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Marine Links Lloyd’s of London Paperclip Pedophiles to Max Taylor Twin Towers, Verizon Frauds

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked DK Matai – the alleged founder and boss of a criminal organization he has dubbed "The Lloyd’s of London Paperclip Pedophiles – to Max Taylor, the former Lloyd’s chairman and Aon U.K.’s deputy chairman who appears to have unwittingly (?) hired Matai for 9/11 pedophile man-in-the-middle attacks on the WTC Twin Towers and Verizon communications systems to support catastrophe-bond insurance frauds on Lloyd’s Names.

“From Camp Watten Through Project PaperClip to CIA 1947”

“9/11 Tribute Verizon Commercial”


[Spoliation inference that Lloyd’s and the British Bankers Association gave DK Matai gave custody of WWII Paperclip Pedophile files which allows him to extort concessions from a global community of alien and/or  immigrant pedophiles as they move through targeted sovereign states unto the 10th generation]  Opportunities and Challenges of 21st Century Emerging Technologies: C-PET Transatlantic Dialogue Keynote by DK Matai Chairman, mi2g, ATCA and The Philanthropia …  I am sure you would have your own definitions of global risk but I believe that insurance and reinsurance are the DNA of modern capitalism. In order to understand how modern capitalism works and how risk is syndicated, one has to be able to understand the mechanisms of risk transfer that are inherent within insurance and reinsurance. Working with the blessing of the Chairman of Lloyd’s of London at the time, a charming man who went to the same university as I – I went to Southampton University as did Max Taylor the Chairman of Lloyds, so we had a good bridge –, he started saying to me let’s look at the top ten global risks. What about them? We wanted to know about these from the point of view of insurance and reinsurance. We went into dialogue with organisations like General Reinsurance Corporation owned by Warren Buffett, we went into dialogue with the other large players like Swiss Re and Munich Re, and basically the five or six major reinsurers in the world. We had deep discussions with them about how they look at global risk. …. The narrative of humankind is that we are here to build for ourselves a better life. But it has to change to become: we want to build a better world for each other. This is where we share our humanity, and we have to be thinking outside the box of nation states. I would say that the sovereignty of the nation state itself is being superseded by the sovereignty of the individual in the 21st century. If you think about the 9/11 hijackers; the 9/11 hijackers were nineteen, sixteen of them were from Saudi Arabia, but the government of Saudi Arabia was not per se involved in the 9/11 incident. Those sixteen hijackers chose to carry out their dastardly actions based on an individualised sovereignty that they had accepted in their within [Meaning DK Matai had digital custody of images of the hijackers engaged in the pedophile rape, torture and murder  of children which allowed him to extort their participation in the 9/11 attack attributed to al-Qaeda – the name given to the Arab American partition of Kristine Marcy’s SBA 8(a) database]. And I think we are facing those types of risks where the sovereignty of the nation-state is very difficult to enforce and to maintain. …… These top risks faced by the human race in the 21st century may be summarized as follows. 

1.  Climate chaos and environmental degradation. This chaos has arisen as a consequence of a disposable, consumer society, and has been exacerbated by a tendency to view production-consumption waste as linear and not circular with a recycling loop. 
2. Radical poverty. This risk is even greater now that persons can compare their economic welfare with others on a global scale as a result of the new reach of mass media.
3. Geo-politics and energy. The deep imbalance between western and developing-world usages of energy, and its global environmental and resource implications, will have growing political salience.
4.  Organised crime and terrorism. There is a clear relationship between failed states and both organised crime and terrorism. The global profitability of crime syndicates has been estimated at USD1 trillion.
5.  Advanced technologies proliferation – bio, info, nano, robo and AI.
6. Demographic skews, particularly with regard to sex and age.
7. Resource shortages  We are now not only worried about shortages in energy production, but in resources such as water and clean air.
8. Pandemics. The threat of pandemic influenza has underlined the increased fragility of the 21
St century world to traditional disease threats as a result of such factors as global transportation, economic integration, and the growth of cities.  
9. Financial systems and systemic risk – both caused by global freedom of capital movement, derivatives, and the increasing impotence of nation states and their regulatory authorities.
10. Transhumanism and ethics. Progress in certain emerging technologies could give a competitive advantage to certain groups of humans or machines. Innovation – DK spends about half of his time innovating with mi2g teams focused on digital banking, digital risk management and bespoke security architecture for major financial institutions, government agencies and multi-nationals in Europe, America and Asia. DK believes passionately that the next generation of private and corporate banking involves the global safe custody of valuable data and intellectual property alongside financial deposits with “guaranteed security”.  D2-Banking is holistic and includes the online vaulting of genomic maps and medical records; art, photo, music and video collections; digital messages and personal files including wills, deeds and memoirs; and other intellectual property alongside traditional financial services. ”

“CORPORATE BACKGROUND: Mr Taylor joined Willis Faber in 1970 and worked his way up to a board appointment in 1990. After merging with Corroon and Black, he was appointed a director of Willis Corroon Group and chairman and chief executive of Willis, Faber & Dumas, its principal Lloyd's broker. He is a former chairman of the London Insurance Market Network (LIMNET) and was also chairman of the Lloyd's Insurance Brokers' Committee. A working member of Lloyd's since 1975, he was elected to the Council of Lloyd's in 1997, and appointed chairman in 1998. STRATEGY: Lloyd's has a remarkable brand. Against a background of increased competition, Mr Taylor believes Lloyd's concentration on underwriting as its core competence, "stands us in good stead". Lloyd's is a community of insurance brokers and Mr Taylor says he is keen to "build on our relationship with them, because they are the primary source of business for bigger risk and catastrophe insurance risk". He notes that higher margins are available by specialising in more difficult and complex risks. Mr Taylor says technology is affecting the distribution of certain lines of business and has the potential to improve efficiency.Mr Taylor says that Lloyd's is the "original international market", licensed to operate in 64 countries. Historical re-insurance links with China, East Germany and Asia provide well-established business flows.”

Chicago-based insurer Aon Corp. named Max Taylor to its... December 13, 2000 By From Tribune news services. Chicago-based insurer Aon Corp. named Max Taylor to its executive committee, effective Jan 2. Aon said Taylor completes a three-year term as chairman of Lloyd's of London at the end of December. Aon said Taylor will be deputy chairman of its United Kingdom operations.”
“Mr Max Taylor - Chair of Council - to Dec 2012 Mr Taylor was formerly Deputy Chairman of Insurance Broker Aon UK. Prior to joining Aon in January 2001, he completed a three year term as Chairman of Lloyd’s, the Insurance Market. Having begun his insurance broking career with Willis Faber and Dumas in 1970, an association that lasted until his election to Lloyd’s in 1998, he subsequently held a number of prominent industry posts including Chairman of the Lloyd’s Insurance Brokers’ Committee, President of the Insurance Institute of London, and Chairman of The European Federation of Intermediary Associations. Mr Taylor is Chairman of the Mutsui-Sumitomo Insurance London companies, a Director of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and a Director of Qatar Insurance Services. He joined the University Council in 1999, subsequently becoming a member of the Finance Committee and took up the appointment Chairman of Council at the beginning of 2007.”

“Aon plc is a British multinational corporation headquartered in LondonUnited Kingdom, that provides risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human capital and management consulting. Aon has approximately 600 offices worldwide, serving 120 countries with 61,000 employees. In January 2012, Aon announced that headquarters would be moved from Chicago to London. Aon is the largest reinsurance broker in the world. In 2011, Aon was ranked as the largest insurance broker in the world based on revenue. As of 2012, Aon is the principal sponsor of the Premier League team Manchester United. Aon was created in 1982, when the Ryan Insurance Group (founded by Pat Ryan in the 1960s) merged with the Combined Insurance Company of America (founded by W. Clement Stone in 1919). In 1987, that company was renamed to Aon, a Gaelic word meaning oneness. Combined Insurance was sold to ACE Limited in April 2008. … September 11 attack Its New York offices were on the 92nd and 98th–105th floors of the South Tower of the World Trade Center at the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. When the North Tower was struck at 8:46 a.m., many executives began evacuating their employees from the upper floors of the South Tower. The evacuation of Aon's offices, ordered by Eric Eisenberg, was carried out quickly as 925 of the 1,100 Aon employees present at the time managed to evacuate the building before United Airlines Flight 175 struck it twenty stories below them. However, many were influenced to stay by security guards [BBC’s Paperclip pedophiles allegedly deployed by DK Matai through the Worshipful Companies of Security Professionals, Insurers and Information Technologists for MitM attacks on Twin Towers and Verizon communications systems] and security announcements, or did not exit the building in time. As a result, 175 employees of Aon were killed in the attacks, including Eisenberg and Kevin Cosgrove, a vice president of the company that made a call to 911 when the tower collapsed.”

“WAS BEAMER'S CALL RECORDED? Considering that Todd Beamer's call is central to the official 9/11 narrative, it would be helpful if a recording of it were available to be properly analyzed. However, all that supposedly exists is a summary written by Jefferson. According to journalist and author Jere Longman: "GTE-Verizon did not routinely tape its telephone calls. As a supervisor, [Jefferson] would have been the one to monitor the taping, but she did not want to risk losing the call."  In her own book, Jefferson claimed she had "not had a chance to press the switch in my office that initiates the taping of a conversation."  Rowland Morgan has pointed out that this means the evidence of Beamer's call is "single-sourced, unsubstantiated hearsay of which there was no record. ... [Jefferson] had no idea what Beamer's voice sounded like, and she would never hear it again to judge whether he had actually been speaking to her." However, a week after 9/11 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had claimed otherwise, stating that, "because it was to an operator," the call "was tape-recorded." If a recording of the call indeed exists, it has been kept well hidden.”


For 13 minutes, Beamer had spoken with Lisa Jefferson, a customer service supervisor at GTE Airfone's Chicago call center. He explained to her that his plane had been hijacked, and, assisted by a flight attendant sitting next to him, provided details about the flight. He also talked about his pregnant wife and two young sons. Being a devout Christian, he asked Jefferson to recite the Lord's Prayer with him, and then recited the 23rd Psalm. Before declaring his famous last words, Beamer said some of the passengers were going to try and seize control of the plane. At around 9:58 a.m., he put the phone down and was heard saying to someone else: "You ready? OK. Let's roll." [4]

The first thing that was odd about this call is the simple fact that Beamer was able to talk to Jefferson continuously for 13 minutes. In her 2002 book, his wife Lisa Beamer revealed that Jefferson had informed her "it was a miracle that Todd's call hadn't been disconnected." The reason: "Because of the enormous number of calls that day, the GTE systems overloaded and lines were being disconnected all around her as she sat at the operator's station outside of Chicago, talking to Todd. [Jefferson] kept thinking, This call is going to get dropped! Yet Todd stayed connected ... all the way to the end." [5] Very fortunate indeed this was, because if the call had become disconnected there would have been no "Let's roll" slogan for the war on terror.

A further oddity was Todd Beamer's remarkable calmness, despite the catastrophic situation he was in. Jefferson recalled: "Todd, when he came to me, he was calm. ... [H]e stayed calm through the entire conversation." [6] In her 2006 book, Called, Jefferson wrote: "[H]is voice was devoid of any stress. In fact, he sounded so tranquil it made me begin to doubt the authenticity and urgency of his call." [7] She told Beamer's wife: "If I hadn't known it was a real hijacking, I'd have thought it was a crank call, because Todd was so rational and methodical about what he was doing." [8] ”
“On 21 September 1999, Vodafone agreed to merge its U.S. wireless assets with those of Bell Atlantic Corp to form Verizon Wireless. The merger was completed on 4 April 2000, just a few months prior to Bell Atlantic's merger with GTE to form Verizon Communications, Inc. In November 1999, Vodafone made an unsolicited bid for Mannesmann, which was rejected. Vodafone's interest in Mannesmann had been increased by the latter purchase of Orange, the UK mobile operator. Chris Gent would later say Mannesmann's move into the UK broke a "gentleman's agreement" not to compete in each other's home territory. The hostile takeover provoked strong protest in Germany, and a "titanic struggle" which saw Mannesmann resist Vodafone's efforts. However, on 3 February 2000, the Mannesmann board agreed to an increased offer of £112 billion, then the largest corporate merger ever. The EU approved the merger in April 2000 when Vodafone agreed to divest the 'Orange' brand, which was acquired in May 2000 by France Telecom. The conglomerate was subsequently broken up and all manufacturing related operations sold off.”
“BBC Pension Trust … Top equity investments at 31 March 2012 … Vodaphone £82.4 million”
Executive Chairman
D K Matai
DK is an engineer turned entrepreneur and philanthropist with a keen interest in the well being of global society. He founded mi2g in 1995, the digital risk specialists, in London, UK, whilst developing simulations for his PhD at Imperial College. He helped found ATCA -- The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance -- in 2001, a philanthropic initiative to understand and to address complex global challenges. He is widely quoted in the international media on the risk and reward of digitisation. DK co-founded The Philanthropia in 2005 -- Trinity Club, Syndicates and Ethical Investment Funds -- with entrepreneurs, family foundations, private banks, non-governmental organisations and specialist advisors to resolve complex global challenges through collaborative & sustained efforts. DK's online presence: TwitterFacebookLinkedInHQROpen ATCAIntent &IntentBlog. [Profile in pdf]
Senior Advisors
Sir Terence Clark
Senior Consultant - Political Risk
Terence is developing business for mi2g with key Middle Eastern players in the government and private sector, having been British Ambassador to both Iraq and Oman.
John Flynn
Senior Consultant - Risk Profiling
John helps profile risk associated with IT infrastructure from both cyber terrorism and electronic warfare. He is the Permanent Representative to the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) in Brussels, having been British Ambassador to Venezuela and Angola.
Dr Tim Forse
Senior Consultant - Valuation Databases
Tim works closely with mi2g in developing secure online databases of extremely valuable and sensitive knowledge resources. He is a Director of Segal Quince Wicksteed an mi2g sister company. He is a specialist advisor on the development of Science Parks and Economic Development Projects having worked with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 
Anthony Harris
Senior Consultant - Defence & Specialty
Anthony is working with mi2g within the Defence and financial services sectors. Anthony was a member of the negotiating team that concluded the Al-Yamamah deal in Saudi Arabia with BAE Systems and the UK-UAE Defence Cooperation accord in 1996. He has also been in charge of the BBC Worldservice [Alleged operator of Lloyd’s of London Paperclip Pedophile] budget [for MitM and cat-bond frauds] and a Director of Robert Fleming, having been British Ambassador to UAE.
Willy Hersberger
Senior Consultant - Risk Transfer Specialist
Willy is developing alternative risk transfer solutions for mi2g clients within insurance and reinsurance markets in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria. He is a Swiss national and a graduate in business administration from St Gallen University in Switzerland. He has over three decades of experience in senior management positions within Europe and America in underwriting and marketing at Swiss Re.
Dr Peter Madden
Senior Consultant - Agent Technology
Peter is a specialist in artificial technology and secure distributed systems. He is also an associate of uc.comand a non-executive director of RCMS. He has worked as a Project Manager for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) (DSTL).
R Oliver Miles
Senior Consultant - Corporate Alliance
Oliver is the Chairman of MEC International and works with mi2g in developing key corporate relationships, having been British Ambassador to Greece, Luxembourg and Libya and a non-executive Director of Vickers Defence plc. He is currently developing markets in the Mediterranean and North Africa.
Major General Bill Robins
Senior Consultant - Asymmetric Risk
Bill is working with mi2g in developing asymmetric risk solutions. Bill ran British Army tactical communications and electronic warfare units before he became responsible for Information and Communication services forUK Defence Forces. He has worked in the Defence Industry, including BAE Systems, on Battlefield Information Systems and Homeland Security. He is a visiting Professor at Cranfield University, assigned to the Royal Military College of Science.
Dr Simon Shepherd
Senior Consultant - Cryptography
Simon is working with mi2g in the development of next generation on-line banking and insurance security architecture. He has a Doctorate in cryptography and is an expert in computer communications security. He was an Officer in the Royal Navy and has worked as Systems Engineer at BAE Systems.

More to follow.

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  2. Includes 9/11-related interviews with John Hutchison and Dr. Judy Wood.

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura DEATH RAY
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