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#1615: Marine Links Starnet Harper Access Graphics (SHAG) to Con Air Marcy’s JABS and JonBenét

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked alleged Starnet investments in Laureen Harper and Lockheed Martin’s Access Graphics company (‘SHAG’) to his sister Kristine ‘Con Air’ Marcy’s apparent use of Nortel JABS to book pig-farm killers – including EW pilot Russell Williams – into 1996 NORAD Santa crime scenes associated with the JonBenét Ramsey murder.

McConnell claims that Mrs. Harper extorted her husband to appoint the late General Haig’s CAI Special Investor David Johnston as Canadian Governor General and thereby ensure that Williams – a pedophile psychopath – would be jailed for life and his uniforms burned to destroy incriminating DNA (cf. SOS, MGM Camp Mirage) which might otherwise expose Starnet pig-farm murder-for-hire money moving through RCMP/Forces' pension funds.

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#1614: Marine Links RCMP Red/Blue Pig-Farm Body Count to Starnet CAI Resilience Underground Bombs

Governor General and Canadian Military Commander- in-Chief David Johnston with Chief of Defense Staff Walter Jonh Natynczyk and RCMP Commisioner Bob Paulson celebrating Starnet growth of PSP pension fund

Pickton Pig Farm Clan & The Guild Socialist Ensemble

Media Coverage of Starnet Raid - August 20, 1999

JonBenét / Madeleine McCann - Eerie Similarities

The Lockheed Martin Worker Theory [SES Founder, Kristine Marcy launched JABS, JPATS (Con Air) and the SBA’s Mentor-Protégé program in the ‘90s to subvert defence contractors]

Internet poster James sons ex step mom asserted in a post on July 13, 2006 "I believe that the only involvement the family had was with a VP at Lockheed Martin who had a grudge with John and wanted him out of the succession plan. My ex-husband, the VP of Corporate Compliance, spent the three weeks preceding the murder at the Access Graphics facility (part of the Lockheed and Martin Marietta merger)." Immediately after the JBR murder, she provided information to the authorities and the next day he was handcuffed by FBI, fired from Lockheed Martin, stripped of all security clearances and Board positions at several high-level national laboratories. She does not believe her husband actually committed the crime but claims he was the strategist behind other "hits" and was easily capable of organizing this.


Grudge against John Ramsey.


The poster provides several examples of instances in which "accidents" at various facilities occurred immediately after her husband had visited them. She clearly believes he had the skills and network required to execute this "hit."


James sons ex step mom asserts "He was not at our home on the night of the murder (I assumed he was with his mistress)."
Incriminating Evidence

Strong, Swift Action by Authorities. James sons ex step mom claims "I provided information to the Boulder Police Department and the next day, the FBI handcuffed my ex-husband, stripped him of all of his security clearances and he was fired from LMCO, and his position on the Board of Directors of Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia Corp, Hanford, Oak Ridge and other facilities."

Lied about Involvement. James sons ex step mom claims  "In a separate investigation, he lied about his involvement."

Homicide Threats. James sons ex step mom claims  "He threatened me that if I ever came forward and told the authorities that the same thing would happen to our children." It is not clear from this account whether this individual explicitly confessed to being involved in JBR murder or simply let his ex-wife draw her own conclusions about what "the same thing" meant.

Explanation for Lockheed Kidnapping "Stand-down." This scenario is one of the few that could explain why in the face of a RN that explicitly mentioned John's business and referred to kidnapping by a foreign faction, there was not an immediate effort to alert or protect high level executives at Lockheed Martin. This would have been the standard operating procedure unless "someone" in the requisite position of authority knew the kidnapping was not genuine and hence did not invoke SOP in this case.

Tie to Ransom Note? claims  "He considered himself intellectually superior to everyone around him.“Grow a brain” was a common insult he employed.

Jam es sons ex step mom states"He received repetitive calls from a man claiming to be from Access Graphics following the murder. The caller initiated the call minutes after my husband left the house in route to work in the morning. I found the incidents so disturbing that I filed a report with the police department because I was fearful someone was watching the house. Our house was broken into two times following the calls but nothing was disturbed. The alarm went off minutes after I left and the intruder was gone before the police responded. On one occasion, I left a $100.00 bill on the table but it was still there when I returned home."

Involvement in Other Killings? Jam es sons ex step mom states "I hired a private investigator during our divorce. The investigator claimed that he was known as a “ghost” in the PI business. He also noted that my ex was involved in a large number (12) of fatalities. I responded that he was responsible for 151 facilities world wide. I grew up on Louisiana where one refinery explosion was capable of killing 12 employees at one time. But most striking was my ex was usually present or had recently visited when the “accident” took place.”

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