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Chicago's Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps - Chapter 11

DMORT V at Katrina/Colgan Morts the Queen’s Pussies


Senator Feinstein Should Be Holdstered, Oh I See One Now

Glenn A. McConnell, Smoke Senior

Operation BLOAT 13 January, 2013 LIS

Hillary and Kristine Throw Soetoro Under the Beast

MacCheese and Barry M. Hall in DMORT III Escort Vehicle

Agents Bean Spiller and Chips in their LGD Disguise

Operation GET SHORTY, LeDuc, Alberta 5 July, 2002

Late December, 1963

Operation GREASED LIGHTNING thaws as Obamas cower on Oahu 

Attention Chris Hook DOJ, Courtney Banks, Deb Brown and Miss Cohen of NSAWW 
GAME OVER, STAND DOWN NLT 1659/10Jan13 before the speaker speaks in Fargo 
Take note of letter FROM ME TO YOU from 1421 today, 4 January, 2013 

What is HSEEP? 

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Exercise Design, Control, and Evaluation 

HSEEP is to DMORT as SHEEP is to GOAT as ABEL DANGER is the the BBA Cabal

When yesterday’s chapter 10 went up, we’d never heard of HSEEP which is a demonstrates that the cabal think the SHEEP would have the HSEEP WOOL pulled over our eyes. Let me be clear, and that is clear, not queer. PHUC EWE. For the dumber of you PHUCers a Ewe is a female sheep. Perhaps you doorknobs in DC haven’t seen written in Matthew 25:32 what awaits you goats:

All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

God is going to protect the sheep and slaughter the goats. God is going to deliver Justice because Chris Hook’s employed cannot, has not, and will not. OK, let’s get back to the fiction that has confounded the dipshits in DC and notice I did not say Senator Diane Finedick, Judge Jennifer McKinnon or Mary Elizabeth Harriman; all three having fatal ties to 9/11 and global pedophilia.

Back to ‘fiction’.

“All Agents in BARN SWALLOW, take cover immediately, Tango Whiskey and Dwarf overhead in the EF111 Raven have crickets and three EMP threats. They feel they can defeat all threats, but again TAKE COVER. Lester Crown, the HAC NEGRESS and Valerie Jarrett are going to throw the dummies under the bus prior to 21 January, 2013 if the cannot silence the Marine. Will send the all clear on Tango’s call, if it comes.”

Marquis d’Cartier pulled the main circuit breaker for the chalet electrical causing the cottage to go dark. MacCheese, Tillman, Barry M. Hall and NOTSO went to reinforce the defensive perimeter. Upstairs, Agent Chips was address another perimeter, of shorts, if a cervix is a perimeter.

As the Chicago BLOATers recognized their gooses were cooked, they had no way of knowing Agent Ginger Cookie was about ready to stun the world with her reaction to the Chicago BLOATers upcoming arrests which would not include Timothy Geithner nor Kristine Marcy. It may not include Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton for a different reason if the CIA clot is ‘pulled’.

In an authoritative voice much like a school librarian back in the days when kids said the Pledge of Allegiance, Agent Ginger Cookie barked out “Switch, tail gunner, pile driver, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer” as she selected F4 on her battery powered Clipper device. Chips, the Abel Swordsman, demonstrated he was also a satisfying equestrian, given half a chance.

Ginger Cookie climaxed leading Chips my a nose, or a whisker, lady’s choice.

As Chips removed the ‘refueling probe’ from the receiver’s receptacle, he ambulated in an erect fashion to the Green Door but not before handing Ginger Cookie 12 NAPAWASHs, twelve being the number of Disciples of Christ and number of jurors on a Grand Jury, say Runaway Grand Jury perhaps in Fargo, Dakota where Drew Wrigley once served as States Attorney and Judge William Hill ran an honest Courtroom and on the evening of 10 January, 2013 a retired Happy Hooligan will be addressing the Military Affairs Committee and most serious students of cyber intelligence or military clandestine operations know that Supreme Court Judge Mary Maring of Fargo, North Dakota once said, under oath, “Field McConnell has slept with every woman in Fargo”. What a dumbass, she knew for sure that herself and her divorce client were women in Fargo who were getting hosed by the world record holder in low altitude ‘probe insertions’, see this:

Smoke Jr. in F4D Phantom, July 1985, But who was flying the Tanker, was it Smoke Sr? 

Chips saw that after the exploculation heard round the world Ginger Cookie was reaching for more NAPAWASHs due a colossal transfer of DNA rich fluid from one CEMAW heterosexual consensual Global Intelligence Agent to another. He took a Marine Corps shower and splashed on a liberal dose of ‘stink pretty’ anticipating knight action with Agent 80W who had a Pepperbush hotter than a chili pepper. Ginger Cookie realized the danger was over as the lights came back on and the Sound of Music came from downstairs unlike Agent Chips who had come from upstairs. Ginger Cookie and Chips both heard an Abel Danger knocker at the door, the green door, capeche?

Intending to let the knockers, plural, 40DD, in, Agent Chips saw a salmon colored index card slide under the door and as it bent over to pick it up he said “Wow, that’s a big one” as it was a 4 by 6 not the ordinary 3 by 5.

As he ambulated back toward Ginger Cookie with his probe bouncing with every step, Ginger Cookie, having not seen the card said “Yes it is certainly big, legendary in fact. Let’s pretend it was that night in 1969 where I lost my CREAM colored cheerleading skirt with Marine PIPEing, oh excuse me, maroon piping and why not be a good Chipsy and give me another round with the Purple Tipped Red Champion just like that OH WHAT A NIGHT which wasn’t, in our case, late December 1963.”
413 Powered 1940 Studebaker

“Ginger, I’d love to, of all the security breeches I’ve probed in the interest of global sovereignty, the exposure of the evil cabal in Chicago directed by City of London defendants and my raging libido, yours is in the top 200, or so. However, this card has directed me to find Agent Bean Spiller as TILLMAN’S GHOST is pulling up soon to make it appear that Bean Spiller and I are going to LeDuc, Alberta, where, in 2002 she and I had disguised ourselves as an LGD to determine who was trying to fuck who in the oil deal compromised by Laureen Harper, FAE of Canada.”

Chips heard a horn honking so he looked out the window and saw a Pastel Sienna Cave Dwelling helmet indicating that when it came to purple tips Bean Spiller preferred ‘helmets’ to ‘ant eaters’ if you know anything at all about circumcision or cranks such as the steel 440 crank in the MoPar 413 powered TILLMAN’S GHOST which are used to follow HSEEP and DMORT RICO murderers to expose their evil as called to do in both Psalms 94:16 and Ephesians 5:11, capeche?

6 Who will rise up for me against the wicked? 
 Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?

11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 

Chips held up 3 fingers indicating to Agent Tillman and Bean Spiller that he’d be down to join them as soon as his legendary erection dropped to droop status, generally 92% or less in the turgidity index. Ginger had finished her PBP and had put on a full combat thong as well as some outer layer clothes and note I did not say oughta lay her clothes, Diane Finedick or Mary Elizabeth’s beard Colonel Russell Williams who flew the CL604 EW jet that got captured on video tape as it escorted UA175’s drone replacement into the second WTC tower that enriched Larry Silverstein, Rudy Giuliani and Warren Buffett, 3 charter members of the BUFFETT BRIGADE, see also dipshits, no offence to non-treason dipshits worldwide. Chips gave Ginger Cookie a BDE and a kiss on ‘all six of them’ and, after stuffing his trio into a Pastel Manly Mocha IOC with EHP, he donned his blaze orange nomex flight suit and hastily beat a path to the door just as Hillary, Kristine, Timothy Geithner and a lesbian at 1950 Old Gallows Road have done or are doing before the 10 January, 2013 deadline of 1659 Eastern.

“Chips, if you can drive the GHOST, Barn Swallow is in the trunk and wants me to stick my sock in her boot, whatever that means. Courtly Stonewall and MacCheese have some briefing items under the dashboard, maybe Bean Spiller can retrieve them for you on the way to the Tri Cities Airport where the TA4J, 159100, painted to look like Blue Angel 7 awaits. Perhaps in Chapter 12 you can remind your global readers how, why, and when you turned down a flying job with the Blue Angels after two interviews with Cdr. Tony Less, the Blue Angel lead pilot in the mid-70s. Drive slow as Barn Swallow doesn’t like men that arrive before her time, whatever that means. Thanks, now if Hamish could just get laid we could quit writing books as the Cabal is exposed and their time is near.”
Agent Bean and Agent Chips, Operation Ramey Rimshot, 24 October, 2009 

Agent Chips saw that the engine temperature was in the green so he selected ‘2’ on his B/M and that is not Bruce McConnell, Baltimore, Maryland where Nancy Pelosi’s beard was big in the mafia or bowel movement which brings us full circle to Bruce McConnell and Nancy Pelosi and please note, for the record, that I didn’t mention Senator Diane Finedickcheesestein or her skid marked Boxer shorts. As Chips drove, Bean Spiller stuck her legs out the window and put her head down in Chips’ lap as if she was searing under the dashboard of the 413 ‘stroker’ named TILLMAN’S GHOST.

As negative viscous pressure was applied to Chips’ probe, a cel call came into 715 307 8222 from the Fargo, North Dakota area Abel Danger chief Dangerette who was either a flight attendant for Delta, a Martini patron of the Hotel Donaldson, or both, and certainly the possessor of a fine whisker biscuit. If you want to see a whisker biscuit that is not so fine, see the crossbox assassin haunting the woods 2.3 miles north of Plum City, WI, USA.

Thursday, January 10 | 10 a.m. 
Hjemkomst Center 
202 First Avenue North, Moorhead

C Banks, L Sherlock, Dianne Feinstein or Laureen Harper’s MATE? 

Chips felt his lower zipper being zipped up just as a cabeza was rotating downward. A little hand smelling of Jersey milk handed Chips a card which was a forward from Umbrellaman and MacCheese that harked back to Operation WALDORF in LeDuc, Alberta in the summer of ’72 not to evoke memories of mammaries in the summer of ’42.

As Bean Spiller was ‘bobbing for plums’, Agent Chips read the missive from Agent Marquis d’Cartier. It was direct and succinct. There was other suction involved but didn’t include a sink.

“To All Agents in Operation BARN SWALLOW, Umbrellaman has agreed with Vladimir and Petraeus that those blowing the whistle are doing so in numbers sufficient where we can ‘put on hold’, for the time being, Operation WHALE VAGINA. Therefore when TAC PAC V gets to the FBO at Tri Cities there will be a SHEEP exercise going on to cover our ‘switcheroo’. Agents Bean Spiller and Chips are to exchange clothing with the FERRY CREW and wait until Blue Angel 7 is ‘wheels in the well’. When the attack on Blue Angel 7 is defeated by MUSIC, all Barn Swallow players will be given a 24 hour ‘play time’. I repeat again, Bean Spiller and Chips are not to fly BA7. Stephen Harper knows his beard fat Laureen leaked the deal done in 2001. In a nutshell it was this: There was one aspect of the Enron scandal that the media paid almost no attention to. That was that Enron was setting up a commodities market - buy, sell, trade all commodities. Oil is of course, a commodity. The design of the global economy is centralized trading platforms for buyers and sellers. Apparently it didn't occur to anybody that the platform operator then becomes the monopoly manager of the market.

Oil is traded as a global commodity on an exchange in Atlanta that I believe is run out of London. Oil is sold into the market and bought out of the market just like Warren Buttocks train that crossed the 49th parallel 23 times to TRIGGER CREDITS but deliver no goods, see also NO GOOD BUFFETT, Goldman Sachs 9/11, Offutt AFB. I've been saying it for a long time but I don't think people really grasp it – The idea of the global economy is that countries export their production and import their consumption. This puts countries in a deadly embrace. It also means that imports and exports must flow through a designated terminus (intermodal commerce zone) where an international tax can be collected. The oil sands didn't make any sense to me either. I really do think the idea is to destroy our environment – pollute that aquifer. What will they tax next, vagina strokes, geez, our affable and non flappable Agent Chips would go to the pour farm where they pour some ABSOLUTly lovely Captain Sherlock Martini. I will brief the ‘main bang’ once TILLMAN’S GHOST is back at the Chalet near BM. Beech Mountain. Marquis d’Cartier.”

Bean Spiller could feel TILLMAN’S GHOST slow for the turn into Tri Cities airport so she doubled her stroke to finish the world’s lowest jet to jet refuel probe artist take car of business. As they approached the FBO, the staccato sound of what seemed like AR15 gunfire caused Chips to ‘stuff it’ and the 413 beat a hasty retreat from the FBO parking lot as Bean Spiller swallowed hard. As the staccato continued, a routine Clipper from Hamish to all players went to queue on Agent Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun.

Plum City ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Valerie Jarrett’s (nee Bowman) Bowman ROODA loop crooks in Chicago to the Navy Seals who witnessed an alleged HAC ‘false flag’ attack on May 1, 2011 on a Bin Laden doppelganger corpse in Abbotabad, Pakistan, and who, in consequence, were killed as a collective whistleblower unit while being transported in a Chinook helicopter.

ROODA – Radio, Observe, Orient, Decide and Act
HAC – Honourable Artillery Company (Special Ops in Bowman Surveillance and Target Acquisition}

McConnell invites the Obama chain of command to check the log of discussions between Valerie Bowman’s crooks and Lester Crown (Former Chair of General Dynamics’ Bowman ROODA Loop) of April 29, 2010, to identify the co-conspirators in Operation Bin Laden Seals and the Killer Chinook.

#1306 Marine Links Lester Crown Bowman triggers to Twin Towers Pressure-Wave Bombs

“Navy SEALs Killed (some SEAL TEAM 6) Chinook Helicopter Crash”

“First Announcement Death of Osama Bin Laden 10:40pm Fox News [Bettina Jordan-Barber sold MoD PKI key to Fox for access to Bowman ROODA Loop]
(Chopped and swapped!)

“Bowman Withdrawn From TA … To Meet Operational Demand Most TA units are to have their Bowman radio kits withdrawn over the next few weeks. The move comes as the manufacturers, GD UK, struggle to meet the demand created by operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. … Those units to retain their Bowman sets are 2 (NC) Sig Bde (because they support the comms capability of the wider Army), the Yeomanry (who have to be Bowman-trained in order to operate with armoured vehicles) and the HAC (whose Bowman training is almost complete). December 2008.”

“An Illinois investor whose core wealth comes from huge military contractor General Dynamics [Manufacturer of backdoored Bowman tactical radio], Crown is worth with his family $4 billion, according to Forbes. He also owns stakes in the Chicago Bulls and various hotels and ski resorts. He and his family have been extremely generous to Obama. Lester’s son James bundled $500,000 or more for the Obama presidential campaign. James and his wife chipped in another$100,000 for the inauguration. Lester Crown along with employees of his investment firm, Henry Crown and Co. have donated over $100,000 to Obama’s campaigns since 2003, according to a Johns Hopkins review. Crown has also given large contributions to many congressional Democrats, as well as a few Republicans. In the heat of the primary in January 2008, when Obama’s pro-Israel bona fides were under attack, Crown authored a mass email to Jewish voters vouching for Obama on the issue. (In theemail, Crown said the fundamental issue that animates Crown’s political involvement is “my deep commitment to Israel and to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.”) So the Israelis were shrewd in their choice of donor to reach out to. White House visitor logs, which go up through April, show that Lester Crown has been to the White House twice. One visit was for a Hannukah reception in December which Obama attended, along with about 600 other visitors. The second visit is more suggestive: on April 29, Crown had a personal appointment with Obama confidante and fellow Chicagoan Valerie Jarrett in the West Wing. It’s not clear whether this was before or after Crown got the message from Yadlin. We’ve reached out to Crown and will update this post if we hear back.” 

[Note that Laureen Harper’s snuff-film cronies in Alberta had a ROODA MitM position for the destruction of the Killer Chinook with the Bin Laden Seals inside] CDC secures C$4-billion UK Bowman contract 

A Canadian-developed secure voice and data communications system is to be employed by the British Army under a £1.7-billion contract awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence. It is the largest defence communications programme in the United Kingdom for 50 years. 

CDC Systems UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Computing Devices Canada Ltd, of Calgary, was selected July 19 as the prime contractor for supplying the BOWMAN system. 

The award recognises Canada’s technological and engineering skills. The BOWMAN system replicates the Canadian military’s own system called Iris, which resulted from a C$1.6-billion investment by the federal government. 

The experience and expertise gained in Calgary will support facilities to be set up in Wales to deliver the system to the British Army. They will also serve as a springboard for further joint advances in the digitisation of military forces. The award positions CDC well for further contracts in Europe and elsewhere. 

Computing Devices’ President and Chief Executive Officer, David Scott, said the BOWMAN award solidifies the company’s credentials as a world-class systems integrator. The impact of the contract will produce C$250-million in systems engineering work in Calgary, translating into more than 200 highly skilled engineering jobs over the next three years. 

In Wales, CDC Systems UK will create or sustain approximately 1,600 jobs. BOWMAN will include a land-based command and control system, and will provide the infrastructure to support all digitisation applications over the next 30 years. 

Initial operational capability will be within 24 months. All 18 000 army vehicles will be equipped and all 60 000 service personnel will be trained on BOWMAN by October 2007. The contract includes 50 000 radios, 25 000 terminals and more than 8 000 local area systems. 

Canadian High Commissioner in London, Jeremy Kinsman, said the contract again demonstrates Canada’s innovation and ingenuity in the high-technology and defence sectors. Nicholas D. Chabraja, chief executive officer of parent company General Dynamics, also praised the skills at Calgary on which the systems have been successfully based. Inter-relations will be underscored by a research centre of excellence for communications which will be set up to address military requirements in the future. 

For soldiers in the field, harmonisation of systems will have important benefits. Canadian and British defence forces have long served on joint operations, and are presently on support duties together in the Balkans and Sierra Leone. 

Bilateral defence contracts between Canada and Britain are also strong. For the five years to 2000, they amounted to approximately £1.2-billion, divided equally between the two countries. 

Recent sales include CAE training facilities and equipment, including simulators; Canada’s purchase of EH101 search and rescue helicopters due for delivery this year by August-Westland; Hawk aircraft sales; and four diesel-electric powered submarines acquired by Canada from the Royal Navy, the second of which was delivered this July. The British Army trains extensively in Alberta, and the Royal Air Force also uses training facilities in Canada, while Canadian officers are on exchange with British defence forces. 


Companies on the team include: Computing Devices Canada, Computing Devices Company Hastings, and General Dynamics Communication Systems (all units of General Dynamics); ITT Defence Systems; Harris Systems, BAE Systems; BAE Systems IFS; Command Systems Inc., Litton Integrated Systems; Alvis Vehicles; Roush Technologies; Westland Helicopters; EADS; Syntegra; HVR Consulting and Computer Sciences Corporation. "

Note for Valerie Bowman (a.k.a. Jarrett): Once the enemy is inside your ROODA Loop; it’s all over.

PresidentialField Mandate

Abel Danger Blog

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

Letter to below.

The letter below is unanswered by Courtney Banks, Deb Brown, Lyn Sherlock and Ms. Cohen as of 1742/04Jan13. Time is up, you blew it just as did Chris Hook, DMORT and HSEEP.

From: Field Mcconnell
To: "" ; "" ; "" ; "" 
Cc: ">" ; bucky badger ; Kraig Peterson ; David Hawkins 
Sent: Friday, January 4, 2013 2:21 PM 
Subject: Kristine Marcy removal date? 

Abel Danger Global wishes to learn the effective date of the removal of my sister Kristine McConnell. 

Field McConnell 715 307 8222

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