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Wall Street Is Thoroughly Corrupt - “Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This!” - IUOs Creating Overstock - Embezzlement Grows By the Day - What Is Money and How Is It Defined - Redefining Criminality - Massive Money Laundering Through Austria

Source: Gnostic Media

From the Archives – Dr. Patrick Byrne of interview – “Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This!” – #078

Dr. Patrick Byrne is in the news again this week for being one of the first major online retailers to accept bitcoin, doing over $126,000 in bitcoin sales the first day. So we thought we’d honor Patrick by re posting his interview here at Gnostic Media. This episode is co-hosted with Richard Grove.

Published on: May 16, 2010

This show is titled “Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This!” and is being released on Monday, May 17, 2010. My interview with Dr. Patrick Byrne and co-host, Wall Street whistle blower, Richard Andrew Grove, was recorded on May 07, 2010.

Tonight we have a bit of a change up. I have Wall Street whistle-blower Richard Andrew Grove from Tragedy & Hope Magazine as my co-host, and our guest is Dr. Patrick Byrne. This is yet another powerful Gnostic Media interview – arguably the most powerful – and, if we’re all honest with ourselves and fight for the truth rather than greed, it’s powerful enough to bring down Wall Street itself. And since the Emperor’s New Clothes reveal all that is Wall Street, I thought a fitting title would be “Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This!”.

What happens when you take a doctor of philosophy and head of an $800 million dollar company and make him a victim of naked short selling and Wall Street fraud; and put him together with a Wall Street whistle-blower who was on the inside selling the very software used to perpetrate these crimes against humanity? Sit back and hold on because if you thought discussing Wall Street and finance was boring, you’re about to have your mind blown wide open. This is it folks. This is how the whole scam works – from top to bottom.

Patrick M. Byrne (born 1962, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States) is the president, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of Internet retailer In 1999, Byrne took control of the company, then called D2: Discounts Direct, and changed its name to Overstock. He had previously served shorter terms leading two smaller companies, including one owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2002, Byrne took public. The company has since increased its revenue to over $800 million a year, and it turned an annual profit in 2009.

In 2002, Byrne was named to BusinessWeek’s list of the 25 most influential people in e-Business and Ernst & Young awarded Byrne the “2002 Milestone Award Winner Utah Region.”

Beginning in 2005, Byrne become known for his campaign against naked short selling, a practice which he says has been used in violation of securities law to hurt the price of his and other companies’ stock. Under his direction, has filed two lawsuits alleging improper acts by Wall Street firms, a hedge fund, and an independent research firm.

As a prerequisite to this interview, it’s highly recommended that you go back and listen to episodes 49 and 50 on the Trivium Method with Gene Odening, and episode #62 with Dr. Michael Lobossiere on logical fallacies. The application of the 7 liberal arts is discussed throughout this current interview. 

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Also referenced in this episode is my interview #16 with Dr. John Loftus – the former top U.S. Justice Department. Prosecutor under the Carter and Reagan administrations. In that interview we discuss the US creation of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

If you would like more information about Dr. Byrnes research on Wall Street and Naked Short Selling, go to, and for more information regarding Dr. Byrne, go to


  1. Concerning the Bitcoin bubble, see Anthony Migchels' new post, "Bitcoin: Paving the Way for a Global Cashless Society":

  2. Concerning the Bitcoin bubble, see Anthony Migchels' new post, "Bitcoin: Paving the Way for a Global Cashless Society":


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