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#2729: No Wall Order – Indict Clinton for SES Fast & SENTRI Furious – Sue Serco for 8(a) Murrah Visa Fraud

United States Marine Field McConnell 
Plum City Online - (
July 23, 2016

1. Abel Danger (AD) believes that Donald Trump must order his aides to abandon the idea of building a real wall to keep America enemies out because its enemies have been placed within the gates by a supranational government of world bankers and feminist elites.

2. AD proposes to have Hillary Clinton indicted for misprision of treason in re the SES conspiracy to move Fast & Furious guns over the SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travelers' Rapid Inspection) to insurrectionists embedded in 8(a) protégé companies.

3. AD proposes to have Serco shareholders sued for the wrongful deaths of victims after their U.K.-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider allegedly used SES 8(a) visa frauds to place Saddam’s soldiers for the bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

4. United States Marine Field McConnell is ready to brief Donald Trump on the reasons why he should issue a no wall order to his aides not least because McConnell's sister and SES founder Kristine Marcy hired Serco to drive a digital hole (SENTRI) through US border controls and issue 8(a) visas to Clinton's friends and America's enemies as far back as 1994. (

Comey: Clinton Made United States Secrets Vulnerable To Hostile Actors 

Copy of SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! [Note HSBC, British and Saudi Governments and Goldman Sachs]

Top HSBC Executive Arrested In US For Front-Running Trades 
White's Club death-bet bookmaker service dates back to 1743 only the technology to spot fix the Zulu time of victim death has changed.

Defense Ammunition Center [Outsourced to Serco]

Serco... Would you like to know more? 

"Digital Fires Instructor Serco - Camp Pendleton, CA Uses information derived from all military disciplines (e.g., aviation, ground combat, command and control, combat service support, intelligence, and opposing forces) to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action."

"July 11, 2016, 10:00 am 
Perry on Trump's Mexico wall: 'You can't do that' 
By Jesse Byrnes Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a backer of Donald Trump, suggests the wall the presumptive GOP presidential nominee wants to build along the U.S.-Mexico border is theoretical.

"I'm for Donald Trump, and he says we're going to build a wall, the Mexicans are gonna pay for it," Perry said during a Snapchat interview with Peter Hamby.

"It's not going to happen," Hamby remarked.

"Well, it’s not," Perry responded. "It's a wall, but it's a technological wall; it's a digital wall."

"There are some that hear this is going to be 1,200 miles from Brownsville to El Paso, 30-foot high and listen, I know you can't do that," Perry said, referring to border towns on the edges of Texas.

Perry, who endorsed Trump in early May, has previously cast doubt on building a border wall, saying in January that building one "will take literally years. I don't care how good of a builder you are."

Trump has made his call to build a wall one of the central issues of his campaign, with crowds chanting about it at his rallies. He said earlier this year that it would be a "real wall" and probably stand 35 to 40 feet high, adding it'd cover 1,000 miles along the border."

"Fast and Furious Gun Linked to Paris Terror Attack 
Jordan LaPorta 
July 1, 2016 New law enforcement investigations have revealed that at least one of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France, came from Phoenix, Arizona, which was the home of the infamous Obama Administration operation, "Fast and Furious." The gun was traced back to Phoenix by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) using a 4473 form, which documents a gun’s ownership history by, among other things, using serial numbers.

Sources at Judicial Watch confirm that a gun from the attacks was purchased from Phoenix "off the books" and was an unregistered fully automatic weapon, according to law enforcement officials with firsthand knowledge of the investigation.

ISIS ultimately claimed responsibility for the attacks which killed 130 people. They occurred in Paris, France and the city’s northern suburb, Saint-Denis, where three suicide bombers struck near the Stade de France, followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants, and a music venue in central Paris.

Fast and Furious was run by the ATF and allowed criminals to purchase thousands of weapons illegally through "straw purchasers." Run from 2006 to 2011, the operation "purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers, hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them." The government lost track of many of the weapons, and now at least one of them might have ended up in the hands of an ISIS terrorist."

Read more: Follow us: @TheLibRepublic on Twitter 

"Opened in 1994 as the successor to the Transitional Immigrant Visa Processing Center in Rosslyn, Va., the NVC centralizes all immigrant visa preprocessing and appointment scheduling for overseas posts. The NVC collects paperwork and fees before forwarding a case, ready for adjudication, to the responsible post. The center also handles immigrant and fiancé visa petitions, and while it does not adjudicate visa applications, it provides technical assistance and support to visa-adjudicating consular officials overseas. Only two Foreign Service officers, the director and deputy director, work at the center, along with just five Civil Service employees.

They work with almost 500 contract employees doing preprocessing of visas, making the center one of the largest employers in the Portsmouth area.

The contractor, Serco, Inc., has worked with the NVC since its inception and with the Department for almost 18 years.

The NVC houses more than 2.6 million immigrant visa files, receives almost two million pieces of mail per year and received more than half a million petitions from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) in 2011. Its file rooms' high-density shelves are stacked floor-to-ceiling with files, each a collection of someone’s hopes and dreams and each requiring proper handling."

"Was Saddam the Man Behind McVeigh?
By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. | Wednesday, November 20, 2002
On Sunday, the New York Times breathlessly reported on its front page (above the fold, no less) that, "The Bush administration has begun to monitor Iraqis in the United States in an effort to identify potential domestic terrorist threats posed by sympathizers of the Baghdad regime." According to the Times, "a large number of government agencies are part of the new operation, including the Pentagon, the F.B.I., the Central Intelligence Agency, the immigration service, the State Department and the National Security Agency...."

For those of us who have long been worried about the threat posed in this country by Iraqi intelligence operatives and their allies, it is heartening to hear an unnamed "senior government official" cited as saying that, "This is the largest and most aggressive program like this we've ever had. We think we know who most of the bad guys are, but we are going to be very proactive here and not take any chances." Unfortunately, it appears that at least some of the agencies charged with addressing the threat posed by Saddam's operatives and their sympathizers fail utterly to comprehend the challenge the targeted groups and individuals constitute. For example, the Times reports that "according to the CIA," there is no evidence that Iraq has engaged in terrorist activity against the United States" since 1993, when Iraqi agents tried to assassinate former President George H.W. Bush in Kuwait. This statement is deeply disturbing. It not only suggests a lack of appreciation of the present danger. It also evinces an obliviousness to the historical record that raises a question as to whether the existing intelligence and law enforcement agencies are up to the task at hand.

That record includes the impressive investigative research conducted by Jayna Davis, a former reporter with Oklahoma City's KFOR television station. Since the Murrah Building was destroyed in April 1995, Ms. Davis has been tirelessly collecting, sifting and analyzing evidence ( including some 80 pages of affidavits from more than twenty eyewitnesses and 2000 supporting documents) of precisely the sort that the CIA says does not exist. Among Ms. Davis' more telling discoveries are the following: o While Timothy McVeigh, the man executed for his role in the bombing, was widely portrayed as no more than a disgruntled Army veteran, he expressed to friends and at least once publicly (on "60 Minutes") his sympathy for Middle Eastern peoples he felt were victimized by American foreign policy. Shortly after McVeigh's arrest, one of his acquaintances from the military told ABC's "Prime Time Live" that "Tim always wanted to become a mercenary" preferably for a Mideast country because they "paid the best." [o On March 3, 1995, the House of Representatives' Terrorism Task Force issued a warning that Mideast terrorists were planning attacks on the "heart of the U.S.," identifying twelve cities as potential targets, including Oklahoma City. It reported that the terrorists had recruited two "lily whites" -- individuals with no criminal history or obvious connections to the perpetrating organization -- to carry out the bombing of an American federal building.] o Six months prior to the bombing, an Oklahoma City-based Palestinian immigrant who had previously served time for a felony fraud conviction, hired a handful of former Iraqi soldiers to do maintenance work on some of the $4 million in rental property he owned.

American co-workers reported their horror as these soldiers "expressed prideful excitement" at initial reports that Islamic extremists had taken credit for the Murrah bombing and "exuberantly pledged their allegiance to Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein." Witnesses have put McVeigh and his convicted co-conspirator, Terry Nichols, in the company of these soldiers on one or more occasions. o Importantly, Ms. Davis has determined that one of these soldiers, Hussain Alhussaini, closely matches the composite picture of "John Doe 2" drawn on the basis of numerous eye-witnesses who claim to have seen such a heavy-set, dark-complexioned Middle Eastern man: in the Ryder truck used to destroy the Murrah Building minutes before the attack; putting diesel fuel -- which, together with fertilizer, powered the explosion -- into the vehicle that morning, (even though the truck's own engine used unleaded fuel); at the scene of the crime getting out of the truck seconds before it blew up; and/or fleeing the site in a brown Chevy pickup.

Other witnesses had previously seen such a truck parked at the Palestinian's real estate offices before the attack. o Ms. Davis cites a former Chief of Human Intelligence for the Defense Intelligence Agency as saying that Alhussaini wears a military tattoo that suggests he had served in Saddam's trusted Republican Guard and worked in Unit 999, "an elite group based in Salman Pak southeast of Baghdad and...tasked with clandestine operations at home and abroad." Interestingly, after his time in Oklahoma City, Alhussaini found employment at Logan Airport in Boston -- the take-off point of three of the four aircraft hijacked on 9/11. o Nichols had ties to Philippine locales known to be frequented by Middle Eastern terrorists. According to one of the founders of the Filipino Abu Sayyaf terror organization, Edwin Angeles, Nichols even met in the early 1990s with Ramzi Youssef -- the mastermind of the World Trade Center in 1993 and brains behind a scheme to blow-up twelve U.S. airliners over the Pacific. (Iraq expert Dr. Laurie Mylroie has long contended that Youssef was an agent of Iraqi intelligence, implicating Saddam in the first attempt to take down the twin towers.)

This sampling does not begin to do justice to the work done by the intrepid Jayna Davis. Suffice it to say that there is evidence of Iraqi involvement in at least one and perhaps all three of most deadly terrorist attacks in the United States to date. It may or may not prove dispositive, but it can no longer safely be ignored. (To his credit, Senator Arlen Specter, stunned by the difficulty Ms. Davis has had getting government agencies to address her findings, has recently promised an investigation into the matter. Such an effort should be a case study as well for those who believe a new U.S. domestic intelligence agency, perhaps modeled after Britain's famed MI-5, is required.) If the new Iraqi surveillance effort is indeed going to be "aggressive," it would do well to start with the Davis files -- especially since she believes some of the Iraqi soldiers she has identified are still at large in Oklahoma City.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., is President of the Center for Security Policy, a member organization."


WASHINGTON, DC -- Attorney General Janet Reno presented Hammer Awards to three employee working groups from Justice Department components as part of the Department's "Justice Performance Review Lab Day," an event showcasing the achievements of the Department's 16 reinvention labs.

The Hammer Award is Vice President Gore's special recognition to teams of employees which made significant contributions in support of the President's National Performance Review (NPR) principles of improving customer service, cutting red tape, empowering employees, and getting back to basics.

"By accepting the challenge to re-invent government, these employees are making government more efficient and improving the way we perform our public responsibilities," Reno said during the Lab Day event in the Justice Department's Great Hall. Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who also attended, noted that the employees "have taken the concept of creating a government that works better and costs less and have made it a reality."

The three Justice Department teams receiving the award are:
* The SENTRI Reinvention Lab, for developing a secure, high-tech, automated border inspection system at Otay Mesa, California;

* The Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) Lab, a multi- component effort which has significantly improved the prisoner booking process;

* The Justice Prisoner Alien Transportation System (JPATS), which combines the resources of several DOJ components to schedule and transport prisoners more quickly, safely, and economically.
Additional information on the awardees is attached. 96-523 ###


The SENTRI Award The multi-agency DOJ reinvention laboratory known as SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travelers' Rapid Inspection) reinvented a two-century-old method for inspecting border crossers. Designing the system for use by pre-screened, low-risk international travelers who frequently cross the border, the SENTRI team was led by the INS and Customs, and drew membership from the FBI, DEA, and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California. Several other Federal agencies, the State of California, and several governments in Mexico assisted in the effort.

As crossers who have been approved for participation in the SENTRI Project approach the border, they enter a "zone of control" created by an assortment of bollards, iron posts, electric gauges, and tire shredders which assure physical control of traffic entering the U.S. In-ground inductive loops, free-standing light curtains, and other kinds of technology sense the vehicle and activate an automatic vehicle identification system, which checks data bases and matches digital photographs to validate the intending crosser. The system provides the Government with more information and more security than ever before. Yet, the system is speedy. Before SENTRI, waiting times at the Otay Mesa, California, test site averaged 45 minutes. Now, wait times in the SENTRI lane never exceeds three minutes. In addition, siphoning off low-risk travelers has cut the wait in conventional inspection lanes to less than 20 minutes. With SENTRI, INS and Customs are able to concentrate their limited resources on high-risk travelers."

"FBI: 'Hostile Actors' Likely Hacked Clinton Email Secrets
Comey recommends not prosecuting presumed Democratic nominee
BY: Bill Gertz 
July 6, 2016 5:00 am
An extensive FBI investigation found evidence that foreign government hackers accessed private emails sent by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton but no direct evidence spies hacked into the several unsecure servers she used.

FBI Director James Comey revealed Tuesday the 11-month probe into Clinton's private email servers uncovered negligent handling of very sensitive classified information that was placed on several unsecure servers between 2009 and 2013, when Clinton served as secretary of state.

In an unusual public announcement, Comey outlined findings that included discovery of highly classified information sent and received on Clinton's private email servers, and signs that "hostile actors" gained access to email accounts of people who were sharing emails with Clinton." 

"From 1996-2001, Comey served as Managing Assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of the Richmond Division of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. In 1996, Comey acted as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee.[8] He also served as the lead prosecutor in the case concerning the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia.[9] .. In April 2005, Comey announced that he was leaving the Department of Justice in the fall. In August 2005, it was announced that Comey would enter the private sector, becoming the General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Department of Defense's largest defense contractor.[26] Comey's tenure took effect on October 1, 2005,[27] serving in that capacity until June 2, 2010, when he announced he would leave Lockheed Martin to join the senior management committee at Bridgewater Associates, a Connecticut based investment management firm.[28]

On February 1, 2013, after leaving Bridgewater, he was appointed by Columbia University Law School as a Senior Research Scholar and Hertog Fellow on National Security Law.[29] He was also appointed to the board of directors of the London-based financial institution HSBC Holdings,[30] to improve the company's compliance program after its $1.9 billion settlement with the Justice Department for failing to comply with basic due diligence requirements for money laundering regarding Mexican drug cartels and terrorism financing.[31][32] Since 2012, he has also served on the Defense Legal Policy Board.[33]" 

"12 November 2015 HSBC IS UNITED BY DIVERSITY HSBC has unveiled a special video on the external wall of its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong to shine a spotlight on how we are all "United by Diversity". The video is comprised of photos of HSBC staff, their colleagues, families and friends. The video will run in the evenings until the 10th December in the lead up to the third annual "Out Leadership: Asia 2015 LGBT Summit" on the 8th and 9th of December in Hong Kong. Commenting on the launch of this unique video, HSBC's Hong Kong Chief Executive, Diana Cesar, said, "I believe that we are made stronger by accepting different points of view and celebrating diversity in all its forms. Our differences are an essential part of the fabric of HSBC and I’m proud to be a part of such an important and inclusive initiative in Hong Kong." HSBC is the co-executive sponsor of the Out Leadership summit, the 3rd year the Bank has been proudly involved with this event. Out Leadership is the first global Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) leadership organisation for the financial industry, by the financial industry. Its leadership summits and ongoing initiatives bring senior LGBT and ally leaders together from major financial services firms, convening across three continents with programs, visibility and impact in the U.S, Asia and Europe. Out Leadership drives change and strategy around issues that are vital to LGBT equality and critical to capturing marketplace opportunity. To find out more about Out Leadership, please visit:"

"Top HSBC manager charged in forex probe
21 July 2016
A top HSBC executive has been charged with fraud in the US. Mark Johnson, HSBC's global head of foreign exchange trading was arrested on Tuesday night. A former colleague, Stuart Scott, has also been charged.

The two traders are accused by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) of using inside information to profit from a $3.5bn (£2.6bn) currency deal.

HSBC said it did not comment on individual employees or active litigation.

However, a spokesman said the bank was cooperating in the DoJ's ongoing investigation into global currency markets. Mr Johnson was released on $1m bail following a court hearing on Wednesday. Mr Scott has denied the allegations. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) accuses the traders of "front-running".

That is misusing confidential information provided by a client who planned to convert $3.5bn into British pounds. It is claimed that the two executives bought sterling themselves before handling the order, because they knew that such a large transaction would push up the value of the currency, and allow them to make money.

Holding executives 'accountable'

The DoJ also claimed the traders timed the purchase in order to maximise its effect on the value of the British currency. As a result it's alleged they were able to generate significant profits for the bank. They are also accused of concealing their actions from the client.

"The charges and arrest announced today reflect our steadfast commitment to hold accountable corporate executives and licensed professionals who use their positions to fraudulently enrich themselves," said the US Attorney Robert Capers.

US prosecutors cited emails and conversations from Bloomberg chats that indicated the two men plotted to see how high they could raise the the dollar to pound exchange rate before the clients would 'squeal'.

The DoJ said that HSBC brought in roughly $8m profit from the currency trades they conducted for the client. What is front running?

Front running is an unethical way for a broker to benefit from a client's trade.

When companies or individuals want to buy a substantial amount of currency- for example dollars in exchange for pounds - they typically go through a broker. A large purchase can push up the value of that currency.

Knowing this, the broker can buy dollars on his own account ahead of the deal, carries out his client's transaction, watches the value of dollars rise, and then sells his own dollars at a handsome profit.

Specific charges

In the charges released on Wednesday, the DoJ cites specific trades Mr Johnson and Mr Scott made in late 2011. In late November and early December of that year, Mr Johnson allegedly purchased pounds in exchange for euros, and pounds in exchange for dollars.

Mr Scott allegedly made a purchase of pounds in exchange for euros.

The two men are accused of then selling their sterling to HSBC, for a profit on the day of the alleged victim's foreign exchange transaction.

The DoJ also accused the two men of encouraging the alleged victim to conduct the trade at a specific time during the day, because it was easier to manipulate the price then.

"It was advantageous to them and HSBC, and disadvantageous to the victim company, to execute the victim company foreign exchange transaction" at the time they did, the DoJ said.

This case is related to a three-year long investigation by regulators into rigging of the currency market globally, but is the first time the Department of Justice has brought charges against individuals.

In May 2015, four banks pleaded guilty to conspiring to manipulate the foreign exchange market.

HSBC was not part of those criminal cases, but it was one of six banks fined by UK and US regulators over their traders' attempted manipulation of foreign exchange rates in November 2014.

HSBC spokesman Robert Sherman said the bank was cooperating with the DoJ's continuing foreign exchange investigation.

Forex market

About 40% of the world's currency dealing is estimated to go through trading rooms in London. The massive market, in which $5.3 trillion worth of currencies are traded daily, dwarfs the stock and bond markets. There is no physical forex marketplace and nearly all trading takes place on electronic systems operated by the big banks and other providers.

Daily "spot benchmarks" known as "fixes" are used by a wide range of financial and non-financial firms to, for example help value assets or manage currency risk. 

"Serco do a bunch more that didn't even make our story: As well as thanking God for his success, CEO Chris Hyman is a Pentecostal Christian who has released a gospel album in America and fasts every Tuesday. Amazingly, he was also in the World Trade Centre on 9/11, on the 47th floor addressing [Serco] shareholders. Serco run navy patrol boats for the ADF, as well as search and salvage operations through their partnership with P&O which form Defence Maritime Services. Serco run two Australian jails already, Acacia in WA and Borallon in Queensland. They’re one of the biggest companies In the UK for running electronic tagging of offenders under house arrest or parole." 

"UK Cabinet Office – Emergency Planning College – Serco …..Types of Exercise 
Workshop Exercises These are structured discussion events where participants can explore issues in a less pressurised environment. They are an ideal way of developing solutions, procedures and plans rather than the focus being on decision making. Table Top Exercises These involve a realistic scenario and will follow a time line, either in real-time or with time jumps to concentrate on the more important areas. The participants would be expected to be familiar with the plans and procedures that are being used although the exercise tempo and complexity can be adjusted to suit the current state of training and readiness. Simulation and media play can be used to support the exercise. Table-top exercises help develop teamwork and allow participants to gain a better understanding of their roles and that of other agencies and organisations. Command/Control Post Exercises These are designed primarily to exercise the senior leadership and support staff in collective planning and decision making within a strategic grouping. Ideally such exercises would be run from the real command and control locations and using their communications and information systems [Feeling lucky, Punk?]. This could include a mix of locations and varying levels of technical simulation support. The Gold Standard system is flexible to allow the tempo and intensity to be adjusted to ensure maximum training benefit, or to fully test and evaluate the most important aspects of a plan. Such exercises also test information flow, communications, equipment, procedures, decision making and coordination. Live Exercises These can range from testing individual components of a system or organisation through to a full-scale rehearsal. They are particularly useful where there are regulatory requirements or with high-risk situations. They are more complex and costly to organise and deliver but can be integrated with Command Post Exercises as part of a wider exercising package.”

"Serco farewell to NPL after 19 years of innovation 8 January 2015 Serco said goodbye to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) at the end of December 2014 after 19 years of extraordinary innovation and science that has seen the establishment build a world-leading reputation and deliver billions of pounds of benefit for the UK economy. During that period under Serco's management and leadership, NPL has delivered an extraordinary variety and breadth of accomplishments for the UK's economy and industry. Some of the key achievements during that time have been:… It has been estimated that work carried out by the Centre of Carbon Measurement at NPL will save eight million tonnes of carbon emissions reductions (2% of UK footprint) and over half a billion pounds in economic benefit over the next decade…. NPL's caesium fountain atomic clock is accurate to 1 second in 158 million years and NPL is playing a key role in introducing rigour to high frequency trading [for Serco's front running banks] in the City through NPL [Zulu] Time."

"Base One Technologies, Ltd. is a DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION, located in New York, NY and was formed on Feb 15, 1994. This file was obtained from the Secretary of State and has a file number of 1795583.

This business was created 7,695 days ago in the New York SOS Office and the registered agent is C T Corporation System that does business at 111 Eighth Avenue , New York in New York.

After conducting a search for principals and owners of Base One Technologies, Ltd., we were able to find 2 owners and/or executives. Their information is listed below.

This file was last updated on May 14, 2013.

Liza R Zaneri 
Chief Executive Officer 
15 Irving Place New 
Rochelle, NY 10801"

"Serco's Office of Partner Relations (OPR) helps facilitate our aggressive small business utilization and growth strategies. Through the OPR, Serco mentors four local small businesses under formal Mentor Protégé Agreements: Three sponsored by DHS (Base One Technologies, TSymmetry, Inc., and HeiTech Services, Inc.,) and the fourth sponsored by GSA (DKW Communications, Inc.). Serco and HeiTech Services were awarded the 2007 DHS Mentor Protégé Team Award for exceeding our mentoring goals." 

"[White's Club member] Rupert Christopher Soames OBE (born 18 May 1959) is a British businessman, CEO of the outsourcing [and long range death-betting bookmaker] company Serco.[1] Soames was born in Croydon, Surrey, to Lord and Lady Soames. He is a grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, a nephew of the former Defence Secretary Duncan Sandys and Diana Churchill; the journalist Randolph Churchill and the actress and dancer Sarah Churchill and a great-nephew of the founders of the Scout movement, Robert Baden-Powell and Olave Baden-Powell. His brother is the Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames.


Soames was educated at St. Aubyns Preparatory School in Rottingdean, East Sussex and Eton College,[2] and then Worcester College at the University of Oxford,[3] during which time he worked as a DJ at the London nightclub Annabel's, as well as being elected to the Presidency of the Oxford Union.[3] Career[edit]

Upon graduation, he was offered a position at General Electric Company (GEC) by the managing director Arnold Weinstock. He remained at GEC for 15 years, working in the company's avionics and computing divisions, and became managing director of Avery Berkel, running the company's UK, India, Asia and Africa operations.[4]

After leaving GEC in 1997, Soames joined the software company Misys as chief executive of its Midas-Kapiti division. He was promoted to chief executive of the Banking and Securities Division in June 2000.[5]

Soames left Misys after a disagreement with Misys founder Kevin Lomax on the company's direction, and was appointed chief executive of power hire group Aggreko in June 2003,[6] replacing Philip Harrower who died when his car collided with a train in the United States.[7]

Soames was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2010 New Year Honours.[8] In November 2010 Rupert Soames gave a speech to Holyrood in which he warned, "In the UK, we are already close to the rocks, because, over the next 8 years a third of our coal-fired capacity, two-thirds of our oil-fired capacity, and nearly three-quarters of our nuclear capacity will be closed down either through age or the impact of the European Large Combustion Plant Directive. Absent a massive and immediate programme of building new power stations, with concrete being poured in the next two years, we will be in serious danger of the lights going out."

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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