Tuesday, November 20, 2012

British Bankers' C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans - Chapter 23

The Generals’ Honeypots, BBC’s Meatwhistle IN Operation EGG TIMER 
 General Watt’s his name and his Ham Fisted Helo Pilots in 9/11 

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.”

Abel Danger Opposes Devaluation of U S Veterans

Kill Kelly, Phoenician Princess fornicator extraordinaire?

Paula Kranz's weiner stash

Pentagon Intrigue

Military Coup Bounty 413 to Restore Liberty?

Nice rack

Abel Danger scuttles Hillary’s Ship of State in FEMA Phoenix 12-12

Operation EGG TIMER; Top Rat, Top Rack

Reverend Ball taken in by Cressida Dick in advance of Bildergerg Three Bean Salad?

Pastel Pervert-in-chief known in Indonesia as FAT KID RUNS LIKE A DUCK

Wider than Thunder Thighs, Fairer than Sasquatch, the corpulent Miss Moneypenny

Angus Watt tipster links Russell Williams’ DNA to Pellerin-Johnston; Bilderbergs panic

“Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.” Ps 1:1,2

URGENT SUGGESTION: Before you read this ‘fiction’ below understand that it was meant to be written as His word is written in Jeremiah 1:7. Speaking of 7’s, here are four verses for God’s people with ‘7’ and then there is one verse with ‘7’ for Satan’s people who are panicked as BBA, BBC, the Phoenician Princess and the great fornicators get mown down by Abel Danger. Onward Christian soldiers!!

7 You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you. Or, if you prefer music here it is:

7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 

7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, 
    but fools[a] despise wisdom and instruction. 

7 It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart and, whether I am in chains or defending and confirming the gospel, all of you share in God’s grace with me. 

For the faux-Royals, elitist effluence and other PANICKED MISFITS heading to Rome or practitioners of FEMA False Flags like Phoenix 12-12-12 or Portland, bah humbug:

7 Doom has come upon you, 
   upon you who dwell in the land. 
The time has come! The day is near! 
   There is panic, not joy, on the mountains. 

Before going into this chapter, assure yourself that God is real and is in control and He is easily capable of forestalling the FEMA False Flag penciled in for Phoenix 12-12.

In the last chapter Agent Chips and his consort,( who was never identified just like Russell Williams would never have been identified if General Angus Watt’s handling of DNA had been a little bit ‘tidier’), had been advised to assume the brace position due to a Chips light in the Ft. Meade Helo…the date was November 8, 2012 and key defections/realignments were being made….wife swappers from Chalk River Ontario, Fort Leavenworth Kansas and MacDill AFB Florida were being exposed…..the Fleck family of Bismarck was linked to the Kranz kaper in Afghanistan….two Lebanese twins sisters assigned to dismantle TOP BRASS with loose ass and huge noses in cahoots with Bubba and Hulk’s fornicator….

Scripture of Day: 1 Peter 3:18

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.” 

Praise song: “Blessed be the Lord God Almighty”

Secular song: “Home”

Agent Chips was called up to the front of the chopper and given three possible places to be dropped off by the UH-60 from Weide Army Airfield in Edgewood, Maryland being flown by an Estonian air force captain who was neither Rene Kallis nor Martin Noorsalu although Agent Chips and ‘the major’ had worked with the Estonians in September, 2012 in practice missions rehearsing Operation EGG TIMER which was a contingent plan to be executed if the DARLING OF DOLPHIN SQUARE triggered Jarrett AND, I say again AND the U S Special Forces dolphins were exposed and slaughtered. The HAC was a major in the Maryland Army Guard with callsign Chap 31 unless Agent Chips was aboard in which case the call sign SNATCH 71 would indicate to ‘all players’ that the progress of the chopper should not be impeded just as in Wisconsin, state, county and local law enforcement are not to delay 36 STUD, WW2 KIA or ABLDNGR, capeche?

“Chips, our tasking indicates Farragut Field Annapolis, Bolling AFB Washington, or Quantico MCAS in Virginia. Your call, Umbrellaman and MacCheese are ‘listening’. MacCheese has the Global Hammer as Rooster and Atomic Betty are embedded with elements of agent provocateurs stage dressing on the Washington Mall for tomorrow’s big announcement towards the end of your Friday radio show on Truth Cental.”

Chips looked at his ten dollar WalMart chronometer and responded “Three bad choices, similar to the recent failed election where US ‘zombie’ voters, Diebold mis-counters, and Spanish faggots gave only two bad choices for president; a Muslim abortionist whose Attorney General was also an abortionist and one of two principals in FAST AND FURIOUS according to Kristine Marcy, a Mormon fetus spolater who made $75 million at Stericycle while waiting in the wings was a third presidential option, General Petraeus who had been penciled in for just this moment in time in a previous chapter back in June, 2010. Perhaps FAT DUCK Barry Soetoro and Mittens the baby burner didn’t read the June, 2010 Chapter but more likely they had read it hence the cleansing of loyal Admirals and Generals during time frame 10 September, 2012 and 22 November, 2012. The suggestion in the chapter below was that Petraeus-McConnell would run in 2016. However, due to the Lebanese nose job, AD code name KILL JELLY, and her loose twin sister, the military coup option needed to be deployed in the interim between erection and injunction of FAT BOY WHO RUNS LIKE A DUCK who was ‘in the area’ during the coup that occurred in Indonesia where Muslims abound and transvestite nannies haunt.

Digital Vermin Device in American Psycho Snuff-Film Patent Pool

Headstone 124649

“Major, those three choices are losers, tell Umbrellaman and MacCheese to position a POV at the Viet Nam Wall near name Karl Waldron of Minnesota whose AC47K was shot down on 15 February, 1968, have the POV parked next to the concession trailer on Constitution Avenue that sells Obama bobble-heads and standby for a VERT REP operation from chopper to VN Wall, with immediate withdrawal to 1213 U Street NW. There are 10 parking spots on Ben Ali, have the 66 Imperial drop top ready to roll. Courtly Stonewall is at the Lincoln Memorial acting presidential, he’ll drive. No time for questions, execute.”

Chips saw three green blinks on his Clipper Squirt Gun indicating both Umbrellaman and MacCheese were ‘on board’ with the decision to frustrate the NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES that Barry Soetoro appeared to be replicating which is appropriate as Hitler was also a ‘one-nut British agent’. Agent TBA gave Chips a quick view of Pastel Mint Green as she pulled a Sig Sauer P226 from her thigh holster as Chips thought about holstering his PTRC nearby first chance he might be given. She passed him a 3 x 5 index card in pastel salmon: “3 bean salad at VN W, rope egress, solo”. Chips nodded in agreement as he attached his small fanny pack to his tether not to be confused with the LBGT ‘goat tether’ discussed in June, 2010 when McConnell-Petraeus-Dempsey-redact 4-redact 5 had discussed Operation 413 which was a cyber version of the Blazing Saddles Operation Number 6.

Perhaps Soetoro and Smolich had not had a chance to read the chapter of Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf but surely they must realize that LONG KNIVES, or Arkansas TOOTHPICKS, can be rotated 180 degrees which is in keeping with the Chinese adage that he who seeks to injure his enemy should dig two graves; one for his enemy and one for himself. Chips also was advised via routine Clipper that a second 66 Imperial Crown convertible with Wisconsin plates ABL DNGER had just been dispatched from 403 Main Street Plum City to Milwaukee to speak to a trio of FBI persons who found inconsistencies in “CUDAHY’ which were mirrors of AURORA where the two Navy Intel guys had been silenced before the ER nurse named Jennifer Gallagher could be drowned in Iowa in hopes that Americans would not see that the persons deploying all of these little bitty false flags were NSAWW of Vienna Virginia, Femme Comp Inc of Colorado Springs and USDoJ Pride which includes a POI named SHIT-HOOK, capeche?

Ben’s Chili Bowl ‘stakeout’ car

Agent TBA slipped Chips three Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and a tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters as she whispered in his good ear, “Booth 101, Chris has it blocked, 2111 local, execute” as the chopper descended over the Washington Mall and the observer opened the door and dropped a rappelling rope. Chips blew her a kiss and was on the wall shortly thereafter where the ‘three bean salad’ formed a defensive perimeter and followed him to the POV by the concession stand where Obama bobble-heads were selling faster than the HALF CHILI CHEESE dogs at Uncle Ben’s. Chips noted the vanity plates, FISH, and opened the passenger door while recalled Captain Gerald DeConto’s murder on the morning of 9/11/01. Six minutes later he arrived at Ben’s Chili Bowl which was a depository of Paula’s wieners according to the twin Lebanese sisters extorting 4 star genitals who are tied to John Kerry family pedo clambakes not that the half-baked Kerry would know what to do with a bearded clam but he would have plenty of friends who’d know what to do with the Lebanese misfit’s young son with a low mileage bum, capeche?

Ben’s Chili Bowl - Arrival 1445 Thursday, 8 November, 2012

Notice only one Brat is ‘split and open faced’ near tongs 

 Chips looked down Ben Ali and saw the front of the Imperial Crown. He then went in and stood next to the yellow shirt and pointed at the single open faced Brat and handed the lady a $20 bill. The ‘open face’ was placed in a carry out container and Chips pressed C3 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and counted to ten. Stepping out of Ben’s Chili Bowl he turned to the right, crossed Ben Ali as the Crown Imperial approached from his left. He noted the time, 1511, and the the two DC Metro Police units across the street at 1224 U Street, NW and he saw they both had blue lights illuminated but neither flashing nor wig-wagging. He saw a single green LED on the dropped visor of the nearest police cruiser. As he settled in the black leather passenger seat of the 1966 Crown Imperial drop top he turned the AM radio on knowing that at 1512 a song from 1976 would indicate the mission is a go or any song from 1979 would indicate an ‘abort’ and immediate transfer to Arlington National Cemetery for extract by HMX-1. Courtly Stonewall turned left to head north, then another left to head west to find New York Avenue and US Highway 50 for the 24 mile cruise to 2600 Housely Road, Annapolis. As Courtly drove, Chips recalled the lyrics from the Keith Carradine killer hit that was popular back when he was posing as a Marine captain jet flight instructor at VT-25, Chase FIELD, Texas, which is now the MCCONNELL Unit of the Texas Prison System, capeche? He wondered why in 1966 Chrysler called the yellow paint ‘Cream’ instead of yellow. He wondered who his next Dangerette OSA might be and if her pastel prove up code my be LEMON CHIFFON. He was brought back into the here and now as a killer hit from 1976 came from the four corner Bose speakers in the 1966 Cream-mobile two blocks south of New York Avenue at which time Courtly Stonewall turned on the purple funeral lights behind the grill of the piss wicked, super trick 66 Crown Imperial drop top with the big block 440.

It's not my way to love you just when no one's looking 
It's not my way to take your hand if I'm not sure 
It's not my way to let you see what's going on inside of me 
When it's a love you won't be needing, you're not free 
Please stop pulling at my sleeve if you're just playing 
If you won't take the things you make me want to give 
I never cared too much for games and this one's driving me insane 
You're not half as free to wander as you claim 
But I'm easy 
I'm easy 
Give the word and I'll play your game 
As though that's how it ought to be 
Because I'm easy 

Don't lead me on if there's nowhere for you to take me 

If loving you would have to be a sometime thing 
I can't put bars on my insides 
My love is something I can't hide 
It still hurts when I recall the times I've cried 
I'm easy 
I'm easy 
Take my hand and pull me down 
I won't put up any fight 
Because I'm easy 

Don't do me favors, let me watch you from a distance 

'Cause when you're near, I find it hard to keep my head 
And when your eyes throw light at mine 
It's enough to change my mind 
Make me leave my cautious words and ways behind 
That's why I'm easy 
Ya, I'm easy 
Say you want me, I'll come running 
Without taking time to think 
Because I'm easy 
Ya, I'm easy 
Take my hand and pull me down 
I won't put up any fight 
Because I'm easy 
Ya, I'm easy 
Give the word, I'll play your game 
As though that's how it ought to be 
Because I'm easy 

Chips realized the mission was a ‘go’ so he took the split hot dog from the carryout bag and searched for the small plastic cylinder stuffed in the right half of the weiner not to be confused with Huma Weiner who did a runner and jilted the haggard one from White Plains. He was aware that the message would be from Agent RPM who is thought to be someone who just paints cars not recognized by the public as one who paints political intrigue and is somewhat prescient. As the lyrics to I’M EASY replayed in his mind causing him to think back to an 18 year old Gail Brandenau who in 1974 lived near Star Route 2, Box 604 in Beeville, Texas, the message of another ‘honey pot’ was becoming more clear as Petraeus, Dempsey, McConnell, redact 4 and redact 5 had anticipated back in June, 2010 when they had worked with Sarah Palin’s staff to provide a third option to eliminate McCain-Soetoro. The message was brief, however, prior to his reading the message from Agent RPM, an Immediate Clipper came in from Marquis d’Cartier who was posing as a waiter at McGarvey’s Restaurant at Market Square, Annapolis while fellow AD Operative Chris was hawking booth 101 at the Rams Head Roadhouse at 1773 General’s Highway. Marquis was charged with ensuring the Marine Corps flag was over the saloon sign whenever it was safe for Chips to come in and look for a Smoked Oyster recipient candidate, capeche? Chips saved the Clipper to queue as he read the message from RPM.

“Chips, regardless what Pinhead, Thunder Thighs and the Squatter release to the lamestream media we know that the General knew the biographer for about 5 years which was about the time of her ‘study’ at university. She supposedly became fond of him and pursued him using her massive war-chest as two thirds of the bait. She was not bashful and played herself into being accepted by him to write his bio. I am presuming this was some time after he tasted her garden of eden which, at that time, was not follicly infested nor did it have a tattoo or a dolphin like the DOLPHIN SQUARE DARLINGS do. What a cover/story. Along the way it became knowledge of the left that the General had ambitions to cash in the stars for political fame on the right, apparently in 2016. What a plan. Lure the General into heading up the CIA to set the stage for his control as it was known of his liking of Broads as all loyal servants of the United States of America do. Oh Well. He walked right in, sat down, grew a woody and game over. The grand plan was put to the test as Benghazi-gate was crashing through the gates of the half-White House. Did I say white? When the Panetta-Clinton-Soetoro slaughter of the Chris Stevens PARTY OF FOUR went south according the the video downloaded from a Fargo Predator, a grand-mal diversion necessary. Time for sexcapades. The press will always buy into a good three or four some. How steamingly delightful. Time will tell as to the how the vinegar mixes with the water in this tossed salad predating the THREE BEAN SALAD being mixed ala Bilderberg. By the way Chips, we have a phone message left by a radiologist from Charlotte suggesting that if a certain WOO POO from ’74 is offered a ‘tight fit and a nice rack’ that the General should TELL HER NO or the radiologist would unleash the Lebanese nose-hounds aka Nostril-damas no relationship to French sooth-sayer Nostradamus or olfactory offensive Dalai Lama. Further, if the Benghazi Butt-Rape taints the Obama mis-administration look for Osama to die a fourth time. RPM, AD Ono, WI “
Obama’s Legacy the thrice-dead ( and counting ) OBL d. 2001, 2007, 2011 

Chips had finished the Clipper from RPM and recalled the Immediate FESTUS from Marquis d’Cartier at the Pub from queue seeing that three more messages where piling up as official Washington was learning of the trap set at 12 Garden Drive, MacDill AFB in Florida and Operation 413 set for ‘after turkey day’ if the DOLPHINS DIE.

Three Bean Salad 

Egg Timer Agent Marquis d’Cartier IMMEDIATE FESTUS to Agents Chips, Hamish, Tillman, Rooster Cogburn and Atomic Betty, copy Umbrellaman, MacCheese and the EGG TIMER Dangerettes: Chips, having been protected by the THREE BEAN SALAD it is now time to SPILL THE BEANS. The media is aware that released emails have Jill Kelley hosting the King of Jordan and his sister at a dinner party. Tampa mayor Bubba Buckhorn was also invited but turned down the invitation as he had a ‘private dick’ watching Hulk. Kelley was also asked (?) to intervene in Tampa radio DJ Bubba "the love sponge" 's threat to deep fry a Koran on air. Note that DJ Bubba's ex-wife was the woman seen having sex with his former best friend Hulk Hogan in recently released sex tapes. As November 24 draws near reconsider the Phoenician Princess Europa and ‘do the math’. If next year’s EUROS BANKNOTES have a watermark of the Princess that will be a signal the Bilderbergs wrongfully think they have succeeded. The EUROS in circulation since 9-11-2001 have had images of doors and windows. Ezekiel 7:7 comes into play 25 November, 2012 or the CLINTON-FEMA-PHOENIX false flag will be rolled out as currently planned. Your PRINCESS IN PINK with the pronounced proboscis thinks she has wrapped the FLAG OFFICERS but she has it bass ackwards, they have flagged her, her evil twin, and the KHAZAR CLAM BAKER with the $500 dollar hairdo…what a useless candyass and he will GIVE WAY to Samantha and Susan as they are given positions in PERVERTS PLAYGROUND. Standby for a forwarded email from Fleck in Bismarck. Your table at McGarvey’s is set for 4 diners Friday night at 1911 hours. If Susan Rice is at McGarvey’s tonight with ‘HIM’ I will ask her where’s the playground, capeche? According to Ezekiel 7:7 and Jeremiah 5:31 indicate the END HAS COME. Marquis d’Cartier.

7 Doom has come upon you, 
    upon you who dwell in the land. 
The time has come! The day is near
    There is panic, not joy, on the mountains. 

31 The prophets prophesy lies, 

     the priests rule by their own authority, 
and my people love it this way. 
    But what will you do in the end?

Operation EGG TIMER Agent Hamish Immediate JASPAR to Agents Chips, Marquis d’Cartier, RRC, Lemon Chiffon and Dangerettes on call in EGG TIMER, copy MacCheese and Tillman: The Pentagon porn story began in 2006. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] child pornography sting operation called Project Flicker ( originally Fleck Buick 51 ) produced payment records of about 5,200 people, many of whom provided Army or fleet zip codes or military e-mail addresses. If you do not RSVP in the negative within 30 minutes the draft attached will go to SHIT HOOK and the usual suspects at DOJ: Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – November 08, 2012.United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Laureen Harper's ‘African Pilgrimage’ to Obama’s Pig Farm Passport PACT – Paperclip Alibi Crimewatch Timeline – where Harper allegedly started a graphics company to forge passports and other documents for contract killers deployed by the Canadian Privy Council (cf. Maurice Strong), which allowed Barack Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro) to conceal his place of birth (Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock, British Columbia?) by entrapping and extorting Privy Council whistleblowers with Mau Mau (?) cannibal oath ceremonies at the Pickton pig farm. http://www.theobamafile.com/_family/anna.htm Feeling laconic, McConnell invites those who may be concerned to write an amended biography for Laureen Harper and submit it to Abel Danger for review. See: http://www.abeldanger.net/2010/02/abel-danger-mischief-makers.html Chips, et. al. the lady snitch who tied Angus Watt to Russell Williams DNA is our Agent Fairey Swordfish from the Maritimes. She strongly suggest we exposed HARPER before the attack of the “nostril twins. Barring negative input from Chips, Rooster or Tillman the dog hunts. Hamish 

Chips felt a modest deceleration as they approached exit 24b at Annapolis. Sensing time was tight he called Hamish on his Clipper Squirt Gun with ‘flash’ priority advised in the LED text line. Hamish answered on the second ring, as was customary Abel Danger Protocol.

“EGG TIMER Agent Hamish”.

“Hamish, Chips, muzzle your hound. I sense the Canadian woman may be floating a test balloon for Harper. Suggest you HOLD YOUR FIRE until 20 November, 2012 to see if the DYING DOLPHINS head count reaches 31. Agents Atomic Betty of Gatineau and Supersport of Niagara find something not quite right with FAIREY SWORDFISH. As you are from Canada surely you know that MAN’S DAY if November 19 and CHILD’S DAY is November 20. Please consider releasing the Post regarding Laureen Harper until end of business, 20 November, 2012. Can you live with this?”

“I defer to your sense of timing. However, be aware that KILL JELLY also called the mayor to tell them she had been speaking with Gen. Allen and Vice Admiral Robert Harward, the deputy commander of CentCom, who said they needed the mayor's help. The ‘player’ at 1950 Old Gallows send us a taped phone conversation with this included”

“I have Petraeus & Allen both emailing me to get this dealt with,' she wrote Buckhorn on March 7, but following up with: 'Gen. Allen will be calling me from Afghanistan at 1300 and our next step in setting up the military brass” Our French connection Pierre Poilievre has pointed out that KILL JELLY had boasted of connections to Petraeus and other high-ranking officials, and she sought Tampa Mayor Bubba Buckhorn's presence at events ranging from hosting a group of VIPs from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal to her daughter's birthday party. Watch for OFFICIAL MOVEMENT to Burma or whatever they call it nowadays. The Canadian lady willing to finger the Phoenician Princess will be in booth 101 at 1911 today, 8 November. We have reservations for 4 at the Rams Head on Generals Highway, McGarvey’s on Market Square and Les Folies at 2552 Riva Road. Please advise your dining pleasure by 1854 tonight. Tillman and I can do the two tables you are not at. For security purposes be aware that the RED LOBSTER protects the BEARDED CLAM. Capeche?”

Regional French Cuisine

“Hamish, I capeche, are you en suite at 2600 Housely?”

“Yes, room 420, it has a huge bidette. I am enjoying a double mineral water with my signature lime slice. Where are you in the DC-Baltimore-Annapolis triangle, oops gotta go, there is an Abel Danger knocker at my door?” As Hamish fumbled with technology a pair of knockers walked up behind Agent Chips who was the Room 420 knocking agent confused by the ‘huge bidette’ comment and thinking of a Dangerette in Texas whose name reminded Chips of the Leda Bidette he was picturing in his mind as he enjoyed the firmness of the twin 44s pressed against his linebacker like shoulders.

“Hamish, the Crown Imperial just dropped me off and look who followed me in” was the greeting when Hamish opened the door to Room 420. “Please show me the ‘big bidette’ as I don’t recall any bidettes in Annapolis Hotels although I did see a lovely bidette in the home of Doctor Thorton in the spring of 1971 while he was dealing illegal drugs to patients in Annapolis and his wife was hosting first class midshipmen with nice cars to her living room rug.” As Chips was led into the hotel room he harked back to Dr. Thornton’s wife who had a nice rug of her own.

“Chips, here is the bidette, it is so large I think even Sasquatch could be serviced by this monster. My question is how someone wide enough to straddle this bidette could fit through the hotel room door?”

“Hamish, relax, that is not a bidette but rather a Jacuzzi. Be a good Hamish and pour me a Captain Sherlock martini while I run the water to provide a bubbly background to the incoming call I expect from Agents Tillman, Rooster Cogburn and Atomic Betty.”

As Chips removed all but his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat thong in Pastel Manly Mocha, the voluptuous and still not identified Dangerette did like wise and Hamish was embarrassed and turned away as she was clad only in Pastel Lemon Chiffon IOCs which became nearly transparent in the warm water that was allowing the PTRC to engorge to a full 117% TI which the lady was well aware of after giving Chips a BDE in the love tub not to be confused with Tampa DJ Love Sponge whose x-wife found Hulk Hogan more to her liking according to KILL JELLY, the less offensive of the Nostril-dames from Lebanon who have waylayed Holly P into service of V. Jarrett, AD code name DOG FACE. Because the ‘agent to die for’ was configured in standard Abel Danger configuration for Operation EGG TIMER, Chips could not tell exactly who this Dangerette was as the Agent assigned PPUC Pastel Lemon Chiffon had taken early retirement after creating this tribute to Agent Chips and his ‘still airworthy’ F4D, 66-7478, the ‘sweet talking woman’.
EGG TIMER Dangerette

“Tell me when I can turn around, Chips” said Hamish with his eyes still covered while looking out the window of Room 420 which provides a good view to both Safeway and Best Buy stores across from the Garden Inn and Suites at 2600 Housely Road, capeche?

Jill Kelley, Phoenician Princess 

“Hamish, don’t be so shy, Agent ‘x’ is up to her neck in bubble bath, please turn on the AQFB27Z-71 Omniglobe as Umbrellaman should be brieifing Operation EGG TIMER very soon. When Umbrellaman speaks, ensure the Jacuzzi switch is set to MANUAL ON so that the timer doesn’t kick out the noise generation if Umbrellaman needs to go beyond the 15 minutes scheduled.”

Hamish nodded in agreement and placed the CSM next to a Gideon’s Bible opened to Psalms 95:1,2 and he saw both the Omniglobe and the TV come alive with a video produced by Rutherford Institute of Charlottesville, Virginia, where AD teams had been flying in and out of in three previous chapters relating to upcoming legal action against TSA, FAA, ALPA and ‘the Georgetown whore’ that suppressed 9/11 truth in a civil case that reminds many of the street address of the GREAT IMPOSTER. Hamish saw that the Umbrellaman briefing was on a short hold pending response from DP regarding timing of Friday’s announcement which AD had suggested should be made between 1400 and 1500 Eastern time on Friday, 09 November, 2012. Hamish quickly briefed Agent Chips and the Dangerette seemingly unknown but not in the way the Unknown Soldier was unknown.

“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.” Ps 95 1-2


“Chips, as Barry Soetoro is learning the true meaning of nemesis as he looks in the mirror I wish to update you of the RUTHERFORD FILE. School officials for the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, have informed high school student Andrea Hernandez that she will be “withdrawn” from John Jay High School’s Science and Engineering Academy, effective Monday, November 26, because she objects to wearing a name badge signifying participation in the school district’s new “Student Locator Project.” The badges include tiny Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) chips that produce a radio signal, enabling school officials to track students’ precise location on school property. For Hernandez, a sophomore, the badges pose a significant religious freedom concern in addition to the obvious privacy issues. In coming to Andrea’s defense, Rutherford attorneys are preparing to seek immediate judicial intervention to ensure that Andrea is not removed from her school as a result of adhering to her religious beliefs and refusing to express approval of the Project. I believe this is the same RUTHERFORD that was involved with Brandon Raub and may, in time, represent MJD and FM in a Qui Tam set to dissolve the TSA as Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) has the potential to do. If RUTHERFORD intends to bring down the Obama Tsardoms curtailing civil liberties I believe you should volunteer, again, to be witness to the PACT pedophile issues haunting Valerie Jarrett’s prize puppet, Smolich and Marcy. Anglos are still inclined to think of child molesters as strange men in dirty Macs hanging around street corners looking for unsuspecting prey. This perception is erroneous, since it has been established that the villains are more likely to be the ‘Bastions of Society’ who have an infinite supply of vulnerable victims from children’s homes, who are too afraid to tell. Who would believe them anyway, as the officials in authority they approach for help are usually involved; see GHWB, DC, JM, JS, LMcA, Harpers (plural) and the Cameroon quadroon born in White Rock BC. Our source near 12 Garden Drive, MAFB, FL suggestswe not forget Jonathan King, record producer and TV presenter, who like Savile, cruised the streets in his Rolls-Royce looking for victims, before being jailed for seven years in 2001 for attacks on young boys. Chris Denning, a close friend of King’s and member of the original team of DJs hired by Radio 1 (along with the likes of Alan Freeman and Kenny Everett), was also locked up for four years in 2006 for sexually abusing children. We have been given the names of two more DJs who were sexual predators, according to a victim of one of the stars and an associate of the other. These names will lead to #10, #1600 and #24 in order of occurrence. Remind me to write a post regarding Toma Bravo, Lee Mitchell, Sidley Austin, Clipper Telephony and the two misfits with surrendered Illinois law liscenses……”.

Hamish was interrupted as Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun took a FLASH FESTUS from Rooster Cogburn who, along with Atomic Betty, was embedded with one of the Nostril-dames and enroute to Les Folies at 2552 Riva Road.

Egg Timer Agent Rooster FLASH FESTUS IM text to Agents Chips, MacCheese, Umbrellaman, Hamish and RPM, copy Dangerettes aField in Operation EGG TIMER: The left nostril confirms that one of the redacted DJs tried to rape a girl at the party in Dolphin Square, Pimlico, Central London, back in the 80s. Many of the big-names DJs and their agents lived in apartments and townhouses in the Dolphin Square area. Gareth Williams had a dossier on these pervs on the MAC hard drive they didn’t find. Gareth’s MAC hard drive has been ‘backed up’ and a copy will be under booth 101 tonight no earlier than 1910 and no later than 1911. Arrange to snag it. See Chris of the ‘wait staff’ if you cannot find it. How many McAlpines in our sights at present, four? Rooster. 

Chips had been performing underwater reconnaissance of a digital variety trying to determine who the Dangerette in Pastel Lemon Chiffon was. His underwater discovery techniques were almost compromised when the bottom half of the IOCs floated to the top of the bubble bath. Fortunately, Agent Chips saw it and held it underwater as Hamish was distracted by the sound of a ten count countdown to Umbrellaman’s briefing. As the sudsy Dangerette played him like a flutist, Chips recalled the instructions on his bottle of Cialis that suggested a surefire cure for any erection lasting more than four hours. As the flutish played HAIL TO THE CHEESE, Chips recovered control of his PTRC and the visual recall of the person high tailing it to Australia and Israel to stay out of the frag pattern of the BENGHAZI BUTT RAPE truth revelation as Umbrellaman began speaking in quiet, measured tone fomenting the three pronged FALSE FLAG scenario being considered by the BENGHAZI BUTT RAPE trio of traitors.

Cure for an erection lasting more than 4 hours 

Abel Danger Agents deployed in the Metroplex in Operation EGG TIMER and those administering the SMEAC details from Global in Plum City, greetings. As we prepare to GIVE THANKS in less than 48 hours we see that the Trio of Traitors realize now, too late, that they have revealed themselves to be the source of the last (redacted) False Flags both executed and aborted in time frame 1535, 4 December, 2006 and 1911, 09 November, 2012. When Agent Nice Rack detected the Nostril-dames as agents of Valerie J. and the HELL PAY BACK QUARTET she exposed the Czar heavy half-white house as the new haunt of the Vatican Assassins who have been hanging out at Georgetown since 135 years B. S., ‘before Smolich’ which was 72 years B. C., ‘before Chips’. At 1911 this date, we have triangulated the evil doers and at separate tables at four Annapolis Restaurants the three key females will be wined and dined and ‘chipped’ by the swallowing of Dr. Nano’s micro-technology currently in use by the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas where perverts cowering to Obama and the HELL TO PAY witch named Valerie have told student Andrea Hernandez that she will be withdrawn from John Jay High School’s Science and Engineering Academy effective Monday, 26 November, 2012 because she cites religious reason for not being chipped for the school district’s Student Location Acceleration Project (SLAP) which was the new name hastily given to the Jimmy Savile-Gary Glitter-Jonathan Edwards plan offered by Scotland Yard and Cressida Dick to help horny perverts in Texas find suitable targets for the affection and infection. This comes at approximately the same time as the new Driver’s License deal in Rammer Rahm’s Chicago and the upcoming trio of False Flags tentatively scheduled from Christmas weekend in Phoenix, New Year’s Eve in the West Coast port city and the CYBER False Flag intending to cover the trail of who in Valerie Jarrett’s asylum knew what regarding Blue Mountain’s BUTT RAPE of C. Stevens and the murder by withheld support that appears to fall at the feet of DNI. If we cannot defeat San Antone’s pervert chipping of teenagers, expect announcement on 27 November, 2012 that Operation DRUMSTICK will follow Operation EGG TIMER as Book 9 will be wrapped and Book 10 initiated leading to the injunction against Barry Soetoro or the military solution written about in June of 2010. Operation DRUMSTICK will remind the pervs that United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Laureen and Stephen Harper’s apparent use of Entrust PKI technology for man-in-the-middle attacks on the POTUS 44 chain of command, to Thoma Bravo partners in Chicago and the gang-bang PACT* rape in a Benghazi hospital on 9/11 2012 of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, the late Christopher Stevens. ( PACT = Paperclip Alibi Crimewatch Timeline ). Our contact at DOJ, Agent SHIT HOOK, suggests Chips feigns feeling laconic after the emasculation of the FBI’s CSI role by his sister Kristine Marcy and the 2001 arrest and of Robert Hanssen, McConnell invites those responsible for U.S. counterintelligence to take their fingers from where the DOJ Pride’s sun does not shine and do some due diligence on Harper and his fellow Canadian Privy Councillors to see if they can find out who approved the transfer of Entrust root keys to Thoma Bravo given the private equity group's links to the Trinity data fusion spy center in Halifax N.S. and alumni of the Weather Underground Organisation and the Sidley Austin law firm (cf. Bernardine “The Fork” Dohrn, Michelle LaVaughan Robinson, Barry Soetoro and Lee Mitchell). Time now in Annapolis AOA is 1855, ladies and gentlemen, you have your assignments. Execute.” 

Umbrellaman’s voice had been quiet for just five seconds when Hamish grabbed his third mineral water with signature lime slice as he turned off the Jacuzzi. He asked Chips if he knew the ID of the 4th restaurant and the 4th female.

“Hamish, judging from the SMEAC briefing received from Umbrellaman and MacCheese, Atomic Betty and Rooster Cogburn will be with the left nostril and Dr. Nano at Les Foiles at 2552 Riva Road, Agents Bean and Tillman will be at the table that Marquis d’Cartier has set at McGarvey’s on Market Square and they will host the right nostril and Holly. It is suggested that you arrive at Booth 101 at the Rams Head Roadhouse at 1910, straight up, where Agent Chris will seat you in the corner by the mens room. A warm and willing Canadian woman who refuses to speak French will be there to blow the whistle on Harpers’ (plural) facility regarding ACCESS GRAPHICS and those in 1996 Canada who benefited from the rape and murder of JBR. The woman has a younger sister who was stationed at Halifax Trinity at the time of Jennifer Gallagher’s murder by ‘drowning’ after Milwaukee FBI and Denver FBI were cross talking in the ‘issues’ of Aurora and Cudahy pointed out to them by AD. You better run downstairs, a Volkswagen Karman Ghia with vanity plates will be idling under the reception roof. We will join you at Rams Head after our dinner at location #4.”

The unidentified Dangerette with the floating bottom was wondering if Chips was JUST IN or ALL IN as Hamish exited the room and called the elevator to the fourth floor of the Garden Inn and Suites which is really the third floor as the first floor is the basement. As Chips was doing his best to indicate to the ladie’s satisfaction that JUST IN was not an option, his Clipper Squirt Gun rang indicating and IMMEDIATE JASPAR from “Garides Scortholemono” at the 4th restaurant.

The unidentified Dangerette leaned out of the tub a second time to select F4 on her Clipper device giving Chips a view to an entree item that was not on the menu at Lewnes.

As he looked at what the French refer to as Un coin de paradis sous la forme d'un vagin bien mince avec aucun des moustaches follicly évident biscuit aussi connu comme yum yum.

Prior to the music starting Chips answered that “Garides was not his real name but he repeated it to suggest that the person deploying the four black SUVs was the beard to the President who transmitted TOP SECRET Army data to Bhoutros Bhoutros Ghali, the Egyptian diplomat who participated in BLACKHAWK DOWN and CHINESE SHALISKASVILI, while functioning as the Secretary-Genital of the United Nations. As the music is now starting could I interest you in a little Operation Gothic Serpent?” as his one eyed trouser trout found the opening for which he was sent.

As saddle up was accomplished and operation wet lips commenced, Chips and the FIELD OF STONE Dangerette thought they were suffering a coincidental exploculation as three flash grenades lit up the Housely Road Hotel as at Lewnes Restaurant four black SUVs left on a direct routing to 1773 Generals Highway, Crownesville, Maryland. As their eyes became accustomed to the room lighting once again, they saw another Dangerette dressed in Pastel Lemon Chiffon IOCs and she appeared to be interested in a ‘wet and willing’ threesome. She had in her left hand a scroll tied with a turquoise ribbon. As she bent over to play another Tanya Tucker Texas standard, Chips felt his battle standard being extended to receive another battle ribbon; and he like that. He noted his $10 WalMart chronometer had the big hand on the 4 and the little hand on the 7 as another little hand guided his to a location wishing her close attention. He noted she had selected C6 and 0+15 so it was clear she understood there was no time for the full measure of his loving and as the music started he went from JUST IN to ALL IN as the treasonous trio from Bungled Benghazi realized the Ham Fisted Helo pilots (3) and the queer transport pilot had exposed the plans of the New World Order that Petraeus, Dempsey, McConnell, redact 4 and redact 5 were capable of BLOCKING. Tanya’s epic voice provided a cover for a briefing of the ‘high points’ of the exposure of the Ham Fisted Helo Pilots (3).

As Chips scanned to bogus story making General Watt’s his name look more like a solution than like a problem, he was trying to love the second Dangerette the way he used to when their love was brand new. To keep from exploculating early he pointed out 5 key paragraphs to to the other Dangerette were FALSE FLAG COLORS of Pastel Lemon Chiffon. After Chips had identified the 5 problem paragraphs, the none engaged Dangerette send an Immediate FESTUS to Harper, Cameron, and Soetoro to let them know that the JIG WAS UP.

The message indicated it was odd (#1) that HAM FIST 3 would be on vacation for two weeks prior to Canada’s attack on America of 9/11/01 at the same time Sam Cam Dolphin mam was spending 30 hours in the Big Apple and Prince Andrew ( HAM FIST 2 ) was on a flight from England to Atlanta, the presumed eastern capitol of the eastern half of the New World Order North America.

Oddity #2 was included in the paragraph containing "We were getting most of our information from CNN, like everybody else, but we were also getting NORAD feeds from the Americans and our own agencies about various incidents across the country, most of which were spurious. It just enhanced the sense of confusion," Having been in an ADC/NoRAD command post during exercise and real world events I am certain that General Maurice Baril ( CF Army officer in charge of NoRAD ) was a player out of position as was HAM FIST 1 General Charles Bouchard who was ensuring the 1st AF at Tyndall did not allow 178th FS F16s flown by Derrig, Borgstrom, Eckmann and Gibney to observe, OR DELAY, the drone replacements from AA77 and UA93. Further more, if Angus Watt’s his name had been briefed on AMALGUM VIRGO 01, he would have known that according to page 2 the confusion, ‘who’s in charge’ and spurious reports were preplanned by Generals Baril and Shelton, along with VAdm. Scott Fry, all three being players out of place on 9/11.

Chic Burlingame

Oddity #3 is in the paragraph including this comment: Before long, there were nearly 20 jets sitting on ramps at military airfields, ready to be scrambled so they could shoot down any hijacked airplanes threatening a Canadian city. Wait just a mother fucking minute, pal, are you Angus Watt’s your name unaware that during the 30 hour window Canada was responsible for any hijacked airplanes threatening cities in the U S also, hence the agreement signed on 20 August, 1999 by Army General Baril of Canada and the Knight of QE’s Textile Troubadors Army General Shelton of the US. Two more players out of position on 9/11; ARMY TOADS IN COMMAND OF AIR FORCE ALERT ASSETS. Another thing for HAMFIST #3..you really were in command of your senses why could you only find 20 of the 77 CF18s assigned to your treasonous air force?

Oddity #4 is in this paragraph . If it was going to be shot down by a military jet, the action would have to be taken by one of the U.S. F-15s still shadowing the airliner. But this could not happen without the consent of the Canadian government. Wake up Angus Watt’s your name, you need to review the Broadcast Advisory and Autonomous sections of the Air Defense regulations. When U S Air Defense pilots are autonomous they can shoot down anything deemed to be a threat to the United States, its property or its citizens. This opinion is coming from the Air Defense pilot who won profiles 1 and 2 in Willy Tell 1986 betting the Bagotville Boys in their fancy ass toys. Oh, and for added satisfaction HAM FIST #3 I was not cleared to fire either missile, capeche?

Oddity #5 is the BS spewed by some Frog about to boil. Later, in his memoirs, Chretien described it as a "heavy responsibility, with hundreds of innocent lives at stake and possibly on my conscience." Possibly on your conscience? Hundreds of innocent lives? Hey Froggy breath, how about hundreds of thousands of lives on your LACK OF CONSCIOUS because as Prime Minister you are responsible for the actions of you Ham Fisted Helo Pilots ( Angus Watt’s his name, Charles Bouchard) the Army General directing Air Defense assets and the CANADIAN STALLION whose incredible rise in stature was engineered by Ham Fist Watt’s his name. That is until Canadian Stallion screwed up the DNA tracking of the ‘dead Canadian’ from Camp Mirage.

Chips made a mental note to discuss HAM FIST ANGUS WATT’S his name on the radio on Wednesday, 21 November, 2012 if GLAMOUR BOY and Lauren the beard have not been brought to justice prior to 2pm Eastern, Wednesday, 21 November, 2012.

Sensing that his Dangerette Dujour was about ready to fire off a signature triple, he doubled his stroke and finished her off with a rim shot at the buzzer not to be confused with Thunder Thighs ‘rimming of the fuzzer’, capeche? As the Dangerette collapsed into a heap of hyperventilating heterosexual, Agent Chips withdrew his sword and ambulated in an erect fashion to the window where he flashed 5 fingers at the 1995 Woo Poo woman waiting in the cars with North Carolina plate and motto ‘First to Fly’.

 Epilog to C23, the last Chapter of Book #9

Canada's 9/11, Part 2: A new world order 

 OTTAWA — On Sept. 11, 2001, Angus Watt walked into the Canadian NORAD regional headquarters at CFB Winnipeg at about 7:30 a.m.,

(#1) just back from a two-week leave.

A career air force man, he was a brigadier general who, on that day, was the operations officer for the entire air force. Within an hour, one of his staff told him to turn on the news. A plane had struck the World Trade Centre in New York.

"Of course, the first thought was 'What a tragic accident. 'There just didn't seem to be any other explanation at the time."

"Then the second one hit."

Within 30 minutes, the operations centre, normally manned by a skeletal crew, was fully staffed. The secure room features display screens that monitor air traffic and connect NORAD and governments.

But even with the most sophisticated tracking systems, the military officers were forced to make life-or-death decisions on incomplete information.

"We were getting most of our information from CNN, like everybody else, but we were also getting NORAD feeds from the Americans and our own agencies about various incidents across the country,

(#2) most of which were spurious. It just enhanced the sense of confusion," said Watt, who in later years was promoted to the head of the Canadian air force.

One report, for instance, spoke of a hijacked plane flying to Hamilton, just west of Toronto. The report proved false.

Watt gathered his staff and delivered a critical message.

"This is a day you will remember for the rest of your lives," he said. "We have to separate fact from fiction. We have to operate on the basis of known things and react to things that we are sure of."


Meanwhile, in Ottawa, Prime Minister Jean Chretien was adopting the same approach — insisting, as he called senior ministers, security officials and bureaucrats, that he be kept up to date on the hard facts.

Chretien had lengthy experience dating back to the 1960s in government and had seen his share of crises — from the October crisis of 1970 to two Quebec referendums in 1980 and 1995. By now, he had been prime minister for eight years. He valued the importance of staying calm, of not getting drawn into making bad mistakes by listening to rumors.

One of the cabinet ministers who was out of Ottawa that day was Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley. He was to learn of the terrorist attacks in a place that prevented him from making decisions for several hours, although he was to become one of this country's most influential decision-makers.


Within the first hour of the terrorist attack, Watt made a major decision from his operations room at NATO in Winnipeg.

There are always four armed jets, in Bagotville, Que., and Cold Lake, Alta., on standby. Watt decided to arm every CF-18 he could find on Canadian soil.

(#3) Before long, there were nearly 20 jets sitting on ramps at military airfields, ready to be scrambled so they could shoot down any hijacked airplanes threatening a Canadian city.

Watt's staff watched for tell-tale threats: a plane that diverted from its scheduled path and wouldn't take orders from air traffic controllers.

Or worse still, a plane's pilot who might have set a special code — 7500 — on his transponder, a secret alert to air traffic controllers the aircraft had been hijacked.


The phone call came in the early afternoon.

"We've got a problem," Watt was told by one of his American counterparts in Alaska. "We don't need your help right now, but we've got this airliner coming in and he's squawking hijack."

The new threat was Korean Airlines Flight 85, then over the Pacific Ocean.

The Boeing 747 jet with 211 people aboard had left Seoul destined for New York City, with a scheduled refueling stop in Anchorage, Alaska.

As it neared the Aleutian Islands, a technician at an airline contractor in Maryland spotted three letters in a message from the plane: HJK. It was the code for hijacking.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency and the American air force were alerted and before long, as the plane approached, its pilots were asked to confirm the hijacking. They responded at 1:24 p.m. ET by punching the specific hijack alert — 7500 — into the transponder.

The plane was told it could not land in Anchorage. American F-15 fighter jets now shadowed the jet, and officials examined whether it could land in a remote Alaska runway. That plan failed because of poor weather. So within an hour, Watt received another call from the Americans.

"I need your help because I don't have any more options," Watt was told.

The plane was starting to run low on fuel. The only nearby airport was at Whitehorse.

Suddenly, the ball was in Canada's court. Might this plane now be a threat to Canada? The biggest, closest target was Vancouver, about 90 minutes away. What would happen if the plane veered south?

At that hour, none of Canada's CF-18s was close enough to track it.

(#4) If it was going to be shot down by a military jet, the action would have to be taken by one of the U.S. F-15s still shadowing the airliner. But this could not happen without the consent of the Canadian government.

Earlier in the day, Watt and his American counterpart in Winnipeg had "greased the skids" — asking their military superiors for permission to act if it looked like a hijacked plane was going to crash into a city.

In Ottawa, with the Korean jet over Canadian soil, the message had been relayed to Chretien for his permission.

"They needed my authorization to shoot down the plane if it is needed," recalls Chretien of the phone call he received.

The prime minister considered the horrible options, then made a decision.

"I said, 'If we have to, we will.' You know, if a plane like that was to crash in downtown Vancouver it would have been terrible. So I said: 'Get ready, if it's needed.' Probably before pushing the button they would have called me."

(#5) Later, in his memoirs, Chretien described it as a "heavy responsibility, with hundreds of innocent lives at stake and possibly on my conscience."

But in his recent interview with Postmedia News, Chretien said he had "no choice".

"It's not very complicated. In my mind, you cannot expose the downtown of a city of Vancouver with thousands and thousands of deaths. And the people on the plane were not my responsibility. They were the responsibility of the pilot and the airline. It was not a Canadian airline."

Moreover, Chretien used an analogy that's quintessential to his style, 

"It's like when you are driving your car. If you know you don't have to turn left, you don't turn left. Otherwise you will be killed. So you don't analyze the decision. You know you have to go straight or turn right because (at the) left there is a car coming and it will kill you. So you do it. So there was no analysis of what I had to say. For me, it was a proposition that came very clearly to my mind."

In Winnipeg, Watt and his staff faced conflicting warning signs. The plane was following the orders of air traffic controllers. There was no cause for alarm in conversations with the pilots. And yet the transponder (designed to send a discreet message from the cockpit without the knowledge of hijackers) was still squawking 7500.

"It doesn't pass the common sense test," Watt recalls saying. "Somebody has made a mistake here. We've got to take a risk here because the alternative is we shoot down an airliner with more than 200 people."

The plane was told to land in Whitehorse. With barely 30 minutes left before touchdown, officials evacuated schools and large buildings. It wasn't a pretty scene, as panic swept the Yukon capital and people fled the downtown area.

The U.S. F-15 pilots, fingers close to the trigger, were ready to seek final permission to shoot down the plane if it suddenly appeared dangerous.

In Ottawa, Chretien waited by the phone at 24 Sussex Drive.

Finally, 90 minutes after the crisis had begun, the jet landed, uneventfully.

In Winnipeg, "We were praying. There were two F-15s on its wing. We were going, 'Please land, don't do anything stupid.' " Watt remembers.

The RCMP soon concluded the whole ordeal had been caused by the pilots, who mistakenly believed when speaking to air traffic controllers that they were supposed to switch on their hijack code.

A decade later, Watt still remembers how his staff kept calm that day.

"The system worked. We didn't do things perfectly because we didn't have perfect knowledge. But when it came time to make the big decisions, they were made."


In later weeks, one Canadian — Manley, at Foreign Affairs — would emerge as this country's reassuring voice of leadership.

But Manley spent much of 9/11 trapped in an aircraft — frustrated, anxious, and worried.

He had begun his day in Berlin, then boarded a flight in Frankfurt to return to Canada.

It was aboard the Air Canada 747 that "agitated" flight attendants told him a plane had hit the World Trade Center. It had happened while they were already en route, over the Atlantic. 

Theirs was the last flight allowed to continue its flight to Canada, and they still had several hours to go in the journey.

Manley spent much of the flight in the cockpit with the pilot and first officer, listening to the BBC's accounts of the developing tragedy.

"We got through briefly to my office and I got a bit of a description of what the television images were like. I reminded my executive assistant to call my wife and make sure she knew we were fine," Manley says.

The pilots remarked on the eerie radio silence over the North Atlantic.

"It was totally frustrating," Manley recalls. "I remember very distinctly going into the lavatory and looking at myself in the mirror and saying, 'This is a big problem. The world has changed today.' The second thought I had was, 'Oh my gosh, I hope they didn't get in from Canada.' "

Manley's fear was that if this had occurred, the Americans would virtually close the borders to Canadian traffic — imperilling future exports to the U.S. and putting thousands of people out of work.

Within days, Manley would become the head of a special cabinet committee tasked with three major challenges: Improve airport security; draft a new law to give police more powers to fight terrorism; and devise a "smart border" plan with the Americans to ensure Canadian exports would not be blocked.

By the end of the autumn, Canadians were living in a new world order.

Billions of dollars spent on airport security. A contentious new law, the Anti-Terrorism Act, giving police broad powers to arrest and detain people suspected of planning a terrorist attack for up to three days without charges. Also, the power to compel people suspected of having information about terrorist activity to testify before a judge at a secret hearing.

A decade later, looking back on that solemn day and autumn, Manley recalls the unease.

"It's something we have never really experienced at another time in Canada — with the possible exception of the aftermath of October 1970 — when our population was genuinely alarmed that there may be dangers in doing the ordinary things in life.

"The country required decisiveness and action and I relied on my gut. We just couldn't wait."

The prime minister, meanwhile, was determined to avoid grandstanding, and to accomplish two things: tighten security, but let Canadians get on with their lives.

On the evening of Sept. 11, he slipped out of 24 Sussex and went to a blood donor clinic to give blood to be used in New York.

He gave firm instructions to his staff: The media should not be told until later. A cheap photo-op of at a clinic would be tasteless politics.

"I did not want to grandstand with that," he said.

"When you see a tragedy like that, and people suffering like they were suffering, I felt that it was not for me to get onto the news with that."


Three days later, a memorial event took place on the lawn of Parliament Hill. Security officials had advised it be held inside, to guard against a terrorist incident.

Chretien refused, insisting Canada show the world it wasn't hiding in fear.

On that sunny September day, Canadians were still in shock, but were beginning to understand their world had changed. About 100,000 people filled the lawn on Parliament Hill.

As U.S. ambassador Paul Cellucci stood nearby, Chretien urged Americans not to despair.

"Together, with our allies we will defy and defeat the threat that terrorism poses to all civilized nations," said Chretien.

A decade later, the war on terrorism continues. And the memories of 9/11 endure. mkennedy@postmedia.com

Read more: http://www.canada.com/news/Canada+Part+world+order/5347562/story.html#ixzz2Coun1MT2

Glenn A. McConnell (1923-2007)

Eileen Odum McConnell (1923-2007)

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