Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 9

Worshipful Hackney Drivers and MI-6 Murdereaux
Crown Sister Eliza’s Men in the Middle Rooms at the Vauxhall Tavern

Agent Chips hammered away as the S-4 minisub was 'docked' under the PT boat to file a false report of "mission accomplished" with the MI6 office which Gareth Williams had worked for until he was silenced. Same happened to Dr. Thomas Hale of MIT, Willie Card of SERCO’s privatized FAA Contract Towers and 5 senior execs of Raytheon. On 15 August, 2010 a short message was relayed to Lord Pearson of UKIP who took a powder two days later. It was believed that Holder and Harper took Maalox from a container that Anna Chapman had left in their company prior to her getting her tit in a ringer. Agent Natalya signaled an impending Climax as she stuffed a Minnesota Vikings Tube Sock in her mouth and chomped down hoping not to blurt out something in Polish again. An IMMEDIATE SHAFTR to Chips in the field confirmed that Mineta was interned for several years along with thousands of other Japanese immigrants; held a grudge and used “[Expletive] pilot discretion” through 9/11 to get “[expletive] planes down” and suck in Cheney. Mad Bax directed a worshipful hackney driver to drive to the Eliza Men-in-the-Middle rooms at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Chips took a FLASH Clipper from Marquis d'Cartier confirming that Hamish and he had struck pay dirt at the men's club where they joined Mike India V for a drink and some popcorn, light salt, no butter and established that Slade Lane was neither gay, nor transvestite, nor disloyal to England. KSM Witness Chips FLASH Clippered news of recovery of COIN Code from Pimlico location proving that SLAIN's last Clipper indicated that the Eliza-Anna Chapman-Putin-Obama project has been infiltrated by Crown Sister Pickton’s MindBox and the Pig Farm Bordereaux, now re-baptized to Murdereaux. Chips couldn't complete the FLASH TM as the sickening rush of an unwinding turbine engine gave way to stillness of the dawning sky just outside Norwich. Hoss began an autorotation; he noticed a "Chips" light on the annunciator panel and turned to explain it to Chips and BAM Mad Bax, who were no longer there.

Agent Chips was hammering away as the S-4 minisub was 'docked' under the PT boat which was returning to Liverpool Harbor from where it would be filing a false report of "mission accomplished" with the MI6 office which Gareth Williams had worked for until he, like other listeners before him, was silenced, simply for knowing too much. This had happened to Dr. Thomas Hale of MIT ( Navajo code talkers, 9/11 ) and Willie Card of SERCO ( privatized FAA Contract Towers, 9/11) after 9/11 not to mention the 5 senior execs of Raytheon who had helped with the modifications of the 2 A 3 Sky Warriors ( owned by Raytheon, modified for and deployed in 9/11) at Ft. Collins / Loveland, Colorado. This had happened in August, 1991 with Danny Casolaro who was a day or two short of finishing a manuscript about THE OCTOPUS which was a working title for the Crown Agents organization. The United States Department of Justice had asked Northwest Airlines to silence Agent Chips also and we all know how they played out. Agent Chips was using his mental 'googling' ability to try and determine which of the Crown Sisters they should allow in from the cold; Queen Hornet or Gorillawoman as both had been involved in the Anna Chapman exchange brokered on Father's Day, 2010 when Agent Chips had dinner at the Pub in Crawley, England with Agent Slade Lane of Abel Danger Northampton just down the road from the Arora International Hotel which is just down the road from the Thales Office in Crawley, where BP also has an office which is responsible for explosions. Abel Danger was overturning the City of London in a way reminiscent of Jesus's overturning of the tables of the Money Changers. Chips also knew that a Crown Sister who was THE WATERGATE PLUMBER was also ready to throw both Gorillawoman and Queen Hornet to the wolves to save her own Chicago-bred skin in hopes she could assume the position that THE ANNOINTED ONE was set to vacate within days, either way, of 2 November, 2010 when the voters of America would be TAKING OUT THE TRASH; notably Harry Reid and the witch from San Francisco. Justice Antonin Scalia had quietly allowed Barry Soetero's foreign status at Occidental become part of the legal record to which HE WHO IS TELEPROMPTED remarked "What do they want me to do, walk around all day with my Birth Certificate attached to my forehead?" Actually, all day wouldn't be required because within 10 minutes of seeing his true place of birth he would be under arrest from Treason, in the humble opinion of the lady in Moscow who had dined at the Goff Manor House on Father's Day with Agents Chips and SLAIN. Chips was interrupted in mid-thought by a quasi-orgasmic outburst from Natalya as she screamed 'switch' in Polish. Apparently her pleasure was so close to Climax, named for a town in West Central Minnesota where Agent Chips' notoriety as an extended-pleasure swordsman was so profuse that North Dakota Supreme Court Judge Mary Maring once deposed Agent Chips with a comment, under oath of "...isn't it true Mr. McConnell that you have slept with every woman in Fargo...". This example of judicial effluence was so sophomoric that she didn't realize she had just incriminated herself as she was a woman in Fargo although Chips did not find her stimulating intellectually or otherwise. Further, the Judge presiding over the 1986 divorce case in Cass County, North Dakota, Judge Norman Backes, used to laugh out loud when Agent Chips would tie up and spit out the useless attorney whose daddy had wasted a lot of money trying to educate her at an inexpensive law school.

Chips completed the 'switch' without falling out of position with Natalya's honeypot and as he took over the lower position he realized that Natalya had violated an Abel Danger protocol by almost climaxing while speaking her native Polish. However, she was forgiven as Chips was using a Trojanz non-lubricated condom on her for the first time and the friction was enhanced to the point where her base instincts as a woman defeated her Abel Danger discipline. Agent Natalya, a Pole, who was currently sitting on a pole, was a Krakow girl working in the aviation HR office in Dublin where she deployed contract pilots to Russian speaking airlines such as those in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Chips had been in Astana, Kazakhstan for 18 months posing as an Airbus pilot and a Muslim using an Aruba pilot license in the name of Sheikh Yassar al-Fakir yur-Buti, or Sheikh yur-Buti for short. Natalya used to call him her Kickstand pilot as she loved to sit on his kickstand as much as he enjoyed poking her donut, so to speak. Chips had also been poking and probing another donut; one responsible for Anna Chapman's hasty retreat to Moscow and the sacrifice of one of their own, who was also one of our own, capeche? As Chips could sense it was almost time to 'frost her cookies' he felt the vibration of his Clipper Squirt Gun as it took a text message from Abel Danger's Frankfurt Office and Agent Brumhilde.

“Dear Mr McConnell, Join the fun at this year's Oktoberfest in Munich! From September 18, until October 4, the most famous Bavarian festival welcomes visitors from all over the world. Choose your starting point from eight convenient U.S. cities and book your tickets now to take advantage of fares as low as $393*. To learn more about this great city, read our travel article highlighting Munich's other attractions. Also, check out our special HRS Hotel offers which give you great accommodation options at a discounted rate. .. *in 1995 Lufthansa removed the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilots from their B747-400 fleet according to Joe Vialls, who mysteriously is dead as is GW Slade Lane”

Chips remarked to himself how clever it was of Agent Brumhilde to always 'spoof' legitimate advertising from Europe's safest (*) airline when communicating with Agent Chips and other central AD players such as European Hammer Otto Pilot, PacRim Hammer Banzai Pipeline, or North America Hammer Uncle Ray at Quanitico. Chips understood that Brumhilde was suggesting that the most likely timeframe for Obama's October Surprise was 18 September to October 4. For personal reasons Agent Chips set himself the arbitrary deadline of 2 October to 'wedge' Gorillawoman or Queen Hornet as the agreement concerning the settling of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) for $4.5M would 'sunset' on 2 October, 2010 and if unsettled Civil Case 1:10-1600(BH) would be served on 21 Crown Sisters and Barry Soetoro [ "Field McConnell v. Barry Soetoro" ]. The lawsuit was in DC, and that doesn't stand for Dry Condom such as the Trojanz non-lubricated item that was driving Natalya ever closer to an Early Oyster Launch. There is a reason that EOL is capitalized and it has nothing to do with ELO's mega hit from 1976. When you hear the lyric about "midnight on the water, I saw the ocean's daughter" consider the launch time of Agent Jam's attack on City of London and when at the 3:00 mark you hear "bank job, in the city, Robin Hood and Ivanhoe and Lancelot and Willy Tell they all envy me" be aware that Robin Hood is Nottingham's Abel Danger Suky Slicer, Ivanhoe was GW Slade Lane who is now SLAIN, Lancelot is Hamish who is lancing cyber defenses of SAD Operatives who thought they were impenetrable and Willy Tell is Agent Chips who flew his F4 Phantom in William Tell Worldwide Fighter Competitions in 1978 and 1986 during his service as a FAKER MONITOR with the USAF Air Defense Command. Yes, the same Air Defense Command that was stood down by General Henry Shelton CJCS and MGen Maurice Baril of the Canadian Forces who the Sisters set up to look as though they were the North American Air Defense Maestros during the 9/11 war game, when the real Global Maestro of the 9/11 man-in-the-middle attack by the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Lord Timothy Garden, nearly succeeded in TOPPING off America. When Abel Danger asked the Leader of the UKIP to help on the Lord Garden issue, he, Lord Pearson, announced his retirement from the UKIP just as Peter G. Peterson, leader of the CFR announced his retirement from the Council of Foreign Relations after Abel Danger shone a bright light of his connections to the murder of the Percy daughter in 1966. Funny, but very few people realize that Peter G. Peterson is an ethnic Greek from Nebraska whose father ran a restaurant. Wonder if they had any 'secret sauce' at that restaurant like they did at the Piggy Palace Good Times Society, a Federal charity in British Columbia who fed BBQ prostitutes to unwitting big shots and then collected video tape and DNA evidence of the unwitting participants thereby entrapping them. While Crown Agents got video tape evidence of unwitting participation in grisly rituals, Abel Danger Agents went about collecting DNA samples in the form of tampons, condoms and gerbils. While the Crown Agents stash their Stasi Stuff somewhere below the ground level of City of London with split samples stored in Munich, Germany and Huntsville, Alabama, Abel Danger keeps their split samples of DNA-rich tampons, condoms and gerbils 'within 500 miles of Fargo'. It was, in fact, an Abel Danger Polymers expert who designed the special reservoir tip condom which allowed the introduction of someone else's semen into the reservoir tip of latex condom with the reservoir made of a permeable natural animal protein permitted the flow through of 'someone else's precious bodily fluid' into targeted vaginas so as to cross-implicate innocent parties. I could explain the cross implication procedure for the opposite gender via the 'tampon tampering tactic' but it wouldn't be gentlemanly.

Dr. Isaksen of the Nicollet Clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota had asked Agent Chips if there was something he couldn't "get out of your head" prior to his referring Chips to the shill shrink in Los Angeles, Doctor Elliott, who was paid handsomely by ALPA to end careers of safety conscious airline whistleblowers such as the 4 who volunteered to testify in front of Senator Dorgan and Jay Rockefeller's Kangaroo Court proceedings of 10 and 17 June, 2009. Those with 'enquiring minds' should review Chapter 9 and note that 18 hours after this Chapter, cap letter C intentional, was received by USDOJ, Attorney James Q. Butler called the Plaintiff to see if he would settle the $10M case against ALPA for a measly $1.3M payoff. Attorney Butler had his law license revoked almost immediately after he failed to convince Plaintiff Chips to settle. Attorney Butler was replaced with Attorney Zampogna who was fired when he appeared to lose his nerve in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) putting ALPA between a rock and a hard place as the Judge presiding had refused to dismiss the case and now ALPA and the Court shudder to think of what the PRO SE case would reveal if it ever gets 'on the record', which it already has, in a manner of speaking.

While reviewing Chapter 9, note the movie at the bottom of Chapter, note the 'tailess Boeing B52, and note the dual D21 drones slung under the wings of the other B52. The movie of the two monkeys having their way with each other is to demonstrate what ALPA President John Prater and FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt have collectively done for airline safety. Zilch. The photo of the B52 with no tail is evidence that large jets can be flown by competent pilots with no tail at all even though Agent Chips gets all the tail he can handle. Chips' father had flown B52s, Chips had flown into Blytheville AFB, Arkansas ( where the tailess B52H was 'recovered' in August, 1964) and Agent Chips had a pair of Lockheed D21 Drones at 'arm's length' within the last 180 days. Perhaps the Crown Agent's closing act, Barry Soetoro, is in a little bit over his head in trying to make the multi-national BP go away simply because he hates Britain for what it did to his father in 1952's Mau Mau Uprising as much as Sasquatch hates America because she got a free ride at Princeton where Bienen conscripted her to marry an empty suit before having her law license stripped from her due to her handling of Bhopal ( Union Carbide ) and Clipper ( AT&T ) in such a sloppy manner that Abel Danger was able to track the prosecutions of both the 1984 Bhopal Genocide and the 2001 attempt to TOPOFF America. What say you Obama party of two? Or is it Soetero, party of two, as Justice Antonin Scalia's office would have me believe? While Obama's relatives in Kenya were working with Maurice Strong, DDE had authorized CIA to take AIOC, forerunner to BP, under an Operation Ajax, do your homework. I will provide you a boost while I get ready to supply Agent Natalya with an Oyster Blast:état

Google [ ALPA + Peter Janhunen + Field McConnell ] an up pops this story from The Fargo Forum Steve Wagner, 3-5-2007:

The lawsuit, filed last week, claims Boeing Co. and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) can’t assure him that B747-400 planes are safe. McConnell, who is the process of seeking an early retirement from Northwest, claims the planes are rigged by Boeing and can be remotely detonated. “We do not believe in any way, shape or form that that is true,” said Pete Janhunen, a spokesman for ALPA, the world’s largest pilot’s union. “Our senior lawyer and senior engineer both said that on its face, it’s an insane complaint. … It sounds like he’s a troubled guy.”

As ALPA wrestles with what to do with "the troubled guy" that Peter Junhanen didn't take seriously prior to the hits of Colgan 3407 and Air France 447, along with Adam Air 574 and Kenya 507, the 'hit parade' just keeps on dishing out the hits including the removal of an Abel Danger's Agent Slade Lane, a listener in England, who had met with Chips at Crawley, England on Father's Day, 2010 and discussed what he knew of three Crown Sisters in England, although one of them was of Spanish lineage and was a notorious chicken like Thunder Thighs who Crown Agents had set up to be the handler of the Oxford rapist with Peronie's Syndrome, wow, major bummer Bill. Not the fact that your plumbing is bent, but that you had to be paired with HER, THE WATERGATE PLUMBER.

That Abel Danger Agent, Slade Lane, also worked for MI6 as listener and lurker "GW" not to be confused with the President who was Bushwhacked on 9/11 by a team including the author of "Sisters" who has a Lesbian daughter and a bunch of SBA 8a contractors who had no idea of the "Big Picture" that was being hawked and War-gamed by Agent Fish, Agent Chips and Agent BBC. Agent BBC is 'Bugle Boy Chic' as Captain Chic Burlingame was in the Drum and Bugle Corps at Annapolis from 1967 to 1971 before his War Gaming experience gained while working for BGen Paul Knox in the Pentagon not much before his 52nd birthday, 12 September, 2001, which he never saw, in as much as his AA77 was remotely guided over the Atlantic Drop Box and vaporized as a replacement drone took the place AA77, a Boeing 757, and prosecuted a precise hit on the office window of Captain Gerald DeConto, Duty Officer in the US Navy Command Center. As history has recorded Agents Fish and BBC were 'whacked' on 9/11. However Agent Chips was a 'get through' to borrow a phrase from the Air Defense Command vocabulary where Chips had been a FAKER MONITOR for an Air Defense Squadron from 1 August, 1977 until 22 June, 1993 when he was reassigned to Abel Danger Global shortly after the Crown Sisters silenced 24 Brits at the Branch Davidian Compound 50 days after the siege started. In the list of "fried Brits" were a Plumber, a Carpenter and other 'specialists' from the City ( city of London ) and Guilds who had first hand knowledge of the 1992 plan, hatched in Russia, to create a NOWHERE MAN. This CUKC or Indonesian passported citizen NOWHERE MAN was a CIA operative who had never been to Punahou, never been to Occidental, never been to Columbia, never been to work, never been to Pakistan, never been a Muslim, never been influenced by Jeremiah Wright and never been an Indonesian whose mother was a Christmas time playmate of Frank Davis Jr. aka THE GASH GOURMET and if you think Gash means intentionally cutting one's self you are wrong; it is disgusting slang for a portion of female human anatomy, capeche? Frequent readers of Abel Danger Intel would suspect that a youTube offering of Nowhere Man by the Beatles might be at this link and it would be if it were not for the fact that arguably the best Beatles song ever recorded, as reported by RSM, is this recording from 2 June, 1967, the very day that Agent Chips graduated from Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii where a little boy 6 years old was being groomed to be President for benefit of Crown Agents of which his grandmother, recently deceased, was one. BFD you PFers.

On 15 August, 2010 the short message below was relayed to Lord Pearson of UKIP, Holder of USDOJ and Stephen Harper of Canada. Two days later Pearson took a powder. It is believed that Holder and Harper took Maalox from a Russian Maalox container that Anna Chapman had left in their company prior to her getting her tit in a ringer which is not big deal as she favored 'titty clamps' according someone who had often seen the 'twins' .

“Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Agents Sisters have set up the man in the middle attacks by equipping the Worshipful Companies of Information Technologists with CRYPTOCard access to eavesdrop into GCHQ communications. KSM also has evidence that Crown Agents Sisters have been use CRYPTOCards to authorize assassinations and ensure that the spoliation of evidence at the crime scene has been effected in a way that allows hit teams such as The Butchers and clean up crews such as The Launderers to be identified and then rewarded with claims on the victims’ receivables bordereaux of life insurance and mortgage obligations.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a GOOGLE FOOT STOMPER meaning that if you google [ CRYPTOCards + bordereaux + Chips ] you will find that Abel Danger is 'the only game in town'. Another excellent example is that Abel Danger is the only intelligence service that has tied Sam Cam to 'tricky massive attack' and CanalPlus le bouquet, capeche? We have DNA/PBF on Sam Cam in our STASI stash within 500 miles of Fargo, North Dakota, home of Alien Technologies where one of the Abel Danger limos provided transportation to struggling employees with good memories and very small cameras prior to their April, 2009 delivery of a special 'money shot' to Agent Chips.

Lord Pearson stepped down within 48 hours and it is probably a single word – bordereaux – that caused him to tremble. Bordereaux is the modern name for the Fondo which was created in Venice so wealthy European families could pass wealth to future generations. What the Italians had created, the Dutch tinkered with, and the Brits perfected so that when in April, 1993 30% of the victims at Janet Reno's attack on hetero sexual women and innocent children in Waco were Brits, money would be generated and shared amongst those on the 'right side' of the bordereaux and those 'who knew too much about future President Soetoro' would be silenced in a financial transaction called a Bordereaux. If I were a gambling man I would bet heavily that before Nov 2, 2010 when America empties the trash cans a viral google search may be [ BOW + Bordereaux + Obama + Waco ]. I could be wrong, after all Peter Janhunen at ALPA thinks I am a troubled guy. Introspectively I agree, I am troubled by the spilling of innocent blood on Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447, not to mention AA11, AA77, UA 175 and UA 93 as ALPA has known about the Strangler's Suite of illegal modifications to airlines since 11 December, 2006 and they have not lifted a finger to stop it. Evil. Perhaps PJ should read Ephesians 5:11 and turn away from evil as Gorillawoman and Queen Hornet are trying to do by fingering Boo Boo and Thunder Thighs. The paranoia, contempt, envy and in-fighting within the 22 Crown Sisters is reaching a feverish pitch, as summer turns to fall just prior to OBAMA'S OCTOBER SURPRISE. Oh, one more thing, remember the Air France 447 tail falling off and floating in the Atlantic, we telegraphed that potential threat to ALPA in this excerpt from Chapter 16 of Hunter's Wingman:

“I need to tape my mouth shut and breathe through my nose as those EOPs I slipped you 30 minutes ago where the 3 horsepower models, not the normal one horse, so when you explode into my oyster net I do want to scream so loud it vibrates the tail off this French pig" she whinnied. As the quickly de-thonged double breasted mattress thrasher climbed into the top bunk, Captain Careful breathed through his nose for two minutes, much to the pleasure of the Greek Gyro and then he climbed a little higher yet, if you know where my head's at.”

I think any jury in America would have some difficult questions for ALPA regarding their failure to investigate credible and specific intel relating to aviation safety, especially when Abel Danger has reported IN ADVANCE what would happen often such as the case of Air France 447. That question will be answered within the next 60 days, one might opine laconically if one were a Gambler. Even ALPA must learn when it's time to Hold 'em or Fold 'em, when to walk away or run. In the case of ALPA President John Prater, he is seeking re-election but when the ALPA pilots learn what Prater and Babbitt have KNOWN regarding the Strangler's Suite it is unlikely that he will even be a pilot.

Agent Natalya had finally signaled the impending Climax as she stuffed a Minnesota Vikings Tube Sock in her mouth and chomped down hoping not to blurt out something in Polish again as the reservoir tip equipped PRTC ( purple tipped red champion ) was readied for a max salvo to follow her shuddering. As the Tube Sock was blown out of her mouth as she 'let go' Chips returned a volley but what he delivered was contained in the humongous Trojanz Dry Condom, not to be confused with District of Columbia or Gary Condit or Chandra Levy, and the PBF, precious bodily fluid, delivered into Natalya's PBF collector was cold semen from another source donor not to be identified until a resolution of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) satisfies Chips in a manner far different from how Natalya Antonov satisfies Chips, capeche?
As the two Abel Danger lovers rested after the 4 hour enduro, Natalya removed the condom from our man Chips so that she could distribute split samples to Huntsville, Munich and City of London. To confuse Crown Agents Natalya would follow Abel Danger Protocols and add 2 ounces of Vinegar and one ounce of extra virgin oil so that any Crown Agent 'tasters' would not recognize Chips' PBF. Natalya had just finished that harvesting procedure when both she and Chips could feel the S-4 minisub separate from the 'mothership' PT craft above not to be confused with the Mothership used in the Crown Agent attack on Mumbai in November of 2008 that Abel Danger had foretold in a gripping tale involving Sharja in UAE just down the road, perhaps Prince Zayed Highway, from Dubai and accurately forecast the use of Thuraya SAT phones like the one that a certain 4-star Marine General graduate of Quigley's Georgetown must wish had never been foretold, by Abel Danger, or found by international police acting on the tip of Abel Danger, see Chapter 5, linked below. As the steady hum of the electric propulsion of the S-4 was felt, Chips also felt his Clipper Squirt Gun take a Priority Text from Donegal Dolly who was filling in at the Crawley Abel Danger Office as a girl Friday who to Chips was so nice that he thought he'd like her to be his girl everyday including twice on Friday. Book 3 of 10, "Mother Moose and The ACORN Abortionists" [ what say you Soetoro party of 2? ]

Royal Crown Agent Donegal Dolly Priority Clipper to Agents Chips, Yellowhammer and Suky Slicer, copy Abigail Chopsticks: “Chips, this message "CRYPTOCard Europe, Aztec Centre, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TD, England Telephone: +44 870 7077 700 Fax: +44 870 7077 711 600—340 March Road, Ottawa, Ontario. K2K 2E4 Canada Toll free: 800-307-7042 Telephone: +1-613-599-2441 Fax: +1-613-599-2442 GATEWAYS AND MODEMS BlackShield supports a wide range of SMS gateways, letting you select a vendor that best meets your requirements. For even greater economy, an SMS modem loaded with a SIM card obtained from your preferred mobile service provider can be used by BlackShield ID to transmit OTP messages.” was just relayed to me from Slade Lane's CRYPTOCard with a pirated message that SLADE LANE IS IN HIS CRYPT. I haven't been able to contact GW for 7 days. We need to get Boobs on the ground inside THE CITY and Pimlico as soon as possible. Donegal Dolly”
Immediately following that Agent Yellowhammer, still on temporary duty at Brize Norton relating to the Anna Chapman 'spy swap', which preceded her 'celebration' with Putin, sent a confirming report.

Royal Crown Agent Yellowhammer Immediate Clipper to Chips, Suky Slicer, Abigail Chopsticks and Otto Pilot, copy Banzai Pipeline and Uncle Ray: “In support of Dolly Donegal's concerns comes this report from the MSM:“MI6 worker found murdered in London flat • Man found dead in sports bag in bath of London townhouse An unconfirmed report suggested he had worked at GCHQ, the government's secret listening service. He had been on secondment to MI6, the secret intelligence service, when he disappeared up to 10 days ago. Police found his body on Monday afternoon when they were called to his flat in Pimlico after reports that he had not been seen for some time. Inside the property, officers found the man's mobile phone and a collection of sim cards laid out, the Daily Mail reported.” If this man is GW as is being rumored we have just taken a hit. Our Agent Slade Lane had been on secondment to MI6 since Father's Day, 2010, after he met Chips regarding Gorillawoman, Anna Chapman and BP. Yellowhammer, Brize Norton AD”

Chips looked at his watch and saw that the local time was 2303 so he knew deployment was near and if fact could sense the S-4 rising to the surface to run at periscope depth. As Chips performed a valsalva maneuver to clear his ears he motioned for Natalya to lay out his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Cactus Rose and Natalya, whose English was level 5, thought perhaps Chips was 'thorny' and someone was about to be pricked, perhaps an enemy of a Bullingdon or Etonian, capeche? As Natalya gently crammed the monster into the ODLRSR, Chips got an Immediate Clipper from Hamish, position unknown, who was not wearing an ODLRSR ( Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster - google it and see for yourself ).

KSM Lead Witness Hamish Immediate Clipper, LICKR, DICKR and SHAFTR message to Chips, copy Agents Bean and Hoss: "Chips, your team must investigate Crown Agents Sisters’ Lynnne Cheney and her colleagues for ‘man in the middle’ tactics. They appear to have used MiTM in the 9/11 war game by combining sexual extortion of their husbands with the virtual deception of war-game participants in No. 216 Squadron of the Royal Air Force, Orbital Sciences and Lockheed Martin. Remember in cryptography, the (Man in the Middle - often abbreviated MITM), bucket-brigade attack, or sometimes Janus attack, is a form of active eavesdropping in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker. A man-in-the-middle attack can succeed only when the attacker can impersonate each endpoint to the satisfaction of the other - it is an attack on mutual authentication” Chips, it may evolve that Cheneys, party of two, put GW into the position of the 'man in the middle' on 9/11. Good thing you monitored this evolution and called KFGO, The Mighty 790, radio and sent a steganographic signal to the evil doers regarding "ANGEL IS NOT NEXT, ABEL DANGER BLOCKING". By the way, are we Clippering, LICKRing, DICKRing or SHAFTRing, I'm stumped. Hamish.”
As Chips read the incoming from Hamish he saw Natalya's target area and wanted to do a little stumping of his own. However, as he felt the S-4 heel over in an aggressive turn for the rendezvous azimuth, see also final approach heading, demanded by Agent Hoss he knew that within 90 seconds 'extraction' of BAM Mad Bax, Marquis d'Cartier and himself would be required. He was giving Natalya's fun bags a goodbye fondle and wishing she could function as a semen spitoon when a FLASH SHAFTR came in on the Hotline regarding Crown Sister Lynne who was not BVR in the PEOC on 9/11, see also Mineta.

Royal Crown Agent Bean FLASH SHAFTR to Chips, Hamish, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper and Banzai Pipeline, copy Hoss and Stone: "We have evidence Crown Agents placed Sister Cheney on the Lockheed board of directors (1994-2001) to help Mineta develop man-in-the-middle attacks to sabotage U.S. and Allied operations in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. We also think that Sister Cheney used Marshall Aerospace in the U.K. and City & Guilds Livery Companies, including Fuellers, Information Technologists and Air Pilots and Air Navigators, to install MITM modifications for Lockheed 9/11. Remember that she joined her husband, Vice President Dick Cheney, in the tunnel leading to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) bunker below the White House, and then enters the PEOC alongside him. Yet Mineta claims she was already in the PEOC when he arrived there at around 9:20-9:27 (Lynne Cheney will sit in a corner of the PEOC, and write down notes on the various reports that are received this morning by the vice president) .. Counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke after being admitted by Cheney’s security detail, entered the PEOC. In addition to the vice president and his wife Lynne Cheney, the PEOC contains National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, political adviser Mary Matalin, Cheney’s chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, deputy White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, and White House counselor Karen Hughes. Clarke can see the White House Situation on a screen. But Army Major Mike Fenzel, who is also in the PEOC, complains to him, “I can’t hear the crisis conference [that Clarke has been leading] because Mrs. Cheney keeps turning down the volume on you so she can hear CNN… and the vice president keeps hanging up the open line to you.” Clarke later describes that Lynne Cheney is, like her husband, “a right-wing ideologue,” and is offering her advice and opinions while in the PEOC. When Clarke asks the vice president if he needs anything, Cheney replies, “The [communications] in this place are terrible.” His calls to President Bush keep getting broken off. By the time Clarke heads back upstairs to the Situation Room, it is 12:30 p.m.” It is believed by either Queen Hornet or Gorillawoman that LC was the HMFWIC on 9/11 in the PEOC. Agent Bean, Pastel Cactus Rose”
Chips was just reaching for the Circle William fitting when another FLASH SHAFTR came in from Name Dropper who was monitoring Abel Danger from Florida's Panhandle which still had a large concentration of Oath Keeping LEO, law enforcement officers, who would have no need of the 200 million rounds of 40 caliber ammo ordered from Winchester by Janet Napolitano's DHS, Demented Homosexual S......... before he could finish the thought Name Dropper's incoming was amplified by the down wash of a CH46 helo flown by Agent Hoss who once worked for the Company and flew C7A Caribou aircraft somewhere near some PacRim Chinese oil rigs within commuter range of South Viet Nam, capeche?

Royal Crown Agent Name Dropper FLASH Clipper to Agents Chips, Bean, Hamish and Hoss, copy Umbrellaman and Banzai Pipeline: “Lynne Ann Cheney (née Vincent; born August 14, 1941) is the wife of former United States Vice President Dick Cheney and served as the Second Lady of the United States from 2001 to 2009. She is a novelist, conservative scholar, and former talk-show host. From 1995 to 1998, Cheney served as a co-host of the Sunday edition of CNN's Crossfire, replacing Tony Snow. Lynne Cheney served on Lockheed Corporation's board of directors from 1994 to 2001, a $120,000-a-year post she gave up shortly before her husband's inauguration; Cheney served on the board's Finance, and Nominating and Corporate Governance committees” .. “Sisters is a 1981 novel by Lynne Cheney published only in a Signet Canadian paperback edition as part of the New American Library (ISBN 0-451-11204-0). Sisters is a historical novel set in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1886. Sophie Dymond, a magazine editor in New York, comes home to Cheyenne after the death of her sister, Helen. The novel is a historical and literary portrayal of the status of women in the Old West. In the novel, Sophie finds a letter that Amy Travers, a schoolteacher and close friend of Helen's, had written to her: Helen, my joy and my beloved, Why do we stay? I have no reason beyond a few pupils who would miss me briefly, and your life would be infinitely better away from him. Let us go away together, away from the anger and imperatives of men. We shall find ourselves a secluded bower where they dare not venture. There will be only the two of us, and we shall linger through long afternoons of sweet retirement. In the evenings I shall read to you while you work your cross-stitch in the firelight. And then we shall go to bed, our bed, my dearest girl. . . In 2004, New American Library announced that it planned to republish the book. However, after being contacted by Lynne Cheney's attorney, Robert Barnett, who reportedly told them that Cheney did not consider the book her "best work," New American Library announced in April 2004 that it would not be republishing the book after all. In an interview that took place on October 27, 2006 with Wolf Blitzer on CNN's The Situation Room, Cheney denied that Sisters contained rape or graphic depictions of lesbian sex.” The USMS confirms your suspicions regarding LAC aka SLOTUS not to be confused with FLATUS FLOTUS who is married to Prince Poppycock. Dropper, Destin”
Readers should Google [ FLATUS + FLOTUS + LAC + Chips ] on 15 September and see if anyone is reading Abel Danger Intel: Foreign Lacky Assigned to Terminate United States (FLATUS) and First Lady of The United Status (FLOTUS) and Abel Danger will be a viral google pairing by 2 October, 2010 unless "they" obstruct Google, Bing and other search engines such as "they" have recently done with Google search terms SMACSONIC and STRANGLER'S SUITE.

As Natalya started to tear up at the thought of her cuddly Chips going into harm's way, she flashed him a shot of a furry friend and stuck her tongue in his good ear, cooing "My furry friend and I will be ready when you come back to us". Chips gave her a strong embrace, a French kiss, and a slap on the butt that would make Brett Favre jealous as his Clipper was vibrating almost in sync to her quivering vulva. Chips saw that it was a text from Hamish so he disregarded it and got one last taste of Natalya's DNA rich PBF as BAM Mad Bax motioned to the open hatch holding up fingers 2, 3, and 4 on his right hand. Mad Bax looked sinister in his night camo, Chips looked huge in his Pastel Cactus Rose, and Marquis d'Cartier was disguised to look like Leo Sayer as the Show that Must Go On was set to Go On in the City of London, thanks in large part to the male heterosexual DLA-Piper Attorney in Phoenix. While back in the District of Columbia both Gorillawoman and Queen Hornet were acknowledging that they'd been blind, that they wished Chips would help them escape, and that somebody was after their blood. Perhaps it was the exporter of tainted prison blood from the Arkansas Prison system that was used to infect Veterans of Vietnam Combat with Hepatitis C in hope they would succumb before they became a drain on the US Economy although neither the Obama's trip to Oslo to prop up Hot Air Al in December of 2009 or Sasquatch's vacation in Spain in August of 2010 seemed to burden that same US economy that Crown Agent Barry (FLATUS) Soetoro was dispatched to destroy, capeche? Hep C had HC for initials just like HawksCafe and Hillary Clinton. Do the math and then google 'arkancide' while Marquis d'Cartier does a lip sync, initials LS, of Leo Sayer, initials LS not to be confused with Lesbian Sex which according to LAC was not a central theme of her book 'Sisters' which she and Dick did not authorize a republishing of contrary to the printer's wishes as Mr. and Mrs. DC wished that no one knew about LAC's literary track record. Pisser.

Chips was the last man to board the lowered ramp of the CH46 that was hovering so low that much of the aft body of the Boeing VERTOL was being lapped by the sea two miles from the port of Liverpool where Liverpudlians no longer believe in the MSM but do believe that John Lennon was silenced by the same agents, and for the same reasons, that Elvis and Michael Jackson were cut off in their relative youth. Agent Natalya passed the Idaho State Athletic Bag containing the 108 inflatable midgets, all minus their feet, to Chips as Agent Hoss pulled up on the collective and pushed forward on the cyclic. Three minutes later they were hovering over the Office of the Worshipful Company of Launderers hoping to determine if Jamie Gorelick had dish pan hands from all the cleanup she had attempted on the Pentagon Lawn, 9/11 Commission, at Fannie Mae, and at BP. Unfortunately for this femme comp female, fcf, not to be confused with FCF, functional check flight, her DNA was all over Janet Reno and Waco, all over Otis Elevator and 9/11, all over Fannie Mae and SBA 8a, and all over Obama's BP and I allude not to butt-pirate or Banzai Pipeline, capeche? Or as the Britain hating EMPTY SUIT mistakenly calls it, British Petroleum. Boo Boo, upgrade your teleprompter.

As BAM Mad Bax covered their insert with a very short barreled 12 gauge, Chips and Marquis used their AQFB27Z control heads to set the 108 inflatable midgets on Clipper Channel 4 as Hamish emerged from the shadows disguised as Prince Poppycock. As the quartet of Abel Danger Intel Pros launched the 108 inflatable Midgets to infiltrate the 108 City and Guild Livery Company's OPERATION LAST UNICORN, behind the scenes US DoD and Department of Treasury were ensuring defenses were adequate to rebuff North Korea's attack of the German engineered $100 bills and Crown Agents' attack by the NOWHERE MAN which John Lennon had written during a period of low self esteem when John was expressing the boredom and frustration he was feeling in his cocoon-like life as a Beatle, capeche?

As BAM Mad Bax, Chips, Hamish and Marquis d'Cartier had set the QRS 11 guided inflatable midgets in motion and friends of Abel Danger inside ADT and Air Patrol had shut down alarms in the Livery Halls, a Leyland Taxi pulled up to the Quartet and a chain smoking Bitch Beagle, clearly a daughter of Dyke, flipped a butt to the left of the quartet's position. As Chips reacted to the threat axis by turning into the fight and ducking, BAM Mad Bax pulled a 14 inch Bowie knife from his boot and dropped a Worshipful Launderer in her tracks. Chips appreciated the hit and went to retrieve the Bowie knife as Marquis, Mad Bax and Hamish crawled in the back seat of the Leyland taxi. As Chips withdrew the Bowie knife from the hard heart of the recently deceased he noticed that the Laundress was a male. Chips looked into the laundry bag and found women's clothing in a size that would fit Abel Danger's Slade Lane. Chips also saw 7 sim cards such as might be found in cel phones of international travelers such as OUR MAN CHIPS. He exchanged his Idaho State athletic bag for the loaded laundry bag even taking the time to put 7 'unused' sim cards in the Idaho State bag before hurrying to the waiting Black London Taxi, BLT, not to be confused with Bacon Lettuce and Tomato or Battalion Landing Team. Moments later, Chips opened the left forward door and got glimpse of Pastel Cactus Rose as the Abel Danger Office Chief from Phoenix placed the black sedan in motion. In between Marquis d'Cartier and BAM Mad Bax Hamish wondered why he was stuck being the Man in the Middle as Agent Bean selected F4 on her Clipper Cacti replete with pricks.

Agent Bean drove with a sense of purpose towards Mincing Lane as Chips, due to security requirements, gave the Pastel Cactus Rose a Brief Digital Exam to prove to his satisfaction, but not hers, that the beauty in the driver's seat sporting the 40DD headlights was, in fact, Agent Bean of the Phoenix Office where she kept a close watch on the heterosexual male Attorney who was not happy that fat females with butch haircuts in the office were rising above him or that the Arizona voters didn't show up to vote McCain off the island, at least according to Diebold. Chips quickly discovered the 'dial-a-size' episiotomy scar' and knew he'd found the right driver, who was currently driving on the right side of the taxi, but the wrong side of the road, and who before much longer would be driven in a right proper fashion by the Fargo local who Judge Mary Maring once said had slept with every woman in Fargo. Excepting herself and her client in the divorce proceeding, the low brow graduate of University of North Dakota did not misspeak en essence.

While Chips didn't know the legal ramifications of en essence he had heard the term from a gay male attorney in Fargo and his layman's interpretation was that en essence was a signal to a bought off Judge, pardon the redundancy, that the orator with the JD was lying through his, hers or in the case of the gay male attorney, its teeth, many crooked and laden with spinach due to poor hygiene. As Chips completed his BDE and withdrew his digit, an aroused Agent Bean handed him a printout of a recent SHAFTR from Umbrellaman based on 4 hours of research by PacRim's Banzai Pipeline.

Royal Crown Agent Umbrellaman IMMEDIATE SHAFTR to Agent Bean and Chips in the field, Hammers Banzai, Uncle Ray and Otto, copy Hamish and Marquis: “Mineta was born in San Jose, California, to Japanese immigrant parents who were not U.S. citizens at that time. During World War II the Mineta family was interned for several years in the Heart Mountain internment camp near Cody, Wyoming, along with thousands of other Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans. 9:32 a.m. The Vice President in Washington: Underground, in Touch With Bush Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta, summoned by the White House to the bunker, was on an open line to the Federal Aviation Administration operations center, monitoring Flight 77 as it hurtled toward Washington, with radar tracks coming every seven seconds. Reports came that the plane was 50 miles out, 30 miles out, 10 miles out-until word reached the bunker that there had been an explosion at the Pentagon. Mineta shouted into the phone to Monte Belger at the FAA: "Monte, bring all the planes down." It was an unprecedented order-there were 4,546 airplanes in the air at the time. Belger, the FAA's acting deputy administrator, amended Mineta's directive to take into account the authority vested in airline pilots. "We're bringing them down per pilot discretion," Belger told the secretary. "[Expletive] pilot discretion," Mineta yelled back. "Get those [expletive] planes down." Sitting at the other end of the table, Cheney snapped his head up, looked squarely at Mineta and nodded in agreement.” For posterity and clarity I seek Chips' pilot opinion of Mineta's malfeasance, capeche? Umbrellaman, Global Ops Director”

Chips instantly recognized that Mineta, see also Minow, was ignorant of FAR 121.533 which clearly sides with Monte Belger's correct suggestion regarding pilot discretion which actually was a misnomer for Captain's Discretion. See Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC) and read all about FAR 121.533 and Northwest Flight Operations Manual 9.1.1. both of which indicate that it is illegal for the Captain of an FAA Part 121 aircraft [ read civilian airliner ] to operate said aircraft if he has any unresolved safety concerns. Playing 'bumper cars' with 4,546 aircraft trying to land simultaneously is a DFI, dumb idea, and shows to Agent Chips' satisfaction that Mineta had no background in aviation much like Jane Garvey and much like Ben Sliney who were lined up like Moe, Larry and Curly in charge of the US airline response to the Treason of 9/11 by the Crown Sisters, one of whom was in the PEOC obstructing communications while her husband sat there and "took it" but not like a man. Agent Bean, whose brother had gone to the same high school and college as Chips, noticed his Pastel Cactus Rose thong was being stressed by the monster and her MI elevated past 90% as a certain part of her anatomy prepared itself for 'night action'.

Agent Bean saw the factory-looking AM radio exhibit 3 green LED flashes and she turned up the volume and pushed ACK. An Immediate SHAFTR message was heard by the 5 Abel Danger Agents in a Leyland London Taxi driven by a spotter for the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers’ hit team per the surveillance and assassination model set up by Oliver Cromwell with the City's Court of Aldermen in 1654. Bean noted that the Hackney Carriage Drivers’ Master for 2010 was Michael Davies, a Company Director and Insurance Broker. Mr. Davis, working from Protector’s offices in Red Lion Square, would have ample opportunity to adjust the life insurance bordereaux on a passenger such as the man-in-the middle who ended up in the red bag, if a driver had trouble paying his/her debts. Perhaps, Bean ruminated, it was time to coin a phrase ‘MI-6 Murdereaux’ to describe MI-6 murders for hire paid out of a victim’s receivables bordereau, but her thoughts were interrupted by the AM radio relay of Yellowhammer.

Royal Crown Agent Yellowhammer IMMEDIATE SHAFTR to Agents in the FIELD, copy 3 Hammers and Umbrellaman: I am currently embedded in 216. “No. 216 Squadron of the Royal Air Force operates the Lockheed Tristar K1, KC1 and C2 from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire .. 216 Sqn was reformed in November, 1984 at RAF Brize Norton to operate the Tristar. The aircraft were operated initially in the Air-transport role but the fleet's role was eventually expanded to Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR) with the addition of Hose/Drogue units. In 1984 the RAF purchased a further three Tristar 500s from Pan-Am. Of the three ex-Pan Am aircraft one was stored and the remaining two formed the backbone of the air trooping service to the Falkland Islands as Tristar C2s, carrying 267 passengers in an airline configuration. The stored aircraft was upgraded with military radios and avionics, becoming the C2A. No. 216 Squadron has deployed the Tristar fleet in support of many high profile missions including the Gulf War (for which it received a desert paint scheme,) Operation Allied Force (Kosovo,) Operation Veritas and Operation Herrick (Afghanistan) and Operation Telic (Iraq 2003)." Locals wishing not to be named suggest the "Tri-Stars are tired" but EADS will not supply RAF with KC330s in sufficient numbers if O'Keefe's mission reference Boeing is not successful. If Songbird isn't removed from the Senate, expect more skullduggery from Crown Agents and the Air Pilots and Air Navigators reference the literal war between Boeing and Airbus. Recall it was Thales software guiding the BUAPs in the Strangler's Suite of illegal airliner modifications. Yellowhammer.”
Agent Bean looked at the faces of the 4 men in her taxi and seeing acknowledgement in their expressions she hit the ACK button and the present channel 5. Shortly thereafter two green LED flashes on the factory looking AM radio allowed WE FIVE to hear from PacRim Hammer Banzai.

Royal Crown Pac Rim Hammer PRIORITY SHAFTR to Agents in the FIELD, Yellowhammer, Suky Slicer and Umbrellaman: “I am reviewing some other operations regarding attacks on foreign soil with ties to Lockheed Martin or Mineta or LAC, to wit “The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (code-name Operation Allied Force or, by the United States, Operation Noble Anvil)[20] was NATO's military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War. The strikes lasted from March 24, 1999 to June 11, 1999” .. “Exercise Saif Sareea II was a major military exercise in September and October 2001 involving the military of the United Kingdom and Oman. It was the largest single deployment of UK forces since the Gulf War. Over 22,500 personnel, 6,500 vehicles, 21 naval vessels, 49 fixed wing aircraft and 44 helicopters were deployed. The presence of such a large military force in the Middle East gave United Kingdom and United States commanders important assets for conducting the war against the Taliban government in Afghanistan, the UK contribution to which was known as Operation Veritas.” I sense that we are seeing the Crown Sisters MO more and more often now that we know what to look for. Conversely the 20,000 hits at in the last 6 days indicates loyal intel offices are referring to us more often as well. I note with pleasure that in Austin, Texas a local TV station has been broadcasting the Abel Danger Banner in anticipation of Agent Chips' trip to Austin in September. Banzai, Sapporo”
Hamish directed Agent Bean to stop the Worshipful Hackney Driver so that he and Marquis d'Cartier could alight 2 blocks from the Mincing Lane destination. As Hamish and MdC left the cab they noted an AmeriPride Laundry truck two blocks away with its parking lights and left blinker on. Taking 54 inflatable midgets with no feet, they faded into the night to deploy the mini-drones throughout the square mile of evil known as the City of London, or to the wary, Babylondon. As Bean drove away she hiked her skirt up to allow access to either thigh holster if necessary. Her right holster had a Sig Sauer P226 with an illegally large clip of hollow point ACP while on her left was a 12 inch Bowie knife and a 30 inch length of piano wire; a G wire to be precise not to be confused with a G string which is a horse of another color.

Four red LED lights caused Mad Bax and Chips to whip their bull necks around in a response similar to Dick Cheney's when he finally grew some nuts and took control away from the duo of misfits hired to obstruct any response by DoD to the Treason of 9/11. Agent Bean again turned up the volume and slowed the taxi to quiet the engine, a 4 cylinder Perkins diesel that did not require glow plugs to start.

Royal Crown Agent Otto Pilot, European Hammer FLASH SHAFTR to Agents in the FIELD, Umbrellaman, Uncle Ray and Banzai Pipeline: “It appears to our array that ADT and Air Patrol have just gone live and rogue, Trondheim reports HAARP 3 minute warm up cycle in progress. Confirm deployment of all INFLATABLE MIDGETS and standby for extract. Park the Leyland at PRESENT POSITION and go to the roof of the building at this address [The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, The Clerk 26 Merrick Square London SE1 4JB] . Hoss enroute to extract. Execute Execute. Otto”
In their haste to do as instructed at risk of losing their asses like Slade Lane, Chips and BAM Mad Bax grabbed three small duffels and helped Agent Bean up numerous flights of stairs while missing an Immediate DICKR from Agent Uncle Ray in Quantico. Letting themselves out a fire alarmed door, they exited the Fuellers’ Hall in the cool darkness of a sleeping City of London. A blacked out CH46 lowered to a ground hover on the roof and the trio of Abel Danger Agents climbed aboard as the NVG equipped Agent Hoss pulled up the collective and pushed forward on the cyclic as he beat a hasty exit enroute to a position 2 miles west of Liverpool Harbor. As the helo was going feet wet all electricity in the city of London went dark as Marquis d'Cartier and Hamish were seeking DNA rich PBF in a men's club once frequented by Slade Lane, having already deployed the 54 Inflatable Midgets with no feet on Clipper Channel 4 for remote control from Hammers Otto, Ray and Banzai, going from east to west. While all 108 Remotely Monitored QRS11 guided Inflatable Midgets (footless) surveilled the 108 Livery Offices, they all sampled communications from within the offices via CRYPTOCard Storage Review and the 108 Midgets prioritized the Livery Offices in order of volume of 'communications of interest', programmed to record communications to or from Jamie Gorelick, Anna Chapman, Slade Lane, Lord Pearson, or CONTACT 5 during the period 6 June 2010 to 27 August, 2010. Prior to converging on the TOP 3, the 108 Midgets had each deployed one 'tampon target' at their assigned livery target while saving a PBF DNA rich condom for deployment at the TOP 3.

Royal Crown Agent Uncle Ray IMMEDIATE SHAFTR to Agents in the Field, 2 Hammers and Umbrellaman, copy Yellowhammer, copy Jam: “We have reason to believe Nanny Peloti's friends have hacked SHAFTR. Return to Clipper and brevity. Abort, Abort and read this when able. “The Worshipful Company of Fuellers is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London .. The Company was incorporated separately in 1981, and was granted Livery status in 1984. It is a charitable institution, many of the members of which (though by no means all) are drawn from across the energy industry. Membership is not limited to energy employees” “The Worshipful Company of Fuellers Military Associations .. In 2001, Terms of Association were exchanged with 216 Squadron of the RAF, whose main activity is in-flight refueling ... The Commanding Officers of HMS Sultan, 216 Squadron, Defence Fuels Group and Royal Fleet Auxiliary are all Honorary Liverymen of the Fuellers' company whilst in office. The Fuellers' military associations have opened up many unique opportunities for members - Including flying with 216 Squadron on in-flight refuelling training missions over the North Sea and sailing with RFA "Wave Knight" and "Wave Ruler" on exercise in local waters. There are also regular visits to HMS Sultan in Portsmouth and Defence Fuels Group installations at West Moors.” “No. 216 Squadron of the Royal Air Force operates the Lockheed Tristar K1, KC1 and C2 from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire .. In 1984 the RAF purchased a further three Tristar 500s from Pan-Am. Of the three ex-Pan Am aircraft one was stored and the remaining two formed the backbone of the air trooping service to the Falkland Islands as Tristar C2s, carrying 267 passengers in an airline configuration. The stored aircraft was upgraded with military radios and avionics, becoming the C2A. No. 216 Squadron has deployed the Tristar fleet in support of many high profile missions including the Gulf War (for which it received a desert paint scheme,) Operation Allied Force (Kosovo,) Operation Veritas and Operation Herrick (Afghanistan) and Operation Telic (Iraq 2003).” Umbrellaman man has just authorized Name Dropper to prepare for 22 'live drops' if any other Abel Danger Agents get stuffed in athletic bags with evidence of transvestite behavior present or absent. Uncle Ray, Quantico.”
Agent Hoss lowered the CH46 to sea level and Mad Bax, Chips and Bean were to transfer aboard the sub for escape from London and England. However, while watching Natalya opening the Circle William fitting Chips and Agents Jam and Hoss received a FLASH Clipper from Otto Pilot in Trondheim.

European Hammer Otto Pilot FLASH Clipper to Chips, Jam and Hoss, copy Name Dropper and Umbrellaman: “Regarding Marquis d'Cartier and Hamish, contact faded, I repeat, contact faded on Marquis d'Cartier and Hamish. Suspect MORTS. Separate from England ASAP. Crown Sisters in KILL MODE. RSVP Otto.”
Chips pushed Agent Bean onto the spine of the S-4 Mini-sub and gave Agent Hoss a signal to return to London ASAP. Chips pointed to his Clipper Squirt Gun and held up 2 fingers letting Agent Bean know that he would call her within 2 minutes, which was standard Abel Danger Protocol. Chips and Mad Bax went to liaise with Agent Hoss in the right seat of the Boeing VERTOL.

"Hoss, sorry for the confusion. Otto Pilot just sent a bogus message regarding Marquis and Hamish. He used the term RSVP where the standard protocol would call for the word 'acknowledge'.

What that tells me is that Otto knows that we are hacked in Clipper but also that Marquis and Hamish are in extremis. Mad Bax will brief Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and the 3 Hammers while I send a Clipper to Agents Bean and Jam aboard the S-4. I will be right back."

As Chips withdrew to the passenger bay of the Sea Knight chopper BAM Mad Bax used his Clipper 12 gauge to brief the other parties with the apparent 'rogue operation' that he and Chips had assigned themselves. USN Commander Richard Marcinko has inspired both Mad Bax and Chips not to settle for second best or to live in fear. All 3 were Rogue Warriors.

Chips had Clippered Agent Bean from his Clipper Squirt Gun and passed a short message. "Bean, Mad Bax and I are going rogue. Pinewood Comfort is Duchess of Pork. PDA is Pilot Dahl Assassinated, not Public Display of Affection. Deploying 22 ziploc panty liners from Abel Danger Stasi STASH. From the Sweat of my Brow and CGLI I expect to tie the Butchers, the Launderers and GAPAN to Gottfired von Bismarck and Slade Lane who is SLAIN. I look forward to you and I lying on the GREENGRASS OF HOME. Pastel Banana Cream."

Agent Bean immediately opened her Abel Danger CRYPTOCard and dialed 'Banana Cream'. After seeing the translation she responded with the correct response "BADGE".

Chips went back to the cockpit and while the Chopper headed southeast over Nottingham en route to a Vauxhall Men's Club near SLAIN's apartment in Pimlico, Hoss had some troubling news to share with Chips.

ps, James Crosby and Brumhilde report a variety of air defenses are 'hot' and monitored transmissions from EADS, Airbus, Air Patrol and our man at Brize Norton report there is an impenetrable Dome over London, not just the City of London but all of London. Considering your personal safety and not being held to mission accountability, do you still wish to PRESS ON? If so are you comfortable with Option MOVING ON?"

Chips looked at Mad Bax who simply smiled and then nodded in the affirmative to Hoss. Hoss reversed course and faced to the northwest looking for a London bound train on which he could settle outside the 50 mile DOME ZONE. The wait was not long and the three men could see a bright light flickering on a straight line into London's northwest corner not to be confused with 'bought off coroner' such as whoever it was that missed the broken neck and other signs of asphyxiation on Slade Lane. As the train went under the Sea Knight chopper Agent Hoss pursued and descended knowing he would have to put his two friends on the front end of the last car. Mad Bax and Chips had stepped towards the right side of the dropped ramp at the tail end of the chopper. As Hoss flew perfect formation on the English Train going 60 mph Bax and Chips stepped onto the top of the car. Twelve minutes later as the morning train stopped at King’s Cross and St. Pancras Station, Chips and Bax climbed down from the top, exited the station and found a taxi although not one with a Worshipful-female weapons-laden hackney-carriage driver with 40DD headlights, capeche?

Mad Bax directed the worshipful driver to drive to Eliza’s Men-in-the-Middle rooms at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern while Chips took a FLASH Clipper from Marquis d'Cartier.

Royal Crown Agent Marquis d'Cartier FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman, 3 Hammers, Name Dropper, Chips and 'Security Detail', Copy Brize and Quantico: “Hamish and I have struck pay dirt at the men's club as we circulated the tables of merry makers in our costumes acting as swishy as possible but always displaying our GMCC gold signet rings. We happened to cross paths with a fellow from Mike India V and the three of us had a drink and some popcorn, light salt, no butter. Mike India professed to us that he, in fact, is gay and that often Slade Lane would be working the crowd also. Mike India V was adamant that Slade Lane was neither gay, nor transvestite, nor disloyal to England. On the contrary, Mike India V claims that Slade Lane, after returning from the Listening Post in Afghanistan where he would consort with Agent Chips in Taldykorgan, was assigned to update Echelon with a register of the Clipper backdoors built by The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. SL was one of a handful of extreme math pros on either side of the Atlantic that were helping NSA CRYPTO, amongst other end users. I have to be brief but consider these: math genius, VoIP, NorTel, Al Gore Rhythms, SNIPH, Track-Track Got Your Back, Air Patrol and Scriveners. Can you say Cordwainers? According to the CORDWAINERS, STATIONERS AND SCRIVENERS Nancy Pelosi is # 21 and Slade Lane knew it and shared it. Please get to the men's club ASAP. Hamish and I are Prince Poppycock and Leo Sayer and Mike India V is in drag as Dame Edna. He has a date with a guy at 0600 to do a little 'Larry Sinclair vacuum' in a Rolls Royce but he wants to meet Chips. Marquis d'Cartier.”

Chips looked concerned and pointed at his $10 Walmart watch. Mad Bax understood and gave a HEFOE signal for 7, meaning that they'd be at the MiTM – Men in the Middle – Rooms in seven minutes. Chips relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the short Taxi ride. At the Gay Bar Mad Bax dropped 5 twenty pound notes on the driver as he and Chips went to the stairway leading down to the basement level Men's Club.

As they went down the steps Mad Bax commented "Chips, I think that driver nearly shit when you put on the chicken costume and he looked a little nervous when I put on the pink ballerina tutu which is 4 sizes too small, how do I look?"

"Stunning Bax, but put your hairy nuts back in the Tutu, it's a little too 'in your face' for a Gay Bar, capeche?"

As Bax tarped his load Chips paid the cover charge and the chicken and the ballerina set out to find Leo, Poppycock and Mike India aka Dame Edna. As Mad Bax tippy-toed in advance of the ruler of the roost he made eye contact with Marquis d'Cartier. Moments later the 5 intel assets were sharing a 5 a.m. eye opener before Mike India had to leave an give an air start to a friend, not dissimilar to activity in the back of Larry Sinclair's Limo with the Son of the Gash Gourmet, capeche?

Marquis did the intros. "Mike India knows who we are, but for Chips and Bax, Mike is an openly gay Agent who knew Slade Lane personally and can attest, with a modicum of frustration, that Slade Lane was not gay, bi or transvestite. Mike India believes that Crown Agents’ Eliza Doolittle had the man silenced as he knew of the true mission of Crown Sister Anna Chapman and more importantly the relationships, plural, of Anna and Putin, and Putin-CIA-Perm-Obama-Pelosi-Lugar in September of 2005. Mike India also reports that internal memos, classified, at MI5 indicate that the coroner reports that a Red Idaho State athletic bag was in Slade's dwelling when the dismembered remains were found. Therefore, we know conclusively that there is an ongoing effort to discredit Slade Lane, aka Gareth Williams, to stop the search for the true nature of what Anna Chapman was doing in America and with whom. Warren-Offutt-Goldman Sachs-Anna Chapman is a good place to start. Slade was on to that but while he was tracking them, they were tracking him. Mike India, any remarks before we open this up?"

"Thanks for coming to meet with me blokes. Slade mentioned the dinner you had at Goff's Manor House on Father's Day and he was very relieved that you took the 'package' back to America. He genuinely appreciated the reception given by NSA and wanted to 'pull his weight' in the Transatlantic battle for the sovereignty of individual nation-states."

"Slade felt that the Crawley Package would be to honorable people what the Geddes’ Safe which survived the Great Fire of Chicago, has been to EVIL PEOPLE; insurance. I have to run along and perform some lip service before I go to work but gay, straight or bi, we need to shut down Princess Pelosi, SAM CAM, Foghorn, Gorillawoman and Thunder Thighs or our nations, plural, are toast. I am on holiday the first 3 weeks of September and will visit Plum City as a adjunct venture from my 'official' visit to Chicago to thank Patrick J. Fitzgerald for his invaluable service to 'the other side'. They think I am one of them. Dumb shits."

As Mike India V stood up to leave on his queer date, two large 'women' approached the table where Chips, Bax, Hamish and Marquis d'Cartier were enjoying popcorn, lightly salted, no butter. As the two large women sat down and adjusted their bustle, the house band "Sweat of Thy Brow" announced that "Green Green Grass of Home" would be their final slow dance of the night and all the boys dressed up for one another went to the dance floor to enjoy one last slow grind before returning to their dwellings or seedy hotel to exchange PBF or gerbils, depending on their time of the month.

Chips mentally googled Green Grass and wondered if there was a relationship to the lackluster film made in England perpetuating the untrue myths of 9/11. He thought back to the Penny Farthing Pub in San Francisco, and smiled, his lips lightly salted with no butter.

Marquis d'Cartier felt a vibration in his Clipper Peni-Cam and pulled out his ersatz penis to see who was calling, hoping it was a wrong number.

Royal Crown Agent ABC of Paris Immediate Clipper to Marquis d'Cartier: "It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what television/movies are really doing to us and the real world. The idea snuff scenes are embedded in films has its precedence in the Videodrome. People are living in the 'video imperium.' The movie begins with a cable channel broadcasting mysterious pirate satellite transmissions [Ku-band hey!] of live-sex-torture and murder perpetrated by hooded men, against [Rosicrucian warfare to attack rivals] executives from an enigmatic global corporation known as Spectacular Optical. We are entering savage new times, and the battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the videodrome. It is as if the murders of Kit Marlowe (1593) and MI-6's Gareth Williams (2010) are linked to Crown Sisters which is a term we apply to wives of agents of the Crown and/or City & Guilds’ livery companies who appear to use sexual extortion, murder for hire, man-in-the-middle propaganda and bordereaux frauds to enrich their families from one generation to the next. With recourse finance: If your client defaults, we debit your bordereaux with the loan amount - You obtain a refund from your insurer With non-recourse finance: - If your client defaults, we debit your bordereaux with any outstanding amount - You obtain a refund from your insurer - Any shortfall in return premium is credited back to your bordereaux once we have received and approved your claim form” Artis Belle Chase, Paris”
Marquis made some mental notes as the two 'large women' identified themselves.

"Word has it that you 4 fellows are sniffing around regarding Gareth Williams, or as you may have known him, Slade Lane who is SLAIN and in his CRYPT with various City & Guilds’ smell samples used to compromise the perps. We were sent by the Worshipful Cordwainers and the Hackney Carriage Drivers to point you towards the proper Guilds. Of the 108 Guilds we believe that a small minority have 'gone rogue' and are acting in their own interests and no longer the interest of the English people or the Royals. Our faithful Guilds are being jeopardized and tainted in the process so we would like whichever two of you are from the Colonies to take this message back to Ft Meade, Quantico and Plum City. Please take these two copies and get them to Umbrellaman out east and the Plum City Global HQ in the HEARTLAND. What used to be called the OCTOPUS is now trying very hard to make the electronic tracks disappear using programs much faster and stronger than yesterday's DISC WIPE. Slade Lane and Abel Danger had in their tool boxes a cyber facility called American Super Sleuth-WIPE, or ASS-WIPE for short. It was an algorithmic table that would randomly reset and rekey less than a nano-second after all three participants withdrew from 'skull sessions' such as Chips, Slade Lane and Mr. Bigg were involved in on Father's Day, 2010. Please look at these 8 items and if you have any questions, we are prepared to get you answers."

BAM Mad Bax feigned interest in the documents but his real attention was drawn to a shadowy figure that had come out from behind the bar with a tray covered with a large white napkin. Chips, Marquis and Hamish read the 8 items 'short list':

1) Information Technologists (TCAS signal Air France 447 )
2) International Bankers (Mortgage Bordereau on GCHQ Donut)
3) GAPAN (9-11 Maestro) (AF447 tail floating 'photo op')
4) NSP-Echelon-Taldykorgan listeners-Perm
5) Code Breaker Donut, Code Talker Navajo
6) GCHQ MI6 total compromise by Femme Comp Inc/Crown Agents (Anna Chapman-Putin)
7) CRYPTOCards and Air Patrol; monitor and reward (spoliate crime scenes)
8) Moscow University + Anna Chapman + Carlos the Jackal

As Hamish, Marquis and Chips took in the messages both written and subliminal, BAM Mad Bax watched as the shadowy figure had come full circle to approach the party of six from the 'blind side' which Bax was monitoring in the reflection of his cocktail glass. The shadowy figure sat with 3 others at a table two off from the 4 Abel Danger Agents visiting with the 2 Cordwainer 'seekers'. As Mad Bax reached under his pink tutu for a smoke grenade and pulled the pin, Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun vibrated with a FLASH incoming.

Royal Crown Umbrellaman FLASH Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Three Hammers and Name Dropper: “Hit 'em where it hurts. In the bank. No planes; no passengers; no flights. Then they can sing Kumbaya. Prater appears to me to be a compromised bureaucrat hanging around for his pension. What's he pulls in yearly at ALPA, 350K plus digs plus a Lincoln Town Car? Has he or ALPA actually done anything of value to forestall another 9/11 style False Flag? Look at Adam Air 574, Kenya 507, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, NWA 188 and NWA 253. Compared to the Worshipful Company of Navigators and Pilots, ALPA is amateurish at best, just as Lord Garden suggested. Perhaps we should 'Saul Alinksy' Prater's uselessness to the hilt while doing the same to Randy Babbitt and Duane Woerth. These kerosene cowboys are in way over their head. Recall that on 11 December, 2006 ALPA received a message from Captain McConnell to CLEAR THE SKIES (ground the jets). That message will be coming from three different directions now as Mexicana is cancelling flights and the Chinese made wing boxes are causing continued delays of the B787s that Dan Rather suggested might not be safe. When the MERS Mortgage mess involving 60 million US homeowners relieving themselves of $1.2 trillion of ODIOUS DEBT collides with a CLEARING OF THE SKIES, the International Bankers, GAPAN and the Information Technologists will have no one to blame but themselves. CLEAR THE SKIES and REPUDIATE ODIOUS DEBT, Umbrellaman.”
Hamish and Marquis were aware of the gist of the message and were sensing progress, when Chips and Mad Bax suddenly stood up and launched. As the MiTM rooms were suddenly filled with a thick fog by Bax's smoke grenade, those in the bar were stunned by Chips' percussion/concussion grenades set for sequential detonations every second for 20 seconds.

As gay men clung to each other in terror, those on the street outside saw a Chicken-man following a hulk in a pink tutu followed shortly thereafter by Prince Poppycock and Leo Sayer. At least that's how the MI5 report from the MiTM Rooms, made it appear. The 4 Abel Danger gents found the Rover sedan that the Cordwainers had provided and were sped away from the scene. As they headed south, the driver passed a note over his left should to Hamish who was seated in the center of the rear seat.

"This car has BOSTON BRAKES; standby to bail out if your buddies in Joint Stars cannot suppress Air Patrol domination of the airspace over London, capeche?"

Hamish shared the message with Bax, Marquis and Chips.

Chips pointed to an alternating green and red rotating beacon high overhead in the London sky and sent an IM to James Crosby in the E8C. "Status?"

"Status pending" was the immediate reply. As the Rover sedan joined the M25, traffic was slowed by a collision involving 5 large trucks and a silver DeLorean. A medevac chopper was idling on the grass median. As the Rover was caused to stop by a policeman wearing a blue and yellow checkered reflective vest, the driver set the parking brake and pointed to the Chopper. "Bail" was the only word he spoke. Chips and Bax led the way to the waiting Super Puma helo as Agent Hoss increased to HSGI and prepared for take off.

Hamish and Marquis were in the cabin with Chips and Bax standing on either pontoon as Agent Hoss lifted off and set a direct course for Norwich, where Slade Lane had worked prior to his secondment to the Donut. As Chips looked back toward the Rover, he saw the driver run to safety just before it was 'detonated'.

As the chopper flew an intial heading of 035 degrees magnetic, Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun took an Immediate message from Suky Slicer who was working alongside Agent Yellowhammer.

Royal Crown Agent Suky Slicer Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, 3 Hammers, Chips, Hamish and Mike India V: “Abel Danger Plum City has asked UKIP (Pearson, Farage and 'our gal' ) to investigate the signatures at the crime scene where MI-6 operative Garth Williams’ body bag was put in a bath as they suggest to us that Williams had cracked a Clipper-encrypted bordereau network, allegedly used by Crown Agents’ Sisters Miriam Clegg and Michelle Obama and the Ba’ath Party banker, Nadhmi Auchi, to finance ‘sextorted’ man-in-the-middle election campaigns to put their puppets in power. It appears that GW/Slade Lane used Abel Danger COIN and SNIPH protocols to break the algorithms thought impenetrable by Crown Agents and therefore the Crown Sisters. Recall Web Hubbell, Vince Foster and the Watergate Plumber from Chicago. Those 3 would suggest that Williams had broken the codes relating to man-in-the-middle and murder for hire borderaux services monopolized by Auchi's Crown Agent Sisters; perhaps Clegg and Obama. One of Slade Lane's last phone calls included these words: [ Galloway's Gaza convoy, fraud French Elf-Aquitaine, AAO and 'Viva Palestina', Lord Steal at General Mediterranean Holdings, Lord Lamont plus Ship Jumper Dave Cameron, Keith Vaz and Carlton ITC. The last call sent from Slade Lane's Clipper was an IM with these COIN code sets: CBA CAC BACC, ACB ACA BBBC, BCB ABC BACC with a single note NAVAJO HALE MIT. Suky Slicer, Pastel Strawberry Cream, Brize Norton”
Chips understood more completely why Putin and Obama needed to get 'titty clamps' out of the RICO ARENA. Chips had a brief and hushed conversation with Hamish and Marquis d'Cartier in French and Navajo before texting Agents Bean and Banzai Pipeline with FLASH TM.

KSM Witness Chips FLASH Clipper to Agent Bean, Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Otto Pilot, Uncle Ray copy Dwarf and Skymaster: “We have recovered the COIN Code from SLAIN's Pimlico location. COIN has not been compromised by CROWNS; we track them, they cannot track or hack us. Slade Lane's last Clipper indicated that the Eliza-Anna Chapman-Putin-Obama project has been infiltrated by Crown Sister Pickton’s MindBox and the Pig Farm Bordereaux, now re-baptized to Murdereaux."
Chips couldn't complete the FLASH TM as the lights suddenly went out in the Chopper as the sickening rush of an unwinding turbine engine gave way to the stillness of the dawning sky just outside Norwich, Norfolk England. As Hoss began an autorotation he noticed a "Chips" light on the annunciator panel and turned to explain it to Chips and BAM Mad Bax, who were no longer there.


  1. Royal Crown Agent ABC of Paris I am and have never have had any treaty or contract with anybody I would ask you to document and verify any thing to the contrary or else be compatible for full commercial liability if you think that a bunch of yankee and there battalion of brown nosed goggle peckers want to be's are going to shit in my garden forget it come and see me I am not going any where
    arthur brooke craig
    16 a rue victor belliard
    17370 st trojan les bains

  2. Field McConnell
    to me, article1sectio.

    show details 18 Aug

    thank you both, ABC in France and Article in USA
    Royal Crown Agent ABC of Paris I am and have never have had any treaty or contract with anybody I would ask you to document and verify any thing to the contrary or else be compatible for full commercial liability if you think that a bunch of yankee and there battalion of brown nosed goggle peckers want to be's are going to shit in my garden forget it come and see me I am not going any where
    arthur brooke craig
    16 a rue victor belliard
    17370 st trojan les bains
    September 2, 2010 4:56 AM
    if you haven't the balls to admit an error perhaps this might help
    english translation Pussy Galore

  3. Agent ABC has poor grammer and syntax habits. Possibly his fingers are dirty from working in his own s*** in his soon to be uprooted garden.

  4. go to hell gulf bravo I take it you are a vegetarian and a poor soldier don't like blood as far as syntax and grammar are concerned just to say blankly blank is the hallmark of the little creeps that hide behind grand sounding pseudonyms come and see me or else fuck off

  5. Like I said, poor grammar and low brow comments. It's probably due to a lack of education, or the wrong drugs administered during a public health plan visit.Come on down to Texas, Arthur.

    Better men than you have tried.

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