Friday, February 5, 2010

Carbon Disclosure Project Poised to be the Earth's Dictator

10 Downing Street, the headquarters for The Carbon Disclose Project (CDP), could become the address of the “King of the World”.

CDP has a credit pool of $55 trillion. Not satisfied with this paltry amount, the CDP is currently targeting and strong-arming companies which have not joined the CDP. The organization is instructing its existing members to cut off suppliers who do not relegate CO2 emissions to the standard set by the CDP. Suppliers will not have much choice if their clients are Dell, Walmart, IBM, ConAgra or other power houses who can dictate terms to suppliers.

The CDP states that its reason for this demand is altruistic—the planet needs to be saved from man-made global warming (AWG). The CDP states that it is acting in the best interests of the suppliers to save these companies from themselves—this is, from destroying themselves because of their failure to cut CO2 emissions.

In this “green world”, the CDP is the priesthood of the Church of Global Warming. But unlike other earthly religions where members of the congregation are free to leave the church, CDP priests believe that they cannot allow heresy (denying man-made global warming) because to do so will threaten the very survival of the human race, the planet and all living things. All must be on board or all will perish.

This global elite has decided what is best for the earth and its inhabitants. They are not a religion but are an organized crime syndicate. They will use their $55 trillion (and growing) to force the rest humanity to do what the CDP has determined is in humanity's best interests.

In the future, failure to comply could result in the withholding of CDP member products to individuals who do not adhere to the demands of this self appointed elite priesthood. Products withheld could be energy in the case of energy companies, insurance, loans, the ability to use commercial transport or any of the products that we currently take for granted.

The elite behind the CDP believe in the centralized control of money, world government and eugenics.They will push this agenda as the only solution for a world in danger of extinction from AWG. They will decide what kind of life you experience and, ultimately, who lives and who dies.


2 Feb 2010—CDP Clients Look for Green Suppliers
In a report recently issued, the [Fabian bankers’] Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) stated Member companies would cut ties with suppliers who do not properly relegate CO2 emissions. 6% of CDP’s supply chain clients backed this statement, including Google, Dell, PepsiCo and Cadbury, and plan to sever ties with suppliers who do not adhere to carbon regulation.

“Climate change could result in changes in consumer preferences and retail customer demands—we must anticipate and react to such changes to maintain the demand for our product,” PepsiCo argues.

CDP is an independent not for profit organization NFO and holds the world’s largest database of corporate climate change information. Within the CDP, over 87% of the members have set a target to reduce carbon emissions, as compared to only 22% of their suppliers. The suppliers need to impose both short and long-term goals to meet the IPCC’s projections. It is imperative for suppliers to solidify carbon reduction not only for their environment and the community’s sake, but also for their own survival.

The CDP estimates that climate change threatens almost three quarters of CDP companies’ suppliers due to rising sea levels, natural disasters, crop infestation, and coastal erosion. The suppliers that can sustain CO2 reduction will be the suppliers that can maintain clients and sustain profitability.

As a result of the survey, 44 member companies reportedly reached out to 1,402 of their suppliers. While more than half of their suppliers responded, 7 percent did not respond and 42 percent have yet to respond.
Michael Good | Climate Action

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