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Abel Danger to Nevada: Stand Down - Domestic Tranquility Requested - Bureau of Land Management: $960,000,000 (FY2010 operating) 0ver-Reaching Bureaucracy - Stand Down Before Someone Gets Hurt or Killed - Noble Energy - Fracking


5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving In Nevada To Support Rancher

Update: Word on the street from sources close to the militia movement is that up to 5,000 armed militia members will be arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada sometime today. (See full report below) Editor’s Note: It is apparent that the Federal government was under the impression that they could simply move into the ranch land surrounding Bunkerville, Nevada and have their way with the property and livelihood of the Bundy family.

What they didn’t count on was the outcry from Americans across the country. And now things may be headed to the next level. As Kim Paxton of The Daily Sheeple notes, citizen militias in several states have been called up. Many members of those organizations are taking up arms and are making their way to Nevada.

And it’s not just the citizen militias that are preparing to take action. The governor of Nevada has officially condemned the federal government’s actions, though he has yet to take any steps afforded to him under State law. Sheriff Richard Mack of Gilbert, Arizona has weighed in and calls the actions “terrorism.”

At last count there were some 200 federal agents from various agencies on the ground in Nevada and it appears that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of armed militia members will soon arrive to confront them.

The Federal government will no doubt step up their efforts, as they are facing the possibility of a widespread rebellion resulting from their actions against a private citizen whose only “crime” was to graze his cattle on the land his family has used for this purpose for over a century. It would not be at all surprising to see the President of the United States call up National Guard troops and more militarized law enforcement officials for fear of having this spiral out of control. A declaration of martial law to go along with already established First Amendment Areas is not out of the question.

We may well be on the cusp of a serious stand-off involving thousands of people. Keep in mind that most of them will be armed.

Given the circumstances, things could turn very bloody very quickly.

Please go to to read the entire story unfolding in Nevada.


The BLM Southern Nevada Employee Directory

Contact these people and demand they stand down before someone gets hurt or killed:

Alexander, Cynthia GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5122
Allen, Evan S GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5283
August, Katharine D GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5361
Brown, Lauren P GS0342 - Restoration Ecologist (702) 515-5295
Brownfield, Lewis F GS0301 - GIS Specialist (702) 515-5162
Browning, Vivian N GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5013
Cannon, Kirsten GS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist (702) 515-5057
Carmichael, Charlotte J GS0018 - Safety and Occupational Health Specialist (702) 515-5192
Cason, Graham D GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (702) 515-5135
Caudill, Dell WG5716 - Engineering Equip Oper Supervisor (702) 515-5257
Chatterton, M Ryan GS0343 - Management, Program Analyst (702) 515-5187
Chiger, Mark E GS0301 - Project Manager (775) 515-5166
Christ, Nancy B GS0028 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator (702) 515-5136
Christianson, Lisa T GS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist (702) 515-5127
Christy, Wade D GS0023 - Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5156
Collins, Sheila (Kathy) K GS0454 - Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5106
Cota, Melanie M GS0486 - Biologist (702) 515-5233
Cribbs, James H GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5365
Criste, Thomas R GS0303 - (Associate) Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5193
Cunningham, Keyonais L GS0404 - Biology Technician (702) 515-5047
Cunningham, Merchelle GS0303 - Mailroom/Management Assistant (702) 515-5255
Dabash, Alan T GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 864-2176
Dalle, Robert A GS0801 - Maintenance Worker (702) 515-5061
Dickey, Dorothy J GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5119
Dickey, Laverne W Park Ranger (Desert Education) (702) 515-5363
Dooman, Shonna GS0340 - Assistant Field Manager Non-Renewable Rsrcs (702) 515-5174
Downes, Jennifer GS0801 - Maintenance (702) 515-5399
Downey, Alana J GS0965 - Realty Technician (702) 515-5144
Dukes, Lorri Dee GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5282
Dunn, Sheree D GS0301 - Supvy Administrative Spec (702) 515-5142
Dwyer, Michael F GS0301 - Program Manager (702) 515-5186
Edwards, Fred S GS0430 - Botanist (702) 515-5022
Ellison, Eric G GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 515-5183
Fanning, David J GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5153
Farkas, Susan I GS0301 - Planning & Environmental Coordinator (702) 515-5223
Frias-Rosales, Angel R GS0962 - Contact Representative (702) 515-5019
Gilmore, Nathan J GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Glander, Ian GS0301 - Assistant Field Manager (702) 515-5103
Glode, Christopher J GS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer (702) 515-5131
Graf, Joel P GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Guerrica, Daniel E GS0455 - Senior Fire Fighter (702) 515-5000
Hall, Alexandria N GS0303 - STEP Student (702) 515-5047
Hamilton, Mathew E GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5157
Hawkins, Ronnie J GS1170 - Land Appraiser (702) 515-5066
Haydon, Christina A GS0962 - Contact Representative (702) 515-5055
Haydon, Mike C GS0401 - Fire Management Officer (702) 515-5135
Hecht, Shannon M GS0965 - Land Law Examiner (702) 515-5063
Helseth, Gregory L GS0301 - Program Manager (702) 515-5173
Hice, Vanessa L GS0340 - Assistant Field Manager (702) 515-5088
Hogan, Randolph GS0801 - Maintenance Worker (702) 515-5061
Howell, Calvet P GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5386
Islas, Juan GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Jackson, Kendra B GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Engine) (702) 515-5000
Johnson, Krystal F GS0401 - Wild Horse and Burro Specialist (702) 515-5171
Johnson, Manuela GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5224
Kalcic, Sendi GS0401 - Wilderness Specialist (702) 515-5297
Keryluk-Gerrard, Doris J GS0965 - Land Law Examiner (702) 515-5059
Kirk, Lee GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5026
Klosterman, Joel D GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Kurkowski, Erick A GS0340 - Associate District Manager (702) 515-5043
Leiber, Michelle A GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5168
Linehan, Christopher P GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5236
MacNeill, Deborah J GS0340 - Field Manager (702) 515-5042
Mann, Alexis C GS0455 - Logistics Dispatcher (702) 515-5307
Marquez, Vanessa A GS0301 - Fire Mitigation and Education Specialist (702) 515-5107
Marrs-Smith, Gayle E GS0340 - Field Manager (702) 515-5199
Marsh, Glen L GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5384
Martinez, Tolo N GS0455 - Senior Firefighter (702) 515-5000
McAboy, Robbie J GS0340 - Monument Manager/NCA Manager (702) 515-5354
McEldery, Sean C GS0401 - Supvy Fire Mgmt Spec (Fuels/Fire Plnr) (702) 515-5285
Mele, Gina M GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5355
Mesch, Kevin R GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Milam, Bradley R GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Engine) (702) 515-5000
Moeini, Jamie L GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5189
Monroe, Veronica R GS0344 - Finance Technician (702) 515-5021
Murray, Ruthanne GS0965 - Legal Instruments Examiner (702) 515-5058
Nicklay, Benjamin B (Contactor) Restoration Specialist (702) 515-5028
Norris, Karla GS0301 - SNPLMA Manager (702) 515-5044
Orr, Kelly A GS0301 - SNPLMA Program Manager (702) 515-5120
Patton, Hillerie C GS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist (702) 515-5046
Peterson, Marilyn E GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5054
Pickren, Jill E GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5194
Pinales, Augrelio H GS0301 - Supervisory Operations Specialist (702) 515-5048
Pionke, Erica I GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5059
Plum, Stanley B GS0193 - Archaeologist (702) 515-5067
Poff, Boris GS1315 - Hydrologist (702) 515-5154
Posson, Rosario GS0965 - Land Law Examiner (702) 515-5065
Price, Renee K GS0303 - Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5063
Proby, Jada L GS0962 - Contact Representative (702) 515-5055
Ramirez, Henry GS0455 - Dispatcher (Fire) (702) 515-5309
Rhea, Lucas J GS0455 - Helitack Superintendent (702) 515-5321
Rhinehart, Philip R GS1107 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5182
Rodriguez, Luis GS1107 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5069
Sanchez, Marc J GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5038
Schager, Susan D GS1170 - Land Appraiser (702) 515-5031
chumacher, John M GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5072
Slaughter, Mark S GS0401 - Assistant Field Manager (702) 515-5195
Smith, Jonathan P GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5070
Smith, Timothy Z GS0340 - District Manager (702) 515-5093
Sorom, Kathleen W GS0025 - Interpretive Park Ranger (702) 515-5353
Spencer, Mark R GS0340 - Field Manager (702) 515-5351
Stephens, Clay F GS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 515-5121
Storla, Lauren E GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5158
Tanaka-Sanders, Mark GS0025 - Wilderness Planner (702) 515-5039
Taylor, Robert K GS0301 - Program Manager (702) 515-5139
Thorpe, Kerri-Anne GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5196
Tinsman, Jeanne R GS0344 - Management Assistant (702) 515-5356
Valenzuela, Robert P GS0025 - Park Ranger (702) 515-5374
Varhalmi, George J GS1350 - Geologist (702) 515-5083
Varner, Joseph M GS1170 - Realty Specialist (702) 515-5129
Vaughn-O'Brien, Dakota N GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Vega, Jesus M GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Vellinga, Chad C GS0810 - Civil Engineer (702) 515-5184
Walendziak, Nicholas N GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5358
Wallace, Stephanie M GS0303 - Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5293
Wandel, Robert C GS0301 - Project Manager (702) 515-5116
Warner, Brenda D GS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5357
Waterman, Frank E GS0401 - Supvy Fire Mgmt Specialist (Cntr Mgr) (702) 515-5305
White, Elizabeth M GS0343 - Program Manager (702) 515-5041
Wilbanks, Jeffery W GS0343 - Program Manager (702) 515-5160
Williams, Catrina M GS1170 - Supvy Realty Specialist (702) 515-5176
Winlow, John H GS0455 - Range Technician (702) 515-5000
Wise, Carla J GS0486 - Wildlife Biologist (702) 515-5102

Message from Abel Danger:

Abel Danger is working on getting home addresses for federal, state and county employees violating their oaths.

Our chapter 25 goes up tonight and should be the death knell for the parties causing Nevada employees to serve satan.

As you know my own sister, Kristine Marcy, along with Eric Holder have been practicing Treason against America since 1984 by used extorted assets in the US DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund to create False Flag attacks [ currently MH370 ] to create cover for their past transgressions: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and several big name events.

Your number of militia person is on the low side. I think your source did not know the numbers for Wisconsin and Michigan.

In our globally read website tonight I will give Obama-Holder-Hillary-Marcy a deadline to have Nevada "ABOUT FACE and STAND DOWN". In Wisconsin 850,000 could be in the FIELD by sundown, time now 1826 central.

We are the office that has pointed out to Australia, UK and US that using the wrong PINGER FREQUENCY is their fly in the ointment. Air Malaysia has pingers on a given frequency and HMS Tireless is 4 numbers off that frequency. UK, and US and AU have a big problem and, it appears, so does Nevada.

Nevada. Stand down.

Margaret Houston describes BLM assault--Town Board Meeting 04/09/14 Cliven Bundy 

Background to events in Nevada:

Noble Energy:


Reclamation Plan
Marys River Exploration Project Area Elko County, Nevada
2013 Report Prepared for:

Expect to see A Band Of Soldiers': Militia members Arrive at nevada Ranch

Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy

BLM Page Contracts 1.27 Million

Nobel Energy Update - Type in (Nevada) on their pages search to see the info! Top Right

Noble Energy


  1. Peace , truth , and honesty must prevail. Our Constitution , our laws , and full redress against our government is guaranteed and will prevail.

    Semper Fi

  2. God Almighty claims to own the land. Men and women can not own land and government is in violation of the Law of God Almighty to claim to own land too. God made this place and God owns it.

  3. You that are doing this to the Bundy family here is a message for you: You better decide right now which side of humanity you will stand on. Are you going to sell out your own brothers for a few pieces of silver? Do the right thing and those of you that don't are then nothing but a pack of cowards. We do not fear you because we are not afraid of spineless weasels like you. You cannot serve two masters and so the line is drawn in the sand. Work for Satan or work with us. Additionally, you are lower than toilet bowl scum you bunch of no good pussies! MOLON LABE!

  4. Look, get this completely comprehended before this goes terminal. Determine who the lawyers are standing behind the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and also behind the corporate security with the tasers and dogs. The lawyers are looking to cash out on this and the corporate security with the tasers and dogs intimidating people are essentially illiterate thugs doing a job for the pay, benefits, job security and status like in any out-of-control bureaucracy gopher-boy. Defuse this before it gets too far...start dragging these lawyers into court and demanding restitution from them under public law, not private laws in commerce.

    Drop the constitution diatribe. It won't work. Commerce is war. This is how the City of London looks at it and they are moving through lawyers re: current Nevada situation. You can't see the lawyers behind this but you can see the BLM corporate security and Nevada sheriffs with tasers and dogs intimidating people around that Bundy ranch.

    This is corporate war on us and we've become the targets because according to private laws of commerce we are "terrorists", "belligerents" and "enemy combatants." They've created us according to their bar association lawyers. I am working now at digging out the lawyers behind the Bureau of Land Management.

    1. Excellent suggestions... the Thugs are being paid, expose their Paymasters!

  5. By their works ye shall KNOW them. Keeping bad company and doing evil works at this point in the lesson is VERY dangerous. Sucking around for a punch in the face is going to get results. The meek shall inherit the earth.

  6. There are only two options obey God and keep God's Commandments, or suffer under the laws that some lawyer (liar, thief, crook) has written up and made up for his own benefit or the benefit of his friends. God Almighty told us in the Bible in First Samuel (1st) Chapter Eight (8) that there are consequences to rejecting the Kingship of God Almighty. Daniel tells us that God will put what ever base depraved man in public office that God Almighty wants in public office to run a nation of people who have rejected God.

    (Dan 4:17) This matter [is] by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

    Hear the Word of God Almighty: Repent Today and obey and God and keep the Commandments of God.

  7. Why do you people hate the United States Government so much? Seems to me REAL Americans don't take up arms against our own government. Got a problem? VOTE! Violence is NOT the answer.

    1. They don't hate the U S Government . Look at the Gallop polls of what unbiased polling says about how the vast majority feel. Numbers don't lie and hate.

    2. I don't need a Gallup Poll to see a citizen punch a police dog...or see citizen disobey direct orders from Police...

      This guy Bundy is breaking the law and shirking his duty by not paying fees. He says he does not follow federal law. What kind of American thinks like that?

    3. Preach that crap to the NWO thugs, NOT the people defending their family and livelihood.

    4. Because if voting changed anything, it would have already been outlawed. Voting is not the answer, because the puppet masters have decided you can choose between 2 of their puppets - both of whom they control. Whatever you decide, will be useless. Wake up - voting does NOT work

    5. We do not hate the government, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, we hate corruption, and you can not vote them out because the ballots are rigged. are you just crawling out from under a rock, or what??

    6. Not only are the voting machines rigged, but only big money decides who gets a chance to be voted for.

    7. Anonymous...the only people breaking laws are the feds...Bundy has the moral high ground and is not breaking any law. Further it is unlawful to charge grazing rights on public land unless it is state sanctioned. State law trumps feds.

  8. Oh, let's see.......criminals don't wear suits and ties like our government does? That is correct? So if someone dons a suit and tie you are going to let them rape your wife, pillage your property and kill you? That makes sense. So just work it out at the ballot box, which has long ago been replaced with electronic voting. The fluoride has gotten to your brain, Anonymous located at 5:46AM.

    1. If you think the vote is rigged...and you think the government is poisoning citizens with fluoride...and you think that stopping ILLEGAL grazing equates to rape...then why do you live here. After all, aren't we the UNITED States of America? I thought we were all in this together...

    2. Yep we all should leave and let idiots like you live under tyranny.

  9. 2 article pertaining to Harry Reid and son organizing solar company deal for nevada land that butts up to bundy property

  10. For Your Serious Consideration Please... James Horak- Regarding the Bundy ranch situation: With an outcry of the governor speaking against BLM's actions and the obvious presence of corporate mercenaries, an armed militia presence is more than justified. Although I regret it has come to this it is too late in the game and with too much at stake not to take such a stand. States rights, like that of other Constitutional rights, are either defended when infringed upon or they are lost. After all, this, in particular, is not a loss to government or society but to corporate greed. JCH

  11. CRITICAL TO HEAR NOW - 'Just My Humble Opinion - Cliven Bundy' --- original post by TheTrueRae Smile -
    PURE WISDOM shared by LittleBear ... This is regarding Cliven Bundy and the stand off in Nevada with the BLM ... Listen up. Linda knows what she is talking about... Follow her excellent advice. She has been involved in protesting for years. ---

  12. Cliven Bundy has not only disrespected the United States government and the American public, he has disrespected every law abiding rancher who has paid their lease fees. He should not only face charges for his theft of public land, but now for also inciting a riot. If anyone gets hurt in this fracas, he should also be charged with being an accessory to a crime. If you want to claim the land, then buy it, and don't raise any more cattle than your land can support. Welfare ranchers claim every handout they can get from the government and then complain about that very same government infringing on their rights. If someone squatted on that land you would be the first to complain even though that is what you have been doing for years. You are entitled to follow the same laws that the rest of the country follows. Welcome to reality. I'm sure it's difficult to leave behind the fantasy world you've been living in for so long.

  13. You missed one of the traitors. BLM propagandist Amy Lueders, a handpicked stooge and pal of Harry Reid has a FB page, just look at her "likes" Fauxahontas Elizabeth Warren, Barry/Barack Hussein Marshall-Davis/Soetoro/Obama, DCCC, Left Action, OFA, Center for Propaganda & Lies (Media & Democracy), Bill Maher, and a profanity laden anti-Scott Walker FB page (I wonder whether Amy committed "voter fraud" voting in Wisconsin while living in Nevada).

    Amy "BLM-Thug" Lueders address (so you can voice your concerns civilly about her agencies Gestapo-like tactics): Amy Lueders 2465 Solitude Drive Reno, NV 89511-9188 and of course her tel# 775-853-6738



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