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'Justice' Department openly refusing to prosecute banksters - Society cannot allow perpetual blackmail by a corporate crime syndicate - Smashing the banking oligopoly into little pieces - Purging this rotten plutocracy

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Too-Big-To-Fail (Now) = Too Big To Jail

Written by Jeff Nielson
Sunday, 10 March 2013

A few years ago I wrote a piece entitled Why Too Big To Fail = Too Big To Exist with respect to the Wall Street banking oligopoly and its “friends” in other bankster-dominated Western regimes. This week U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder demonstrated the truth of that proposition by asserting that these criminal-banks were now “too big to prosecute”.

Translation: he, and the rest of the Justice Department, are refusing to perform their sworn duties and uphold the Rule of Law in the United States because it’s inconvenient. Outrageous.

Apart from the pathetically servile attitude which the ‘Justice’ Department is taking with respect to crimes committed by the Wall Street oligopoly, its argument is totally without merit. Obviously, sending criminals to prison would not cause people to lose confidence in the U.S. financial system. What has already caused much/most of the world to “lose confidence” in the U.S. financial system (as evidenced by all of the banksters’ “markets” which have withered and died since 2008) is refusing to send the criminals to prison.

It is highly instructive (on several levels) to note that a U.S. Senator described the position/attitude of Holder and the rest of the ‘Justice’ Department posers as equivalent to giving the banksters a “get-out-of-jail-free card”. What is the origin of this metaphor? The game of Monopoly.

A “get-out-of-jail-free card” or (alternately) the Justice Department openly refusing to prosecute banksters, means simply one thing: being above the law. And the only possible context where white-collar criminals could/can be above the law is if they are part of a monopoly (or oligopoly).

In my original piece from 2009, I explained why the instant that the Wall Street oligopoly (and its European brethren) portrayed themselves as “too big to fail”, this meant beyond any possible shadow of a doubt that they were now “too large to exist”.

TBTF is nothing less than an official mantra of blackmail, based on a perpetual/implicit threat: “keep us alive… or else”. There are no possible circumstances under which a society could/should allow itself to be perpetually blackmailed by what is literally a corporate crime syndicate. In claiming that they were “too big to fail”, the Big Banks immediately confessed they were now too large to exist.

Put another way, there is no possible (supposed) “harm” which could result from smashing this banking oligopoly into little pieces which could ever equal the harm of living in an economic system which was subjected to the perpetual coercion, blackmail, and endless acts of financial malfeasance of this white-collar crime syndicate.

Indeed, this same financial cabal tried to economically obliterate Iceland (as punishment) when it threw the Financial Oligarchs out of its own nation. Instead, by purging itself of this crime syndicate, it became the first and only (formerly) banker-dominated economy to actually recover/escape from the financial carnage – created by this same syndicate – in the Crash of ’08.

Similarly, when the sycophant/apologist Eric Holder insists that the banksters themselves are now “too big to jail”, he has instantly and conclusively proven that these criminals must be brought to justice… immediately. Just as there is no possible scenario in which the TBTF crime syndicate could be allowed to engage in perpetual blackmail, there is no possible scenario where these individual banksters could be allowed to be above the law.

There is nothing even slightly “theoretical” about this stating the obvious. This financial crime syndicate has already perpetrated (by dollar value) the largest serial crime spree in the history of humanity – by a factor of more than 1,000 – with their $500+ trillion LIBOR fraud merely being the latest example of the crime that has already been exposed.

Where is the “gray area” here in deciding whether or not the worst criminals in the history of our species should be prosecuted, jailed, and then left to rot there until the end of time?

What is most pathetic here is the corrupt pattern of covering up crime by the (lawless) U.S. government. The same rotten plutocracy which rammed through an “indefinite detention” law, allowing it to lock up the Little People indefinitely without trial or (public) evidence being presented, spends even more time/effort hiding and apologizing for the crimes of the Oligarchs.

Prior to this outrage, it was only a few months earlier that the federal government bullied U.S. states into agreeing to sweep tens of millions of acts of mortgage fraud under the carpet – a very, very big get-out-of-jail-free card.

Jail the Little People with impunity, irrespective of whether you have cause, proof, or trivial formalities like a “public trial”. Cover up the crimes of the Big People, no matter how large the crime or how long the trail of victims left in its wake.

How many bankers have gone to jail following the conspiracy among the world’s largest banks to fraudulently manipulate the $500+ trillion LIBOR interest rate? Zero. How many bankers might go to jail, once our corrupt regimes have finished with their token slap on the wrist? Zero.

How many of the Little People were sent to jail in the U.S. last year for possession of marijuana?

It is as outrageous as it is ironic that the same regime which claims to be so “tough on crime” that it literally starts “wars” to (supposedly) “defeat it” is, in fact, a direct and obvious accomplice of the worst crime syndicate to ever exist on this planet. Its pretend excuse as to why it refuses to touch the Wall Street criminals is the biggest farce of all.

It would be too “damaging/costly” to the U.S. economy (and/or society) to prosecute the Wall Street criminals? Seriously?

At the time, Old Prohibition in the U.S. (during the “Dirty Thirties”) was the most damaging law enforcement campaign in the history of any nation. The crime created by that crusade, and (resultant) harm from Old Prohibition, was so great/extreme that the government was eventually forced to acknowledge failure and reverse its own laws.

Yet little more than a generation later it brought in New Prohibition, which ultimately morphed into “the War on Drugs”. This is a crime-and-punishment crusade so ill-conceived, so brutally/incompetently executed, and which has created so much new crime, that it makes Old Prohibition appear to be “a shining success” in comparison.

This is the government which claims to be “afraid of the consequences” if it sends the Wall Street criminals to prison? The same government which goes out of its way to find “reasons” to jail its own citizens, and has (by far) the highest per capita incarceration rate in the civilized (?) world, is “afraid” to send the Wall Street criminals to prison?

There is absolutely no “issue” here. The Wall Street criminals must be prosecuted immediately, and must be punished to the absolute full extent of the law. Indeed, committing the “biggest crimes” in history may require enlarging sentencing guidelines so that the proverbial “punishment fits the crime”.

The only related issue still to be decided is this: when the Wall Street Oligarchs are eventually imprisoned for their crimes, should the corrupt politicians and (even more corrupt) pseudo-regulators who first facilitated and then covered up this crime wave all be given adjoining cells?

“Too Big To Fail” is simply our governments caving in to blackmail from the world’s worst/largest crime syndicate. However, “Too Big To Jail” is nothing less than a conscious decision to serve and protect those same criminals.

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  1. Another excellent post by the great folks at Abel Danger . Get your finances in order so you and your family will survive this difficult time ahead. I wonder how the Icelandic government was able to re configure their economy so quickly, while doing the right thing by throwing their bankers in jail.This is what need to know.

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