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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 25

Wild Goose Chase Ends; Trillion Dollar Case Begins
Troublemaker McConnell v. Villian Obama, Battle Of Proverbs 6:12-15

9/11 Methodology Exposed By SERCO’s Baginsky Ineptitude

Putin Gets Crimea As Soetoro Has Reggie Love’s Chorizo In His Head
G-Spot: Obama + Chorizo + Benghazi + Reggie Love + Cornhole

McConnell Tells China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam: SERCO
G-Spot: UK Tireless Echo + US ALPA-NTSB + AU HOUSTON-SOAMES ’96 + AD

Plum City Cherokee GOES AFRO To Expose Holder-Marcy
G-Spot: SERCO + Holder + Marcy + FIELD MCCONNELL

Abel Danger Obstructs False Flag Against Peronie’s Towers
G-Spot: SERCO + B777 + Tel Aviv + FIELD MCCONNELL

McConnell Joins Posse And Suggests Obama-Holder-Serco FUCK OFF
G-Spot: SERCO + Prisons + Nukes + Profit

Mouse Hagel Realizes MH370 Is Chink In SERCO-ALPA Armour
G-Spot: SERCO + Nuclear + 4 Minute Warning

DG Pax Terminal Closed When MH370 Arrived, Again When Departed
G-Spot: SERCO + Malaysia Air Traffic Control

Marine McConnell Warns Marine Mueller Re MH370-Serco; One Becomes Sissy
G-Spot: Adam Air + Kenya + Air France + Sukhoi + MH370 + FIELD MCCONNELL

Northwest B747-400 Captain Trades 8 Years Of Flying For ETERNAL Truth/Safety
G-Spot: SERCO + Captain McConnell + clear the skies + 11 December 2006

Abel Danger FLASHER Disrupts SERCO Nuke Boeing China-Malay Targets 1, 2
G-Spot: SERCO + Flash MCCONNELL + Sidley + Obama + Westin + Hoo Flung Poo

SERCO’s Octopus, Danny Casolaro, Field McConnell, Marcy’ Promis
G-Spot: SERCO + casolaro + sabow + MCCONNELL + octopus

Haggard Lesbo Hog PUSSY RIOT Strong, Brave: Mulls BEAVER RUMBLE Sequel
G-Spot: SERCO + Strong Brave Young Women + Desecrate Hooligan

SERCO’s OCTOPUS In The Toilet During Blood Moon 2014
G-Spot: SERCO’s Eric Holder + I Wouldn’t Go There + Gohmert

Photoshop Image Intended To Damage MAS Exposes Holder-Marcy AFF
G-Spot: SERCO’s Holder + Marcy + Asset Forfeiture + 9/11 + Boeing

Obama, Holder ‘White As Ghosts’ As SERCO Throws Them Under Bus, HRC Oinks
G-Spot: SERCO’s Holder + marcy + Field McConnell + 9/11 + Boeing

Way back 24 hours ago Agent Chips was pleasuring FREEPORT GIRL when Serco’s Crown Agent Eric Holder created another CLOSE CALL when AWACS Yukla 27 errantly entered ‘Alternate Flight Plan’ in the FMGC of the Airbus 330-300 and numerous Abel Danger passengers saw the aircraft being remotely rerouted to KMEM. Chips and the Dangerettes were well aware of the history of Boeing drones, HOMERUN, BUAP and ATI going back to as early as 1987. In May, 1989 German FLAG CARRIER Lufthansa was shocked to find BUAPs installed in brand new B747-400 airliners being delivered to world customer #2 as the lead customer of this now flying dinosaur was Northwest Airlines where during the 80s and 90s several former Marines were allowed to carry SPECIAL TOOLS while flying, see also Captain Steven Lucky of Montana. "As long ago as the late 80s, a major European flag carrier acquired the information and was seriously alarmed that one of its own aircraft might be "rescued" by the Americans without its authority. Accordingly, this flag carrier completely stripped the American flight control computers out of its entire fleet, and replaced them with a home grown version. These aircraft are now effectively impregnable to penetration by Home Run, but that is more than can be said for the American aircraft fleet or leased jets owned by GECAS according to Field McConnell’s Singapore Pilot associate Kevin Meta, but for security purposes please refer to Kevin as COLONEL FLAGG, or else Obama, Holder, and the rest of SERCO’s sissies might FUCK UP the standoff in Nevada before McConnell’s Posse arrives in a fleet of Studebakers, capeche?


The taxiing A330-300 abruptly stopped as the Captain had learned that the passengers were not appropriately attentive to the safety briefing being performed by the Flight Attendants who also had a horse in the race. Chips and Freeport Girl exchanged digital services while Atomic Betty was turned around reading the eyes of Agent 99 who was standing in an erect fashion by Door 2L. All were calmed as the destination on the map had been rebooted and showed EHAM06. The First Officer came on the PA with time enroute and destination weather as Agent Hamish awoke from his slumber at JR’s Mainstreet Junction and resent post #1913 as he had had no response from Agent Chips or any of the Dangerettes, all of whom were expecting to fly, as was he prior to being CONSTRUCTIVELY DISCHARGED by crony union ALPA who now has blood on their hands as the BLOOD MOON draws nigh, capeche?

Scripture Romans 1:28-30

28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.
29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips,
30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents



When I think of how He came so far from glory
Came to dwell among the lowly such as I
To suffer shame and such disgrace on Mount Calvary
Take my place then I ask myself this question, "Who am I?"

Who am I that the King would bleed and die for?
Who am I that He would pray not my will, Thy Lord?
The answer I may never know, why He ever loved me so
But to an old rugged cross He'd go for who am I?

When I'm reminded of His words, I'll leave Him never 
If you'll be true I'll give to you life forever
Oh, I wonder what I could have done to deserve God's only Son
To fight my battles until they're won for who am I?

Who am I that the King would bleed and die for?
Who am I that He would pray not my will, Thy Lord?
The answer I may never know, why He ever loved me so
But to an old rugged cross He'd go for who am I?
But to an old rugged cross He'd go for who am I?

Secular: Don’t Tread On Us




G-Spot: (Crown Agent) Eric Holder + You Don’t Want To Go There, Buddy 

Chapter 25

Marine McConnell v. Marcy, Holder, Obama; Blood Moon FINAL FOUR 

McConnell Tells China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam: SERCO

G-Spot: UK Tireless Echo + US ALPA-NTSB + AU HOUSTON-SOAMES ’96 + AD

Operation SCARLET SMOKE 14

The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 21
No caption intentional (dated 30 March, 2014)

The takeoff and initial climb was uneventful and as is standard at ten thousand feet a DING sound signaled to the Flight Attendants, called CABIN RABBITS back in the 70s and 80s, that it was safe for them, the FAs, to be up and around to perform their inflight duties. Chips noticed something not quite right, the ding was 33.5 kHz instead of the normal 37.5 kHz but he did not have time to ‘do the math as the two FAs at doors 2L and 2R came forward to help the Purser and the other FA assigned to Door 1L pass out drinks and snacks to those seated in Business Class. As Agent 99 passed Chips she ensured FREEPORT GIRL was dozing and also noticed Atomic Betty doing a Sudoku in French before she placed a cocktail napkin in the lap of Agent Chips. She also appeared to emit a faint hint of clover before ambulating in erect fashion to the forward galley where she became the third GALLEY SLAVE to the Purser. In security video below, watch for GALLEY SLAVE at 3+14.


Chips allowed FREEPORT GIRL to remain dozing as he unfolded the Delta cocktail napkin with KLM logos on the reverse side in blue. He saw several seemingly unrelated words or groups of words: “TOC + CRF + Q + PCr RodSe + Serco + AFF”. Chips looked at his wrist mounted altimeter-barometer tandem and determined that the cabin altitude was passing 4250 feet MSL so he calculated that in roughly11 minutes the Airbus widebody should level off at FL330 for the initial cruise before climbing to higher cruise level in vicinity of Scrod Oceanic fix. He understood that she wished to be joined in the crew rest facility for a quickie after removal of her Pastel Cream IOC and in exchange for some Rodeo Sex she would brief Chips on the emerging revelation of Serco and Eric Holder’s Asset Forfeiture Fund which since 1984 had extorted financial penalties from Boeing, KPMG, HSBC and other large corporations as intended by Nicolas Soames who in 1996 worked with Angus Houston creating some skullduggery involving Serco which had existed since 1964 and it was, in fact, Serco that caused DR STRANGELOVE to be filmed with Peter Sellers obligated to play 4 parts but due to an ankle injury he could not be mobile enough to get in and out of the B52 Aircraft Commander’s seat so Major Kong was played by Slim Pickens while Sellers played Merkin Muffley not to be confused with Buck Turgid or Colonel Bat Guano. The whole point of the movie was to warn us about the privatization of warfare, you know, Serco.

The same Serco that has placed Obama, Holder, Marcy and Hillary in positions to attempt to destroy the United States of America. Perhaps when Serco and ALPA are held accountable for the electronic hijacking of Malaysia Flight 370 we can de-privatize war and have more love and less slaughter for benefit of bankers and at that point the Plum City Cherokee can take off his afro and Holder can get that toilet attendant position, capeche?

Eric Holder had tried to get gigs with the Stylistics, the Delfonics, the Manhattans, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Temptations, Four Tops and Smokey Robinson’s Miracles. Due to his lifestyle and lisp, as well as his signature quip “I wouldn’t go there buddy”, he was not embraced by any Motown groups but was offered a job as a rest room attendant and groupie to the super group called the Chantels not to be confused with the Chantays who were a bitchin’ surf band in which Chips had never played tenor sax.

Chips will be blowing some good sounds Saturday night, July 19, 2014 if the lady he paid to throw a shoe filled with dog shit hits her target and gets the MONEY SHOT just as Elliott Roosevelt did on 12 August, 1944 when he detonated Joe Kennedy Junior’s BQ8 and the 21,600 pounds of Torpax high explosive killing the young Kennedy as told to do by his father, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Chips was becoming turgid as he thought of getting some righteous nookie from a Dangerette who became weak in the knees around men with Cherokee Noses; woo woo woo.

Chips was given a 16 ounce CSM with two stuffed queens and he noticed Agent 99 had written RP1 on the new cocktail napkin and he understood airline talk so he knew she was signaling she would have the first rest period in the forward CRF so Chips knew he’d be getting some hay for his donkey within the next hour. And he liked that. A lot.


Atomic Betty had her headset on and eyes closes listening to some music on the entertainment system which is the same system which uses KU band frequency waves to transmit emails, have NSA monitor any phone calls while airborne or detonate the SMACsonic insulation installed in an unknown number of jets but certainly all the 737s that went to China in the mid to late nineties for which Boeing paid $15M into the Holder-Marcy ‘party fund’. Apparently ALPA and IFALPA, along with FAA and NTSB had not shared the features of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot and Automated Tranquilizer Injectors to airlines leasing from at least GECAS but most likely IFLC also.

The linkage of both GECAS and IFLC to Serco will be review by member airlines of the MCCONNELL 5 which are all members of the international force searching for MH370 which includes Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore Thailand and Viet Nam in addition to the VICTIM NATION and the 3 complicit nations and being controlled by Serco. Serco’s grip may be loosened as the resignations continue in the Barry Soetoro administration. Beginning with the second closure of Diego Garcia, that is it was a NO FLY ZONE for 72 hours when MH370 was ‘in the area’ and then again for another 72 hours when it appears to have left the area. If, in fact, MH370 was on Diego Garcia from 8 March to 5 April, things like ‘pinging black boxes with fully charged batteries’, aircraft doors, floating seat cushions, etc, could be dropped in the DEEP END by an of a number of submarines such as the fictiousess HMS Tired Pinger not to be confused with Tireless or Echo.

When Chips was at Annapolis from 28 June, 1967 to 9 June, 1971 he learned that even back then torpedoes were not the only things that could come out of a torpedo tube. He saw that Agent 99 was entering the forward CRF and he decided to see if his torpedo would fit in her tube and he thought of the command of execution that ended all livestream shows when after Mensa or Ginger put up the BRB there is a 3 2 1 countdown followed by “[ redacted ] real good”. He left a note for Freeport Girl that he was having intestinal distress and didn’t want to wake up thinking she was downwind of an Iowa hog farm so he would be absent until he could be more pleasant to be around. Just as he was set to get up, he say an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Tactics Tillman but thinking of Agent 99 stuffed bustier, he decided to retrieve the message while giving in to Agent 99’s most base desire. What else could a doting gentleman do? He moved as quietly as possible so neither Freeport Girl nor Atomic Betty would think some other Dangerette was beating their time and Chips was intrigued think of what position Agent 99 might most prefer to start in recalled her favored position was SEAHORSE not to be confused with Maurice Baril who along with Rick Findley, Angus Watt, Russell Williams, Charles Bouchard and Henry Shelton were hoodwinked by Serco into having Canadian Forces attack America on the morning of 9/11 and if Canada or Shelton wish to engage take a look tat the two pilots below SEAHORSE and ask yourself who most likely would win the dogfight, no reference to Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton or Elena Kagan inferred.

Chips entered the CRF, which was dark except for a 15 watt battery powered candle, which offered enough light to see two IOCs in Pastel Cream dangling from a lampshade which cause his purple tipped red champion no longer to dangle, in anatomically correct language. As he approached the queen size CRF bed similar to the one that the Air France 447 was in while the two low time co-pilots were busy trying to remember how to fly an aircraft without and autopilot, at max altitude, at wrong airspeed, in moderate turbulence, thunderstorm, lightning with incorrect airspeeds and no autothrottles or flight director which resulted in the 3rd of 5 Serco airliner hits post Captain McConnell 10 December, 2006 letter concerning illegal modifications to Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier airliners with Bombardier being the most susceptible, capeche? And of course while FAA and ALPA were ‘screwing the pooch’, the Air France captain thought the turbulence was from the violenting bucking of his girlfriend perhaps because he had tried to act like a cowboy and perform rodeo sex. No time to explain it but if anyone tunes in the C2CSI Livestream radio today at 2pm Eastern Agent Chips will be happy to take the time. As Chips settled into the bed and let his fingers do the walking, he was unpleasantly surprised to find Agent 99 had another set of IOCs covering lefty, righty and the target area. He was about to question her when the CRF door open and another Dangerette came in and hung a lower IOC in pastel turquoise and the foot of the bed before crawling in with Chips and 99. For security purposes Chips fondled her anatomical gifts and was shocked to see, also, was wearing a second set of matching pastel turquoise. When the door opened again it was Atomic Betty and Freeport Girl joining in.

Freeport Girl said “glad to see that your intestinal distress has not been a problem for you, 80W and 99. No problem, Atomic Betty and I can wait our turn but have you three heard from Hammer Otto Pilot?”

Chips’s legendary turgidity was sinking faster than if he had been forced to look at Dianne Feinstein in the nude and it was not wasted on Freeport Girl that a tent pole was being lowered.

“No Freeport, all but Agent 99 have arrived in the last 2 minutes, what is the news from Hammer Ottopilot?”

“Hammer Rooster Cogburn will prebrief us but it appears that someone doesn’t like the fact that Abel Danger is supporting China and Malaysia, supporting the Bundy ranch with intel and ammo and continuing to expose the Soames ( party of two ), U S D o J Asset Forfeiture Fund Dolt Pair Hold and Marcy and reminding the world that at Punahou School where you were registered as an American Christian, the queer dickhead was registered as Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Muslim. But no matter, in Umbrellaman’s brief for Operation SCARLET SMOKE he will announced the numerical advantages at Bundy Ranch as well as listing the three militias enroute to Creech AFB and a camp southwest of Wendover, Utah to be reserve elements supporting Nevada, Texas and Florida which have 5324 assets in the FIELD not to be confused with how we Dangerettes long to have Field in our assets. Agent 99 hushed her 4 bedmates as the image and sound of Rooster illuminated the AQWB27x3 not to be confused with Yukla 27 the AWACS jet that monitored the two interceptors that trailed MH370 during Leg 3 on 8 March, 2014 according to the WORLD’S MOST POTENT FIGHTER PILOT.”

“Good evening all, Umbrellaman has invoked Operation SCARLET SMOKE and I remind you that we had a Dangerette in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport keeping her finger on the pulse of the European assets that have FLASH OVERRIDE training in regards to BUAPS and Automated Tranquilizer Injector. Do not be alarmed but VIBRANCE RED has credible information that at 0311 GMT an attempt on your jet will occur, time now 0257. Chips, 80W and Atomic Betty all have OBSTRUCT code so those three Agents must keep their eyes and minds on the Cesium clocks and be aware that the offset tonight is 2 seconds advance. If the three red lights on Chips, 80W’s or Atomic Betty’s Clipper devices go off, whoever sees the signal first is authorized to input “FP2, IATI” which if done in the 30 second window, minus 2 for Cesium Serco shift, the jet will be taken over by us and flown to destination at end of flight path 2. A bluebird told me that may be Gatwick or Brize Norton. This will all be revealed during Umbrellaman’s brief and he will be coming on now, 3, 2, 1, Umbrellaman, they are prebriefed, over to you.”

Emergency Post: BLM vs. Bundy is an Ominous Danger

“Thank you Rooster Cogburn and I was listening to your prebrief and be advised that another state, Oregon, is activated. The good news it is not a complete activation. The letter from Abel Danger apparently is causing some trembling at the lower echelons in Nevada as they realize their home addresses are now being surveilled. Even the Queen’s Pussies with badges understand that if they, being away from home start spray lead or evening more tazers, every one of the dwellings is being watched, do the math. I will get on to progress regarding Malaysia 370 in a moment but realize the timing of the Bundy escalation is to draw attention away from the Faux Paux engineered by Kevin Meta in Singapore exposes the unprofessional nature of the Australian coverup of the Serco snatch of MH 370, it is as simple as knowing the three different frequencies transmitted by ROVs, Submarines or aircraft and ships. Kevin Meta and some loyal persons in the Royal Australian Navy are exposing Angus Houston’s Hoax and that leads to exposure of what Angus Houston and Nicolas Soames were doing with Maureen Baginsky in 1996. I will have Hamish brief that later, but back to the Bundy showdown after a 3 minute sociable. Sociable!”


“We have 9 minutes until FLASH OVERRIDE so I will hurry. The Vatican and Royals know they are losing their grip. Then central bankers are jumping out windows. Young broadcast journalists are leaving their jobs. Targets 1 through 10 have been assigned to our Spec Ops group in [redacted]. They have plans for New Gallows on Old Gallows Road as well as at Fort Chaffee. Agent Chips has been activated for COMMAND AUTHORITY involving Domestric Tranquility and until he returns from Singapore, Rooster Cogburn and MacCheese will alternate as Global Hammers; 24 on 24 off. Abel Danger has posted a public message and also transmitted to those wearing badges that all addresses are known and monitored. We are approaching zero hour but before we need to go quiet for the FP2 IATI switch, I turn it over to Hamish to touch on plans regarding EXPERT WITNESS, excuse me Hamish, standby, getting FLASH OVERRIDE from Hammer Otto Pilot in Trondheim, Norway. Let’s take 30 seconds and read the FLASH.”

“Okay, this is Umbrellaman. We have 4 minutes now to the FP2-IATI point so this needs to be brief. In Australia, the Aussies are lock step with the Brits and Yanks in trying to vilify two pilots and lay the MH370 at their feet and their airline and their country. Please watch this video later but read what Rooster Cogburn would like to respond with in Chips’ absence. The copy of Rooster’s proposed response is below so if there is time for Chips to overwrite or approve, great, otherwise it goes to Kevin Meta in Singapore in minutes.”

Flight MH370 simulator - What may have happened inside the cockpit of MH370.

“Kevin, I have watched the video three times and I do not believe this is what happened and although all things are possible, I do not find this credible as there are several ASSUMPTIONS that seem weak.

1st: They conclude that at BITOD intersection the aircraft heading is manually turned to 280 using the HEADING KNOB. Not necessarily, if electronicly hijacked the ALTERNATE FLIGHT PLAN could be uploaded causing the auto pilot to turn to 280 enroute to FLIGHT PLAN 'B' destination, at this point unknown to all but the BUAP and it’s uploader. 

2nd: The guy in left seat misleads us saying it cannot be flown on autopilot above FL 430. Wrong, it simply cannot be flown above 430 in 'selected' mode. If the VERTICLE SPEED WHEEL was set at verticle climb rate of 100 feet per minute the aircraft or simulator might very well have been capable, not legal, but capable of climbing slowly to 450.

3rd: To this point their analysis is based on someone manually driving the autopilot, poor assumption, either a pilot in cockpit, or a good or bad remote controller could have activated ALTERNATE FLIGHT PLAN and if the BUAP was utilized the Malaysian crew would be helpless to interrupt FLIGHT PLAN B and this is why the central legal question as of 0311/11April2014 is was Malaysia Airline System aware of the BUAP installed on this jet just leased from GECAS in November, 2013?

4th: I don't believe Rolls Royce, Boeing or Malaysia SOC [systems operations center] reported that the left engine shutdown well before stall. In a normal fuel crossfeeding operation both engines would shutdown nearly simultaneously in case of fuel starvation. If the fuel program was tank to engine, any imbalance in fuel would be annunciated and corrective action [open fuel crossfeed valve] would rebalance fuel again causing almost simultaneous shutdown if fuel starvation occurs.

5th I believe their conclusions are based on wrong assumptions. However, Boeing and Rolls both would have records of last pings of left and right engines so the assumption could be verified or proven wrong by Rolls or Boeing ping downlinks.

In my part of the world the most popular explanation is always PILOT ERROR. I feel strongly that MH370 pilots are being framed because they are assumed to be dead. No one has proven them dead and it will be my great pleasure to represent that crew and Malaysia Airlines in any venue in the world.

Summary, while possible, I would bet my life this report is incorrect. When ICAO and France get involved that opens the door to a programmed flight director being dropped in the water with the parameters Serco and ICAO may wish to program. This was the case in Kenya Airways 507 and Air France 447 and I will research regarding Adam Air 574. If you gentlemen would like me to fly that same route and record it I will prove what I am saying is very logical, in fact, more logical than this 9 minutes of vilifying either or both pilots. It may cost several thousand dollars to rent the simulator but it would exonerate MAS and Malaysia.

It is 0035 here and I need to finish Chapter 25 but I will review this again tomorrow morning Kevin, and report back. According to Abel Danger protocol your name will change from Kevin Meta to Colonel Flagg overnight.

I am confident that an ALTERNATE FLIGHT PLAN was inserted via BUAP. That leads us to Serco [bad] to be supplanted, perhaps by U S AWACS [good] which creates unanticipated result, exposure of what happened on 9/11.

It is my expert opinion that all modifications to fly this flight as well as the 9/11 flights were available no later than 22 October, 1996 and I will explain that in Chapter 1 of Book Fourteen once I return from Singapore and am again in Plum City, Wisconsin, population 599

God Bless and good night,


Chips looked at his watch and saw they had 45 seconds until ‘rodeo time’. He ensured his Clipper Squirt Gun had [FP2 IATI #311] so he turned to Agent 99 and asked her to please send a message Rooster Cogburn a PUBLISH AS IS message.

“We now have 3 red lights so the upload from Serco is in que so standby 3,2,1 push. I pushed it at 2 seconds and the flight plan display shows we beat Serco and we appear to be heading to Heathrow. However, AWACS can overwrite FP2 with FP3 and according to briefing guide for Operation SCARLET SMOKE we can look forward to that.”

Chips had just finished speaking when the CRF door opened again and Marquis d’Cartier rolled a trolley full of cocktail ingredients into the CRF as a Priority Clipper from Hamish was not annunciated to anyone, perhaps due to a Skype error at Hamish’s end.

#1917: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft Blackmailed RAN to Serco Huston Red Switch Ping

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Royal Australian Navy (RAN) officers – allegedly blackmailed by Nicholas “Mycroft” Soames through hotels in the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company – to an attempt to expose the roles of Serco director Maureen Baginski and former Chief of Air Force Angus Huston in the generation of red-switch pings during a phoney search for the Boeing 777-200 of MH Flight 370 which has an identical twin B777, registered in the US as N105GT, sitting in Tel Aviv.

McConnell claims that former U.K. Defence minister Nicholas Soames paid Serco director Maureen Baginski and Huston to develop a blackmailers’ tagging system so traveling guests of the Innholders can be extorted into silence when hotel red-switch networks generate FLASH OVERRIDE signals and decoy pingers begin to ping.

#1916: Marine Links Soames Cock in MI-3 Till to Serco Red-Switch Autopilot, MH 370 Qui Tam Fraud 

McConnell believes that loyal but blackmailed Royal Australian Navy (RAN) officers have exposed the Soames Serco Houston (SSH!) conspiracy by transmitting a ping at 33.5 Khz knowing that the real black boxes of MH 370 would transmit at 37.5 Khz! On 30 March, 2014 we published our information regarding bogus pingers being deployed from a C130 Hercules.

Operation SCARLET SMOKE 14 

The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 21 

No caption intentional (dated 30 March, 2014)

Missing Malaysia MH370 Plane Search Regains Recorder Signal - 9 April 2014

Is The Five Eyes Alliance watching you? – Truthloader

The Language of Journalism: Profanity, obscenity & the media Melvin J. Lasky - 2005 - ‎Language Arts & Disciplines Profanity, obscenity & the media Melvin J. Lasky. The Saturday edition ... He was Nicholas Soames, himself a minister in John Major's Conservative government ( 1992-1997). And it could hardly ... You must get your cock in the till."

MH370 searchers detect 5th signal in six days as they hone in on dive site for unmanned submarine

Nick Perry And Kristen Gelineau, Associated Press | April 10, 2014 8:33 AM ET More from Associated Press

McConnell offers his services as an expert witness to explain the jargon associated with MI-3 Stealth, Flash Override and Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot technologies as they connect with the wrongful deaths and red-switch qui tam frauds by Serco and its U.S. Small Business Administration partners which in regards to the disappearance of MH Flight 370. He reminds ALPA of the DEADLINE TO SETTLE and suggest to Nicolas Soames and his hench-persons; “He who pings last, pings best”.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 37 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222 @fieldmcc

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

Chips was taking a loading dose of CSM and he detected a small hand on his bits and pieces, then a second, a third and a fourth. Then a 44DD funbag was pushed into his face, and he like it, a lot. He thought how futile the evil deeds of Obama, Holder and Marcy were, as there numbers were small, and the global commoners number in the billions. He was reminded of the tireless ant, not to be confused with the HMS Tireless which may be capable of pushing ICAO loaded black boxes through her torpedo tubes.


The four Dangerettes were discussing who should get the first endure while in a geopolitical standoff Vladimir Putin was fully aware of Dick Head’s DNA and birth location, Loretta Fuddy or not. As a weakened choomer mulatoo lay on his political deathbed, his Chief Air Marshall, Director of ObamaCare, IRS Contemptor and Holder were preparing to go the way of Janet Napolitano and Connecticut Police Commission Reuben Bradford.

Chips heard the girls giggle as they had come to an agreement regarding the COITUS schedule. Chips awaited the ‘pecking order’ and imagined Hamish was back in Plum City playing solitaire and the Bundy ranch folks were keeping their cool as encouraged to do by director of domestic tranquility, Agent Chips.


To keep from getting a power woody as he was surrounded by pastel, and clover, he mentally reviewed all the oath breakers that might not like having their home addresses publish tomorrow. Chips was looking forward to retiring from Abel Danger and becoming a Special Safety Representative to 5 of the world’s safest airlines. As he considered Malaysian, Lufthansa and Delta, on of the girls said SURF’S UP which cause him to hark back to the girls on the beach at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.

Alexander, Cynthia GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5122
Allen, Evan S GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5283
August, Katharine D GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5361
Brown, Lauren P GS0342 - Restoration Ecologist (702) 515-5295
Brownfield, Lewis F GS0301 - GIS Specialist (702) 515-5162
Browning, Vivian N GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5013
Cannon, Kirsten GS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist (702) 515-5057
Carmichael, Charlotte J GS0018 - Safety and Occupational Health Specialist (702) 515-5192
Cason, Graham D GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (702) 515-5135
Caudill, Dell WG5716 - Engineering Equip Oper Supervisor (702) 515-5257
Chatterton, M Ryan GS0343 - Management, Program Analyst (702) 515-5187
Chiger, Mark E GS0301 - Project Manager (775) 515-5166
Christ, Nancy B GS0028 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator (702) 515-5136
Christianson, Lisa T GS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist (702) 515-5127
Christy, Wade D GS0023 - Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5156
Collins, Sheila (Kathy) K GS0454 - Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5106
Cota, Melanie M GS0486 - Biologist (702) 515-5233
Cribbs, James H GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5365
Criste, Thomas R GS0303 - (Associate) Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5193
Cunningham, Keyonais L GS0404 - Biology Technician (702) 515-5047
Cunningham, Merchelle GS0303 - Mailroom/Management Assistant (702) 515-5255
Dabash, Alan T GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 864-2176
Dalle, Robert A GS0801 - Maintenance Worker (702) 515-5061
Dickey, Dorothy J GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5119
Dickey, Laverne W Park Ranger (Desert Education) (702) 515-5363
Dooman, Shonna GS0340 - Assistant Field Manager Non-Renewable Rsrcs (702) 515-5174
Downes, Jennifer GS0801 - Maintenance (702) 515-5399
Downey, Alana J GS0965 - Realty Technician (702) 515-5144
Dukes, Lorri Dee GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5282
Dunn, Sheree D GS0301 - Supvy Administrative Spec (702) 515-5142
Dwyer, Michael F GS0301 - Program Manager (702) 515-5186
Edwards, Fred S GS0430 - Botanist (702) 515-5022
Ellison, Eric G GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 515-5183
Fanning, David J GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5153
Farkas, Susan I GS0301 - Planning & Environmental Coordinator (702) 515-5223
Frias-Rosales, Angel R GS0962 - Contact Representative (702) 515-5019
Gilmore, Nathan J GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Glander, Ian GS0301 - Assistant Field Manager (702) 515-5103
Glode, Christopher J GS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer (702) 515-5131
Graf, Joel P GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Guerrica, Daniel E GS0455 - Senior Fire Fighter (702) 515-5000
Hall, Alexandria N GS0303 - STEP Student (702) 515-5047
Hamilton, Mathew E GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5157
Hawkins, Ronnie J GS1170 - Land Appraiser (702) 515-5066
Haydon, Christina A GS0962 - Contact Representative (702) 515-5055
Haydon, Mike C GS0401 - Fire Management Officer (702) 515-5135
Hecht, Shannon M GS0965 - Land Law Examiner (702) 515-5063
Helseth, Gregory L GS0301 - Program Manager (702) 515-5173
Hice, Vanessa L GS0340 - Assistant Field Manager (702) 515-5088
Hogan, Randolph GS0801 - Maintenance Worker (702) 515-5061
Howell, Calvet P GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5386
Islas, Juan GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Jackson, Kendra B GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Engine) (702) 515-5000
Johnson, Krystal F GS0401 - Wild Horse and Burro Specialist (702) 515-5171
Johnson, Manuela GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5224
Kalcic, Sendi GS0401 - Wilderness Specialist (702) 515-5297
Keryluk-Gerrard, Doris J GS0965 - Land Law Examiner (702) 515-5059
Kirk, Lee GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5026
Klosterman, Joel D GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Kurkowski, Erick A GS0340 - Associate District Manager (702) 515-5043
Leiber, Michelle A GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5168
Linehan, Christopher P GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5236
MacNeill, Deborah J GS0340 - Field Manager (702) 515-5042
Mann, Alexis C GS0455 - Logistics Dispatcher (702) 515-5307
Marquez, Vanessa A GS0301 - Fire Mitigation and Education Specialist (702) 515-5107
Marrs-Smith, Gayle E GS0340 - Field Manager (702) 515-5199
Marsh, Glen L GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5384
Martinez, Tolo N GS0455 - Senior Firefighter (702) 515-5000
McAboy, Robbie J GS0340 - Monument Manager/NCA Manager (702) 515-5354
McEldery, Sean C GS0401 - Supvy Fire Mgmt Spec (Fuels/Fire Plnr) (702) 515-5285
Mele, Gina M GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5355
Mesch, Kevin R GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Milam, Bradley R GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Engine) (702) 515-5000
Moeini, Jamie L GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5189
Monroe, Veronica R GS0344 - Finance Technician (702) 515-5021
Murray, Ruthanne GS0965 - Legal Instruments Examiner (702) 515-5058
Nicklay, Benjamin B (Contactor) Restoration Specialist (702) 515-5028
Norris, Karla GS0301 - SNPLMA Manager (702) 515-5044
Orr, Kelly A GS0301 - SNPLMA Program Manager (702) 515-5120
Patton, Hillerie C GS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist (702) 515-5046
Peterson, Marilyn E GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5054
Pickren, Jill E GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5194
Pinales, Augrelio H GS0301 - Supervisory Operations Specialist (702) 515-5048
Pionke, Erica I GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5059
Plum, Stanley B GS0193 - Archaeologist (702) 515-5067
Poff, Boris GS1315 - Hydrologist (702) 515-5154
Posson, Rosario GS0965 - Land Law Examiner (702) 515-5065
Price, Renee K GS0303 - Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5063
Proby, Jada L GS0962 - Contact Representative (702) 515-5055
Ramirez, Henry GS0455 - Dispatcher (Fire) (702) 515-5309
Rhea, Lucas J GS0455 - Helitack Superintendent (702) 515-5321
Rhinehart, Philip R GS1107 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5182
Rodriguez, Luis GS1107 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5069
Sanchez, Marc J GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5038
Schager, Susan D GS1170 - Land Appraiser (702) 515-5031
chumacher, John M GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5072
Slaughter, Mark S GS0401 - Assistant Field Manager (702) 515-5195
Smith, Jonathan P GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5070
Smith, Timothy Z GS0340 - District Manager (702) 515-5093
Sorom, Kathleen W GS0025 - Interpretive Park Ranger (702) 515-5353
Spencer, Mark R GS0340 - Field Manager (702) 515-5351
Stephens, Clay F GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 515-5121
Storla, Lauren E GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5158
Tanaka-Sanders, Mark GS0025 - Wilderness Planner (702) 515-5039
Taylor, Robert K GS0301 - Program Manager (702) 515-5139
Thorpe, Kerri-Anne GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5196
Tinsman, Jeanne R GS0344 - Management Assistant (702) 515-5356
Valenzuela, Robert P GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5374
Varhalmi, George J GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5083
Varner, Joseph M GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5129
Vaughn-O'Brien, Dakota N GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Vega, Jesus M GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Vellinga, Chad C GS0810 - Civil Engineer (702) 515-5184
Walendziak, Nicholas N GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5358
Wallace, Stephanie M GS0303 - Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5293
Wandel, Robert C GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5116
Warner, Brenda D GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5357
Waterman, Frank E GS0401 - Supvy Fire Mgmt Specialist (Cntr Mgr) (702) 515-5305
White, Elizabeth M GS0343 - Program Manager (702) 515-5041
Wilbanks, Jeffery W GS0343 - Program Manager (702) 515-5160
Williams, Catrina M GS1170 - Supvy Realty Specialist (702) 515-5176
Winlow, John H GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Wise, Carla J GS0486 - Wildlife Biologist (702) 515-5102

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Chips knew that, pleasant as it was to be in the CRF with 4 MR FSDs, regarding MH370 and the Bundy Ranch, the show must go on.



  1. The darkness has never overcome the light. Repent.

    Semper fi

  2. Braveheart \m/


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