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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 3

American Christian Patriots Are Alone, But Not ALONE
Chips, Sphinx Energize CRISP Coalition v. Serco; Agent 99 Deploys

Nikki Allan, Victim of Elizabeth-Beatrix-Savile Triad Of Evil?
G-Spot: heath + thatcher + savile + cameron + elm tree

Stevens, Smith, Doherty, Woods Don’t Make A Difference To B-1
G-Spot: vaginagate + hillary's taint

Two American Christians Sent To Die By Unvetted Soetoro
G-Spot: ben + jeremy + beau + wise 

Agent Chips Urges SAFE SAX After Operation YEW TREE

Potential Secretary Of Defense Nominees Lack Nuts; Chips’ (S)word
G-Spot: Hillary Clinton + Colin Powell + Panetta +Michael Bloomberg + Robert Gates
G-Spot: eurostat + Nomenclature + Units + Territorial Statistics [NUTS]

                         Cowboy Reagan                                    Cowgirl Soetoro
G-Spot: vadim nazarov + imf

Serco, Savile, Soetoro And Other BBC Victims Of Institutional Pedophilia
G-Spot: BBC + Serco + savile + ioc + pastel

Jenny Gallagher, Obama Victim 3A
G-Spot: 700 miles + denver + dickson county + okojobi

G-Spot: Sphinx + Elderberry + Rams Head + Red Rose
Atomic Betty, Troubled Guy Lake, 19 July, 2013
G-Spot: Atomic Betty + Troubled Guy Lake + Atlanta Burns 

Desired To Be A Tampon, Something Went Terribly Wrong
G-Spot: dubbed + 88th + job share + gentle succession

Operation PIE & MASH Targets Dayton and Brize
G-Spot: PIE + keith hose + david joy


Hamish was wondering how Kristine Marcy was enjoying being strangled by the life she chose long before all the queer people were after her blood. Meanwhile in the MH60 Chopper, MacCheese whispered to Chips, Julie Shirts and Sphinx that they would be dropped off at Quantico before the remainder of Operation RED ROSE Agents would fly to their rendezvous point at Mount Weather. Hamish, unaware of the extraction, thought to himself that the Captain of the Sukhoi jet might be his nominee to be the 3rd victim of Lord Thurso and he was hoping Chips would be calling soon with his two nominees to be the next to victims of Obama. As he continued doing his Sudoku and expecting a call from Chips; Chips, Julie Shirts and Sphinx knew the dangers they were soon to face, again, and were hoping that God would find them faithful. God had given them the power to obey. Chips, Sphinx and Julie Shirts were preparing to be dropped at the RP when the silent Russian joined them, saying not a word but showing them a compass and a salmon index card with #311 written in Dutch with a Yiddish accent. Chips held up 4 fingers just as the chopper went into a hover and they found themselves in tall grass as the chopper flew off to west south west as if heading towards RUTHERFORD INSTITUTE. Comrade pointed to the N on his compass and led the way. In the same way Rangers lead the way, only perhaps a little quieter. Sphinx followed Comrade, Julie Shirts followed Sphinx while Chips and his Sig Sauer P226 brought up the rear and analyzed Julie’s caboose as he started to dream of KNIGHT ACTION. Suddenly a single PALE PINK bolt of lightning illuminated the moonless night sky as........

Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-3

“1 Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters;
and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.
2 Why spend money on what is not bread, 
 and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, 
 and you will delight in the richest of fare.
3 Give ear and come to me; 
listen, that you may live.

Gospel: Alone Yet Not Alone


Secular: Let Em Win, Or Bring Em Home


[ Wrongful Death = Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 ]
[ Treason = Boehner, McConnell, Graham, Hillary, McCain, Panetta ]

G-Spot: keith hose + PIE + Scottish Minorities Group + south london gay liberation

Thurso Victim 3: Captain Alexander Yablontsev

Obama Victims: 3A & 3B

A: RN Jenny Gallagher
B: Judge John McCarthy Roll youTube: Take Oath, Keep Oath, Answer The Call


Chapter 3

Take The Oath, Keep The Oath, Answer The Call, America

As the single bolt of PALE PINK lightning struck, Sphinx, Julie Shirts, Comrade and Chips instinctively froze so as not to be seen moving by persons such as those in South Carolina blurring the lines between elected Consitutional Sheriffs and compliant 19 year old kids with automatic weapons who would be deemed by Feinstein, Bloomberg, Malloy and other malevolent to be ‘psychologically injured’ and therefore not able to get concealed carry permits upon their release from serving the Global Banks like HSBC, Wells Fargo, Standard Chartered and others who had participated in the $800B per year ‘heroin haul’ paid for with the lives of Pat Tillman and two of the three Wise men not to mention Taylor Morris who left four limbs over in the sandbox where U S lifeblood is spilled for banker profits and the pedophile leadership which has had England in its ICY GRIP since at least as early as 1953; year of the Queer Coronation which also was the year in which B47s from MacDill AFB, Florida first stood nuclear alert at Brize Norton with the first contingent led by 30 year old Major Glenn McConnell whose son would go on to become the WMPFP and his daughter would be mired in a Lesbian Treason plot spanning USSES, Femme Comp Inc, NAPAWASH, NSAWW and Georgetown Jesuits, capeche?

Comrade detected movement due north, 50 meters or so. He flattened both hands and gave downward pushes causing Sphinx, Julie Shirts and Chips to ‘lay low as Comrade copied three green flashes. Comrade replied with four red flashes where upon a trio of parachute flares were launched from the trio 50 meters north of the quartet as a CH53E lifted off to effect an extraction of the Magnificent Seven: Comrade, Sphinx, Julie Shirts, Chips, Tillman, Agent 99 and Sluggo.

The CH53E hovered in the clear between Tillman’s 3 and Comrade’s 4 and the magnificent 7 hurriedly approached the rear of the chopper which and the ramp down for expedited loading. Tillman and Chips were the last two aboard and the H3P called forward to the HAC who performed an aggressive lift off and tree top level departure from the LZ. Once outside small arms range of the LZ the CH53E climbed to 1500’ and flew a direct course to CHARLEY WEST, KCHS or for the older crowd who may recall the name GLAMOROUS GLENNIS, Yeager Airport. Enroute Tillman briefed ‘the package’ and told them that once on the ground at Charley West they would be transferred to N700HT, a Falcon 7x for destination Wright Patterson AFB or Dulles International dependent upon Umbrellaman’s selection of the domestic threat against military leadership or the Serco threat against the Sochi Olympics; both which are in play due to Benghazi which continues to infect more and more complicit U S government officials. Tactics Tillman briefed just the basic SMEAC.

“We will be jumping at 1500 with just enough forward velocity to ensure adequate direction control due to some choppy air over Charley West. Our green lights will be upward facing so we can avoid each other while being invisible from the ground. Order of jumpers myself ( Tillman ), 99, Julie Shirts, Sphinx, Sluggo, Chips and Comrade. We are to open low for minimal time in the silk. Land as close to N700HT as you can, it will be powered up with position lights flashing but no rotating beacon. Sluggo and Comrade will ensure the 4 Dangerettes are safely aboard and then signal for myself and Chips to break down our defensive position and board last. Any questions?”

Five persons shook their heads left to right and Comrade answered “nyet”. Approximately 7 minutes later a amber light illuminated steady, indicating 5 minutes from drop. At three minutes it flashed; at 30 seconds it flashed in green as the jumpers got in line, when the green lights went steady, the manigicent 7 jumped in 3 second increments.


Tillman landed 15 feet from the Falcon and took off his torso and placed three green lights ten feet further out. All of the other six were within 12 feet of center, with Comrade landing directly on top of the bullseye. Helping each other out of the torsos the seven were safely in the Falcon less than three minutes after Tillman had landed first. They hastily boarded the Falcon and took random seats while Marquis d’Cartier flashed a thumb’s up to Hoss and Stone in the cockpit, I say again cockpit, where upon the position lights went from flash to steady, the anti collision light was turned on, as well as the transponder on code 0311 as Hoss grabbed a grape Nehi and told Stone, “Your jet, make your old man proud” as he extended the landing lights as Stone selected TOGA. When the climb check was completed as signaled by the double ding, Marquis placed an AQWB27xx OmniGlobe at the forward end of the first class sets and told everyone, 5 minutes until brief time as he took drink orders.

“Chips, shall we repair to the lavatory?” asked Agent Sphinx.

“I’d love to Sphinx but my Captain Sherlock Martini just arrived and it’s only 4 minutes now until the brief, perhaps you can have a Maneschevitz and you can give me a rain check, perhaps on the leg to Brize Norton if that’s what comes up. Chips look across the aisle and got a free shot of Vibrance Red as he received a handwritten note from Agent 99 on a 4 by six salmon card. He liked what he read and as he got a free shot of Pastel Ivory, he saw her take out her Clipper Rouge Compact and send a text message. Moments later as he answered his Clipper Squirt Gun, her signature song began to play from the OmniGlobe indicating 3 minutes to Umbrellaman. Chips requested a second Martini, with two stuffed queens as Sphinx gave him that ‘come hither look’ in Dutch with Yiddish subtitles. As the song began, Chips noticed some Dangerette had forced Vibrance Red into the youTube rendition, and he liked that, and smiled.


“Agents and Dangerettes aboard Extortion 18, I will brief two possible missions. We are currently planning on a brief stop at Wright Patterson AFB to pick up a relative of Agent 99 who has the information relating to the 6 May 1981, USAF EC-135N, (AF Serial Number 61-0318) crash during a scheduled Advanced Range Instrumented Aircraft (ARIA) navigator and Primary Mission Electronic Equipment (PMEE) training mission from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. For an unexplained reason, the aircraft pitch trim was moved to the full nose-down position, which exceeded the ability of the autopilot to control, and the aircraft pitched over abruptly. The aircraft commander was occupying the right pilot seat and a passenger, his wife, occupied the left pilot seat. The abrupt pitch over caused the generators to trip off line and the loss of AC electrical power prevented the pitch trim from being operated normally. The aircraft became uncontrollable and exploded at about 1,500 ft MSL. The crash occurred near Walkersville, MD at 10:50L. All seventeen crew members and four passengers on board the aircraft were killed. Apparently the aircraft commander thought he was on a SHARIA flight, shit hot advanced range instrumented aircraft, but wife his wife in the aircraft commander’s seat, he found himself much like the Captain of Air France 447, who was with his girlfirned in the CRF while the two low time co-pilots were flown into ‘coffin corner’ by what we believe were elements of Serco and CAI. I will now yield the floor to Agent Hamish, who is still in Annapolis but will join us at Dulles if we go with MISSION TWO, Hamish, over to you.”

“Thank you Umbrellaman, this isn’t part of my “Serco Sochi” brief but I just go word from Hammer MacCheese that elements of non-Constitutional Sheriffs in Light Loafered Lindsey stomping ground are blurring the lines between the U.S. military and local sheriff departments setting a dangerous precedent that erodes freedom and civil liberties. Those lines are being blurred right now in South Carolina, Connecticut, New York and three other states. However, Hannity and Beck had beaten Bloomers over the nose as if they had a rolled up Wall Street Journal and he was a recalcitrant Bassett Hound, neutered of course. Back in South Carolina the Richland County Sheriff’s Department will participate in secretive joint exercise Monday through Wednesday with unnamed units from Ft. Bragg and the press/MSM have been told to ‘stay out’, just as Boo Boo has told Sasquatch to stay out of the Executive Wanking Quarters. There is a link to the broader, I say again, BROADer story in your Briefing Guides.
G-Spot: Fusion Centers + Department of Homeland Security + Channelling Reality + Chamber of Commerce

“Umbrellaman has authorized me to release Posts #1814, 25, 26 during the completion of the flight of the Manificent Seven. A caution to Serco’s players in Sochi from Proverbs 23:10: 10 Do not move an ancient boundary stone
    or encroach on the fields of the fatherless. Now, Comrade is with you aboard the Falcon and he can add to this but basically after the visit to the Russian Embassy by Chips and Sphinx on Saturday, 11 January, Sukhoi and GRU understand that Buffett and Bombardier were in a position to profit from the downed Sukhoi, not the United States as a country. With that in mind here is what was delivered to Russia on 11 Jan 14.”

#1824: Marine links MI-3 Bilderberg pilot list to CWT Serco murder for hire, BAE Sukhoi crash

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – January 22, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company hit list naming pilots for elimination in the year following the 2011 Bilderberg conference, to the murder-for-hire services of Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Serco apparently involving the joint automated booking of military and government script kiddies into triaged crime scenes and BAE’s telemetry-triggered FADEC crash which killed Sukhoi's chief civilian test pilot, Alexander Yablontsev on May 8, 2012 in Indonesia.

McConnell claims that the MI-3 Innholders gave 2011 Bilderberg pilot hit list to Serco director Maureen Baginski and Carslon director Trudy Ratio who allegedly booked a script-kiddie triage team to kill Yablontsev under the direction of Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former BAE director and Bilderberg 2013 delegate and the former Principal Private Secretary to the late Robin Cook, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 1999 – [MI-3 9/11] 2001.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and emerging chapters of  “The List of Thurso Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” at http://www.abeldanger.net/

Captain Alexander Yablontsev (RIP) Murdered Crew of Sukhoi Superjet

Cockpit Bombardier shit jets

“One last note relating to Russia but not to Sochi, I had included a link regarding the Russians banned from a San Francisco rally sent to us by Agent Andrew Ash 6A.


He opined laconically that with reference to NUTS, he looked up a local authority on Wikipedia for work the other day and found that the old boundaries have been overlain with a new structure by the EU (Eurostat) called Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics or NUTS. Agent 6A concluded his comments with our signature line; you couldn’t make this shit up. I now yield the floor to Hammer Rooster Cogburn who has been liaising with Comrade’s counterpart in Kazan and Sochi, Rooster, over to you.”

“Thank you Hamish and Umbrellaman, my comments shall be brief. Agents in Kazan and Moscow have sent a compliment to Abel Danger: “Well done David and Field. Any bridges we can build to Russia will be well accepted. Your contacts in Kazan and Taldykorgan are in receipt of the package dropped at Russian Embassy last Saturday a week ago. “Abel Danger Inside MI3 Innkeepers Ooda Loop - Russian Police Leaflet In Sochi Hotel - Russian Security Forces On Full Alert - Dagestan Terrorist Breeding Ground - Female Suicide Bombers” and Sergei and Nikolai expressed their thanks. They have sent the link you created to both GRU and Defense Attache on Tunlaw Road NW. http://www.abeldanger.net/2014/01/abel-danger-inside-mi3-innkeepers-ooda.html

Russia’s leadership recognizes the significance of PALE PINK on the head of the Serco Patsy. If the Brize mission goes hot, PALE PINK and PASTEL IVORY to Pie N Mash rendezvous, Sphinx and Atomic Betty will be in reserve. Atomic Betty is at Dulles presently awaiting potential assignment to “Serco Elm Tree Yew”. In the event we meet resistance from DHS-FAA-NTSK, Hammer MacCheese will broadcast in the blink “Nikki Allan” and if anyone hears that, check page 413 of Operation Spring Temple/Red Rose” and follow the instructions. Russia has confidence in the intel of Abel Danger especially the disclosure of who has planned the STREET THEATER based on Bilderberg Tasking from the 2013 meeting at the Grove, not to be confused with Chips’ favorite destination, The Groove, capeche?”
Nikki Allan, Victim of Elizabeth-Beatrix-Savile Triad Of Evil?

“Operation Nikki Allan will be brief if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell get their lady’s undergarment in a bunch as Hillary’s re-election 2016 folks have tagged Boehner and McConnell while declaring ‘NO TAGS BAG”. In the news today, as was brief last weekend in DC, it now is known that General Carter Ham and other Pentagon Brass had not been made aware of the Benghazi attack until AFTER the Dr. Morsi-Hillary Clinton ‘Street Theater’ went lethal. A link is enclosed in the briefing guide”.

Raises major questions about what U.S. was doing in secretive facility.

"In summation, the Obama-Clinton MUSHROOM PROTOCOL w/ DoD: keep them in the dark and feed them shit, has now come full circle and Agent Chips is supplying intel to the four member states of the CRISP coalition. While Hamish, Chips, Hammers and Umbrellaman support Sochi against Serco, Chief Dangerette ( Global ) Agent Bean has just announced that on Saturday, 19 July, 2014 at Troubled Guy Lake, Wisconsin

Gigs up, Dianne

Atomic Betty, Lisa Shirts, Sphinx, and Agent Bean will be hosting a Dianne Feinstein Roast at 1pm. Effigies of Bloomers, Whale Vagina, Piers the Puss, and Mousey Malloy will be SUNK in Troubled Guy Lake. Also on that day, Hammer MacCheese will fire the first ‘burst’ from the Abel Danger Global AR15 given free to AD by a Spikes fan. Let us take a break for a SOCIABLE and then Umbrellaman will conclude this briefing.”

Marquis brought a fresh round of drinks which caused Comrade and Chips to contemplate a Vodka competition, while more demurely Agent 99 thought back to her last Operation with Agent Chips in 1965, two years after the List of Adrian Messenger and 39 years prior to Operation Serco-Sochi. As she recalled the ‘honeymoon bag’ the MI of her Pastel Ivory IOC increased to ‘splendid’ according to the olfactory evidence sampled by Chips’ proboscis.


Chips and Comrade had cancelled the Vodka competition and as they waiting for the resumption and conclusion of the Mission Brief, Chips mentally review the TW1422 shared with Russia, China, Iran and Syria regarding potential FALSE FLAG in Operation GILDED GAMECOCK which hopefully would FADE OUT at 2311, 22 January, 2014 without Light Loaftered Lindsey and Wetstart McCain coercing Martin Dempsey to violate his oath. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Chips mentally googled: [ november 1964 + various hotel rooms + william c sullivan + stanley levinson ] and realized that Gordon Kahl wasn’t their only victim.

Chips saw the OmniGlobe project “3 minutes” just as an Immediate JASPAR was signaled on his Clipper Squirt Gun. He noted that at the same time Agent 99 was answering a call on her Clipper Rogue Pack. To both parties Atomic Betty reported:

"Chips and 99, on Friday night , the best Lebanese restaurant in Kabul was heavy with forensic accountants, IMF and NGO bagmen. But even Europol bodyguards couldn't protect them from the well planned hit that took them out. Among them: - International Monetary Fund country chief, Wabel Abdallah, a Lebanese national, in Afghanistan since 2008 who did the forensics on the $900m Kabul Bank scandal that embroiled much of the political elite, Del Singh (British) adviser supporting the Afghan Budget Department in Kabul at Adam Smith International. Singh was candidate for this year’s European Parliament, a former staffer for Deputy PM, pal and former advisor to Ed Miliband on the Middle East as an executive of the Labour Friends of Palestine. Singh had spent the last decade in other war zones such as Sierra Leone and Libya. He recently stepped down (December 2013) from the board of directors of Care International UK where he served since 2009. Gnana Nagarajah, Malaysian national and colleague of Del Singh at Adam Smith International as senior budget policy and reform advisor in Afghanistan. Vadim Nazarov, a Russian who was the chief political affairs officer at the U.N. Mission in Afghanistan. Nazarov was one of the U.N's most experienced officials, fluent in the country's languages and with experience dating back to the 1980s. Two European Union coppers Europol, Briton Simon Chase and an unnamed Danish female. Chips and 99, if you hark back to the LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER and recall “Polidor, Ajax and Clean Sweep” you will get my message, loud and clear. Be aware that Lefty and Poncho, the Plum City Canine unit, is enroute Sochi and they have been trained to detect Serco operatives.” Atomic Betty, Martini Bar, Dulles International.

Chips gaze was directly at the OmniGlobe and he failed to see whose hand was camped out on his twig n berries but he enjoyed the oscillating motion so he didn’t look but he knew it was most likely PALE PINK or PASTEL IVORY. He took a large swig of his Captain Sherlock Martini as the ‘unseen hand’ dressed him left.

MI3 Innkeepers-procured Dagestan female suicide bomber

“Agents and Dangerettes, this is Umbrellaman, at 2111 hours MacCheese and I are invoking NIKKI ALLAN, N700HT is now turning direct Dulles where Atomic Betty and Hamish await at the northwest end of Runway 18L. The change of mission is due to news out of Phoenix Alphabet offices that Judge John McCarthy Roll was the primary target of Barry Soetoro’s Fast and Furious coverup and the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona was murdered by the same 3 lone gunmen who gave Gabrielle Giffords a facelift..  Theory that Roll's preliminary ruling on "United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” (Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010) was cause for the assassination and that the shooter used the mass shooting as a cover for the government.  - Claim: Giffords hit a planned assassination: Judge Roll real target ;  Judge John Roll - Wake Up Tucson. Initial analysis suggest Serco’s ‘gang of 5’ feels threatened and two of them have started singing.

Norman Inkster is unlikely to appreciate the melody, much less the lyrics. In an effort to distance Serco from 9/11, Serco, Clinton Rubin, and McConnell International are all 3 throwing these canucks under the bus: Inkster, Baril, Findley, Bouchard, Watt and Williams. Ouch!”


“Hoss and Stone estimate Dulles at 2058 for a quick turn to Brize. Please follow along on your briefing guides for Operation NIKKI ALLAN as I recall and recite the words that Agent Bean wrote but signed Chips and Hamish’s names to as they were deployed aField and aBroad. #1822: Marine links Serco MI-3 list at Bilderberg Grove to Fuddy life vest tag, Obama’s Base One BC forgery Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – January 19, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s hit list adopted by the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company at The Grove Hotel during the 2013 Bilderberg conference, to Serco’s alleged use of Molokai Contract Towers and RFID life-vest tags to trigger Lorretta Fuddy’s death from cardiac arrhythmia, and Serco mentors at Base One Technologies’ document conversion center in the Bronx who allegedly arranged the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate ('BC').

McConnell claims the MI-3 Master Innholders gave the 2013 Bilderberg hit list to Serco director Maureen Baginski who allegedly deployed script-kiddie tag teams to silence Fuddy, the former Hawaii health director who appears to have waived the customary bans and instructed Serco’s Base One HUBZone protégé to copy Obama’s original Certificate of Live Birth.

McConnell invites sleuths to Google key words, read excerpts below and the emerging chapters of “The List of Thurso Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” at http://www.abeldanger.net/.

Further, Agent Chips suggest that a 1979 Punahou OAHUAN Yearbook will be at the Vino in the Valley Victory Celebration if Boehner, Hillary and Barry Soetoro are all delivered justice prior to 17 July, 2014. In conclusion, I would suggest that all Agents deployed consider CLAIMING YOUR NOURISHMENT prior to departure for Brize Norton. Once at Brize Norton, The Tugbout Twin OR Dirty Driveway will get you up to the L. Manze Pie & Mash Store where Piel Island Piper, Agent 6A and SAM THE DOG will brief our team on the relationship between Heath, Thatcher, Savile and Cameron while the investigators fired over Elm Guest House and Yew Tree will finger Cressida Dick, we anticipate.

I had and amusing experience when I first came to America. Passing an attractive looking restaurant, I went inside, and selecting a table, sat down and waited. Nothing happened. I continued to wait. All around me, people were enjoying their food, and only I was left out. After a while the truth dawned on me - I was in a cafeteria. (This system had not yet made its appearance in England.) I then realized that while there was plenty of food to be obtained, one had to go forward and claim it for oneself, or go without.
The universe is run exactly on the lines of a cafeteria. Unless you claim - mentally - what you want, you may sit and wait forever.
Chips was anticipating the overwater portion and looking forward to some KNIGHT ACTION and wondered which of the four Dangerettes may have the closest birthday as he might then suggest to that lady that a ‘birthday suit’ briefing might be in order in the Aft CRF recalling that both the EC135N and Air France crashed when some females were out of position in the aircraft that went down faster than a prom dress. To keep his PTRC from exceeding 113% TI he recalled that H.L. Mencken (born 1880 - died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat. He was aware of what would eventually happen if the Republic of the United states of America became a democracy. Mencken wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun. It appeared in the July 26, 1920 edition. "As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron." Chips realized that H. L. Mencken had been 94 years ahead of the learning curve but he was sure that Mencken could not have imagined a gay mulatto bearded to a transgender sasquatch.

He decided to be fair to Agent 99, Julie Shirts, and Sphinx so he looked at his ten dollar Walmart and noted the watch said Thursday, February 7th, then he made a note to himself to buy a BIG PILOT WATCH.

“Ladies, today, Martin Luther King Day, it is 20 January, 2014. I have decided to be fair and grant one of you an enduro during the Atlantic crossing. Think of it as a BIRTHDAY SUIT BRIEFING. I will be fair and grant it to who ever has the next birthday, so 99, Julie and Sphinx, was are your birthdays?”

All three ladies blurted out 21 January as they jockeyed for position. Chips was stunned at their competitiveness and raging libidos and was about to suggest rock paper scissors when the cabin lights flickered three times before the cabin went dark and quiet. Marquis d’Cartier immediately turned on the evacuation lights but in the brief interval, Agent 99 and pulled Agent Chips into the CRF and was……….”

Three muffled blasts were heard, while meanwhile back in the CRF a Rogue Pack Clipper was set for F4 and C2+40.


Chips was aware of the gambit laid before him, but he also recalled in his midnight confessions he had promised to do as called to do in Ephesians 5:11, Expose Evil, and as a Pastel Ivory IOC was poised for removal he was relieved that the generators were restored and main bus power allowed him not to cheat 99 out of an enduro as they were only 71 minutes flying time to Dulles. He thought of a certain gospel song as he considered the promise of 1 John 5:4-6.


For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God? This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth.

Somewhere in Gaye Olde Englande, the man who aspired to be a Tampon was being thrust into a new position.

Prince to King Tampon


  1. Serco can surely be treated as a RICO, or as a terrorist organisation, and dismantled under relevant statutes, with prosecution for its principals. In the case of chartered entities whose agents are acting in flagrant violation of the Law, those charters can be revoked. Suggestion: go after the charter of the Bank of England; repudiate the "immunity" of agents of the Bank for International Settlements, the SMOM, Knights of the Garter, etc.; prosecute their principals under national laws where they reside. Arrest members of the Rothschild family who have committed major crimes, and do it publicly. Law enforcement people have to find their balls and stop acting as eunuchs – and the public needs to stand behind them. This is straightforward to turn around.

  2. The dead govern the living.

    Auguste Comte

  3. Fact of history: Adolf Hitler had Baron Louis de Rothschild arrested.



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