Tuesday, February 23, 2010


How Sidley Privy Council hid Bhopal Cyanide Bomb
Assisted by One Pair of Hands, Tracy ‘Cat’ Bond Tracks 
Trustees of Pachauri’s Parasitic Pig and Extortion Party

Crew reviews Minnesota Wrecking Crew doing business in Fargo as Abel Danger/CSI (Captain Sherlock investigations). Bean reminded Chips TSA had confiscated the bag for some explosive swab testing and that she had replaced it with a Merlot Magnum Clipper. Banzai 09 is re-dispatched to Warner Robbins AFB to meet Agents Moe Rauder and Tracy ‘Cat’ Bond as they have Limo #4 ready for the 72nd C4ISR meeting at Opryland. Authority warned Oxford PPE [ Parisitic Pig and Extortion] Party had infiltrated saboteurs into the MoD/Allied transportation and catering supply chains. Chatterbox Rico routine Clipper to Natalya Sukhoi etc ‘Balliol College-educated Sir Patrick Mayhew Kt, PC, was Solicitor General for England and Wales from 1983 to 1987. He would have had Privy Council access to MI5/MI6 intelligence linking the 1984 sabotage attack on the Bhopal plant with Bernardine Dohrn, the terrorist boss and Sidley Austin’s alleged mentor of the cat-bond trustee and trigger experts, Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (Now First Lady) and Barry Soetoro (Now POTUS44).’ Chatterbox Clipper to Chips, copy Thrasher and Tracy Cat Bond: ‘Dr. Barnett and Pachauri used Kaya Identity Algorithm to test the Cantor Fitzgerald WTC#1 folks for their commitment to ‘decarbonizing’ the offices above the North Tower Sky Lobby. They authorized Sidley and Cisco to trigger 9/11 cat bonds using Kaya rulesets developed for Carbon Disclosure Project by Obama (Joyce Foundation) and Ginsberg and Sandor at KSM. Chips, if you follow the mathematical or deductive logic you’ll know Kaya argument is valid and the conclusion is false i.e. AGW CO2 does not drive temperature, therefore one or more of the premises is false. Ergo, the Downing Street Privy Council and Pachauri’s PPE Party and their CDP trustees are operating the Kaya Indentity Algorithm as a RICO. It’s in one pair of hands now’. Chips began musing ‘If we, the little people God refers to in Matthew 25:40, are not saved by ONE PAIR OF HANDS, evil wins, let's roll”

Prior to getting into the gripping drama dripping with pathos and eclectic lethal innuendo, let’s review the basic object of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew doing business in Fargo as Abel Danger/CSI (Captain Sherlock investigations). While we must remove the scourge from 1600, it is vitally important that we determine the identity, pedigree and motives behind this enemy of the OCTOpussies. One thing we know already, this gunner is not Pussy Galore but we know she is targeting Reid-Pelosi-BooBoo-HRC in that order. Grab some popcorn as the Wrecking Crew from Minnesota’s Abel Danger Office take you on our ‘flight to freedom’. Think of this as a prologue not to be confused with Agent Chips’ PRO-LOG, capeche?

Who is the female above and why is she targeting the Kenyan below?

As Banzai 09 resumed a .83 IMN cruise and the fighters settled into combat spread a KC135, Upset 41, checked in on the VHF freq being monitored by Tango Whiskey, Banzai Pipeline, Dwarf and in J-Stars, Brumhilde.

“Upset 41 estimating ARCP in 15 minutes, we will turn the tanker at 20 left and 16 miles blocking 240-260. Limeys cleared in at 240, Roughriders at 250, zipper.”

A series of 4 clicks came in from Roughrider 1 and Limey 1 indicating they had all the standard chickenshit down pat. In the front cockpit of Roughrider 01 a request was made for another Grolsch widebody as the forward stick was shaken. In the pit, Teen Angel passed a pair of GWBs over Roughrider’s left shoulder as he took the rear stick in his right hand and shook it a little.

In the Head of State Bedroom Agent Beanie was shaking a stick with a different purpose in mind as the PA in all parts of Banzai 09 went live with a Clipper from Umbrellaman. The message was a routine Clipper involving the planning of Tea Party Express III to be revealed to the public on the same day that an aircraft will fly into an FBI or IRS office in Austin, Texas. Abel Danger’s financial derivatives guru from Chicago, Mitch Stack, had suggested his relative, a software engineer had some strong and accurate feelings about the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 and wasn’t in a mind frame to take it lying down which was diametrically opposite from Agent Beanie who loved taking it lying down, standing up, leaning over a futon, in the Jacuzzi, out in the yard or best of all in the back a 1966 Lincoln with suicide doors.

As Agent Beanie continued shaking, Chips suggested Bean attempt to contact Abel Danger’s Stevie R. Gowray on her Clipper medical bag. Bean reminded Chips that TSA had confiscated the bag for some explosive swab testing and that she had replaced it with a Merlot Magnum Clipper. Moments later the Blue Tooth feature of a CD player in a 1976 Eldorado convertible in Firemist Garnet stopped “Mr. Blue Skies” by ELO to accommodate a priority Clipper from Agent Bean to Agent Stevie R. Gowray of the Abel Danger office in Forth Worth, Texas, the cowtown where on 2 October, 1949 Chips had been born at Harris Hospital, in Tarrant County. It is also the city where JFK spent his last evening on earth at the hotel not far from the Flying Saucer where Chips enjoyed washing down the trail dust whenever his duties took him ‘home’ to Texas. Waa-hoo.

“Stevie, cowtown, secure, go”.

“Stevie, Bean, secure aboard Banzai 09. Chips suggests you recall level 3 Abel Danger gals and get them into position within a 30 mile radius of Gaylord Opryland Hotel for liability period 2-7 February. Abel Danger OPERATION SWAMP DRAIN to be briefed as it appears AMALGAM WHISTLER’S MOTHER will derail the snare set at the Winter Olympics. Feather Duster, Piloti, Non President Resident and Roadhog all scheduled for early transfers, so to speak. If you have contact with Bravo Zulu in the city where NASA has the WB57s that brought down the wall for Reagan in 1989 after successive draught caused crop failures across the USSR, please ensure she contacts her cel-mate Joy Jon of Alexandria as we need their MOS’s available for the National Convention and also Tea Party Express III reference Purple Limo, how copy?”

“Bean, Stevie, got it all, please call when you are on the ground for some RHS news involving March, 2011 which will be in celebration of OPERATION SWAMP DRAIN and the part played by Ramey’s own 72nd C4ISR. Stevie out.”

“Bean out”.

“Chips in, and out, and in, and out…..”

“I see our soldier has returned to duty” commented Beanie as she set C240 and selected F4 on her Merlot Magnum. Having given much thought to those intent on destroying America and recalling how Chips had suggested the Administration forced upon America in Jan 09 were not fit for a Cyrkle Jerk, Beanie demonstrated her ability to ‘think outside the box’ while Chips demonstrated his ability that was essentially the reciprocal.

As high school friends at Ramey AFB, young Beanie and Chips had spent an evening at Survival Beach while both sets of parents were at a nearly mandatory function at the Ramey AFB Officers Club where Hubert Humphrey had bored the assembly to tears as he and his wife Muriel visited from ice-cold Minnesota where some 46 years later MBS would signal the changing of the guards, so to speak as Michele Bachman and Mr. Blue Skies worked independently to ensure that the swamp would be drained in the mid-term erection of 2010 where is was assumed that Mr. Blue Skies would challenge Collin Peterson for the US House seat from Minnesota’s 7th District as Michele Bachman would be re-elected in a landslide after Colleen Rowley and Chips made their appearances at the March 8th, 2010 re-investigate 911 event in London, England not to be confused with London, Kentucky where Abel Danger Agents monitor the timely payments of retirements due fighter pilots such as Chips who, in reality, have never retired.

“Switch” commanded Beanie.

As Chips completed a ‘tuck under break’ without falling off the boom a priority Clipper came in from Name Dropper in the Western Florida office:
“Namedropper priority clipper to Chips, Uncle Ray, Marquis d’Cartier copy Hamish: The Tango Whiskey Report (TWR) has learned from a veteran member of the White House Press Corps that the Obama administration has made it known through White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, not one of the Bee Gees, and other White House Communications officials that certain questions posed by the reporters who cover the White House are definitely off-limits in the interest of transparency. On the banned list are: any questions about Obama’s post-Columbia University employment with Business International Corporation (BIC), a global financial and political information company AD had identified as a front for the CIA, Obama’s withheld records while he was a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles from 1979 to 1981 including his student aid application listing him as from Indonesia and a Muslim, his records at Columbia University from which he and Zgibeniew Brzenski played hooky from as they toured Pakistan on a Kenya Passport which was then part of the UK empire as well as his records sealed at Punahou School which Agent Chips, Punahou ’67, got to before Barry’s Granny could have the Obama friendly insider at Goldman Sachs Honolulu remove the file much like the Road Hog had removed the FBI file and some furniture from the White House when she and ‘gadget bent’ got sent packing. Dropper, Moxie G and the 2 marshals will be ‘hanging around’ Opryland from 2-7 as per SMEAC brief. Dropper, QB26.”
As Bean was occupying the high ground, as it were, she was able to monitor Chips’ incoming Clipper as Chips got the message through his ear piece coupled to his Clipper Squirt Gun. Looking at the C240 timer Bean realized there was still 221 minutes to go before any squirting of a non-communicative variety. She closed her eyes and pictured the much younger Chips who had gotten her over her shyness and helped get her over the chain link fence across Cliff Road from FO3 on that Friday night so long ago while the Ramey Bombers enjoyed a rare Friday night with no football game. Beanie and Chips had been playing another game, a new game just as in Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, and it was more than touch, to continue in the football vein.

 As Chips and Beanie hit their mutually satisfactory 540 rpm synergy, an immediate Clipper came into Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun nearly causing an early exploculation from the ever affable swordsman who had never thought that living in the city was his idea of ‘getting it on’ although when prompted by Marvin Gaye and Agent Bean he was more than capable of getting it on for hours at a time. As Chips turned his attention to the Clipper, Agent Bean selected D6 but not like the D6 Caterpillars that were loading military hardware and clearing railroad tracks of HAARP induced snows during all Gore’s inspired Global Warming all over America.

“KSM witness Dwarf immediate Clipper to Chips, copy Namedropper, Tango, Rico and Dr. Mo Libideaux: Chips et. al.: would hate to interrupt any in depth debriefing but thought you may wish to see this recent blast from the UK. Looks like disinfo to Tango and myself but we are running it by Corazon at ICE as well as Clinton Reuben in the Illinois National Guard Adjutant General office. If we find cause for concern, will send an immediate Clipper to follow as we bring in the photo recon assets of Camp Mirage to support. Banzai and Otto standing by in Trondheim and Tokyo, we have boobs on the ground at Camp Mirage, Natalya Sukhoi of Abel Danger Almaty. Dwarf”

Bean thought Chips had that ‘ready aim’ look on his face so she called for a rare early disconnect which Chips honored in keeping with the Elvis Presley creedo spirit-faith-discipline and when it came to ‘spearing it’ our Man Chips was always faithful and generally disciplined. As Beanie presented a different aspect, Chips honored her request as he positioned for an unobserved stern shot as she began to growl like a Chihuahua.

Up in the cockpit Hoss called ‘turn the tanker’ as he and Stone saw it breaking 20 miles on their SKR monitor. Upset could be seen executing a standard rate turn from Banzai’s left to right as, due to the meteorological conditions, it began ‘marking’ intermittently.

“Roughrider tally”

“Limey tally”

Two clicks from the boomer and all four fighters could see the boom lowered and extended to the ‘green apple’. As Roughrider went to pre-contact, Dirtball joined in echelon right as Limey flight joined in echelon left. As Roughrider and TA felt the hydraulic jaws clamp down on the boom, Roughrider said ‘hit me’ as TA passed up another Grolsch and continued looking up and to the left to monitor the green apple as he hung on the boom. TA reached up to put his mask back on as the F4Ds were 3-baggers and they weren’t the easiest to refuel with as they got heavier.

The fighters cycled thru the boom in the order Roughrider 1, Limey 1, Roughrider 2 and Limey 2. Just as Limey 2 was going ‘no flow’ Pilgrim 01 flight checked in on the frequency. Banzai and Otto were monitoring the big picture while overhead Brumhilde in the J-Stars was blocking Air Patrol, ADT, Camp Mirage and the UN AWACS similar to the 2 330s off NYC and WDC on 9/11 or the older OTAN AWACS that participated in a recent Guard Drill weekend at the Florida ANG Base in Jacksonville where in the mid 80s Chips and Sting had been scrambled to intercept a Carrier Air Wing flyoff as a CVA en route from NAS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico sent the brown shoes flying from 300 miles southeast of Port Orange Florida just 6 miles from the North Turn Bar where Chips, Stone and their ladies enjoy washing down the trail dust after a hard day of rounding up some strays. Chips and Sting had been briefed that the CAW would be blocking 220-280 as they flew toward Navy Cecil, Navy Jax, Oceana NAS and Beaufort MCAS. Chips had given Sting the high airspace and he took 210 and below for himself so they could run with lights off, strobes off, and radar/transponders/emitters off and convert on any nav lights heading for ‘feet dry’ on a northwesterly track.

Sting and Chips had their fill of unobserved stern shots as the carrier air wing assumed the USAF F4Ds would be lit up like Christmas trees. Foolish assumption on the squids’ parts. The only lights from either F4 was an occasional burner plume as Sting or Chips asked each other ‘posit’. The air-boss of the Neverdock was not as happy as the duty hammer of the SEADS. Pisser. This was about the same time that on celluloid the bald headed Air Boss in the Combat Information Center aboard Tom Cruise’s aircraft carrier ordered that “Willard and Simpkin” be readied on ‘cat 3’ not to be confused with Cat Ballou or Cat Bonds which made Larry Silverstein very wealthy on 9/11 as he was ordering the NYFD to ‘pull’ WTC 7 which is a little stretch as there was not time to place the demolition explosives in Building 7 between the time Larry ordered it and it occurred. Hmmhhhh, me thinks I smellest a rat.

As the Limeys were being replaced by the Pilgrim flight of 2 from Otis ANGB near Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Code, the Pilgrims went to Upset 41 to be topped off prior to Upset RTBing to Thule where in 1957 the Pastels had recorded “Been So Long” which would, years later, give birth to a chain of English Pubs called “The Lengthy Portion” where real life citizens would gather to share intel, beer, and DNA as we, the little people, would come together years after the Beatles had disbanded and John Lennon had been snuffed for his intention to publicize the mission assigned the Beatles by the commies intent on taking over America.

 Those 1960s commies would be displaced by even more offensive Fabian Marxists beginning in 1979 as Billy Carter’s draft dodging brother gave birth to Femme Comp Inc, the Senior Executive Service and the intentionally compromised hostage rescue involving US Marines flying long range US Navy RH53D heloes and USAF staff weenies in a C130 that collided on the ground due to rotor wash while at Annapolis first class midshipmen were sporting class rings with LCWB written on the Class of 1979 side and ‘Ex Scientia Tridens’ written on the other side. Now, Nancy Pelosi, Obama and Hillary, what does LCWB stand for? I can assure you it doesn’t stand for the last train to Clarksville which I’d be on if I were any of you three, Harry Reid or the perps of the Treasonous Topoff of 2001 that Abel Danger thwarted prior to thwarting Christmas Eve 2006 and Whistler’s Mother 2010. Of course you pawns of Soros, Strong and the 8 OCTOpus banks could prove us wrong by triggering the AMEC goodies pre-placed in the chokepoint near Whistler but that would just bring a lot more scrutiny to the defendant list at Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 which is on Holder’s desk as of 19 January, 2010 and a more lethally precise version will be delivered by a long, very long car in the Tea Party Express 3 tour arriving in DC on 15 April, 2010, capeche?

Now before you three perverts do anything regrettable like fly a private aircraft into an IRS office consider some military history:

  1. Which Kansas Air Force Base is named for Wichita’s 3 flying brothers of WWII fame?
  2. Which LT(jg) got the USS Cassidy ‘out of harm’s way’ on the morning of 7 December, 1941
  3. Which USAF fighter pilot has the record of most jet-jet kills
  4. Which WWII USAF bomber pilot has the record of 4 engine v 4 engine kills
  5. Which USAF F4 pilot has the Guinness record for lowest video-taped jet to jet air refueling
  6. Which of the ‘above 5’, read ACE, assembled the 100 named defendants at Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and a hint: it is the same guy who will hand Eric Holder the other 24 names on 15 April, 2010 as the Tea Party Express 3 official limo reaches Washington DC where on 9/11/01 Captain Chic Burlingame, USNA ’71 did neither die at the hands of Muslims, nor lose control of AA77. It was taken out to the Atlantic Drop Box and downed with SMACsonic. I dare call that Treason. And I dare call you PFers Traitors, capeche?

The F15s from Otis had just finished topping off and had balanced the flight by joining Banzai 09 on the left in combat spread as Hoss grabbed his mic to brief Roughrider, Pilgrim, J-Stars and Upset 41.

“Limey’s are cleared RTB New Hebrides, Upset 41 cleared RTB Thule, Roughrider, Pilgrim, Banzai and J-Stars are now redispatched to Carswell AFB to be briefed on arrival by the Cowboy with the football. Anyone code 3 or hurting for fuel prior to feet dry, speak.”

After a silent break Hoss again spoke. “Upset 51 is 100 on the nose and will be available to J-Stars if you can hang with us to Carswell. MP-66, the MQ-9 Reaper is sniffing around and keeping us safe according to Otto and Banzai in Norway and Tokyo. Natalya Sukhoi from Taldykorgan office of Abel Danger has boobs on the ground at Camp Mirage and confirms ADT/Air Patrol/Johnson HVAC/Sodexho/Compass are ‘caged’ not dissimilar to the way the monster will be caged when Chips finishes off Beanie, if that does, in fact, occur. Questions?”

Once again silence as the armada sauntered west at .83 IMN and now at FL310 although Banzai had an ALTREV for 330 crossing Gander. From his vantage point in the right seat Stone could see Upset 41 stop marking as the power came back and an enroute descent was commenced. He had also seen the Limeys initiate a reheat cross turn as they climbed to 380 direct New Hebrides. Looking down the right wingline of the B727 REW he saw that Roughrider still had his mask hanging from the left and a GWB in his ungloved right hand. Stone wondered if Michael Jackson, of the Jackson Five, and OJ also had ungloved rights. His wondering ceased as Hamish sent out a priority Clipper from his Clipper Sherlock Holmes pipe from the cheap seats behind the 3-holer wingline at roughly the same time 5 Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson would be getting court martialed for attempting to poison non Muslim soldiers at their own base. It’s a good thing that the JCS has removed the football from One Big Ass Mistake America see the capitalized first initials, capeche?.
“Blabbermouth Hamish priority Clipper to Chips, Rico, Gravedigger and Dwarf,, Marquis d’Cartier, Name Dropper and Tea Party Express 3: Chips et al; Belief David Emerson (YVRAS) and Kellogg's Larry Levy built a transportation/catering industry supply chain to trigger cat bonds and enrich government supporters of BC climate fraud now proven false by Abel Danger’s Agent Del N. Pole, Chips, Nano al-Umina and Kid Shaleen. Gravedigger and Dwarf, please hold for release until Palo Alto, Cave Creek, and IRS aircraft ‘hits’ completed. Emerson-Kellogg Cat Bonds and their relationship to British Columbia Climate Fraud squarely in sites of Cat Ballou’s trigger man and his female accomplice from Fort Worth. Kellogg School alumni led by ‘Limp Larry’ Levy (’67) built a transportation and catering industry supply chain to trigger cat bonds and enrich government supporters of B.C.'s carbon tax and climate frauds ...

... Our KSM agents have evidence to suggest that Emerson and Levy placed al-Qaeda (?) saboteurs in the YVRAS and Levy Restaurants / Compass Group supply chain for 9/11 attacks which triggered cat bonds and eliminated whistleblowers such as Carlton Bartels founder of, who might otherwise have exposed the BC ‘Climategate’ frauds. As Climategate scandals continue to expose widespread fraud in the global warming “scientific” community, three major companies this week announced their withdrawal from the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a lobbying group of businesses and radical environmentalists that “have come together to call on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.” BP America, ConocoPhillips and Caterpillar were the largest companies to withdraw from the group this week revealing a refreshing new boldness from companies once browbeaten by radical environmentalists into supporting “global warming” legislation.” It should be noted that Abel Danger’s Fargo headquarters has acquired the largest consignment of Caterpillar equipment in history with which to scuttle rail lines if disinfo regarding domestic military buildup in US is proven to be other than ‘poppycock’. Please explore the links herein and investigate B.C.’s ‘Climategate’ frauds to ensure that the Emerson-Kellogg supply chains have been purged of saboteurs who appear to have been hired to trigger cat bonds and enrich government trustees, insiders and bureaucrats through insurance claims made on behalf of their pension funds (bcIMC). Concurrent to your efforts, assumed to be limp and placating taffy pulling at best, Kid Shaleen, Tim Strawn and Agent Chips will continue to bring weapons, intel and pressure to bear on the perverts hired by OCTOpus to take down the United States prior to 2035 and exert immense pressure of US Citizens and families until the enslavement is completed as outlined in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892. Hamish”

Stone didn’t really spend much time trying to decipher the Clipper from Hamish knowing fully well that his father would explain it to him later. At the time that Stone was having that respectful thought of his father who would later assume the mantle of Captain America and fly a red, white, and blue F4D [ tail number 66-7478 ] around US airspace to demonstrate that the perverts serving the OCTOpus had been suppressed and that security had been restored in airspace guarded by NORAD and North Command.

 It just so happened that a member of Chips’ and Chic Burlingame’s USNA Class of 1971, Admiral Tim Keating, also a Naval Aviator like Chips and Chic, would be the second longest serving member of that Annapolis Class as he signed in as a Midshipman 4/c on 28 June, 1967 and retired as an Admiral in the fall of 2009 at the exact same time Chips was recalled from Kazakhstan to ensure ‘domestic tranquility’ as the NUC codes were reassigned to Cowboy.

 Chips, who had first sworn an oath at the forerunner of Abel Danger on 1 February, 1967 continues serving the United States of America and upholding his oath to the present day. In fact, it is assumed that Chips’ rolling command vehicle, the Purple Reign II, will be within M249 range of the lead bus in the upcoming tour to take back America and drain the swamp, Tea Party Express III. As the hit parade is set for Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi-BHO-HRC ‘resets’ we expect ‘heart stint’ and Caravelle will jump in to prop up Hillary and other left wing dingbats whose time and opportunity have come and gone. It is assumed that HRC is getting ‘more tired’ and will pull the plug prior to the mid-term erection if she is wise.

 The Tea Party Express III will kickoff in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada and The Rogue Warrior and Agent Chips will again assemble to provide leadership and Truth to the political ground swell that will wash most of the democratic incumbents out of Washington in November, 2010. Agent Moose, aka The Rogue Warrior, and Agent Chips were last in close proximity on 6 February, 2010 when she was the keynote speaker at the National Convention of the Tea Party. With the Tea Party Express III, we have the Rogue Warrior, Michele Bachman and Agent Chips ‘all aboard’ and it will be a harbinger of a bad deal for the Demo-rats who didn’t vet the Resident and almost crammed Marxist health care down the throats of a rapidly awakening American population that will be checking their ballots for brads in November, 2010. Abel Danger Agent Brad Gale of Don’s Car Wash, Moorhead and Agent Tina Ethan of Fryn’ Pan will be monitoring the voting machines that Mike Connell of Ohio could comment on if he had not been ARKANCIDED in his private plane in November of 2009 before he could comment on the record regarding Diebold, Ohio and Florida.

Stone was interrupted in his thought by MaryAnne MATS who entered the wide-open cockpit door wearing no shirt and with martini olives in both nostrils. Hoss, who had seen all this stuff before as a pilot with Air America then Herman’s Northliners, harked back to happier days as Stone got an eyeful of some globes first viewed by his father in August, 1964 at FO9 Cliff Road, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico when Chips had stopped by her parent’s house to collect on his paper route. MaryAnne’s parents were at the O’Club pool with her brothers and she was smitten with her paperboy and she was well aware of his reputation for being fond of globes knowing fully well geography was not his thrust. Our man Chips was very happy to shut off his 1961 Cushman Eagle with a ‘spider’s web’ shifter as he went into the home with MaryAnne and enjoyed a web of another nature.

At their tender ages the delay in the paper route collecting was not very long but time had been kind to both Chips and MaryAnne MATS and she was aware that he known was known as the Fireman and not the Minute Man, not to suggest any disrespect for members of the National Guard, the Air National Guard or the Patriot Guards who will be protecting Agent Chips on any national tours involving the Tea Party and the Purple Reign II with the interesting license plates. Hoss kept his eyes on the horizon as MaryAnne gave Stone a quick view of what was just behind the thin layer of pastel sapphire. Chips was thinking his father’s career choice had been very wise. As MaryAnne relaxed the downward stretch on the front of her thong and covered up on top also, a routine Clipper came in all over the Banzai 9 three holer approaching waypoint PRAWN off the Canada coast. As MaryAnne was all buttoned up and looking professional she turned to go and then added one parting comment to Stone: “I could really go for some hot Irish Oatmeal if you have an hour or two of time Stone” as she handed him a key to the secondary crew rest facility.

Stone thought about the offer from his father’s high school classmate Hoss noticed a bulge beginning to make itself evident. “Stone, print out that Clipper from Kid Shaleen and then why don’t you go back and make sure that the Crew Rest facility toward the aft galley is properly supplied?”

“Thanks Hoss, I was getting a little sleepy after this 4 hour crossing. Should I find Buck Naked and send him up to watch the panel” asked Stone as he became erect to ambulate aft passing the printout from Kid Shaleen while doing so.

“No need Stone, old guys like your dad and I knew that with a 3 foot dowel with chewing gum on the tip we could run the engineer panel from the left seat. Of course that was before ALPA and Senator Dorgan were providing horseshit oversight of aviation safety. I sure hope when DoDo leaves he encourages John Prater, President of ALPA to exit also as they both have been aware of the illegal modifications to Boeings going back to as early as 11 December, 2006 before Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447 went down consistent with the intel provided by Chips to Dorgan and Prater as early as 11 December, 2006. Enjoy the rest.”

As Stone exited to go keep MaryAnne’s fever down, Hoss read the incoming Clipper.

“Chatterbox Kid Shaleen routine Clipper to Name Dropper, Bean, Stevie R. Gowray and Bravo Zulu, copy Tango and Banzai 09 cockpit crew: Banzai 09 now re-dispatched to Warner Robbins AFB to meet Agents Moe Rauder and Tracy ‘Cat’ Bond as they have Limo #4 ready for the 72nd C4ISR meeting at Opryland. Bravo Zulu and Stevie will be at Warner Robbins along with Agent James Crosby or his designee. There will be a surprise wingman joining at waypoint PRAWN to escort down east coast. Name Dropper to liase with the Ramey Limo Crew regarding Abel Danger KU-SunnySideUp. Shaleen.”

As Hoss finished the message Dwarf entered the cockpit with Agent Del N. Pole and Natayla Antonov. As they all had beverages they asked if Hoss would like an ‘eye opener’ or a break for his helmsman duties. Hoss held up a half full mineral water bottle and said he was staying put until Stone returned from putting his nose in MaryAnne’s business.

“Hoss, here is the re-dispatch message that was triggered by Shaleen. Our encryption also contains more info than the ACARS and you can expect the Pilgrims from Otis to be replaced by a special F4D over PRAWN. At that time Upset 61 will take over as admin lead of our Flying Circus until we start down into Warner Robbins. Also encrypted was a message from Moxie G suggesting she would be disguised as a body double for Chips and Moxie G would then travel to Nashville with Stevie R. Gowray and Bravo Zulu….”

Hoss interrupted Dwarf with a question.

“Are you an encryption type guy as well as ELINT fluent?”

“Sure am, although I grew up near where Buddy Knox lives, which is south of the home of the Guess Who and north of Bobby Vee’s hometown. A friend from Toronto invented an end terminal for computers in the early 1950’s called T-Scan and it was an incredible unit, sort of like Chips has an incredible unit. He designed the code for it but a friend suggested that the CIA may wish to take if from them like they later did with Promis and Inslaw while suiciding Danny Casolaro the night he and Chips were drinking Guinness in West Virginia. LIE-MAN told them that if they wanted it he would give it to them but with a [ ITEM V ] mod that would enhance the security more than a thousand fold over the Swiss Crypto that the CIA was using at that time. ITEM V is still classified and the inventor has not been seen since 1976 the same year Burton Cummings sang Stand Tall, Varian Associates hired LIE-MAN and Chips resigned from the USMC to become a Happy Hooligan with the North Dakota Air National Guard. Sigvard Varian invented the reflex klystron that made space communications possible after they bought LIE-MAN’s system and hired him for their computer division. Shortly thereafter he invented the UHF klystrons that were needed in astronomy. He also invented the magnetometer units for towing behind ships and aircraft and a smaller back pack unit. Varian later developed the light-multiplying Star-scope and fiber-optic cables that are still in use today. LIE-MAN and I went different routes after I was asked by the RCAF to work on fire control systems that fired the missiles on the F86 Sabres and the CF-100s that Chips used to fly against in his trusty F4D or FORD. When Diefenbaker the village idiot from Ontario cut the CF-fighters into one foot pieces I left the RCAF and went to work for CAE in Winnipeg where Dylan’s Irish Pub was the Abel Danger Intel Swap shop. I worked the Pine-tree line until the transfer between RCAF and USAF. My men maintained the radars, installed the radar domes and antennas. We also had a contract to install the four TACAN sites in western BC and Whitehorse for the USAF for pilots such as Chips and yourself who routinely flew between Alaska and the Uppa US, capeche?”

“Uppa your ass too Dwarf, tell me more about encryption, when I flew the C7A Caribou in ‘nam we didn’t even have armored pilot seats, never mind encrypted comm., I’m all ears”.

“Hoss, after the Pine Tree and TACAN capers I went on the DEW line for 30 months and helped install the Sure-Stop communications upgrade. Then Northrop wanted me as the First Signal Brigade, US Army in Viet Nam was gaining the same facility while MEC corporation, later to be renamed AMEC just as McConnell International became Clinton Rubin and Barry Soetoro became Barrack H. O., was secretly digging supply tunnels for the NVA so they could avoid Chips’ father’s B52 nocturnal carpet bombing campaigns called Rolling Thunder and Linebacker. I spent 5 years in Viet Nam and saw everything from local girls doing ‘spinners’ in rattan baskets to a future FBI ‘name’ running a black market in the safe zone while his Marine peers were being injured or kill in the bush. I was in country during the TET and also the strike that injured Kim T. Phuc. She immigrated into Canada and is still amongst us today, not to be confused with the ‘tracking’ software AMUNGUS which monitors traffic at the Abel Danger blogspots operating at 8 of the 10 Captain Sherlock countries. Chips and Hamish are the first persons I know willing to open the ‘encryption’ and ‘cyber’ doors that Obama, Gore, Pelosi and HRC thought were firmly shut. The snitch in Clinton Rubin is doing yeoman’s work for us as are the black gang at FCI Chantilly, Sidley Austin, Compass and Johnson Controls whose HVAC designs seem similar to Honeywell models. Chips was in Phoenix in November where he met the snitches from Raytheon that fingered Songbird. It appears that the Cat Bond scams would never have been uncovered if that Fat Head from Tennessee had not blown his Clipper assignment with ATT at the same time Michelle was losing her law license. Holder knows that he is getting an ‘explosive’ Qui Tam on 15 April, 2010 at High Noon and he further expects the Big Iron of the Final Shoot-out at the F-M corral to be the delivery boy. I need to get back to the defensive weapons console but let me leave these names as ‘clues’: Socreds, Dr. Thompson WAC Bennet of BC Social Credit, Ernest and Preston Manning, Joe Clark, Brian and Peter, Schriber and Bavarian Strauss who scuttled Boeing contracts in favor of Airbus as Airbus was illegally modifying Boeings at Abbottsford prior to the French Canadian Attack of 9/11 under Maurice Baril. Perhaps you have read ‘The Insiders’ by John Swatsky. I will explain how the NVA got all their weapons into the big cities after I monitor the rejoin of Banzai 09 and Mike Papa 02.”

“Thanks Dwarf, that was quite a mouthful”.

“Funny but when I walked by the Head of State Bedroom I heard Agent Bean making a similar comment to Chips.” As Dwarf left the cockpit Hoss heard 3 short beeps on the SKR and looking into the orange scope he saw a single return on the nose at 180 miles. Doing the math he realized that in 10 minutes the ‘unknown rider’ would be merging with the Flying Circus. He clicked his VHF mic 4 times. From Roughrider 01 a single word response. “Friendly”. Hoss went back to doing his Sudoku.

Back in the Head of State Bedroom Chips noticed a change in the proposed flight track magenta line and he extrapolated the line out to the destination waypoint. He saw that Warner Robbins was now the destination and that the enroute time was less than 3 hours.

“Beanie, we only have 3 hours ‘til touchdown. Could you dial down the episiotmy selector to 3 hour from ADL [ all day long ] so when can finish each other off before landing?” Without missing a stroke Bean did as requested and felt the frequency increase noticeably above the ADL setting of 540 rpm just like Chips’ 1984 IH model 284’s low speed PTO setting.

“Chips, this is so exciting I think I may exploculate before the three hour time is up, would that displease you?”

“Beanie, I think if I put this old song from our Ramey days on and your dial the episiotomy index back to ADL we can make it for the full enduro, I will select 180 and C4 and see if that helps delay exploculation.”

“Ah Chips, that song should be called wiener-magic, keep de-flowering your flower girl”. Chips could tell from her energy and facial expression that she would need the Minnesota Vikings tube sock to bite down on in about 2 hours and 53 minutes. As Chips was hammering his message home and Beanie was thinking back to the Warner Theater where Chips had first ‘examined’ her in August of 1964, three red LED lights blinked on her Clipper Merlot Magnum. Even though her eyes were closed, she sensed it and asked Chips to please handle the clipper as she called ‘Switch’.
“Blabbermouth Agent Del N. Pole to Bean, Tango, Uncle Ray, and Name Dropper, copy Umbrellaman: Bean, if Chips comes up for air show him this blog entry that addresses the Abel Danger concerns with Sodexho-Compass-Johnson Controls and FCI-Colorado Springs and how the Fabian Marxists continue to pit Muslim v. USA in  I warned those in authority that the Oxford PPE [ Parisitic Pig and Extortion] Party had infiltrated saboteurs into the MoD/Allied transportation and catering supply chains. Consider this: Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested at Fort Jackson in South Carolina Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2010 3:35:11 PM by Former Military Chick CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were arrested just before Christmas and are in custody. The five men were part of the Arabic Translation program at the base. The men are suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson. A source with intimate knowledge of the investigation, which is ongoing, told CBN News investigators suspect the “Fort Jackson Five”, not to be confused with the Jackson 5 or their Mormon counterparts the Osmonds who should not be confused with Tim Osman may have been in contact with the group of five Washington, DC area Muslims that traveled to Pakistan to wage jihad against U.S. troops in December. That group was arrested by Pakistani authorities, also just before Christmas. Coming as it does on the heels of November’s Fort Hood jihadist massacre, this news has major implications. Agent Del N. Pole, aloft enroute BNA”
“How about some due diligence of Yves Fortier's Global Guardians and Canada's Camp Mirage” thought Chips as he hammered away on the project that he and Agent Bean found as important as when they first sampled each other’s wares after a Saturday night sneak preview at Ramey’s Warner Theater on a hot August night in 1964 after watching Peter Seller’s playing 3 characters in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove which young and shy Beanie thought was Chips’ “strange glove” as digital exams were always a favorite of his not only at the Warner Theater but also at Survival Beach, Crash Boat Beach, Officer’s Beach, the backyard of his FO3 Cliff Road residence and the back seat of the silver 1957 Chevy Convertible with the red interior that was in the open air garage behind Major Tom Greene’s duplex on E Street. Tom was the B52 AC married to school teacher Bobbie Greene who had a 1963 Mercury Meteor in dark metallic blue where as the Major was reduced to riding a very old Cushman motor scooter due to the financial realities of having been previously married.

As Chips dutifully continued stuffing his Abel Danger stablemate he thought back to the years where Boo Boo claims to have been at Columbia University even though 100% of his classmates cannot remember seeing his ‘skinny 1/8th black gluteus maximus’ on campus not to be confused with the Sodexho like poisoner of US military troops Compass which is similarly named as the regional airline that has backfilled the drawing down of main line NWA and later Delta flying as the DoDo Dorgan enabled Prater aviation experiment is foisted upon those in America too ignorant to take Amtrak, Greyhound or hitch a ride with any of Captain Sherlock’s 47 LT1 powered Limos provided by Cherokee Auto Group of Canton GA where they have the AQFB-27T comm. suite installed at nearby Warner Robbins AFB where between 13-17 April, 2010 Agents James Crosby, Chips, Corazon and Thrasher may attend the Ramey Historical Society meeting and tour the second biggest collection of historical Air Force planes in the US.

As the enduro continued at 540+ rpm, it occurred to Agent Marquis d’Cartier in the Vancouver University Library that the third tentacle of the OCTOpus was about to be ripped off by the ever affable and never flappable Agent Chips who was currently ‘on assignment’ slamming the sausage to a willing co-operative of Abel Danger in the interest of Global Peace, Domestic tranquility and getting his rocks off, as well as hers I might add in a discrete and lethally accurate aside. As Beanie called ‘Switch’ another Clipper came across the 24 x 48 mural of a Monet that graced the forward wall of the Head of State Bedroom as Beanie bore down on the straight eight in the Head of State.
“Chatterbox Ciane B. Dooper, FCI C-Springs immediate Clipper to Marquis d’Cartier, Hamish, Chips and Umbrellaman: “ Nice work you PFers, you’ve fingered me and Chantilly is getting heat from Holder, Caravelle and Gadget Bent. Please have the Purple Reign II Limo extract me from this George Soros hell hole ASAP. If I go down the bitch in Sidley goes down, ‘heart stint’s honey’ goes down, the facedropper from GayBay goes down and the Feather Duster from Searchlight’s ass is grass. I am not taking the fall for the PFers who wish to paint POTUS 43 as a slouch. If he was a slouch what does that make Hot Air and Gadget Bent. KSM trial is going to Fargo as the former US Attorney Drew Wrigley, who will acknowledge Chips at 1915 2-22-2010 at the West Cantini of Paradiso’s on the I29 west frontage road, dutifully passed the Qui Tam to Mukasey with the assistance of his ‘church lady’ CB. This Holder-Obama house of cards is getting torched just like the foreclosed home in Moscow, Ohio got bull dozed.. Not me, I am outta here. CBD.”

As Chips reviewed the incoming he kept his Irish Ham in stride with Agent Bean’s cardio pulmonary enhancing jazzercise knowing that if she did not practice the same Spirit Faith Discipline that all of Elvis Presley’s TCB Agents were sworn to uphold an uncharacteristic early exploculation might send his 3 18 ounce tins of Smoked Oysters flying off into oblivion rather than into Offutt AFB where Warren Buffett hosted 300+ Goldman Sachs Bankers on 9/11 to give them plausible excusibility from being in the twin towers when Druyen’s Drones followed MDA guidance into Raytheon laser designated targets for benefit of the 8 OCTOpus bankers that will be pissing like little girls when they read this chapter knowing that it has already been time stamped at FBI, Quantico, Abel Danger Fargo and with the Wasilla Moose. Hot Air, Gadget Bent, Boo Boo and Feather Duster have just been Trec Phuced and when Abel Danger Trec Phucs someone, they stay Phuced.

As Bean called ‘Switch’ Chips reviewed the ugly pusses of two perverts that were ‘missing in action’ from Columbia University during the time frame of Tim Osman and Granny’s camping trip to Pakistan during the embargo of US passports into that region in 1981. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Blocking one’s ears with two middle fingers isn’t going to make the truth go away, the administration to avoid the marchers, or the KSM Trial not to be public in US Court, District of North Dakota, with the ‘Big Iron’. When the Tea Party Express III tour rolls into DC on 15 April, 2010 there may be 3-5 more Dem-o-rat Senators who will announce they are taking the Dodd-Dorgan-Bayh escape maneuver before the shit hits the fan in the mid-term erections and Senate/Congress folks are put on Social Security and any Public Health Insurance plan that may be created by those about ready to be replaced at the polling place. Agent Bean was enjoying Chips’ poling and she called ‘switch’ which reminded Chips of the suggestion from Wells Fargo insiders talking to Madam Thrasher that the ‘repudiation of odious debt’ should be considered as it pertains to mortgages on US real estate serviced by banks outside the United States, think OCTOpus and Germany, France and China.

As somewhere ZB was hearing that his ‘managed asset’ was likely to be removed in the mid-term erection he had to be realizing that Universal Marxism was not likely to be on the table much longer much in the way that Fabian is alive but fading while Elvis is deceased but continuing his dominate position in US music and entertainment. Obama is to the Office of President what Fabian is to Elvis; a short lived flash in the pan that will not be remembered shortly after their career crashes and burns. Perhaps career is a poor analogy as Barry Soetoro has never held a job resulting in W-2 statements of earning, to the best of Abel Danger’s knowledge. Perhaps if Barry Soetoro could produce a W-2 to prove us wrong he could also produce a birth certificate, an Occidental transcript, a Columbia transcript and prove Orly Taitz, Phil J Berg, Walter Fitzgerald, Chips and “we the people” wrong. FFC PF. As Chips was thinking about ugly things like foreign born Presidents and Polish academics creating bogus college degrees his Clipper Squirt gun went off in vibrate. In a rare case of his calling ‘switch’ Chips took the initiative so that he could take the high ground and look down on the Clipper LED and read the incoming Clipper.
“KSM Chatterbox Natalya Sukhoi priority Clipper to Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman, Corazon and Chips, copy Bravo Zulu: Hamish, if Agent Del N. Pole is able have him review what someone just posted to The post immediately got this response which we believe is accurate: “Question from a Cambridge alumnus (me) to the leaders of Oxford’s PPE – Parasitic Pig and Extortion – Party. Did PPE trustees hire saboteurs to trigger the 1984 Bhopal cat-bond bomb and then destroy Union Carbide? The Solicitor General for England and Wales from 1979 to 1983 was Sir Walter Ian Percival QC a former part-time economics professor who, like Michelle LaVaughan Robinson at least until 1981/2 when she lost her license (why?), would be retained by Union Carbide as an attorney in the Sidley Austin law firm, and would become the sole trustee of The Bhopal Hospital Trust per below. A few months before the attachment of shares, the Supreme Court in its final order on October 3, 1991 had directed Union Carbide to finance a fully equipped 500 bed hospital for the survivors of Bhopal. Following up on the final order and in a calculated move to wriggle itself free from the criminal proceedings UCC formed The Bhopal Hospital Trust on February 20, 1992. The Trust was authorised by UCC to use part of the proceeds from the sale of the shares to the hospital in Bhopal. The sole trustee of this Trust is Sir Ian Percival an attorney in a law firm Sidley and Austin, one of the four US based firms retained by Union Carbide Corporation. In December 1993, Sir Percival who is also a former British Solicitor General, petitioned before the Supreme Court for permission to sell UCC’s shares that lay attached. CJM Mr. Gulab Sharma had foreseen such trickery and had expressly forbidden the sale of shares on the pretext of hospital building.” Tango, Warn Gross and Rico are verifying the history as we speak. Natalya Sukhoi, Camp Mirage.”
Chips continued pleasuring Agent Bean while watching additional Clippers arrive in queue as bloggers around the globe were responding with information as Chips was counter-rotating a pair of 46EE globes that were ‘sunny side up’ at least until Beanie might order another switch. Rico near Richmond BC was the first to respond.
“Chatterbox Rico routine Clipper to Natalya Sukhoi , Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman, Corazon and Chips, copy Bravo Zulu: That fellow was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, Sir Patrick Mayhew Kt, PC, was Solicitor General for England and Wales from 1983 to 1987. Mayhew, whom an Irish negotiator referred to as “a West Cork Brit”, would have had Privy Council access to MI5/MI6 intelligence linking the 1984 sabotage attack on the Bhopal plant with Bernardine Dohrn, the terrorist boss and Sidley Austin’s alleged mentor of the cat-bond trustee and trigger experts, Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (Now First Lady) and Barry Soetoro (Now POTUS44). I am going into the Abel Danger electronic archive from Calgary and it appears that Name Dropper was sniffing out this guy regarding Bombay in November, 2008 and found this bit on him: “THEORY OF BHOPAL SABOTAGE IS OFFERED By STEVEN R. WEISMAN with SANJOY HAZARIKA, Special to the New York Times Published: June 23, 1987 NEW DELHI— Union Carbide Corporation investigators, nearing the end of a 16-month inquiry, say they have found new witnesses, documents and scientific evidence proving that the 1984 Bhopal toxic gas disaster was caused by sabotage by a company employee. Company investigators also say they have found altered logs and documents. Carbide says these indicate that several employees at its Bhopal pesticide plant knew about the start of the accident earlier than they have acknowledged, and then tried to cover up this knowledge. Company representatives say Union Carbide has scientific proof that the gas leak could not have happened the way the Indian Government says it did, which is that water from the washing of a pipe 350 feet away got into a tank containing the lethal chemical methyl iso-cyanate and caused a toxic chemical reaction.” Rico, Richmond BC”
As the B727 power was being reduced by Hoss up front Stone and MaryAnne MATS finished their oatmeal transfer exercise [ OTE ] as Beanie reached down to her ‘dial-a-episiotomy-result’ to accelerate the enduro that had now been going on for over 5 hours. Calling for one last switch so she could gain victory on the high ground Bean also took a look at her Merlot Magnum Clipper and saw nothing needing her attention as she concentrated on reaching the finish line just ahead of her Abel Danger counterpart. As Stone walked forward past the ‘cheap seats’ he overheard Hamish explaining PPE to the other English guy, Agent Del N. Pole of the Rudge Full Moon Abel Danger office which has a second location on Baker Street, London, a third at the Exhibition Pub in Over and the fourth at the Fur and Feather Pub in Norwich, on Slade Lane me thinks.

“James, PPE brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the social and human world around us, developing skills useful for a whole range of future careers and activities. Studying philosophy, you will develop analytical rigour and the ability to criticize and reason logically, and be able to apply these skills to questions concerning how we acquire knowledge or how we make ethical judgments. The study of politics provides a thorough understanding of the impact of political institutions [such as Oxford’s Parasitic Pig and Extortion Party] on modern societies. It helps you to evaluate the choices that political systems must regularly make, to explain the processes that maintain or change those systems, and to examine the concepts and values used in political analysis. Politics at Oxford also encompasses the study of sociology and international relations.”

As Agent Del N. Pole listened and scribbled notes, he asked Hamish that if Hamish were to ask a second question of the leaders of Oxford’s Parasitic Pig and Extortion Party, PPE, what it might be.

“Del, I’d ask them, did the PPE trustees hire agent provocateurs to trigger the 1972 ‘Bloody Sunday’ killings by the British Army Parachute Regiment and subsequently hire ‘Provisional Irish Republican Army’ saboteurs to trigger the 1996 Manchester and Docklands bombings to discredit HMG? I’d ask this as by 1972 after all, Bernardine Dohrn and Kellogg School of Management alumni had built an international revolutionary network to bomb and to kill financed with the proceeds of cat-bond-like insurance claims filed by PPE (?) trustees of Oxford University et al in the U.K. and Teachers’ (TIAA-CREF’) pension funds. It would seem that that would be a third question perhaps did ‘Black September’ hit teams at the Munich Olympics in 1972 use PPE/Northwestern University supply chains to reach and leave Munich and transmit Peter Jennings snuff films over AT&T Ku band to Chicago? Recall how Peter immediately suggested the attack appeared to be the work of Black September exactly as on 9/11 BBC and CNN virtual news creators suggested that Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda was the apparent attacker in NYC and Washington DC. By creating the event it is very easy and effective to immediate point the finger of blame at some hapless group that could not have executed the attack and the KSM Defense Team plans to hammer that message home in any ‘public and transparent’ KSM trial which may occur before or after the swamp is drained in the mid-term erection of 2010.”

“Hamish, I believe that the PPE folks at Oxford would find great difficulty in either answering your questions without creating a cross fire of co-implication such as is occurring in the Democratic Party in the US as the Tea Party offers to lead the Republicans to a ‘tsunami like’ event in the mid-term erections. I would expect that they, in desperation, would likely put a Shill Disinfo outlet such as Camelot or Prison Planet to work on your archive of work not some 5000+ pages. I need to go to the Lou and create an underwater statue of Harry Reid but before I do, is there one last question that you’d like to ask my POS Oxford mates and I will get it to my Daily Telegraph blog through our Abel Danger Agent Slade Lane of Norwich who is holding down the fort while Natalya Antonov and I head to Nashville to ‘get to know each other’, if you know where my head’s at.”

“Fair enough James, I hope that you and Natalya have a great experience in the Opryland hotel, Chips gives her a ‘sterling endorsement’. Regarding a last question of the Oxford Universities PPE-Parasitic Pig and Extorion-Party I would opine thusly and query them “Did you equip a Barry Soetoro with a CUKC or an Indonesian passport to travel into the Quetta region of Pakistan in 1981 and meet with a CIA-SAD (Sabotage, Assassination and Deception) asset named Tim Osman?”

“I have sent the message to Slade Lane and he will be commuting between Rudge and London while I am commuting between the Jacuzzi and the bed in the room that Abel Danger has provided from Natalya and myself. It’s sad that our budget’s purse strings are so tight that we all have to double up isn’t it?”

“Yes, pity actually” Hamish noticed that at the last comment Natalya reached under the table and appeared to give Agent Del N. Pole a quick status check as she sensed that the aircraft would be on the ground shortly. Similarly in the Head of State Bedroom Chips and Bean had found a mutually satisfying climax to their in-depth debriefing so while Beanie took a quick shower, Chips took a Marine Corps shower and sauntered up to the open cockpit door where stone was in the approach sequence with Atlanta Approach while Hoss was taking digital photos of the red, white and blue F4D that was now the only F4 on the left side with Roughrider and Dirtball still on the right side. Chips noticed that the tail number of the aircraft painted to honor the Thunderbird service of the F4 was 66-7478 so he knew that the November trip to AMARC had paid rich dividends.

“Stone, how long has that Thunderbird jet been with us?”

“Stone wouldn’t know as he and MaryAnne MATS were involved in a McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Evolution however way back at PRAWN the Pilgrims from OTIS RTBed homeplate and this Holloman QF4D drone joined up on us.”

Chips noted a Mad Bax the Road Warrior, in a VMFA-235 ‘red-star’ helmet, in the back seat in the QF4D and he also noted that the tele-data hump that should be on a drone was not there. In the front seat he saw a MAINE-IAC logo on an old ADC helmet with orange and silver chevron’s and he realized the Hallam from Maine must have been assigned by the NGA CEO to be the delivery pilot from AMARC to Warner Robbins with Mad Bax, a Ramey HS grad and former Marine Maintenance Chief ensuring dispatch reliability for the ‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’ which was the F4D that Chips had flown in Willy Tell, 1986 besting the French Canadians in the CF18s.

As the B727 REW was on a 10 mile left base and Stone was getting ready to call for ‘flaps 2’ Dwarf of the defensive console issued a dramatic order “Max power, right ninety, max climb, chaff, chaff, chaff,” as Hallam pickled a sequenced defensive flare trail. Roughrider and Dirtball were in a burner slice responding to the crickets at the six o’clock position of the old 3-holer. Roughrider got one quick glimpse as a pair of Crotale NG VT-1 ‘Cactus’ sea launched AIMs streaked by, head on aspect and converted on the flares laid down by Hallam and Max Bax in ‘Sweet Talkin Woman’. Roughrider and TA fully understood that the Mach 3.5 French missile could do 35Gs, which would dramatically reduce it’s range, but on the non maneuverable B727 no such G-loading was necessary especially after Mad Bax had max-salvoed the incendiary flares as all 3 F4s and the three holer went to idle thrust to cool their heat sources. As the two missiles reached their “flare heat source” they both airburst and completely missed the three holer which Hoss had climbing clean at 180K well below zero flap speed while in the right seat Stone was enjoying a Grolsch.

Stone had to watch old Hoss go from digital photography to defensive maneuvering in less than a heartbeat and was happy that Hoss took the aircraft control from him. “Great work Hoss, you saved our ass.”

As Hoss signaled for a rare Grolsch refreshment Dwarf leaned forward and corrected Stone “Hoss did a great job of flying and Mad Bax the jarhead did a great job of dropping flares while Roughrider and Dirtball turned to engage but if Banzai and Otto hadn’t seen the missiles launched from just off the coast line, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

“Stone, the really interesting shit is that the MQ-9 that warned us about the sea launch of the French Cactus SLAMs ‘beam rode’ the radar control signal from the vessel and whatever launched those two missiles just took a Hellfire AGM-114K strike amidships”. As Hoss engaged the autopilot and enjoyed his Grolsch he pointed at Stone to indicate Stone was now the PF or pilot flying. Dwarf handed Stone a DRAFT reroute indicating they were cleared direct to KBNA, Nashville.

While Stone reprogrammed the FMGC, Buck Naked handed Stone an ATIS slip indicating they would have 2 hours and 40 minutes of fuel left when they reached Nashville where it was CAVOK and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

As MaryAnne MATS walked into the cockpit with 2 32 ounce CSMs she commented in feigned yet droll concern “Less drama from you kerosene cowboys please.” As she leaned over the throttle quadrant to place the big martini to Stone’s right side Stone got a good glimpse of the globes from FO9. He noticed there was a yellow sticky note on the CSM jar.

“Room G1014 assigned Stone and MATS, Umbrellaman”. As the old three holer auto-leveled at FL280 Stone was thinking of one of his favorite country songs:

Stone had been given an intel update that during the pendency of the National Convention of the Tea Party a Florida singer named JC Anderson would have his band in the watering hole called “Jack Daniels Saloon” on the garden level of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel on Wednesday and Thursday nights before leaving for South Carolina on Friday, 5 Feb. Stone and Chips contacted a senior bartender, Molly, and ensured large supplies of Grolsch beer in signature Green porcelain stopper bottles as well as both Ukrainian and Russian Standard Vodka would be available in the time frame 2 Feb to 7 Feb, 2010. Molly ensured the provisions were acquired and for safekeeping they were stacked on the queen sized bed nearest the door in room G1014, which is a premium room with garden access. Molly seemed to know many of the Abel Danger assets in the Nashville area including Franklin, Brentwood and most notably Lieper’s Fork. Stone was happy to think that the two pallets of liquor on the queen bed nearest the door might force Agent MaryAnne MATS to bunk with Agent Stone and as they both loved McCann’s Irish Oatmeal he was thinking they’d miss almost every meeting except the ‘all call’ happy hours that his father Chips and Name Dropper were sure to schedule. Both Dropper and Chips found ‘intel swapping’ most effective in loud, public places where alcohol flowed like Barry Soetoro Social Security Numbers which constitute FRAUD UPON THE US which Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have enabled:

Stone knew that his father Chips and the ‘close people’ including Agent Bean, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and Hamish and his Brit buds Del N. Pole and Slade Lane would know who to cause the tide to turn and send the guilty parties running in the mid term erections of November, 2010. Chips had told his son that first they have to block the attack at Whistler and also stop Hillary and Pelosi from ‘morting’ the chosen one. It was believed to be a good blocking strategy to add several key names to Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 which had been delivered to Eric Holder on 19 Jan 10 by an Abel Danger Agent, Madam Thai Quan Dough, while Chips was in court in Judge Rosemary M. Collyer’s Courtroom at 1015 that Tuesday at a status hearing of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) and it was thought that the number [ 1600 ] was a concession by USDOJ that bigger changes were in the wind if Chips would just pursue the smaller Civil Claim but not join the KSM defense team as an expert witness on the larger Civil Claim that would lead to multiple criminal charges much more explosive than Barry Soetoro’s ‘taffy pulling’ Social Security Fraud which CIA, FBI, IRS and DOJ were all arguing over. As Stone took a big pull on his CSM Hoss reminded him to ‘land long’ on Runway 13 to expedite their arrival at the Signature FBO at the end of the Runway just off the right side, the same FBO where in November, 1991 Chips had landed an F16B to pick up Flight Surgeon Steff Christiansen prior to the second leg from FAR to BNA to Columbus AFB where Captain John ‘Mongo’ Dougherty was getting his USAF pilot wings while Major Chips and Colonel Steff were comparing the effects of Captain Sherlock Martinis vs. Crown Royal and water. The study was inconclusive and is ongoing to this day, much like the search for any evidence of any education or work history of Boo Boo who according to his Soc Sec card is now 120 years old. We find it ironic that the person who had that SSN was a woman related to both Harriet Tubman and Belle Boyd, capeche? Here kitty, kitty, kitty. “Comin’ to you, on a dirt road, hot intel, we got a truckload”.

Stone was snapped back into the present by Buck Naked’s announcement ‘approach checklist complete’ to which Stone responded ‘flaps 2’. Six minutes later as Stone rolled it on 13 and stowed the speedbrakes while using only idle reverse, Hoss said ‘nice job’ and took over at 60 knots. Hoss pushed #2 up to 1.2 to expedite clearing the Runway and getting to the Signature FBO where a Petroleum Helicopter asset [ ass + set, I love intel work as do Bean, Thrasher, Corazon, Bravo Zulu and ‘the Ramey Babes’ ] waited to haul the group to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. As they stop-cocked the engines and set the brakes, both Hoss and Buck left the cockpit while chorusing ‘All yours Stone’ as they grabbed a Grolsch each and headed for the tarmac which is a word real pilots never use but pilot wannabes never quit using. Lightweights.

Stone noticed that external power was available so he shutdown the APU after an adequate cool down, turned off the big items and grabbed his Martini. As the Abel Danger entourage went down the forward stairs 3 long black Town Car Limos approached for everyone but Chips. Stone put Chips’ bag in Limo 2 and MaryAnne MATS positioned to give Stone an unobserved status check. The results caused MaryAnne to start sudsing like a MayTag. As Stone and MaryAnne slipped into the party pit of Limo 2 they were surprised to see Agent April Cunning and Bigg John’s Son who they thought had been left behind at Port Erin, Isle of Man.

“Negative Stone, we got some behind at Port Erin in fact we got a lot, but a mission is a mission so we will see you at exactly 2015 at the band-side corner of the bar in Jack Daniel’s Saloon. The JC Anderson Band is playing Wednesday and Thursday nights before heading to the Carolinas”. As MaryAnne settled across the party pit from Chips she gave him a free shot of Pastel Sapphire which caused Stone to think about his father’s career again, in a favorable way. As MaryAnne was advertising and Stone was elongating Chips tapped on the window and pointed at the Puma helo with PHH on the tail boom. “Duty calls” lipsynced Chips as he walked by enroute to the chopper after opening the door for Agent Bean who was riding in Limo 3. As the 3 Limos left for the 10 minute drive from KBNA to Gaylord Opryland, the Puma took off and made a beeline departure to meet a Purple Limo doing 85 mph inbound to Nashville from a recent tire change at the Cartersville, Georgia Firestone Store where a crew of 3 headed by Jose whose father was from Cuba and his mother from Nicaragua stayed late on 1 Feb 2010 to sell 5 new P235-R75-15 tires to Agent Moe Rauder of Cherokee Auto Group, Canton, Georgia who kept 3 of the takeoffs to be spares for Danny R’s fleet of 1994-1996 LT1 Fleetwoods prior to Agent Moxie G arriving disguised as Chips’ body double ostensibly to drive the Purple Reign II limo to Nashville with Agents Bravo Zulu, Stevie R. Gowray, Madam Ovaries, Name Dropper and Dr. Mo Libideaux to the Abel Danger briefing conference disguised as a DNA swapping party of the highest energy level concurrent to the National Convention of the Tea Party slated for 4-6 February, 2010 where Agent Orly Taitz may show up wearing someone else’s ID necklace. Agent April was thinking about another kind of necklace that always seemed to have a warming effect.

Chips settled into the left seat of the Puma and looked at the pilot in the right seat who seemed to be a fellow who may spend a fair amount of time chasing cougars thru lounges such as Chips’ favorite, Johnny’s Hideaway in Atlanta. The twin evils of cigarette smoke and adult beverages have given the pilot one of the permanent tans that causes strangers to ask, all winter long, where did you get the nice tan. Chips knew better than to ask because most pilots would respond with the pat answer ‘booze burn’. Chips had never flown whirlybirds but he did enjoy looking over the technology display in the cockpit. He thought the French made Puma bore a lot of similarities to Airbus and Thales products. He noticed the Hobbs meter and thought the helo had a lot of hours for such a new aircraft.

“Does PHH own many of these choppers?” asked Chips of pilot bar-breath.

“No, PHH used to own American made equipment until the fractional ownership of these French poodles became so cheap. My boss buys block of flight time to service the oil rigs along the gulf coast. Some guy in Metaire, Louisiana handles the paperwork between France and the US as well as provide Crotale and Exocet missiles to some perverts in Venezuela. Our company has become part of a bigger operation and all the fixed wing aircraft are fractional ownerships also. In fact, my boss thinks that one of the Bombardier jets may have been used during 9/11 but he is not sure in what capacity. I’m a helo guy so I don’t speak their language and would not know an On Scene Commander from a shooter-eyeball whatever that means. Boss man says the jet was used by ‘Maestro’ but the only Maestro I know is Johnny Maestro of the group Brooklyn Bridge and they travel by tour bus or scheduled airlines, I believe.”

Chips felt his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate so he pulled it out of his jacket pocket and saw an incoming call from Agent Moxie G and was lucky to catch her on the 4th ring before it went to ‘message’ after five rings.

“Chips, airborne, secure, go Moxie G”

“Chips, we see the Puma, tell your pilot we are doing 85 mph and the sunroof is open between the two mannequins on the SURF BROAD RACK. Moe Rauder says we need to rendezvous for the transfer quickly due to some overpasses coming up on the outskirts of Nashville, Moxie out.”

“We see the Limo and tell Moe that he can turn off the purple funeral lights as we are converting now in a right hand pattern and we check the 85 mph or 74 knots. We’re coming in now from your dead six, Chips.”

“Chips, watch the dead six comments, I may be older but I still have a lot of Moxie and a real nice shirt if you pick up what I am laying down.”

Chips gave Moxie two clicks on the Clipper Squirt gun as the pilot had the Puma just about stabilized over the Limo. Chips patted the guy on his left shoulder and gave him a thumbs up as he stepped out onto the left pontoon which was just offset from the right mannequin. As Chips transferred from the pontoon to the open moon roof Bravo Zulu and Madam Ovary laced their hands into effective stirrups as Chips was lowered into the party pit. As his face was at the same level as the mannequins he saw they were both well endowed females with anatomically accurate midsections. His Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Sapphire began to tighten as the monster sensed imminent engagement. The Puma transitioned into a near vertical climb as the Limo accelerated to 100 mph+ as the moon roof was closed and Agent Stevie R. Gowray offered Chips a Grolsch wide body. As Chips settled into the J shaped seat he saw Corazon, Name Dropper, Moxie, Stevie, Bravo Zulu and Madam Ovary. Mentally reviewing the briefing sheet he asked Stevie “Were Dr. Mo Libideaux and Thrasher unable to join the operation?”

Stevie responded ‘Authenticate Abel Danger’ to which Chips revealed his Pastel Sapphire Slingshot Rumpmaster with the Humongous Pouch option. Chips, playing along with the security protocol challenged Stevie R. Gowray to ‘prove up’ so she pulled up her Bomber green cheerleader sweater and surprised Chips with the firmness of her ample bounty. After the dual authentication Stevie turned the meeting over to Bravo Zulu of Houston, Texas.

“Chips, we are all here. Dr. Mo is up front with Moe Rauder ensuring his reproductive health is not an issue. She had reported ‘a whole lotta shakin’ going on’ prior to the opaque divider going up and blocking our view.”

“As you know Dr. Mo Libideaux suffers from palsy and when she examines male patients they often ‘get into it’. Regarding Thrasher, she has security duty in the trunk as Homi had to take Duke to a vet back at Warner Robbins so they will catch up with us at Nashville. We are all assembled and now Name Dropper has a few items.”

“Chips, I will make this break. Otto and Banzai are protecting us by putting an ‘umbrella’ over both Camp Mirage/Minhad Air Base and Air Patrol and ADT transmitters near Richmond, BC. As a local back up the female mannequins on top of the limo have KU defeating repeaters in their ample bosoms…..” as Chips interrupted.

“Dropper, are these the ‘knockers up’ version KU knocker blocker?”

“Absolutely, the mannequin with black hair is 44DD and as you may have observed already, the blonde hair mannequin is 46DD, everything’s bigger in Texas, capeche?”

“Wait a damn minute Dropper, I’m from Texas too” complained Bravo Zulu as she pulled up her White Bomber cheerleading sweater and displayed what certainly appeared to be a pair of 46DDs also. Chips sampled them an found them natural as his caged monster was readying for duty abroad. Chips heard a tapping on the rear defroster panel in the back window and noticed a yellow sticky pad note being passed towards him by a hand with long fingers and ‘paint the town red’ nail polish. He patted the hand and placed the yellow note in his clenched fist. He reached back to his rear pocket and retrieved a hanky so it would look like he was blowing his nose. He opened the note and read ‘Chips, they are rookies, I’ve got a pair of 52s back here, by the way has Dropper made the rooming assignments, MT.”

Chips made a noise like a tugboat in a Seattle fog to convince everyone he was blowing his nose rather than reading a note from a teutonic titwillow. After placing his hanky back in his back pocket he looked at his watch and saw it was 1615 local. Pointing at his $10 WalMart watch Chips asked “Name Dropper, who is handling the billeting and conference assignment for tonight and Wednesday?”

“Good question, Chips. We are all blocking the first floor of the Garden Wing from G1002 to G1034, each room has two queens and faces the atrium. You are assigned to Room G1004 with M. Thrasher, and on either side you are connected to Bravo Zulu and Madam Ovary in G1002, as in G1006 will be Stevie R. Gowray and Agent Bean. The pattern is similar for the remaining Abel Danger Room assignments. In each block of 3 rooms there is a male in the middle of 5 females so that we will all be secure. The liquor supply is in G1014 with MaryAnne MATS and Stone. Moxie G. and I will have the secure KY28 and AQFB-27 X-ray suite in G1020. We have paid Molly the bartender at Jack Daniels Saloon a nice tip in advance to reserve the entire band side of the bar up to 2015. At 2016 any open stool will be up for grabs.” As Name Dropper finished the opaque divider was lowered and Dr. Mo Libideaux, beaming with a satisfied look on her face, pointed at the exit marked ‘Opryland’ and Chips and Dropper both noticed her hand was not shaking. As they slowed and took the exit a black FLH Harley with sidecar assumed trailing security as a Crown Vic with TSP plates continued on the highway. As they turned left to go to the valet parking a Nashville PD cruiser did a U-turn as Agent Moe Rauder had flashed his hi beams 3 times to signal ‘secure escort’ to the PD squad in advance security position. As the Ramey 1 Bomber Limo pulled up to the reception area a 6 foot 4 man adjusted himself and grunted. Moe Rauder turned the flashers on an handed Diehard a $50 bill so no snopes would realize they were all on the same teams. As bellman loaded two steel carts with the baggage, Chips, ever the gentleman, went to the trunk he help M. Thrasher out. As the trunk lid went up a shot of vibrant Pastel Flamingo proved to Chips’ satisfaction that security was tight as he offered her a hand. Stepping over the rear bumper and gaining her footing on tierra firma, Thrasher offered Chips a hand also and found his TI sufficient but capable of better. She stood on her tippy toes, stuck her tongue in his right ear, and then whispered “Remember my favorite Bob Dylan song?”

As the monster came to full battle strength, Thrasher could see the answer right before he eyes.

The guilty undertaker sighs, [ Nanny Piloti? ]
The lonesome organ grinder cries, [ George Soros? ]
The silver saxophones say I should refuse you. [ slick willy and caravelle? ]
The cracked bells and washed-out horns [ Congress/Senate? ]
Blow into my face with scorn, [ health care? ]
But it's not that way,
I wasn't born to lose you. [ American sovereignty? ]
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you. [ USA ]

The drunken politician leaps [ recently opened MA Senate seat? ]
Upon the street where mothers weep [ remorseful abortion recips? ]
And the saviors who are fast asleep, [ clergy handcuffed by 501(c)(3)?]
They wait for you.
And I wait for them to interrupt
Me drinkin' from my broken cup [ Operation Trident/Broken Cup ]
And ask me to
Open up the gate for you. [ show you the way to Salvation ]
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

Now all my fathers, they've gone down [ Arlington waiting list at 90 days now? ]
True love they've been without it. [ noble service was to disloyal leaders? ]
But all their daughters put me down [ sheeple misinterpret Chips’ mission? ]
'Cause I don't think about it.

Well, I return to the Queen of Spades [ focus on Pelosi/Michelle/HRC? ]
And talk with my chambermaid. [ Abel Danger Ramey Babe security team ]
She knows that I'm not afraid
To look at her.
She is good to me
And there's nothing she doesn't see.
She knows where I'd like to be
But it doesn't matter.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

Now your dancing child with his Chinese suit, [ Orly Taitz’ quarry? ]
He spoke to me, I took his flute. [ telepromter ]
No, I wasn't very cute to him,
Was I?
But I did it, because he lied [ ]
Because he took you for a ride
And because time was on his side [ key word WAS, before Whistler ]
And because I . . .
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

As Chips and Thrasher entered the lobby they saw a small card table set up with ‘Welcome Alpha Delta’ and they realized that the Gaylord Opryland was giving them a cover ID of a sorority so the 2881 room Opryland Hotel wouldn’t become aware of the most capable global intel team being set up in the hotel and in fact occupying the entire first floor Garden Wing patio rooms. As Chips and Thrasher walked by Stone passed his father a pair of keys to Room G1004 and reminded his dad, we must be ‘lined up’ at Jack Daniels by 2015, I am not chancing it, I will be down there at the corner of the bar at 1930 regardless of MaryAnne MATS complaining of the vapors. I will just hand her a Mint Julip and tell her to get over it……”

Stone was interrupted by his sage father who suggested “Stone, why not give her 2 double Mint Julips and get into it, capeche?” Stone realized that his father was not a complete slouch when it came to tactical or strategic planning. As the last of the keys were given out Agent Del N. Pole and Natalya Antonov accompanied Hamish and Lady Eagle to their rooms, G1030 and G1032. Hamish, ever the civil Cambridge grad suggested to Del N. Pole and Natalya “Would you too like to come to our room and enjoy a double mineral water with my signature lime slice?”

“Gee Hamish, thanks for the courtesy of the invitation but Natalya and I were thinking of knocking off a hunk before the mandatory barcall at 2015 at Jack Daniels Saloon” as they peeled off and let themselves into their room where scant moments thereafter more things were being peeled off as Natalya poured herself a double Jameson and water, no ice and asked Agent Del N. Pole if he’d like a little something.

“As a matter of fact I would” responded the affable Agent who had seen my future and knew, somehow, that it would not work. In Obamaland, in Soetoro land, or on Uranus, capeche? As Natalya turned downed the lights and slipped into the whirring Jacuzzi she murmured “Del, Chips always said the pen was mightier than the sword, your thoughts oh purveyor of penmanship?” Agent Pole, a man of few words, gave her her answer for the next 2 hours and 13 minutes which is impressive as he had neither a tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters nor an NDSU Rodney Baldinger extend-o-peter in the convenient 3 cap gel tabs. Towards the end Natalya murmured something in Polish which may have been a reference to sausage.

As Agent Del N. Pole finished his task at hand his Clipper iPod took an immediate Clipper from Slade Lane at the Fur and Feather Pub in Norwich not far from the ROTAC Farm herd of registered British White Cattle, to wit, laconically:
“Chatterbox Slade Lane immediate Clipper to Agent Del N. Pole, Sonny ‘Bill’ Spanner and Umbrellaman: “Sonny, news reports are suggesting the Dutch government is about ready to fail. Scotland is likewise positioned reference Hollie Grieg and the 14 dwarfs [according to their urologists’ reports ] Report are Greece and USA to follow. Any intel from Amsterdam?”
While Agent Del N. Pole had been the first to exploculate, he did a yeoman’s job of hanging in their and fakin’ it until Natalya joined him in Climax, but not the small town in western Minnesota near Fertile from which Agent Chips may challenge long time incumbent Collin Peterson for the Congress seat representing the 7th District of Minnesota which would put Chips and Michele Bachman in strong position to return Minnesota to it’s proper calling and send Governor Tim Pawlenty to the unemployment line along with hordes of other Minnesotans that his governorship has not protected. In his juvenile zest to attain higher position he must have forgotten his abject failure to discharge his duties as governor when on 6 April, 2008 he squelched formal treason charges filed with his office, as compelled by 18 USC 2382, against Senator John McCain who will be losing his seat to a radio personality in Arizona, a Hayworth from KFYI with first initials JD as in ‘John’s Done’, capeche?

Slade Lane’s enquiry to Sonny ‘Bill’ Spanner was answered in short order to wit: “Slade, you are correct it will become public knowledge by midnight local time on 2-21-10 that the Dutch Parliament has failed. Further, it sounds like Scotland’s government is being shaken up to the top of the tree, as Greece flounders financially and Reid-Obama-Clinton(s) plural and Pelosi all start shooting inside the circled wagons as Rogue Warrior, Mike Bravo and Chips unleash a flurry of Truth that the mainstream media cannot vitiate, whatever vitiate means. As George Soros goes to the hospital, ala Clinton, as does Dick Cheney and Mo Strong is reported missing in Urumqui, China, watch for a groundswell, dare I suggest Tsunami like swamping of official Washington as angry Americans of all camps wave the bullshit flag at the boneheads trying to destroy health care and the sovereignty of the USA. We believe that when the Tea Party Express III tour departs Searchlight, Nevada after nailing shut the HR coffin, that a certain Purple Reign II Limo will be within M249 SAW range of the lead tour bus. Regarding HR, Harry Reid, Human Remains, Hillary Roadhog, MAX NIX, capeche?”

As Agent Del N. Pole stowed his ‘pen’, so to speak, Agent Natalya whispered ‘Chips’ as she was still in ectasy. “Chips is it Natalya, was the Del N. Pole not enough to satiate your quivering vulva?”

“Sorry Del, I am craving chips with a small C, as in potato chips or as you Brits insist on malaproping ‘crisps’” however I do recall that Chips and Stone said that if we are to get good seats for the JC Anderson band, we should be ‘in position’ by 2015.”

“Right you are my juicy kumkwat, let’s proceed post haste to the Jack Daniel’s saloon. Last one dressed is a rotten egg”. As Natalya bent over to gather her underpinnings Del had a change of heart.

As Del ‘saddled up’ for a quickie he noted a photo of ‘catwoman’ laying next to Agent Natalya Antonov’s Pastel Heather thong, recently removed and a map of airline routes radiating out of Phoenix Serco Airport often renamed to confuse agents not gifted with investigative acumen worthy of the 4383 Abel Danger Agents worldwide including Otto Pilot of Trondheim, Norway or Agent Natalya Sukhoi of Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan where Chips frequently flew in his private Yak-9 while on duty abroad, or was that duty afield, oh yes, I recall, Chips was on duty abroad and Natalya was on duty afield.

Agent Del N. Pole doubled his stroke to finish off Natalya Antonov in time to arrive at Jack Daniel’s Saloon early enough to get a stool [ pardon the expression ] he asked Agent Natalya Antonov if her ‘catwoman’ was a picture of her in disguise for duty with Abel Danger which has it’s global headquarters just east of Bennigan’s Pub in Dilworth, Minnesota.

“Del thanks for the compliment, I wish I had her body. However, this Agent in the photo is the x-wife of Dr. Nano al-Umina, of Fresno’s Abel Danger office. Tracy al-Umina and her x-husband Nano have been looking for traces of DNA in the pyroclastic dust samples provided by NYPD/NYFD and from our ‘snatches’ at Fresh Kill Hills 1 and 9. Because she has been working on financial derivatives and other instruments which the Fabian Marxists listed as defendants at Civil Case 3:07-cv-49, including ‘tracing’ catastrophe bonds thru Ashcroft, Isle of Man, Chicago and other ‘effluence rich’ resources, she has gone back to using her maiden name, Tracy ‘Cat’ Bond. She and her former husband Dr. Nano al-Umina are to join us at 2015 or earlier at JD’s to listen to JC so let’s get cracking.”

Three doors down in G1014 Thrasher was saying the same thing to Chips as a ‘flash’ Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun from Banzai and Otto who were squelching Camp Mirage/ADT/Air Patrol and monitoring other bad guys.
“Chatterbox Banzai ‘flash Clipper to Chips, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman, Dwarf copy Thrasher: “Brumhilde in J-Stars has observed a trilateral emission from Norway, Russian and Alaska HAARP arrays. We have ‘boobs on the ground’ blocking Arecibo. Triangulation indicates tri-laminar impact in 90 seconds if J-Stars or Reaper cannot block. Seek shelter immediately. Banzai”
As Chips exploculated before Thrasher’s timeline she cooed “Why so early Chips” as Room G1014 fell into eerily quiet darkness. At a TV relay truck, from radio station KUKU, outside the Opryland Hotel Abel Danger Agent KAYA deployed defensive weapons hoping the effort would suffice. Agent Kaya had begun her career in Talinn, Estonia at KUKU FM 107.7 before spending several nights with Chips in Astana prior to emigrating to the US and working a day job at KUKU AM 1330 in Willow Springs, Missouri. The chili-hot redhead Kaya really enjoyed it when the Astana Fire Brigade would sound their sirens so in Room 1317 at the Okan Intercontinental Hotel in Astana Agent Chips could send his siren to madness but with no silver spoon like required in the Hotel California if you can believe the Eagles who once helped Linda Ronstadt hit the big time with Different Drum long before Agent Thrasher learned the magnificence of Agent Chip’s Drumstick, if you follow me.

As 3 B52Gs bore down on Norway, Russia and Alaskan HAARP sights, Major Kong was repairing an electrical short in ‘Ramey 3’, the B52 targeting the Russian HAARP sight. Major Kong should not be confused with Major Tom Greene, also a 72nd Bomb Wing B52G AC whose wife Bobbie Jean had that 1963 Mercury Meteor with blue metallic paint that Agent Chips found hard to polish.

As Thrasher exploculated following Chips’ early salvo, they both missed an incoming Clipper from Agent Mike Papa in England who was ‘stirring the pot’ with both Camelot and Prison Planet thinking C2C might learn something as Chips, Moose and the Tea Party ‘wrecking crew’ prepared to launch OPERATION SWAMP DRAIN and TPE III featuring the Purple Reign II Limo.
“Chatterbox Mike Papa priority Clipper to Hamish, Del N. Pole, Chips, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman, Dwarf copy Thrasher: We have warned Harper of Brown-Balls Carbon, Kaya Cat Bond, I=PACT Genocide. Told him that Gordon Brown and Ed Balls set up the Carbon Disclosure Project at 10 Downing Street in December 2000 to apply Kaya Identity and I=PACT cat bond algorithms to trigger and then conceal genocides at FC-KU crime scenes. Brown-Balls agents have installed ADT CO2 monitoring devices in public buildings and transportation systems; unwitting targets trigger Kaya cat bonds with wireless transmission of death sentence per signals used to demolish WTC Twin Towers on 9/11. Charlotte’s Web uses online calculation tool; one click does the ‘math murder’. I=PACT - humans impact the climate). ‘I’ is the impact or emissions (tons of CO2/yr), ‘P’ (population), ‘A’ is affluence (the annual GDP ‘wealth’ per person), ‘C’ is consumption (watts or energy used per GDP) and ‘T’ is energy efficiency (tons CO2 per watt of energy consumed). Mike Papa. PS, rip Prison Planet a new one so JoAnne in Austin can send AJ an eviction notice, capeche?”

“Chatterbox Follow up to Mike Papa priority Clipper to Hamish, Del N. Pole, Chips, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman, Dwarf copy Thrasher and Tracy Cat Bond: Dr. Barnett and Pachauri used Kaya Identity Algorithm to test the Cantor Fitzgerald WTC#1 folks for their commitment to ‘decarbonizing’ the offices above the North Tower Sky Lobby. They arranged for Cantor executives Bud Flanagan and Philip Ginsburg to both be ‘accidentally’ out of building at the time of 9/11 and therefore survive the attacks. Barnett, Pajendra and their PPE co-conspirators, authorized the Kaya trustees to ’short’ WTC steel at $120/ton for future delivery after the buildings had been collapsed. Pachauri and Brown-Balls privy councilors authorized Sidley and Cisco to trigger 9/11 cat bonds using Kaya rulesets developed for the Carbon Disclosure Project by Barack Obama (Joyce Foundation) and Philip Ginsberg and Richard Sandor at KSM. Pachauri et al. bought steel at $70 per ton from Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey and transported it to Tata smelters in India to destroy evidence of CDP/Kaya cat-bond insurance frauds. Dr. Snuff-Film Barnett taught Marxism at Harvard. He was rehabilitated by Wall Street mentors, Bud Flanagan and his longtime collaborator Philip Ginsberg. These guys taught him that security and economics were two sides of the same coin, both built around the principles of connectivity and rule sets. Cantor [Fitzgerald] didn’t dive into Russia in the early 1990s at the height of the money laundering. Chips, if you follow mathematical or deductive logic, you’ll know that if the Kaya argument is valid and the conclusion is false i.e. AGW CO2 does not drive temperature, then one or more of the premises is false – modus tollens. Ergo, Downing Street Privy Councilors with PPE (Parasitic Pig and Extortion) Party and their CDP trustees operate the Kaya Indentity Algorithm as a RICO – a racketeering influenced and corrupt organization. It’s in one pair of hands now, but think about how you can use those hands to charge Sidley’s Privy Council with Kaya Identity fraud and economic sabotage.”

Chips mused, ‘If we, the little people God refers to in Matthew 25:40, are not saved by ONE PAIR OF HANDS, evil wins; let's roll.


  1. no comments?

    wow, people really are asleep...

    anyway, PPEC (in my town) is proudly sponsored by THE CONSORTIUM, KPMG


  2. if i could think of something smart to say, or to contribute, i would comment - we are not all of us sheeple, sleeping (sleeple?) it's just that i gotta read and re-read and i still don't get all of it....

  3. With this evidence you have, what are the consequnces? Who is doing something about this illegal activity? What is being done to stop them?

  4. Mike, why all the negativity? I see the three of these fine Americans, Rayelan and the 2 men doing a lot of work uncovering stuff that I've never heard of until I read this blog and heard their podcasts.

    I knew that the cabal and the NWO was bad but I had no idea how insidious the snake was. I thought I was pretty politically and historically astute but after listening to these podcasts, I still have a lot to learn.

    Instead - why don't we continue to pray and give our personal and financial support to these fine people so they can continue to spread the word. I have sent this blog and podcasts to quite a few people and those people are now faithful readers and listeners.

    If our Founding Fathers were that pessimistic we'd still be kissing the Brit's ass and living under a monarchy.

    I still remember the point that the one man mentioned that he was doing this for the little people, people like that World Trade Center waiter who fell to his death.


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