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British Bankers' C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans - Chapter 4

The Mormon, the Marine, the Muslim; Chips’ MitM Attack 2012
Abel Danger Operation SHAVED BVR Foretells Hillary’s Chink

Agent Chips offers to testify for benefit of Brandon Raud, anti-Soetoro Marines assemble at MacDill’s Central Command and Piedmont, Missouri, Sasquatch flatulence surpasses playmate’s olfactory tolerance, Vixen Foxnoble Sloe Screw produces exploculation seen round the world, horse’s ass sniffs the air, Caribbean Queen presents bad Omen for O-Man from Punahou ’79, Lesbo Janet dwarfs Coast Guard Herky-bird, 1966 Imperials deployed to MacDill AFB, Robins AFB and Piedmont, Missouri as Dangerettes don disguises linked to Kazakhstan, FEMA-DHS try and scare Christians with roll out of Civil War Chinese takeout kitchens from Marietta, Georgia, Everton Missouri’s Civil Defense watering hole SHAVED BEAVER distributes leaflets and weed,

British Bankers cower as a man in the middle twofer topples the Muslim and the Mormon leaving the The Marine as the last man standing demonstrating that unlike Greek oathers Marines KICK ASS instead of Kiss it. Vani calls switch as a Pastel Teaberry IOC hangs from the hood ornament.

Mandatory viewing:

Scripture of the Day: “Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.” Psalm 119:165

Forecast for Soetoro/Romney: “If only you, God, would slay the wicked! Away from me, you who are bloodthirsty!" Psalm 139:19 [ Romney-fetuses, Soetoros(2)-abortions ]

Mission for Chips: “till the Spirit is poured on us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile FIELD, and the fertile FIELD seems like a forest. Isaiah 32:15

Two Marines, Brandon Raub and Field McConnell, prevailed in a Virginia courtroom last week as a message was sent to U. S. District Court, District of Columbia, that the treasonous dismissal of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) would be heard again but next time not before a corrupt judiciary placing their Georgetown Greek oath ahead of the oath of office and the pledge of Allegiance. The Marines had their intended results 36 hours later, hence the 36 Stud, capeche?

The ABEL DANGER EFFECT shakes United States Department of Justice as Rosemary M. Collyer did not want the Plaintiff of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) to be a witness in a Virginia Courtroom regarding illegal detainment of Brandon Raub for simply pointing out that Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79 is an impostor, though hardly a Great Impostor according to Field McConnell, Punahou ’67 and four oath oath keeper.

When someone pretends to be American, pretends to be Christian and pretends to be heterosexual and fails at all three, perhaps the Great Failure or the Great Charlatan would be more accurate than Great Impostor, let’s not besmirch the Fleetwoods; Gretchen, Barbara, and Gary. While much of American was celebrating James Barry Haller day on 21 August, 2012, Agent Chips was busy supporting a fellow Marine who was illegally detained by goons of the O-lesbian administration; but not for long. Follow the time line in this email thread between and .

- - - - - - - - -

(1957 Tuesday 21 Aug 2012 “James Barry Haller Day”)

Dear Rutherford folks,

I am a 1971 Graduate of Annapolis, a Marine Aviator for 6 years, and an Air Defense pilot for 16 years flying the F4 Phantom and F16ADF Viper.

I also flew for Northwest for 29 years. Flawless record. Until I released to the 'government' and the public on 11 December 2006 that the flying vehicles deployed on 9/11 had been illegally modified with the STRANGLER’S SUITE of weapons.

I have filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 in North Dakota District Court 27 Feb 07.


Four days later Boeing admitted they had deployed the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot.

The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) suggested I was 'a troubled guy' and had Northwest schedule a psychological with Dr. Elliott of Los Angeles who dealt with whistle blowing pilots from Delta (Wayne O. Witter) , United (Dan Hanley), Continental (Newton Dickson) and Northwest (Field McConnell) in a serial RICO enterprise sponsored by ALPA.

I later filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 against 100 private persons involved in the planning and deployment of the attempt to “topoff” the elected government of the US on 9/11.

The cases were filed but never served.

In September, 2008 I filed:

Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA

I had retired when NWA was coerced by USDoJ to send me to a shrink, Dr. Elliott, of Los Angeles. I did not want to lose my expert witness value.

Prior to my own experience with USDoJ and shrinks, I was aware of United Captain Daniel Hanley who was subjected to an overnight in patient experience where he was 'medicated' (2003?). Twenty eight years prior I was in VT-25 at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas when a flying mate, Navy LT. James B. Dougherty was subjected to inpatient shrink observation prior to returning to flying.

If I could be of service to my fellow Marine illegally detained it would be both my duty and my pleasure.

Field McConnell

Lt. Col. USAF ret'd

Captain NWA, ret'd

715 307 8222

( 1249 Thursday, 23 August, 2012 )

VICTORY: Circuit Court Orders Brandon Raub Released, Dismisses Case Against Marine Arrested, Detained in Veterans Admin. Psych Ward over Political Views, Song Lyrics Posted on Facebook

CHESTERFIELD, VA— In an unexpected ruling handed down today by Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett, the judge dismissed the government’s case against Brandon Raub, the Marine who was arrested by local police and FBI agents, detained in a psychiatric ward and forced to undergo psychological evaluations based solely on the controversial nature of lines from song lyrics, political messages and virtual card games which he posted to his private Facebook page. Judge Sharrett dismissed the petition for involuntary commitment on the grounds that the petition “is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.” Raub is expected to be released immediately.

“This is a great victory for the First Amendment and the rule of law,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “Brandon Raub was arrested with no warning, targeted for doing nothing more than speaking out against the government, detained against his will, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys. These are the kinds of things that take place in totalitarian societies. Today, at least, Judge Allan Sharrett proved that justice can still prevail in America.”

Brandon Raub, a former Marine who has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained by FBI agents and police officers at his home in Chesterfield County based upon the nature of content posted to his Facebook page in recent months. Like many Facebook users, Raub uses his Facebook page to post song lyrics and air his political opinions, as well as engage in virtual online games with other users. On Thursday, August 16, 2012, police and FBI agents arrived at Raub’s home, asking to speak with him about his Facebook posts. They did not provide Raub with a search warrant. Raub was cooperative and agreed to speak with them. Without providing any explanation, levying any charges against Raub or reading him his rights, law enforcement officials then handcuffed Raub and transported him first to the police headquarters, then to John Randolph Medical Center, where he was held against his will due to alleged concerns that his Facebook posts were “terrorist in nature.” Outraged onlookers filmed the arrest and posted the footage to YouTube.

In a hearing before Special Justice Walter Douglas Stokes on August 20, government officials again pointed to Raub’s Facebook posts as the sole reason for their concern and for his continued incarceration. Ignoring Raub’s explanations about the fact that the FB posts were being read out of context and his attorney’s First Amendment defense, Stokes sentenced the former Marine to up to 30 days’ further confinement in a psychiatric ward and signed a court order for Raub’s involuntary admission to the Veterans Hospital in Salem. In coming to Raub’s defense, attorneys for The Rutherford Institute challenged the actions of Chesterfield County, Va. as procedurally improper, legally unjustified, and in violation of Raub’s First Amendment rights. Institute attorneys appeared before the Circuit Court on August 23 to request that Raub be transferred back to John Randolph Medical Center while Institute attorneys attempted to secure his release. However, Judge Allan Sharrett declared the government’s case to be lacking in factual allegations and ordered Raub immediately released. Anthony Troy and Brian Fowler, attorneys with Troutman Sanders LLP, were instrumental in assisting The Rutherford Institute to secure Raub’s release.

- - - - - - - - -

Across America loyal oath-keepers are growing some nuts and doing their sworn duty as the Lesbian administration is starting to show some cracks, perish the thought. Heterosexual, oath keeping males filing federal lawsuits against the shame of Arizona Janet La Cerda Napolitano who will find out that even PETA cannot protect her for her evil acts against America for benefit of the British Bankers Association. While Abel Danger launched Operation FUBBA to tell the British Bankers to FUCK OFF for using offensive language when responding to rightful charges by America that British Bankers traded with Iran while the UK had signed with the US to impose financial embargo, we produced this primer:

The concurrent Abel Danger Operation SHAVED BVR ( Shit Hot All Volunteer Encrypted Defense, Beyond Visual Range ) was held close to the vest until Brandon Raub was released and Richard Gilberts youTube suggesting Romney may be a flight risk in flying back to Paris where he spent the summer of ’68 being too important to serve in Viet Nam and enjoying the ‘tailpipe’ of young Pardo while Boo Boo Soetoro was a 7 year old being nannied by a cross-dressing Turdy. So much for the Mormon. Once the Mormon is removed from the ticket in Tampa by Ron Paul supporters and Abel Danger, AD Operation SHAVED BVR will pre-empt Hillary’s October surprise release of the upcoming False Flag of 2 October, 2012 in U S SPOOK Operation CHINK ARMOUR. So much for the Muslim. Whereas the R2 DooDoo party had a dope and a Badger, if Ron Paul selects a Wisconsin resident to serve along side him as a quid pro quo for the removal of the Muslim and the Mormon by the Marine, do not be surprised since Field McConnell, USMC 0116513, handed off a 115 page document to Ron Paul at a rally at The Texas Fine Arts Association, 700 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas on 19 May, 2007. Doubters can call The Arthouse at the Jones Center to verify. There number is (512) 453-5312. Tell them Agent Chips sent you. The Texas Fine Arts Association changed its name to The Texas Fine Arts Association just as Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama according to Field McConnell, Punahou ’67. Hey Mormons and Muslims, do you guys have an ‘A’ Team? If so, send them to Tampa as the Marine delivers pain to Soros’ puppets as Sasquatch and the stay at home mom tinker with a flatulence problem that makes it difficult for the ‘horse’ to ‘style the ladies, capeche?

Gee, I am totally BLOWN AWAY by the collard greens and the lima beans but as the R2 DooDoo pretenders have their ‘going out of business’ summer clearance, the first 6 glasses ordered from are enroute to the Phoenix-Biltmore Office. Think back to the meeting at Bobby-Q’s on 28 February, 2010.

Enough background, now lets get back to the chase and block the OCTOBER SURPRISE recalling that all Full Service Dangerettes are Mission Ready in their new disguises.

On 28 February, 2010, Agent Chips had been at Bobby-Qs in Phoenix talking to some retired spooks, several active spooks from southern California and Houston, a suave gentleman from Puerto Rico, a G-man named Ralph in the company of Agents Bean and Vixen Foxnoble. While Agent Chips drank his customary Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens out of an Abel Danger Martini Glass, Agent Bean had a highball while Vixen Foxnoble consumed a Sloe Screw. A loyal, oathkeeping FBI fellow’s wife was at the table and information was exchanged as Vixen Foxnoble looked forward to the END GAME of a Sloe Screw and a slap on the ass like Obama and Romney are getting in their spanking by Abel Danger. Hey Mormon and Muslim, if you want to pee with the big dogs, lift your leg a little higher, capeche?

From: Phoenix
To: Field Mcconnell
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 10:41 PM
Subject: RE: Marine links British Bankers Fast and Furious to Sister Marcy’s snuff-film SES

You may want to file a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General

Report Waste, Fraud, or Abuse




While ‘nostrilman’ inhales the equine flatus of a mare built like a horse, his arrogance is a bad omen for (redacted) of National Security Associates World Wide at 1950 Old Gallows Road, Vienna, Virginia not to be confused with Vienna sausage like Chips shared with Vixen Foxnoble on the trunk of a 1966 Chrysler Imperial Convertible in Lakeland, Florida on 24 August, 2012 about 37 minutes and 4 Blueberry Martinis after she signaled surrender with the following Abel Danger Standard toast.

“One Martini the best, two Martinis the most, three I’m under the table and four I’m under the host!” to which our man Chips, always affable and never flappable responded, “Please, be my guest” as the PTRC exceeded 113% TI after gaining olfactory evidence that Operation Maytag had commenced and AstroGlide would not be necessary; google AstroGlide + if your receptacle is arid.


Operation FUBBA Agent Flamethrower FLASH FESTUS to Agents Chips, Atomic Betty, Firewalker, 80W, Ginger Cookie and Bean, copy Umbrellaman: Chips and Dangerettes, Umbrellaman just signaled that TSA has detained Hamish at the LAX Customs office. He will be unable to be on the radio tomorrow. I will be appearing as Agent Clueless. Please don’t blow my cover. I am camped out up river from the dam on the Black River near River Road. I have found the lake's shoreline is studded with picturesque bluffs covered in Sweet William flowers, indented bays, and serene coves. I look forward to a stud in my cove yet tonight. I have copied the other PWAs assigned to impregnate, excuse me, I don’t know where my head was at, infiltrate Eagle Sky Camp and get the evidence linking to Edmond, Oklahoma bank, Chapel Hill Crematory at 901 S. Minnesota Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota , a couple formerly of Hayward, Wisconsin, a lesbian from Whitehall and Willow Creek Church. As a courtesy I’ve included all of our photos to prove how well the new protocol is working. How prescient to assign all of us FSD/MR Dangerettes pastel colors just like the FAA Threat Level Pastel Tangelo which indicates air travelers have a distinct threat of being groped by a pervert. Hope Chips remembers my prove up code, Pastel Protea. Agent Clueless, but with a rack to die for.

As the O-lesbian administration sees their grip on the ‘plantation’ loosening, they have started throwing out all sorts of threats that only the current mis-administration could make come true. A pair of fine examples. If a U2 with the tail number of 80-1076 or 80-1067 were to be monitored in the airspace in the Borinquen CGAS, Homestead AFB, Robins AFB triangle AND a hurricane was HAARPed over Tampa think back to this prescient portion of pastel prose. If an underground nuclear detonation were to occur in the New Madrid Fault area, oh say around Patterson or Piedmont, Missouri at 0733:23 on 9 September, 2012, think back to this prescient portion of pastel prose. If the 2012 Paralympic Games are affected by an explosion at 1333:23 on 9 September, 2012, think back to this chapter. The Republicans cannot rain on their own parade because the 9th SRW at Beale AFB and the HAARP installation at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, are not currently administered by a Republican mis-administration but something much more horrid. Life was more peaceful back before Little Black Sambo changed his name.

Agente Chips, mi amor: “La noche en que nos conocimos supe que te necesitaba tanto y que si tuviera la oportunidad nunca te dejaría ir. Así que no vas a decir que me quieres? Haré que estés tan orgulloso de mi Les haremos girar la cabeza en cada sitio que vayamos, así que por favor sé mi chico dime que serás mi querido sé mi chico ahora, oh, oh, oh, oh. Te haré feliz, nene solo espera y observa porcada beso que me des te daré tres. Oh, desde el dia en que te vi he estado esperándote sabes que te adoraré hasta.” Quiere su carne ahora y para cuatro horas, por favor. CQ, Boringquen

Chips and Atomic Betty heard the ‘ten minute call’ so Chips was authorized to go up tempo and finish her off with a rim shot at the buzzer, ultimately exploculating at 33psi with a 5 ounce sample of his essence. The pair of heterosexual, cloud centric forensic economists were performing post boinking protocols as they felt the speed brakes, flaps and then landing gear being configured for landing. They did not know where they were landing but they ruled out Des Moines, St Louis and Whiteman AFB because they were monitoring the cock pit and saw that the auto brakes were set at medium indicating a runway shorter than 8000 feet. Chips had taken a Marine Corps shower and splashed a liberal dose of Jade East on anticipating an enduro with Agent Bean and then had been kind and gentle in helping Atomic Betty place ‘hour glass’ figure 44D fun bags into the top half of her Pastel Mint Green Items of Clothing. As he finished stuffing the knockers, she performed a TI check finding a paultry 93% so she passed him an 18 ounce tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters. The aircraft landed and decelerated moderately on runway 14 and as Chips entered 14 + 1,159 elevation plus coordinates 37-44N and 92-08W into the GPS mode of his Clipper Squirt Gun and he determined that they had just landed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri which was called Forney Field in WWII if anyone wishes to consider Wood and Field simultaneously like all Dangerettes except Firewalker do. As the aircraft taxied to Waynesville Aviation to refuel, Chips saw a yellow 1966 Chrysler Imperial Convertible parked by the Hertz Rental Car lot just inside the gate of Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. It was a car he had purchased intending to give it to a woman in exchange for some ‘bad behavior on the trunk, however in a more pensive moment he recalled an adage he first learned at Ramey High School from the daughter of a Lt. Col Boyd.


'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

He recognized a standard configured Dangerette seated on a bench nearby. While all the Dangerettes are in standard livery as Operation FUBBA runs concurrent with Operation SHAVED BVR, the lady in question gave him a quick peek of Pastel Turquoise as she flipped a cigar stub and took a pair of Shiner Bocks out of a Styrofoam cooler on the bench to her left. As the aircraft came to a halt, Agent Marquis d’Cartier handed Chips a blue coverall with “Wayneville Aviation” and Philips 66 logos over each shirt pocket. Marquis indicated to Atomic Betty that it would be a hot refuel and she would be staying onboard to continue on to KSGF and Sancrest Transportation at 1595 Griesemer Rd, Billings, MO 65610 not to be confused with Mansfield, Missouri where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived until 1957 AD, see also Abel Danger.

As Marquis opened the boarding door a man dressed as a refueler came on board and handed Agent Chips a photograph, a 3 by 5 notebook, 50 sheets, college ruled and said only “page 49”. Atomic Betty realized that the man was the same height and build as Agent Chips. Her MI increased as she wondered if he also had a PTRC. She thought the man bore a marked resemblance to a gentleman she shared a glass of wine with at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg while studying the Mason architecture that is proliferate throughout the largest city in Manitoba. He had picked her up at the corner of Main and Portage not knowing she was an Abel Danger Ass Set who could feign ‘round heels’ if in the interest of the sovereignty of the Constitutional Republic once known as the USA.

When Chips exited the aircraft alone, she realized that the younger ‘refueler’ may have been Agent Stone as he bore much similarity to this 1965 photo of Agent Chips taken at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico for the 1965 Recuerdos Year Book. Chips walked towards the Convertible as a familiar face peered out of the trunk letting Chips know that the Russians were in concert with his analysis of Warren Buffett’s activity in Indonesia on May 9th involving a Sukhoi Superjet and FADEC that paved the way for Warren Buffett’s $9.6B order of Bombardier droned CRJs like the one Delta is shitcanning in favor of some U S built Boeing 717s. Chips recalled the woman from Astana, Kazakhstan and a dark night in April, 2008 not to be confused with the Dark Knight event staged by G4S in Aurora, Colorado that had 4 shooters according to the testimony of three victims treated by Jennifer Gallagher who was reported to have drowned in West Okojobi Lake on the night of 6 August, 2012, the same night that the Spartacus USA ( underwater surveillance apparatus ) had been at 136 below the surface of West Okojobi Lake, searching up searching with radar, optical, motion and thermal sensors. It had captured a lifeless body descending anchored by a cinder block tethered to the left ankle by a yellow nylon rope with a WSL in the ankle ‘bracelet. For those of you not familiar with drowning bankers and attornies, WSL is ‘water soluble link’ which releases the body after a selectable time delay from 15 to 60 minutes in cold, fresh water.

Chips locked the trunk deck and took the shotgun seat in the convertible while the lady with a red rinse in her blond hair fired up the 440/350 Imperial and selected ‘EMP’(*) on the defensive suite, put the tranny in ‘2’ and selected F4 on the CD player. As the music began, she passed Chips a salmon colored 4 by 6 index card with 5 aircraft call signs and ECC written on the card. Chips dismissed the ECC and considered that call signs of the 5 aircraft noting that the first three were E4Bs maintained at Offutt AFB, ICAO code KOFF, once known as Offutt FIELD beginning in 1924.

( * EMP would protect the ignition of the Imperial if Hillary’s October surprise was initiated early like the dropping of WTC Building 7)

vivi 36 + venus 77 + word 31 + trout 99 + chips 12

As Agent 80W got on a series of avenues named for states such as Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska and Buckeye, she found her way to I44 east and set the cruise control on 80 mph while Agent Chips recalled the significance of Trout 99 and wondered if the dense general with the textiles degree understood one of the crewman on the Speckled Trout had McConnell for a surname. His concentration was interrupted by a small hand resting on his lap. As 80W halfmasted the quickest zipper in the west, an Immediate JASPAR came into both her Clipper Horn Trimmer and Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun.

Operation FUBBA Maestro Courtly Stonewall Immediate JASPAR to all players in FUBBA and Pied Piper, copy Umbrellaman, Name Dropper and Agent JAM: Chips, 80W and Natalya Antonov are enroute to Stone Crest. They will pick up Agent Bean in Rolla and Agent Vani in Steelville before turning south to Piedmont. Time now 1047 CDT and all players are to meet Skymaster at the Piedmont Airport at 1800 for a mission brief. The security team is assembled at Eaton Cemetery Road. Safe journies to Stone Crest. Aircraft 80-1067 is still at Beale at this time. Stand by for quickie from Hamish who is enroute to Tampa posing as a ‘weatherman’ while his body double is in custody at Orange County Jail’. By the way, Agent Barry M. Hall jumped a west bound freight at Marietta and will be ‘briefing’ at Piedmont Airport regarding suplus SWAT vehicles. Courtly, the Plum

These are Chinese ‘take away’ food delivery vehicles according to Janet N.


Agent 80W saw the warning lights for a rail road crossing start blinking and took the cruise control off preparing to stop. Chips, with his left foot, floored the gas pedal while he selected ‘D’ on the transmission and pointed to the rear view mirror. Agent 80W saw the unmarked Crown Vic and removed Chips’ foot as she maintained the gas pedal to the floor. She illuminated the red ‘seat belt’ sign in the trunk and Agent Natalya assumed the position and lowered the crash cage to protect herself and the cache of Smoked Oysters. The world’s most widely recognized Imperial cleared the crossing with about 15 feet of margin as the late freight rolled southeast towards Tampa and Hurricane Isaac.

80W slowed to 80mph and engaged the cruise control while signaling Agent Chips she’d enjoy a BDE ASAP. Chips reached over to accommodate but before he could calm the highly libidoed FSD, Hamish’s incoming Priority Clipper was annunciated on both Clippers. Due to the wind noise of the open top car, 80W transferred the call to her Bose speakers via Bluetooth where Agent Hamish played a steganographical reference to his current location.

Operation FUBBA Agent Hamish Priority Clipper to all players aField and aBroad in FUBBA and SHAVED BVR: Today we released the post regarding how United States Marine Field McConnell, has linked the British Bankers Association’s weapons procurement for FAST AND FURIOUS to his sister Kristine Marcy’s use of the U.S. Senior Executive Service as a snuff-film production unit cum enforcer for rapid recovery of $800 trillion in BBA LIBOR-rated debt. It is significant to note that McMahon has been protected with a six figure job at JP Morgan Chase and a posting outside CONUS, specifically the Philippines. Switchblade Cross has arranged the remedy to McMahon as Agent Moxie G in Atlanta is tracking PROJECT WOODTICK as I am now at 12 Garden Drive, MacDill AFB monitoring Central Command General Mattis, the track of Isaac, and any 9th SRW aircraft dispatched to Homestead, Robins, or Borinquen CGAS at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. If any Dangerettes are with Chips remind him that as of 7 July, 2011 in Missouri, paragraph IV a. applies re whether the information consists of tips and leads data, suspicious activity reports, criminal history, intelligence information, case records, conditions of supervision, case progress, or other information category. Ensure Chips shares that with the good Judge from St. Louis. Hamish, MacDill

Immediately following the ‘red herring’ Clipper from Hamish another Clipper was annuciated on the Bluetooth Bose as the first stop was made picking up Agent Bean. Agent 80W selected D+15 for delayed playback as Bean needed help lifting a case of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters. As Chips moved the passenger seat back forward so she could slide into the back seat she gave Chips a clear view of the target area resplendent in Pastel Jade Green. Chips turned away to allow her some privacy until later on when he be sticking is nose in her business in an attempt to forestall not only the False Flag involving and EMP attack to be blamed on China as was done on 8 November, 2010 as forecast by Abel Danger to FBI at 1535 EST on the Monday where later an EMP attack would cause the second stage of a Raytheon THAAD to not ignite, see also FADEC, and here some 21 months later Abel Danger is the only non-governmental body to speak with authority on the event:

Attention FBI: Action please - Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) - False Flag - Senior Executive Service (SES) - Crown Agents

Agent 80W saw the bulge in Chips’ lap so to spur him on she hiked her green dress to reveal a Pastel Turquoise IOC hiding a whisker biscuit. As Chips hungered for biscuits and gravy, Agent 80W pushed the D button again canceling the delay as Bean leaned towards the rear seat speaker to her Vixen Foxnoble’s report.

Agent Vixen Foxnoble FLASH JASPAR to all agents aBroad and aField in Operation SHAVED BVR: Hamish misspoke intentionally regarding Tampa. The Caribbean Queen and Agent JAM are sitting outside the maingate at MacDill monitoring any unusual movement regarding CENTRAL COMMAND. We had stopped at the Shaved Beaver in Everton, MO to pick up Firewalker and MacCheese. We will be at the Piedmont Airport early so we will get the party supplies and ice. However, Agent Vani was picked up by Skymaster so they will be arriving on schedule. For Agent 80W, put the hammer down and we can rendezvous at Zeke’s liquor store north of the intersection of Hh and Highway 34. Coded message for Agent Chips, option 2, sloe screw. Vixen

Chips felt a vibration on his PTRC so he realized he was getting a private IM from a Dangerette. While Agent Bean was changing D batteries in the back seat and Agent 80W was chewing on a stogie and fiddling with a zipper he read the brief IM from an FSD who is always MR and sudsing like a Maytag when she is within the sound of his voice.

Chips, keeping this message from Umbrellaman close to my chest. Brandon Raub obviously upholds his oath as a Marine when he exercises his 1st amendment rights to expose those who seek to destroy his country. But the infilTraitor poseur who holds the highest office in the land is hell bent on getting rid of detractors and real Agents of change. I wonder if this admininsration's hit list has surpassed Billary’s. And those FBI agents involved in such operations are not only breaking their oath, they demonstrate utter contempt for the Constitution of the United States of America. Like David said on air a couple of weeks ago, America is a beacon + the only hope left for the citizens of the world. Forget Obama and Romney, they are the cutouts. Get Buffett and Billary before they loose Operation CHINK ARMOUR. AB, sudsing like a may tag

Atomic Betty had just finished her missive to Chips when there was a BRIGHT WHITE FLASH that seemed to last 2 to 3 seconds. Agent 80W pointed to the flashing amber EMP light and the signal next to it, A3+10. Chips knew it indicated there had been an EMP event and the JASPAR defense could only protect the ignition for three more such attacks or a total aggregate of 10 seconds.

The voice of Umbrella sudden overrode all selections and all protections with a stern warning: Abel Danger, our man at Central Command reports that Romney and Obama are producing a diversionary side show. Hillary’s October Surprise slated for 0733:23 on October, 2012 may be moved up to take out the garbage ahead of scheduled. ALL PLAYERS IN SHAVED BEAVER ABORT MISSIONS, SEEK FARADAY CAGE SHELTER and standby for an emergency update from Agent Dwarf. I say again, ABORT all missions, park all vehicles, deploy portable Faraday tents, and turn to Clipper Channel F4 now. Umbrellaman

The AQWB27Z Comm suite in the trunk of the world’s most recognized 1966 Imperial Convertible came alive at 1600 CDT on 26 August, 2012.

"Abel Danger Agents, Umbrellaman gave me 3 minutes. The Jarhead General has broken ranks. I am going to come straight out with it. It is time to cut to the chase.

There will be a massive EMP attack upon Iran in September, followed up with EMP strikes on the EU, China and the USA. All during October beginning 2 October, 2012. Note that Israel is one of the few places which is EMP hardened along with the ‘golden triangle’ in West Central Wisconsin. Projected death total about 1.2 to 1.3 BILLION by November 2012 will not satisfy Soros and Gates. Sweet. I have been tracking this for over a year from a five sided building where Agent Fish died when not hit by AA77.

What a masterpiece. Fucking British Bankers and SES Lesbos. AFTER an EMP attack upon CONUS which will kill about 30 million US citizens. Best guess for that attack is 8-11 November, 2012 but will certainly move closer if Obama is falling too far behind for the Spanish-Diebold connection to compensate for. The biggest death tally will be in China, about 780 - 820 million deaths, after an EMP collapse. The area taking the worst battering will be the EU as they have lost their land mass to Islamic infestation. It appears both China and the USA want the EU destroyed and recall that Chinese and American military WHITE HATS communicated with Abel Danger BEFORE NOON on 8 November, 2010 allowing Plum City Global to post the threat window. China will be the big winner after this death spew as having 800 million people gone in PRC will turn the country into a super power spending money on armaments rather than rice . Elements in the PRC government view this coming mega death situation as essential for the transformation of China into a new global empire. It is hideous. Brief questions now.”

“General, Agent Vani, Paramus AD, am I correct in thinking the US will attack China in response to a Hillary False Flag wherein she and the impostor blame China

“You are correct”.

“General, Agent Bean, Biltmore Spook, am I correct in thinking the perps will be the BBA using Mossad ( again, like on 9/11) in an attempt to save the Euro and USD. If so then it appears certain leaders in China must be willing to sing Kum-ba-ya in order to kill 800 million chinks and that those China shitheads would be affiliates of Rockefeller, am I correct General?”


“General, Agent Atomic Betty, Ottawa. A queer in Canada’s government told his beard that China is suffering 600 or more public demonstrations each day and they fear they cannot keep a lid on the news and maintain order beyond the 1st of October and..”

“Excuse me Atomic Betty, our EMP DI just went orange, let me summarize. Use of "mobile extermination squads" is losing the battle and these FEMA like government buses that round up leaders for immediate execution. This is the reason behind the sell out to London Banking interests who have pre-agreed to let the Yuan remain a powerful currency after the catastrophes. Expect to see Israel first use an EMP against Iran. Ashkenazi Jews don't think they need a reason to kill Goyim. Then an EMP missile fired off US coast knocks out a lot of the US and Clegg and Cameron have Biden blame the chinks. US counter strikes. EMP's are not immediate death and destruction. But loss of electric infrastructure leads to massive starvation. The numbers stated earlier.

Revelation 6:8, speaking of the 4th seal talks of 1/4 the world's population dying by both war and famine. Agent Chips has opined his personal interpretation means this is a preventable event, not a Revelation prophesy of antichrist activity. After all, NO SINGLE WORLD LEADER HAS SHOWN UP ON THE SCENE YET. A parade of maggots, yes, but no single leader until Agent Chips announces. 7.7% may be an Illuminati number, but it is not a biblical one. If these claims have any substance, isn't it time to take David Rockefeller, George Soros, Baron de Rothschild, Netanyahu and a handful of sellouts in China's government and all their spiritual advisors aside and insert about 20 pounds of lead into their skulls. I don't mean bullets, I was thinking more of a sledge hammer. Coded message; Raytheon remnant of God. They are pointing at Zionists in COL. Marines to move on United States Senior Executive service and Lesbos of Old Gallows Road. OK, our EMP DI inicates red for southeast Missouri beginning in 3 minutes, view these images and pray that Agent Chips ‘friendly’ at Beale’s 9th keeps his oath.”

As all Clippers went quiet, the portable Faradays where draped over vehicles and Agents with the exception of Chips and Vani, who slipped out over view with a tin of Smoked Oysters. The images scrolled . As the fourth image of 10 was fading another flash of brilliant light, this time bluish, caused most electrical components in the New Madrid Fault area to depower. As the Agents in SHAVED BVR were sheltered by the portable Faraday tents, Agent Bean played as song for them.

As the EMP weapon fired another ‘sampling salvo’, on the hood of the Imperial, Agent Vani called ‘switch’.


  1. Love your blog, it's just a lovely, happy place to spend hours and hours reading!!

  2. What is this crap?


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