Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 10

Crown Sister Dick Walled Garden for a Pimlico Bath House
Scent of women at Poland Katyn II – Traka Track Chips – Pink Bag Pedophiles

Agent Hoss auto-rotated the chopper into a clearing in a sheep pasture just south-southwest of Norwich, England not far from where Abel Danger Agents had infiltrated Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University to find that Al Gore's contributions to America did not add up to a pimple on a pig's ass. KSM Witness clippered with news they had recovered COIN Code from SLAIN's Pimlico bath house location where a miniaturized AQFB-Whiskey mini-cam showed SeeSaw CCTV snuff-film; they also had images of Mediterranean couple from Marbella carrying pink bag into Holland Park tube station serving as virtual floating matrix in a walled garden. Hamish clippered Chips from inside a padlocked bag at Left Luggage, Holland Park Tube Station to follow the scent of a woman re the Crown Castle network used in April Katyn II massacre of Polish leadership which smacked of ALPA/FAA 9/11 use of Strangler's Suite of Weapons. The woman wanted Roman Polanski out of prison but not for justice for the 13 year old he raped. Royal Crown Agent Yellowhammer asked Chips to check Crown Sister Jana’s use of Airwave, RFID and Traka devices to move snuff-film assets of ‘pink-bag’ pedophile network through the walled garden; he noted that Brucey Baby and Anna the Jackal were blackmailing 'man-in-the-middle' husbands who had downloaded child pornography through Metropolitan Police CCTV archives controlled by Eliza and the Dick named Cressida. Crown Royal Agent Mike Papa clippered that he had RFID download of email traffic of Carlton Bartels on 9/11 when ID codes were thefted by Worshipful Bankers and World Traders. A man followed his Limo with FRIGID PINK Holdall on the back of a Jawa motorcycle. A transmission break told them the bag was soon to be stuffed and padlocked with RFID chip removed. The S-4 mini-sub blew ballast, Suky and Petra began sudsing like Maytags and Chips realized it was time to GO NOW

We will get to Robert Velline's tribute to Al Gore and Barry Soetero as soon as we, God's Little People, are reminded that we hold the hammer on 2 November, 2010 and we need to strike hard.

Agent Hoss had his hands full as he had to auto-rotate the chopper into a clearing in a sheep pasture just south-southwest of Norwich, England not far from where Abel Danger Agents had infiltrated the offices of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University which forced Hot Air Al to run like a sissy-girl from his GOING AWAY PARTY in Oslo, Norway in December, 2009, not to be confused with the 1940s Texas Swing hit "Going Away Party" by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys including vocalist Merle Haggard who many confuse with Agent Chips due to their similar vocal skills. While Hot Air Al has been reduced to a sex-crazed, masseuse assaulting, afterthought, we offer this musical tribute to his collective body of work which when considered EN TOTO, not to be confused with the piss-ant dog 'Toto' in the witch's bicycle basket in the 1939 movie Wizard of Oz, we find that Al Gore's contributions to America do not add up to a pimple on a pig's ass; not to harken thoughts of Sidley Sows such as Sasquatch, capeche? Al Gore, this song from Fargo's Robert Velline, is dedicated to you and your lack of future, outside prison:

Al Gore will not go into that sweet night alone, it appears that John Dennis will be sending the Wicked Witch of the West 'up the river' also as the lack of vetting of the Illegal Alien occupying the White House will be brought down in Civil Case 1:10-1600 (BH) entitled "Field McConnell v. Barry Soetero" as the 1967 Punahou School Graduate takes the 1979 Punahou School ( alleged, undocumented, foreign, Muslim, Crown Agent, CUKC passported ) Graduate out back to the woodpile, capeche?

As Agent Hoss was turning into a stiff, I say again, stiff wind out of the south-south west Agents Mad Bax and Chips were taking advantage of that same stiff, I say again STIFF, breeze to help them glide closer to the Fur and Feather Pub on Slade Lane, Norwich. Just prior to the CHIPS LIGHT on Hoss's annunciator panel indicated that some tampering with the helo's transmission had taken place, similar to the tampering with the empennage of JFK Jar's aircraft which crashed over water enroute to Cape Cod or Nigel Farage's tampered with aircraft that crashed ending his candidacy as the UKIP candidate in the recent 'staged elections' in England which put a Scot and a Spaniard in power while the Sissy Brit was on paternity leave, Mad Bax had gotten the EXECUTE FLASH on his clipper and with no time to spare he pushed Chips out of the helo and then gathered Chips into his grasp prior to pulling the Ripcord, but not the Ripcords who had a monster hit with 'Little Cobra', on his parasail with which they safely glided to a standup landing on a grassy knoll but not the Grassy Knoll from which one of the 3 triangulated shots ended the life of the Camelot President at the hands of a man who would become senile after a lifetime of corrupted disservice to the USA with stops in China, CIA, Gulf Coast Oil, and Mena, Arkansas cocaine importing while hoping that the video of two of his sons with WJC at the Tamiami Airport and N6408F would never become public after the dipshits of both parties had Berriman Adler Seal iced while false-flagging some Columbian humps. Due to poor electronic security in Marbella it may come to pass that the true nature of Foghorn Leghorn's arranged marriage to England's #2 will cause much of England to demand another election not to be confused with the young groupie of Tricky and Massive Attack who longed for another erection, bless her heart. And what's up with Cameron's wife and MASSIVE ATTACK, Tricky and those risqué photos?

While citizens of the UK and Commonwealth may be offended by some of the photographs taken of a younger Sam Cam they should be happy that it could be a whole lot worse. From Canada comes video footage of a Judge whose husband hired a man of another race to try and please his wife who appeared to have an insatiable appetite for something that her husband could not give her with his cadet sized accoutrement. To get a sample of the activity the Canadian Judge's husband arranged for his highly libido-ed wife to be video taped with Alex Chapman of Trinidad not to be confused with Anna Chapman of New York, London, Moscow and, it appears, Trinidad visit and see how the mice will play when the cats away. This is the website that the Canadian Judge found videos of herself on and perhaps she made a ruling from the bench against her husband's action post haste, which would be a lot hastier than any justice delivered in the case of the 26 prostitutes fed to the pigs on the Pickton Pig farm where two hapless brothers were forced to generate sufficient revenue to keep one greedy sister satisfied not to be confused with the greedy sister becoming depressed as the Gareth Williams murder is solved by her little brother, in a manner of speaking. The Vancouver Police, the RCMP and the complicit parties in Vancouver appear incapable of delivering justice to the lost souls and grieving survivors of the Pickton Pig Farm and their federal charity human barbeques attended by many in power in Canada. Yes, the same Canada whose Gen Maurice Baril, a 'hose operator' in Garden of Treason, the same fertile but futile garden that attacked both New York and Washington DC on 9-11-2001 obstructed solely by Abel Danger's imputing a 41 minute delay in Captain Jason's Dahl's DC 'death cruiser', United 93. Hey Maury, pay back's a mother, capeche? And don't try to blame share with Hugh Shelton, he was 'out of the picture' so the Attack on America patterned on Amalgam Virgo 01 falls entirely on your sloped shoulders as Mo Strong and his sloped forehead are hiding out in China not far from Taldykorgan where Agents Chips and Slade Lane 'exchanged intel' but not precious bodily fluids in May of 2009 as Putin was visiting Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Captain goes down with the ship, just ask the descendants of Captain John Smith who was at the helm of Olympic, with which he had previously had both a collision at sea and had nearly sunken a tug in New York harbor with a "thruster prop", although at the time of his world famous collision with an iceberg the Olympic was disguised as the Titanic which allowed the White Star line to sink a 'maintenance hog ship' and a 'ham-fisted helmsman' in one transaction brokered by aficionados of the Federal Reserve who were assisted immeasurably by representatives of Marconi just as the Crown Agent's Assault on America has been assisted greatly by SERCO which bought out McConnell International whose cyber sleuths working FBO Obama/Soros had been hacked by Abel Danger who by no means is a NEW KID IN TOWN although the same cannot be said regarding Kid Kenya who is, indeed, a new kid in town soon to be removed along with the Wicked Witch of the West, capeche?

KSM Witness Chips FLASH Clipper to Agents Bean, Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Otto Pilot, Uncle Ray copy Abigail Chopsticks, Dwarf and Skymaster: "We have recovered the COIN Code from SLAIN's Pimlico bath house location. COIN has not been compromised by CROWNS; we track them, they cannot track or hack us. Slade Lane's last Clipper indicated that the Eliza-Anna Chapman-Putin-Obama project has been infiltrated by Crown Sister Pickton's MindBox and the Pig Farm Bordereaux, now re-baptized to Murdereaux. And we have also, this day, located the GW Bush that Slade Lane had placed in his dwelling with the miniaturized AQFB-Whiskey mini-cam aimed at the hallway leading to his BATH. We have both the GW Bush film as well as enough SeeSaw CCTV snuff-film content to identify the ‘Mediterranean’ couple from Marbella carrying the pink bag into the Holland Park tube station just in front of Slade being tracked by Abel Danger's FIRST COUPLE Agents Chips and Bean. Virtual floating murder matrix set up as a walled garden. Chips, Fur and Feather Pub.”

Royal Crown Agent Abigail Chopsticks FLASH Clipper to Agents Chips, Hamish, Suky Slicer, Yellowhammer, Banzai Pipeline copy Umbrellaman and Name Dropper: "Abel Danger ALPHA PAIR needs to recall that in addition to the COIN evidence and the MI6 evidence we have much more than just the GW Bush and the See Saw ICTV footages: Abel Danger Fargo has the RFID Alien tracks of both the last 24 hours of Slade Lane's life and that track merges with the RFID Alien hitchhiker on the pink North Face holdall such as the Pedophiles frequently carry their underage sex objects in while the children are sedated and the RFID Chips tell Menzies and other air transport entities not to open the bag. Consider Slade Lane (nee Gareth Williams) was from Wales and he had been tracking Pedophiles in Wales and Portugal. It seems that IISS, Airwave and Pelosi's Air Patrol had 98% of the tracking of the last seven hours of Slade Lane's life after the RFID tracks merged and before his vital signs went flatline. More details of the routing of the body in the bag during last seven hours once Chips, Suky, Vanessa and Mad Bax are safe aboard the S-4 on the Thames. Abi-C, Brighton and Hove”

Mad Bax had taken the time to burn his parasail so that any ties to Accuracy in Phoenix could not be found by MI6 or Scotland Yard neither of which appear to be genuinely interested in determining the linkage between Crown Sisters, Anna Chapman, Pelosis (plural), the Mediterranean Couple, Gareth Williams, Putin and what was captured on the GW Bush in Gareth's Pimlico SAFEHOUSE, not to be confused with Milwaukee's Safe House where the creeps of Chicago used to swill gin before they learned of the Bell and Howell mini-eights deployed in the bars, dining room and the center stall of the men's room. To ensure that any law enforcement would head off down a rabbit trail Chips threw a human foot with a Fargo Alien Technology RFID subcutaneously installed in the heel, provided by RCGB, on the small fire as a Land Rover arrived at the pickup point to haul them to a nearby farm that produced row-crops, grass and beef, RCGB, study that combo MI6 and you will be led to both the surgeon who removed the foot and provided the Sodium Perborate used to hasten the decomposition of Gareth Williams body excepting the portion that was biopsied by Abel Danger at Gareth's request as he felt the pressure from 'within' as his listening had broken the code on numerous ongoing MiTM attacks in the USA, Russia, Spain and England triggering both the Meeting in Marbella and the deployment of the Mediterranean Couple, not including Bronius Cikotas or Robert Hanssen, which Abel Danger would track consistent with the Abel Danger mantra: "we track them, they cannot track us" thanks to mastery and manipulation of both Air Patrol and ADT through "KU band sharing" arrangements suggested by the 'gentleman in Perm'; google [ Perm + Move It On Over ] and you will see the gentleman dancing with Agent Natalya Antonov of Abel Danger Astana in the white sweater who got a lot sweatier after the closing number, if you know where my head's at.

Agents Yellowhammer and Suky Slicer awaited Mad Bax and Chips in the idling Land Rover. Both Suky and 'old yeller' were wearing Wellingtons. Neither Chips nor Mad Bax were wearing Wellingtons. As Bax and Chips approached the Land Rover Suky suggested Mad Bax's large torso would be more comfortable in the left front seat as she crawled into the smaller rear seat and awaiting the 'touch of a little hand and the smile of a little face'. As Chips joined her in the rear the Land Rover was driven directly to the room in the back of the Fur and Feather where the local beer was handcrafted with pride. Chips was doing some 'handcrafting' also which made Agent Suky Slicer proud to be his special friend as the Gardener from Nottingham who would help tie the knot between Maurice Baril, Lord Garden, and the Crown Sisters who blew their assignment on 9/11/01 as both Mrs. Bush and the combined Houses of the Capitol dodged a bullet when Abel Danger imputed the delay causing United 93 to be 'blown' over Shanksville while flying inverted at tree-top level according to eye witness Susan McElwain and the gentleman farmer. Agent Suky had always thought that United 93's being blown was a terrible abuse of the English language and she looked forward to discussing diction with Chips when they could slip away to Henry's barn where she and Chips had once spent a pleasant 4 hours after an alleged cattle meeting not far from the Fur and Feather. Chips, always demanding proof of Agent's ID, was just finishing a brief digital exam of Agent Suky Slicer as the diesel engine of the Land Rover went quiet and Chips' 'identity proving digit' was withdrawn, much to the dismay of 24 year old Suky Slicer of Nottingham's Abel Danger but originally from Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan where listeners Chips and Slade Lane ( nee Gareth Williams ) would occasionally visit in time frame 1 Feb 08 to 5 Aug 09 prior to Chips' recall to Abel Danger GHQ and just prior to Slade Lane's secondment to GCHQ where he would 'code break' the MiTMs intended to destroy the US and the UK in that order. Not so fast you PFers. As Chips had proven with his AD SNIPH technique that Suky was Suky, his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with an Immediate from Umbrellaman pairing the ABEL DANGER ALPHA PAIR onto a trilateral deployment.

Royal Crown King Umbrellaman Immediate Clipper to Agents Chips and Bean only, FYEO: "The crucial issues regarding Obama, the "IMPOSTER", continue to grow. However, the most important issue is Obama not being Constitutionally eligible to be President: 1) not being "natural born" being born in Mombasa, Kenya; and 2) even more important the fact that Obama was "adopted" or legally "acknowledged" by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and his school record in Indonesia indicates the "Imposter's" name is "Barry Soetoro", his nationality being "Indonesia" and his religion being "Islam". Obama, the Imposter's legal name is "Barry Soetoro". Obama must be stopped ! WE THE PEOPLE can, by way of the largest rally ever in Washington, DC, have a "Peaceful Revolution" and force Obama to prove he is "Constitutionally eligible" or resign from office. YES WE CAN and with the help of Abel Danger's ALPHA PAIR, yes we will ! Royal Crown King authorizes Chips and Bean to redeploy forces in tri-axial attack mimicking the MiTMs that Gareth Williams briefed Chips on during Father's Day at the Goff Manor House in Crawley, England during which he also offered to undergo a biopsy to be compared to any altered body parts post mortem if the threats made against GW would come to fruition. Footstomper: GORELICK WALLED GARDEN" Umbrellaman, Plum City"

BAM Mad Bax leaned the left front seat forward to allow Chips and Suky to exit for the purpose of a morning briefing in the brewmeister's office of the Fur and Feather. Awaiting them there was a relative of Slade Lane who wished to share prima facie evidence that the gifted and dead mathematician was neither gay nor transvestite. However, just as Bax and Yellowhammer were noticing a morning rain start, Chips got a FLASH incoming to his Clipper, so he motioned for Bax and Yellowhammer to find shelter from the rain while Chips would attend to the incoming FLASH call on his Clipper Squirt Gun. As the two men complied and entered the Brew-meister's area of the beer making building, Chips re-initiated his security debriefing of Agent Suky Slicer; right where he'd left off. Suky, games-person that she was, simultaneously provided pleasure to her co-Agent Chips in a way that the Judge from Canada could probably appreciate, according to Jack King, an attorney who apparently didn't know Jack Squat about pleasuring women including his Judge-wife recently removed from the bench, perhaps by Trinidad native Alex Chapman no known relationship, of a familial nature, with Putin's special envoy to America, Anna 'titty clamps' Chapman who was a 'leaker' of immense stature. Following the completion of Suky's special effort she asked Chips if he were going to answer the FLASH Clipper.

"Negative my juicy cumquat; I made that up so that you and I could prove up to each other who we really are. However, I do see a Priority Incoming from Hamish is in queue so if you'd like to do one more performance of the Slobber Blues I will see what Hamish is up too. As Suky eagerly commenced an encore performance, Chips feigned interest in the incoming Priority from Agent Hamish Charles Watson, a Cambridge grad with a degree in advanced math similar to Abel Danger's Slane Lane or as he was known to Ft. Meade, GCHQ and Putin, "Gareth Williams".

KSM Lead Witness Hamish Priority Clipper to Kui Longboard, Banzai Pipeline, Uncle Ray, Otto Pilot and Umbrellaman, copy Chips and Bean: " Prince Charles, a straw man for Crown Agents Lady Macbeth? 'Lady Macbeths' who allegedly run Crown Agents (Dope Inc.) using their hapless (?) spouses as man-in-the-middle camouflage are in more danger than ever after icing Slade Lane thinking that would end his investigation. Wrong-oo yak lips. Gareth Williams appeared to have hacked Crown Agents carbon-offset money laundering networks, developed by Miriam Clegg with Foreign Office / MI-6 experts for DLA Piper's clients as suggested by the Phoenix male attorney of DLA-P. Clegg's clients launder drug money through the carbon-offset trade where hit teams are rewarded as a function of the value of the weight of CO2 saved when victim(s) stop breathing or in the case of Hot Air Al; are stopped from breeding. "London: Gareth Williams played a key role in the world's most sensitive and secretive electronic intelligence gathering system - leading to new fears about the serious national security implications of his death. Williams was a top-level cryptologist helping to oversee a network called Echelon, which links satellites and super-computers in Britain and the United States with those of other key allies. Set up to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Echelon now eavesdrops on terror suspects and drug dealers, and searches for other political and diplomatic intelligence." In early August, Michelle Obama appears to have met with City & Guild drug bosses in Marbella to discuss the security breach; shortly afterwards, Gareth Williams ended up in a body bag in a bath of sodium percarbonate or perborate in Pimlico."The only people believed to be unaccounted for in recent months who were seen at the flats on Alderney Street are the Mediterranean man and woman. Police have been told they were let into the communal front door, late one evening, either in June or July. Detectives want to trace them to eliminate them from the inquiry. The Cambridge-educated mathematician had returned home from a holiday in America on August 11. Over the next few days he was captured on CCTV shopping in the West End and Knightsbridge, and catching a Tube in Holland Park, west London. He is seen in a red T-shirt, beige trousers and white trainers, carrying a shopping bag. The last CCTV sighting of him is on Sunday, August 15, when he went into Harrods and walked towards Sloane Street, near the Dolce and Gabbana store. Police found his body in the bath, after being alerted by MI6 staff when he failed to turn up to work, on the afternoon of Monday, August 23. Det Chf Insp Jacqueline Sebire, Homicide and Serious Crime Command leading the investigation said: "I would appeal to anyone who may have seen, or had contact with Gareth in the period between 11th and 23rd August to come forward and speak with us at the Incident Room on 0208 358 0200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0208 358 0200      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or to remain anonymous Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."Pass this on to Det Chf Insp Jacqueline Sebire, Homicide and Serious Crime Command (see below).Ask her to find out if MI-5 former boss Eliza Manningham Buller, gave Lord Ashcroft and ADT a 45 year contract in 1989 to run CCTV security systems for the US and UK governments. Also have her check out what kind of bag the traffickers like to carry dope in; this one might have been big enough for Williams. In early August, Michelle Obama appears to have met with City & Guild drug bosses in Marbella to discuss the security breach; shortly afterwards, Gareth Williams ended up in a body bag in a bath of sodium percarbonate or perborate in Pimlico. We are comparing the biopsied sample from Slade Lane to the lab report, scarce as they are, regarding Gareth Williams. We have not yet matched them perfectly. Hamish, in a Hackney Taxi outside Victory House, Manor Royal, RH10 9LU, Crawley.”
Royal Crown ALPHA Female Bean FLASH Clipper to Kui, Banzai, Uncle Ray, Umbrellaman and Otto Pilot, copy Vanessa and Suky: “Watch for headlines out of London based on this suggestion delivered to the Daily Telegraph on 13 September, 2010: LONDON — Prince Charles has opened the gardens at his official London residence to the public for the first time to host a sustainable living fair, but uninvited guests have already created a nuisance. "The rats have become more of a problem," a source at Clarence House told The Sun newspaper. "There seem to be more — and they are getting bigger." If such a story is reported it is a veiled response from the Royals that they appreciate Abel Danger's deployment of Roland and Rhonda Rat in the London Underground to solve the murder of Slade Lane (nee Gareth Williams) and rein in the rogue Crown Agents cooperating with Pelosi and Putin. Agent Bean, AFIELD near Norwich.”

Suky Slicer had eagerly gone about her project to keep Chips focused on the message, however, once Chips had laid down his Clipper Squirt Gun, Suky removed an IOC in Pastel Banana Custard which exposed a delightful target of opportunity which the mission oriented Agent Chips would have immediately attacked if it were not for an Immediate Clipper coming in from Agent Dwarf who along with Skymaster had tapped into a pair of ADT secure lines just outside the Air Patrol Office 'outside the reach of RICO' ( near the Foggy Dew in Richmond BC ) which Nancy Pelosi thought would distance her from justice just as the 26 Barbequed prostitutes in Vancouver had been distanced from justice while Canadian Judges were doing lap dances, in a manner of speaking, on foreign gentleman of different races hired by their limp husbands; a very tight line of evidence revealing some truths of the women who prosecute Man in the Middle Attacks such as those discussed last month in Marbella or the unsuccessful attempt to stop the flow of evidence through Pimlico and Abel Danger's Slade Lane, now Slain by the Crown Sister just days after his 'working holiday' at Ft. Meade, Annapolis, and Plum City where Slade got a glimpse under the hood of the 36 Stud.

Royal Crown Agent Dwarf Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Rico Gambolino, Hamish, Chips and Alex Chapman, copy Brad King SERCO and Jack King JERKO: "Abel Danger fellows, earlier today I wrote some special messages to Hamish and Big Chief about their special missions in life and later I found this shocking message below in the Philadelphia Church of God newsletter about world affairs which further amplifies the vision of this beast power that we are all fighting: to be specific, this beast according to Prophecy and now to evidence too (9/11, Pickton, residential schools, BP blowout etc.) has many facets, or many "heads" as the KJ Bible words it, but we can know them all by their fruits. What would be harder to see is how they are all connected were it not for the efforts of Hamish, Chips, Slade Lane and 'the Russian'. In this case below, the formation of a European Air Force controlled by Germany, we see that just as prophesied the not-so-holy Roman Empire is indeed rising anew for the seventh and last time as a union of European States controlled and coordinated by the Papacy based in Rome but driven by the might of the Rhine, and it portends Satan's last chance to exterminate mankind before the return of the Messiah. The plan even has a name and a plot described in detail: Armageddon!! God's first plan was to populate the universe with angels, but when they proved to be rebellious and too independent-minded (and vain and lustful etc.) He shifted to Plan B, namely using propagating humans to colonize the universe, but who first must be qualified as voluntarily willing to live righteously before they get the prize of eternal life, a free gift BY GRACE not by works thus none shall boast. Thus Satan is insanely jealous of mankind and seeks to thwart that plan by killing as many people as possible and/or causing them to become disqualified for that colonization plan from their debauched lifestyles, which is where Willie Pickton and the Indian Residential Schools and the Luftwaffe and 9/11 etc. Katrina, Mumbai, NWU, Obama, the Scot and the Spaniard all dovetail. Unbelievably to most people there IS an international cartel of evil bent on destroying mankind and it resides especially in our churches and governments; watch for a story in World Net Daily referencing this!! And some of its most powerful agents include a murderous cabal of lesbian feminists. [ see Femme Comp, SES and other illicits born in 1979 the year when Annapolis had their LCWB Class of which Captain Gerald DeConto was a member; and then later a martyr ]. God will guide us and protect us in our efforts to fight and expose EVIL as ordained in Ephesians 5:11 with the promises of Proberbs 21:31, Phillipians 1:6,7 and Romans 8:31 to protect 'HIS' Christian Soldiers complying with the edict of Matthew 25:40. Vaya Con Dios, El Dwarfo, Marbella listening post, Abel Danger."
Chips finished reading the incoming from Dwarf of the Prairie when Mad Bax emerged from the Fur and Feather with a sense of purpose visible all over his face. Chips withdrew from the Banana Custard and held up his Clipper Squirt Gun while a blushing Suky Slicer covered the target area, still at an MI of 'viscous'.

Bax approached the Land Rover from the left side as Chips appeared to terminate a phone call. "Chips, standby for a Priority Clipper from Hamish, again, and a new Immediate following from Agent Bean who has boobs on the ground at the airport here in Norfolk. Once those calls are handled Henry and Angela invite you in for BANGERS AND MASH, capeche?"

"Capeche" was the non-monosyllabic laconic response from Our Man Chips who though affable was seldom flappable unless being caused to withdrawn from a pleasant project such as Operation Banana Custard, OBC, not to be confused with Paul McCartney's OBE or Agent Chip's BFD. As BAM Mad Bax retreated into the Fur and Feather the first Clipper came in from Hamish who was in the back of a black London Taxi driven by a driver who possessed KNOWLEDGE.

KSM Lead Defense Witness Hamish Priority Clipper to Agents Banzai, Kui, Chips, Bean and Name Dropper, copy Moxie G and Les Libideaux: "Here is what Marbella / City & Guilds hit teams do according to Corazon Dulce who is in the Hackney Taxi with me at this time. "The sun beats down on more than ?1bn worth of yachts. Top-of-the-range Rolls-Royces, Mercedes and BMWs jostle for position on the quayside as their owners sip Moet & Chandon in the restaurants or shop in the designer boutiques. This is Puerto Banus, a luxury suburb of Marbella in southern Spain and truly a millionaire's paradise. And drug dealer Scott BradFIELD, from London, was murdered in October 2001 the month following the murders of Fish and BBC. His limbs were found in a suitcase on wasteland near Torremolinos in December and his head and torso were discovered in another case nearby." London, England (CNN) -- Metropolitan police in London, England, appealed Monday for further information about last month's death of a man who worked for a British intelligence agency and whose naked body was found in a padlocked duffel bag in his bathroom. Police also released surveillance camera images of Gareth Williams taken August 15, about a week before officials discovered his body on August 23. In addition, police said they would like help identifying "a man and a woman, both of Mediterranean appearance," between the ages of 20 and 30 and who were seen entering Williams' apartment building late one evening in June or July."This remains a complex unexplained death enquiry," Det. Chief Inspector Jacqueline Sebire said in a statement Monday. Williams worked at Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Britain's intelligence agency for monitoring communication and keeping government data secret, the agency told CNN. He was widely reported to have been on loan to MI6, the foreign intelligence service, in London. The crime scene did not seem to reveal much information. "There was no sign of any forced entry to the property, and no signs of disturbance inside," police said, adding that robbery did not appear to be a motive. "We do not believe there is any property missing from the flat," the police statement said. "There is no suggestion the items within the flat were specifically posed. No drugs, or indications of drug usage were recovered . "An August 25 autopsy "established no obvious cause of death," police said. "Extensive forensic tests at the flat in Alderney Street and from the samples taken at the post mortem continue," police said. "Initial indications from the toxicology examinations show no trace of any alcohol or routine or recreational drugs. Testing for any other substance continues." Chips, please prepare the biopsy specimens for air-mailing to Agent Kui Longboard at the Hickam AFB forensics lab. Agent Banzai will assist, Hamish and Corazon, Victory House. PS to Chips, did you ever see that tattoo that Corazon has on her left buttocks YO QUIERO CAMPO?" Hamish, Leyland Taxi RFID strangled.”Suky Slicer was making it very difficult for Chips to keep his mind on his mission as he read both the incoming from Hamish and the trailer from Agent Bean who was responding to the ALPHA PAIR order issued by Umbrellaman.
Royal Crown ALPHA PAIR Bean Immediate Clipper to Royal Crown ALPHA PAIR Chips, FYEO: "I am within 30 minutes of your location, Security Code Pastel Pumpkin. DoD and DoTreasury advise Holder in a stew over message to Lord Pearson, Nigel Farage, Stephen Harper, Eric Holder and ITEM V in Moscow explaining why Crown Sisters Enviro-Cleaners ran Gareth Williams' bath. In the interest of brevity and security I lift these keys from Department of Justice message of 7 Sep 2010: Crown Sisters and a large, pink, padlocked hold-all containing the body of GCHQ operative Gareth Williams; Abel Danger agents . evidence that Crown Agents Sisters' ..KPMG Chief Economist Vicky Huhne, used City & Guilds operatives ...spoliation of evidence of murder and for the disruption of GCHQ and MI-6 investigations into the sexual extortion - sextortion - of nominees in man-in-the-middle and bordereaux-insurance networks ..... Mediterranean ALPHA PAIR. Abel Danger agents also have evidence that the Crown Agents Sisters coordinated asset movements through the FC-KU* crime scene with other livery companies and had the Environmental Cleaners run Mr. Williams' bath with a mixture of sodium percarbonate or perborate powder to accelerate the decomposition of Mr. Williams body excepting biopsies harvested in Annapolis and stored at Plum City on 6 August, 2010. Oxygen Bleaches? Oxygen bleaches ....release oxygen for cleaning and bleaching of stains and dirt upon addition to water. There are three types of oxygen bleaches sold in the consumer market, hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate. While hydrogen peroxide is a liquid, sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate are powders. Sodium percarbonate is used in deck, carpet, household and laundry cleaning products. Sodium perborate is also a powder and is used mostly in automatic dishwashing and laundry products as a hot water bleaching agent. While sodium percarbonate has the highest solubility in water, sodium perborate is more storage stable in detergent formulations; "A first post-mortem failed to find the cause of his death. A second examination of his body took place a few days ago to unravel if he was drugged, poisoned or smothered .. The Mail has learned from sources close to the investigation that Mr Williams informed MI6 that he believed he was being followed in the months before his death and KU pirated Air Patrol/ADT tapes indicate such, though murder squad detectives say they have not been told this .. Police attempts to quiz two spies still working at GCHQ who knew Mr Williams well have been unsuccessful and some detectives suspect they have been 'blocked' by both MI6 and GCHQ. It is also understood the murder squad was unable to get to one of his closest friends, a former GCHQ spy. The man lived at the Alderney Street safe house in 2005 and visited there earlier this year. 'He knows the day-to-day movements of Mr Williams and that is why he is important,' added our source. Scotland Yard murder detectives were this week also waiting to quiz another former GCHQ employee, who suddenly moved to America from Cheltenham six weeks ago and is said to be a 'best friend' of the dead codebreaker. There is also friction between MI6 and GCHQ over the level of protection given to Mr Williams while on his London secondment. 'Some people feel that he was sent to MI6 on secondment as a goodwill gesture and the intelligence service then "lost" GCHQ's man,' said a source. It is a troubling backdrop to any major murder investigation, especially one into an expert codebreaker who was playing a significant role in protecting Britain. Meanwhile, the Mail has learned of intriguing riddles about his death. The spy's brain showed no signs of bruising, indicating he was not knocked unconscious before he died. This has led to speculation that he may have been killed with a tiny injection of poison, possibly through his inner ear. If so, the needle mark would be almost invisible to the naked eye. Another riddle is that Mr Williams's personal computer is thought to be missing. He had designed the small machine to his own specifications and it 'cannot be found', the Mail has been told. The laptop, which Scotland Yard refuses to officially confirm is missing, is crucial to the investigation. It could be a vital window on Mr Williams's private life, his innermost thoughts, any transfers to and from his online bank account and would reveal if he had money problems. Importantly, it will help trace his movements between the time he was last seen alive, on August 15, and the discovery of his body eight days later in his flat, where there was no sign of a break-in. This will help pinpoint the time of his death, which is essential to finding a killer. Mr Williams's bank and credit cards were used during these crucial eight days .. In a further conundrum, one of the first police officers who entered the flat after Mr Williams was ¬discovered dead saw some white powder on several surfaces in the kitchen and living room. Although this could prove innocent, the ¬powder is being tested in case it is cocaine or another drug." Chips, when we are alone together I will have much more to share including perhaps MASHING PUMPKINS while Tommy James plays our signature love song while we prove each other up, are you up for it? Beanie, Pastel Pumpkin"

Chips became even more turgid at the suggestion of MASHING PUMPKINS and the love song that he and Beanie loved the moist, no strike that, most.

Chips had just finished the Banana Custard project when a second incoming from Agent Bean suggested a change of direction.

Royal Crown ALPHA Pair Bean to Royal Crown ALPHA Pair Chips, FYEO: "Change of plans, I have just commandeered a hot air balloon and with this stiff, I say again, stiff wind I shall over overhead Fur and Feather in 7 minutes with a rope ladder draped over the side of the basket. Climb the ladder and I will 'pipe you aboard, Captain' if you get my drift and your pipe is ready to be 'smoked'. Further we can discuss: Williams, crytologists and analysts; Menwith Hill RAF Yorkshire; Golf Ball Radomes at Menwith and Buckley aka Shriver; OBL's conversation with his mother after Clinton's dereliction of duty; 36 Alderney Street and 36 Studebaker; death in a depressurized jet and bathed in Sodium Perborate; GW Bush and the mini-digi cam therein exposes killer of one of the main spokes of the wheel turning round; consider different forensic evidence of smothering or hypoxic hypoxia leading to death; C4ISR Offut Moneymaker + Gipson + Kerry Kelley; and finally consider Brad King SERCO and Jack King JERKO and we will drive the Crown Sisters BEZERKO. Standby for Operation Rope Ladder as I am within 200 yards of the Fur and Feather, Beanie."

Chips asked Suky Slicer to please fill in at the briefing in the Fur and Feather and explained that he had to catch a ride to Teesside in a balloon approaching from the south south west. Chips recalled the first time he saw her in Pastel Mulberry as she boarded a chopper with Agent Hoss. Suky thought about the 3 by 5 card she was handing Chips regarding the BLACK MAGIC WOMAN who may or may not be a pet project of Henry Kissinger.

Chips, until we meet again for another Abel Danger Enduro, consider the Palin meeting with World Leaders in New York reported to us on 23 September, 2008" The U.N. General Assembly has given Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin a chance to do something she's never done before: to meet with foreign leaders. The Alaska governor's two-day visit to New York has also created some conflict between Palin's handlers and the media. New York Times reporter Kate Zernike is covering Governor Palin's trip, and she joins us now. Welcome to the program, Kate. KATE ZERNIKE (Reporter, The New York Times): Thanks, Michele. NORRIS: First of all, who did Sarah Palin meet with today, and what do we know about those meetings? Ms. ZERNIKE: She met with Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan. She met with the president of Colombia, and she met with Henry Kissinger for what was her longest meeting, about an hour this afternoon."
'They' got the black man elected, next is the woman.....they're all tarred with the same corporate/materialistic brush so don't fall for it PLEASE. Remain as independent as possible IMO anyway. Mulberry Bush whose Weasel misses your Monkey, capeche?’

Suky swallowed hard, kissed Chips goodbye and headed into the Fur and Feather to pass the message as a rope ladder bounced along deciduous tree tops prior to the open FIELD southwest of the car park. As the ladder dangled limply much like a Crown Sister's husband's privates, not to be confused with Austin Power's 'bits and pieces' , Chips grabbed ahold of a rung at about the 7 foot point with this right hand as he clutched a blue and gold AWOL bag with his left hand. Once Bean was sure the balloon was hidden from view of the Fur and Feather she deployed the anchor and removed all IOCs excepting one in Pastel Pumpkin as she wanted Chips to input a little effort if he was to honor her offer of her honor as he would be on her and off her.

As Chips climbed into the balloon basket Beanie halfmasted one of his IOCs to complete her brief security scan of his most identifying feature. He passed and once cleared to press on with Operation MASHING PUMPKINS Chips removed Bean's final IOC and leaned her over the edge of the basket to drive home a message. As the basket bounced and buffeted due to Chips' punctuation of his important update Agent Beanie called switch, in Navajo, at the 30 minute mark in keeping with Abel Danger protocols as her pair of 40DDs keep a sharp lookout as they were now draped over the north north east side of the basket. Due to their youthful exuberance to 'go the distance' both Chips and Bean missed an Immediate Clipper from Agent Abigail Chopsticks in the vicinity of Brighton and Hove.

Royal Crown Agent Abigail Chopsticks Immediate Clipper to Yellowhammer, Suky Slicer, Umbrellaman, Banzai, Otto Pilot, copy Chips, Hamish and Bean: "Evidence KPMG insiders such as Vicky Huhne, have opportunities to execute boredereaux insurance frauds in their position as CVA nominees. A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a legally binding agreement between a company and its creditors that compromises the debts of unsecured creditors. What's on your mind? May include: Over-rented properties; Unsustainable pension deficits; Unsustainable capital structure Onerous critical contact; Bringing you peace of mind .. Why KPMG? CVAs were generally a lesser used insolvency procedure in the past, but are now tipped to become one of the UK's most popular corporate lifelines, thanks to KPMG's effective implementation in two recent high profile cases, JJB and Discover Leisure." .. "Nominees fees will be greater in a new type Company Voluntary Arrangement than in an old type CVA. The reason for this is that in a CVA with a moratorium the nominee has a responsibility to "monitor" in that moratorium period. The nominee's monitoring is in essence to ensure that the company has sufficient cash to operate in the moratorium period. In addition a nominee should "test check" that the directors are carrying out their duties of disclosure and of not selling fixed assets. The nominee has the additional duty of reporting to the court whether or not, in his opinion, the company has (at the start of and during the course of the moratorium period) sufficient cash to operate until the date of the creditors meeting In a CVA with a moratorium the nominee has the duty (after the director's prime responsibility) to ensure that the company's assets are not dissipated by the directors. In consequence a nominee has to take out "bordereau" cover. That cover is insurance cover. It is cover which provides creditors with a safety net, should the nominee improperly deal with company assets. Abigail Chopsticks, Brighton-Hove”
Chips adjusted Beanie's posture at the second switch and while she was delicately balancing the small of her back on the edge of the basket, a miniaturized UAV the size of a dragon fly made it's third, and final fatal lap, around the anchored balloon and basket.

Agent James Crosby's calm "Judy one, Fox 1, Smoke 1, splash" allowed Chips to keep hammering home the message which Agent Beanie fully understood as she felt the earth move under her feet as her world came tumbling down, tumbling down. In their excitement Bean's lower back had slid off the basket rail just as the mini-UAV was splashed so while Chips continued his mission at the bottom of the basket, the second mini-UAV returned to base with video evidence that Chips and Bean had been taken out by UAV-1 which was no more the case than Gareth Williams being gay or transvestite, capeche? Perhaps these people who use videotapes of snuffs or pedophile attacks need to place less faith in the Bell and Howell Super 8s and more Faith in their creator, who is IN FACT their creator whether they acknowledge that or not.

Chips had done a yeoman's work in finishing off Agent Bean, his ALPHA team counterpart, just before his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with an Immediate message from Agent Petra (nee Vanessa ) from Moscow, or is it Bangor, Maine, who had a suggestion as to who the Pink Bag Man was. As Chips mentally reviewed Petra's 'titty clamps' his eyes flashed about as he read the Immediate TM that had been Clippered in just as he finished off Bean with a rimshot at the buzzer.

Crown Royal Sister Petra Immediate TM to Agent Chips, 3 Abel Danger Hammers, Hamish and Umbrellaman, copy Name Dropper and Corazon Dulce: "Chips, et. al., in a message today we have fingered Cressida Dick, Jamie Gorelick and Mila Mulroney as potential 'second fiddles' to Eliza M-B, Hillary C, and Foghorn Leghorn. We have asked UKIP to 'sniff around' and they, in turn have invited on our of Abel Danger principles to help in the analysis of the Gareth Williams crime scene which is not the flat in Pimlico but appears to be the unpressurized and unheated portion of a fractional ownership jet; specifically a Dassault Falcon 7 or some variant based on that platform. Our TEAM TETRA has concluded that a Gorelick Walled Garden may have been used to move Slade Lane and a Pink Bag Man through the IPTV snuff-film production with linkage to BBC and NBC. Lord Pearson of Rannoch and Nigel Farage neither have responded but a mysterious message from 'a sister' indicates we are in 'hot pursuit' of the perps. Our man in Phoenix urges continued prosecution of Sidley, SERCO, the Crown Agents and the 30, or so, 'twisted sisters' intent on destroying the hetero-patriarchal framework that they believe limits their progress not realizing it is their unfitness that limits their progress. For instance, Princeton University bent over backwards to make Sasquatch look like an average student but her horseshit attitude prevents her from achieving; see Bhopal, Barney and AT&T as failed enterprises with her DNA all over them. We have been advised that the Security Professionals may have used Walled Garden TETRA technology to eavesdrop on our Agent Slade Lane, now deceased. We need to find out if any Lesbian Law Enforcement persons in England are tied to Terrestrial Trunked Radio, also known as 02 and Airwave; consider Air Patrol/ADT/Pelosi. 18 months prior to 9/11 Treason co-opted by Canada and City of London a contract was let to BT and MDA (Motorola) without seeking bids, we understand. It is not in compliance with EU competition laws as defined in the Treaty of Rome and the Italians and the Greeks have taken notice. Crown Agent wiretapping laws are not popular in those member states of the EU who are not getting their piece of the pie. Petra, Moscow/New York"
Chips was considering the September, 2005 Obama-Putin-Lugar-Chips encounter at Perm, Siberia that both Orly Taitz and Philip J. Berg were interested in when his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with another Immediate Clipper. As he answered it he assisted Agent Bean in getting her pair of 40DD knockers into her over the shoulder boulder holder as she was dressed and ready to hoist the sandbag anchor so that the recently switched breeze could blow the balloon back to the Fur and Feather Pub where an important briefing was taking place. As she pulled up her Pastel Pumpkin thong she placed a 'deception strip' where it needed to go just in case she was 'searched' by MI6 acting on a tip not to be confused with Chips' tip which had also recently been acted upon. Picking up on her lead Chips also placed some 'semen du jour' into a triple X condom and left it on the floor of the balloon gondola so that if the 'crack agents' from MI6 were to sniff around they would find DNA evidence of Putin and Anna Chapman, not Chips and Bean. See also Vision Air-Vienna-Austria-Moscow.

Royal Crown Sister Queen Hornet Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips and 'buddy': "Lil Bro, my involvement in 'the project' as Thomas Barnett called it, has caused me to become depressed. Perhaps you could help me escape the SHOW THAT MUST GO ON if I help your Abel Danger determine the 'pecking order' of the HEN PECKERS. You need to understand that a young Canadian, a wide-hipped Spaniard, a dowdy Brit and an American with a horseshit attitude are 4 of the big 7 with Thunder Thighs, Gorillawoman and Nanny Piloti as the three not-so wise non-men. If I had done due diligence on the SBA Section 8a loans I wouldn't be in this pickle. Help me please. Here's what I can offer to Abel Danger: Evidence that Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology, developed under an allegedly corrupt PFI arrangement by O2 for use by London Underground security to track trains and passengers, now supports a pay-per-view IPTV service called SeeSaw. Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE: CCI) is an American corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas, which provides infrastructure for broadcasting and mobile telephony. It operates in the United States, Puerto Rico and Australia. It provides mobile telephone coverage to 92% of the Australian population and 68 of the top 100 markets in the US on behalf of service providers such as 3, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Telefonica O2, Nextel, Orange, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Vodafone. On August 31, 2004 Crown Castle completed the sale of its UK subsidiary, Crown Castle UK, to National Grid Transco plc for $2.035 billion in cash. National Grid Transco plc was renamed as National Grid plc in July 2005, while Crown Castle UK was renamed National Grid Wireless in October 2005. In January 2005, Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group renamed its new subsidiary Arqiva .. Arqiva is a telecommunications company which provides infrastructure and broadcast transmission facilities in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The present company was formed by National Grid Wireless (originally the UK subsidiary of Crown Castle) combining with Arqiva (formerly NTL Broadcast) in September 2008. Its main customers are broadcasters and mobile phone network operators, and its main asset is a network of over 1,000 radio and television transmission sites. It is owned by a consortium of investors led by CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) and the Australian investment house Macquarie Bank. Arqiva is a patron of The Radio Academy Arqiva's headquarters are located at Crawley Court in the village of Crawley, Hampshire. Arqiva recently invested in and launched a catch-up Internet television, IPTV service called SeeSaw in March 2010. If your team finds value in this information please let me know as we can tie Nancy Pelosi to this through a trio of corporations including Air Patrol, ADT and the one that Jamie Gorelick offered up. Sissy"
Chips smiled inwardly sensing that the 'battle was in His hands', just like the battle for Jericho in Old Testament Times. He finished his Brief Digital Exam of Bean just as Agent Bean descended the balloon onto the car park at the Fur and Feather Pub. As several ground crew volunteers secured the mooring lines to ground anchors Chips helped Agent Bean out of the gondola, getting a brief glimpse of Pastel Pumpkin as she hiked her legs over the transom, causing a temporary upspike in Chips' turgidity index which ran about 96% on a 'bad day'. Chips' purple tipped red monster was causing great tensile stressing of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Passionate Pastel Pumpkin as a John Deere 9600 Series diesel powered combine with a corn header came around the corner and a voluptuous young nubile driver motioned him to her station high above the corn cutting header.

Our affable yet not flappable Agent Chips climbed the steel ladder to the air conditioned cab and as he identified himself simply as 'Chips, the Plum' the driver responded with 'Vanessa, Big D'. Chips noticed she had a shirt to die for and wondered if the Big D referred to her massive knockers or the sister city to Agent Chips' birth place, Fort Worth, Texas where JFK spent his last night on earth at what is now a Radisson Inn not far from the Flying Saucer Beer Pub where Crown Castle tower erectors had been known to 'wash down the trail dust' since the mid-90s. Vanessa was no slouch as she said 'prove up Chips' to which Chips presented a recognizable portion of his anatomy not unlike the portion that Bill Clinton had described by Gennifer Flowers when she discussed Peronie's Syndrome. Likewise Chips was required by Abel Danger protocols to 'prove up' Vanessa which he did by seeking out and identifying by 'color only' her Rosewood Metallic S1933 PPG Earth Wind Colors thong with purloined no pest strip containing DNA of the Wicked Witch of the West who was set to be trounced by John Dennis just as the woman in Delaware kicked the ass of the RINO who previously misrepresented that body of ill informed voters who until 2010 had believed the two party system actually had 2 parties which of course it does not and never has as the two party system was a sham created by the Banker's Manifesto of 1892 when EVIL BANKERS conspired to enslave American citizens and rape American resources for benefit of the CROWN, capeche?

[Perhaps while Chips is mesmerized by the prize in her thighs, readers should google Banker's Manifesto of 1892 and learn something sinister regarding home mortgages while considering that the very word mortgage means death grip.]

Once Chips had proven up Vanessa and Vanessa had proven up Chips, she moved over on the spring-loaded driver's seat and made room for Agent Chips to join her as she drove not 500 metres before turning into a sugar beet field. Chips, no stranger to FIELDS or sugar beets suggested that perhaps with a corn header on the combine she was driving onto the wrong parcel of farmland. As Vanessa hydraulically lowered the corn header and shut down the diesel engine, she drew a sunscreen across the front and sides of the air-conditioned cab and removed all items of clothing excepting her Pastel Rosewood Metallic thong which she left for master swordsman Chips. Chips knew the drill and complied with the young lady's desires while considering how naive little school girls such as SamCam and his own sister could be easily drawn into sexual acts that, when recorded, would render the naive sex participant an extorted/blackmailable slave to the agenda of the network that drew the naive one into the web not to be confused with Charlotte's Web which was the aviation network deployed on 9/11 to ensure the remotely guided flying vehicles hit precise targets at precise times after UA175, AA11 and AA77 had been vaporized over the Atlantic before their droned replacements struck WT1, WT2 and Wedge One using triple redundant guidance afforded by HOMING BEACONS, Final Approach Software, and Laser Target Designators, courtesy of Darleen Druyen and Hillary Roadhog. As contact was made and penetration sufficient to complete the act achieved, Agent Vanessa reached back with her left hand and left a 3 by 5 index card for Chips to read some series of 'notes': Evidence that Motorola has implemented Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology to power IP video delivery to insiders for example Common Purpose leaders AMSTERDAM - IBC 2010 - September 9, 2010 - In the 'Internet Era of TV' more and more video content is becoming available anytime, anywhere enabled by technological network advances coupled with shifting consumer behaviors that are driven by experiences on the Internet. At IBC 2010 (F30, Hall 1), Motorola is blending content and context to deliver a new era of home and mobile entertainment. Being demonstrated live for the first time in Europe is Motorola Medios, the company's multi-screen service management software suite that seamlessly integrates web and walled-garden content and powers compelling IP video delivery to set-tops, PCs and mobile devices over both managed and unmanaged networks. With Medios, Motorola's evolutionary approach to service management software, Motorola is adding to its existing portfolio of products, allowing service providers to better manage video assets, security, monetization, service assurance and enhanced personalized experiences. Evidence Crown Agents' Walled Garden TETRA technology is potentially useful to compromise police officers by having them filmed while acting as bag men or engaged in other crimes such as online pedophila A bag man (or bagman), is a person designated to collect money in a protection racket, who in this context may also be known as a delivery boy or running man. Originally the term applied only to Mafia members collecting for mob bosses, but the term later spread to use in corrupt police precincts for patrolmen who picked up and delivered bribes from the local mob(s) to the precinct captain. If you know QH you know who sent me, or us, this information. She wants out and she wants to finger Gorillawoman, Thunder Thighs and Tommy Barnett the New Rules Set Shithead, capeche?

Knowing that there could be a listening device or camera, Chips signaled his acknowledgement with three strong thrusts of his purple-tipped red champion, to which Agent Vanessa countered with a quivering of her vulva much like in the song "Stay Awhile" by the Bells. As Chips was 'plowing new ground' with Agent Vanessa, he needed to get his mind on something other than the beauty of this young woman who had been dispatched to take him into the 'tall cotton' for an exchange of precious bodily fluids and corresponding intel regarding Zgibniew Brezinkski's errand boy and the twisted sisters who propped up his soon to depart administration. Chips fully understood the technology deployed on 9/11 and had shared that with FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, ALPA President John Prater, FBI Director Robert Swan Mueller III and Charlotte Bryan who did not wish to be interviewed by ALPA and Chips to settle Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which would be the topic du jour of a meeting on 29 September, 2010 at Brave New Books in Austin, Texas after Agents Chips, Mitch Stack and Mo Libideaux, the Texas urologist with palsied hands, interview the Crown Castle employees who had records of some interesting things transmitted over towers they have erected. As Chips had drifted off to 'tower land' not to be confused with the hit on Texas Senator John Tower in a staged aviation accident not dissimilar to the staged aviation accident that took out Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, Vanessa called 'switch' in her native Russian and as she rotated 180 degrees for a stern shot Chips noticed a tattoo on her left buttocks 'Petra' and Chips was confident that was not in reference to the Gospel Music Group by the same name. As he drove home the message, he thought back to the recent exchange of young, nubile and insatiable Anna 'titty clamp' Chapman and realized that Russia needed to protect their agents as Zbigniew Brezinkski and his errand boy went about the world trying to make things difficult for Russia just as they had on 3 July, 1979 when Zbigniew tricked Jimmy Carter into providing financial backing for the Mujadin in Afghanistan which triggered the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan on 12-24-79 which was, in effect, a Christmas Present to Ronald Reagan who would 10 years later benefit as the USSR fell apart as the citizens had become demoralized by the diversion of Rubles to an un-winnable war that ZB had tricked them into which would be, in effect, Russia's Viet Nam. Pisser.

As Chips had settled into a 540 rpm stern attack on Agent Vanessa who apparently was really Petra, he dismissed the name change as DUST IN THE WIND not to hark back to Kansas, the Wizard of Oz or the strange condition that Thomas Barnett would utter the words WORLD'S FIRST LIVE MASS SNUFF FILM or that his New Rules Set logo would have Crown Castle towers emitting a spark. As Chips observed the 40D twin towers of Petra he noticed that they were symmetric and of slightly different size, much like World Trade 1 and 2 were symmetric yet at 1362 and 1368 feet elevation with had a slight discrepancy in their most significant dimension. Chips was intrigued so as he continued hammering home his message he cupped Petra's fun bags in his hands and noticed that they were both of impressive and equal firmness and both had circuit breakers fully popped. To prevent himself from an early exploculation he thought about Nancy Pelosi and the Boeing C32 jets that she abuses in her soon to end run as the Squeaker of the Mouse where she and 'feather duster operator' Harry Reid failed to vet the Illegal Occupant who would be hammered by Orly Taitz, Philip J. Berg, Agent Chips and the American People who no longer wish to labor in vain for benefit of the Crown Agent's bosses the 8 Big Banks known as the OCTOPUS prior to the August, 1991 assassination of Danny Casolaro in Martinsburg, West Virginia. See also PROMIS, INSLAW, Kristine Marcy, NAPA, Senior Executive Service and Femme Comp Inc as the UGLY DUCKLINGS of the 1979 coup on America's values are dealt their due in November, 2010 after NOWHERE MAN Al Gore has pointed his fat finger at the Crown Sisters including his nemesis Hillary Roadhog. The Crown Sisters are about to learn the power of the One is CROWNED WITH MANY CROWNS. Hopefully a certain sister will leave the sorority prior to the erection of the gallows not to conjure up thoughts of a Dick to die for such as Cressida the Cop who is in over her head in the murder of Slade Lane known to MI6 as Gareth Williams hence her urgent plea to Abel Danger to again visit London as Abel Danger had done around Father's Day 2010 and dinner near the WALLED GARDEN of the Goff Manor House in Crawley.

Goff Manor Walled Garden 21 June 2010; Slade Lane, Chips and BP Woman discuss Gorelick Wall

That song was so encouraging and empowering that I think we need some more refined guidance in keeping with the triple redundant guidance that allowed the Boeing Drones to hit their financial targets on 9/11: AON Corporation, Cantor Fitzgerald and the US Navy Command Center where Agent Chips' Annapolis Shipmate Captain Gerald DeConto was 'smelling a rat' and it may be that the rat had written a book called Sisters not to be confused with the Twisted Sisters naively entrapped as sexually extorted slaves to some EVIL, powerful and lost men who manipulate them but not in the fashion that Agent Chips was manipulating Petra's 'little man in a boat'. Just as the Drones were guided sequentially by (1) Final Approach Software, (2) Homing Beacons and (3) Laser Guidance via Thales Flight Guidance slaved to Raytheon QRS 11 guided Laser Seeker Heads (see Rose Law, Joe Giroir, Hillary Roadhog). Precise trajectories are a two way street. If on 9/11 the Twisted Sisters wished to make surgically precise hits on 4 targets the 'reverse geometry analysis' would later cause those Twisted Sisters to fall into the slimy pit they thought they dug for others only to find out late in their wasted lives the slimy pits they dug would be for their own LOST SOULS. Perhaps the ONE SISTER who wants out of her depressing pit should look for the Lighthouse that guided Elvis on his final journey not to be confused with FINAL APPROACH software which guided the drone replacements of UA 175 and AA 11 into their WTC targets which prematurely ended the lives of 3000 innocent people on 9/11; my suggestion would be to see Psalm 40:1,2 regarding slimy pits and a potential rescue from such a place. If the Crown Agent deployed Twisted Sisters wish to save their souls, now would be an excellent time to 'come to Jesus'.

I waited patiently for the LORD;
he turned to me and heard my cry.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand.

Meanwhile, back at the John Deere 9600 series combine harvester, Agent Petra called 'switch' in Navajo, the language that Dr. Thomas Hale of MIT ensured was viable on 9/11 one month prior to his finding out the hard way that when you participate in Treason and Murder, the Crown Agents may consider you a loose end like Willie Card or Ron Brown, dare I mention Vince Foster or William Colby? As Chips complied with the switch into a frontal aspect he was well aware that this end was anything but loose not to be confused with the Fabian hit TURN ME LOOSE which is just what Sam Cam, Foghorn Leghorn, Gorillawoman, Thunder Thighs and Sasquatch are wishing Agent Chips would do for them. Sorry you ugly wenches, get out of jail free cards are only extended to family and the math before you do each other. As Chips considered the stroke and bore of the 427 engine powering his undercover Studebaker, an incoming Immediate to his Clipper Squirt Gun caused him to take one of his hands off one of her hips, a veritable his and hers if you will.

Royal Crown Agent Suky Slicer Immediate Clipper to Chips, Petra and Mad Bax, copy Hamish and Umbrellaman: “Chips, if you can ramp up and wrap up with Agent Petra I suggest we take the balloon 'up, up and away' as we tour three areas of England: the Climate Research Unit at EAU, the IISS team that has asked Abel Danger to contribute to the investigation of Slade Lane's death, and the secret underground archives of the SNUFF FILMS maintained by the Crown Agents that went rogue in violation of the Royals and the Brit Commoners best interest. Agent Mensa will be dropping me off at the Fur and Feather in 5 minutes or less, we are on a 1963 Jawa motorcycle painted in Rosewood Metallic. Suggest Moody Blues and Pastel Mulberry. Hoping you will be chasing all around the Mulberry bush and I allude not to POTUS 43 or the senile one. Suky, Nottingham Abel Danger.”

Round and round the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey stopped to pull up his socks
And Pop goes the weasel.

Chips could sense that Petra was close to an exploculation as his monkey chased her weasel all around the Mulberry bush, so he went up tempo from 540 rpm to 1020 rpm to finish her off with a bang but not like the Gang Bang operation that might cause a Massive Attack by someone young and naive enough to fall from a Tricky Transvestite or some wimp who would go on paternity leave while supposedly in charge of an entire nation trying to reclaim their domination over the Colonies, capeche? Chips could see that Petra was about to launch so he handed her a Minnesota Vikings tube sock to clamp down on so as not to alert the British folks in the Fur and Feather Pub. Our chivalrous super sleuth was just in time, not to be confused with Abel Danger Agent Justin Tyme, as the nubile hard-body with Petra on her left buttocks collapsed into a well satisfied heap on the drivers seat of the JD 9600 Combine which had some relationship with Offutt but not Offutt AFB where on 9/11 Warren Buttocks, no strike that, Warren Buffoon, whoops strike that also, Warren Buffett keep 300 Goldman Sachs bankers from New York safe from any collateral damage that might occur if Raytheon's QRS 11 laser guidance triaxial GyroChips with DNA of Rose Law and Hillary Roadhog were mysteriously redirected by Abel Danger.....that's right Warren, the same Abel Danger that caused UA93 to be 41 minutes late.

Chips handed Petra a small towel and also a no-pest strip with DNA from a certain Russian gentleman with Vladimir for a first name and an official jet that looked alot like this in May of 2009 when it traveled to Astana, Kazakhstan to deliver some files to Agent Chips relating to Obama's detention overnight in Perm, Siberia in September, 2005 while his traveling pal Senator Lugar was 'free to go' just as Queen Hornet would be if she testifies against her Crown Sisters which is expected to occur fairly soon. As Chips left a humongous ribbed condom on the seat of the combine with some 'titty clamp' DNA on the outside and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, not to be confused with Bill Balsamico at North Versailles' Casa D'Ice, on the inside, he gave Agent Petra a slap on the ass that would make Brett Favre burst with pride. Somewhere a MOURNING DOVE may think that is a potty mouth comment but in accordance with Ephesians there is a spiritual battle going on which Agents Vanessa, Chips and Suky Slicer intend to participate in with any glory or credit going to God and any criticism, that is just, falling at the feet of Agent Chips. Chips had just stuffed himself into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Mulberry when a 1963 Jawa motorcycle slid to a halt with a gentleman from Phoenix, but not the gentleman whose Accuracy tac nuc device brought down Arrow Air in 1985 in Newfoundland after a bungled military op in the mid east or the heterosexual attorney working both for and against DLA Piper who has been leaking some items tieing Foghorn Leghorn, or should we say Mrs. Clegg, to some skullduggery intended to bring down America. Fat chance you ugly ducklings, Britain's IISS, North America's Abel Danger, US Navy Intel, US DoD and ITEM V are bringing all INTEL weapons to bear on the Twisted Sisters with the exception of the one who just came in from the cold in exchange for the video of Robert Wone's tail-gunner during his last lap dance with Larry Sinclair’s Limo buddy; you know, the same pervert that killed the Choir Boy in Wainwright's Faux church according to Blabby Blago and who was influenced as a boy by the GASH GOURMET.

Chips and Petra stepped down from the John Deere 9600 combine and had a brief exchange with both Agents John Galt and Suky Slicer. Moments later the foursome were lifting off from the car park of the Fur and Feather Pub with GREAT EXPECTATIONS of visiting CRU, IISS and the Stasi Archive underground London but not the Holland Park Tube where security camera's were disabled on the day that Slade Lane or Gareth Williams 'disappeared'. Perhaps Eliza MB or the woman with a bad case of Cressida Dick could produce some videos of the Mediterranean couple or the hump carrying a large, empty, pink, North Face hold-all. What say you miserable wenches? Not you Cherie, Nancy, Hillary and Michelle, the BIG FISH in the City and Guilds of London who are now being scrutinized by IISS triple agents among the Worshipful Cabbies with guidance from Abel Danger as they exonerate Tony ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ Blair, somewhat, and others use the terms AirPatrol, Code Pink and Pelosi in the context of Criminality for the first time on 15 Sept 2010.
IISS sets up a war game with Osama in walled garden with Obama

As the balloon reached 300 feet above the English country side, Agent Suky Slicer dangled a strong fiberglass three pronged hook from a nylon water-ski rope as something dangling in front of Chips became more turgid as the sight of an item in Pastel Mulberry was exposed from under Suky's Sam Cam like short skirt not to be juxtaposed with short squirt. Chips, John Galt and Petra were curious but their collective curiosity was answered as a powered hang glider flew under the balloon with a beaming Mad Bax at the controls sans clothing. I would have used the word naked but perhaps Mourning Dove would have thought me a potty-mouth as opposed to a skilled wordsmith. Perhaps if Mourning Dove were still within the sound of my voice I could explain it to her while I gaze upon the magnificence of Suky's prize covered in Mulberry evoking the children's nursery rhyme regarding a certain Mulberry bush not to be confused with Crown Agents Mulroney Bush, capeche? Anyone know how old Mila Mulroney was when the old guy snagged her? And Mourning Dove, that is snagged not shagged.

Mad Bax flew directly underneath the balloon and snagged the tow strap on his first pass just as Chips was working out mentally some opportunity to get into the Mulberry bush at his earliest opportunity. Agent Petra figured out what Chips was looking at so she leaned over the edge of the balloon basket whereupon both John Galt and Chips got eyefuls of Pastel Vanilla which reminded Chips of Abel Danger Agent Vanessa who enjoyed numerous Nights in White Satin at the Arora International Inn at Crawley during their time abroad or at the Bangor Holiday Inn when Chips and Vanessa where playing BANGERS AND MASH in Maine where the MAINEiacs used to fly F101 VooDoo fighters, just like Fargo and Grand Forks where Chips has lived, and flown.

Chips decided to play a little mood music to get the Maytags sudsing so he selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun for some background music as Mad Bax towed the balloon into the prevailing winds enroute to the River Thames where Agent Jam awaited just below the surface while she waxed herself in anticipation of Mad Bax's triumphant return to the S-4 minisub. Agent Petra was really getting into the Moody Blues lyrics and recalling how she and Chips had set an enduro record of 9 hours and 11 minutes once when she had surrounded Chips' heart shaped bed with naked photos of the 23 Crown Sisters who were the principles of 9/11 (see defendant list of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49). But alas, women have this sense of someone else encroaching on their territory and as Chips and Petra, or Vanessa in CONUS, were gushing over each other Agent Suky turned off Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun and turned on her Clipper Strawberry Bucket to a song C6 whereupon the gondola of the balloon was filled was the melodious strains of Forever Autumn as only Justin Hayward or Agent Chips could sing it.

As Suky was now drawing the attention of Agent Chips towards the prize of a Mulberry bush all four of the Abel Danger Assets, I say again, ass sets, were drawn to the ring tone of John Galt's Clipper Genealogy Chart which traced back to Alexander the Great not to be confused with Chips the Turgid. And incoming FLASH Clipper from Hamish and Banzai Pipeline drew their attention to a breaking storyline that the mainstream media would try hard to suppress just as the grotesque and reproductively unsound UGLY DUCKLINGS would attempt to suppress the erections of Agent Chips which could have turned the Twins into Triplets if the Rockefellers had not needed to down the vacancy-asbestos losers in Manhattan.

Crown Royal Agent Hamish FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman, All 3 Hammers, Name Dropper, Suky Slicer, Yellowhammer, copy Chips and Abigail Chopsticks: “Follow the scent of a woman. We may have broken the back of the Crown Sisters and their limp agent Barry Soetero. UKIP is assisting us in the investigation of the Motorola TETRA-Cide and Crown Castle network used in the April 10 Katyn II massacre of Polish leadership 10 days before the distraction of the Deepwater Horizon sabotage the purpose of which was to provide cover from Crown Sister Anne Sikorski (nee Applebaum) and her husband's relationship to Motorola TETRA-cide technology which may link back to Rudy Giuliani's decision to confuse Firefighters in New York with Motorola radios or their equivalents. Our KSM (Kill Somebody Menial?) agents have evidence that Crown Agents' Sisters - see notes - and their husbands, arranged bordereau-insurance kickbacks for investors' leasing Crown Castle towers and TETRA devices for the contract killing of the Polish leaders, to City & Guilds' operatives including The Air Pilots and Air Navigators, The Security Professionals and The Stationers and Newspapermakers. This smacks of ALPA and FAA complicity in the suppression of truth in the Strangler's Suite of Weapons used on 9/11, Air France 447 and 3 other hull loss financial hits. KSM also has evidence that Crown Agents' Sisters and their hapless 'man-in-the-middle' husbands are being targeted by expert, sexual extortionists to be compromised at university or early in their careers and blackmailed later with archived snuff-film content. This woman or her husband has some interest in getting Roman Polanski out of prison but not in the delivery of justice for benefit of the 13 year old he raped. Crown Agents' Sisters target men-in-the-middle as prospective husbands who have engaged in violent and humiliating oath-taking ceremonies in front of witnesses and camera crews such as the Bullingdons and their cheerleader Boris Johnson not to be confused with Abel Danger Agent Bigg Johnson who is also known as Abel Danger's Blueberry Boy. Poland proposed a Motorola network for its police force in the wake of the fighter contract awarded to US defence giant Lockheed Martin. 'It is urgent that the future members of the European Union carefully evaluate the risks of too large a reliance on a technology for which they have no guarantee, which showed the prescience of the Polish who knew the validity of neither end of a Man in the Middle sanction would be good if the women making up the Bookends were Crown Sisters. Suggest Chips shares the 'Black Keys Only' matrix with a world tossed on life's stormy seas. Hamish from inside a padlocked bag at Left Luggage, Holland Park Tube Station.”

As the balloon was set free by Bad Max in position to descend onto the deck of the S-4 minisub, Chips played the Black Keys Only Amazing Grace (BKOAG) so that John Galt, Petra and Suky would be strengthened in spirit for the last battle for the souls of men, capeche? On September 29 Abel Danger would be 'taking to the streets' in Austin, Texas if the Illegal Alien has not stepped aside prior to that line in the sand when the Crown Sisters will be held accountable for their demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

See see the Chariot, and those rushing wheels,
That whirl'd the Prophet up at Chebar flood,
My spirit som transporting Cherub feels,

To bear me where the Towers of Salem stood,

Once glorious Towers, now sunk in guiltles blood;

There doth my soul in holy vision sit

In pensive trance, and anguish, and ecstatick fit.

Mine eye hath found that sad Sepulchral rock

That was the Casket of Heav'ns richest store,

And here though grief my feeble hands up-lock,

Yet on the softned Quarry would I score

My plaining vers as lively as before;

For sure so well instructed are my tears,

They would fitly fall in order'd Characters.

Crown Sisters, beware the 36 Stud, Chips, Plum City.

As Chips and John Galt were helping the ladies over the gondola wall and onto the deck of the recently surfaced S-4 minisub, Mad Bax free fell from his powered hang-glider, in the buff, and landed in the water just 20 metres upriver from the S-4. He entered the water in a 'fireman's jump' posture whereupon he was reminded he had no shorts on by the impact of the water on his bits and pieces. As Chips, John Galt, Suky Slicer and Petra joined Jam on the sub, Mad Bax back stroked towards the sub and he also was at periscope depth, so to speak, even though the water was fairly cold. In all the excitement, Chips missed two Immediate Clippers sent as the Air Patrol and Airwave assets joined with ADT to protect the Wicked Witch of the West and the Weaselly Wimp of the East.

Royal Crown Agent Yellowhammer Immediate Clipper to Chips, Abigail Chopsticks, Hamish and Umbrellaman, copy Hammers 3 and Name Dropper: “Chips Hot pink alert! Crown Sister Jana, Airwave MI-6 and the Pink Bag Pedophiles. Check Crown Sister Jana Bennett re use of Airwave, RFID and Traka devices to move snuff-film assets of ‘pink-bag’ pedophile network through walled gardens. Remember MI-6 code breaker Gareth Williams was found on Monday 23 August in a padlocked pink bag in the en-suite bathroom of his Pimlico home. 8 days after last seen alive. Jana could be using Airwave and the Worshipful Cabbies to do her trades. The Sisters have encryption experts like Brucey Baby and sexual extortionists like Anna the Jackal to blackmail their 'man-in-the-middle' husbands; just have to get them to log into Metropolitan Police’s Airwave / CCTV archives and download child pornography. This wraps up the Plural Pelosi's with Eliza and the Dick named Cressida; their choice, play ball for our team of have the bat shoved where the sun don't shine. Yellowhammer, RAF Flyingdales
Just as Yellowhammer was Clippering in from the RAF base with the eavesdropped Code Pink message, Abel Danger's Mike Papa in Fargo Clippered in from the back end of a Presidential Limo in front of Alien Technologies in Fargo, North Dakota.

Crown Royal Agent Mike Papa IMMEDIATE Clipper to Chips, Banzai Pipeline, Kui Longboard, Umbrellaman and Name Dropper, copy Agents Bean, Moxie G, Dr. Mo Libideaux and Hickam AFB Forensic Mortuary Examiner: "I just snagged the Quality Control RFID history for both Slade Lane's Pink Holdall and also his Sim Card from his private cel. I am also in receipt of the RFID download of the email traffic of Carlton Bartels on the early morning of 9/11 when his codes where ID thefted and Carbon Derivative counterfeit trades initiated for Crown Agents and the Worshipful Companies of International Bankers and World Traders in the City; see Blood and Gore whose BAGMAN is a Sandor doing his monkey business on Isle of Mann. As my Limo Driver takes me home we feel we are being followed and an unidentified cel call just came in saying only CARBON MONOXIDE IS PAINLESS. I see the man following my Limo has a FRIGID PINK Holdall on the back of his Jawa motorcycle, he looks Indian or Pakistani. In the event of my death.........." .. there was a break in the transmission of the Clipper and when it re-engaged only the email tracks of Carlton Bartel's NEW RULES SET PROJECT set up by Thomas ‘Snuff Film’ Barnett were visible ..
“2001-09-11 07:19:54 Metrocall [0852664] C ALPHA STOP AND SHOP # 835,BEST UPS FOR F50.3,C0.,/CLEAN DRIVE,REPLACE TAPE,.,(201)894-5111.,S24,COD=N.UPS,UC5201420120,09/11/01,2.34 WEST RAILROAD AVE,.TENAFLY,NJ,076701735
2001-09-11 07:19:54 Skytel [007438026] C SH/TONE 3333 (8
2001-09-11 07:19:55 Skytel [005202911] D ALPHA PLEASE CALL BRANCH 1286. NEED LOCK OUT CODE.
2001-09-11 07:19:57 Skytel [005436525] D ALPHA nMCI Test #50
2001-09-11 07:19:57 Skytel [007641961] C SH/TONE 17
2001-09-11 07:19rch [1425048] C ALPHA 300~MPfet:58
AchData:openConnectionToManager: ERROR CONNECTING: : www36 connectToServerPort:socket/socket timed out at /home/crdtdrv/creditderivatives/script/ line 342, chunk 179648.
2001-09-11 07:19:58 Arch [0949383] B ALPHA 57-PEGGY'S PHONE # IS 973-275-9146.
2001-09-11 07:19:59 Skytel [002353523] A SH/TONE 449-8888
2001-09-11 07:19:59 Skytel [002747006] D SH/TONE 9270

As Banzai Pipeline (PacRim), Uncle Ray (North America) and Otto Pilot (W. Europe) all googled Mike Unjem + Fargo, they got a sickening feeling the FRIJID PINK BAG was soon to be stuffed and padlocked but with the RFID chip removed.

There is a lot more to this story and both Abel Danger and Ramey's 72nd C4ISR Wing are going to tell it; however, with the S-4 mini-sub blowing ballast and both Suky and Petra sudsing like Maytags, they have sent Chips the message that it is time to GO NOW

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