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Counter-intelligence: Colonel Russell Williams - backhauled snuff-films - Krayleigh Enterprises - One Canada Square - alleged command center for 9/11

Transcript for RMN Radio of Rayelan Allan with David Hawkins and Field McConnell - October 20th, 2010 - Part 1; Hour 1

Rayelan Allan: And welcome back, welcome back. This is Rayelan and you are listening to living on the edge radio. I used to think I was the only one living on the edge; now I know that David and Field live on the edge. And I think everyone in the United States if not the world is living on the edge right at the moment. So, welcome David and Field, what are we going to be discussing today? I didn’t get emails from you guys.

David Hawkins: Well, I think we can address the issue of an extraordinary story associated with a man by the name of Colonel Russell Williams, who turns out to be a creator and producer of pedophile snuff films…

Colonel Russell Williams - Decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for Canadian dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the governor general, the prime minister, and others.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: …who was also the base commander of Camp Mirage in the United Arab Emirates where Canada has just been evicted. And it would appear that this man has over the last twenty years perhaps, been used by Crown Agent Sisters to develop a network for the backhauling of pedophile snuff films?

Rayelan: Oh terrific.

David: To be used to extort concessions from leaders; political leaders, political leaders and business leaders in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Rayelan: Yes, so how did you find him? How did you track that down?

David: Well, it’s not very difficult to find. He’s in every paper in Canada and around the world because his past time was to monitor the movements of his female staff in the Canadian forces to find out which ones lived alone and when they might be alone in their homes, or when they wouldn’t be in their homes. His initial activity was a fetish where he would brake into their homes and steal their panties.

Rayelan: Right, I remember reading about that in the paper a couple of days ago.

David: And engage in fairly disgusting activities inside the homes, including the child’s bedrooms…

Rayelan: And taking pictures…

David: …and putting on their panties and filming himself and he graduated; and this is the acid question to when he was involved in this is to actually breaking into homes where women were and raping and killing them in front of a camera.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: And the question is: what the media wants you to think, and it may be true, is that no one was on the other side of the camera, i.e., he set it up on a tripod?

Rayelan: Oh, okay.

David: And filmed himself, but one realizes that everything changes if there was someone operating the camera.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Because that would mean there were two people engaged in the activity of producing images that could subsequently be used as a snuff film.

Rayelan: Now he…

David: Now we believe in many of these cases there were was a woman on the other side of the camera.

Rayelan: David, has he been convicted yet? Or is he still…

David: He plead guilty.

Rayelan: What?

David: He’s pleaded guilty to all charges including eighty-two or so fetish break in and enters, but the incredible thing about this is that while the media is desperately trying to spin this is a story of another pathetic military leader?

Rayelan: Right.

David: They’ve succeed in doing that of course, he goes to jail and every thing carries on as before. The big question to ask is, was he recruited and used as an agent to acquire content for snuff films? And we believe he was recruited while he was at university because he was at the University of Toronto at the same time as another convicted killer by the name of Paul Bernardo.

Ralean: Now that name is quite familiar. Who is he?

David: And Paul Bernardo was killing people with the help of his girlfriend, Carla Homolka.
Rayelan: Oh, that’s right. He’s the one that pulled out…

David: And Paul Bernardo and Carla Homolka were filming the death throes of the victims.

Rayelan: And one of those victims was her sister and because she bit him while he was having oral sex with her, he pulled out every single one of her teeth. Can you imagine the horror of that twelve year-old child must have gone through when he was doing this?

David: Right, now then. Sorry, go ahead.

Rayelan: No, I’ve been hoping the prisoners in prison with him up there in Canada would do the same thing to him.

David: But the problem is he was controlled by his girlfriend. And his girlfriend has been released…

Rayelan: But the girlfriend…

David: …and while she was in prison in Canada she was having lesbian relationships with fellow prisoners condoned by the prison system in Canada.

Rayelan: But David, the first victim, their first victim was his girlfriend’s little sister.

David: No, the first victims were the rapes in the, what are known as the Scarborough rapists. Which are back in the late nineteen eighties in the area around the University of Toronto where allegedly Paul Bernardo and Williams, Russell Williams, went drinking together. And they both had the same MO in terms of hiding the snuff film content because they would put the tapes behind ceiling panels in the wall and in the ceilings of their houses. And what we’re arguing is that both Paul Bernardo and Russell Williams, were recruited by Crown Agents sisters at the University of Toronto and walked into a sexual trap that involved children; and that anything they did subsequently they would rather confess to rather than reveal what they were doing to children back in the late nineteen-eighties. And this is the modus operandi we believe of the Crown Agents sisters which operates in a model that was developed, and we can talk about that in today’s show if you will, by the Kray twins that controlled organized crime in London during the nineteen-fifties and nineteen-sixties. And when they went to jail about the time of the time of the Sharon Tate murder…

Kray brothers; Ronnie and Reggie

Rayelan: Right.

David: …nineteen-sixty-nine, it was found, that in the nineteen-seventies and nineteen-eighties, and nineteen-nineties we believe, the Kray twins, one of them died in nineteen ninety-five; one of them died in two-thousand, were running a - what appears to be a pedophile snuff film protection racket from inside the jail systems with the collaboration of their mother.

Pink Walkman (Ronnie Kray trashed his cell in a rage when prison officials couldn't obtain a pink walkman for him; pink and blue colors get switched after World War II)

Rayelan: Unbelievable.

David: For international stars, such as in nineteen-eighty-five, Frank Sinatra. And the name of the company was Krayleigh Enterprises and Frank Sinatra in nineteen eighty-five hired Kraleigh Enterprises to provide security and they gave him eighteen people for his personal body guard and services. And what we think the Krayleigh Enterprise’s investors were doing, was they were taking Hollywood stars, and stars in Canada, the Australian film industry and the United Kingdom industry, and when they came on a visit; and you know they would be adulated by fans and there would be huge energy when these people like Frank Sinatra come to town?

Frank Sinatra – Hired eighteen body guards and staff from Krayleigh Enterprises

Rayelan: Right.

David: After they put on a show for their fans they go to where their favorite night club is…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And it might be a lesbian night club, it might be a gay night club, who cares; however, the point is the entourage that is accompanying these people like Frank Sinatra, would have opportunities to set him up with whatever turned him on.

Rayelan: Isn’t that the truth.

David: Now, what that means is, if they can walk these stars of the Hollywood film industry, and the British film industry, and the Vancouver film industry, into a sexual trap involving children, they can arrange for those children to be killed with a star in front of a camera.

Rayelan: *sigh*

David: And as we’ve said before, that means the owner of that film, the custodian of that film, owns the star; and the same is true of politicians, and the same is true of military leaders. Now, what should happen and hasn’t yet happened, and we will make it happen, I promise you that Rayelan, is that they should be checking the security that allowed, or the absence of security, or the absence of due diligence, to allow a man to progress from the University of Toronto, at a period that was associated with numerous rapes, and associated with a contemporary of his at the University of Toronto by the name of Paul Bernardo who is a convicted killer. How this guy moved through the Canadian forces and has flown the Queen of the United Kingdom, has flown the Governor General of Canada, Michelle Jean, and senior political brass and VIPs around the world where he was in a position to get access to secure communications about his fellow officers and rape them and kill them in front of a camera. And that means Canadian security has collapsed, as has the United States security, and the United Kingdom security, and Australian security; and therefore the big question is, who has infiltrated the security systems of the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada and Australia, in such a way that these people have access to for example, your president?

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Meaning he could be taken out at any time because they control the transportation of weapons on Air Force One.

Rayelan: That’s absolutely correct.

David: They control the communications with the Boeing of Air Force One, and they control it out of - and we now have the office from which they controlled the nine-one-one attack, and I’ll give you the address. It’s One Canada Square in Canary Wharf in Docklands in the United Kingdom.

One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London

UK's tallest building and a powerful symbol of the regeneration of Docklands

Rayelan: Wow.

David: One Canada Square has tenants that include KPMG


Rayelan: That’s an accounting firm that was wrapped up in the Enron scandal.

David: And the tax shelters, the illegal tax shelters, and it paid people like Field’s sister Kristine Marcy at the Department of Justice, go away money, in order that the partners would not go to jail.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: The interesting thing about One Canada Square is it has fiber optic links to Northwestern University in Chicago.

Rayelan: And that is where you think all of these…

David: At the University of Chicago…

Rayelan: And David, isn’t that where you think all these snuff films are archived?

David: Exactly. Except that they historically – that’s where I thought they were archived because I hadn’t got up to speed with the current developments in fiber optic technology. Now I understand that these are, if you wish to consider it, they’re branch offices, Northwestern University is a branch office of a pedophile snuff film racket that has been set up in London during the fifties and sixties by the Kray’s.

Rayelan: Ah, my God.

David: And it has now progressed with modern technology to use ultra fast high bandwidth fiber optic links that are extremely difficult to hack into because they don’t produce an electro-magnetic signature?

Rayelan: Okay.

David: But it allows people like the department or school of law at the Kellogg School of Management specialist on torture, paradigms and practice…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and the Rwanda genocide by the name of Bernadine Dohrn, the former boss of the Weather Underground Organization and the mentor of Obama and his wife…

Field McConnell: Fire hose.

David: Go Ahead.

Field: Well, I’m just feeling sort of bad. Fourteen minutes into the show and nobody has asked if I’m here yet, so…

Rayelan: Well we knew you were. *laugh* Because I didn’t…

Field: Of course you did, but I just want to jump in…

Rayelan: I’m in the chat room with you. I know you’re there.

Field: And I know you’re there too, Uncle Ray, but want I want to share with you both, and David does not know this because I’m the guy who does the fiction. In chapter thirteen in which I’ve been working on all morning, we get a clipper message from someone whose name is Weather and he is in Chicago. And it just so happens that this squealer named Weather is the husband of the person you were just talking about David, so now we’re in the oodle loop of that family. And we’re also in the oodle loop of Fox News because our agent Game Breaker has the same visual problems as Glen Beck, and it’s brought on by, it doesn’t matter what it’s brought on by, but it’s over consumption of diet cokes and diet Pepsis, but anyway, I’ll go back to being the silent chatterer now, but I want you to be encouraged David, that we’re all over this in chapter thirteen and I know you didn’t know it.

David: This is so exciting, and stop me if I – I know I roll on you see, but I got very excited, but going back to One Canada Square, in the roof of One Canada Square, it’s a kind of pyramid structure? It’s designed as a replica, or a near replica of building number three in the World Trade Center on nine-one-one.

One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London

Rayelan: *Sigh*

David: And what we’ve been able to demonstrate, and I’m just about to send this post now, is that they reversed the attack on the World Trade Center using the security and communications systems of One Canada Square in London where they were using exactly the same evacuation protocols. And if you recollect, ADT Security dispatcher in the World Trade Center on nine-one-one, what we didn’t know is who he was being controlled by, or she, sent the victims back into their offices to be vaporized.

ADT Security Systems (45 year contract with the United States Government)

Rayelan: Yeah, you know, you wonder; did all of them go or did some of them say, you know, listen to their higher sense and leave, or were they forced to go back? Do you know, David?

David: Well, when you use the word ‘forced to go back’, if you are relying, and this comes back to man on the middle – man in the middle position…

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: …if you rely on the broadcast service throughout the building as to whether you should stay in the building or evacuate…

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: …and I accept your point about sixth sense, but what kind of sixth sense would tell you that the building across the way, which was tower number one, would indicate that you were about to be attacked? I mean, your – first of all, some people wouldn’t even be aware he building across the way had been attacked.

Rayelan: Yeah, well all I know – I can remember friends of mine in nineteen ninety-three were in the World Trade Center when the bomb went off in the bottom of it, and nobody told them to evacuate but they just knew they needed to get out of there, and get out of there as fast as they could. And…

David: And some did, Rayelan. What we’re saying is, the attack on the World Trade Center in nineteen ninety-three was also orchestrated out of One Canada Square in London.

Rayelan: And do you think – do you think it was an accident that they didn’t position that van properly; because if they had blown two of those support systems the whole thing would have gone down then. What do you think about that? We can catch it on the other side of the break. It’s Rayelan, and you’re listening to RMN, today is Wednesday - you know what that means, we’ve got David and Field with us. And please, go over to talkstream live and give a vote for your favorite radio show: Rayelan Allan. Thank you so much we’ll be back.


Rayelan: And welcome back, welcome back. This is Rayelan, we are listening to Radio RMN and David, do you remember that question I asked you right before we went to break?

David: Did I think it was an accident they positioned the truck in such a place it didn’t actually pull the columns.

Rayelan: Yeah, what do you think of that?

David: Well, I can’t answer a question whether it was an accident, but I have worked with explosives and people do make mistakes. And it’s extremely difficult to of course bring a building down such as the World Trade Center so you have to place the right explosives at the right energy at the right place and detonate them at the right time. And they failed in nineteen ninety-three, but you’re right, the intent was to bring both towers down.

Rayelan: Now somebody somewhere in a newscast, I mean, it wasn’t just me talking to a friend, I saw on television, and he was talking about many of the skyscrapers in New York are actually rigged with explosives, so if something happens, a plane hits one and it goes into another, they can collapse the second one so that the domino effect doesn’t go on. Have you – and I was wondering is that was the case in nineteen ninety-three, or if ninety-three taught them that the domino effect could start. Have you ever heard anything like that?

David: Well, I believe they planned to have one building fall into the other and that would have had a pretty catastrophic effect, but let’s just go back to how you might place explosives…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …inside the building to produce the effect you just described so you can blow buildings up at will and why you might do that. If you can…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …control or take control of the international security professional industry; and one of the world’s largest providers of security professionals is ADT?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now in nineteen eighty-nine, ADT Security then controlled by a man associated with money laundering and drug smuggling through the Turks and Cacaos Islands who is a member of the House of Lords, Lord Michael Ashcroft?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: He was in control of ADT; he was the major share holder and he had built ADT from a series of acquisitions including a number of acquisitions of American security companies.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And he was awarded in nineteen eighty-nine, and Americans please listen carefully, this is a Brit associated with drug running and money laundering in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He and his company ADT Security were awarded in nineteen eighty-nine a forty-five year contract to provide security to the United States and United Kingdom Governments.

Rayelan: Our governments?

David: Your government in the United States granted a British company a monopoly to provide security to government buildings including Fort Hood and the offices of the Secret Services in Building Number Seven for example, a forty-five year contract without due-diligence onto the people that they would deploy for that purpose.

Rayelan: So in other words, the very people who have put us into the state of economic decline that we are in, namely the City of London bankers, who I believe are these Crown Agents that you talk about; so in other words, our government was stupid enough to give them complete control of everything and everybody that works for the United States Government?

Field: Hang on David. David, before you start fire hosing, let me preempt you by pointing out that you would not put a fox in charge of a hen house.

Rayelan: They did.

Field: They certainly did and we know who they are and we’re going to have ‘em; and you’re going to love Chapter thirteen.

Rayelan: Okay everybody, you can go over but not right now, you have to listen the show first, but you can go over to abeldanger – a-b-e-l-d-a-n-g-e-r dot net and you can read Chapter thirteen after the show of course.

David: We’re working on it right now. We haven’t written it yet but the content when it comes out will cover this extraordinary discovery that we now have, and I guess that’s why I’m rattling on a bit, I believe we now have the command center, the physical command center that what used in the nineteen ninety-three attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the successful one on nine-eleven. And it was a base that was created in Docklands by a group of investors including major banks and the security professionals and the constructors and the information technologists that were deployed to build that building and operate its security systems; we believe had been infiltrated by the Crown Sisters snuff-film racket.

Rayelan: Hm.

David: And let me just explain how the Kray’s took over London and the United Kingdom Government in the nineteen fifties and the nineteen sixties. These were pathological killers and pedophiles alright? They were twins…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: ..right around the nineteen thirties and four period. They had an elder brother by the name of Charlie who was born in nineteen twenty-seven and their father was a scrap gold trader.

Rayelan: And hold it right there. We’re talking about the Kray twins and what horrible misfits they are. I’m talking with David Hawkins and Field McConnell, you’re listening to Radio RMN and please go over to talkstream live and give a vote for Rayelan Allan, your favorite show at this time of day. Will be back.


Rayelan: And welcome back, welcome back. And I thank all of you for going over to talkstream live and getting me ahead of Art Bell and Alex Jones and Glen Beck, so thank you very much. David, gosh, I’ve got too many questions. We’re talking about the Kray twins. I think I’ll hold my questions. I’m just going to let you go ahead and finish with the Kray’s.

David: Okay, let’s go if we may to the website because a picture is worth a thousand words particularly when I’m rattling so, if people can go to abeldanger dot net, a-b-e-l danger dot net for those in front of a computer, and they go to the home page and they will see the shingle where some of the chief suspects are assembled in front of the picture of the skyline of the City of London.

Rayelan: So that’s what that is. I always thought it was New York. I never looked closely enough at it.

David: Yeah, and the shield and heraldry of the City of London is the red cross there with the sword; left hand side.

Rayelan: Yeah, and all the dragons around it.

David: That’s right. Now, just to give a flavor to people of how long these kind of scams have been going on, the first livery company to be formed in London, the City of London, was the weavers around eleven fifty-one. And it would appear that the Worshipful Company of Weavers provided the tunics for the crusaders to go to Jerusalem…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and they financed and this is the very sophisticated, this is the Templars, the financial system, where literally the Templars could move across Europe towards Jerusalem with a kind of travelers check arrangement?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: So, the possibility of what is now called ‘murder for hire’ goes back to the City of London for probably nine-hundred, or maybe a thousand years. That is, the City of London Livery Companies of which there are one-hundred and eight, probably represent the most sophisticated network for sabotage, assassination and deception the world has ever seen or will ever see again.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s probably pretty true.

David: Now, in the fifties and sixties, this is the post war era, there was a couple of twins that came of age that were pretty good heavy weight boxers that had been trained by their grandfather by the name of Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Who seemed to have had a very early instinct for killing and torturing people…

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: …and beating them up. And they had a mother who is much more capable it would appear than she seems because whenever the ‘firm’ as it came to be called was assemble for a hit or an act of extortion they would go and have a cup of tea with Mrs. Kray.

Raylean: Mhm.

David: And the treatment of the mother; it’s described as ‘fawning’, so you had hardened gangsters and killers coming to the little house on the east end of London and they knew that of they disrespected the mother they could end up dead.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: And this mother had extraordinary control over the children. So the question is: how did she gain that level of control? Because normally if you wanted to start a business like in the protection racket and extorting money, you would leave home and set up business well enough away from home so the police wouldn’t track you back to your home base and start checking out your parents, right?

Rayelan: Yeah, absolutely.

David: So the question is of the dynamics. Did she run the protection racket through her children?

Raylean: Wow.

David: Anyway, the technique developed by the Kray’s was, they moved from simple shake downs and violence to buying in through a racketeering landlord by the name Rackman…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …into night clubs and gambling casinos in the fifties and sixties in London.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And they came to be seen as respectable; because if the night club was run in a manner that attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra to gamble and drink, then there would be a lot of cash(?) by the people who owned and operated that night club.

Rayelan: Right.

David: What they discovered was, one way of taking control of the police force in London, Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard, is to attract or invite some of the police officers ad detectives to a night club and ply them with drink. And then when they were thoroughly drunk taking them to a place where they would get sexual favors of the kind that amused them because everything was available to the Kray twins.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And what the Kray twins would do is set up a pedophile trap for these people where children, sometimes known in slang as ‘rent boys?’

Rayelan: yes.

David: Would be provided to these adults and the question we have at this distance is, were they witting or unwitting? Because if you’re drunk, taking drugs and you’ve gone to a place where you think a sexual encounter of a kind that is legal…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …if someone substitutes a child into the situation you may not even be aware they are under age.

Rayelan: yes, that’s true. I’ve been told that before.

David: Now, if that is done in front of a camera, at the end of the evening whoever it is on film, the copyright of the film if you will? Is owned by the nightclub owner who organized the entertainment. And the nightclub owner in the fifties and sixties; if it was the twins it meant that you were on film with a child doing something to that child that child that might include doing something up to torture, rape and murder…

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: …meaning for the rest of your life you’re owned by the Kray twins, right?

Rayelan: that’s right.

David: Whether or not you worked for the metropolitan Police, or MI5, or MI6, or FBI, or CIA, or you’re a Hollywood star like Frank Sinatra…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …or a film producer like Roman Polanski.

Rayelan: So you think that’s what happened to him?

David: Yes. He got married to Sharon Tate in nineteen sixty-eight in London.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: In nineteen sixty-nine the Kray’s went to jail for life for murder, the torture-murder of a couple of hoods in London.

Rayelan: Right.

David: In nineteen sixty-nine Sharon Tate was murdered allegedly by Charlie Manson and his girlfriends, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: But just prior to that murder, and it’s quite hard to find the references to that, apparently Charlie Manson stole a NBC television truck.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: With three Zoomatic cameras, super eight cameras and the blood that was allegedly, or should have been restricted to the inside area of the home of Sharon Tate…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …was found on the porch of the building. So what we can speculate is that Sharon Tate was killed as part of a snuff film where the images were backhauled through the NBC television truck by satellite to the area in London known as Soho?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Where there is the greatest concentration of post production special effects companies in the world today.

Rayelan: Huh.

David: Meaning that we’re alleging, or speculating, there is a snuff-film, or was a snuff-film, created in Soho created from backhauled content and images through the NBC television truck stolen by Charlie Manson, which was subsequently transmitted to places like Chicago and viewed by Bernadine Dohrn.

Rayelan: Wonderful. Now tell us…

David: Who was alleged to have said…

Rayelan: David?

David: Yes?

Rayelan: David, let’s do a little bit of time frame right now. Was that in sixty-seven?

David: Yeah, around that time period.

Rayelan: And when was the – when was Sharon Tate murdered?

David: Nineteen sixty-nine.

Rayelan: Okay, so the Weather Underground was in position ready to start all of – ready to *laugh* tape all of this, and of course, Bernadine Dohrn’s father-in-law, Thomas, was what? He was a full professor there at Northwestern?

David: He was on the board of Trustees at Northwestern University from, let’ see, when did he die? Nineteen ninety-three, and he was a trustee for thirty years, so he became a trustee at Northwestern University in the year Kennedy was shot.

Rayelan: Okay, so he probably died in ninety-three?

David: Yes, sixty-three to ninety-three. Now, in the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties, remember, the Kray twins are taking over literally, the police force of the City of London and London Metropolitan area through fear.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Because what they’re doing; they’re bringing in police, and senior police, into nightclubs to mingle with guests, plying them their drink, and probably drugs, then taking them or actually on the stage of the nightclub, getting them involved in a sexual activity in front of a camera, and this is speculation, that proceeds or progresses to the use of children.

Rayelan: *sigh* Oh boy.

David: Meaning *garbled* in London in the fifties or sixties, and it might be Frank Sinatra, it might be one of your politicians, or a Canadian politician, inevitably they go to a hotel, right? Then in the evening, whether men or women, they presumably go to a nightclub or a bar.

Rayelan: Right.

David: All that is legal. If they didn’t know that the nightclub and casino networks in the fifties and sixties were controlled by the mob through the firm controlled by the Kray twins who would appear to be controlled by their mother, they might have walked into situations of innocence, or relative innocence, right? That escalated into committing or being an accessory to a criminal act with a child.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now, in the nineteen sixties, you didn’t have the internet, so what generally happened with the film is it was edited at a production studio, let’s say in studios in Soho, turned into a film and then moved around as either documented, or film pornography; child pornography. And what they found in the nineteen seventies, and there are a number of senior police in the Metropolitan Police in London went to jail, and there was talk of four or five-hundred cops being fired; because by then to all intensive purposes they had been bought by the pornography industry to look the other way.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So the Kray’s were in jail and then in nineteen eighty-four or eighty-five, one of the Kray’s was in Broadmoore, they discovered a business card in the name of ‘Krayleigh Enterprises.’ And Krayleigh Enterprises, while the twins were in jail, and they were in jail for life. As I said, one died in ninety-five, one in two-thousand, they were selling a Hollywood protection services.

Rayelan: Yeah, you know, if you will remember, David; I just have to add this. The older Frank Sinatra got meaner he got; the angrier he got if you remember that? It’s like the last twenty years of his life whenever you would see him live, there would be this anger in him that I could never understand. Where did it come from? Why now? And I think you’re telling me why now; because probably it, you know, probably right about at the time he made the Manchurian Candidate, which in my opinion was one of his finest films, he probably got pulled out of the circle and put on a tight leash. In other words, pulled out of the circle of actors who had any power at all in the world, and put on a short leash so he couldn’t make any more films like the Manchurian Candidate. And so I think it happened in the sixties when he got put on that short leash. What do you think, do you think that I am right?

David: Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. I think we’re going to have to revive all our early judgments of people…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …that we think they’re incompetent or corrupt; because this kind of extortion; you don’t see it, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Wow, yeah, I know.

David: I mean, let’s just get on with these images and we can see this picture of the Kray’s and so on, so we scroll past this extraordinary map. And I noticed we’ve got a listener in Ascension Island?

Rayelan: Yes, I saw that.

David: And we’ve got someone in Mumbai in India, Hanoi in Vietnam is live, so…

Rayelan: And David, do you know what I think is interesting. Look at the listeners we’ve got in England. They go from London up to, what is it? I can’t remember the last one, but its almost a straight line.

David: Yes.

Rayelan: Do you see that?

David: Yes. Well…

Rayelan: I wonder what that’s all about?

David: I don’t know what it’s all about, but I do want to send a message to my compatriots, I’m a British and a Canadian citizen, and I want to send a message that I believe most citizens in all of these countries of the free world that pioneer liberty all around the world, and I would argue that is the United Kingdom and Canada and the United States and Australia, are being targeted by this group from the inside. And we’re coming for them.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: And there’s no where to run, right? And we now believe we have the motus operandi; and we now believe we have the base, the command base for the attacks on the free world, which is: One Canada Square in Docklands. So, going past that map, you can see the subject for the day is ‘Crown Sisters Kiddie Porn Snuff-film Murder with Canary nine-one-one.’ And I’ll come to the explanation of those terms in a minute, but I just want you to see the pictures, and the listeners if they can look at it. The first picture is a woman between four men. Can you see that?

Paule Gaulthier - Canadian Security, Intelligence and Review Committee

Rayelan: I’m still scrolling down. For some reason I’m not scrolling very fast…there – I saw that and I wondered what in the world that was all about? Is there a connection to the photographs underneath it and the arrows that are pointing there?

David: Right.

Rayelan: And who is that woman in the middle?

David: Okay, this woman, her name is Paule Gaulthier, she’s a woman born in Quebec, the Province of Quebec?

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: Which for well over three-hundred years has nursed a visceral hatred against America.

Rayelan: Ahuh, ahuh.

David: And she is, or was, the chairman of the Canadian Security, Intelligence and Review Committee from nineteen ninety-five to two-thousand and five.

Rayelan: And what did that committee do?

David: The woman you’re looking at controlled security, national security for Canada and its relationships with its allies including the United States through nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So she wanted to sabotage security. There’s probably – she’s the only person who could trigger an internal 'man-in-the-middle' attack if you will?

Rayelan: Sure.

David: Alright, now, interesting a woman in the middle of four men; the four en around her, I would argue, and I don’t know their names, are ciphers, they are irrelevant. The most important is this woman, Paule Gaulthier, chairman of the Canadian Security, Intelligence and Review Committee from nineteen ninety-five to two-thousand and five.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And because she is chairman of the Canadian Security, Intelligence and Review Committee, she would have had a very important say into what communications systems were installed at One Canada Square in London.

The distinctive pyramid pinnacle

Rayelan: yes, of course.

David: Because One Canada Square’s tenants including KPMG; the building is flanked on one side by a smaller building which is the headquarters of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Which financed the opium trade in the nineteenth century with Rothschild.

Rayelan: Right.

David: On the right hand side of that building as you face it is Citi Group. And Citi Groups subsidiary, Solomon Smith and Barney, had the top floor of Building number seven that was demolished on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And Citi Group at that time, and its directors was a man, or one of its directors, was a man by the name of Rubin, Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And another director was a name, man by the name of John Deutch, the disgraced former Director of the CIA.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: He was fired by Clinton, and to be fired by Clinton you’ve got to be pretty bad.

Rayelan: Well, do you remember him going down to Los Angeles and trying to tell the people the CIA wasn’t in the drug business? And they almost killed him in that lecture?

David: Right.

Rayelan: It was amazing. The videos are still up on Youtube if anyone just wants to google ‘John Duetch LA’. I mean, he was just nuts, the things that the man did.

David: Right. Well it’s interesting to know who put the CIA into the drug trade; because remember, the CIA was introduced in nineteen forty-seven.

Rayelan: Mhm…no, nineteen…

David: *garbled* the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and the Rothschild’s in the City of London had been financing the drug trade for over a hundred years.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s correct.

David: So they hired people through the CIA and Operation Paperclip to continue to protect the drug trade.

Rayelan: Mhm..that was…

David: So coming back to this woman, Paule Gaulthier, just scroll past her. Now what we actually say in the paragraph above it; let me just read that out for the listeners: “Hawks Café is asking the United Kingdom Independence Party to investigate Crown Agents Sister use of Canary, nine-one-one technologies in the spoliation of evidence that FCKU crime scenes allegedly associated with child pornography, kiddie porn, snuff-film post production work and murder fire hire.” And this I believe is going to be their Achilles heel because what you see at these crime scenes, Rayelan, each time, is that someone goes into the crime scene, not necessarily the killers, and takes away the evidence that would otherwise lead to a racketeering, influence and corrupt organization. So the picture below it is a picture of people outside the Pentagon on nine-one-one.

Man with red arrow over head: “Why are we picking up evidence, this is a crime scene?”
Man with white arrow over head: “Pipe down sonny-boy, just do what you’re told.”
(Spoliation of evidence at a crime scene.)

Rayelan: Really?

David: And what are they doing?

Rayelan: Picking up the ahh…

David: They’re picking up the evidence.

Rayelan: Picking up the pieces…now why are those arrows above there?

David: Well because I believe the arrow points to the man who is being told what to do. The red arrow points to the man who subsequently told the media, and it’s almost disappeared from the internet, that he was ordered to pick up this evidence by the man with the white arrow above.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And he said to this individual: “Why are we picking up evidence, this is a crime scene?”

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And the man said something like: “Pipe down sonny-boy, just do what you’re told.”

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now, maybe Americans talk like that, but that’s the kind of slang, or you know, slight way I remember in the United Kingdom.

Rayelan: David. Hold on, we’ll come right back to people picking stuff up outside the Pentagon.  


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