Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abel Danger Inside MI3 Innkeepers Ooda Loop - Russian Police Leaflet In Sochi Hotel - Russian Security Forces On Full Alert - Dagestan Terrorist Breeding Ground - Female Suicide Bombers


Russia security forces hunt three potential female suicide bombers, one believed to be in Sochi 

Nataliya Vasilyeva, Associated Press

 January 21, 2014
Sochi 2014: Russia security searches for potential suicide bomber

SOCHI, Russia — Russian security officials are hunting down three potential female suicide bombers, one of whom is believed to be in Sochi, where the Winter Olympics will begin next month.

Police leaflets seen by a reporter at a central Sochi hotel on Tuesday contain warnings about three potential suicide bombers. A police letter said that one of them, Ruzanna Ibragimova, a 22-year-old widow of an Islamic militant, was at large in Sochi.

Russian authorities have blamed the so-called “black widows” of slain insurgents for previous suicide attacks in the country.

Security officials in Sochi were not available for comment on Tuesday. The Black Sea resort town will host the games in February amid concerns about security and potential terrorist attacks.

The southern city of Volgograd was rocked by two suicide bombings in late December, which killed 34 and injures scores more. An Islamic militant group in Dagestan on Monday posted a video claiming responsibility for the bombings and threatened to strike the games in Sochi, about 500 kilometres west of Dagestan.

Police material distributed to the hotel staff also included pictures of two other women in veils: 26-year-old Zaira Aliyeva and 34-year-old Dzhannet Tsakhayeva. It said they had been trained “to perpetrate acts of terrorism.”

It warned that the two women “are probably among us,” but, unlike Ibragimova’s case, did not say if they are in Sochi.

The Olympics are to be held Feb. 7-23. Russia has mounted an intense security operation in the city, but concern persists that “soft targets” outside the Olympic venues, such as buses and tourist facilities, are vulnerable to attack


#1823: Marine links Osborne’s MI-3 Bilderberg list to Serco script-kiddie triage tags, Sochi Radisson bombs


US, Russian forces hunt jihadist widow feared inside Olympic zone



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