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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 24

CNN’s Errant Video Straw Breaks Cabal’s Camel’s Back

Serco-ALPA Malaysian Snatch Rendered CAMEL DUNG By Agent Chips
G-Spot: 53 nations + happier + prison ship + world coup + abel danger + SERCO

Malaysian Police Open Criminal Investigation; Consider BUAP – ATI eHijack Hack
G-Spot: October 9, 2001 + Cubic Defense Systems + U.S. patent + removes control of an aircraft from its pilot

Boeing’s Ability To REMOTE SNATCH Dates To 90’s
G-Spot: home run + boeing + vialls + remote

Deep Sea Secrets And DG Phishing Planted Evidence, Serco’s Future In Deep Kimchee
G-Spot: CNN + excellent offshore deep sea + quest + take leave

Hamish, Chips, Johnson Shaft Offer EXPERT WITNESS Service To 4th Nation
G-Spot: Thailand + China + Singapore + Indonesia + MH370

God Will Bless China, Thailand, Singpore As They Engage BUAP Expert Witness
G-Spot: China + Japan + Closer + MH370 + ASEAN


Way back in Chapter 23, Chips lay still on the ground realizing how MH370 was now poised to expose 9/11 which would result in a Trillion Dollar Damage Claim if he could find a 64 year old attorney who might have a legal record as flawless as Agent Chips’ 37 year flying career before being CONSTRUCTIVELY DISCHARGED for exposing the Truth of Illegally modified Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer jets which, according to Boeing’s 2007 pronouncement, have filled the skies since 2010. The illegal nature is that thought the BUAP and Automated Tranquilizer Injectors are installed to save, in the case of 5 jets now they have been ENGAGED TO KILL. Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet 100, and now, perhaps, MH370. In case of Malaysia Airlines 370, the jury is still out as the airframe and passengers are still intact, we believe. Agent Chips couldn’t get it out of his head that had ALPA not committed a FRAUD UPON JUDGE ROSEMARY M. COLLYER’S COURT, all those innocent victims would be alive and free today as opposed to dead or detained. However, due to the fraud and coverup, Babbitt, Woerth, Prater, Moak, Kalfus, Janhunen, Johnson and Plunkett of ALPA may be recalled someday as the Octet that drove ALPA into bankruptcy and receivership. He just could not get it out of his head, but he was comforted by HIS MASTER’S CALL and Atomic Betty’s ‘prowess’ in the feminine arts which she graciously shared with an ardent heterosexual sexagenarian while in Washington DC a pair of homos had their cocks in a till not to be confused with the cockatiel in that TV show whose star was accused of killing his wife, capeche?

Chapter 24

Scripture: Luke 8:17, Jeremiah 33:3, Daniel 2:21-22

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ 

 21 He changes times and seasons;
he deposes kings and raises up others.
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning.

22 He reveals deep and hidden things;
he knows what lies in darkness, 
 and light dwells with him.

Gospel: He Touched Me


Secular: Prison Ship


Video: Remote Control Boeing 1961 Blows Hillary’s Cover


G-Spot: honor + code + noble danger + loyalty + code red

Chapter 24 “Hillary’s Rope and Feinstein’s PRISON SHIP”

We global commoners will defeat the Cabal, in the manner expressed by the Seekers. Sing along with Judith and Agent Chips and consider the unity of the diverse Aussies as a template for a peaceful world devoid of Serco, ALPA, GECAS, GAPAN and others tolerant of MURDER FOR HIRE, case in point: Chic Burlingame.

I came from the dream-time,
From the dusty red-soil plains.
I am the ancient heart,
The keeper of the flame.
I stood upon the rocky shores,
I watched the tall ships come,
For forty thousand years I've been
The first Australian.

I came upon the prison ship,

Bowed down by iron chains,
I fought the land, endured the lash,
And waited for the rains.
I'm a settler, I'm a farmer's wife
On a dry and barren run,
A convict, then a free man,
I became Australian.

I'm the daughter of a digger

Who sought the mother lode.
The girl became a woman
On the long and dusty road.
I'm a child of the Depression,
I saw the good times come,
I'm a bushie, I'm a battler,
I am Australian.

We are one, but we are many,

And from all the lands on earth we come.
We'll share a dream and sing with one voice, 
"I am, you are, we are Australian"

I'm a teller of stories,

I'm a singer of songs, 
am Albert Namatjira
And I paint the ghostly gums.
I'm Clancy on his horse,
I'm Ned Kelly on the run,
I'm the one who waltzed Matilda,
I am Australian.

I'm the hot wind from the desert,

I'm the black soil of the plains,
I'm the mountains and the valleys,
I'm the drought and flooding rains.
I am the rock, I am the sky,
The rivers when they run,
The spirit of this great land,
I am Australian.

We are one, but we are many,

And from all the lands on earth we come.
We'll share a dream and sing with one voice,
"I am, you are, we are Australian."

Recall at the end of Chapter 23 Vanilla Gorilla had pushed Chips to the ground to protect him from anticipated grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillade FIELDs of Fire by Serco jerks hired to prevent Agent Chips from making his 3rd trip to THE REGION now that a 4th nation was considering his EXPERT WITNESS VALUE. Chips harked back to the upright string bass player in the Seekers whose name was Athol Guy not to be confused with Hoo Flung Poo’s ‘bitch’ Gay Athol Soetoro. He was dusting himself off and checking Freeport Girl’s wardrobe failure which resulted in a 44DD fun bag, the left one if you have enquiring minds, which had flopped out of her over the shoulder boulder holder when she had done some of her signature Kung Foo moves to make herself a ‘moving target’ if the lead started to fly, which, thank God, it did not as Dwarf, Sluggo and the other TUFF GUYS had neutralized the Queen’s Pussies, see also recently unemployed Piers Morgan. Chips saw gays like Piers and Barack as no match for Marine Colonels like Jessup or cyber ass-kickers such as himself or Tactics Tillman. Chips would love to borrow a line from Jessup if he gets to give the invocation at the Treason hangings, or in the case of Turdi’s Turdette, imprisonment for 1965 counts of WRONGFUL DEATH in the U S combat troops lost since Soros’ erect primate was assigned to be Michael’s live in lover effective 20 January, 2009 are they had arranged to find some unrelated sisters in Morocco or Chicago.

“Barry Boy, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You Turdi’s Turdette? You, Lt. Jarrett? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Reggie Love’s chorizo, and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Reggie's death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to. And one more Sasquatch’s Bitch, kiss my rosy red rectum, capeche?”

Agent Chips was really enjoying the thought of a lesson in statesmanship to be delivered by a Punahou ’67 to a Punahou ’79 Choomer when he saw Freeport Girl needed a little hand to settle her left knocker in the left cargo bay of an industrial strength brassiere, an 8 snap unit if you have an enquiring mind. As the mammary settled into it’s cavernous keeper Chips wondered it Lumpjaw Songbird or Light Loafered Lindsey would enjoy watching a film from the RAE 2013 that he’d had the pleasure of attending with Dangerette Natalya Antonov.


“Thanks for the help, Chips, next time I hope they both fall out. By the way, the Songbird and Light Loafered Lindsey who constantly denigrate Russia and threaten them could you please write a message to Lumpjaw and Pansy Ass telling them to  shut the hell up, please.”

“Would I receive an ‘inflight treat” if I do?”


“Your choice, hay for you donkey or negative viscous pressure not to be confused with the oral inflation method of the Autopilot in AIRPLANE which you and I watched in Alexandria 34 years ago when you told that witch that you were going ice fishing with the Hooligans. I’m confident you know but Lumpjaw and Pansy Ass are trying to defeat the U.S. military by over extending them while the Russians are committed to a US $600B expenditure in military engineering and buildup between now and 2020 and I do not allude to the bullshit faux news show. If China or Russia gets Freescale IT information from MH370’s passengers then every airliner could look like MH370 did when it flew over the beach on the Maldives before being recovered at Diego Garcia during a 72 hour NO FLY ZONE, as King Carlo’s half German son whose wife had a maternity nurse knocked off for exposing her FAKE BABY HUMP were prepositioned by the Pope and Queen, or was it Serco, to be in position to appear to have leadership skills in his takeover of the Australian search from Angus Houston who is hoping that any relationship between Allison Bone, Andrew Peacock, Boeing and Serco will not be revealed to Malaysia or China as 4 of their regional neighbors are having you fly don’t for your 3rd vetting by the fourth ‘interested party’. Did you get the message from Hamish that came in while you were on the ground?”


“No Freeport Girl, I missed that as I was mesmerized by the loveliness of you knocker that was ‘Bustin’ Free’ just like they both used to when I took you for those drives on the two lane backroads between Freeport and Albany in the summer of ’69, remember?”


Before Freeport Girl could respond verbally, they were both brought into the here and now as Freeport Girl’s Clipper Bag Balm Phone went off with an Immediate JASPAR from Hamish back at JR’s Mainstreet Junction official Abel Danger bar for Plum Plunge 2014.

Operation CHEROKEE NOSE Agent Hamish IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Vanilla Gorilla, Dwarf, Sluggo, Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty, copy Hammers Rooster Cogburn, Otto Pilot and MacCheese: I see that it it 1953 in Minneapolis so Chips is probably airborne enroute to Amsterdam Schiphol but if anyone can uplink a message please tell him that MH370 was 9M-MRB operated by Malaysia Airlines and was a B777 model 2H6ER owned by GECAS. Our man in Saint Kilda suggests that if it was leased from GECAS China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and other non I-5 nations wasting millions searching for a jet that was never lost should consider both GECAS and Serco as players in a ‘aviation street theater’. The woman that claimed Philip Wood had a phone in his tailpipe was photographed, as was he, being CRISIS ACTORS at the Boston False Flag Marathon bombing. We are running the files to determine if they are still employed by Redtree Productions of Boston, Crisis Actors of Denver or their Serco-proxy DHS which has been an abject disappointment to both the German Geriatric Goose Stepper and the Last Pope to fool non-discerning Catholics. Will get back to you but watch for a FALSE FLAG resurrection which apparently is one of the subject the Kraut and the child molester talked about during their hurriedly arranged meeting. Hamish, JR’s Mainstreet Junction.

Freeport Girl and Agent Chips looked at their Walmarts and saw the time was 1853 and gave that WTF look to each other before Chips, having picked up a faint hint of clover realized that Hamish was probably abusing Mineral Water again and had forgotten about daylight savings time. Before the lady with the active Skene’s gland or the increasingly turgid Chips could respond to Hamish, a second incoming to Freeport Girl’s BAG BALM Clipper device indicated a forward coming in from Julie Shirts who along with European Hammer Otto Pilot was posing as a passenger at Gate E9 at AMS Schiphol where they were both enjoying cheese and sausage with thin crackers.

Operation CHEROKEE KNOWS Agent Julie Shirt and Hammer Otto Pilot forwarding an IMMEDIATE JASPAR to all Dangerettes aField and aBroad in CHEROKEE NOSE/KNOWS: If anyone has the ear or PTRC of Agent Chips it is imperative that he sees this letter from Mr. Meta of Singapore who is in China conferring with two other nations: [ Dear Mr. McConnell, please be advised that [ redacted ] has returned from Korea and I was only able to see him this morning (7th April, Monday at 8.25 am) and I conveyed to him your two questions on BUAP and whether they are installed in MAS airplanes, which are Boeing airplanes, as they appear to be in the 4 cooperating airlines and nations. I have also briefed him your entire background including the letter written on 10 December, 2006 exposing the illegal nature of the modified airliners. He told me that he will have to first discuss with counterpart MAS officials and other "concerned people" and security aspects before coming back to you on the dates for your third trip to brief as this issue of MH 370 has taken on a wider aspects as it involves so many countries. Additionally, we need to be very cautious as we must also allow the present on going search by all the various navies who recently reported that they have obtained 'certain pulse or signals" but the Coordinator of the SAR in Australia, whether it is Angus Houston or King Carlos’ son, have stated that there no confirmation as yet whether it is related to the blackbox of MH 370. I have briefed counterparts from 9 countries the history of DUPLICATE BLACK BOXES and Montreal such as Kenya 507 and AF447. So we cannot simply and prematurely pre-empt the official investigations. It still early days yet. He asks you to be patient for the response to come to 4th Regional HOST NATION. The issue of MH 370 being remotely controlled may well be correct and valid, BUT THE FACT REMAINS THAT WE HAVE TO DETERMINE WHO IS CAPABLE OF EXECUTING SUCH AN OPERATIONS AND FOR WHAT REASONS. THIS IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ISSUE AS THE FACT AS YOU HAVE ASSERTED THAT IT WAS REMOTELY CONTROLLED DOES NOT SOLVE THE MYSTERY WHERE WAS MH 370 "DISAPPEARED TO"? THE MOST CRTICAL ISSUE BEING - WHO AND WHY. The assertion that it is remotely controlled narrows the scope in determining the WHO AND WHY and your experience with FAA, NTSB, FBI, ALPA and Northwest airlines over the last 7 years certainly gained the support of Russia in the REMOTE SNATCH of Sukhoi Superjet 100 destroyed in May, 2012, also in THIS REGION. I therefore seek your indulgence to be patient. In the meantime we need to dig deeper and deeper and ask Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and Kazakhstan if they were hoodwinked by ALPA as we in China have been. Agent R, Urumqui. ] If Chips is sleep deprived due to the libidos of the Dangerettes in his troupe, remind him that Mr. Meta was the Singapore Air Force pilot in the second class learning the TA4 at Chase FIELD, Texas along with Liew and Gooi not to be confused with the first class whose pilots were Ee, Ong and Chong, capeche? Two of those former Singapore pilots suggest that we consider the underwater option for the location of the ITEM. Julie Shirt, E9-AMS.


Chips, Atomic Betty and Freeport Girl had finally arrived at the departure area for the flight to Amsterdam just a the Business Coach passengers were being invited to board. Being a gentleman, Chips allowed the ladies to go first so he could check out their VPLs, if any, and get a better sense of the olfactory source rending hints of clover. The were welcomed on board by the purser who seeing Chips was assigned Seat 1B handed him a Delta cocktail napkin with a KLM partner logo. On it were words Dennis Trufano, BHAMs. Chips needed to concentrate so he excused himself, stuck his earbuds in his ears and dialed up song F4 to see if he was imagining things or if the message regarding Dennis T and BHAMs might mean what he thought it could mean. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the message in song. As the years went back to 1968 he thought of the girl 4 years his junior who had helped Chips celebrate his 62nd birthday at a Westin Motel in Chicago when the Chicago Outfit thought his was at Spavone’s in Bloomington just because he had reserved a table for 10PM at which time he and Susie Cream Cheese were wrestling as one, not to conjure up Knight in White Satin. Chips took another look at the hand written note and saw D3L Anvary. Chips would have gone back for a look see but Freeport Girl had a firm grip on the Captain’s tiller and he also had just had a 16 ounce CSM placed on his tray. He looked over to seat 1D and realized Atomic Betty was up an about so he gave Freeport Girl a BDE MI check and confirmed that she was sudsing like a maytag. His mind was racing back to Kazakhstan where Agent 99, aka, Suzy Cream Cheese had appeared as her natural blond self rather that posing as an auburn beauty leaning against a top loader while dreaming of a side oiler who doubles as a cunning linguist and an EXPERT WITNESS of ALPA’s CRIMES against the global traveling public. As he was mentally undressing Agent 99, his Clipper Squirt Gun went off in vibrate as an FLASH FESTUS came in from Marquis d’Cartier who was working back by Door 2 Right.


Operation CHEROKEE KNOWS Agent Marquis d’Cartier FLASH FESTUS to Chips, Atomic Betty, Freeport Girl, 80W, Agent 99 and Julie Shirts, copy Hamish: It appears that Hamish passed out from dehydration after finishing Post #12 so while the 6 young babes at JR’s Mainstreet Junction rehydrate him, Umbrellaman thinks we need to get it up, I say again GET IT UP tonight, Now to Agent 99 that will trigger one action, but for all of us on this jet if we don’t GET IT UP TONIGHT, it may trigger a delay or a change on Leg 2 of our third trip to the region. Tillman and Barry M. Hall are checking with Hammer MacCheese on the KLM or Malaysia Air option and if neither are clean, N007HT is parked over at the cargo side of Schilphol, it is fueled for only 8 hours so to take all of us and our weapons we’d have to stop enroute to Ho Che Minh. Please review the post and if Chips or Atomic Betty approve, we can GET IT UP tonight. We push back in 4 minutes according to Hoss and Stone in the COCK pit. Here is the post: [ Plum City – ( – April 8, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Michelle Obama’s 30-Day Red Switch hacking privileges to Serco’s alleged deployment of tagged saboteurs through the Starwood Westin Hotel chain and MI-3 Innholders Livery Company and fleeting pings associated with the hijack of MH Flight 370 between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, the diversion to Diego Garcia and a ditched black box detected by a Chinese hand-held hydrophone in the Indian Ocean. McConnell claims that Serco director Maureen Baginski placed Michelle Obama in the Westin Hotel in Beijing as cover for her use of the 30-Day Red Switch to negotiate an exchange of stealth technologies for the Freescale team on MH 370 and an agreement to dispose of the plane without exposing the Serco-Airbus hack of Starwood Westin hotels and the UK MoD's Skynet military satellite communications.

#1911: Marine Links Serco MH 370 to MI-3 Mycroft Holmes, SPOOK Switch Wrongful Deaths 


Malaysian Flight MH370 hijacked by remote control and hidden?

If anyone has time to confirm Atomic Betty or Chips will sign off on this it will help TEAK OF CHAN in Beijing and expose Hoo Flung Poo whose bitch is Barry. Marquis, D2R.

Freeport Girl was enjoying the digital delight and was harking back to the confusion between Swamp Rat and Mystery girl in the Monday radio show involving the meaning of RODEO SEX. Freeport Girl harked back to the times she had accompanied Agent Chips on lay, I say again LAYovers at Edmonton and the man who drove the white one ton van that hauled them to the LeDuc Inn, just south of the Edmonton airport where Father LeDuc had taught Catholicism to the natives in the 19th century.


Atomic Betty returned with a small file of perhaps 8 pages. It was written in French and signed MdC. Atomic Betty, had a half consumed Barrelita Rum Cuba Libre and she took a loading dose as she read a letter from Urumqui involving the 4th airline seeking EXPERT WITNESS service by a principle of Abel Danger Global. As Atomic Betty read in French and spoke in English, Chips wondered if she knew what a Dictator is.

Atomic Betty read in a halting fashion as she translated from Frog to English:

Dear Mr McConnell, Teak of Chan will arrange meetings with all airlines in the region excepting Quantas. Some of our neighbor airlines are curious as to why CNN keeps interviewing that woman, the so-called girlfriend of one of the US passengers Philip Wood, who believes that Philip is alive and sent a selfie containing DG cooridinates to several fellow CRISIS ACTORS. She is very critical of the Malaysian government the same government my country has total confidence in and recall that there were more Chinese passengers than Malaysians. Most in the region think, if she is legit, she should direct criticism at Angus Houston or Prince Carlos, whose little brother may be forced into an arranged marriage also, as Australia has taken over the control of the search for the non-missing jet. As a U S citizen it seems she should contact U S government and make plans to go to DG. Perhaps she could ask U S FAA and ALPA to prove when they informed my country, VietNam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea of the Boeing uninterruptible autopilot that Joe Vialls indicates were in B747-400s delivered to Lufthansa in 1995. When I Google her name, what surprises me was that she was the former CEO of a company called TESCOM HQ in Tel Aviv between 2001 and 2005 before coming to my country. Tescom has an office in Singapore and is supposed to set up an office in Malaysia. Although she is no more with TESCOM, the links with that company has aroused my attention. Please follow up the lead. Wang Fang Zheng

Atomic Betty had just finished reading when the Purser announced all doors were closed and electronic items must be turned off as push back was imminent as confirmed by the SEAT BELT sign being illuminate with an attendant ding. Chips had just finished printing a Clipper from Ward Stevens in Saint Kilda before he had to turn off his Clipper THALES ACARS PRINTER. It had been sent from a disgruntled former employee of Cubic who apparently smelled a rat in the Chinese year of the Horse’s Ass, Hoo Flung Poo. Chips sped read it as Freeport Girl was assessing his TI which her 3 firms grasps indicating it was SATISFACTORY to ‘very pleasant’. He noticed most available information about the BUAP prior to October, 2001 was getting cleansed as MH370 underwater location was being SEEN FROM ABOVE.

Timothy A. Hill
Director of Corporate Communications
Cubic Corporation
PH: +1 (858) 505-2430
Cell: +1 (858) 232-2927
On Monday, 7 April 2014, 4:24,

Mark [redacted] wrote:

2001 - On October 9, 2001, Cubic Defense Systems, Inc. applied for a U.S. patent that removes control of an aircraft from its pilot and utilizes an aircraft’s auto-pilot system to implement an uninterruptable pre-programmed autopilot flight plan in order to navigate an aircraft to a given destination during an emergency. This would be accomplished through the use of an electronic or mechanical relay or relays, that become activated by pilot operation of an aircraft hijack notification system. One optional feature of the Cubic system is termination of an aircraft’s ability to communicate.

2001 - Tom Cassidy, president and CEO of the San Diego company General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc, said he sent Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta a letter shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks recommending use of existing technology for future anti-hijacker measures. Cassidy reminded Mineta that his company had developed a remote-controlled reconnaissance plane for the Air Force called Predator, which flew in Bosnia during the conflict there. Used by the military since 1994, [the plane] can be landed by pilots linked by satellite using controls on the ground or ordering an onboard computer to do the job.... Aircraft anywhere in the nation could be remotely controlled.... The technology is available, we use it every day."

2002 - CBS News, May 17, 2002 : Bush administration officials have repeatedly said no one in government had imagined an attack such as that which occurred on 9/11.

2003 - The Boeing Company quietly applies for an innocuously named patent on 02/19/2003; "System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle: Application No. 10369285. An uninterruptible autopilot system for automatically controlling flight operations of an air vehicle, comprising: an autopilot system capable of receiving a signal to initiate the uninterruptible autopilot system of the air vehicle; at least one switching element capable of disconnecting onboard manual flight controls and bypassing at least one onboard accessible power control element to connect said autopilot system of the air vehicle to an alternative inaccessible power supply in response to initiation of the autopilot system, such that the uninterruptible autopilot system of the air vehicle is engaged, wherein said at least one switching element is responsive to initiation of the uninterruptible autopilot system so as to bypass at least one onboard accessible power control element by switching from the at least one onboard accessible power control element to an alternative, inaccessible power control element comprising at least one power limiting element so as to supply power via the alternative, inaccessible power control element to the autopilot system from the alternative, inaccessible power supply; and a processing element capable of automatically navigating the air vehicle without input from onboard the air vehicle via the uninterruptible autopilot system of the air vehicle.

2004 - European Patent Applied For by Boeing - now under a new title, METHOD FOR PREVENTING HIJACKERS FROM TAKING OVER AN AIRCRAFT System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle. Filing Date: 01/28/2004 European Patent Application EP1450227 -The method according to any of the claims 1-5, wherein disabling any onboard capability to supersede the engaged automatic control system comprises disabling any onboard capability to disengage the engaged automatic control system, disconnecting onboard controls, and/or bypassing at least one onboard accessible power control element by providing power to the automatic control system from an alternative power control element that is inaccessible.

2005 - The US State Department claims that remote control flight is not possible: Remotely Controlled Flight Not Possible. A Boeing Company official stated thatBoeing has designed its commercial airplanes so that it is impossible to control them remotely. June 16, 2005

2006 - "Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all control from pilots .... US Patent 7142971 - System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle. The “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors, or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency...". Once initiated, "no one on board is capable of controlling the flight," say documents related to the Canadian patent pending application by U.S. Boeing, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners.

Having turned off his Clipper Squirt Gun at 1923 as the Delta flight pushed back on schedule, a message sent by Agent Hamish Dangerette Dujour went to cue as Freeport Girl continued her elevation of Chips’ TI by caressing his Twig n’Berries. Looking at his watch and adding the 7 hour flight time it appeared that if he was going to live up to his chat room suggestion regard 4 in the morning, he may have to ask one of the 5 Dangerettes aBoard and a broad to join him in the CRF for a debriefing. He knew each of the HOME RUN songs of the 5 girls. He contemplated the odds of HOME RUN being an early name of the Boeing Uninterruptible auto pilots as the Route Map appearing on his screen showed KMEM as the destination, not EHAM. He could hear a second heart beating and he realized that FREEPORT GIRL also detected the wrong destination and perhaps she was concerned regarding BUAP and HOMERUN features that caused Lufthansa to spend $800M on the removal of U S HOMERUN to be replaced by a German improvement:

Former German Minister Von Buelow Already Knew About Remote Control. In his interview with the German daily "Tagesspiegel" on January 13th, former German Secretary of Defence Andreas Von Buelow made the following statement:

"There is also the theory of one British flight engineer: according to this, the steering of the planes was perhaps taken out of the pilots' hands, from outside. The Americans had developed a method in the 1970s, whereby they could rescue hijacked planes by intervening into the computer piloting [automatic pilot system]. This theory says, this technique was abused in this case..."

Not quite so much a theory as might first appear. When I released the above report about "Home Run" remote control in October 2001, I mentioned that one European flag carrier was aware of the technology, though at that precise point in time I thought it prudent not to name the actual airline:

"As long ago as the early nineties, a major European flag carrier acquired the information and was seriously alarmed that one of its own aircraft might be "rescued" by the Americans without its authority. Accordingly, this flag carrier completely stripped the American flight control computers out of its entire fleet, and replaced them with a home grown version. These aircraft are now effectively impregnable to penetration by Home Run, but that is more than can be said for the American aircraft fleet..."

The taxiing A330-300 abruptly stopped as the Captain had learned that the passengers were not appropriately attentive to the safety briefing being performed by the Flight Attendants who also had a horse in the race. Chips and Freeport Girl exchanged digital services while Atomic Betty was turned around reading the eyes of Agent 99 who was standing in an erect fashing by Door 2L. All were calmed as the destination on the map had been rebooted and showed EHAM06. The First Officer came on the PA with time enroute and destination weather as Agent Hamish awoke from his slumber at JR’s Mainstreet Junction and resent post #1913 as he had had no response from Agent Chips or any of the Dangerette, all of whom were expecting to fly.

#1913: Marine links Churchill grandsons to MH 370 stealth, MI-3 Hotel Red Switch Hack
Plum City – ( – April 7, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Churchill grandsons, Nicholas Soames and his brother and Serco CEO, Rupert Soames, to the procurement of Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot stealth technology for MH Flight 370 and an alleged 30-Day hack of the Westin Hotel red-switch networks in Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Chicago by Serco agents of the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company.

McConnell claims that the former U.K. Defence minister Nicholas Soames hired Serco director Maureen Baginski to equip the Starwood Westin hotel chain with a red switch network so travelling guests of the National Command Authority (usually the President of the United States) could access a FLASH OVERRIDE capability which would have allowed them to hack the Boeing 777-200 of MH Flight 370, convert it into a remotely-guided stealth drone, land it with the uninterruptible autopilot on the British Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia on March 8, 2014 and, 30-days later, ditch a fleetingly-pinging frequency-fading black box in 5,800 meters of water in the Diamintina Trench.


  1. Re: Diego Garcia Underwater Bases...LOL..if you have a good Vid Card and good HD can clearly see ...PRINTING,and the GOOGLE logo spelled out...underwater ass!!

  2. Bringing freedom to the commons is the issue of our time.I was in St. Petersburg, Russia and seen Madonna and baby Jesus by Leonardo Da Vinci, at the Hermitage. It went a long way to erasing over half a century of propaganda.It made me think of the old Telly Savalis tag line, "who loves you baby?".

  3. You banana head, of course it says "google".

  4. Still struggling with cognitive dissonance, as I am fairly new to Abel Danger, I have finally been able to come up with a label for the genre: Christian Super Hero Porn.

  5. Know the truth and it will set us free.... i am also new to abel danger, and i find it sporadic, incoherent, and schizophrenic. I'm sure there is a point in here somewhere, but i'm damned if i can find it.


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