Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Red Dagger Series - Neo-Feudal Fortress Guards Its Wealth - Capitalism Plus Fascism Equals Violence - The Charade of Democracy - Message to Peasants: Devalue Authority - "Heads On Pikes"

Source: Babylon Royal

The Red Dagger - Part 1

The Red Dagger - Part 2

The Red Dagger - Part 3

The Red Dagger - Part 4

The Red Dagger - Part 5

The Red Dagger - Part 6

"It's time for the pitch forks."


  1. The Land-Lords are a parasitic lot. By imposing rents, they rig wealth redistribution to fatten themselves at the expense of the Many. Their arrogant Land-Title Monopoly must be destroyed. Elizabeth Windsor, Grosvenor Duke of Westminster, Baron Rothschild, Garter-Knights, and other nations' landed aristocrats (as in Rockefeller, Gates, Buffett, Ellison; Chinese oligarchs) must be dispossessed of the common wealth they swindled and stole by fraud and force from the People, as We restore the Commons. Everyone born into this World has a self-evident, equal right to basic free Land, or basic free Dwelling-Space; beyond that, an Excess Wealth Tax applies. Brainwashed apologists for "upper-class" Usurper-Parasites act as shameful collaborators and deserve shunning. Living God is the Authority – not Financiers, Kings, or Popes, impudent impostors who behave as Mafia Dons. The Rule of Law – the Golden Rule – truly applies to everyone equally and will be enforced!

  2. They are in power because God has put them there. We must walk a fine line and it all starts with obedience to God Almighty on a personal level. The "people" are not innocent. They are co colaborators with their imprisonment. Read the Scripture and obey God and this problem will solve itself. Even the Messiah said to the man Pilate: There is no power but of God. They have no power unless God has given it. So stop whining and start doing the Right, the Good, the Scriptural thing. Got it?

  3. "God has put them there" No God has not put them there. Iniquity, fraud and theft has put them there



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