Sunday, August 5, 2012

Field McConnell Update - August 4, 2012 - Coming Abel Danger Broadcast

Source: PresidentialField

As of today Abel Danger has secured an office location in Plum City for broadcasts and clerical work. A broadcast network has agreed to host our show out of England. Our Studebaker 'shined' at the auto show securing two trophies. And a Dangerette graduation class to boot.

Please Subscribe to our mailing list (on home page just below the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube icons) so we can keep Danger and Dangerettes updated. We are targetting next week to go live again and we are working to stream broadcasts to YouTube. Best way to stay current is subscribe to our mailing list for our recently launched newsletter, the AD Gazette.

Next week t-shirts go into production and details will be forwarded via our AD Gazette newsletter on purchasing one of the first 200, guaranteed with a certificate of authenticity of being the first to own and wear the Abel Danger brand. In the meantime revisit and download the republication of our earliest research up to our most recent, "General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout" that now include digital ebook format.

Hunters Wingman Book 1
Sister Abel, Brother Cain Book 2
Mother Moose & the Acorn AbortionistsBook 3
General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout Book 8

-Field McConnell

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