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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—10 February 2010 Hour 1

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

David Hawkins/Field McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on
February 10, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan Allan: And so which one of the incredible events that just happened starting over the weekend ah, are we going to discuss?

David Hawkins: Well, hello, Rayelan, it’s nice to be with you ahm, from my point of view there is no other story than the arrest on Sunday of Colonel Russell Williams, the Canadian Officer who appears to have been flying Bombardier electronic warfare and combat support jets through the nine-one-one attack on the United States, and he‘s been arrested and charged with murder and sexual assault. Of course he’s innocent until proved guilty ahm, those attacks, assaults and murders are associated with snuff films.

Rayelan: Now he wouldn’t happened to have been out at the pig farm would he have been?

David: That’s what we can on to, but very important for Americans, Australians, Canadian and British soldiers in Afghanistan, this man who would have flown Canadian Prime Ministers ad generals into key parts of the world including General Michaelle Jean [I think this is the correct name] Afghanistan.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Ah, was in charge of a Canadian intelligence base called ah, Mirage which is responsible for intelligence and logistics for Canadian Forces in Afghanistan where they’re getting shot and blown up on a regular basis with improvised explosive devices.

Rayelan: Right.

Davd: Which we have been alerting the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper for years that when the Taliban set up an improvised explosive devices to kill American, Canadian, British and American [I think David meant Australian] troops it’s because there is a leak of their movements where they’re going and when they’re going to be there coming through Canada and the Airborne Internet that was developed and we call it ‘Charlotte’s web?’

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, by the Fabian bankers J.P. Morgan and *garbled* [couldn’t clearly understand the name] ah, for me, and incidentally, this man is in charge of airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Rayelan: You are amazed – you are kidding me?! *Sigh*

David: Right, now just go back to nine-one-one, what they did, this scum, is they got General Henry Shelton, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on a plane going to Europe, and George W. Bush whose formerly a pilot with the Texas Air National Guard reading a goat story.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So the two people with the fighter aircraft knowledge who would have seen an early warning signal that the war games between Canada and the United States was a set up. They were off seat and they were not in the Presidential Chain of Command. Therefore the Presidential Chain of Command had been handed off to the Senior Executive Service, and this organization of women, Femme Comp Inc, which is basically an organization as I see it a bunch of women that are ah, ah, conspiring to overthrow the Government of United States.

Rayelan: Yes, but, but, tell them [listeners] how powerful they are because Femme Comp Inc., if I’m not mistaken, controls many of the defense appropriations? [scroll down]

David: They control the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, c four sr facilities and they have done so since nineteen seventy-nine when they were set up by President Carter and the founder of the Senior Executive Service ah, I believe Kristine Marcy, Field’s sister.

Rayelan: Unbelievable, unbelievable that they have remained hidden all this time.

David: That’s the key to success, to be camouflaged. If you’re coward and your treasonous, you have to stay under cover until you think you’re strong enough to stage a nine-one-one which was a coup de’ tat to overthrow the United States.

Rayelan: And they did it.

David: And the on seen commanders, that is that the ah, Flight seventy-seven which allegedly hit the Pentagon, Flight ninety-three that got blown up over Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and eleven-hundred and seventy-five that took out the North and South Towers. Most witnesses in the area witnessed a small white jet with a spoiler, up turned wings ah, totally white and these Field has given me the right terminology. These are on seen command vehicles?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And they are responsible for the electronic hijacking of passenger aircraft, which hypothetically for the sake of nine-one-one, had been hijacked by actors. And what Americans thought was being tested was the software being developed in Canada, to take a plane that had been physically hijacked and return it safely. What the Americans didn’t know, as this guy Russell Williams, who was in command of that transport facility for American VIPs ah, prime ministers and governor general, appears to have been in the business of, or extorted by a snuff film network.

Rayelan: Un – unbelievable. Do you want to talk about this snuff film network that these people are all involved in for just a minute because we got lot’s of new listeners? Ah, just ah, I don’t even know how to cover it. [you are about as jaded as I am, Rayelan]

David: I’ll go back to the pig farm.

Rayelan: Ya, go back to the pig farm.

David: In British Columbia, there is ah, a famous pig farm owned by the Pickton family, Willie Pickton. About the time Colonel Russell Williams joined the Air Force which was in nineteen-eighty seven, women have been taken from the downtown east side, prostitutes and we believe through ahm, a couple of my chief hereditary friends in British Columbia, children as well, and they were taken out to the ah, Pickton Pig Farm to engage in strip shows. And the raves that took place at that pig farm in years running up to two-thousand and one, would have seventeen-hundred people, free cocaine, free marijuana, free alcohol. Hell Angels were selling the tickets and there was a dance hall built with a mortgage arranged through the Liberal Party of Canada ah, for about a million dollars. The top of the rage dance hall at the pig farm and at the back of the it was a film editing studio.

Rayelan: Oh wow.

David: And the women would go out there and for a free crack cocaine or whatever, the promise was made to them perhaps money, apparently they would strip on stage and then someone would jump out from behind the curtains with a chainsaw. Sorry to be nasty but this is dirty stuff.

Rayelan: It, it is horrible stuff and people need to know about it and it’s going on for over thirty years now

David: Ya.

Rayelan: Maybe longer.

David: And so lawyers and would be politicians and local business people and children as well, they would go up there, particularly I would presume they’re at a younger age because when your young you like to do thrilling and exciting things.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Now, there’s a woman called Di, Dia, D-i-n-a-h Taylor who is part native blood and she seems to have been the woman that was the mattress ad ah, di for the organization of the dancing and the snuff films.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And she was described as a ahm, a psychopath?

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And it was said there were many women in leather gear out at that pig farm from out of town?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And the pig farm is not far from the Vancouver Airport. And it would appear because that pig farm was run by a federally registered charity. I’ll repeat that, the Pickton Pig Farm dance hall was run by a federally registered, a liberal government registered charity in Canada called the ‘Piggey Palace Good Times Society.’

Rayelan: That is…

David: That means it would have had a board of directors.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Alright, who we allege are responsible for the wrongful death of the women who died out at the pig farm. Now no one, and you can understand what I’m saying is true, has had the courage to come forward and report what they’ve seen there because these people are killers. And anyone who is on the digital imagine that contains shots of any of the women or children being tortured or killed out at that pig farm is owned for life.

Rayelan: Ya, talk about that one lawyer or politician that you heard make the comment.

David: There wasn’t a politician – I’m the politician, I’m the leader of the Brit – British Columbia Reform Party so when I was campaigning in this *garbled* near Vancouver, I talked to people about the collapse of the justice system in Canada…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and amongst others I went to a hair dressing salon and a woman I was talking to there, I was hoping to get her vote, she said, “You know”, and she looked at me totally pale, she said, “David, what your saying horrifies me because”, and I forget if it was her boyfriend, “he was a firefighter, he had been out to that pig farm and he said”, this is her words so ahm, I can’t second guess it or demonstrate whether it’s true or not, but apparently he told her, “he would rather die than appear in court as a witness to what he saw at the pig farm.”

Rayelan: And I’m, I’m wondering if that’s exactly what would happen if ah, charges are ever brought that all the people connected to it will just commit suicide?

David: And that’s what we have to get past you see, ah, ah, with your listeners collectively we can throw the lights on this. So I’ve written to Harper this morning and I’ve sent you a copy of that letter, Steven Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And I’ve pointed out to him this man who has been arrested, Colonel Russell Williams, and like all people he’s presumed innocent until proven guilty and I’m very ready to concede that to him.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And everyone must do that. Now the problem is, if it is true that he was involved in recording women being tortured and raped and possibly killed, we have to go back in time to when he joined the Canadian Air Force in nineteen-eighty-seven.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And ask ourselves was he entrapped at that stage, for example, did he fly - he was flying cl one-four-four’s which are ahm, electronic warfare Bombardier Aircraft for the Canadian Air Force. Now, when Canadian pilots get out of their planes and go and drink at a local pub they’re obviously targets for ahm, the intelligence services of the enemy.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: Which Canada and the United State have many. Now what it would appear in nineteen seventy-nine with this organization Femme Comp Inc., that a bunch of radical women, not necessarily lesbian or bisexual, decided that they wanted - the best way of getting into a position of overthrowing the Government of the United States. Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom for example, would be to get into a relationship with a target in the military or in politics and inevitably involve them in ah, blackmaleable situation.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: For example, on camera out at the pig farm.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Extort them.

Rayelan: Ya, I mean just imagine, this guys invited out there, he’s having a good time ah, he’s standing my the ah, ah stage watching this woman strip and suddenly and suddenly the guy comes out with the chain saw and there he is smiling as she’s being sawed in half.

David: Ya, and I’m just giving you a hypothetical there. I don’t know that, you know he’s certainly used chain saws to cut up the bodies and he fed bits to the pigs and the other bits he cooked on an open fire as a barbecue

Rayelan: And fed to the people that attended?

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: And this is exactly the way I heard stories of this happening in Mexico and in South America and orchestrated by people in our government.

David: Now, let’s be very careful about orchestrated people in your government, yes, those people might be orchestrating it but we don’t know why they’re orchestrating it.

Rayelan: Right, I agree.

David: Right, so this man, Russell Williams, he had a tremendous reputation and a brilliant career, I mean, just imagine being I charge of Canada’s logistics base for the troops in Afghanistan? Where right now Canadian, British and Australian troops are essentially defending the drug trade with the Taliban.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Right, where these profits are being laundered through these banks, like J.P. Morgan at ah, in the United Kingdom, and these soldiers are being sacrificed with an internal treasonous intelligence service.

Rayelan: Ya, that sounds about normal, I mean…

David: So now the Winter Olympics you have – we have a huge risk because now that the airborne commander for security for the Winter Olympics is in jail what is the backup doing? And who is the backup?

Rayelan: Ya, who is?

David: So if they have an attempt to coup de’ tat that failed on nine-one-one why wouldn’t they attempt a coup de’ tat when the Canadian Parliament is shut down, pro-rouged [not sure of this term] as the is the technical word and Steven Harper the rime Minister who is a great hockey fan shows up in Vancouver in Whistler with senior ministers of the Canadian Government and the person in charge of airborne security for the Winter Olympics is in jail?

Field: Hey David, can I jump in here?

David: Yes, please do.

Field: While your ah, parliament is pro-rouged [not sure of this term] up in Canada, the leadership of the United States of America is inundated with snowstorms in DC and New York City, so business as usu, excuse me, business as usual is not being conducted in Washington D.C. or New York ah, due to the inundation of snow at the same time Whistler Olympics are being deprived of snow and it’s my understanding they’re trucking it in so the Olympics can go on as per normal.

David: Well…

Rayelan: It does seem kind of strange that we are completely shut down and you wonder what’s going on while our government and Wall Street and finances are completely shut down because of, you know, this snow that’s been brought about by global warming. [I’ll say, Rayelan, four feet of white global warming]

David: Ya, and all of those are distraction, but the key I think, is to get into the chain of command.


David: Well ah…

Field: Chain of command. [Field keeping David on track]

Rayelan: Chain of command.

David: Ya, the chain of command and let’s, let’s back up here. Ah. Remember on nine-one-one there was a war game exercise called ‘Global Guardian’ going on?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And Field McConnell whose filed a court case in Fargo, North Dakota, Hawks Café verses the Global Guardians, where - since they gave the name to the war game on nine-one-one Global Guardians, we’ve taken that name and used it to refer to the criminal organization that executed the nine-one-one attacks, right? So since they described as the Global Guardians on nine-one-one we at Hawks Café are going to take them down as a racketeering, influence and criminal organization called the ‘Global Guardians.’

Rayelan: Fantastic.

David: But that was filed in two-thousand and seven.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Alright, and we’ve learned a lot more since then, more particularly how they infiltrated and took over the chain of command on nine-one-one, and took that chain of command away from the President of the United States, away from Congress and transferred it to an organization we now recognize as the Senior Executive Service which is about seven-thousand senior bureaucrats that control each government department in the United States?

Rayelan: And, and David, you’ve got to really make people understand what the Senior [Executive] Service is. In other words, a member of the Senior Executive Service could walk into the Secretary of Defense’s Bob Gates office, and say, “You’re out of here I’m taking over.”

David: Correct. And ah, let Field describe that because his sister I believe, founded the Senior Executive Service in nineteen seventy-nine.

Field: Yes, okay, and the way I found out about this by the way ah, in the late chapters of the fourth book, roughly around chapters twenty-six and seven ah, my character and myself in reality were going were going down to a high school reunion ah, in Destin, Florida, and that was a very intelligence rich reunion and ah, I met a gentleman there whose hiding place is in Naval Intelligence who when I asked him one-to-one privately, if there were enough loyal servants [corporations verses flesh and blood people] ah, in positions of authority within the United States Government, and that was the Alpha Channel of government which is ah, the government which most of your listeners are aware of which includes the elected officials that ah, are supposedly elected in free elections.

But anyway, I asked him if there were enough servants in the Alpha channel of government to save this country from the plans of the ah, group that I call, “Fabian Marxist oddballs that want to destroy America for benefit of one world order, or the new world order, or whatever you want to call it.” His response to me was, “Yes, there’s enough people and ah, especially the Department of Defense and also in the Department of Treasury and also America can be saved.” And I said, “If there’s enough people that can save it what’s the problem in getting it saved?” And he asked me, “If I ever heard of the SES?” And I answered that, “No, I had not.” And he told me that, “The SES is the Senior Executive Service.” Ah, and he didn’t give me a whole lot of that because as soon as he told me the name Senior Executive Service, I told ah, this gentleman who had actually gone to school in Puerto Rico. Ah, the same high school I went to, I told him just with the name SES in five minutes I could be an expert on it because I could make a phone call to David Hawkins in Vancouver, which I did immediately, and by the time I got up into my room and check emails, David had made the starting – startling conclusion that not only was SES deployed, but had been deployed since its inception in nineteen seventy-nine, but David was ah, really pleased and determined that it appeared my own sister was the one who had created this SES.

And what the SES effectively does is it effectively blocks communications vertically upwards. Just so your listeners can understand this idea, let’s pick the FBI, and if ninety-nine percent of the FBI employees are loyal all it takes is one SES person between the director of the FE - FBI which is Robert Swan Mueller the third, a former Marine who I think was educated at Rutgers, but who cares ahm, but it would take just one ahm, wet behind the ears junior SES plant to be shoved in sideways to obstruct the flow of information from the FBI upwards, which means that ah, whether you like or dislike people like Obama and George Bush, they are in a position of ignorance because real, real intelligence is suppressed and cannot get to them vertically because of SES blockers, but also during the Clinton Administration ah, the Gorelick wall went up which prohibited cross talk between FBI and CIA and other agencies. So that brings us around to this day in history which I think is about the tenth of February of two-thousand and ten where the intelligence communities of the United States and Canada are completely obstructed.

At the same time that the centers of government of Canada and the United States are in incommunicado due to snowstorms and the pre-rouge, I think I’m pronouncing that right, but the ah, the decision by Harper to shut down the parliament, and so what we have now are real world threats against Whistler and the Winter Olympics, and also in the ah, private intelligence networks, there’s a lot of chatter [I like the term sub space chatter where all thought is vectored] regarding Iran, Israel, UK and US in using terms such as ‘orders of battle’ and ah, I’m familiar with air orders of battle, but these are not good things ahm, but I’ll turn it over to the long winded one with the cheesy accent who can go on from here, but ah, if it weren’t for private intelligence sources and cross talking ah, I think we would be much more vulnerable, but as it, as it is we are plenty vulnerable thanks a lot to the SES ah, and the SES in Washington D.C. needs to be gone yesterday.

Rayelan: Okay, where are we? We’ve just finished…

David: Okay, I’ve just, ya, I’ve got something very exciting and you’ll have received the reply ahm, because it went by copies. There’s a woman by the name of Diane Cooper who’s just sent me an email from the Femme Comp address in Chantilly?

Ryaelan: Oh, very interesting, I see that.

David: And she said, “Please stop emailing me.”

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: Alright, so this is going to be in my reply, and I’m sort of typing it while I ah, think. This is going to go back to her, and I’m putting the address in which is the s, and I’ll read it out so that people can take note but ah, perhaps it can go into the chat room or onwards. So this is an organization called Femme Comp Inc. and Femme is the French word for woman.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: Comp is an abbreviated form ah, of a word that we now believe is compromis [French], or compromised?

Rayelan: Right.

David: So if you’re a woman who happens to have bizarre sexual ahm, appetite, and happen to go to a pig farm in your youth to attend a strip show, and you’re on one of these ah, snuff films, then you would, or could usefully be described as compromised.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And we now – we know there are a lot of leather-clad women from out of town at the pig farms during these raves when the women were killed.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So I believe that the word Femme Comp Inc ahm, which was set up in nineteen seventy-nine, the year the unabombing started, was set up by the people who founded the Senior Executive Service. Now, whether that was Kristine Marcy, Field’s sister, or some of her colleagues, I don’t know, but given the authority granted to Femme Comp Inc. it looks like there was an attempt, a treasonous attempt, to create a government within a government inside the United States that was run by radical feminists.

Rayelan: Now there is that radical feminist group in ahm, in ah, Canada, who believes there are three sexes, there are males, there are females and there are lesbians.

David: Ya, and in French they were called les lesbiennes radicales.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: And if you look at the history of the Weather Underground organization?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Particularly Bernadine Dohrn who’s a lecturer at the Northwestern University School of Law?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, she is on record, and I don’t have it in front of me, but they ah, used a combination of sex and drugs to take over the Weatherman Underground radical organization and ultimately their goal was to overthrow the government of the United States.

Rayelan: And ah, ah people have to realize that when he says “drugs”, they’re really not talking about marijuana and that sort of thing. They’re talking about things like scopolimine [is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects] which can be injected or ah, given in a cigarette and a for ah, ah for a length of time you are so ah, so vulnerable to hypnotic programming you won’t even now it. And that programming will stay with you possibly for the rest of your life.

David: Well ah, hypnotic program is one way of controlling people and the other one is taking a snuff film with them in it…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and extorting them. And I don’t think any of us can really predict how we would behave if someone had a film of an event where we were ahm, an unwitting observer or witness?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And someone was being killed. And we started off by smiling but hey never showed us, the never showed on the film, when the expression changed from a smile to horror.

Rayelan: That’s right, that’s exactly right. But ah, the reason that I mentioned the scopolamine is that there are at least three people I know of heard this through a number of intelligence operatives that have been given scopolamine and have been told that they are ahm, ah, that they are cutting up ah, you know, a roast, when in actuality they are cutting up humans and eating the humans in front of the ah, the camera. And they don’t know what they have done until they see it on the video.

David: Exactly, so going back to Russell Williams, remember, I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough, he is the commander for airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And he’s been set up, I don’t know how he got into it where he’s facing a charge now of murder and sexual assault apparently involving the use of snuff films or pornography.

Rayelan: It’s, it’s just amazing. It’ll be amazing to see if this will be one of the first – you know, I’ve been calling for truth and reconciliation trials for a long time…

David: We don’t have time for that.

Rayelan: What are you going to do, just go shoot them all?

David: No, no, but I’m saying collectively we, American citizens and Canadian citizens, don’t have time to wait for bureaucrats to give us the privilege of a truth and reconciliation committee.

Rayelan: Okay, but…

David: We are at war.

Rayelan: Okay, but what’s your way of doing it? Waking up people…

David: Well, it’s not my way. I, I want to alert people ahm, how shall I say this? I want the average American citizen, the Canadian citizen, the British citizen, and the Australian citizen to realize they are at war with an enemy operating out of uniform. That is outside the protection of the Geneva Convention.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the proper remedy for that is to take these people and put them in front of a military tribunal because the great majority the American, Canadian and British and Australian military are loyal servants of the people of the ah, ah country where they live and work and die for that matter.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: Right? So they operating out of a uniform, we know who they are and let me just tell you how I’m replying ahm, this is to Diane Cooper, and you’ll be getting a copy of this in a minute?

Rayelan: Yes, I have it already.

David: Ah, now the follow up to my reply after Diane Cooper giving the address, to the corporate headquarters at one for seven o New Brook Drive, Suite one-hundred Chantilly, Virginia. Telephone seven-o-three-nine-six-one-one-eight-one-eight, email info at femme comp dot com, and we’ve got their gps coordinance, and I’m saying to Diane Cooper, “You’ve asked me to stop sending email to your address but per below you have been, you – your, your fci personnel are often asked to act on behalf of the government, or to represent the government in some capacity.” And then I’m putting the question, “qou warranto”, maybe Field can just address that so I can get this letter off?

Field: Ya, I’m going to address quo warranto? Well let me tell you what I’m doing on the other end here, and I wish the chat room was up so we could ah, communicate that way, but I’m honoring her request, and I’m lookin’ at her letter from Diane Cooper at fcicos dot com ah, addressed to about twenty different people. It says, “Stop sending emails to this address.” Ah, I noticed that in her email address ah, six letters, fcicos. Cos is the identifier for Colorado Springs and so I presume Diane Cooper is not at the Chantilly office at all, that’s their headquarters in Virginia. And I believe that you Ray, have some history with Chantilly?

Rayelan: Ah, we were able to trace the *garbled* massacre to a psychiatrist in Chantilly.

Field: Okay, well certain things keep coming up like a bad burrito and Chantilly, Virginia is one of them ah, I, I agree with David, and pardon me while I cough *cough* I agree with David, that if they’re representing the broad interest of the United States Government ah, they really don’t have the luxury of stopping emails when people that are ah, effected by the US Government ask them legitimate and simple questions. For instance, who are you and what do you do and why do you want us to stop sending you emails?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And what does quo warranto mean, maybe you could tell them?

Field: Well, by quo warranto means by what authority, and that’s the issue that Orley Taitz is ah, bringing before district court in Washington D.C. and I know that Uncle Ray and David know and some other people that follow our work at the blogspot but, on Saturday night of last week, Orley Taitz was ah, asked by the Tea Party National Convention in Nashville, if she’d come on short notice and she wasn’t aware it was sold out and impossible to get in. So we found a way to get her in and ah, in exchange for that courtesy she stood by that purple car and had her photograph taken. And those photographs will be in and she is simply asking by what authority is Barry Soetoro serving as President of the United States and it appears there is no authority, there is no Barry Soetoro, there is no Barack Obama, there is no college degree from Pepperdine, there is no college degree from Columbia, there is no college degree from law school, there is no history of work performed in the nature of w2 earnings ah, there is no history that ah, he had a passport to get into ah, Pakistan in nineteen eighty-one and it’s almost as if – if there is no person. And we’d like to know, and the American people as well as the global commoners especially those in the Anglosphere. I think we’re all entitled to know who this individual is ah, who sponsored him and how we can most efficiently we can remove him from squatting at sixteen-hundred Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rayelan: Ah, I just read an article about the, about one of the judges down in Los Angeles that Orley Taitz has gone through, and he’s just dismissed the case and the reason he’s dismissed the case is, he said the only way to remove a president is through impeachment. None of this, none of these cases mean anything at all ah, unless ah, the evidence is, you know, evidence is introduced in an impeachment trial and so that means more than ever twenty-ten we’ve got to get the republicans in there because then we just might see the birth certificate, the lack of ah, you know, credentials from the colleges he is suppose to have attended, and all of the other things surrounding his family.

David: But only if the republicans have not been infiltrated…

Rayelan: That is true.

David: …by this terrorist group such that their leaders are too terrified to do what they should do.

Rayelan: That is absolutely true and unfortunately it could happen to anyone. I mean it could happen to Sarah Palin, to her husband, to Ron Paul, Ran Paul, it could happen to anybody, because what happens to you, you’re set up, you have no idea is happening and, and it happens, and then it’s there on video and *sigh* it’s too late for you.

David: Right. And the boyfriend of one of the woman who was murdered ahm, for which this ah, gentleman, Colonel Russell Williams, has been arrested, is a soldier working on Olympic security. So he came back to his home and he found his girlfriend dead and he was a suspect.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: Of course. Now, again, what kind of message has he got? He’s got a message from someone I suggest, “We can kill any member of your family”, right? So when you are providing security for the Winter Olympics, for example the Winter Olympic Village that was built with eight-hundred million dollars of money from Fortress Investments in New York, Fortress Investments was a hedge fund that was floated ahm, about three years ago by a law firm named Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Where the ah, the mortgage agreements for the Olympic Village were suppose to be kept private and they were leaked by a counselor of Vancouver City who was so frightened by someone, he had a lie detector test by the Vancouver Police to try to prove that he didn’t leak them, but evidently someone believed that he did, or he knew someone that did and his sister, Wendy Ladner-Beaudry, was beaten to death in a park in British Vancouver and the police said to the family, “You are going to require more than a photograph of the deceased before we can identify her.”

Rayelan: Oh my God. And you know, there’s a congressman, I think it’s Kucinich [I think this is who is referenced], who has had two members of his family die under extremely ah, ah, mysterious causes, and one, took about three months to die. And she was in just horrible pain and agony the entire time and…

David: Right…

Rayelan: Sorry, go ahead.

David: So going back to the ah, cl one-four-four, the American, sorry, the Canadian electronic warfare planes that were illegally modified we allege by a private contractor to run the nine-one-one war games, this man Russell Williams, was flying them. Now, whether he was flying the one that accompanied United ninety-three, or seventy-seven, or eleven-hundred and seventy-five, I don’t know. But the fact is he had motive, weapon and opportunity if you include the possibility, the motive he’s so terrified of what he’s done, or what he would have been seen to have done, he would do anything rather than to reveal this snuff film network that perhaps has links back to the pig farm.

Rayelan: An this ah, who, who is in charge of this man? Where is he physically? How do we know he’s not going to kill himself. How do we know someone is not going to kill him or kill some of his relatives?

David: We don’t, but we do know who controlled his career because it was a very, if you will, a powerful, the French word is puissant [I think, or some form of this word], someone took this man in nineteen eighty-seven, and sort of twenty years he becomes the head, or commanding officer of the Canadian logistics base for Afghanistan with all that that implies. So he moved along. Now, the question of course is, if he did murder these women, when did he start this process of serial killing?

Rayelan: Ya, you wonder.

David: If he started it in nineteen eighty-seven whether it was by entrapment or design what it means is, that Canadian intelligence has been fundamentally dismantled and destroyed counter-intelligence.

Rayelan: Right, and of course that’s what we fell about ours her in the United States.

David: Exactly. And it was – it is being destroyed by Senior Executive Service in the United States and Femme Comp Inc. and remember that Robert Hanssen, the most damaging and dangerous spy in the history of the United States…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …became a Senior Executive Service member in November of two-thousand. He was arrested in January of two-thousand and one, but by then he had provided the entire ah, continuity of government rules.

Raylen: Well now, if he was arrested and yet he ah, ah, Field is ah, having a conversation with someone without putting on his mute button ahm, ah, I never understood how he could have been arrested. These people have infiltrated at such a high level how could have he been arrested, or was his arrest a set up to put him in a place where nobody can implicate him in any of the things that he was doing?

David: Absolutely, it was a limited hang out, they knew he was going to be arrested,
so we think that in December of two-thousand, Field’s sister and others, promoted him into a Senior Executive Service position so that when he was arrested in January, he could be placed in the custody of traitors within inside the Department of Justice and continue the planning of the nine-one-one attack.

Rayelan: Ya, that is what I thought.

David: Now here is what I have written to Diane Cooper and you’ve got a copy I hope.

Rayelan: Yes, I do.

David: What I’ve put in front of it is ‘quo warranto’ and it’s pyroclastic cloud at Femme Comp KU Crime Scene.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And this is the original email which shows a picture of a pyroclastic cloud at the ah, ground zero crime scene, and a pyroclastic cloud is typical of what you would get if a volcano blows up?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And you have the heavy dust and extremely hot ah, gases…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and it’s actually heavier than air and it rolls down the side of the volcano and it was a pyroclastic cloud that killed the people when Vesuvius blew up?

Rayelan: Right.

David: About two-thousand years ago [AD 79] in Herculaneum?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And when, when a pyroclastic cloud hits you, it boils your brains [well, that’s good to know]

Rayelan: Hm.

David: And you die almost instantly [thank God] in the pasture just before you had just before you died. [you mean like this, David] So when they dig u these bodies, right? They find them buried, you know, in a gesture like they just shielded their face, and then as they’re hit by this pyroclastic cloud?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And it just locks them in that position including dogs in agony etc., etc…

Rayelan: Now to create that you need a very high pressure to blow the rocks into smithereens, sort of pulverized dust, which is what you get when you have steam under water with the trapped lava in the rock. And the steam, sorry, the water turns into super heated steam…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and it blows the rocks apart and that was the package designed to destroy the World Trade Centers one and two. And I found this picture today and I thought this was particularly relevant so I, I decided I was going to send it to Femme Comp Inc. in Chantilly, Virginia. And what I’m basically accusing is, that Femme Comp Inc. helped to organize the nine-one-one attack. Now, obviously that’s upset this woman but to hell with her.

Rayelan: It would be interesting to know who she is? Have you googled her yet?

David: Well, what I’ve given, I’ve given you the telephone number and the gps coordinance of the corporate headquarters and again, you ask, “What can we do?” Well, I suggest every listener call this woman, Diane Cooper, because this is what they say at the Femme Comp website:

Ahm, fci, “Femme Comp Inc. is a customer focused organization. Our business is focused on providing innovative and high quality, that’s SETA, system and engineering and technical assistance services and solutions to DoD”, that’s the Department of Defense, “and other Federal Government clients.We strive to meet and consistently exceed our client’s goals. One of FCI’s greatest strengths is its commitment to ethical business and engineering practices. As SETA contractors to the DoD and other Federal Agencies, FCI personnel are often asked to act on behalf of the government or to represent the government in some capacity. This position ultimately represents the highest form of trust that a client can bestow on a upon a SETA contractor."

Now Femme Comp Inc. controls the command and control system of the United States Government. So every military serving officer in the United States, I believe right now, should refuse to obey any orders coming through the chain of command until that order can be demonstrated to have come from the individual authorized to give it.

Rayelan: I agree, I agree. You know…

David: All we need to do to shut this, shut these scum down, is to say to Diane Cooper, and I’m absolutely delighted, and that’s how stupid they are, she should have never come out of the woodwork.

Rayelan: Right, I know it, I know it.

David: We have her telephone number, we have her name, we have her request, and I’m saying to you to hell with her, because not only are those orders coming through the Canadian, sorry, the American military, they’re coming through joint forces into Afghanistan. They’re coming to the British and Canadian Military, and I’m a British citizen and a Canadian citizen, and I’m saying our troops are being murdered by effectively this woman and her colleagues acting without the dual [not certain this was the intended word] authority of the President of the United States. Forgetting whether or not he’s a usurper whatever.

Rayelan: And do you think that there is any possibility that she is just a low level secretary who thinks that it’s a legitimate company?

David: I don’t care.

Rayelan: Okay, well…

David: It doesn’t matter whether she a low level secretary or the woman at the top, the fact of the matter remains is, they say they act in behalf of the government. And I’m saying, “By whose authority do you act in behalf of the government?”

Rayelan: Right. Now this fcicos email address that she had, is that, what is the fci, is that the Federal Correctional Institution?

David: No, it’s Femme Comp Inc.

Rayelan: It is, isn’t that interesting that it has ah, ah the same as the ah, the Federal Correctional Institution?

Field: It is more interesting – hang on a minute, David, it’s more interesting than that, Uncle Ray, because it’s gone right over David’s head.

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