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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 6 - Book 14

MH370 Truth Fingers Indonesian Dork and Maltese Knight
Serco/Soames Hint Reveals EVIL TWINS Planned PINK DAWN

SEAL Team Murdered To Quiet Fact Osama Not Killed
G-Spot: McRaven + Reid + Obama + Abel Danger + Dempsey

Obama Administration HOUSE OF CARDS Smoked By Chips Barry Boy This Is Payback For Extortion 17; You And Dempsey Can Grab Ankles

Bad Moon Rises As PINK DAWN Links Bilderberg-Extortion 17
G-Spot: Harper + Blair + Obama + Saville + Queer Killers Club 300

Carney-Shinseki-Dempsey Fear Operation COLD CAT
G-Spot: Obama + 2000 Wrongful Deaths Afghanistan + Vaughn + McConnell

Abel Danger BIRTHDAY GIRL Victory Party 17 July, 2014
G-Spot: Obama + Going Away + Abel Danger

Abel Danger Interrupts Serco Twin-Jet Threat Against Chicago
G-Spot: 875 N Michigan + 233 S Wacker + TW140603 + Serco

Gatineau Squirter Exposes Guy Liner-Canadian Stallion Tryst
G-Spot: Glamour Boy + Canadian Stallion + 9/11

Serco Soames Satan Soetoro Shinseki Kill U S Military
G-Spot: Soames + Serco + Soetoro + Shinseki

SERCO's Porch Monkey Signs Off On Murder Of ST6
G-Spot: Serco + Soetoro + Treason + 2000 Cases Wrongful Death

Shinseki, Carney, Bachmann And Putin Expose Barry Soetoro
G-Spot: the wicked Bitch + industrialists + bankers + people + Munchkins

McConnell Speaks Monday, Head Rolls Friday
G-Spot: Serco Soames Satan Shinseki Kill

Serco Bribed U S Flag Rank Officers Fail Victims Of Extortion 17
G-Spot: dempsey + knight of malta + SERCO + Bilderberg Patreaus

Atomic Betty Concludes MH370 Not In The Water
G-Spot: MH370 + Serco + Soetoro + McConnell + BUAP + ATI

Operation TEA HOUSE Posts Obama Arrest Date 25 August
G-Spot: 875 N. Michigan + 233 S. Wacker + FALSE FLAG + Serco + Bilderbergs

Wicked Bitch
G-Spot: Benghazi + Vaginagate + Serco + Extortion 17 

When Agent Styx got to item M she tapped Rooster Cogburn on the left shoulder and said Get Hamish on Clipper IMMEDIATE JASPAR, item M is a murder threat against Agent Chips with a DUE DATE of 26 May, 2014. Rooster Cogburn picked up the hotline to dial Agent Hamish Charles Watson, and both he and Agent Styx fell into a deep sleep just as the crew and passengers of MH370 and AA77 had when Serco inserted FLIGHT PLAN 2 which was done using BUAP + ATI. As they dosed, Agent Hamish wondered if he'd ever see Agent Chips alive again. He thought back to 1964 and realized they almost made it. He said a clumsy prayer that Chips might be found alive and they could meet again after exposing Bibi plans to start WW3 with the missing MH370 and the Tel Aviv Hanger Queen registered in US as N105GT, supposedly owned by someone in Broward County, Florida who is an errand boy for George Soros's SERCO.

Hamish was facing the prospect of having lost his PILOT ASSET and best ally when he got a FLASH FESTUS and brief message. Hamish, don't believe everything you hear on CNN or the lame stream media. As pertains to our collective effort against evil, regardless the plans of Soames, Baginsky and Marcy, the SHOW WILL GO ON. Assure THE REGION that I will testify. Notice the face of Porkface Soames in this 1964 expose of Serco's nuclear power over both UK and US. Watch for prisoner exchange involving Bowe Bergdahl, Dempsey and the Chink. One is a traitor and deserter, one is a knight of malta, and one is our masterchink plant. Chips.


Chapter 6

Scripture: Psalm 91:11-14 and Isaiah 54:17

11†For he will command his angels†concerning you ††††to guard you in all your ways;
12†they will lift you up in their hands, ††††so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13†You will tread on the lion and the cobra; ††††you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14†Because he [ a ]†loves me, says the†
Lord, I will rescue him; ††††I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
17†††††no weapon forged against you will prevail, ††††and you will refute†every tongue that accuses you.

This is the heritage of the servants†of the†Lord, ††††and this is their vindication†from me, declares the†Lord.

Gospel Why Me Lord?


Why me Lord? What have I ever done
To deserve even one of the pleasures I've known
Tell me Lord what did I ever do to deserve loving You?
And the kindness, You've shown

Lord Heavenly Jesus, I'm wasted and
So help me Jesus, I know what I am
Now that I know that I needed You so
Help me Jesus, my soul's in Your hands

Try me Lord, if you think there's a way
I can ever repay, all I've taken from You
Maybe Lord, I can show someone else
What I've been through myself
On my way back to You

Lord Heavenly Jesus, I praise Him 
So help me Jesus, I know what I am, oh yes
Now that I know that I needed You so
Help me Jesus, my soul's in Your hands
Jesus, my soul's in Your hands

Secular: To Love Somebody


G-Spot: Myers + McRaven + Reid + Cody + Abizaid + DEMPSEY + Petraeus + McChrystal + Kensinger + Farrisee

Agent Chips was thought to have drowned in the water hazard north of Carswell Air Force Base in Tarrant County, Texas, where on 2 October, 1949 the WORLD'S MOST POTENT FIGHTER PILOT was born to two Christian Patriot World War II VETERANS. They would not roll over in their graves to know 4 star flags are kissing the ass of a British Crown Agent, they would revitalize, dig their way out and kick the ass of those ëflagsí who have led Pat Tillman and Extortion 17 into traps to silence them as their truthful testimony would invoke Treason Charges against the 23 Star Fraggers and Wrongful Deaths, count of 2000 + on the fellow that Soros referred to a the porch monkey. Rather unflattering words out of Sorosí mouth but the white robed perverts in Copenhagen should be aware by this time that where Marriott can record and extort, so can and so did Abel Danger. The Bilderbergs are now officially compromised, read fucked. Loose lips sink ships, and Hillary's Peronies Beard has loose lips according to Hot Air Al the white robed homes in Copenhagen where Agent Chips made a port visit in August 1970 aboard the USS GUADALCANAL while 9 year old Barry was under Turdi's skirt staring at a dangling item that to this day has him confused and corn hole not to be confused with Princess Carnally the fat cow bearded to the Royal who dreams of being a Tampon if he grows up.

Way back in Chapter 5, before Agent Chips FINGERED 13 FLAG OFFICERS kowtowing to FAG ORDERS from a commander in chief who is a British Crown Agent born at Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock, BC, Canada, Patriot Marine Oathkeeping Christian Field [redacted], Agent Chips was telling Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz and the gang from Freescale the Truth of MH370 in a bed and breakfast, perhaps, say, for sooth in the Grand Saline-Canton Texas region of influence. To ensure that the DHS and BLM queers did not recognize Chips and Agent 99, they disguised themselves as Jelly Bean and Mr. G.


Mr. G is not the same guy as Mr. GB who has trapped the fags from up north in an operation known by OPP, Trinity and RCMP as Operation PINK DAWN. That person may be Guy Brummel according to the two Folkes who exposed David Johnston's savior who attempted to keep the truth of Colonel Russell Williams' service to the crown a secret until the DNA custody chain led them to Jessica Lloyd swinging from a tree not to be confused with an effigy of Barry Soetoro Punahou '79 swinging from a highway overpass in Grain Valley, Missouri. What an insensitive thing to do to an innocent rope. OK, back to Operation PINK DAWN notice what is in the Pink Moon in Exhibit 386A:

Oh my, it looks like OPP fucked up the exhibits just like they did the DNA timing, the above exhibit is W386, the real exhibit 386A is below, or as Harper and Obama would prefer, blow. Hey you Queen's Pussies, BLOW it out your ass, capeche?

Word was sent to CSIS and MI6 that the three targets scheduled to be destroyed in the Bilderberg plan using Bibi's Twin and Diego Garcia's Boeing are located at 875 N Michigan, 233 S Wacker and [ redacted ] at all three were visions of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The third property may be hit by a Bombardier product sent by Oracle but it will be the preplaced ADK explosives that bring down the house, so to speak, in a manner of cunning linguism. Easy Ginger I refer to a Cunning Linguist, not what Laureen Harper and the fat Harley Dyke from RCMP enjoy doing while not out pursuing Hoary Marmots or hairy varmints, capeche? Notice the skull of a Soames in the Pink Moon watching over Chicago, City of London, and Alice Springs-Orange Grove in the threat window posted at 1111 03Jun14 from a hotel in Subang, Malaysia this morning and I swear of a stack of BARRACK OBAMA playing cards I, Field McConnell, was in Plum City at that hour with my nose in someone's business. Someone like the scared sissy girl in the Barry Soetoro administration HOUSE OF CARDS Smoked and Stroked by Agent Chips, an openly heterosexual thong slinger, drone snatch, exposer of evil and all around good guy. Barry Boy, this is payback for Extortion 17 and you and ferret face can grab your ankles cause here it comes and you will not be given personally lubricant while we ram it home. Knowing you speak semi-fluent jive, here is a song with a good jungle beat you might recognize from the evening Benghazi was falling apart as two SEALS held off Dr. Morsi's CRISIS ACTORS for 7 hours. When I say SMOKIN' and STROKIN', here is the jive translation: have you ever had Reggie's chorizo in your corn hole.

Rooster Cogburn and Agent Styx sent a squirter to JR's Mainstreet Junction bar to see if Hamish was still sitting there alone abusing mineral water and limes. On the way to JR's the squirter found Hamish talking to a Brit from Swindon whose wife has bright red hair. They had been talking about Mushy Peas, Knights of Malta and ìshit headî generals like the 23 star fraggers of Pat Tillman. The 'squirter' asked Hamish if she could speak in the clear. Hamish adjusted himself to the left which was Abel Danger signal for yes, we have them by the balls a clear reference to Soames, party of four, Serco, and the 11 Knights of Malta working with the Vatican through Thomas J. Smolich who handled Kristine Marcy and Lea Guarria before some fowl beaver died. As most of you are aware Hillary Clinton is still alive and no well between the ears or between the THUNDER THIGHS so it cannot be her although she would certainly qualify as is easily established by googling Hillary Clinton's Foul Taint and then imagine Martin V. Dempsey's mood if Guccifer were to release the Smolich tapes shared with the Russian Embassy on 11 January, 2014 in Operation RED ROSE.


Hamish, Rooster Cogburn and Agent Styx need you at 401 Main Street Immediately, Code Pink. I was told to mention [ Sudden 'Surprise Trip to Afghanistan to "Visit Troops"'. "Accidental' exposure of CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan. Surprise release of a 'captured' soldier that seems to be a deserter. Public remarks in Arabic from the soldier's Muslim father. Public law broken. Congress stiffed. Five Taliban-picked prisoners released. Let's see, now (Before Common Core Kicks in) 1 + 1 +1 + 1 + 1 +1 +1 = T-R-E-A-S-O-N? "These are not the 'Droids you're looking for. Nothing to be seen here...move along. ] Hamish, please follow me to Global Ops.

Hamish followed the ësquirterí and noticed she had no VPLs and he felt his long retired refueling probe seem to come alive and the thought of a deep security probe in the interest of the sovereignty of the Republic of the United States and the exposure of TRIDENT DECEPTION alluded to in Hillary Clinton's FOUL TAINT on 26 May 13 one year, TO THE DAY, before Agent Chips spoke at Canton TX disguised as Field McConnell, Punahou '67. As Hamish followed dutifully like a male dog behind a bitch in heat he heard the sounds of a nocturnal crooner as he passed the alleyway between Plum City Hardware and the Abel Danger Global HQ at 401 Main St in Plum City, population 596 and the highest concentration of TacoRacks to residents of any major city in the upper Midwest according to Tacoman, the Marine who never was, who, like Agent Chips, was fast on the draw.


As Hamish and the 'squirter' turned to see Tacoman of Long Island crooning the nocturnal hint THERE'S A MOON OUT TONIGHT the squirter thought the performance should be recognized with a NICE RACK such as those for sale a TACORACK.COM or given away at Party Favors at the Plunge Plunge 2014 in Wisconsin or the Phantom Plunge set for Memorial Day 2015 in Grand Saline/Canton area of Operations in the Lone Star State. Hamish wondered what the east side of the Dangerette looked like as from behind she reminded him of Agent DBMT, the double breasted mattress thrasher.

Hamish was generating a woody when he was summonsed by Rooster Cogburn who called him with a sense of urgency from the green door where a Crown Imperial convertible will be parked every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when the weather is good in Plum City. Hamish wished to see the Tacoís rack but duty called and Hamish turned to get inside the Global HQ when Rooster announced ìUmbrellaman to launch Operation TEA HOUSE AUGUST MOON in 3 minutes, grab some popcorn as Chips and Tacoman are about ready to teach the Gay Imposter and the Knight of Malta a thing or two about disrespecting those a little quicker on the draw. Hearing his MK Ultra control word POPCORN, Hamish transitioned into a zombie like state and ran to the Global HQ imagining that Taco Man and Chips would make short work out of any porch monkey or Maltese ferret face that wished to get into a KNIFE FIGHT IN A PHONE BOOTH such as the CF18s found out the HARD, I say again HARD way at William Tell 1986 when a certain F4D pilot should the gay canucks how to shoot straight and fast while the PINK MOON puff balls were wondering how much eyeliner Stephen Harper might be wearing to his next gerbil stuffing contest with the BilderDORKS.

Hamish settled on the couch where Pastor Clyde generally sat when not on duty aField in Texas and Rooster Cogburn directed Agent Styx to lower the lights as the AQWB29Z OmniGlobe came to life with the image of Hammer MacCheese covering the voice of Umbrellaman who sounded more upbeat than usual.

Ladies and gentlemen of Abel Danger, in concert with the filing of AD TW 140603 this morning from Subang, Malaysia I joined our Global Ops Director in causing Operation TEA HOUSE AUGUST MOON to support CONUS operations from 03 June to 25 August to block the attack upon Chicago planned by the wimp in the white house that is about ready to see his chicken shit chemical case voted down in a unanimous 9-0 as John Roberts just found out that the promises made by Smolich and the Vatican were CHECKS THEY COULD NOT COVER. Judge Roberts had suggested if any media entity would cover the 9-0 vote and use the verb SLAP, it would embolden the Supreme Court to look favorably on the suggestion delivered 26 May, 2014 to Cruz, Gowdy and the 3rd party to go after Eric Holder and Kristine Marcy over the 30 year abuse of the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund used to execute false flags including WT93, Waco, Murrah, Y2K, 9/11, Deepwater Horizon, Katrina, Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and Navy Yard FALSE FLAGS by REAL FAGS. I am asking the Global Ops Director to continue forward all files to Cruz, Gowdy and the third party. I will now have Hammer MacCheese assign 4 tasks to Dangerettes and 1 task to Agent Chips. MacCheese, over to you.

Thank you Umbrellaman, I will be brief as was Chips in his ìless is moreî message in Canton where he fingered 11 4 star failures. Today I ask Agent 99 to take post #1895 and ensure it is transmitted to Cruz, Gowdy and the third party. You will recall that it was titled Marine links Serco's Obamacare Baginski Ammunition Center to Sandy Hook, Navy Yard wrongful deathsî but the images had nano-data indicating that any trades made without congressional approval would result in a BITCH SLAP from the Surpreme Court. In that message which looked rather vanilla as Agent Chips was disguised as United States Marine Field McConnell who had linked Serco director Maureen Baginski's hit teams allegedly tracked with an Obamacare database through the Defense Ammunition Center Community of Practice to the troubled guy patsies who were apparently armed for blame in wrongful deaths at Sandy Hook and the Navy Yard and the prelude to PINK DAWN, the three tiered attack planned for Chicago on the first day where the overnight low is 79 degrees Fahrenheit measured at street level of 233 S Wacker Drive which has interesting links to ADK, Thiokol and Boeing, see also the weapons on page one of the cargo manifest for MH370 and recall Agent Chips' call signed at Chase FIELD in Beeville Texas was CARGO and that naval air station is now closed but the McConnell Unit of the Texas State Prison is there. Agent 99, this is your task and if you have questions email That brings us to MYSTERY GIRL. Sociable.

Somewhere in Bremen, Alabama some prescription pain pills were popped at Obama's cherry was popped by Judge Roberts who was well aware that the Obama Administration was going down faster than a Phantom in burner with full down elevator trim as the Katz Gulfstream discovered over the weekend at Hanscomb FIELD on the same weekend where Bill Cowden, Delta pilot and former Hooligan F16 pilot, see also Chips, died in Stevens Point Wisconsin. Mystery Girl, Umbrella man wishes you again research the issue in Bond v. United States, the conviction of Carol Anne Bond, a Pennsylvania woman sentenced to six years in federal prison under the Chemical Weapons Implementation Act after she smeared two toxic substances on the door knob and car door of a woman who had been carrying on an affair with Bond's husband. According to Bond, the federal government exceeded its enumerated powers by making a federal crime out of her purely local offense. Today, the Supreme Court ruled in Bond's favor and Umbrellaman agrees with Namedropper and Gravedigger that it is time for Eric Holder and Kristine Marcy to be exposed in the Fast and Furious, Benghazi and 9/11 Operations they master minded according to the MASTERCHINK's aviation expert witness. Namedropper and Gravedigger agree with all nine supremes that the Obama administration's "boundless" interpretation of the chemical weapons law, declared the opinion of Chief Justice John Roberts, "would transform the statute from one whose core concerns are acts of war, assassination, and terrorism into a massive federal anti-poisoning regime that reaches the simplest of assaults not to be compared to Bill Clinton's lip biting of when his Peronies Disease frustrated him in learning you CAN'T PUSH A ROPE. Mystery Girl, any questions to myself or . Sociable.

Slap! Supreme Court Rules 9-0 Against Obama Administration’s ‘Boundless’ Interpretation of Chemical Weapons Law

Umbrellaman has asked me if FREEPORT GIRL could do a good job comparing Obamaís murders of 14 Special Forces troops to the comments made at Canton Texas where Field McConnell, U. S. Fucking Marine pointed out to the world that certain 4 star failures were committing treason, in the least, and premeditated murder, more likely in the killings of Pat Tillman, EXTORTION 17, the Memorial Day Special Forces and those planned to be killed on the [redacted ] of June, 2014 to silence those who can expose Myers, McRaven, Reid, Cody, Abizaid, Petraeus, FERRET FACE, McChrystal, Kensinger and Farrisee the nutless wonder. It is the opinion of Rooster Cogburn, myself and Hammer Otto Pilot that the second CULLING might occur on 6 August, 2014 if Supreme Court and the 4 Star Naval Aviator decide to end the Obama experiment, or 10 August during the FULL MOON not to be confused with the TEA HOUSE OF THE AUGUST ( pink ) MOON. If FREEPORT GIRL is selected for that duty she may wish to be introduced to Gloria Glynco of Georgia who helped block the 4th of July FALSE FLAG that produced enough heat to get Lesbo Janet our of the kitchen. Here is a message she recently sent to Global HQ, it is truncated for security and brevity: [ Hey Field, I LOVED your Memorial Day message! It was prefect as is the license plate. Just perfect. I know that you never rest and I can't ask you to take on anything else. But when this roundup of the criminals is over, and after the celebration, maybe someone in AD will help me with something regarding my Dad. Although, as a result of my experience, I have to agree with you about attorneys. Congratulations to you on knowing one good one.  In the meantime, words cannot express my gratitude for the work that you and David and AD have done. My heart breaks for the families, military members, and many others who have been murdered, abused and treated so shamefully. The list is long, and my Dad is one of many. I can't tell you how many times I have moved on, and how many times I have picked up another piece of info and followed it. I have lost a lot along the way. But this number is the stone-unturned in our story, and I have to turn it over if I can. I know you understand that. Your new friend and biggest fan, Gloria Glynco ]

If FREEPORT GIRL can connect with Gloria Glynco regarding her father, I think all fathers will be honored as intended in the 5th Commandment, that we are to honor our mothers and fathers. It seems Gloria Glynco, Agent Chips and TacoMan have honored their parents. It seems that the Chips off the BLOCK ISLAND have honored theirs and in the Plum City Plunge 2014 our youngest member will be photographed in Tillmanís Ghost which will be captured on still and video cameras allowing the package to be blessed in the memories she will someday have of her father, Agent Tillman. Next I will be asking Agent Atomic Betty if she would be willing.

Suddenly the voice of MacCheese faded and the image on the AQWB29Z transferred to a video feed out of the Marriott Copenhagen as some not nosed Osborne was getting a new anus ripped by Sir John Kornkernal, or whoever the evil dipshit is pointing the finger and a younger generation image of himself. As Simon Wathen pointed out to the Masters of the suddenly assholed livery companies. As Master Mercer I wish to inform you young masters you may wish to join the Worshipful Company of Baiters because Abel Danger has proven MH370 was first snatched by Serco, then resnatched by Yukol 27 and it was safely landed at FJDG where its final OOOI ping was muffled by a FARADY CAGE like hangar roof at 0651 local. If Malaysia and Abel Danger intend to take down Serco, so be it, they will not take down the Livery Companies as we will allow Cameron, Osborne, Obama, Harper, General Ferret Face, Holder and Marcy to get thrown under the Vatican-Smolich bus to protect our phony baloney jobs, just like in Blazing Saddles.
As the BilderDORKS realized the Defense Red Switch Network had exposed them to MH370 culpability, a pair of Soames horses asses were seen trying to put distance between themselves, Serco, Aggreko, and the 1996 MoD policy where one Soames put Malaysian ATC training under Serco and the other Soames put Australian Search and Rescue under Serco. Mary Soames probably died of embarrassment at the thought that her two boys, Humpty and Dumpty, had been bested by Abel Danger and the MASTERCHINK. While Humpty, Dumpty and Mary played the cards they were dealt, in the quiet darkness of 401 Mainstreet Rooster Cogburn realized the FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST while Agent Hamish realized that the Abel Danger show must go on.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Agent Chips knew that Abel Danger and Malaysia were holding all the aces. Kristine Marcy, Smolick, Serco and Soames should have realized they were naive to think they could deal Chips all the aces and think he wouldn't play. Even Kenny Rogers knew one needs to know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to walk away , when to run and when to expect Abel Danger to blow down the HOUSE OF CARDS that now the Surpreme Court is allowing Abel Danger's 600,000 plus agents to do with ease.

While engaged in duty aBroad in the Lone Star State, Agent Chips sent an email to with no subject line and these seemingly random words in the short text to Rooster and Styx at 401 Mainstreet: [ FBI spokesman Peter Lee + 42-year-old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II + dark blue, hooded sweatshirt and jeans + Peshtigo + Blatchford + 875 N Michigan + 233 S Wacker + RKC2 ] He mentally added that to this memo from Professor George [ UK Cabinet members and MPs: YOUR HORRIBLE TRUTHS ARE LIVE ON YOU TUBE. Field McConnell (AT ABEL DANGER with 600,000 global contacts) please feel free to post-these videos so you can win your GLOBAL campaign against national traitors/war criminals in the parliament buildings & the judiciary. Kenneth Clarke, Peter Lilley, Margaret Beckett and Francis Dee Cook are their real names so please do not use your coding system so the whole truth can be outted quickly. As Agent Grapevine was being pleasured as per Abel Danger standard, Chips thought of Guy Brummel's one man effort in PINK DAWN and he realized that the Queen's David Johnston was going to choke when he realized he could not stop the Crown from being tied to 9/11 through the Canadian Stallion's DNA.

Bad Moon Rises As PINK DAWN Links Bilderberg-Extortion 17
G-Spot: Harper + Blair + Obama + Saville + Queer Killers Club 300

As Operation PINK DAWN displaced Fantino's fuckers in PROJECT HATFIELD, Harper, Cameron, Soetoro, Ferret-face Dempsey and [ redacted ] realized they were in deeps hit when the Supremes and 4 nations trick fucked by Serco in MH370 bogus track south would be demanding their heads on a platter. And Abel Danger would be supporting that effort with grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillade FIELDs of fire.

While Chips prepared to finish her off with a rimshot at the buzzer, John Kerry and Foul Taint Clinton sensed a BAD MOON RISING.


Barry Soetoro and Martin Dempsey, STAND DOWN. You are guilty of WRONGFUL DEATH, 2000 counts, and one of you is guilty of Treason At Annapolis they taught marlinspike seamanship which included the tying of knots. When it comes to tying knots or trying nuts I find you two have not nuts. I invoke the promises of Psalm 91:11-14 and Isaiah 54:17 and as a courtesy to you PFers let me warn you: I'm not stranger to the rain, Iím a friend of thunder, is it any wonder lightning strikes'.not me, but you two hapless boobs. STAND DOWN by 17 July.


G-Spot: McRaven + Reid + Obama + Abel Danger + Dempsey


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  2. Hopefully they can resolve all the scandals broke out after Traitor in Chief swear into office. He really communicate to terrorists and exchange for a traitor to USA, military deserter Taliban and Palestine sympathizer who should be dishonorable discharge without any promotion.


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