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Gareth Williams case far from solved - Cryptographic whiz - Scotland Yard ignoring evidence - "Mediterranean-looking" suspects = Israelis - Yigal Farkash - Cisco acquires Rupert Murdoch-owned NDS - Investigating Israel's use of malware (Stuxnet, Flame) - British media covers up for Mossad crime

Source: Intrepid Report / Wayne Madsen Report (WMR)

MI6 officer murder linked to wealthy Israeli-Russian tycoon

By Wayne Madsen
Posted on November 21, 2013 by Wayne Madsen

On July 23, 2010, the body of Gareth Williams, a cryptographic whiz for the National Security Agency’s British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), was found badly decomposed inside a North Face gym bag in his London flat.

Williams had been on loan to Britain’s MI6 Secret Intelligence Service and had visited NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, a number of times before his suspicious death. Scotland Yard recently concluded that Williams could have locked himself inside the gym bag, thus killing himself, with the intimation that Williams was engaged in some bizarre sexual practice. However, Scotland Yard’s own experts stated it was virtually impossible for Williams to have locked the outside padlock and then secured the handle with Velcro from inside the bag.

Scotland Yard ignored evidence that a Mediterranean couple was seen entering Williams’s flat before his death.

On January 2, 2013, WMR reported on the “Mediterranean couple”:

Media manipulators in British intelligence and law enforcement spun stories, eagerly grabbed up by the media, that Williams was a homosexual, had visited bondage sites on the Internet, was a cross-dresser, and practiced auto-asphyxiation for sexual gratification. None of these rumors were verified and were used to explain away Williams’s murder and the presence of a male-female “Mediterranean-looking” couple in his building at the time of his death. The term “Mediterranean” is routinely used by British law enforcement to describe Israelis because the use of “Jewish-looking” as a descriptor would result in career problems for any investigator. Similarly, U.S. law enforcement employs the term “Middle Eastern-looking” to describe Israeli suspects.

Forensic scientists employed by the privatized British Government Chemist, LGC Ltd., later determined that the Mediterranean couple were not involved in Williams’s murder. However, one of LGC’s directors is Yigal Farkash, an Israeli businessman with deep ties to the Israeli military-intelligence complex. Farkash is also chief operating officer for the Israeli communication firm Korenron, which provides mobile wireless communication services to the Mossad, Israeli Defense Force, Elbit, RAFAEL, Israel Aeronautical Industries (IAI), and the Israeli Police SWAT Team. If Williams was investigating Israel’s use of malware like Stuxnet and Flame that infected computer systems through wireless interfaces, Farkash and Korenron may have had more than a passing interest in covering up details of Williams’s murder.

WMR has been informed by a confidential British source that LGC purposely misled investigators and spiked important evidence in Scotland Yard’s investigation.

LGC’s directors are rife with conflicts-of-interest and they do not only apply to Farkash. Retired Scotland Yard Commissioner Lord Stevens also serves on the board of LGC. Former Scotland Yard commander Ray Adams, after being sacked in a police scandal involving a murder investigation, became the head of security for the Rupert Murdoch-owned NDS, a software company that was involved in cracking the smart card codes of a competitor company, ONdigital.

The background of Yigal Farkash becomes even more suspicious. In 2012, an Israeli billing himself as a wealthy Russian oligarch named Oleg Petrushka announced that he was running for Prime Minster of Israel. In fact, Petrushka is Yigal Farkash.

NDS started in 1988 in Rehovot, Israel and had a major facility in Haifa. In 1992, the company, which specialized in manufacturing chips for pay TV systems, was bought by Murdoch’s News Corporation. In 2009, NDS became a privately-held company. In 2012, Cisco bought NDS. In the 1990s, the European Union discovered that its Cisco servers had been penetrated by NSA, which was reading the email of EU officials and members of the European Parliament.

The Cisco acquisition of NDS is noteworthy. As a result of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s disclosures, it is now known that the NSA and GCHQ were penetrating data networks using Trojan horse “malware.” This concept of hijacking operating systems with malicious code also served as a basis for the Stuxnet and Flame infections of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) computers operating nuclear power plants, including the Iranian plant at Bushehr and the Daiichi plant at Fukushima. When Williams’s body was discovered in his flat, a number of SIM cards, which NDS manufactures, were carefully laid out on a table and his mobile phone had been reset to its factory settings.

It is known that Williams was preparing to leave his service with MI6 to return to GCHQ. A huge question looms. Was Williams asked to investigate the Murdoch attempt to crack the smart card codes of News Corporation’s competitors? Or had Williams stumbled across the Israeli intelligence operation to infect the computers that operate nuclear power plants and did his conscience, like that of Edward Snowden, cause him to prepare to go public?

One thing is for certain. Whenever a murder or terrorist investigation touches on “Mediterranean-looking” suspects, that is Israeli intelligence agents, be they Jewish, Druze, or Arab, the outcome is always a cover-up by the police and other investigators.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report

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  1. "It’s a little known fact that British Intelligence Services are petrified of Mossad and are willing to do their bidding at any cost. Gareth Williams may have been murdered because he had knowledge of Mossad’s links to child-abuse rings and the 7/7 bombings."

    Come on Englishmen, find your bollocks and get moving stripping out the traitors and subversives. Take your country back from the criminals: you can do it!!

  2. Gareth Williams was about to go public with something... something which was held on three thumb drives.

    Gareth William (I believe) was poisoned by the CIA (A poison of the variety 'amanita phalloides' or a more potent high-tec equivalent from the US Weaponisation of Micro-toxins program), whilst in the US meeting with NSA on 10th August. He was then, on his return to UK, tailed 24/7 by their MI6 counterparts. Once the poison began to take effect, Gareth, spent £90 of medicine at Harrods. On the night of 15th August, MI6 officers carefully entered his flat, knowing him to be either unconscious or dead, by carefully removing the door frame (as stated in the inquest). Mr Williams body (dead or unconscious) was then placed in a sports bag, padlocked from the outside, and placed in his bath, filled with a dilution of Sodium Hydroxide (rapidly increasing the decomposition process, and preventing a cause of death from being determined). The MI6 officers then placed misleading clues for police (womens clothes etc), went through his computer taking any vital information, and 'dry cleaned' the flat. Some speculate whether someone returned again to take a memory stick, and to whether they planned on returning at some stage to drain away the brown sludge that was then Gareth Williams. Superiors at Vauxhall House did not inform the police for almost two weeks, although it is standard protocol to inform police of missing a employee after two days. London Met had already been briefed on the situation beforehand. Media where planted with 'sex game' stories, which is strangely very often the case in British Intel murders!

  3. There's plenty of overlap among MI6, CIA, and Mossad: they ultimately have the same paymasters (Rothschild and assordid oligarchy crime families). There would be elements within these agencies who favour fewer dirty tricks and more transparency, but they're facing a difficult battle against an entrenched corrupt power network. The oligarchy needs to be stripped of its financial power (money must become a public utility, not a private fiefdom), and it will not give that up willingly, so it's up to non-oligarchs to get the job done. That includes us.

  4. John Arthur Stevens, Baron Stevens of Kirkwhelpington KStJ QPM DL FRSA (born 21 October 1942) was Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (head of the Metropolitan Police Service) from 2000 until 2005. He was a writer for the News of the World, for £7,000 an article, until his resignation as the hacking scandal progressed.

  5. Sir Paul Robert Stephenson, QPM (born 26 September 1953)[1] was the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, 2009-2011, the most senior police officer within the United Kingdom.

    Sir Paul Robert Stephenson, QPM (born 26 September 1953)[1] was the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, 2009-2011, the most senior police officer within the United Kingdom. On 17 July 2011, Stephenson announced his intention to resign from the post of Commissioner as the result of speculation regarding his connection with Neil Wallis, arrested on suspicion of involvement in the News International phone hacking scandal.In July 2011, Stephenson's judgement was questioned after it emerged that Neil Wallis, a former executive editor of the News of the World had acted as a media consultant to the MPS in 2009 and 2010,[11] and also that in early 2011 Stephenson received £12,000 of free hospitality from a Champneys health spa, where Wallis was working at the time

  6. Sir John McLeod Scarlett KCMG OBE (born 18 August 1948) was Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 2004 to 2009. On 28 January 2011, Scarlett was appointed to the board of Times Newspapers Ltd, part of News International, which publishes The Times and The Sunday Times. News Corp UK & Ireland Limited (trading as News UK, formerly News International and NI Group), is a British newspaper publisher, and a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corp. It is the current publisher of The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun newspapers and its former publications include the Today, News of the World and The London Paper newspapers. Until June 2002, it was called News International plc.[1] On 31 May 2011 the company name was changed from News International Limited to NI Group Limited,[2] and on 26 June 2013 to News UK. Rupert Murdoch admitted that a cover-up had taken place within the News of the World to hide the scope of the phone hacking.

  7. Sir Robert John Sawers KCMG (born 26 July 1955), also known as C,[1] is a British diplomat and senior civil servant. He is the current Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).[2] He was previously the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations from August 2007 to November 2009. Sawers is a governor of the Ditchley Foundation, which aims to promote international, especially Anglo-American, relations. See The Ditchley foundation governors for a full list of current Governors. Jack Straw. Formerly Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Leader of the House of Commons, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs; Home Secretary. In February 2009, Straw used his authority as Justice Secretary to veto publication of government documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act: in particular, those pertaining to early government meetings held in the run-up to the Iraq war in 2003. In April 2011, Straw was appointed as a consultant to E. D. & F. Man Holdings Ltd., a British company based in London specialising in the production and trading of commodities including sugar, molasses, animal feed, tropical oils, biofuels, coffee and financial services.


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