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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 2

WMPFP Puts Serco’s Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 In The CROSS HAIRS

Scrutiny Of Barry Soetoro Exposes Serco-GECAS 9/11
G-Spot: Serco + 9/11

G-Spot: vaginagate + chorizo

Bilderberg Serco Robo-killers Defeated By Chips
G-Spot: Field McConnell + Serco + 9/11 + FBCA

United States Marine Buries Serco-FBCA-9/11 Traitors
G-Spot: mcconnell international + clinton rubin + serco

Buffett & Bombardier Pushed Back To 2015 By Chips & GRU?
G-Spot: sukhoi + gru + abel danger

Ace Of Aces Inspires World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot
G-Spot: Barry Soetoro + Field McConnell

Old F4 Pilot Clobbers Canadian F18 ‘kiddie jet’ Pilots
G-Spot: Baril + Findley + Bouchard + Watt + Williams + Marr

Canadian Military’s Senior Gay Rapist Colonel Russell Williams
G-Spot: Williams + Deborah Rashotte + Marie-France Comeau + Jessica Lloyd

Scapegoats After Helicopter Murders Of  Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, FBI
G-Spot: Margie Sullivan + Redtree + Vogt + Dunning + Field McConnell

Marcy/Smolich Expose Crypto Jewish Pope?
G-Spot: Jesuit Order + Synagogue of Jews + Christians + Jewish ancestry + forty years

Agent Chips’ 1st Birthday, 2 October, 1950
G-Spot: Thurso + McConnell + Kilt Sticker

Warren Buffett, Bombardier, GECAS, Serco: STICK IT UP YOUR KILT
G-Spot: bombardier + buffett + sukhoi + FIELD MCCONNELL

Agent Bean, Survival Beach, 2 October, 1965
G-Spot: 72nd C4isr + ramey + 1964 + bean + chips

Huerta-Moak-Tochen-Tochen Hoax?
G-Spot: asiana 214 + fake pilot names + Field McConnell + Abel Danger


Way back in Chapter 1 before the Saudi’s offered to buy $1B worth of Canadian ‘shit-jets’ as a courtesy for the Canadian military attack on America of 9/11, Agent Chips had tried to follow Agent KKB into the Rams Head Road House at 1773 Generals Highway but had been detained momentarily by Agent Sphinx who handed him two names scribbled on an airline NRSA boarding pass stapled to her room registration at the Westin Hotel, Annapolis, Room 401. Chips recognized the names Lorek and Shaw as two of the four FBI Agents targeted over 9/11 issues. He knew they had been pushed out of a helicopter after Sachtleben and Ivens had been dealt with in another manner. He recalled the google g-spot they had been briefed on in Scituate, Mass.: [ Margie Sullivan + redtree + vogt + dunning + Field McConnell ] during the Jane Garvey/Ben Sliney briefing and he almost forgot to hand Agent Sphinx the jewelry box from Wimmers in Fargo. Sphinx and Chips joined Julie Shirts and 80W in Booth 101 in the far right corner. Atomic Betty emerged from the men’s rest room and pulled up a chair after placing an AQWB-27z OMNIGLOBE on the table next to the Tabasco, salt and pepper. Chips detected a faint hint of clover as he mentally reviewed the careers of Lorek, Shaw, Sactleben, Ivens and AGENT 5 anyone of which could have fingered the Georgetown Lesbos of 9/11. Chips considered sending Hamish a starter unit of Focus 5 hoping he would offer a Thurso victim to complement Lorek, Shaw, and the GROVE.

Scripture: Phillipians 4:5-7

5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.
6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Gospel: Light of the World


Secular: Light of the World


Google: sukhoi + gru + field mcconnell Thurso Victim: Michael Hastings Obama Victims: Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw ( FBI Agents dumped from helo ) Innholder Hotel: Watford Grove Hotel

Reference: 1-17-2014 Sponsor of Sukhoi Hit Exposed

Chapter 2

Chips motioned for Barry M. Hall and his brother NOTSO to relax to defcon 3 and have a malted beverage which is customary for natives of Milwaukee where Sheriff David Clarke and the FBI “FIELD” Office appreciate Abel Danger’s exposure of Teresa Carlson and her male suitor both of whom had statistically improbable connections to Cudahy’s FALSE FLAG at the Sikh Temple. Seek and ye shall find, capeche?

NOTSO and Barry each ordered a pitcher of Copperhead Ale and they bought a small bag of chips which they shared while administering a loading dose to their esophagus and liver tandem. NOTSO rolled up on one cheek and released a Hillary, hang time 8 and reek factor 7. Barry M. Hall reached into his left rear pocket and withdrew a hankie laced with Peppermint Syrup from Starbucks Harbor Center in Olde Annapolis to sanitize the methane cloud which would have made Hillary happy at the Wellesley Lesbo Ball annual ‘phart phest’ where, in 1968 she took 1st and 3rd with a ‘freep’ followed by a ‘flutterblast’, no relationship to Loretta Fuddy who took Barry Soetoro’s secret to her watery grave.

Missing his brother’s lively repartee, NOTSO lit a match which covered his reeky Hillary and Barry M. retired his peppermint hanky, no relationship to Incense Peppermints which are meaningless nouns, tune in turn on turn your eyes around. Look at yourself, look at yourself.

]Barry enjoyed 9 ounces of Copperhead in one swallow, wiped some froth from his face and asked his brother NOTSO “Have you ever wondered why all UK and Canadian elite pig fuckers are helicopter pilots?”

“I presume the answer could be ascertained by googling [ apache + kensington + household cavalry + de la Rue ] but according to Agent Chips it is because they are hamfisted like Charles Bouchard and Angus Watt who are linked directly to both 9/11 and the Canadian Stallion, Colonel Russell Williams who stole underwear from 82 females and killed 4 women after failing to penetrate them during his frustrated attempts at rape to please his beard who Judge Jennifer McKinnon has said we cannot name. So if the name MARY ELIZABETH HARRIMAN appears in this sentence it will be proof positive of tampering by the buffoons in Bluffdale who will probably be reigned in by the impostor as he is delivered a copy of the next False Flag “Lone Gunman” shootings which were scheduled before Reuben Bradford and Janet Napolitano were given the LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER, see also [ DMORT V + FIELD MCCONNELL].”

If Prince Andrew, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles Bouchard and Prince Angus Watt were all to pool their total flight time how would that compare to Agent Chips’ log book totals? Well, how does canine excrement compare to English Leather cologne? Meanwhile, back at Booth 101 Chips was trying his best to determine the source of the faint hint of clover but in the faces of 80, Atomic Betty, Julie Shirts and Sphinx he noticed all four of them we giving ‘come hither’ hints with their eyes but it seemed one more intent in gaining the attention of Chips by demonstrating that her Skene’s gland had been trained to ‘broadcast on demand’, a technique not shared by Dangerette leaders Agent Bean [ Global ], Surelock [ North America ] and our Chief European Dangerette who cannot be named due to ongoing investigations of “who did what to whom” in the case of Jimmy Savile.

Surelock noticed the AQWB27xx OmniGlobe was going through its BITs checks ( built in test ) and the countdown timer changed from green to amber passing 5+00 to go before Umbrellaman would be briefing Operation RED ROSE and upcoming escalation VIBRANT VIPER 2014 if necessary. Sphinx spoke in Dutch to the night manager, a young man of 30 whose father was a rocket scientist but was neither Desert Pete nor Agent Nano al Umina. Chips tried to recall if he’d ever heard Dutch with a Long Island accent before when he noticed a flash of Pastel Mint Green from she who operated the OmniGlobe not to mention her own pair of globes which made her, in a manner of speaking, a stuffed shirt not to be confused with Julie Shirts, Sphinx and 80W who also were stuffed shirts of the desirable sort. As the young Dutch speaking night manager came with a waitress to deliver a Ron Rico Cuba Libre, a Shiner Bock, a St. Pauli NA beer, a Captain Sherlock Martini and a gallon of Manischewitz wine, Agent Sphinx gave him an FRN with an image of Benjamin Franklin centered on the front and a bit of advice in Dutch. Chips found it strange that she placed the Elderberry wine in her Abel Danger tote bag, winked at him and sounded out ‘later on’ which led Chips to believe she was not adverse to Goyim baiting.

Jongeman, je Nederlands is zeer goed, maar je moet het maken van aantekeningen op deze geriatrische naast me als hij krijgt meer kont dan een wc-bril. Mosel ton

Chips felt a little hand on his right thigh and he was hoping that Atomic Betty wouldn’t be seeking the same target from the left. He was about to ring his cell phone ring tone to clear the conflict when an incoming call from MacCheese came in and a second from Rooster Cogburn was pushed into queue.

“Chips, we’ve got the ‘sonobuoys’ set so Sluggo and I are coming into wet our whistle. Assuming you are plugging up booth 101, Sluggo and I will sit at the round table to left of door so we have shooting lanes to the rest rooms and the front door as well as the kitchen. Neither Sluggo nor myself will make any eye contact with your party of six.” Chips was confused as there were only 5 at the table but following MacCheese and Sluggo through the door was a comrade whose office was way up Wisconsin Ave NW and on most mornings the scent of stale Vodka was not uncommon. As Nikolai sat down he started a recording device just moments before the OmniGlobe went live with the image of Hamish but the voice of Umbrellaman.

Serco Exposed Georgetown Crypto Jews 1-11-2014, Brad King, Smolich, Marcy

“Good evening Agents aField and aBroad in Operation RED ROSE, still no definitive reports on Tillman but his GPS Chip is still mobile so he is either moving around Cebu City or his killer is being tracked by Tillman’s Chip. First a brief history lesson, the world’s top fighter ace of all time was Major Erich Hartmann of the Luftwaffe. Besides being a lethal fighter pilot having shot down 352 aircraft, mostly Russian, he was also a very good leader. He once said “Of all my accomplishments I may have achieved during the war, I am proudest of the fact that I never lost a wingman". Compare that to John McCain whose FORREST FIRE killed 167 men and trashed 30 or so front line jets. Major Hartmann, the world's top-scoring fighter pilot, shot down the equivalent of almost 15 Allied squadrons in aerial combat. The Russian pilots both feared and hated him, and called him the "Black Devil of Ukraine"in reference to the ‘black tulip’ paint after of his propeller spinner. Flying 1,425 missions over the Caucasus, southern Russia, Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, Hartmann engaged in over 800 dogfights and suffered 16 accidents or equipment failures but was never injured. I have provided a link you can see.

What has not been previously shared, however, is that a USAF Colonel John Boyd is oft credited with creating the OODA Loop [ observe, orient, decide, act ] when actually young Erich ‘Bubi’ Hartmann had perfected that process thirty plus years earlier as he taught his squadron pilots to Locate, Decide, Act, Breakaway, or in German: Suchen Sie, entscheiden, handeln, abtrünnige. At this time I am going to give you a chance for a sociable and the I will brief our plans for Agent Chips and his mandate to be recognized as the WMPFP, World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot. Sociable!!”

Chips selected his message in queue from Hamish who was nearby in the Westin Annapolis, probably sipping Perrier Mineral Water with signature lime slice while trying how to get hot water into his full scale Paula Broadwell ‘blow up doll’.

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked George Osborne’s hit list apparently adopted by the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company acting as host of the 2013 Bilderberg conference, to Serco’s Onion Router trigger signals allegedly relayed via the Los Angeles Hilton Garden Inn and the Watford Grove Hotel to the GPS incendiary bomb which blew the engine of a Mercedes C250 coupe 60 yards from the chassis in which Michael Hastings was incinerated.

McConnell claims Bullingdon Club alumnus George Osborne asked MI-3 Innholders to put Hastings’ name on the 2013 Bilderberg list because he believed that the journalist was about to expose Serco director Maureen Baginski’s apparent use of Onion Router script kiddies based out of the InterContinental Hotel in Kabul for the alleged cyber-war murders of members of SEAL Team 6 on 6 August 2011 in a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter, call sign Extortion 17.

McConnell invites sleuths to Google key words, read excerpts below and the emerging chapters of “The List of Thurso Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” at 

Prequel 1: #1817: Marine Links MI-3 Innholders Bilderberg List to Serco Pathfinder Kelly Hit

Prequel 2: #1779: Marine Links MI-3 Innholders to Starwood Serco SATCOM and L’Eau Berge Mégantic Bombs

Michael Hastings SNUFFED · Murdered by Bomb on Gas Tank · Jim Stone

Bilderberg guest list includes George Osborne and Ed Balls

“The Michael Hastings Car Crash: No Skids Marks, a Flying Engine and “Boston Brakes”

Agent Chips had just finished speed reading the message from Hamish when the unthinkable occurred, Atomic Betty right hand and 80W’s left hand both arrived at the HORN OF PLENTY at the same time. Chips, ever the attentive gentleman, stuck a stoic pose and hoped his PRTC would not exceed 113% TI. He did not face either of the eager ladies but kept his gaze on the OmniGlobe and his mind on a certain Dangerette’s most private part and believe me, she is not in the auto parts business.

“Agents in Operation RED ROSE, on page two of the briefing guide you should have a list of where DHS is going to allow John Simmons’ Crisis Actors and Margie Sullivans Redtree Crisis Actors to pretend some crazed lone gunman is shoot up children. We know that the Artesia exercise went live and current plans include Sandy, Utah, Plum City, Wisconsin and Glynco, GA to have events rivaling Sandy Hook and Boston for least convincing ‘street threaters’ since 20 July, 2012 when the three agents framed the orange haired Holmes as related to Jennifer Gallagher RN prior to her silencing by drowning in an Iowa lake in August, 2012.

List of Crisis Actors:

Lone Gunman FALSE FLAGS 2014-01-16

Artesia, NM -- Jan 14, 2014 to Jan 16, 2014
Worley, ID -- Feb 04, 2014 to Feb 06, 2014 
Corinth, MS -- Feb 04, 2014 to Feb 06, 2014
Artesia, NM -- Feb 11, 2014 to Feb 13, 2014
Glynco, GA -- Feb 11, 2014 to Feb 13, 2014
Glynco, GA -- Apr 01, 2014 to Apr 03, 2014
Franklin, WI -- Apr 15, 2014 to Apr 17, 2014
Artesia, NM -- Apr 29, 2014 to May 01, 2014
Casper, WY -- May 06, 2014 to May 08, 2014
Artesia, NM -- May 13, 2014 to May 15, 2014
Glynco, GA -- May 20, 2014 to May 22, 2014
Sandy, UT -- Jun 03, 2014 to Jun 05, 2014
Wilmington, CA -- Jun 10, 2014 to Jun 12, 2014
Glynco, GA -- Jul 08, 2014 to Jul 10, 2014
Framingham, MA -- Jul 15, 2014 to Jul 17, 2014
Plum City, WI—Jul 17, 2014 to July 19, 2014
Charleston, SC -- Jul 28, 2014 to Jul 30, 2014
Grand Island, NE -- Aug 05, 2014 to Aug 07, 2014
Post Falls, ID -- Aug 12, 2014 to Aug 14, 2014
Glynco, GA -- Aug 26, 2014 to Aug 28, 2014
Charleston, SC -- Sep 29, 2014 to Oct 01, 2014

“Our North American Hammer MacCheese will continue ‘listening’ to DHS, FEMA, DMORT and ICE internal communications and keep us aBreast of the most likely hot zones. Now onto Chips’ opportunity to become the world’s most potent fighter pilot.

In Chapter One Dr. David Kelly’s death linking Serco to Pelindaba was a success and to built on that success in Chapter 2 we expect the exposure of a potential beneficiary to the tragic loss of the Sukhoi Superjet might set off another way of finger pointing in the area along the Bellevue, Nebraska to Bombardier ‘axis of evil’. Instead of a fly being caught in a spiderweb, if Chips plays his cards correctly the spider ( Serco ) will be caught in the flyer’s (Chips) web. A turning of the tables not to conjure up the 1936 million seller by Helen Ward who would have looked lovely sprawled across the hood of Chips’ 1937 Studebaker President, sans IOC.”

“Step one is to get the guilty bastards to focus on the Pelindaba-Kelly killing and then in the following chapter focus on Michael Hasting’s SERCO SILENCING while Agent Chips suggests SERCO’s gain in having FBI Agents Shaw and Lorek being unceremoniously tossed out of a helicopter to cover up the Malloy-Simmons Sandy Hook and Napolitano-Sullivan Boston Marathon while he simultaneously takes note that the Superjet by Sukhoi was three years ahead of the CSJ [ Canadian shit jets ] which would have been sucking air if discriminating buys in Kazakhstan, Indonesia, the Middle East and North America had been able to replace their Bombardier crap with a real flying machine such as the Sukhoi. Think about it, Canada has not built a fighter jet since the Avro Arrow got scrubbed due to chicanery in Ottawa and Sukhoi has been building fighters that have gained the respect of the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot, Agent Chips. Hopefully by now each of you has a copy to the documents that Agents Sphinx and Chips delivered to the Russian Embassy and Georgetown University on 11 January, 2014. Please review them and have a sociable and we can rejoin for my closing remarks concerning an escalation. Sociable!!”

News / 1-17-2014 Sponsor of Sukhoi Hit Exposed


Attention Sukhoi, GRU. Defense Attache:

Twenty months ago I sent letter below to identify the technologies which could have stricken the Sukhoi demonstration jet in Indonesia in May, 2012. Less than 48 hours later GRU announced that the United States had the technology to commit this act.

I direct your attention to the U S neighbor to the north, Canada, as they also had this facility and used it on eight (8) airframes on 9/11.

My offer to demonstrate Sukhoi jets still stands and I anticipate Bombardier will be beset with ongoing 'delays' in getting their 'copycat' version of the Sukhoi Superjet delivered to other countries that may have participated in the attack of 9/11.

Field McConnell
 U S Marine 0116513
Captain Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761
United States of America

Mikhail Pogosyan, General Director
Sukhoi Aircraft Company 
23B Polikarpov Street
Moscow, 125284, Russia

Colonel Nikolay V. Blednykh
Russian Embassy
2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Washington , DC 20007   

12 May, 2012

Director Pogosyan,

My deepest sympathy for the loss of crew and passengers of the Superjet 100 in Indonesia .   

I am a retired Delta Airlines pilot and retired USAF F4 and F16 pilot.  I have 23,000 hours of incident free flying.  I would like to speak with someone with authority to speak for Sukhoi and I would like to speak to the Sukhoi engineering/test pilot/safety personnel with a representative of the Russian Embassy in attendance.

My military career includes being deployed from NAS Keflavik in April, 1982 to intercept Soviet Bear and Badger bombers.  My civilian career includes having a retired Bear pilot in my cockpit on a flight from TSE to SVO.

In addition to a 39 year flying career, I have also been an attentive student of aircraft crashes that involve both FADEC and Thales technologies.  I feel strongly the the incident involving the Sukhoi Superjet bears the same ‘footprint’ as these incidents: Turkish 1951/AMS, Speedbird 38/LHR, Adam Air 574/Indonesia, Kenya 507/Cameroon, Air France 447/Atlantic, CF18/Lethbridge, Canada and F18/Oceana, Virginia .

If Sukhoi and the Russia Embassy see merit in my becoming a ‘demonstration pilot’ for Sukhoi internationally and especially in North America and Eurasia I would be most happy to prove to the world that your products are safe, efficient and reliable.  I have included a link to a demonstration of the world's lowest jet-jet air refueling at bottom of page.   

My flying background speaks for itself.  More importantly is the true history that on March 2, 2007 I was forced to retire early from Delta ( then Northwest ) after I relayed safety sensitive information to FBI, FAA, Northwest Airlines and NoRAD.  The safety information includes specific illegal modifications to Boeing/Airbus glass cockpit and FADEC/Thales equipped aircraft.  I next flew in Kazakhstan for 18 months with copilots who were Kazakh or Russian. I have 3750 hours in command of A319/20/21 aircraft in addition to type ratings in CV580, DC9, DC10 and A330 aircraft.   

The Chief Pilot of the Astana Pilot Base is Captain Sergei Alexandrovich and he administered my last line check during my 18 months flying in Kazakhstan .  If you contact him he can attest to 3 significant issues:

1) My being the first Air Astana pilot to score 100% on the English proficiency 
2) My saving an A320 from being destroyed on 13 December, 2008
3) My productivity and teamwork in that on my last day of flying for Air Astana I completed 5 segments when the current ‘agreement’ was 2 segments maximum  per duty day.

In the United States some military pilots are becoming aware of some issues that I have raised in three federal lawsuits.  Had those lawsuits been responded to appropriately,  the Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, Air France 447, CF18 and F18 incidents may well have been prevented.

I look forward to your response and am free to travel ( at no cost ) MSP-JFK-SVO or to Washington DC or any other major city in North America if your aircraft company, and Russia, see merit and value in having a person with my background demonstrating the quality and performance of the Sukhoi Superjet.

Best Regards,

Field McConnell
Retired Captain/Delta
Retired Lt. Col/USAF

N3572 CR S 
Plum City WI 54761
+001 715 307 8222


Atomic Betty was pointing at the OmniGlobe as Umbrellaman was about ready to conclude his briefing of Operation RED ROSE when the Rams Head Road House at 1773 Generals Highway in Crownesville went dark and quiet. Over by the front door MacCheese and Sluggo had their tactical illuminators placing a red dot on the center of the front door, men’s room door and door to the kitchen. Agent 80W could see that MacCheese was receiving targeting information from NOTSO who was data-linked to the Abel Danger team monitoring Bluffdale and Serco. The sound of an approaching MH60 helicopter encouraged MacCheese who sent three green flashes to booth 101. Chips turned to give Agent 80W a quick MI accessment but found her gone. To keep himself calm and focused he mentally reviewed the lyrics to Carly Simon’s million seller from the Summer of 71.


Try as he might to focus, it was getting more difficult as Atomic Betty’s right hand was marching towards her target while Agent Sphinx pushed a handwritten note towards Chips with some free legal advice. Chips read the brief message “Give Judge Collyer 3 weeks to settle and if she refuses to act, see the firm I told you about in Scituate, Massachusetts. Perhaps you can come over to my room tonight and we can finish off that Elderberry wine and she have the NIGHT MOVES. Chips wondered what a Dutch orgasm with a Long Island accent might sound like as the helicopter went into a hover directly about the Rams Head which was originally Rudy’s Tavern in 1949. His Clipper took an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Hamish whose blow up doll had just flown out the open window of Room 401 at the Westin Annapolis.

“Chips, my inflatable Paula Broadwell suffered a penetration leak and blew out the window. Do you think one of the Dangerettes might wish to have me join them at Booth 101?”

Before Chips could reply, the Russian, MacCheese and Sluggo led the group into the men’s room where 80W had slipped out the window to stabilize the rope ladder dangling from the MH60 from Dam Neck, VA. NOTSO and Barry M. Hall had pushed the Juke Box up against the front door to gain some more time for the emergency extract which needed to be complete before Malloy’s buddies from DHS were to arrive from their staging point at Prince George County Sheriff office according to an oath keeping, 2nd Amendment type dispatcher who followed Abel Danger closely and kept AD informed.

The jarring of the Juke Box had cause an old 45 to tumble onto the spinning platform and just as NOTSO and Barry M. Hall were the last two to board the chopper, those in the Rams Head and Agent Hamish thru a JABS remote listening device heard Leo Sayer sing his signature song as a black out chopper climbed on a south westerly course before the SWAT team from PGC was able to arrive at the Rams Head.

Hamish was wondering how Kristine Marcy was enjoying being strangled by the life she chose long before all the other people were after her blood. Meanwhile in the MH60 Chopper, MacCheese whispered to Chips, Julie Shirts and Sphinx that they would be dropped off at Quantico before the remainder of Operation RED ROSE Agents would fly to their rendezvous point at Mount Weather. Hamish, unaware of the extraction, thought to himself that the Captain of the Sukhoi jet might be his nominee to be the 3rd victim of Lord Thurso and he was hoping Chips would be calling soon with his two nominees to be the next to victims of Obama. As he continued doing his Sudoku and expecting a call from Chips, Chips, Julie Shirts and Sphinx knew the dangers they were soon to face, again, and were hoping that God would find them faithful. God had given them the power to obey.


Chips, Sphinx and Julie Shirts were preparing to be dropped at the RP when the silent Russian joined them, saying not a word but showing them a compass and a salmon index card with #311. Chips held up 4 fingers just as the chopper went into a hover and they found themselves in tall grass as the chopper flew off to west south west. Comrade pointed to the N on his compass and led the way. In the same way Rangers lead the way, only perhaps a little quieter. Sphinx followed comrade, Julie Shirts followed Sphinx while Chips and his Sig Sauer P226 brought up the rear. Suddenly a single blue bolt illuminated the moonless night sky as……….

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