Monday, February 22, 2010

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—9 February 2010 Hour 2


David Hawkins/Field McConnell Interview with Jack Stockwell Radio on
February 9, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Jack Stockwell: I am looking at this ah, ahm abeldanger blogspot dot com ah, gentlemen, I have some people calling me and telling me that ah, they’re getting something about the skylab when they go to that web site.

David Hawkins: Ah, they might be spel – spelling ah, abel danger incorrectly, it’s abel, Cain and Able, so it’s a-b-e-l danger…

Jack: Ya, that’s, that’s what just happened here. Someone said here, try this, I just went to it and they’re spelling it a-b-l, or a-b-l-e instead of a-b-e-l.

David: Ya, and the reason why we call it abel is obviously there’s ah - you’ve actually got an internal problem in the United States just as we have ah, in Canada where brothers sisters and wives and husbands and so on, are actually being manipulated to fight each other and kill each other in some cases.

Jack: Ya, so those of you who have just did what I told you to do, try spelling it a-b-e-l danger dot blogspot dot com. You might find that that works a little bit better and as we are going through here I will try to ah, make that change here on my little iPhone and see if that is in fact not the problem here because I want everybody if possible to be looking at this because you need to see this. A-b-e-l danger, Abel like the brother of Cain and see if that doesn’t make ah, ah a bit of difference here, so oh, I see Field McConnell here, that’s the problem. Those of you who were having a problem picking up the skylab *laugh* ya, there it is. Ya, if you’ll spell it a-b-e-l danger dot com, or blogspot dot com you’ll find it.

I just got it on my iPhone so we’re, we’re in the pink. So ah, those of you just tuning in who weren’t listening to the first hour, I’m sorry, we heard some really good information, stay tuned for this hour as we ahm, we’re, we’re looking, we’re looking right now at a picture at abeldanger dot blogspot dot com spelled a-b-e-l danger ah, faces and ah, of people who are put together on this ah, banner ahm, by some fellas in Hawaii, of people who are complicit with ah, with nine-eleven. To some degree or another ah even though some of them ah, well, in the case of Saul Alinsky dead before it happened. But ahm, his ah, his ahm, his ahm, acolyte sitting there with her blond hair and her chin in hand ah, certainly had a role to play. Who is off to her side?

David: Well the guy on the right – actually let me just hop over to the supreme right because there’s a shield that you can see…

Jack: Yes, yes.

David: …which has got the initials fs?

Jack: Yes.

David: F for Fabian; S for society?

Jack: Yes.

David: Fabian Society, and that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now probably the most powerful Fabian banker in the world is David Rockefeller junior.

Jack: And that’s who I’m looking at?

David: Ya, well ah, we’ll, just, we’ll come back to that. The point about ahm, Fabian Society is was launched out of the London School of Economics, I think around the late nineteenth century?

Jack: Yes, yes, I think it really started to gain momentum in the first decade of the twentieth century.

David: Right. And the London School of Economics ah, the alma meter of David Rockefeller junior was John F. Kennedy.

Jack: Yes.

David: And we believe the Fabian Society has – it has three global goals, one is to centralize credit in the hands of the Fabians which they’ve done with this fund at ten Downing Street ahm, which has fifty-five trillion dollars in it. Fifty-five trillion dollars, Jack, right?

Jack: Yes.

David: You can buy a lot of people with fifty-five trillion dollars.

Jack: Huh.

David: And that include the New York City Retirement Fund, the firefighters, in *garbled* and teachers. Anyway, their agenda is to centralize credit with the state and control spending, lending and taxing and in fact, they want a global carbon tax in the global common so everyone pays them for the right to breath out. The second is to have global governance through a global elite of teachers at university level.

Jack: Mhm.

David: And the third is eugenics, that is, the depopulation of the earth through sterilization, or abortion, or genocides.

Jack: Or the elimination of the use of DDT in Africa.

David: Correct.

Jack: This shield, is this the Fabian shield or…

David: Yes.

Jack: Is that a caricature of it?

David: No, that’s the Fabian shield.

Jack: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

David: Exactly. So they infiltrate governments because one of their absolute hatreds is the sovereign state, so they have worked I believe, since the eighteen-eighties or eighteen-nineties in the destruction of the sovereign state and most of the wars I think when we’ve finished our analysis we’ll find that it goes back to the Fabian Society operating out of London.

Jack: Did you ever see the movie ahm, Things to Come, H.G. Wells’ thing that’s ahm, what was the name of the ah, oh the guy that was the star of it, I forget, an English actor but it came out in the thirties, Things to Come, and it was…

David: I didn’t se that.

Jack: …and it was the – you, write that down and rent it. Things to Come, it’s back in the thirties, ahm, ah, my goodness, why can’t I think of the star of that thing, a well known actor. Anyway…

Field Mconnell: I’ll get it for you while you talk.

Jack: Things to Come and there is, you know, of course world war one was suppose to have been the decimation of the planet. That was the design by the Fabian Socialists; it wasn’t suppose to end as quickly as it did and it was suppose to follow the design of H.G. Wells earlier ideas of a one world government because H.G. wells was a globalist in his day and associated with Bertrand Russell and a lot of the other one worlders and ah, in this movie Things to Come there’s, you know, the great war, world war one, decimates the planet and ah, the second half of the movie after the war is over is the formation of this world government and this fellow ah, who represents the world government is visiting these little pockets of people who banded together to survive the decimation of the war. And he’s visiting them one after another to pull them into this world organization and, and this is what was being taught in Hollywood in the thirties. The day of individual state sovereignty is over. If you maintain your sovereignty we will have to destroy you so in the name of peace we invite you to join our world organization. And that’s the…

Field: Raymond Massey.

Jack: Raymond Massey, thank you. And that’s exactly what he says in this movie and the first time I ever saw it was some late Saturday night thing when I was a teenager and got home from a date and I wasn’t ready to go to sleep yet, and it was on some late, late movie and I was watching it. I was fascinated with the fact that they had such high tech representation in the thirties of what could come out of war and the decimation and the, and the famine of war. And, but it wasn’t until I saw it again just a few years ago, and I have a copy of it at home on DVD, that if – with the political ah, knowledge I have now, that I can better understand now, people like the Rockefeller's, people like the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, all these different individual groups here put the bottom line statement of a quarterly report before their own national sovereignty, before the constitution, before any sense that the rest of us have who have got through eleventh grade ah, in the United States, eleventh grade American history and appreciation for the work of our founders, these guys see the Constitution as an absolute impediment to what they’re trying to do. And so once I saw that movie, I tell ya, everything fell into place. Things To Come starring Raymond Massey. Get a copy of it and see it.

David: I will. Well, that’s fantastic, and you see that technique, and it’s so exciting, their shield shows a sheep in wolves clothing.

Jack: Ya, *laugh* It’s ah…

David: Their motus operandi is to ah, get inside a powerful organization and then destroy it from within.

Jack: Yes.

David: Now, it’s very obvious if I ah, or Abel Danger launched a spy and tried to get inside the intimate circle of Vladimir Putin in Russia to find out what he was up to, it would be extremely difficult for us to recruit such an individual. You’ve got to speak Russian fluently, why would ah, Putin ah, chat and expose any secrets to ahm, one of our spies, however, it’s very obvious these people are brilliant users of sex because the way to get inside the intimate circle of someone like Bill Clinton, is through sex.

David: Yes.

David: Right, now, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University who got thrown out of Oxford University for rape and drug trafficking. And in nineteen sixty-nine, he’s ah, off in Russia teaching the Russians ah, how to handle actionable intelligence coming out of Vietnam through John ‘songbird’ McCain.

Jack: Yes.

David: Alright, so Hillary, her career has been, and I believe whether she was recruited directly or indirectly, I think she was hired by the Fabians, right, to work with and through Bill, and ultimately used the charisma of Bill to distract attention from the organization that was coming in behind him. And if you look at all these…

Jack: And the connection was…

David: …characters…

Jack: And the connection between, now you say to distract what was going on behind him? The connection to the Rose Law Firm and Sidley Austin.

David: Well, ah, going back to the QRS ele - eleven gyroscope, the only way those planes could fly as they as they did on nine-one-one was through technology.

Jack: Yes.

David: Like the plane that hit the Pentagon, and people ah, don’t seem to understand what you lost in the Pentagon on nine-one-one. You had the US Naval Command Center taken out, meaning the link between the President of the United States and US Naval assets around the world was broken. So our question is, why don’t you ask what, who, who and where and what those functions transferred to?

Jack: Exactly, see the big debate, which I’ve always believed was a distraction, was it an airplane or a missile?

David: Well, that’s a distraction.

Jack: That’s not important.

David: No.

Jack: What’s important is what was taken out and the fact that the president’s direct link to ah, ahm, nuclear arms submarines was destroyed.

David: And replaced by…

Jack: By replaced by something that a Canadian jet that Canada was in charge of

David: What we know now is an organization called - well, ah, the new world order was in charge of – it’s a company called Femme Comp Inc.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, which has it’s female finger on the nuclear button.

Jack: Right, but I think you understand what I think Canada in charge of it?

David: Absolutely because ahm, I’ve sent you ah, ah, an email today, right? Which ah, I’ll just read the heading, “Murder Suspect Williams Flew Governor General and Minister Aboard the Challenger”, now if you recollect, the Challenger aircraft, we have said and alleged built by Bombardier, were modified combat support aircraft flying civilian aircraft through the nine-one-one war games.

Jack: Okay.

David: “And the office” – I’m just reading this, “The officer charged in the death of two Ontario women was pilot to VIPs including the prime minister and the governor general before he was handed command of the country’s largest air force base.”

Jack: Trinton.

David: So what we’re saying is, the Fabians have been hiring women [the term ‘utilities’ has been mentioned before] to technically if you will, to get inside the ahm, ah, the ah, close space of extremely powerful people such as presidents or commanders of air force bases, and then use them as the wolves in sheep’s clothing, right? To get…

Jack: Now you’re saying this about Hillary with Bill?

David: Absolutely.

Jack: Bill was dumb enough not to see what was happening?

David: No, Bill was ahm, a totally feckless human being into drugs and ahm, power and ah…

Jack: Interns.

David: …rape…

Jack: Ya.

David: …right, at a very early age and a wonderful very charismatic and very bright guy who could just distract people and dazzle them with charisma, exactly like Barack Obama. The more dangerous party is the wife. Now, Hillary went into, and that’s why ah, Michelle Obama is up on this Abel Danger picture, Hillary went into patent and intellectual law because that’s how you get whole of the technology for the wolf inside sheep’s clothing. That’s how you can fly a plane as though it was a Muslim low time pilot and then take out the US Naval Command Center.

Jack: Ya, who couldn’t even land a Cessna. You are listening to Hawks Café who have been on more times than I can count, and I have been fascinated to no end with ah, the way they have drawn this string to – through several, several different people and ah, events that have occurred ah, over, well several decades now, but primarily what’s happened over the last decade, that have been pretty well to draw a picture that, while a lot of people are worried about Zionism, and a lot of people are worried about the collapse of the dollar and worried about a bunch of other stuff I was talking about yesterday. It seems at the top of this is just a, you know, I was in Saint George, we expanded our office ah, gentlemen down to the very southern part of the state. I’ve got a clinic down there now [Jack is a chiropractor] and as I was getting’ ready, I was doing a radio show down there Saturday morning, I was getting ready for the show I turned on the tv while I was getting dressed. And murder incorporated, remember that old thing, Stuart Whitman and, and ah, ahm, must have, I guess it came out in the fifties. That’s kind of what it boils down to now, the old ah, Cain and Abel story. Can we simplify it that much?

David: Ya, it’s a protection racket. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the bosses of the Weatherman terrorist underground where into extortion. You pay protection money or they whack you.

Jack: Yes. *laugh*

David: Right.

Jack: Right, and so the off spring of the old street thugs who went around beating up newspaper men if they didn’t pay protection money from keeping their newspapers from catching on fire have gone to Yale, have gone to ah, the ah, ivy league schools, have gone to London School of Economics ahm, have gone to the Chicago School of Economics, or whatever it’s called right now, and now they are ahm, instead of, you know, with a purple suit and a purple shirt, a purple tie with greased slicked back hair, they’re sitting on these foundations, they’re sitting on these corporate boards, and they have been able to take control essentially through the fear of death, ah, control of Wall Street, control of several other things that ah, kind of put them in the driver’s seat right now and it’s one big expansion from hell’s kitchen to the entire planet.

David: Ya, and they’re charging you for the right to breath.

Jack: That’s the next thing here.

David: Well, it’s, it’s not the next thing, they’ve already done it because the Carbon Disclosure Project that was launched in December of two-thousand, we allege to finance the nine-one-one attack out of ten Downing Street in London, is based on the principle if you don’t tell us how much carbon dioxide you’re using, we’re assuming you’re going to use too much.

Jack: Precisely.

David: So we’re going to kill you.

Jack: Exactly, so the thing is ah, you better ah, you better do what you can up front right now and come into this particular carbon tax bracket because we’ll fine the hell out of you if you don’t.

David: Or, if you don’t we’ll put you on the wrong side of the catastrophe bond.

Jack: *laugh* [cynical laugh]

David: Well, going back to the Utah State Pension Funds, …

Jack: Stay off an airplane.

David: I’m not reproaching you or your former teacher colleagues, Jack, but you don’t know what’s been done with your pension fund and I suggest to you, if you have a group of teachers, or intellectual elite in Utah who are resisting the idea of paying a carbon tax, which is basically the right to breath ahm, they are going to find their portion of the pension fund is put on the losing side of a catastrophe bond.

Jack: Alright, let’s go on here. Who is to the right of ah, Hillary?

David: Okay, the shield, to the right of the shield is a guy called Henry Bienen [interview], who is the…

Jack: To the right of Hillary.

David: Oh, sorry, as I look at the picture of the shield I’ve gone over to the other side to get the big picture.

Jack: Okay *laugh*

David: Right, the shield is the Fabian Society shield which is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Jack: Right.

David: So what I’m trying to do now is to explain how they get the wolf in sheep’s clothing and then insert them into the community so everyone thinks they’re sheep when they’re really wolves. Okay, so the guy on the right is Henry Bienen who was the President of Northwestern University and he is the guy who recruited Bernadine Dohrn, the Weatherman Underground terrorist leader to teach at Northwestern University in the School of Law.

Jack: Yes.

David: And he is, we allege, the boss of the CIA’s SAD, have you ever heard of the SAD?

Jack: Yes.

David: It’s theoretically the Special Activities Division, but our research indicates that this grew out of the Office of Strategic Services in the second world war that was in the Rockefeller Center, and the Office of Strategic Services in the ah, world war two was responsible for sabotage, assassination and deception.

Jack: Okay.

David: And we think that Henry Beinen, the President of Northwestern University, helped to build a service out of Northwestern University through the Kellogg School of Management for sabotage, assassination and deception, except it wasn’t for the United States of America, it was for the Fabian Society.

Jack: *sigh* Alright.

David: To the left of the shield the Fabian Society, is a guy who is wearing the robe of the realm in the United Kingdom?

Jack: Yes.

David: And his name is ah, Lord Michael Ashcroft, and Lord Michael Ashcroft is a very interesting guy because he restructured the security company Tyco and ADT and in nineteen eighty-nine, the ADT security company was awarded, wait for it, a forty-five year contract to maintain security for the United States and the United Kingdom Government. That’s pretty weird when you think about it. That the United States Government, we the people etcetera, should ah, hand off security of government buildings such as the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon, or the White House, or Capital Building, or the Secret Services office in building number seven in the World Trade Center to a Brit for forty-five years.

Field: David, let me jump in there.

Jack: Ya, that is quite odd.

Field: Jack, while they ah, handed off the security to the Brits, in the case of nine-eleven, they al – also handed off the security of our airspace to the Canadians in the person of Maurice Berile [not sure on spelling until verified] – Henry Shelton, the ah, the chairman, had taken a hike and gone over to Europe and during the time of the nine-eleven attack, the entire defense of North America was under a Canadian general and ah, although that happens routinely ah, because of the nature of joint Canadian and ah, US Air Force participation in NORAD [North American Air Defense], nine-eleven attacks during those multi-layered exercises could not could not have occurred had not General Berile [not sure on spelling until checked] and his ah, lap dog, Richard Finley, been in charge. So what we have is the Brits providing security while the Canadians attack America on nine-eleven.

Jack: Right, that’s what I meant earlier when I said a Canadian general was in charge. Ya, precisely. So let’s move on here.

David: Okay, well ahm, so ah, this man, Michael Ashcroft, incidentally, is associated through the ah, DEA, Drug Enfor – Drug Enforcement Agency investigation?

Jack: Yes.

David: With ah, air smuggling drug trafficking and money laundering under the Turks and Cacaos islands and he’s in charge of ADT Security and it was ADT security dispatchers that sent the ah, firefighters in the Twin Towers, up to their death. That sent people working in the North Tower, a company called Co2e dot com

Jack: Mhm.

David: …the ADT dispatchers had appeared to have hacked into the security system of the Twin Towers and basically herded high value victims to different parts of the towers where their carbon dioxide was monitored and signals sent to Chicago to drive the computer to determine whether or not the buildings should be demolished.

Jack: Hmm.

David: On the left of Michael Ashcroft is ah, George Brown, the president – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Jack: Gordon Brown.

David: Ah, Gordon Brown.

Jack: Ya, kind of a younger picture there.

David: To the left of him is a man called Maurice Strong.

Jack: Oh yes.

David: Now Maurice Strong is a genocidal psychopath who is a Canadian, who was responsible for the oil for food program and the theft of about thirty-billion dollars to finance we allege, nine-one-one. And he’s a depopulationist who believes the earth population should be reduced from six billion to five-hundred million.

Jack: Yes.

David: And in nineteen fifty-two or fifty-three, David Rockefeller sent him to Kenya to build up the Mau Mau terrorist organization.

Jack: Hm.

David: To the left of Maurice Strong is Bernadine Dohrn, who Edgar Hoover described as “the most dangerous woman in America”, who is now teaching at Northwestern University School of Law on the Rwanda Genocide and Torture, Paradigms and Practice.

Jack: Good gracious.

David: And she built in the courts a nation wide revolutionary network to bomb and to kill in the seventies including bombing the Pentagon.

Jack: Ya, she’s still free walking the streets.

David: And when did she dismantle that network?

Jack: Ahhh, the weather women? [that’s funny, Jack, the ‘weather women’] I don’t believe she dismantled the networks.

David: She never dismantled the network.

Jack: No.

David: She was hired into Northwestern University by her father-in-law [Ayers] and Henry Bienen to extend the network. And she used, we allege, the Kellogg School of Management’s global supply chains to move weapons, agents and money around the world, but remember, she’s only an asset in global networks, she’s not the network.

Jack: Well no, she’s a utility.

David: Exactly.

Jack: Because her name is so prominent.

David: And she’s got a lot of skills building bombs and putting networks together and staying on the lamb. Next to her [referring to the pictures on the banner at the top of the Abel Danger blog] is Richard Sandor.

Jack: Oh, that’s why I didn’t recognize him.

David: Now Richard Sandor is the Chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange and one of the ah, fellow founders of the Chicago Climate Exchange is Maurice Strong.

Jack: Ya, who stands to make billions off the carbon tax.

David: Absolutely so does Al Gore who trades on the Chicago Exchange.

Jack: Yes, right.

David: And what the Chicago Climate Exchange is, is an extortion racket which says to people, “Either you pay for the right to breath out, or you tell us how much you are breathing out so we can tax you, or we’re going to kill you.” And the biggest trader of carbon dioxide credits on nine-one-one was ah, a group of individuals with a company called Co2e dot com at the top of the North Tower.

Jack: Yes.

David: And that was the only competition to the perspective launch of the Chicago Climate Exchange in two-thousand and three. They killed them all, Jack.

Jack: Yes.

David: Except for the people who were given inside information to be out of the building.

Jack: Who were out there buying puts on American and United Airlines.

David: Philip Ginsberg was the vide-President of the company C02e dot com and he was ‘accidentally’ out of the building and he’s a lecturer at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. So on the left of ah, Sandor…

Jack: Sandor.

David: …is a guy called Peter Peterson. Now Peter Peterson is a nineteen forty-seven alumnus of the Kellogg School of Management. On nine-one-one he happened to be the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, he was also the Chairman of the Blackstone private Equity Group which owned the mortgage on building number seven.

Jack: *laugh* [what else is there left to do but laugh, right]

David: And Peter Peterson took out a catastrophe bond on building number seven…

Jack: Yes.

David: …by doubling the insurance mortgage by four-hundred million.

Jack: Right, right.

David: So when it came down he made four-hundred million profit as a sponsor and he shared it with his colleagues in the Council on Foreign Relations which includes in Chicago, the first lady of the United States.

Jack: Incre – just absolutely incredible.

David; And above ah, Peter Peterson, whose a draft dodger, he got kicked out of MIT for plagiarizing a paper that went to the Kellogg School of Management is ahm, a famous Fabian by the name of Tony Blair.

Jack: Yes, yes... *laugh* …geezuz…[how bad can it get, hey Jack]

David: And Tony Blair, and more importantly his wife, Sheri Blair, launched the Carbon Disclosure Project at ten Downing Street on the fourth of December two-thousand, we allege to finance the nine-one-one attack.

Jack: My goodness, my goodness.

David: Now, very interesting, Sheri Blair, is a graduate, or an alumnus of the London School of Economics.

Jack: Alright, I’ve got some off air questions for you here.

David: Yes.

Jack: Where does Conrad Black fit in? Where does Sarah Palin fit in? And can you take a moment and explain the origin of the name Fabian?

David: Okay, ahm, the Fabian General, or Fabius, I think ah, maybe Field could google for his full name? He was a guy with a big wart on his nose and he was a brilliant general and he was up against Hannibal and he was trying to defend Rome from the Carthaginians, or the Hannibal’s hordes, right?

Jack: Right.

David: But he figured he couldn’t take them on frontally because Hannibal was a brilliant general and the Romans were out numbered, so he developed a technique called “attrition”, an organized retreat with a scorched earth policy? And so the Fabians being cowards, scumbags and traitors, will never take on the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada and Australia.

Jack: Ahm, I want you to finish your thought, but when we get to Conrad Black, I think we need to bring in the name Bronfman with it, but ah, go ahead, David.

David: Ahm, so the question was what do I think of, or what do we think of Conrad Black and Sarah Palin, or was there something…

Jack: Ya, let’s do Conrad Black first because he was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

David: Okay, Conrad Black is probably the best publisher that Canada’s ever had. He had the Hollinger Newspaper chain where one of its groups of investigative journalists in the national Post was starting to expose this ah, Fabian scam?

Jack: Ya.

David: Conrad Black was an administrator of the Biderburger Group and he knew all the details of for example, Bilderburger meeting in Gutenberg meeting in Sweden on the twenty-fourth to the twenty-seventh of May two-thousand and one where we think the ah, final planning for nine-one-one was completed ahm, in the company amongst others, John Carrey.

Jack: My goodness.

David: Now, after nine-one-one various people including Conrad Black, were in a position to expose this conspiracy so he had to be destroyed. So the Fabian bankers arranged a loan, because everything is financed with debt, arranged a loan of three point nine billion dollars to Camwest Global which bought the Hollinger chain from Conrad Black and then through the ah, KPMG and Sidley Austin set up ahm, ah, Conrad Black with a bogus claim of undo expenses from the ah, partnership agreement and they effectively put him in jail where he’s been silenced. So I think the Fabian Society took out Conrad Black because he threatened to expose the nine-one-one conspiracy.

Jack: Sarah Palin?

David: Ah, Sarah Palin, ahm, Field, jump in here. I don’t want to be too intrusive here because she is I think a very capable woman. I personally as a Brit and a Canadian, I look at Sarah Palin, who said of her fifth child who ahm, has certain disadvantages, “He’s beautiful to me and I think that’s what mothers are suppose to say.”

Jack: Well, that’s true, but on the other hand let me say this.

David: Mmm.

Jack: Ahm, anybody who makes any advancement either party in America can’t do so without the endorsement of this group.

David: Exactly, but now, and that, if I may – Field, is it reasonable if I just talk about the symbol above the Fabian Society shield? Ah, you see that we’ve got there an eagle, a wonderful picture of an eagle. And if I can just take a moment, my wife ah, took that picture of the eagle at White Rock.

Jack: Ya.

David: And Kui Longboard whose built this wonderful site has taken her eagle, we call it ‘Lady Eagle’, whether it’s a lady I don’t know or not, the American flag and ah, it’s below the words ‘Tea Party Reform?’ And you can see the words ‘We Love Co2?’ And ‘Don’t Tread on the Truth.’ Now, I believe, and I could be proved wrong, I’m sure that this tea party is a hugely powerful movement, but it’s disorganized, it has at the moment – its got no leaders. And what the Fabian Society is going to try to do, is demonize and break it up before it gets real momentum for the congressional elections in November. And any potentiality that starts to appear like Sarah Palin, will be attacked and demonized.

Jack: Ya.

David: And possibly co-opted but I don’t think they’re going to find it very easy with this woman. She has a lot of integrity. But what she lacks and the tea party lacks, is a framework for the November congressional elections.

Jack: Yes.

David: And if it’s ever going to turn into a movement, it’s going to need some issues. So what we’ve done and I hope it, I hope it’s with the proper humility ahm, if you scroll down below the shield Fabian Society. It says, ‘Go to Abel Danger Home Page?’

Jack: Yes.

David: And then it says, “Print the Tea Party Reform?’

Jack: Yes.

David: And I would invite your readers ah, your listeners ah, Jack, and in Utah, to look at this platform we’ve written ahm, for the ah, congressional elections in November. It can be printed out and very briefly we’ve described what we think is a remedy for this ah, Fabian Society corruption and the new world order and the carbon tax. And ahm, I don’t know if you want to go into that now, or continue with the faces…

Jack: Well, there’s only a couple left and it’s interesting that some pictures are bigger than others and the two, three most prominent ones there are probably the guy who is in the middle who we all know and love as Al Gore [like in algorithm, Jack].

David: Right.

Jack: And immediately beside him is ah, Pelosi.

David: Yes.

Jack: And also Hillary ah, those are the three biggest pictures. Maybe Bara – Barack Obama’s picture, but Al Gore has the most prominent picture in that entire banner.

David: Right, and I think that’s related to his work ahm, I don’t know if you remember, Jack, but I was coordinator of artificial intelligence and geoscience research for Sclumberger [not sure on spelling of the name of this company]…

Jack: Mhm.

David: …in Connecticut in nineteen eighty-one and I pioneered the development of
models, mental models for interpreting data?

Jack: Mhm.

David: And at that time I sensed, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, there was something coming through Schlumberger [I think this is the correct company] which I really didn’t like, which was an attempt to ah, reduce a human brain to a set of rules in a computer, essentially an algorithmic representation?

Jack: Mhm.

David: And that’s why I think it’s so ironic because Al Gore and algorithmic, you know, they’ve got *laugh* a certain resonance. And what we’re saying is, that these people you are looking at have built an algorithmic decision making on a computer that determines whether or not people are going to get killed depending on whether they’re paying a carbon dioxide tax.

Jack: Oh my goodness.

David: And Al Gore alleging claims to be behind the internet and was peddling artificial intelligence to congress back about the time I was working with Schlumberger.

Jack: Ah.

David: Go ahead.

Jack: I just want to interrupt this for a second. I was sent this ahm, email here, by my wife regarding your background?

David: Yes.

Jack: And I just wanted people to hear this. Ah, graduated from Cambridge with honors, first class honors in mechanical engineering Cambridge University, diploma in industrial management, Cambridge University, Foundation Scholarship, Queen’s College, Cambridge University, for outstanding academic performance in applied mathematics and thermal dynamics, so ladies and gentlemen that’s who you’re listening to.

David: Yes, thermal dynamics is the science of hot air, waste and chaos [you mean like the Goddess of Chaos, Eris?]

Jack: Yes.

David: *laugh* Which is a great metaphor for politics, right?

Jack: Hot air, waste and chaos.

David: Right, now, so I was given – my, the brain I’ve got is my gift from God you know, so ah, I’m not the owner of this brain. It’s a very powerful machine, sometimes I sit on my own shoulder and look at it and say, “Wow, that’s pretty spectacular!” But I can look at people like Al Gore, and I think in a way that a lot of people can’t do, I can, I can position him in the organization that uses it. Which is what about, which is about thermal dynamics, it’s not the particle that’s of interest, it’s the energy that moves the particle through space.

Jack: Right.

David: And all of these people are particles in a sense, and they’re being moved by huge forces, financial forces, energetic forces and so on.

Jack: And running for their life forces.

David: Well, they’re running towards great wealth or from great fear.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, but, but in many ways they’re victims but you have to hold everyone to account, right? Now I think the ninety-nine percent of the people who are involved in ah, nine-one-one are either fooled, duped or terrified. There are very, very few people who are at the top of what in criminal law, I think you call them ‘men’s rare’ [not sure of this term until checked], the guilty mind who help plan it all together?

Jack: Mhm.

David: Now the algorithms used by Richard Sandor to run the ah, I sometimes call it the ‘carbon cap and kill project’ [and I call it high tech automated killing by numbers], where written by a group of people, he being just one, but the most interesting guy who wrote the cap and kill ruled into the algorithms that were used on nine-one-one was a director of the Joyce Foundation.

Jack: Okay.

David: Barack Hussein Obama.

Jack: Ah, Field, we haven’t heard a whole lot from you, what’s your opinion of the Tea Party Platform?

Field: Ah, we’re trying to establish what the Tea Party Platform is, but ah, as you can see that our tea party that we announced doesn’t say ‘tea’, so we’re

Jack: It’s just tea.

Field: Well, we think it’s the truth. In out adaptation it’s the ah, truth party, the treason party, or the traitor party because we’re telling the truth about the treasonous traitors that attacked America on nine-eleven and are poised to attack Whistler next week, and ah, they got some other surprises planned. For instance, if anybody is listening to the media in America is the government is one-hundred percent sure they’re going to be an Al Qaeda attack by August.

Jack: In America?

Field: Yes, and ah…

Jack: Yes, I knew when I was looking at this Tea Party Platform, it wasn’t the t-e-a, but the letter ‘t’ *laugh* when I started reading the points of your platform here, so ah, ladies and gentlemen, when you go – when you click on the ‘Tea Party Platform’ this is their letter ‘T’ party platform, not the Tea Party back in Nashville. But ah, if the Tea Party platform back in Nashville had these aspects to the platform check for a thousand bucks today.

David: And you know what, what I think we’re saying is, we’ve got, we’ve got an eagle inside sheep’s clothing. But basically we’re friendly on the inside, we’re friendly on the outside, but we want to go after the weasels.

Jack: Ya.

David: Alright hey, let’s talk about Whistler. We’ve only got a few minutes – we only have five minutes left on the program today.

David: Okay, what has happened in British Columbia for the Vancouver twenty-ten Olympics and ah, Whistler is a great ski resort, is that the British Columbians have been trapped into ah, basically unlawful debt. We’ve borrowed seven to ten billion dollars of money to build ahm, the Olympic facilities including the rat – the Canada line and the road widening to Whistler, and all of the agreements that have put together relate back to this algorithm developed by Sandor and Obama where you borrow money and pay back not interest and principal, but you pay back carbon tax.

Jack: Alright.

David: And if you don’t pay the carbon tax they whack you. Right, now in every case if you look at these cat bonds being triggered. They take a target area, a target city like New York City on nine-one-one, or Washington on nine-one-one?

Jack: Yes.

David: And they say, “Either you pay the carbon tax or we will fire up an algorithm that will and it doesn’t matter how much carbon you are emitting whether or not you paid your money, and automatically through the computer send a signal for example, to some saboteurs and assassins and they’re going to kill you. And it will all be done by computers – what they’ve forgotten, these clowns, is that the people who programmed the computer that executed nine-one-one and we allege the ah, clean bombing, the power plant in Connecticut, and possibly the attacks on the Vancouver Olympics, either by air or by ground, the people who programmed the algorithms are guilty of murder for hire. So if we can find out who programmed the algorithms that were used on nine-one-one, the cleanex bombing, sorry, the clean bombing and God forbid, the attacks on the Olympics then we have the core elements of the biggest court case in the history of the world.

Jack: Yes.

David: Which is a murder for hire conspiracy we think funded by the Fabian Society, but we already know who funded it, or programmed, who put the laws or rules into the algorithm, it was Barack Hussein Obama at the Joyce Foundation and Richard Sandor at the Kellogg School of Management.

Jack: *cynical sigh*

David: So we’re in a position to launch, or help the Tea Party get legs ahm, and I’m not running for office – I’m hoping that Field will in this congress. But I think if he runs on this Tea Party platform, and that’s don’t tread on the truth party, then ah, without actually forming a new party like the republicans, you know, competing with the republicans, you say to the republicans, “We want to see the candidates in the republican party or the democratic party that support the Tea Party principles. And I would suggest to the Tea Party people who are looking for a candidate to support, if you support that you’ll get your country back.

Jack: Well…

David: If you don’t you’re finished.

Jack: There are other people who I have on my show from time to time who are of much the same opinion and ah, the continuation of a life span of this republic ah, is definitely hanging in the balance. Gentlemen, we have to go but ah, you know, this last, I guess its been a month, I don’t want to go that long again by any means ahm, maybe we, I’m going to look at the schedule. Maybe we can get something scheduled in another couple of weeks if that’s okay with you?

David: Absolutely.

Field: That would be great.

Jack: Field, thank you so much for being a part of the show ah, are you using skype today?

Field: No, I’m on a telephone, Jack.

Jack: Oh, okay, you just sound really good. Alright guys, thanks a lot, we’ll see you later.

David: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Take that as you will. I suggest that you spend some time perhaps researching some of their sources that they ah, they list an awful lot of information there, but ah, abeldanger dot blogspot dot com, a-b-e-l danger.

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