Thursday, August 14, 2014

8-14-2014 Attention Russia/GRU, Malaysia/MAS and CEO Tim Clark of Emirates:

At the link below, scroll down to SO5 Ad-hoc Waypoints.  This is the method which, if performed AFTER ACTIVATION OF BHUAP, targeted aircraft such as MH17 ( 17 July, 2014 ) and Sukhoi Superjet ( 9 May, 2012 ) can be remotely driven into terrain or contested airspace.

I explained this to the Russian Air Force Defense Attache on 10 May, 2012 and Russia responded favorably to my exposure of the BUAP.  GRU concluded within 48 hours of my exposure that the United States had the technology to electronically commandeer airliners.  They were correct then and the same is true today.  However, in cases of Sukhoi Superjet and MH17 it needs to be understood that NAV CANADA ( a crown corporation ) also has that ability.

When I was in Malaysia [ 17-20 April, 2014 ] I explained to government and MAS professionals that MH370 was taken by the BHUAP.  A response, verbally, was that the thought of suing Boeing was being considered.  I told those listening that if any entity tried to sue Boeing over the loss of MH370 I would be a 'friend of the court' and a friend to Boeing and point out that Boeing had nothing to gain.  Because the Bombardier product competing with Sukhoi was years behind, it appeared that Bombardier had much to gain from the Sukhoi incident.  In May 2012 I reminded DEFATTRU that a woman who had been on demo flight 1 had been in the cockpit photographing the GPWS switch in the off/fault position.  I mentioned then that I believed that she then reset the switch, clearing the fault, and left the cockpit and the jet.  She was not on the second demo flight which killed 45 innocent people.

Those I briefed in Malaysia did not follow the course of action I prescribed. I suggested that MAS should be the first airline in the world to publicly declare that all Boeing have the BHUAP and ATI installed.  In writing, I have suggested an 'explosive event' on 7-17-2014 and an event on 8-25-2014 may occur.  I suggested to both Malaysia, and later to Emirates CEO Tim Clark that they should inform their pilot groups of the installation of BHUAP and ATI.  To my knowledge, neither MAS nor Emirates has done so.  The lack of education among world pilots regarding the BHUAP and ATI is the reason I was constructively discharged 8 years before my mandatory retirement from Delta which should have occurred 2 October, 2014.

The failure of ALPA and world airlines to educate pilots regarding the BHUAP is also the reason I filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) in September, 2008 and will again file it after my 65th birthday, 2 October, 2014.  The original filing was dismissed without prejudice in January, 2011, which I will argue is a FRAUD UPON THE COURT.

I think NAV CANADA's "Ad-hoc waypoint" is the mechanism by which MH17 was driven into contested airspace.  My thought is that if Russia and Malaysia understand the "Ad-hoc waypoint" existence, they will understand how the Superjet demo and MH17 are related.  And related to Canada.

I would hate to see WWIII erupt because airline companies and ALPA continue to keep pilots ignorant of what Boeing declared publicly on 3 March, 2007.

Scroll down to SO5  Ad-hoc waypoints.

ATC Global 2013 - ITT [Hijack Hotel] Exelis Workshop [2:15 Ad Hoc Waypoints] 

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  1. Now l understand why Canada is sending military aid to Ukraine, supporting NATO and the "5 eyes". Perhaps it was Canadian forces that took over the ATC in Kiev and confiscated the tape recordings?


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