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British Bankers' C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans - Chapter 18

Clintons Piss on Military, BBC Benghazi Butt Rape Sinks SoS; Errol Southers Jarrett’s Leaker? 
 Chic Burlingame, Pat Tillman, Taylor Morris, Tyrone Woods and Boyd Ed Graves 

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." --Plato

Obama’s butt buddy from Chicago

Butt Pirate in Training, Unattentive Mother, White Rock BC

Obama Prepares Dopperganger Corpse to Kill Osama a 4th Time

Presidential Limo and Speed Limo were doing 133 mph enroute to Ludington to snatch the package; Rooster and Atomic Betty were staked out at 832 Coach Way; Tillman and Chips were enjoying CSMs while reading AA brochures; Agents 80W and Ginger Cookie were in Room 178 of the Pier House to augment PUSSY STRETCHER; a pair of FEMA choppers failed to do Janet’s bidding not to be confused with NAPOLITANO’s biddette; Karl and Jane Tugboat stopped short of the birth canal to offload the package into a SEAL TEAM inflatable boat on loan from Little Creek; Agent Bean dreamed of position #7..up, up, and away ; Agent Chips ignores RBS and Barclay’s TOO LITTLE TOO LATE and send Wells Fargo stern message;rendezvous a goat rope, KGRR Limo trip to Pier House results in reverse Limo trip towards KGRR until FEMA trick fucks Michigan Air Guard; Package 9 rolls to Stryker at AZO; boards VC40B for trip to Quantico’s; launches decoy drone; expedites toward DC; suffers loss of cabin pressure as Hamish explains Reuters-BBC-Fox-USSES tactics; Chips has giant woody; 80W and Firewalker seek debriefings.

Prior to the transfer from CAMERON D to Seal Team inflatable boat the package of nine was focused on the mission with the exception of Agent Bean who was thinking about the pleasures of position #7 she preferred when she wanted goose-bump-inducing friction as she would keep her legs high and close together creating a super-tight fit. And since the PTRC would be entering you at a slight (about thirty-degree) angle, you both get a down-there sensation that's very distinct from what you're used to in the missionary or doggy position. You can stroke your own bliss button while your man pumps away, or just lie back, luxuriate in how oh-so-fabulous your body feels. Agent Bean always preferred at least 4 hours of pleasure which is a no-no according to Soy Milk drinking mean who watch the NFL and hear warnings on Viagra and Cialis adds targeting limp dicks; see also Romney, Soetoro, Pawlenty and others trying the end the United States. Fortunately for current residents of the U S and millions for whom it still is the beacon of hope, Abel Danger has volunteered to oversee DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY when the U S Military Tribunal puts pretenders in shackles and Benghazi Butt Rape sponsors in chains, capeche? 

Chapter 18 

Scripture of the Day: 1 Peter 2:9

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 

Praise song of the Day:

Big Piney 34’s response to Mom:

America’s Historic Purpose:

Field-If we are considered "Christian terrorists", then I will wear that as a badge of honor. II Timothy 1:7, I have NO FEAR with them threatening me with Glory. Bring it on! There are a few things in life that I will lay my life down for, first is God and my Savior, 2nd is family, and 3rd is country. As in that song I sent by Maaziah Mountain, that preacher was whipped to death for not taking a license to preach. And Patrick Henry said in answer to it-"give me liberty, or give me death!" Prayers are most appropriate in print or verbally at anytime. I think we Christians have been too timid in letting the "PC" world dictate what is proper. I will not live on my knees to the pagans-I'll die on my feet as per William Wallace in Braveheart. (the Scot coming out of me, I guess) So pray on brother! In Christ, Dick and Dee Dee, Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Americans cry as the BroncoBama/RumpRiderRomney erection will be over soon and TV viewers are reminded if an erection lasts more than 4 hours see a doctor or a Dangerette.

Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

“Sluggo, splash two, resume normal operations” came the announcement from the left shooting port as Buffalo, Minnesota’s septuagenarian sharp shooter had placed FIRE FOR EFFECT all over the windscreen of the two FEMA choppers operated by persons not keeping their oaths to protect America and Americans. The M249 SAW used by Sluggo was accurate and effective much like the words of the Cunning Linguist who will be remember as the WMPFP someday when normalcy returns to the U S and the U S military is no longer targeted by those in their chain of command who loathe them; see also Lip Biter of Oxford, the titless wonder with an axe handle butt and PinHead, no disrespect to the Pin Head duck is intended.

Courtly Stonewall and Agent Stone resumed a more leisurely 85 mph as Trooper Campbell from the Michigan State Patrol passed them to assume lead and his fellow Trooper Heinz took up the trail position putting the two Limos in the rocking chair. Courtly realized that the ramp up to 133 had caused the two American Flags to be blown off so he made a mental note of the popsicle stick he was passing, mile marker 13, so that the American Legion in Ludington could go back and find the flags and send them to Post 365 in Plum City for proper disposal on Friday night, 19 July, 2013 when the Chaplain of Post 365 would participate in respectful treatment of the American Flag unlike Bill Ayers and the dope who wrote Dreams of My Gash Gourmet Male DNA Provider.

Trooper Campbell led the two limos to W. Ludington Avenue and then with three flashes of his right blinker terminated the protective package as he and Trooper Heinz stopped at a donut shop to await the reciprocal transfer of ‘the package’ back to KGRR which was called Grand Rapids Airport before Gerald Ford got dementia and his spouse started overdoing the lemonade, capeche?

Agent Stone got confirmation that the package was assembled at the Pier House after the transfer from CAMERON D to Seal Boat to frustrate FEMA waiting at the S S Badger Pier to board the Tugboat crewed by Portsmouth, England’s Tugboat Twins who were too young to recall that the USS Guadalcanal LPH7 had made a port call in the summer of 1970 at which time David Gates was singing a monster hit with his group Bread and Mittens was still parading around in a Michigan State Trooper uniform as he was too important and too ‘scared shitless’ to do as other young American teens did, SERVE THEIR COUNTRY.

Stone and Courtly Stonewall drove by the Pier House and then performed opposite direction 180 degree turns before driving two blocks east and then performing another pair of opposite direction turns to arrive at the back street to north of W. Ludington to gather the nine person package for a trip to Battle Creek with the understanding that due to weather the SNATCH may need to use Kalamazaoo Airport. The package of nine arrived and Agents Bean, Firewalker, Jam and Father Mulcahy got in middle and rear doors of the Presidential Limo while Hamish, ED WEINER, Agent Red Maple, 80W and Ginger Cookie got in the speed limo. Agent Red Maple rode shotgun with Stone while Hamish and ED WEINER sat in the middle with 80W and Ginger Cookie bring up the rear.

80W got a Priority FESTUS on her cattle dehorner so she selected ‘speaker’ so Chips and Tillman would be broad, I say again, BROADcasting to them both.

“Not certain yet but as we conduct the OMNIGLOBE briefing with Umbrellaman if your Limo radio plays the song Kalamazoo, expect, sudden, loud and violent re-route to AZO where SNATCH 71 is on ground, engines running. Janet Napolitano is not amused by Abel Danger’s exposure of TSA as a bunch of pedophile friendly morons, tough shit.

Umbrellaman will not discuss contingencies but there is only one, if we are targeted we will shirt to AZO. Chips, Pastel Manly Mocha.” Agents 80W and Ginger Cookie referred to PUSSY STRETCHER Briefing Guide to study assigned positions in case of reroute.

Agent 80W blushed while Agent Ginger Cookie silently said ‘pick me” with no visible expression on her face but a surge in Skene’s Gland activity ‘down south’.

“80W, looking at the Briefing Guide I see that #8 is standing tiger/crouching dragon. I recall that Agent Bean opined laconically that this was a favorite as you get to focus on your own climax. In this position you can easily reach your clitoris with one hand, and with his penis angled to hit the front wall of your tightened vagina, you're in perfect position for generous G-spot stimulation. And with his hands on your hips, he gets pleasure from controlling the angle and pace of thrusting - a take-charge role he won't be able to resist. It's a win-win sexual situation. That is why it was selected for Operation TRIDENT THRUST……”

Agent 80W put an index finger to her lips signaling ‘quiet’ and the former librarian and full service dangerette immediately went silent while her Skene’s glands continued the pre lube process anticipating knight action and not Henry Shelton the Textile Tzar who was knighted for letting Maurice Baril attack America on 9/11.

Courtly Stonewall and Agent Stone simultaneously played a mainstream media story of victory in Oklahoma where citizens had their constitutional right to defend themselves reaffirmed at midnight Halloween Evening which might be a little spooky for persons like Barry Soetoro, Thunder Thighs, Eric ‘the Horse’ Holder and other proponets of limiting the rights of honest citizens to defend themselves against ‘scripted Hollywood’ productions such as Fast and Furious, BenghaziGate, 9/11, Murrah Building, Branch Davidian, Deep Water Horizon, 7/7 in U. K., Fukushima and what is currently planned on the west coast of North American including key words HAARP and earth quake.

During the playing of the news story for Oklahoma Chips picked up an IM on his Clipper Squirt Gun from Agent Ginger Cookie of the Bangor, Maine AD Office: “Standing Tiger, if you plan any missions beyond Grand Rapids and need a full service, mission ready Dangerette, please pick the lady with secret code Pastel Ginger Snap, Crouching Dragon.”

Chips understood that the former librarian from Bangor was well aware of Loring AFB and some pedophile issues including a summer resident with a big boat and a clergyman found floating during the spring summer of 2012. He also realized she was suggesting a SAC base as a destination for further Abel Danger briefings as she selected position standing tiger, a coded reference to the SAC training program at McConnell AFB in Wichita AFB, Kansas in the early 1950’s when multi engine propeller bomber pilots were being transitioned to jet powered swept wing jet bombers in a program called EVERY MAN A TIGER. Chips was well aware as his father was an ‘every man a tiger’ TRIPLE THREAT: pilot, navigator, bombardier on the B47 and was the first pilot in the USAF to record 3000 hours in command of the B47 featured in SAC STORY not to be confused the THE MCCONNELL STORY, capeche? Thinking back to STANDING TIGER, CROUCHING DRAGON Chips felt his TI surging past 98% as he anticipated doing a security probe of the BANG ME Dangerette at his earliest opportunity. While the Purple Tipped Red Champion was straining against his OdLRSSR in Pastel Manly Mocha, Agent Julie from Montgomery, Alabama burned through his Immediate FESTUS filter with a FLASH JASPAR as in the Presidential Limo Chips was regaled with a flash of pastel, color classified, suffice it to say it was from a Dangerette other than Ginger Cookie who was offering Agent Chips Peace on Earth, or something similar.

Operation PUSSY STRETCHER AGENT ‘Julie” FLASH JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: Dear Field McConnell, I follow your articles regularly and appreciate the authenticity of your well researched work. What I present to you here is not necessarily the focus of any one specific contribution you have shared on 'Abel Danger,' never the less I believe you will find this interesting as you have my uncles 1940 Studebaker with 23,413 miles and his original Alabama liscense plate according to Agent MacCheese of the Redstone AD Office, Huntsville. I write you about some intriguing material I have in my possession written by a key player in the George Wallace campaign and I am aware of your father, Colonel Glenn Alexander McConnell’s opinion regarding his running mate, Curtis Lemay. These documents were written by Seymore Trammell (#1 campaign adviser and confidant of Governor Wallace) and includes memos of then Attorney General John Mitchell (and other primary sources) which suggests George Bush Sr. dispatched Bush Jr. as an undercover operative to spy on the Wallace campaign, hence his transfer from the F102 flying slot at Ellington to a new posting in Alabama. I also know you Happy Hooligan friend Bill Dittmer was at Perrin AFB with ‘shrub’ for F102A conversion training not far from Bells, Texas where Halliburton has British White Cattle and Michael Howard’s father pastors a small Christian Church. The information contained in this manuscript shows how W. and other key players were integral in developing the assassination attempts of Governor Wallace's and Seymore Trammell, which was orchestrated by the Nixon administration. When Seymore got out of Maxwell Federal Prison Camp, he was contacted by Dr. Dan T. Carter, one of the nation's foremost historians on U.S. and Southern history. Carter needed information on the Wallace assassination attempt and his relationship with Richard Nixon. He knew the most reliable source for obtaining what he needed for his book was from the man responsible for the Governors success, Seymore Trammell. Trammell decided to work with Dr. Carter because he was a famous Southern Historian and history professor who had the necessary resources to publish his manuscript. Seymore and his son met with Dr. Carter several times and agreed to give him a copy of the manuscript he had written while in prison. Seymore and his son, Warren, spent numerous hours with Carter in person and over the phone verifying Seymore’s extraordinary accounts of this important piece of history. Carter had spent millions of dollars of his publisher, Simon & Schuster’s, money on lawyers to obtain the IRS files and necessary investigation of the “Alabama Project.”Because of the incriminating nature of Trammell’s documents, Simon & Schuster would not allow Seymore’s story to be included in Carter’s book, the “Politics of Rage.”Seymore’s manuscript could have been the most shocking piece of history of its time had Simon & Schuster allowed Carter to include it in his book. Now, 40 years later, Trammell’s story, still relevant, has yet to be told. This is an important, missing piece of history whose time has come. Dan Rather was fired for reporting on the whereabouts of Bush Jr. from 1968-1972. I can meet you in Annapolis or Washington DC next weekend and to ensure you are not disinformation, tell me where the band was from that agreed with me that time has come today. Julie, area code 608, capeche? 

Agent Chips grabbed his Clipper Squirt Gun, dialed 608-redacted and left a short message: “Julie, Washington DC, Chambers Brothers, please be in my chamber next weekend after considering this song: as is my custom, I will be in booth 101 at the Ramshead after a brief, I say again BRIEF, visit to 832 Coach Way. We can share a libation in booth 101 and then a DEBRIEFING in the usual spot. Chips”

Chips went back to reading the Clipper from Lisa or Julie or whoever it was that desired a ‘debriefing’. My goodness, I am not a machine, I need some down time. On the other hand, Agent Hamish has plenty of down time and probably would enjoy a little practice on the ever popular Frisky Floor show position like his old stripper friend Tiffany Molotov used to enjoy after shows at the Pink Pussycat in Paris in the summer of ’68 while Romney and Savile play ‘2 against 1 drop the soap’ with young Pardo. Tiffany always felt that the FFS position was unique and ultimately satisfying, this position elevates your buttocks, allowing him to thrust downward at a unique angle. The internal pressure created by the force of his thrusting will stimulate your clitoris from the inside. Plus, the southern direction of his plunge will increase his chances of hitting your ultrasensitive G-spot. As Chips was thinking of requalifying himself with the FFS, he got an annoying Clipper from Agent Clinton Reuben at the Illinois Adjutant General’s office, however, he kept a picture in his mind of the FFS and his TI hovered at 107%.

Dan Rather on George W. Bush report: ‘We reported a true story—that’s why I’m no longer with CBS News’

Seymore Trammell -

“MUFF DVR Agent Clinton Reuben FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, copy Marquis d’Cartier, Red Maple, Hamish and ‘friend of Harriman’: A patron at Man’s Country last night asked for you to consider sending this to Chris Hook at USDoJ regarding another Chicago Bienen. Leigh B. Bienen is a senior lecturer at Northwestern University School of Law and a criminal defense attorney whose areas of expertise include capital punishment, sex crimes, and rape reform legislation. She has taught law at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law and the University of California (Berkeley) School of Law. She is licensed to practice law in Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and D.C and a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. She is not exactly a ‘clothes horse’ but get partial credit, whinny, whinny. Currently, she is the Director of the Chicago Historical Homicide Project, work involving the analysis and exegesis of a hand written data set kept by the Chicago Police of more than 11,000 homicides in Chicago from 1870-1930. The original data set along with contextual and archival materials is available on an interactive web site, History of Homicide in Chicago, 1870-1930. This Project has been generously supported by grants from The Joyce Foundation, The MacArthur Foundation, The McCormick Tribune Foundation and Northwestern University School of Law. My contact wonders if LBB might know who has infiltrated the White House wardrobe department in attempt to make Sasquatch look so unpresentable. If you of the lady who went to high school with Harriman, Mary Elizabeth please contact me regarding the upcoming $10M lawsuit against Mary Elizabeth involving Deborah Rashotte’s murder as well as the unsolved murder of Russell William’s French tutor. Angus Watt is very nervous about the DNA ‘string’ your Camp Mirage pilot friend delivered to you. David Johnston, Jane Pellerin and Darryl Foulkes probably will get a ‘second look’ by OPP, RCMP and Belleville Police. Clinton, Man’s Country 

 Chips was focusing on the information linking Jimmy Savile to the Windsors to pedophile killings in Canada, Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania and was enjoying the sausage slamming lyrics of ‘Have You Heard’ by the Duprees when suddenly the FM station selected by both Courtly Stonewall and Agent Stone dropped the doo wop and picked up the World War Two song which caused a sudden, loud and violent reversal of course away from Grand Rapids. As tires squealed and the gravel on the should was scattered both limos were accelerated back westward as Chips knew that SNATCH 71 would be taxiing for takeoff within 7 minutes and 43 seconds as he saw a sign displaying Kalamazoo Field, 5 miles.

Courtly Stonewall was pushing the Presidential Limo as hard as he dared as Chips received another FLASH FESTUS, this one from a crew chief formerly assigned to the North Dakota ANG after service with Elvis Presley’s private Jetstar now on display at Graceland, next to the Lisa Marie Convair 990 jet.

Pussy Stretcher Agent Swany, FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, copy Stone and Skymaster: The crew of SNATCH 71 failed to show, sounds like FEMA and the Michigan ANG have been tipped. Have all four running, checklists done, fuel maxed out, where do you want the jet, time is tight. Swany MUFF DVR Chips FLASH FESTUS to Swany, FYEO: Two miles north on Portage, ready for takeoff in 3 minutes, be at hold short, runway 17, have Stryker open the service vehicle gate, advise rent a cops two black Limos Plate SNM 756 and USNA 71, stat, Chips.

“Courtly, turn left past the interstate, look for Stryker Corporation, gate will be open, watch for the VC140B painted like 89th SAM where Russell Dennis was a Jetstar AC in later 70’s, drive up to left wingtip.”

Chips had held his clipper phone button depressed so Agent Stone heard the instructions also. As the two decelerating Limos passed the gate and turn left 45 degrees directly towards the jet, Courtly Stonewall saw time elapsed only 4 minutes. As the cars stopped Swany saluted and said “ No time for baggage will empty trunks and forward via FedEx, they have a Caravan departing in 40s, there are ten pax seats and two crew seats, I count 13 people who is standing behind?”

“No one is left behind, pull the chocks when door closed, hurry, we have no time.”

As Hamish and Chips lead the ladies to the rear, Father Mulcahy prayed for a safe flight as Stone took the left seat and Tillman opened a hatch and readied his Browning Automatic Rifle. Stone checked flaps, released brakes, checked for traffic on final 17 and cobbed the power. At 110 knots Tillman closed hatch and Stone selected cabin pressure automatic which produced a noticeable pressure bump. Clearing the pines at departure end barely, Stone retracted the gear, retracted the flaps 20 knots early and pushed over, unloading while accelerating to 350 knots, then slowly rotating to 18 degrees of pitch to get into the cloud cover as quickly as possible. Tim Pawlenty and his WIZMO Weapon of 9/11 perhaps wished he/they/it could disappear into the CLOUD also rather than have his Misprision of Treason be exposed in the widening Benghazigate that haunts the White House, or Half-White House depending of if nobody is home or the cell phone saluter is home alone. Once in the cumulus layer, Agent Stone did a left ninety to hear towards Detroit, at least that is what military and FAA ATC folks would think. As he selected ‘drone launch’ with destination KDTW04L and 250 knots and 9, 000 feet he transferred the transponder code 4371 to the drone and selected ‘launch’.

Stone then turned off the Jetstar transponder, turned 45 degrees to the right and climbed at 350K til intercepting .84 IMN passing FL270 and climbed to FL335 for an unauthorized high speed scat towards Marine Quantico.

Back in the cabin, Agent Chips had been a gentleman and remained standing during the takeoff and early climb. From seat 3B he caught a glimpse of Pastel Turquoise and walked back towards the VIP bunk, snatching a hand written note from Agent 80W as he strolled by. Arriving full aft, he looked at the message.

Chips, there's an interesting article on Occupy site about Valerie Jarrett that I thought you may want to read. Claims that Jarrett is the "other side of Obama's brain"-is that like Karl Rove was Bush's brain? The article was posted 11/1/2012. Just thought you might be interested. On another note, I’d be interested in a debriefing utilizing position #9 when you can squeeze it in, I say again with a Texas twang, SQUEEZE IT IN. One more thing, I have attached a letter that someone thought you sent to Chris Hook at USDOJ today but according to PACER he is out of the office, did you send it or is this more of Trish Beckman’s work? Do me, 80W

Chris Hook

United States Marine Field McConnell will be on today, 2 Nov 12, at 1400 EDT to discuss BBC and the relationship of Savile, Romney, and Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79. The relationship of Savile, Stephen Harper, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, 911 and the upcoming trail in Ottawa regarding 9/11 will also be discussed.

While waiting for live show, browse Chapter 18 which went up last night. Chapter 18 and this letter, verbatim, with all addressees will go up tonight. Uphold your oath, or vacate your office.

 BENGHAZI-GATE BUTT-RAPE Exposes Hillary or Barry? 

Any representative from DoJ or FBI will be welcome to call into the radio show and explain your reluctance to oppose treason or prosecute FAST AND FURIOUS . A military tribunal is an academic, and legal, remedy. Misprision of Treason is a punishable offense, Mr. Hook. Google [ McCain + Pawlenty + Treason + McConnell ] Absent your response by 1659, 5Nov12, a fifth name will be added, capeche?

Field McConnell for


To whom it may concern 

Plum City - ( - November 1, 2012. United States Marine Field McConnell will seek an injunction in a court with jurisdiction to stop the swearing in of the president elect in 2013 on the grounds that both candidates are apparently targets for pedophile man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks by BBC Media Action extortionists allegedly ‘groomed’ by the late Jimmy Savile and pedophile trusties allegedly hired through Valerie Jarrett’s White House Council on Women and Girls.

“Missing Children,Romney, Al-Hilli's Daughter, JonBenet-Abuse & Murder Children for Libor”

“10 · 24 · 1600 - Trinity For Pedophiles and Treason - Crime Scene Scripting Using JABS

“BBC World News: BBC Media Action Promo #1A (2012)”

“White House Council on Women and Girls”

More to follow.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

Chips could feel his Purple Tipped Red Champion straining against his IOC in Pastel Manly Mocha with the EHP. He looked forward and saw Agent 80W rolling a tootsie roll pop around in her mouth. He also saw Agent Bean Spiller forward of her in seat 2B give a flash of Pastel Sienna and wave a cocktail napkin. Chips walked towards the Dangerettes and thanked 80W prior to SNATCHING the message on the napkin. Arriving in the cock, I say again COCKpit, he read the message from a woman who loved the roses and was aware of the River of Life.

 Chips I need to be debriefed ASAP regarding these ostensibly unrelated words and names: Trish Beckman + GAPAN + John Cox + Sally Ride + Sino-American Aviation Heritage Foundation + Madame Chiang Kai-shek. I think these salamanders are involved with Newt who is married to a Lesbo from Baldwin. An AD contact near 29 Palms send message to watch for [ mass casualty + FIELD Evacuee + Patient Tracking + Triage, Transport and Shelter Mgmt ] Did you infiltrate them, if so, how, Can we debrief soon, I have an aching in my loins, Position #10 please as it gives a whole new meaning to face to face IAW Face to face fandango which, unlike other deep-access positions, this one allows for optimum eye contact, kissing, and touching. You can play with my breasts with your hands or tongue, and with your hands above your head, it's up to him to triple your trysting pleasure. Hence EVERY MAN A TIGER/Triple Threat comment regarding B47 training at McConnell AFB in B47 era. Pastel Sienna, MI 98 estimating autodrench in moments.

Chips thought he himself was having one of Firewalker’s signature multiples as he saw technicolor stars for a moment, both 80W and Firewalkers thought they, in fact, where have Skene’s auto drench as the cabin filled with fog and Stone’s voice on the PA barked out “Seat belts everyone, loss of cabin pressure, we cannot descent as we are having a REEVES ALEUTIAN FLIGHT 8 experience. Everyone on oxygen, Chips to the cockpit, stat, unless you are knee deep in a debriefing.”

 As Chips arrived in the cockpit, he realized that both Agent Tillman and Agent Stone had been blinded by a brilliant flash, neither in Pastel Sienna or Pastel Turquoise. He placed dark visors over their eyes, turned on the thunderstorm lights, and ensure the Flight Guidance was still on course for (redacted) and not MCAS Quantico.

In the darkened cabin, Agent Hamish was under the influence of Mineral Water and handed Father Mulcahy a note, thinking he was Chips. “Chips, Fox (Elisabeth 'Rimmer' Murdoch), Reuters (Monique Villa) and BBC (Edwina Currie) have been using Marcy's JABS to develop timelines which conceal movement of pedophile murder-for-hire actors through crime scenes. Sometimes the JABS timeline is manipulated to make it appear the guilty left the crime scene before the crime took place and sometimes to make it appear the guilty arrived at the crime scene after the crime took place. While they can arrange for the CCTVs to be turned away or fail (Murrah, Gareth W., Pentagon lawn) and intimidate unwitting/unwilling accessories at crime scenes (pig farm), they can't get over the DNA in the rectum of victims, hence they keep FBI away from bodies (Stevens, JonBenet). Spoliation of course, I think I taught you the meaning of that.” As Father Mulcahy was slow in putting his oxygen mask on, he had systemic hypoxia and thought Hamish was joking. Further he did not see the supporting youTube, an Abel Danger creation of 1 November, 2012.


  1. you guys are SERIOUS. TOTAL RESPECT.

  2. Total DISRESPECT! You rewrite actual stories and events which discredits a truly worthy story. Incredibly disappointed in you!


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