made from fish that suffered as a result of the spill, Mr. Fawdalraw began patting perspiration from his brow with a monogrammed silk handkerchief. “Of course not,” said the company spokesperson, “that would be opportunistic and somewhat evil. I will say, however, that new BP Fish Sticks offer premium performance and improved mileage in all makes and models. Hence our slogan: New BP Fish Sticks, good in your tank, or your car’s tank!””

Agent Kaya called “switch” as the music ended so Chips hit D6 and C60 on his Clipper Squirt gun as Agent Kaya ‘saddled up’….think about it while Creedence Clearwater Rivival who had 6 #2s but never a #1 sang one of their last hits and one of their most controversial as you focus on chorus “Switch hitchhiker, take a ride on my _______”. Apparently Agent Kaya was familiar with the song.

Chips needed to focus on something other than Kaya’s beauty to prevent premature exploculation so he considered the ‘hitchhikers’ in passports, retail products and Boeing Drones deployed on 9/11. Senator Byron Dorgan, the same guy who has not aggressively sought to enhance the safety of the traveling public; see this Chapter for the whole sordid and sad story of Air France 447:


and then for bonus points google [ Senator Dorgan + Alien Technologies + RFID ] and it may become apparent how he plans to get by on his paltry retirement from his Senate charade as an Octopus-arm of the Rockefeller family. Now that the Rocky-Rothy family feud was in full tilt a lot of the ‘hangers on’ were leaving the halls of Congress in hopes of avoiding the gallows or a life sentence for Treason. See Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and recall that every Congressman and Senator has been made aware of the essence of the case and the defendant list therein attached. And while Alien Technologies on NDSU’s campus in Fargo, North Dakota produces a super-majority of RFID chips for illicit deployment for benefit of the Magic Circle Maestro, be advised that several NDSU grad students have been working in ‘quality control’ for 5 years and ALL of the RFID shipped to USG Agency end users had an electronic ‘hitchhiker’ that is linked to Abel Danger Fargo as well as Banzai Pipeline in Japan, Otto Pilot in HAARP-land north, and Gross Warren in Christchurch, New Zealand. They track us, we track them, just like SBA’s former head cheese Queen Hornet, capache? The Alien Technology Abel Danger ‘plants’ often debrief at Chub’s Pub and Package Place across the street from NDSU and the State of North Dakota’s Memorial to Joseph Chapman.

As Chips came up for air, Stone was making a PA that the G550 would be on the ground in 10 minutes. Kaya did one of her Thailand techniques and both the mare and the stud were off to the races with the mare crossing the finish line first by a whisker.

Chips handed Kaya her globe – that makes 3 – of Merlot as he stuffed the monster in a matching IOC and took a quick Marine Corps shower and splashed on some Fu-Fu juice. As he prepared to repair to the cockpit, Kaya gave him a quick status check and was not pleased with the results until she considered his 60 years and recent 6 hour engagement. She handed him an 18 ounce tin and 3 gel tabs and kissed him on his cheeks as he had earlier kissed her cheeks also, in a manner of speaking, to wit, harrumph. As the door closed behind him Mary Ann MATS handed him a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini apologizing “Chips it is all Ukrainian Vodka as your son Stone depleted our on board stash of Absolut during Operation Hot Oatmeal.”

“No biggee Mary Ann but perhaps we won’t let that happen again although truth is I prefer the Ukrainian especially since Mo Strong’s family member Anna Louise Strong tried to starve 30+ million peasants in 1937 with the full blessing of the seed of the Global Guardians.”

As Chips took his first long pull on the CSM Mary Ann MATS took a long pull also, as well as 3 shorts and was radiant and sudsing like a Maytag at what she found. It seemed to Chips that ladies in their 50s were more appreciative of physical attention than young ladies like Agent Kaya, plus they seldom presented paternity suits. Alas, although Chips was not as good as he once was, he was good once as he ever was. Or twice with a supplement of Smoked Oysters now jeopardized by the sabotage in the Gulf of Mexico.
“VD Witness Abigail Chopsticks priority clipper to Dr. Nano al-Umina, Tim White, Hamish, Skymaster and Chips, copy Otto Pilot and Banzai Pipeline: “Dr. Nano, has Abel Danger looked at the Magic Circle patent pools used in the Boeing mentor contracts for VIRTUAL BORDER FENCE, VBF?.., Warm Regards, Abigail Chopsticks, O’Neills, Brighton”
As Chips tried to get up to the cockpit Md’C handed him two more:
“Σκάνδαλο JP Morgan πίσω από τη διεθνή θύελλα; Monday, 10 May 2010 08:22 Μια ποινική έρευνα που φέρεται να έχει αρχίσει το υπουργείο Δικαιοσύνης στις ΗΠΑ, για ένα σκάνδαλο πολλών μεγατόνων, που σχετίζεται με πιθανή χειραγώγηση της προθεσμιακής αγοράς πολύτιμων μετάλλων από την JP Morgan ενδέχεται να συνδέεται με την τελευταία διεθνή θύελλα στις αγορές, σύμφωνα με καλά πληροφορημένες τραπεζικές πηγές. Συνέχεια
Chips raised his eyebrows and Marquis d’Cartier translated.

“Chips, this message is from Corazon Dulce in Waxhah, North Carolina where in addition to Abel Danger she consults with ICE. She made some ‘horse trades’ with the Madrid Office and got the low-down on ‘Chicken Legg’, all bad. She also sent the message to Hamish in French and Navajo and I’d expect a strong response from him. Corazon suggests that the ‘missing Basque boys’, Guernica, and the suspicious fire in Spain all seem to benefit not only the Bullingdon Magic Circle fruitcakes but a certain raven haired Spanish JD profitably hitched to a man in England who would have benefited if a certain UKIP candidate had not survived the hit on his banner towing tail dragger a la John Kennedy, Jr. aka John-John whose single engine airplane was tampered with after it was learned he was leaving ‘George’ and seeking a 3rd party endorsement for the office currently squatted on by the Kenyan-Indonesian Trainwreck, stronger message to follow.”

“Wow, those French are efficient communicators.”

“Actually Chips it is Greek, think Goldman Sachs, AIG, Citicorp and oppressed and impoverished commoners lacking hope as they seek not God.”

As the landing gear went down and the flaps were extended incrementally by Stone in the right seat, Marquis handed the third clipper to Chips as he settled in the jump seat to watch and be dazzled not to be confused with Bewitched which starred Barbara Eden and boosted the careers of Larry Hagman and others who couldn’t act any better than Johnny Cash could sing, and speaking of coming down as the landing gear did on Sunday Morning 5-9-2010, listen to this duet while Chips reads the 3rd clipper.

“KSM Witness Yellowhammer Priority Clipper to Hamish, Name Dropper, Marquis d’Cartier and Corazon Dulce, copy Chips: “Abel Danger Gold/G550 KBOS; Check out Mrs. Clegg’s work at the Foreign Office and the DLA Piper law firm; she appears to have procured RFID tracking chips for al-Qaeda supply chains used by SCRAP Merchant’s Legal Sector Alliance. She has allowed QH cronies in the S.E.S. to engage in Miliband’s carbon-offset trade; this is patented CO2e murder for hire. Note bin Laden has blamed the U.S. for climate change and said he has to now break the American economy. In his most recent audio recording, aired on the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera, the terror leader noted Washington’s rejection of the Kyoto Protocol aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and painted the United States as in the thrall of major corporations that he said “are the true criminals against the global climate” of course in his cous-cous aired ignorance OBL doesn’t know that Washington DC is a corporation by, of, and for the Magic Circle Jerks, Rothy, Rocky and those who mock God and will soon learn their folly. Yellowhammer, Logie near Forres, Huntly south of Newcastle and mobile for security.”
Settled in the jump seat Chips thought his son and lone custodian of the family jewels did a particularly nice job of ‘rolling it on’ prior to Buck Naked’s “I’ve got it” call at 80 knots. Chips recognized the airfield as KBOS instead of KPSM.

“What gives?” asked Chips as they proceeded to the far northwest corner of the apron.

“I do” gushed Mary Ann MATS as she ‘cupped’ Chips ample bounty from behind with her left hand as she handed him a second CSM with her right hand. “I found Stone’s stash of Absolut so I made it just the way you like it” as she gave him three quick blasts of the ship’s whistle.

“Chips, 60 miles out of Pease Roughrider in MP01 and also James Crosby in Joint Stars locked onto a threat from above 100,000 feet. MP02 picked up our squawk and we strangled the parrot and slipped into Boston. Some Abel Danger guys from the old Marine Corps reserve base will meet us and get us to the Kendall Hotel for Monday’s memorial service for Thomas Hale and Willie Card. We will also be going through the offices of Chompsky and disgraced CIA Director John Dyke or whatever his name was. Homi and Diehard have the K-9 assets, and we should have Agent Nellie Nosebush with us and she is the siren with the slicers, in the tradition of Rosa Krebb and perhaps the inspiration for the song Mack the Knife by “Satchmo”:

As the Gulfstream 550 was stopped and shutdown leaving just the APU running a hearse with ‘Boston Medical Examiner’ pulled up to the jet and Abel Danger’s Gold Team appeared to be crawling into the back as all members actually got into a USAir Maintenance van after Stone put a hitch-hiker on the hearse. Stone had set it for 25 minutes giving the hearse enough time to distract AIR PATROL while the USAir Maintenance van got the Team to the Service Vehicle Only gate where a non-descript Ford E350 van with dark tint windows waited with the flashers going. Once inside the van, Nellie Nosebush and Name Dropper passed out a briefing guide and room assignments. Chips noticed he was in Suite 400. Looking around the other Agents card key sleeves it looked like he and Nellie Nosebush would be spending some quality time together. He was somewhat surprised when Mary Ann MATS nudged him and flashed another key-sleeve with Suite 400. She also gave him a flash of pastel bayberry, very appropriate for a hotel near both Boston Bay and the MIT labs where Molten Metals, Navajo and General Electric crossed paths with Treason on 9/11 as the singer at Raytheon clears her voice. Prior to getting the input of a Raytheon Management widow, Agent Marquis d’Cartier sends this musical history lesson relating to James Bond 007, just another Chips wannabe:
“KSM Witness Marquis d’Cartier to all Gold Team players: regarding UKIP: Mrs Clegg Magic Circle Trigger Bullingdon WWII Some evidence to suggest that Isherwood and Auden played a role in Anglo-Nazi development of Lustmord [Sexual Murder] set to music and filmed with cameras licensed through the Magic Circle patent pool. For the many people of a musical bent, the article at the link has a reference to Walter Leonard, the son of German singer Lotte Lenya. While serving as the colonoscopy cook, Walter Leonard was fired by Gavin Henderson, the alleged host of Bullingdon Club’s Bugger a Basque Boy ritual at Buscot Park and, years later, his mother Lotte Lenya would play Rosa Krebb in From Russia with Love. Lotte Lenya was present in the studio when Louis Armstrong recorded Brecht-Weill’s Mack the Knife. Armstrong improvised the line “Look out for Miss Lotte Lenya!” and added her name to the list of Mack’s female conquests in the song. Mrs. Clegg’s grandparents lived in Vallodolid also known as Fascodolid during the Spanish Civil War; need I say more? Consider also ‘Mac the Knife’ vs. ‘Long Legged Mac Daddy’ as per Rev. David Manning, PhD. Enjoy …”

The Ford E350 van made its way expeditiously from the Boston International Airport which was the launch point of one of the 9/11 jets replaced by a Druyen Drone and also the airport which had a Northwest Airlines cargo agent show up in a trunk of a car without a pulse. Homi briefed his canine/security team on defensive tactics while Mary Ann MATS slipped Chips a pair of 18 ounce tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and a 3 tab pack of NDSU extend-o-peters. Moments later the one ton Ford van was behind the hotel where fire escapes had been lowered to allow a stress free ‘check-in’ procedure much drier than one might expect at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville after some AGW ‘shorts’ paid back Hot Air Al’s home state for his bionic BS of Global Warming while in Pennsylvania Professor Mann applied some personal lubricant to the long end of his hockey stick. As the Gold Team members climbed the fire escape ladder to their respective floors, Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun went off with a priority message from Corazon Dulce of Abel Danger Waxhah, North Carolina as well as Madrid, Spain and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
“KSM Blabbermouth Corazon Dulce priority Clipper to Uncle Ray, Name Dropper Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier and Chips, copy Umbrellaman and Banzai: Chips note Míriam González, Spanish lawyer wife of the British Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says the two party system should be done away with in Britain. She worked with Chris Patten when he was European Foreign Affairs Commissioner and his successor Ferrero Waldner. She then worked in an EU honey pot to entrap Nick Clegg when he was an MEP. She worked in the Foreign Office in London, and is now a partner of the international law firm DLA Piper. Her father, José Antonio González Caviedes, was Mayor of Olmedo, and also a Partido Popular senator. He died in a traffic accident in 1996. She left the civil service a year ago to become head of the international trade practice for multinational law firm DLA Piper. She had been an expert on the Middle East peace process at the Foreign Office. She is keeping her own name, working the same al-Qaeda and IRA scam as Cherie Booth in the Matrix of Malice. Our man in Phoenix does not give her a good report. Neither do the ‘generales’ en Espana nor ‘El Muerto’ of the 72nd C4ISR Wing originally from Ramey AFB Puerto Rico, Corazon, tu amor para siempre mi Fritito mas fuerte que nada y guapo tambien.”

Chips arrived on the 4th floor after climbing the steel stairs carefully while carrying his Mumbai leather overnight bag. As he opened the 4th floor fire escape, Mary Ann MATS followed him in and tried to close the Fire Escape before Nellie Nosebush could join them. Nellie was with Abel Danger San Jose where she kept an eye on Paul Pelosi and the skullduggery at the former blimp base where P3s once proliferated; think Moffitt FIELD but do not think Naval Air Station as it has been closed in the Clinton inspired systematic take down of the US military most notably evidence in the comments of John Shalikashivili, son of a Waffen SS Officer, who gave ALL OF OUR MILITARY PATENT POOL secrets to China on a visit there in 1995. Fortunately, Abel Danger was in their ‘very small’ OODA loop and corrupted the data for every system except the EB-66, similar to what hit the Pentagon the same day that 5 senior management folks from Raytheon on 3 of the 4 9-11 jets that were replaced by Boeing provided Darleen Drunyen Drones, capeche? Making their way to the corner Suite with 400 on the door Chips used his magnetic key to open the door for the ladies, his suitemates as it were. They were very surprised to see Stone in the heart shaped Jacuzzi enjoying an adult beverage in moderation.

“Hello dad, I gave the Suite a security scan to ensure that you, Nellie and Mary Ann would not be disturbed. Please join me in the Jacuzzi and we can review the Ops Briefing Guide for Thomas Hale Navajo 2010/Molten Metal and how it relates to Willie Card as SERCO does England and Clinton Rubin does America, SOCIABLE.”

“Stone, very kind of you but I am exhausted from the Atlantic crossing, could you please help me with my bag” beseeched Mary Ann MATS apparently preferring the strength of a young one for the knowledge of an old-hand. As Stone hung his tie on the bed room door, Nellie made for the other bedroom and slipped into her Jacuzzi suit, as Chips did likewise. As the whirring and bubbling Jacuzzi sat empty, Nellie went to the door and closed it and locked it, grabbing Chips by the hand and suggesting “Take me here, take me now”. As Chips obliged for the good of the order, the security of a sovereign United States of America and therein the free world, and his own cardio pulmonary health, he selected F4 and C240 having learned from the grapevine that Nellie liked Motown, liked it soulful, and like it long and dark, as opposed to the Penguin nominated to the Supreme Court who was short, apparently white, and satisfactory to neither party, nor neither persuasion as when asked about her preference she replied ‘status pending’ while those at Harvard had concluded that her status was not pending and that she had a discard from another JD Lesbo which positions Resident Alien to out produce ‘Gadget Bent’ when it comes to lesbians appointed to disservice in America. As Chips slipped into the saddle, he sensed that Nellie had been ready for quite some time.

As he hit play, Marvin Gaye who wasn’t, but rather was the son of a Christian Pastor from Kentucky and his mother from North Carolina, not so young but impressively nubile Nellie Nosebush from the San Fran Bay learned what legions of other ladies knew of the ‘lengthy portion’.

Synchronicity had been achieved for no more than 12 minutes when a Clipper went unnoticed:

“KSM Witness Banzai Pipeline Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Name Dropper, Marquis d’Cartier and Chips, copy Mattress Thrasher and Corazon Dulce: “Chips check out Mrs. C and QH they seem to have planted one of their 13-star SES cronies [Clapper] in NIMA for the hit on Ilan Ramon in the shuttle and the clean up of patented devices from the various patent pools used to control evidence of murder for hire at the FC-KU crime scene. SES/SIS Billets – NIMA requires an increasingly technical and skilled workforce and exceptional leaders to help it usher in the FIA area. NIMA is disadvantaged by the small number of SES/SIS billets it currently has--about half the overall government average, and many fewer, per capita, than its sister intelligence agencies. The Commission considers it unlikely that it can find and retain the caliber of officer it needs and deserves unless the roster of SES/SIS positions can be ameliorated. The Commission recommends an increase in SES/SIS billets in its primary mission areas, imagery analysis, and geospatial information services. And while such "supergrade" positions would also benefit the systems engineering and acquisition activity, the Commission urges that consideration be given to creation of an "Extraordinary Program Office" (EPO) with rank and pay scale "outside the system" as detailed subsequently. 11
Chips suddenly ‘saw stars’ – actually they were the 13 mullets in the S.E.S. and NIMA heraldry – and thought he had exploculated when the sudden throbbing on the back of his head had him questioning to himself if he’d been bludgeoned. He realized he had not when Nellie called ‘switch and duck’ as a second wave of volumes cascaded from the bookcases above the king sized bed in Suite 400-B where the rhythmic cycling of Chips’ hydraulic cylinder to die for had caused numerous dusty volumes to shake loose from above. The only volume that was not dusty was a copy of a thermodynamics volume which was devoid of dust yet had a cloud on the cover that could contain pyroclastic dust such as was seen on 9/11 at ground zero although the cover did not have black smoke indicative of an inefficient combustion of jet fuel burning at, perhaps, 900 degrees Fahrenheit [ google Richard Gage + 9/11 + demolition ] to learn of the ‘Smoking Gun’ of 9/11 while Chips returns to showing Agent Nellie Nosebush his ‘stroking gun of love’ although when he’d flown F16ADFs in Fargo his call sign was SMOKE. As Chips focused on the Thermo book to delay exploculation he noticed a slip of paper was marking a place of interest, page 49 and the four names on the hotel note page were “Chomsky + Deutsch + Obama + Knowles”. He looked forward to sharing his find with Hamish and Name Dropper however Nellie Nosebush was nearly satisfied and she called ‘switch’ and presented Chips with a ‘rear aspect’ while barking like a Portuguese Water Dog, although something in her bark reminded Chips of werewolfs not to disrespect Wolfman Jack who once got a Clap from the Guess Who.

Chips continued doing his impersonation of Old Mother Hubbard’s dog Rover as Nellie reached for a Minnesota Vikings tube sock to clamp down on so that she would not disturb Mary Ann MATS and Stone in 400-A as she anticipated exploculating at any moment. Chips, on the other hand, was enjoying mining this new intel vein so much he pulled out the air refueling equipment to give her a little break so that she could hang in their for another hour or so. While her ample chest was heaving in sweet repose Chips drained two tins of Smoked Oysters and swallowed three Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extendo-O-peters, washing it down with oyster juice for maximum impact. He noticed that Nellie had fallen asleep so he went to pour himself a CSM and was pleased to find both Absolut and SV Super Premium Vodka from Ukraine where 5 of the top Vodkas in the world are produced in facilities recently upgraded at the cost of hundreds of millions of US dollars as Ukrainians, like Our Man Chips, demand superior and extremely well distilled Vodka that allows massive over consumption with no negative symptoms the following day, capeche? Although in high school at Ramey AFB Chips had been taught “better dead than red” he had come around to a more global view after flying in Kazakhstan and being given a quart of SV Vodka on 31 July, 2009 before being let go for revealing the truth of Air France 447 and how it relates to re-insurance and the Magic Circle Jerks and the Rothys and the Rockys.

“VD Witness Madam Ovary Immediate Clipper to Chips FYEO: Chips remember that, whilst still Prince of Wales, Edward VIII had to beg for his parents' permission to join the Bullingdon. He got only on condition he never join in the "Bullingdon blind" – an evening of oath taking rituals, drink and song. On hearing of his eventual attendance at one such evening, Queen Mary sent him a telegram requesting that he remove his name from the Club. The Bullingdon is often mentioned in the debates of the House of Commons to the embarrassment of alumni David Cameron, George Osborne, “Hit me with your best Whip’ Shadow Chancellor and Boris Johnson [The Rib Cracker] Mayor of London. If you wish for a face to face, come into the bathroom, I am hiding in the shower behind the Purple Robe with Gold monograms. Madam Ovary will penetrate CAMERON CLEGG and the Overy Law Office if you will penetrate me first to ‘prove up’ your status. MO.”
Chips thought it unlikely that Madam Ovary of Abel Danger Omaha would abandon her perch near Berkshire Hathaway and Offutt AFB’s FEMA E4B unit, but if she really were to be in his shower he thought maybe plowing some new ground would be enjoyable. Always one to hedge his bets just like AXA and Al Gore, Chips assured himself that Nellie Nosebush was in REM sleep as he took his CSM and a globe of Merlot to see what did, or did not await him in the large shower with a seat for two and two shower heads, both in fake gold. As he slipped into the shower a voice like the Teutonic Titwillow of Blazing Saddles gushed ‘It’s true, it’s true’ as she sampled the lengthy portion restored to battle ready status by the recent reload of Smoked Oysters and RD NDSU EOPs. As Madam Ovary was lubricating, Chips harked backed to Sheriff Bart and the comment ‘It’s True, I’m bushed’”:

Madam Ovary had excused herself momentarily and when she rejoined Chips he noticed a lavender merkin hanging next to his Purple towel on the HIS rack while he admired her rack. As Madam Ovary accepted his offering, Chips thought he heard his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate as he continued plowing new ground not caring how deep he plowed knowing she would be more interested in how many rounds he made as she lived on a small farm and thought like most farmers and ranchers do; enduros for country folks while city slickers have all the quickies they want. He pulled his Clipper Squirt Gun close enough to read the green LED text screen and saw a message about orgies but couldn’t finish the brief message when Nellie joined them in the shower and gave Chips a frontal presentation while Madam Ovary in her pleasure didn’t seem to notice the new arrival or the iris of a snoop watching the ménage à trois via a peephole in the shower wall not dissimilar to a fish-eye.

“ KSM Witness Marquis d’Cartier Priority Clipper Name Dropper, Umbrellaman, Hamish, Banzai, Agent Jam and Otto Pilot, copy Chips and Salsera: The early version of the DVD/AVD patented devices used at the Buscot Park orgies may have been embedded in this kind of RCA/NBC camera. Note the lack of an electronic viewfinder; the cameraman had to use the peep-hole and wire-frame arrangement shown. Note the large cable and connector necessary to bring the myriad of signals and supply voltages to and from the camera electronics and pickup tube. This camera used a pickup tube called an Iconoscope, invented for RCA by Vladimir Zworkin. The video signal was expressed as variations in the electron current as it traversed, and discharged, the individual photo-induced charges on the mosaic cathodes. After WWII, the Image Orthicon pickup tube was developed by RCA and became the mainstay of the industry. It offered a vast improvement in sensitivity through the use of much more complex arrangement of photomultiplication, return-beam target scanning and built-in electron multipliers.”
Chips continued in his sensitive multiplication and as he positioned to mount Nellie as Madam Ovary called ‘switch’ he noticed the fish-eye and the motion of a human iris behind the fish eye. He immediately withdrew from Nellie so as to give the snoop a bad case of penis envy knowing that both apparent genders of the other team envied well endowed men. As he brandished his weapon causing a cat-fight between Madam Ovary and Nellie for his ‘attention’ he FLASH texted Sluggo “north wall, shower, Suite 400-B, stat, kill” as he re-plugged Nellie while offering Madam Ovary another form of attention.

Chips heard a dull thud and noticed a trio of green flashes where once had been a human iris. He made a mental note to provide Sluggo with a case of Pigs Eye beer, his favorite since his days at the St. Paul Stockyards some 55 years previously at the time of his father’s service near Fertile, Minnesota as a Pastor to a small flock. Thirty minutes later a generous Nellie Nosebush called ‘switch’ to share the bounty with Madam Ovary as cat fights always injure both cats which some folks refer to as pussies such as the pussies working for the Rothy Octopus trying unsuccessfully to destroy the United States of America FBO Rothschild’s Khazar banks and NO ONE ELSE. As Chips got knee deep into Madam Ovary he saw another green LED text on his Clipper Squirt Gun just outside the shower which was rather steamy as Nellie and Madam Ovary harked back to their youth and the dream of being on Survival Beach with Chips whose dance card was generally full if Mattress Thrasher of the SoCal Abel Danger office had her way.

“KSM Lead Defense Witness Hamish Immediate Clipper to Banzai, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman, Yellowhammer, Abigail Chopsticks copy Chips, Dwarf and Sluggo: Banzai et. al. : In Weimar’s early years, Germany was a society adrift, come completely unmoored. When a loaf of bread could cost as much as four billion Marks, the attempt to pay reparations having debased the currency, people starved. Murder and violence were rampant, including sexual murder, or Lustmord, which became Weimar’s tabloid sensation. Women from once-respectable families could be seen selling themselves, their daughters, and even their sons on the streets of Berlin. It is partly for this reason, but also with the help of such travel writers as Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden, that our cultural imaginary in the English-speaking world has made Weimar Berlin the epitome of modern decadence. With the word, “Weimar,” images of cabaret, cross-dressers, and public prostitution come readily to mind. Indeed, there has been for decades an unfortunate and homophobic tendency to blame Weimar debauchery for the Nazi terror that followed it. Of all Weimar artists, perhaps none more than Anita Berber and Sebastian Droste exploited the bizarre cultural situation, including its fascination with Lustmord. Berber herself, the infamous naked dancer, has come to symbolize the utmost in Weimar depravity, a symbolism she carefully cultivated. Nonetheless, in presenting this first-ever full-length English translation of Dances of Vice, Horror, and Ecstasy, I hope to demonstrate that Berber and her one-time partner, Droste, should also be considered as artists, creative trailblazers who, anticipating by several decades the performance art and pop art of the post-World War Two period, used scandal, debauchery, and nudity to engage their contemporary culture. Berber and Droste respond to, as much as they ironically reflect, the crisis and the singular opportunity of German modernity. Rent boy and girl prostitute / Bodyless / Soulless / Coverless” (“Suicide”). Lurid, gorgeous, silly, daring—Dances of Vice, Horror and Ecstasy eludes easy characterization .. In making bluntly obvious that they have to sell precisely what the audience wants to buy, they disallow the assumption of innocent spectatorship. While this spectacle shortly proved too much for Weimar to tolerate, we can, perhaps, from our cultural vantage-point, attempt to come to terms with it. If postwar Berlin, with its commodities stripped bare and its pervasive desentimentalization, presents the grittiest of modern panoramas, without Paris’ multi-colored romanticism or London’s literary flair, it also opens onto, as Dances of Vice, Horror, and Ecstasy shows, that flip-side of degradation, utopia. If Chips is not up to his ears in debriefing security, please contact Hamish and April Cunning in 300-A.”

Chips had seen from the voluminous text that it had to be from Hamish and so he disregarded the message missing the new clue that April Cunning was just one flight down. When last active with Abel Danger on Isle of Man not to be confused with Professor Man of Penn State who’d been fingered by Agent Slade Lane of Abel Danger Norwich just a stone’s throw from the CRU and EAU, East Anglia University, not Eau Claire or Eau Galle, Wisconsin, both near Abel Danger’s new Global Operations Dispatch center near Plum City where Rush City blueberries are just 9 miles west, April Cunning had been partnered with Bigg Johnson who was thought to be in the security detail led by Diehard and Homi.

Although Chips would certainly have wanted to get down to 300-A and give April what she desired most, he kept his hand in with Madam Ovary and Nellie Nosebush realizing a deal is a deal and you should ‘take home the date you came with’ although exploculation was not anticipated for yet some 90 minutes or more. Chips thought some music might keep the girls energized so he selected F4 and C90 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and routed it through the Bose Aqua Blasters in the shower of 400-B not far from MIT where Thomas Hale met his untimely death after providing Navajo facility for the Treason attack of 9/11 using Hillary Clinton’s intellectual property and purloined patents involving the BEI QRS 11 Gyro CHIPS installed in the Darleen Drunyen Drones, the Raytheon Sky Warriors, plural, the AGM 12C Bullpups and any AGM65 Mavericks that may, or may not, have been hanging around P5606 Prohibited Airspace on the morning of 11 September, 2001 as in Nodak 1,2, and 3 Derrig, Eckmann and Bjorstrom were obstructed in their SCAMBLE RESPONSE off of Langley AFB at 0932 that morning. Here pussy, pussy, pussy…..Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) awaits you.

Chips was driving home his message and keeping his mouthful when he noticed out of the corner of his left eye, the one with 20/40 acuity, or for you PFers with JDs that would be vision, he saw a welcome contact from April Cunning, below, I say again, below in Suite 300 of the Kendall Hotel not far from where Diehard, Dwarf and Homi were egressing after a successful ‘harvest’ from the Harvard Offices of the principle perps of the Treason of 9/11, status and charges pending.
“Non-VD Agent April Cunning FLASH Clipper to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips Further pressure from the right came in 1923 with the Beer Hall Putsch, also called the Munich Putsch, staged by Adolf Hitler in Munich. In 1920, the German Workers' Party had become the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), nicknamed the Nazi Party, and would become a driving force in the collapse of Weimar. Hitler was named chairman of the party in July 1921. On 8 November 1923, the Kampfbund, in a pact with Erich Ludendorff, took over a meeting by Bavarian prime minister Gustav von Kahr at a beer hall in Munich. Ludendorff and Hitler declared a new government, planning to take control of Munich the following day. The 3,000 rebels were thwarted by 100 policemen. Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for high treason, a minimum sentence for the charge. In the event, he served less than eight months in a comfortable cell before his release on the 20th of December 1924. While in jail, Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" which laid out his ideas and future policies. Hitler now decided to focus on legal methods of gaining power. Chips, of a related nature Bigg Johnson has gone to provide exit security for Homi, Diehard and Dwarf, while the cat’s away the mice will play. Speaking of driving force and laid out, please repair to Suite 300 for Operation Hide the Salami, April C”
Chips hit’reply affirm’ and doubled his stroke to force a three way exploculation. As all three participants saw stars, Madam Ovary queried “Why so early Chips, we had another 48 minutes of Secret Agent Man?”

“Duty call my juicy kumkwats, there is a snag at Harvard and I need to get down their in case things get hairy” responded Chips as he handed Madam Ovary her Lavendar Merkin not to be confused with the friend of Hillary’s from Wellesley who is at State Street Bank in Beantown and is known as Lavendar Merkin to all Abel Danger Assets and the loyal remnants of CIA, FBI, DOJ [ super minority ] and McConnell’s DNI hence this Fargo based undercover car DNIF. Here pussy pussy pussy.

As Chips withdrew he found his ‘fire ladder’ from his Mumbai patent leather bag and draped it out the 4th floor window. As he reached the 3rd floor a warm hand grabbed the thickest of rope-like items dangling from the 4th floor. Led by April Cunning he dutifully followed to a hot and sudsing Jacuzzi, conditions similar to April, where a CSM awaited him set next to her favored Ramey Rimshot indicating she desired a rimshot on the first go round. Anything to please a lady thought Our Man Chips as he realized in his haste he had left his Clipper Squirt Gun outside the shower in 400-B where Madam Ovary and Nellie Nosebush had found some plastic friends. As the girls had sudsy fun awaiting the return of Their Man Chips the forgotten Clipper Squirt Gun took a priority Clipper from Otto Pilot in Trondheim, Norway:
“VD Chatterbox Otto Pilot Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Name Dropper, Uncle Ray, Marquis d’Cartier copy to Madam Ovary and Nellie Nosebush for relay to Chips: Walter Leonard, son of the famous German singer Lotte Lenya, was himself a fugitive from the Nazis before becoming involved with the Basque children. Trained as a restaurateur in Switzerland, he helped to open the first foreign-run hotel in Tossa and early in 1937 met W. H. Auden and Stephen Spender ("a bickering lot, they were") during their brief civil war forays. When the hotel closed he came to England and was chosen to supervise a Basque colony housed in a cottage on Lord Faringdon's estate at Eaton Hastings, Oxfordshire. "The Oxford committee, mostly university people, were very good about fund-raising, and the government made a pound-for-pond[???] grant. Lord Faringdon supplied milk, eggs and vegetables, but our anarchist cook accused him of exploiting the older boys as slave labour and had to be sent away. Rosa, the only girl in the colony, asked for a transfer. From our vantage point in Norway we sense LUST MORD has returned or perhaps never left. Prosecute Rothy, Rocky and the Magic Circle to SAVE THE CHILDREN. Otto Pilot, out.”
Chips had just fired a rimshot when a .458 Weatherby round was fired through the center of the shower in Suite 400-B. It was followed by 4 more all from the same azimuth much like the Naudet Cameras and their Laser Target Designators that highlighted AON and Cantor Fitzgerald in the Twins on 9/11. All 5 .458 rounds were at a height of 4 feet six inches from the shower floor. Fortunately, the girls were on all fours and were stimulated but not injured.

One floor below, Chips heard the 5 shots and kept in perfect time as if boinking to the tune of a different drum. As a hush fell over the entire Kendall Hotel, April Cunning called ‘switch’, an RFID signal came from an asset in Istanbul and an escaping marksman fell into the hands of Diehard and awaited a HICKORY NUT CRUNCH.

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