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dick's walled garden - red-bag man - pay-per-view IPTV snuff-film - tetra radios

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September 14, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Red Bag Man Murder in Crown Sister Dick's Walled Garden?

Hawks CAFE is asking UKIP to investigate Crown Agents Sisters' Cressida Dick and the TETRA 'walled garden' technologies allegedly used to move MI-6's Gareth Williams and a red-bag man through the crime scenes of a pay-per-view IPTV snuff-film.

Pithy description of a walled garden:

Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Agents' Sisters equipped City & Guilds operatives, including Security Professionals and Stationers and Newspapermakers with the TETRA radios needed to track Mr. Williams and the red bag man through a 'walled-garden' snuff film. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Gareth_Williams

"[Evidence that Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology was manipulated to eliminate images of the Red-Bag Man a la non-barking dog] US Expert to Solve Gareth Williams Death Mystery Posted by Violeta Bahin on Sep 14th, 2010 and filed under Europe, News. Concern is growing within the intelligence community that the MI6 spy Gareth Williams, who was found dead in his London flat, may have been the victim of a professional hit man by a foreign power. Now, a leading pathologist from US may fly this week to try to unravel the mystery behind the mystery death of Williams after a post-mortem examination failed to reveal the cause of death as detectives remain puzzled over his death. The said expert has been trained in CIA and FBI techniques to look for sophisticated methods of assassinations using hard-to-detect substances. Reports claimed that Williams had told his bosses he believed he was being followed by two men. On Monday police discarded this idea then admitted they wanted to trace the mystery couple. "I would appeal to anyone who may have seen or had contact with Gareth in the period between August 11 and 23 to come forward and speak with us at the Incident Room on 0208 358 0200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0208 358 0200 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or to remain anonymous by calling Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111," Detective Chief Inspector Jacqueline Sebire of Homicide and Serious Crime Command, who is leading the investigation, said. Williams was discovered dead at his home on August 23. His naked remains were found inside a locked sports bag. He was working on systems to defend British banks and transport infrastructure from cyber attack and to eavesdrop on terrorist communications. He had been on assignment with the MI6 spy agency. He also played an important role creating equipment to listen to Taliban communications in Afghanistan and had helped to fit out three aircraft with the equipment, making them airborne-listening stations."

"[Evidence that Security Professionals can use Crown Agents Sisters' Walled Garden TETRA technology for eavesdropping on targets, for example Gareth Williams] TETRA stands for TErrestrial Trunked Radio .. new national police radio system, operated mainly by O2 under brand name of Airwave. Planned since early 1990, the contract was given in March 2000 to BT and [MDA] Motorola, without going to tender. Since that time, BT has split its business and the Airwave contract went to the section of the company that deals with mobile networks .. However, since contract was awarded, the European Commission has found the British Government guilty of unlawfully limiting the contract to tender to TETRA systems only and, in our opinion, guaranteeing the contract to O2. The existing contract is unlawful as it contravenes [EU] competition laws as defined in the treaty of Rome." "ETSI was criticised for the preemptive inclusion of wiretapping capabilities in their [TETRA] telecommunication standards, encouraging governments to pass their [Crown Agents'] wiretapping laws accordingly"

"[Evidence that Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology, developed under an allegedly corrupt PFI arrangement by O2 for use by London Underground security to track trains and passengers, now supports a pay-per-view IPTV service called SeeSaw] Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE: CCI) is an American corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas, which provides infrastructure for broadcasting and mobile telephony. It operates in the United States, Puerto Rico and Australia. It provides mobile telephone coverage to 92% of the Australian population and 68 of the top 100 markets in the US on behalf of service providers such as 3, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Telefonica O2, Nextel, Orange, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Vodafone. On August 31, 2004 Crown Castle completed the sale of its UK subsidiary, Crown Castle UK, to National Grid Transco plc for $2.035 billion in cash. National Grid Transco plc was renamed as National Grid plc in July 2005, while Crown Castle UK was renamed National Grid Wireless in October 2005. In January 2005, Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group renamed its new subsidiary Arqiva .. Arqiva is a telecommunications company which provides infrastructure and broadcast transmission facilities in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The present company was formed by National Grid Wireless (originally the UK subsidiary of Crown Castle) combining with Arqiva (formerly NTL Broadcast) in September 2008. Its main customers are broadcasters and mobile phone network operators, and its main asset is a network of over 1,000 radio and television transmission sites. It is owned by a consortium of investors led by CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) and the Australian investment house Macquarie Bank. Arqiva is a patron of The Radio Academy Arqiva's headquarters are located at Crawley Court in the village of Crawley, Hampshire. Arqiva recently invested in and launched a catch-up Internet television, IPTV service called SeeSaw in March 2010"

"[Evidence that Motorola has implemented Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology to power IP video delivery to insiders for example Common Purpose leaders] AMSTERDAM - IBC 2010 - September 9, 2010 - In the 'Internet Era of TV' more and more video content is becoming available anytime, anywhere enabled by technological network advances coupled with shifting consumer behaviors that are driven by experiences on the Internet. At IBC 2010 (F30, Hall 1), Motorola is blending content and context to deliver a new era of home and mobile entertainment. Being demonstrated live for the first time in Europe is Motorola Medios, the company's multi-screen service management software suite that seamlessly integrates web and walled-garden content and powers compelling IP video delivery to set-tops, PCs and mobile devices over both managed and unmanaged networks. With Medios, Motorola's evolutionary approach to service management software, Motorola is adding to its existing portfolio of products, allowing service providers to better manage video assets, security, monetization, service assurance and enhanced personalized experiences."

"[Evidence Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology is potentially useful to compromise police officers by having them filmed while acting as bag men or engaged in other crimes such as online pedophila] A bag man (or bagman), is a person designated to collect money in a protection racket, who in this context may also be known as a delivery boy or running man. Originally the term applied only to Mafia members collecting for mob bosses, but the term later spread to use in corrupt police precincts for patrolmen who picked up and delivered bribes from the local mob(s) to the precinct captain."

"[Evidence Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology would support what Thomas Barnett described in the context of 9/11 as 'the first live broadcast mass snuff film in history'] Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which Internet television services are delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet Protocol Suite over a packet-switched network infrastructure, e.g., the Internet and broadband Internet access networks, instead of being delivered through traditional radio frequency broadcast, satellite signal, and cable television (CATV) formats. IPTV services may be classified into three main groups: live television, time-shifted programming, and video on demand (VOD) .. A telco IPTV service is usually delivered over a investment heavy walled garden network, which is carefully engineered to ensure bandwidth efficient delivery of vast amounts of multicast video traffic. The higher network quality also enables easy delivery of high quality SD or HD TV content to subscribers' homes .. A walled garden is an analogy used in various senses in information technology. In the telecommunications and media industries, a "walled garden" refers to a carrier's or service provider's control over applications, content, and media on platforms (such as mobile devices) and restriction of convenient access to non-approved applications or content. For example, in telecommunications, the services and applications accessible on any device on a given wireless network were historically tightly controlled by the mobile operators. The mobile operators determined which applications from which developers were available on a device's home portal or home page. This has long been a central issue constraining the telecommunications sector, as developers face huge hurdles in getting their applications onto devices and into the hands of end users. More generally, a walled garden refers to a closed or exclusive set of information services provided for users. This is in contrast to giving consumers open access to applications and content."

"[Evidence Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology supports distribution of BBC/ITV/NBC content for video on demand of what could be a simulated snuff film - or a real one to compromise the viewer. Note that Goldman Sachs SCREAM was launched September 4, 2001] SeeSaw is an Internet television service, owned by Arqiva and launched in the UK on 17 February 2010. SeeSaw uses part of the technology that was originally built for Project Kangaroo, the now defunct project owned by BBC Worldwide, Channel 4 and ITV plc. Project Kangaroo was blocked by the Competition Commission in February 2009. In September 2009 Project Kangaroo's technology and assets were bought by Arqiva for approximately ?8m. The SeeSaw brand was announced on 3 November 2009. ioko developed the software and the user experience for the site, having already developed the software for Project Kangaroo. SeeSaw went into a closed beta on 26 January 2010 and was trialled by 20,000 people before being launched to the public on 17 February 2010. Streaming is done using Adobe Flash Player at three video quality settings - low, medium and high at speeds of 500 kbps, 800 kbps and 1,500 kbps respectively. On 2 December 2009, SeeSaw announced a content deal with BBC Worldwide, so shows such as Cranford, Lark Rise to Candleford, That Mitchell and Webb Look and classic Doctor Who were available for viewers at launch .. SeeSaw reached a separate agreement with UK independent distributor Digital Rights Group, which will result in ITV1 dramas, such as Doc Martin and Kingdom being made available .. In addition, the firm has agreed the "first of many" US content deals with RHI Entertainment for 50 made-for-TV movies. On 17 February 2010, SeeSaw was made public with over 3,000 hours of free content, supported by 60-second pre and mid-roll advertising. June 2010 saw the addition of a pay-per-programme feature, with a 48 hour viewing window. .. A range of BBC Worldwide shows are also now be available to rent, including The Royle Family, Gavin & Stacey, Spooks and Louis Theroux documentaries. The firm said that "several" other agreements are currently in the pipeline with "major Hollywood studios" to offer around 2,000 hours of premium content in the coming months. On 18 August 2010, SeeSaw agreed a content deal with NBC Universal Television Distribution to make shows such as House, 30 Rock and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit available on its video on-demand website."

We name below some of the City & Guilds' Livery Companies which we have associated with Crown Agents Sisters' alleged use of sexual extortion and state-of-the-art technology for man-in-the-middle attacks and bordereaux insurance claims over centuries past.

Information Technologists (TETRA walled-garden devices to eavesdrop on Williams)
Security Professionals (use TETRA walled-garden devices to track Williams and bag man)
Constructors (TETRA mobile radios, towers and antennae at walled-garden crime scenes)
Arbitrators (Nominees' "bordereaux" insurance frauds at MI-6 Pimlico safe house)
Hackney Carriage Drivers (Use MDA/MindBox My Range to move Williams' body-bag)
Environmental Cleaners (White powder, advanced decomposition of Williams' body)
Plumbers (Crime scene signature with Gareth Williams' body placed in bath)
Launderers (Cleaned up Williams' apartment and planted evidence of padlocked S&M) International Bankers (Mortgage bordereaux Pimlico house, GCHQ and Obama mansion)
Butchers (Williams' body mis-treated per the M.O. of Sextortionists at B.C. pig farm)
Firefighters (My Range radios for man-in-the-middle Twin Towers snuff films on 9/11)
Stationers and Newspapermakers (Copyright of man-in-the middle spin and snuff films)
Insurers (Lloyd's of London and Oracle administer family bordereaux insurance frauds)
Scriveners (Crown Sisters control bordereaux as 'Money Scriveners' since 16th Century)
Cordwainers (Tools fit description of wound which allegedly killed Kit Marlowe)
Brewers (Set up Deptford tavern of Dame Eleanor Bull for Kit Marlowe murder)
Haberdashers (Paisley pattern stranglers' scarf at United 93 crime scene, poss. GW)
Fuellers (Diesel in WTC7, Murder of Carlton Bartels, founder of CO2e.com)
Air Pilots and Air Navigators (Synchronized attacks with Femme Comp C4)
World Traders (Event arbitrage in London, Naked shorting DJIA in Chicago on 9/11)
Armourers and Brasiers (Molten metal incendiary demolition of WTC#7)
Gardeners (Sextortion - By the sweat of thy brow thow shalt eate thy bread)
Apothecaries (Production of Bodkin heroin - Dope - near Calvi Blackfriars Bridge)

“Crown Agents is exactly what its name implies, an agent of Her Majesty the Queen. It was founded in 1833 as Crown Agents for the Colonies, and historically played a vital role in the creation and management of what British historians call the Third Empire .. Crown Agents printed the stamps and banknotes of the colonies; provided technical, engineering, and financial services; served as private bankers to the colonial monetary authorities, government officials, and heads of state; served as arms procurers, quartermasters, and paymasters for the colonial armies .. Her Majesty's Murder, Inc. .. Crown Agents' range of "services''--arms procurement, border controls, offshore banking--also nicely fit the "administrative requirements'' of the world's organized crime cartels .. review of some of the more sordid aspects of the recent history of Crown Agents, suggests that the firm has been at the center of the British Crown's highly sensitive patronage of global organized crime--what EIR long ago dubbed Dope, Inc.”

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Notes: Crown Agents Sisters, Sextortion, Man in the Middle and Bordereau Insurance

"1. Eliza Manningham-Buller [Oracle-MI5-CIA Serco, Promis, K-Branch, IRA, Pan Am 103, NetJets 9/12, Amec 7/7, RAF Brize Norton, Anna Chapman Sextortionist, Rendition, Waterboarding, Daughter of Reginald Manningham-Buller who allegedly 'laundered' Bodkin's Dope Inc. case] 2. Jamie Gorelick [Oracle-Fannie Mae, David Emerson, MindBox, DOJ Pride, Vince Foster, Waco, Promis, 9/11 Wall, Schlumberger, Transocean, BP Cancelled Cement Job, Sabotage] 3. Samantha Cameron (nee Sheffield) [Oracle-Menzies Aviation and Distribution, Smythson Stationery, Boston Brakes, Princess Di, wife of Jardine Jump-Ship Dave Cameron, great grandfather was chairman of Reuters] 4. Hillary Clinton (nee Rodham) [Oracle USAID-SBA liquidations, Crown Agents Gyroscope QRS11 Patent on NetJets Boeing and Gulfstream V on 9/11] 5. Cherie Blair (nee Booth) [Oracle-LSE For You, Matrix Terrorists, Law of the European Union, European Convention on Human Rights] 6. Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) [Oracle- AT&T CIA Henry Bienen, Princeton, Sidley Austin, Union Carbide Bhopal] 7. Miriam Clegg [Oracle DLA Piper head of international [EU/FCC] trade law practice, clients include Standard Chartered Bank, wife of Lord President of the Council Nick Clegg, worked with late Robin Cook on passports for 'al-Qaeda' illegals, BBC Royal Charter, exclusive alliance in corporate finance, tax, ICT, telecommunications, public private partnerships, infrastructure, energy and aviation with Nairobi law firm, Iseme Kamau & Maema Advocates] 8. Bernardine Dohrn [Oracle-Northwestern University, Unabomb, Weather Underground, Rwanda Genocide, Torture Paradigms and Practice] 9. Mary Harron [Oracle-Netflix DVD American Psycho, Weather Underground, Bondage S&M, SCUM, Former girlfriend of Tony Blair at Oxford University] 10. Charlotte Bryan [Oracle-Serco FAA Contract Towers FC-KU crime scenes of 9/11] 11. Lucy Adams [Oracle-Serco BBC snuff film sites 9/11, 7/7] 12. Kristine Marcy [Oracle-Serco, Robert Hanssen's handler, Promis, SBA, DOJ Pride, USIS, DNS, ICE, U.S. Marshals, Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) for illegals in preparation for 9/11, Obama CUKC Passport, JPATS, Femme Comp Inc., Unabombs, 'Mindless Breathers - Useless Breeders' comment] 13. Vicky Huhne (nee Pryce) [UK Government Economic Service, Greek, LSE Fabian, KPMG 'abusive' tax shelters, Exxon Valdez, Military Bank, Williams & Glyn's Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Department for Trade and Industry, FTI, married to, but cuckolded by Chris Huhne Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change for the bisexual Carina Trimingham] 14. Alison Woodhams [BBC World Service COO since 2004, BBC Group Financial Controller 2001-04, AT & T Istel to 1994 Finance and Business Services Director. BBC World Service broadcasts in 43 languages including English, Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, French, Kazakh, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese] 15. Baroness Sue Garden (nee Button) [Wife of the late 9/11 war-game maestro Tim Garden, Volunteer Citizens' Advice Bureaux, welfare counsellor, military caseworker, City & Guilds work on vocational qualifications [Laundry Technology] from 1988 - 2000, advisory role until 2008, member World Traders' Livery Company since 2000, Master 2008-09, spokesperson in Lords for Children, Schools and Families] 16. Paule Gauthier [Chair of SIRC from 1996 to 2005 through period when Piggy's Palace - a Crown-registered pig farm charity - served in the sextortion of RCMP and CSIS counter-intelligence in run up to the 9/11 attacks on America] 17. Lynne Ann Cheney (nee Vincent) [acted as or extorted the man-in-the-middle in PEOC on 9/11; Lockheed director 1994 to 2001, Sisters novel alleged to portray rape and or graphic depictions of lesbian sex] 18. Theresa Yeuk-Si Tang [China's media hailing David Emerson as the potential savior of Canada-China relations. The new Canadian foreign minister, they say, is a "son-in-law of China" who understands this country better than any of his cabinet colleagues because his wife, Theresa Yeuk-Si Tang, was born in Hong Kong. David Emerson, former Canadian foreign minister nicknamed Ai Minxin "trusted by the people", served as director of MDA co-developer of MindBox software allegedly used to execute 9/11, Fannie Mae-mortgage and BP-Deepwater Horizon bordereaux frauds] 19. Nancy Pelosi (nee D'Alesandro) [current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives where she served on the Appropriations and Intelligence Committees, and was the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee until her election as Minority Leader. Her son Paul is currently advising companies including NASA Ames Research Center and AirPatrol Corporation on a variety of infrastructure projects to promote both sustainable development and security. Pelosi served many years with Bank of America Securities, Bank of America Countrywide and JP Morgan - Chase Manhattan where he worked in Corporate Finance, Institutional Sales, and the Residential Mortgage Industry and allegedly developed the MindBox loan-recovery bordereau frauds to finance contract hits through 9/11 and related terrorist acts] 20. Anna Chapman (nee Kushchenko) [Sextortionist and spy, worked with Barclays, NetJets and Navigator Asset Management in the City of London; KIT Fortis Investments in Moscow, allegedly formed after arbitraged sabotage of KIT and Fortis domestic markets in Russia and Belgium. Paid through money laundered by Canada through investors in CRYPTOCard and Entrust technologies. Allegedly rewarded for success with a share in the proceeds of victim loan or insurance bordereaux. Pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General, and was deported back to Russia on July 8, 2010, as part of the 2010 Russia-United States Prisoner Swap] 21. Linda Wright (nee Pickton) [former Kerrisdale realtor who owned or owns mortgage bordereau on Piggy's Palace Burns Road site where her brothers serve as sextorted men in the middle and she allegedly used Burnaby AirPatrol / ADT security network to track killers and victims and transmit snuff film content from FC-KU crime scenes (Femme Comp Inc on Ku band)] 22. Mila Mulroney (nee Milica Pivnički) [On the Take, decade of crime, greed and corruption at 24 Sussex Drive with former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Shoe fetishist who allegedly contributed to Crown Agents' gang-counter gang strategy involving pedophile rapes through the Balkans War. Alleged sextortion of her own husband and Yves Fortier, his former boss at Ogilvy Renault, who is a former Oxford University Rhodes Scholar (1960), a former member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) a.k.a. Hague Tribunal, a former Canadian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, a former Canadian Representative to the UN Security Council, a former President of the Security Council (October 1989) and a former President of the London Court of International Arbitration Development through the 9/11 attack (1998 to 2001) allegedly co-ordinated and financed by the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators] 23 Cressida Dick (nee Dick) [Sextortionist - harasses police employers to infiltrate LGBT groups. Entrapment Bullingdon Club, Oxford. Sponsor of Metropolitan Police's My Range radios for man-in-the-middle control of crime scene assets involving threats to life, contracts to kill, kidnap, hostage, organised drug dealing and other criminal networks, gun supply, shootings and gun crime homicide. Specialist Operations surveillance Ministers, VIP's and Royal Family; opportunity to use My Range radios and Boston Brakes devices in alleged 1997 assassination of Princess Diana.] 23. Julia Middleton (nee ?) Founder CEO of Common Purpose UK. French lycee, Economics degree LSE. CP supporters; BBC business editor Robert Peston, Assistant Deputy Commissioner Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police and numerous top public sector officials. Common Purpose Charitable Trust (CPCT) operates through Common Purpose UK and Common Purpose International, and the trading company, Civilia Limited which allegedly uses FRS8 exemption to launder money for members in central and local government, Houses of Parliament, police, military, legal profession, BBC, NHS, church, many of Britain's 8,500 quangos, education, social services, civil service, and regional development agencies. JM founded or helped to found DEMOS (Barack Obama and Rockefeller Brothers Fund president ergo control $64 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project), Media Standards Trust (with Anthony Salz, executive vice chairman of Rothschild), The Good Governance Network, Impetus Trust, and Alfanar]"

"With Sexting, Sexcam sessions, and Indiscretion, Comes Sextortion It was inevitable that the number of sextortion cases reaching the public's attention would climb as the spread of sexting and sexcam sessions continues unabated. Sextortion - the combination of the words "sex" and "extortion" isn't a web phenomenon, extortionists and blackmailers have used their knowledge of other's infidelities, or possession of compromising images, videos, phone calls, and letters since close to the dawn of man. Perhaps the most recent public example was when a former CBS producer threatened to disclose David Letterman's history of affairs unless Letterman paid him $2 million .. The photos may be used for blackmail or sextortion as in the cases listed above. The photos may be classified as child pornography, and the image taker, the image recipient, and any other recipients may be charged and registered as sex offenders - a label that will follow them through life. "Sexting" Leads to Child Porn Charges for Teens, 'Sexting' Teens May Face Child Porn Charges"

"In cryptography (Man in the Middle - MITM) is a form of active eavesdropping in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker"

"[Evidence investors in the MindBox automated on-line debt recovery networks and KPMG clients have opportunities to execute bordereaux insurance frauds from a man-in-the-middle position as CVA nominees using securitisation laws enacted in France and now available worldwide] Back in 1988(1), France was the first European civil law country to enact a securitisation law (the 'Securitisation Law'), which created the fonds commun de créances or FCC (the French securitisation vehicle) .. The assignment of debts shall be effected by the simple delivery of a transfer deed (bordereau) the terms of which are set out in a decree" .. ""A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a legally binding agreement between a company and its creditors that compromises the debts of unsecured creditors .. Why KPMG? CVAs were generally a lesser used insolvency procedure in the past, but are now tipped to become one of the UK's most popular corporate lifelines, thanks to KPMG's effective implementations ..."

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