Monday, April 26, 2010


BP Booted, Suited and Buggered in Gulf of Mexico Blaze
Cherie Carbon Matrix – BBC Screws Rothschild with an Aviva Fire Brigade

The ‘all clear’ came in; Hoss turned aircraft over to Stone to check out Boeing 737 derivative; he noticed swept back wingtips. Chips finished off Agent Stevie R. Gowray and heard the re-route to Brize Norton. Blabbermouth clippered Chips ‘Honeywell has visited the trap, vermin taking bait and human teeth recovered from Fresh Kills confirm hypothesis Nano al Umina. Blabbermouth Banzai to Hamish ‘re Magic Circle in City of London and Tragic Rectum in Chicago ‘Commerical Union did it in Chicago when the Field & Leiter store burned; topical review to reveal MO of SCRAP Merchant’ Cherie Blair becomes Curtis Brown; tracked through Sir Ken Macdonald QC (former Director of Public Prosecutions) who defended terrorist suspects, fraudsters and major drug dealers; on defence team for the Matrix Churchill trial [iraqgate]. Hamish briefed Chips on payback hit on BP “‘.. suited, booted and buggered in Gulf of Mexico fire a) Browne victim of Bullingdon-OSS b) Blackmail in CO2e c) Saboteurs trigger cat bonds for SCRAP Merchant d) Cat-bond kickbacks shared by House of Lords e) Magic Circle law firms produce ‘fake-debate’. Elementary my dear Watson” A stranger asked when the BBC became a Pravda; he suggests 2001, when Peter Dunscombe, custodian of BBC Pension Trust and IIGCC triggered 9/11 cat bonds to strip Rothschilds’ RSA of assets after Twin Towers demolished in double-occurrence insurance fraud. He notes RSA delisted due to sale of U.S. operations and refusal by another (?) Rothschild stranger director [gerance a l’etranger] He was about to warn AD on the ‘Who’ when concussive blasts rocked Jagger’s club. Banzai authorized deadly force, Corazon called out “bake and switch!” Chips riposted “fake and swap”.

“Wacker 02, Tango on guard, I say again, cancel evasive action, no threat, that was a voice splicer from ‘friendly’ wishing to join in close formation, left side, how copy?”

“Hoss, Lima Charlie, ‘friendly’ cleared to join, steady 230 degrees at 240 knots level 3.5. Otto and Banzai, threat picture”.

“Hoss, all clear” came the reply from Otto Pilot assigned to Abel Danger Tromso.

“Same” was the laconic opinion of Banzai Pipeline aboard Joint Stars but patched via Japan’s Self Defence Force in Sapporo whence he assisted Marquis d'Cartier [French], Name Dropper [ Mandarin Chinese ], Mattress Thrasher [ Arabic ] and Chips [ Navajo ], to 'listen' to the offices of SS Minow in Chicago, called the "Old Goat" in Blabby Blago’s gut-spilling to Patrick J. Fitzgerald's USDOJ.

As Hoss turned the aircraft over to Stone he commanded “Keep on keepin’ on” as he turned off the T-storm lights and looked down his left wingline for the ‘friendly’. In the cycling illumination of his own strobe Hoss could see a long slender Boeing 737 derivative with no windows, no color other than white, and no registration or flag of any nation. He noticed the swept back wingtips and thought it rare not to see winglets. With his Grape Nehi can Clipper he got a digi-photo and sent it directly to Banzai and Otto.

Banzai answered first. “US Navy P-8 Poseidon. Buck Naked and Dirtball wish for you to go to company freq for brief chat”. As the two Boeings flew in echelon left an intel update was quickly completed in Navajo. Due to the classified nature of the Poseidon mission and how it DOES NOT RELATE to the Indian Ministry of Defence in Delhi, or to the transfer of the USS Kittyhawk to the Indian military, or to the Georgetown graduate Marine Corps general involved in the November, 2008 Mumbai false flag to which a pair of squealers in Chicago are making a case, let’s imagine the formation looked somewhat like this:

As the whale and the baby Boeing flew on in the early morning dark Stone turned left over Brighton to enter a left downwind for 26L at Gatwick.

“Hoss, cancel Gatwick Operation, proceed to Brize Norton. Unknown ‘state aircraft’ activity near Glasgow, Krakow, Smolensk. Def Con 3, Banzai”.

“Concur” came from Tromso in a thick Norwegian accent.

Back in their love Pod Chips had just finished off Agent Stevie R. Gowray when he heard the re-route to Brize Norton. Chips’ father, A True Rameyite, had been the flight lead of the 369th Bomb Squadron’s Reflex missions to BN when they converted from the B36 Peacemaker to the B47 Stratojet in 1953 just before Chips’ 4th birthday at 12 Garden Drive, MacDill AFB, Florida. Brize Norton tours were generally 90 days long and continued until 6 months after the 72nd C4ISR Wing became active at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico on 2 October, 1964. As the last Reflex missions flew west returning to MacDill AFB, Florida as well as other SAC bases including Shilling, Kansas and Lincoln, Nebraska, ownership of Brize Norton reverted to the RAF which had built the airport in 1935 after Bullingdon gamers in the City of London leaked a likelihood of hostilities to commence in 1939 the same year that Americans were watching Judy Garland click her ruby slippers together in a vain attempt to get back to Kansas and find Toto. For our friends south of the Mason-Dixon Line, a huge money-maker for Bullingdons, Sidley and Montreal, folks were watching Atlanta burn as Clark Gable told ‘what’s her name’ “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”, words that may be repeated by the Squatters as they are evicted from 1600, not to be confused with Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) that has held the Truth of 9/11 and VD as close as humanly possible to the USDOJ which will no doubt jump on it after Round 7 of the NFL Draft is wrapped up.

After a quick Marine Corps shower Chips noted the Pastel color favored by Agent Stevie and stuffed the monster into a matching Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Lavender as Stevie fell into non-REM sleep with a smile on her face. Chips thought how lovely her face would look in the First Edition of the Ramey Bombshell Calendar not to be confused with Kenny Rogers' first musical group the First Edition or Calendar Houses in England that had 12 chimneys, 52 rooms and 365 windows, give or take. And when Stevie was giving, Chips was taking, in a manner of speaking. As Chips tried to slip out the door without disturbing Stevie, she cooed “But You Know I Love You” as the morning sunrise was streaking across the Pod from the window on the right side of the Whale.

As Chips walked forward to the cockpit, I say again, cockpit, his Clipper went off with a routine update from a man with a garden.

“Blabbermouth Kui Longboard routine Clipper to Agents Name Dropper, Kaya, Natalya Antonov, Chips and Hamish, copy Banzai and Otto: Dropper, the circle is shrinking as the Magic Circle in London senses an upcoming jerk and I refer not to Biden. Honeywell visited our trap for 36 minutes in last 24 hours, New York State [think F16B FEMA Jacoby + Gibney + 9/11 ] spent 20 minutes reading a specific chapter, your ally at the Navy Network Information Center [ NNIC ] confirms IP address of ‘unknown rider’ as that of USDOJ. Looks like the vermin are taking the bait, the circle is small. The human teeth recovered from Fresh Kills Hills 1 and 9, confirm hypothesis of Nano al Umina. Watch for Rudy Toot to slip into a dress to evade arrest. Kui, USA Central Identification Laboratory, Hickam AFB, HI 96853.”
Chips immediately forwarded the good news to Dr. Nano al-Umina, and nurses Agent Bean in Arizona, Moxie G at CDC, and Dr. Mo or Les Libideaux, just outside Barksdale AFB where a very special B52 H with an August ’64 event is scheduled to ‘reappear’ as soon as the Nuremberg survivor survives no longer, capeche?

As he entered the cockpit he noticed that his son Stone was monitoring 2 auto-pilots and 3 triple mixing Nav Sets not unlike those that a certain TU-154 had received 4 months prior to the ‘Polish heart attack’ when it got a new interior, engine maintenance, a conformal antenna on its spine and a few other goodies which may or may not have been recorded in the Maintenance log in a manner such as the A330 that had been modified in Toulouse, France in April, 2009 prior to going down as AF447 on 1 June just before Senator Dorgan’s Dog and Pony Show at the US Senate Hearing [ to suppress ] known threats to aviation safety prior to his announcing he would not seek re-election as fellow North Dakota Congress folks prepare to pay big prices for rubber stamping Obamacare after promising the North Dakota citizens, 90% opposed, not to support it. Bye bye girls.

Update: "FAA is still ignoring warnings": Who the Aviation Committee WON'T call to Testify

“Chips, got some troubling news from Otto and Banzai. They will brief us at the underground facility at Brize Norton. Joint Stars landed there 11 minutes ago and Trondeim 01 is on short final at this time. Diehard got a Super Puma lift and will join us there for the re-deployment forward briefing and to meet with Mitch Stack, Slade Lane, Del N. Pole and Agent DJ, the Voice of Ramey. Take a look out the left wing line and wave at Dirtball and Buck Naked in their unmarked ride.”

As Chips leaned over Hoss’s broad shoulders he saw a long modern variant of a B737 and he wondered if it were a Druyun Boeing or something safer as those Druyun Drones had a nasty habit of flying into tall buildings without passenger windows like one might expect in a drone painted to look like AA11 or UA175 not to mention those pesky conformal shapes just below the co-pilots’ windows from whence a white flash was seen one frame prior to impact of the Boeing E-10s or whatever is was Darleen had provided. A pair of raised middle digits against the back drop of thunderstorm lights made it clear that those at the helm were friendlies indeed.

“Dad, here’s a classified ACARS that just came in from the Polish lady in Dublin, I suggest you chew it up and swallow it so ‘you know who’ doesn’t figure out the switcheroo, capeche?” briefed Stone as he handed his father a Grolsch Wide Body just as Agent Stevie R. Gowray came into the cockpit beaming from ear to ear at the man whose hoss had just applied some ‘saddle soap’ to her Texas saddle, with pronounced horn, and headlights rivaling those of a 1963 Chrysler Imperial.

“Chips, as you haven’t cracked, I say again, cracked that beer perhaps you’d like this 16 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini with both Ukrainian and Absolut de-icing fluid and two stuffed queens”. As Chips accepted the killer martini in a Spirit of Ramey glass he recalled a trio of recently stuffed items and that had made Stevie feel like a queen, resplendent in her Pastel Lavender unmentionables with increasing moisture index.

Chips had just finished chewing the classified ACARS from Natalya and Kaya, a playful pair of Abel Danger ladies from Kazakhstan and Poland who thought threesomes were 50 percent more fun than tandems, not to be confused with the tandem canopy of the B47s and the earliest B52A models, when he took the first long pull of the Captain Sherlock Martini and swallowed the evidence, as Agent Stevie often did also although Monica Lewinsky apparently did not according to Hillary’s clandestine video of Operation BLEU DRESS.

“Chips, it looks like you swallowed something other than the Martini, was there something in your mouth?”

Never a slouch between the ears, Stone offered Agent Stevie R. Gowray some pilot pellets from his personal stash of Planter’s Cocktail Peanuts, a peanut type that reminded Stone that his father’s career choice was ‘pleasant’. As Stone held the open 16 ounce jar toward Stevie she declined, saying “Some times I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t” to which Stone thought to himself, next time you feel like a pair of them let me know. Some things are best left unsaid.

As Stone stowed his nuts an incoming Clipper came into Hoss’s Grape Nehi Clipper as well as Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun, a routine from John Galt in the Arizona AOO.

Whitney Harris, Nuremberg prosecutor, dies at 97

“Chatterbox John Galt routine Clipper to Hoss, Chips, Name Dropper, Banzai, Otto copy Hamish and Slade Lane: St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Whitney Harris, the suriving Nuremberg prosecutor, is in failing health. Uncle Ray smells a rat as Polish AF 1 was modified in Russia 4 months prior to a 70th Anniversary. Uncle Ray suggests we take a look at German and British development of Thalidomide and think back to the Cold War as the next one heats up. Poland’s economy is high and their IMF debt is low, if Harris is silenced, Lech et. al. may not be around to read the obit. Galt out, Bobby G’s.”
Immediately after John Galt’s incoming Name Dropper chimed in from Western Florida, at least that’s what the IP string indicated:
“Blabbermouth Name Dropper priority Clipper to Diehard, Hamish, Buck Naked, Hoss and Chips, copy Dirtball and Stone: Concur with news from John Galt, Diehard’s Lorry to deliver you to Jagger’s club just off base at Brize Norton while surrogates are taken to old SAC Command Post below ground. Dispersal planned by Agents Kaya and Natalya Antonov, Natayla Tupelov to appear also, for security purposes. See you at Jagger’s. That is not a misprint. Dropper.”
“Gear down, flaps 30, landing checklist please Hoss” requested Stone as he took the last swig of his 3rd Grolsch. In response Hoss dangled the Dunlops, selected flaps 30 and ran his right index finger down the checklist before giving Stone a silent thumbs up and wink. As Chips and Stevie strapped into the jump seats, Agent Stevie gave Chips a free shot of Pastel Lavender as the ACARS message was being joined by the first of the two stuffed Queens in Chips’ tummy. After a typical Stone grease-job landing, Hoss stowed the erasers and said “80 knots, my jet, nice job Stone, secure 1 and 4.”

Stone shutdown engines 1 and 4 to reduce FOD as the outboards hung out over the non-hard surfaces and a surface of another nature was becoming hard as Pastel Lavender was being flashed a second then third time. As the monster strained against the matching Slingshot Rumpmaster, Stone defused the situation, effectively nipping it in the bud as Chips was thinking about nipping someone in the butt, as it were.

“Dad, ACARS just came in dictating, I say again, dictating that you and Hamish meet Diehard in a Lav Service Lorry while the rest of us take the 17 passenger diesel crew bus to Jagger’s off base. A second matching crew bus will take the surrogates to the old SAC briefing facility much like a second TU-154 may be used when a strong financial statement is made in any future tussle between Russia and Poland as the deployment of Patriot Missiles and refusal of IMF debt are moving Lech et al. up in the draft order and I refer not to the 22, 23 and 24 April NFL draft even though football and Poland leaders do cross paths at NFL…..Not For Long. Agent Natalya Antonov will brief you in Polish when you and Hamish debrief her assuming she does not debrief herself as she often does in your presence is that not correct Agent Jameson?”

“Actually it’s Agent DEW, as in Tullamore Dew not DEW as in Distant Early Warning such as the pedigree of Agent Dwarf but alas I digress laconically. In any case I will rejoin with everyone at Jagger’s and we shall see what forward assignments and billeting come from Agent Kaya. It appears we are invoking OPERATION ARDENT TRIDENT to overstand any Operation Brilliant Ardent that occurs if that hard to pronounce volcano in Iceland is triggered by Tromso Haarp as suggested both by Otto Pilot and Chatter at FSS which replaced KGB after the USSR was broken into pieces with the prize piece, Kazakhstan being the last former Soviet state to come out and the first to attain financial security and when it comes to prize pieces in Kazakhstan we have a resident expert within our Abel Danger tent, capeche?”

As Hoss set the parking brake and turned on the T-storm lights he said “Clean it up Stone” as he shut down #2 and pointed at the parking and securing checklists before grabbing another icy Grape Nehi from his Idaho State Athletic bag.

“Hoss, did you want the Chekists or the Checklists?” asked Stone, obviously a block off the old Chips. Chekists was the common name to Russian Secret Police from the time of the Cheka’s in 1917, to the USSR’s KGB, to Russia’s FSB after the dissolution of the USSR after the WB57F’s which hung around Fargo in 1985 and 1986 were deployed to European airspace just west of the Ukraine where grain failures sometimes occurred due to Anna Louise Strong’s policies and other times policies of Ronald Reagan. While the WB57Fs that were in Fargo in the '80s are getting high mileage, it is possible that replacements can be created from some old spare parts sitting around the desert.

Singapore Embassy in Athens, Greece
General Consulate of Singapore in Athens, Greece
10-12 Kifissias Avenue
151 25 Maroussi
Athens Greece
Phone: (30 10) 683 4875
Fax: (30 10) 683 4416

As Chips met Hamish and Corazon at Door 1L his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with a priority from a man with a garden.
“Blabbermouth Kui Longboard priority Clipper to Chips, Dropper, Hamish copy Uncle Ray: Interesting visit to our Intel site yesterday from Athens, Greece. They were sniffing around for 90 minutes and they were not Greeks but rather the General Consulate of Singapore which is in Athens. Chips, didn’t you once fly with some Singapore pilots? Kui, Jagger’s.”
“Hamish, interesting that the Singpore Consulate is sniffing around. In 1975 I instructed 6 Singapore Air Force pilots in the TA4J at Naval Air Station Chase FIELD in Beeville, Texas not far from the Texas Bar C Ranch on Lower Sequin Road. Their names were Ee, Ong, Chong, Leiw, Gooi and Meta. They had good senses of humor in that when I’d take two solo Singapore pilots out on E stage flights they would speak Chinese between themselves and I could not, therefore, understand what they were saying. It may have been a breach of safety but it certainly was not a breach of judgment such as has occurred in the US Intelligence community since Gorillawoman built the wall between FBI and CIA, the witch created USIS before stealing the FBI files and some China from the White House and General Shelton got bullied into shutting down Able Danger by the Oxford rapist with the gadget bent.”

As Hamish and Corazon listened intently, hanging on to every word dancing off the tongue of Chips, Corazon contemplated a dance of another nature as she passed him a brief note written in red, flaming red, and in Spanish so no inquiring eyes might intercept her plaintive message to the Plaintiff of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which will go PRO SE if not settled prior to 11 May, 2010.

Chips read the brief note in Spanish: “Conduceme, oh Senor, no me guiras?”

Chips understood the brief note and thought more likely a debriefing was what motivated Corazon to write it in red, flaming red. He noticed her face was flushing as she put her left hand in Chips’ right, allowing him to lead her. As Hamish trailed along behind with what was left of his third Mineral Water with signature lime slice, a tall man drove up to the base of the airstairs in a Lav Service Lorry and grunted in an Aussie accent while adjusting himself. Chips and Hamish adjusted themselves, both dressing right, while Corazon blew Diehard a kiss, in Spanish. Diehard smiled, and grunted again.

As the Lav Service Lorry went out a Service Gate and turned left for Jagger’s, two 17 passenger diesel crew buses stopped adjacent to the airstairs. All Pod-passengers and the flight crew emptied into the second bus, while an equal number of proxies filed into the first bus - not unlike the decoy and drone aircraft of 9/11. Chips wondered if the truth about the second United 93 landing at Cleveland Hopkins and taxiing straight into the NASA hangar would ever become common knowledge to the sheeple of the USA who seemed content to watch American Idle and the NFL Draft. Corazon was reading his mind and when Chips thought draft, Corazon passed him a Presidente, a beer from the Dominican Republic very popular in Puerto Rico where in 1964 Chips and Corazon were sworn in by the 3 godfathers of PRANG; el Muerto, el Guapo and el Viejo, charter members and plank owners of 72nd C4ISR who would be ‘in the house’ when the Puerto Rico U2 support crew returned from Borinquen CGAS in early April, 2010 and were debriefed by Chips, James Crosby, Doc Fish-Hook and Agent DJ at the ‘lack of’ Comfort Inn opposite the main gate of Robins AFB, Georgia, just west of Dublin.

If her legal partner didn’t inhale, I’d presume she didn’t swallow the Presidente, capeche?

As Diehard parked the Lav Service Lorry behind Jagger’s, Hamish’s Clipper Sherlock Pipe went off with a priority from Banzai Pipeline:
“Blabbermouth Banzai priority Clipper to Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier and John Galt: Brain Trust, Regarding the Magic Circle in City of London and the Tragic Rectum in Chicago consider this revealed today by Lavender Merkin in Boston: "Banzai, Commercial Union did it in Chicago when the Field and Leiter store burned: a topical review should reveal the MO of SCRAP Merchants. If you can determine who insured Field and Leiter you will get a good view to who started the Fires in Chicago and Boston and wrecked ‘em. Cameron’s great-great grandfather was misquoted as saying: “Without the safe, my entire fortune would have been lost; and had the insurance contracts been consumed by the conflagration we set, we’d be penniless.” One must recall that one cannot start a fire without a spark even if you’re just dancing in the dark. Banzai, Jagger’s”

Corazon understood the suggestion made by Banzai. He was conveying to Hamish the thought that Banzai would be a hired gun with the Abel Danger Wrecking Crew as they tied crimes from the Bullingdons to the Sidley Austin Sows and arrived full circle at the Magic Circle, whence it is all orchestrated and, conversely, will all be dismantled once Banzai, Sluggo and Diehard penetrate, I say again, penetrate, the security at the shack in Scotland where the safe that survived the 1871 fire rests comfortably. As Hamish crawled down from the Lorry and Diehard joined him on the asphalt, Corazon must have misinterpreted a look on Chips’ face, thinking he was thinking ‘Gimme just one look’ which was a lyric in ‘Dancing in the Dark’. As Chips got an eyeful of Pastel Tropical Flamingo it took all of his Annapolis and Marine Corps discipline to resist. As Corazon gave him a quick status check his resistance faded and he locked the doors of the Lorry as they retreated to the sleeper attached. As Chips yielded to Corazon’s passionate kisses, he missed a priority Clipper from Banzai Pipeline which appeared to parallel a similar message from Abel Danger’s John Galt in the Phoenix area.
“Blabbermouth Banzai priority Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier, Kui Longboard and Dropper copy Mitch Stack and Slade Lane: In your inbriefing at Brize Norton pay attention to flurry of intel regarding “the minnow”. This is not in reference to Gilligan’s Island and the ill-fated power vessel S.S. Minnow, but was actually an immature and arrogant gaffe by a Chicago crook named SS Minow [ Sidley-Saboteur or Secret Service?] who is all over the map when it comes to bad burritos in the windy chitty: Rand Corporation, Foundations, CFR, Intelsat, Sidley Austin (recruiter of kid Kenya!), Northwestern, public enemy #1 is being challenged. This guy should be called The Helmsman because starting in the early '60s his hands are on the tiller no matter where you look in bad deals in Capone’s old stomping grounds and I allude not to Spade Cooley the cowboy crooner who stomped his 2nd wife to death in 1961 with his cowboy boots after a few cocktails and her announcing her desire to divorce. He did it in front of his daughter, real class. He died in the slammer in ’69, the same year CIA convinced the world that man had landed on the moon to support black ops and Chips had taken Sandy L. Disanty to the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia prior to his taking Donna Gordon the following year.”
Chips could sense that Corazon was set for an early launch: so he thought back to her beauty as a 16 year old Ramey Bomber Cheerleader so that he, too, could be punctilious so as not to be late for the intel inbriefing. Stars were in his eyes as an Immediate Clipper came from Hamish at the briefing table at Jagger’s.
“KSM Witness Hamish Immediate Clipper to Chips: “I forgot to warn you but beware Corazon, she was dreaming of you endlessly during the crossing of the Atlantic. If she corners you, you will learn the true meaning of the term ‘cougar’. Please repair to Jagger’s briefing table ASAP, Marquis d’Cartier has just arrived from Toulouse where he infiltrated a client of the Magic Circle who may, or may not, do HVAC work in Minneapolis, and HVAC leads to ‘fuel-air bombs’ which leads to the solving of 9/11 if USDOJ will just turn away from American Idle and the 2010 NFL Draft.. Key words ‘jerc’ and ‘minnow’ as in Chicago flunkie SS Minow aka OLD GOAT, capeche? Hurry, Hamish.”
As Chips withdrew his air refueling probe, offload complete, he whispered “Just like in 1966” to Corazon who murmured ‘Mi frito forte y guapo, te amo mucho, es verdad?" As Corazon made herself presentable, Chips turned his routine and priority filters off his Clipper squirt gun and messages in queue starting coming in at the cyclic rate; a majority of them routine updates from Hamish apparently sent during the crossing while his Pod-mate Corazon wished he been a little friskier and less focused on unveiling the Magic Circle and the Tragic Rectum in one swell foop, no, strike that, one fell swoop. As Chips helped Corazon down from the Lorry, Diehard opened the back door to Jagger’s and pointed at a stairway leading to a “frame room”. Corazon reached behind herself and gave Chips a quick status check, which he enjoyed immensely. The same root word, grandissimo, crossed her mind, en espanol.

Chips, Diehard and Corazon were met by Abel Danger Security enforcers Sluggo and Dropper who checked their IDs, biometrics, secret handshake, and their ‘prove up’ displays. Security was good and Dropper allowed them into the briefing room to join all other principals with the exception of Agent John Galt who played homeplate with Ralph G at Eli’s Club in Phoenix, and Raven 02 who was in the office at Freedom, California with a dog that often barked and a computer that often crashed.

Hamish pulled Chips aside, as Corazon dreamed of pulling Chips afront, and briefed him on a payback hit.

“Chips, BP is to be suited, booted and buggered in a Gulf of Mexico fire. We just have to apply the scientific method to the Baron Browne, BP and Gulf of Mexico Fire story – leaked to Marquis d’Cartier in Toulouse – to find the following facts: a) Browne became a victim of Bullingdon-OSS ‘boots, suits and buggery’ sex sting; b) Blackmail of Browne and BP/Goldman Sachs directors in CO2e protection racket; c) Saboteurs trigger cat bonds (UNDEX?) structured by Magic Circle law firms for SCRAP Merchant – Serco Cameron (HSBC) Rothschild Aviva and Patent Office; d) Cat-bond kickbacks shared by terrified (?) sponsors in the House of Lords; e) Magic Circle law firms produce ‘fake-debate’ propaganda to hide SCRAP Merchant crimes which include racketeering, arson, murder-for-hire and insurance frauds. Elementary my dear Watson….’

“It is Chips, Hamish, not Watson, but alas I digress in a laconic fashion so please continue with your endless drivel.”

“Fair enough, Chips, and now a bit of history on Browne: “Edmund John Philip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley (1998) .. was group Chief Executive of BP until his resignation on 1 May 2007. Since 2001, he has been a crossbench member of the House of Lords. From 1997, Browne sought to recreate BP as a “green” energy company .. “Beyond Petroleum” .. He promised that BP would cut its production of CO2 by 10% by 2010 .. On 6 January 2007, Browne won his first interim injunction against the allegations by his former homosexual lover being published. He later disclosed being “terrified” that his sexuality would be revealed publicly .. In April 2007, after a court case lasting over four weeks, Browne appealed to the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords, who ruled that he could not prevent Associated Newspapers from printing allegations about his romantic life and alleged misuse of company funds. Lord Browne resigned from BP on 1 May 2007, and resigned as a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs on 10 May 2007. Browne faced charges of perjury for lying to the court over how he met Chevalier. Browne in a deposition to the court initially said the pair had met when they were both exercising in Battersea Park, or was it Butter Me Park. Browne later admitted this was a lie. He acknowledged that he had actually met Chevalier via a commercial gay escort website, Suited and Booted.” Usual bullshit news spin e.g. “The more you learn about the tragedy that will unfold in the Gulf of Mexico surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire, the more you realize the magnitude and the symbolism of what is happening . The Deepwater Horizon was a marvel of modern technology. It was what they call an ultra-deepwater dynamic position semi submersible oil rig. It was the size of two football fields and was like a ship that used a computer controlled system to automatically maintain its position and heading [Hillary’s GyroChip] .. In fact there was word that BP was about to announce another major discovery at the same site that would have added tens of millions of barrels of oil to the marketplace [ That’s why they will blow her up, hopefully AMEC will not blow up Bakken Reservoir under Chips’ grandpa’s house ]. In many ways, the Deepwater Horizon was a vessel that deserved the same type to of reverence that is given to the Spirit of St. Louis or Space Shuttle Challenger [More SCRAP!]. This intentional loss will be a national tragedy [and a classic example of a SCRAP Merchant insurance fraud to enrich sponsors in the House of Lords]”

“Hamish, do you think we should release this information prior to its deployment as we did when we told ALPA and Prime Minister Harper about the potential manipulation of MET office VD data so similar to the Climate Research Unit Manipulation that caused great embarrassment to Penn State University, Michael E. Mann, BS, and the boneheads in East Anglia causing Hot Air Al to seemingly fall off the edge of the earth?”

“Chips, they would probably keep whining that we are overcomplicating things but it is really simple; in the AGW cult, we have an organized crime syndicate [The SCRAP Merchant] which rewards people who kill others [ abortion, 9/11, volcanic dust, Haiti earthquakes, Easter earthquake, oil rig explosions, Bakken detonation or the diversion planned prior to the mid term election ] as a function of the value of the weight of CO2 emissions saved when the victims have been stopped from breathing. That’s AGW murder for hire; a crime which requires us to develop forensic arguments to help a jury determine the guilt or innocence of the suspect and not a rhetorical argument to determine who wins a debate which can never be won in the real world because one side or the other has to prove a negative [impossible]. I have asked them to do some forensic research on the causes of, for example, the Kleen power plant explosion and the upcoming Gulf of Mexico fire. Such research would make them more like a Sherlock Holmes than some parasitic Bullingdon skirt lifter such as Boris Johnson, Nat Rothschild, Dave Cameron, Darius Guppy, Gottfried von Bismarck, George Latham or Sebastian Grigg (Goldman Sachs). Chips, remember the smartest words ever written about murder investigations were put in the mouth of Sherlock Holmes.”

“Don’t keep me in suspense, Hamish, remind me of the words put in the mouth of Sherlock by the writer who created the stories, the second most popular series of books behind the Captain Sherlock/Abel Danger 10 volume set that is changing history as we speak and……”

Before Chips could finish or Hamish could answer, Name Dropper, Agent Kaya, and ‘the stranger’ called the room to order. Marquis d’Cartier and Stone ensured everyone had a beverage of choice. Stone provided Chips his signature Captain Sherlock Martini in his favored ‘Spirit of Ramey’ martini glass which had made eleven round trips between the Fargo Headquarters of Abel Danger and his eastern outposts in Astana and Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan not far from Afghanistan where a female USMC KC130 pilot kept Chips in the loop regarding drugs, oil and other reasons for the Magic Circle and Nat R. to deploy US Troops contrary to their legitimate missions and oaths of office. US military personnel have not taken oaths to enrich the Rothschilds who engineer conflicts and then insure and arm both sides to make fortunes in arm sales, reinsurance and Cat Bonds.

“Abel Danger, welcome to the inbriefing for Operation Ardent Thrust, 2010..” and as Name Dropper took a sip of his Ramey Rimshot, also in a trade-marked ‘Spirit of Ramey’ 16 ounce glass Corazon cooed in Chips’ good ear “I could go for an Ardent Thrust Mr. Turgid” as the monster began to waken as would the people of America.

“We have ‘a stranger’ amongst us today and he/she must remain a stranger if we are to take down the Magic Circle from in the inside as well as in the outside. This is the man who gave us the maintenance logs for both the AF447 and Polish AF 1 ‘mods’ and his background is insurance, banking and skullduggery. The insurance and banking he studied at London School of Economics and the skullduggery he learned from Oxford scum that proliferate the City of London much as their lesser handmaidens in Washington and New York tend to have Columbia and Georgetown pedigrees, or for persons of unknown lineage, Harvard. Before ‘the stranger’ speaks, Agent Kaya will be passing out three sets of briefing guides: red, green and gold. Our assets, with a tip of the hat to Chips, assets will be going in three different directions. The hunter-killer reds will go to Scotland and look for a safe that survived the 1871 fire. The smoker-stroker greens will be going first to Kelmarsh and then on to Gliffaes House in Powys, Crickhowell, Wales and the ‘golden triangle trio’ will be heading into the City of London in the company of ‘the stranger’. The Voice of Ramey will be smoking and stroking with the greens, as one would expect. Hold any questions until ‘the stranger’ has left the briefing so that he might maintain plausible deniability ala Reginald Dwight, Charles Westover and Hercules. I see that Agent Kaya is done with passing out the briefing guides to Teams Red, Green and Gold, so I will turn the briefing over to Hamish for a little English history for those of us from the Colonies, Hamish, you have the floor, SOCIABLE.”

At the sound of ‘sociable’ all glasses were hoisted as adult beverages began to flow and Corazon began sudsing like a Maytag. In the heat of the moment she gave Chips a status check and confirmed he was ready to project force, as it were. Hamish approached the lectern with a double mineral water and signature lime slice.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Stranger, Brits, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, Indians and Americans: we have a mission. We are to dismantle the Magic Circle before the Magic Circle Jerks and the Chicago Cabal Rectums can complete their plans to destroy sovereign nations around the globe. We will entrap the Peers Magic Circle Matrix and their Lying Spying Wives, at least one of which bears a strong resemble to Sasquatch. On May 6th, English Elections will take place - not to be confused with American Erections which typically don’t take place between couples married for benefit of the City of London and the Rectums in Chicago, need I say more?”

“Sociable” was blurted out by Agent DJ, the Voice of Ramey, in the manner of his maritime Celtic friends both in Nova Scotia and PEI, both of which Chips has visited on business, monkey business. As the glasses were hoisted, Corazon monkeyed around with the monster, causing increasing tension on an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Tropical Flamingo and Hamish droned on in his cheesy English accent; Wensleydale cheese perhaps.

“No one in the English speaking media is talking about the criminal activities which put $64 trillion in the Carbon Disclosure Project at 10 Downing Street. The principal suspect has to be the woman who launched the CDP out of 10 Downing Street on 4 December, 2000 and her name is…….”.

“Curtis Brown” yelled Name Dropper as he saw a non-Abel Danger person enter through the back door as opposed to Joe Cocker’s trespasser who ‘came in through the bathroom window’. Fortunately, due to Dropper’s lightning action, the uninvited guest did not hear the name of the woman who launched the hoax - as he was quickly strong-armed up the stairs by Sluggo and Diehard, who placed him in a Dempsey dumpster and then lifted a Mini-Cooper on top of the cover to keep him where he belonged.

“Thank you Name Dropper, and good choice of names: Curtis Brown is the literary agency finding us a publisher and PR tour scheduler for the rollout of Book 6. For security purposes I shall continue to use the name Curtis Brown so that any connection to Cherie Blair remains below the radar, so to speak. “Curtis Brown” and “Thunder Thighs” are using some of that $64 trillion to shelter people who want to kill us, as in we the little people, in large numbers. On your Clipper PDAs please google or bing [ Matrix Churchill Iraqgate Hillary ] and among other hits you may discover this: Whatever Happened to IRAQGATE.
‘Curtis Brown’ worked with Sir Ken Macdonald QC (the former Director of Public Prosecutions) who read PPE at St Edmund Hall, Oxford from 1974 to 1977. During his time at Oxford he was convicted of supplying cannabis after sending 0.1 g of the drug through the post. He pleaded guilty, and was fined £75. He became the first pupil of barrister Helena Kennedy and was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in July 1978 and became a Queen’s Counsel in 1997. As a junior barrister he defended a number of terrorist suspects (both Provisional IRA and those from the Middle East), fraudsters and major drug dealers, he was also on the defence team for the Matrix Churchill trial [iraqgate]. In the late 1990s, he was a co-founder of Matrix Chambers (a set of barristers’ chambers specialising in human rights cases) with Cherie Booth and Tim Owen QC In 2001 he became a recorder (a part time judge) in the Crown Court.”
“Sociable” yelled the Voice of Ramey. As the glasses were lifted high, Corazon again gave Chips a quick TI check and found things splendid in both quantity and quality. Her moisture index had reached ‘saturation’ and she whispered in Chips’ good ear “It’s time”. As Chips and Corazon repaired to the Lorry sleeper, Hamish droned on as Corazon selected C60 and F4 from her Clipper Plaintain as some IOCs hit the floor of the sleeper and synergy was rapidly achieved.

As Chips was making Jack Black and Jumpin’ Jack Flash intersect behind Jagger’s club while a frustrated Scrap Merchant henchman, probably an east ender, was held captive by a Mini Cooper, Hamish droned on a la Wensleydale, to wit, in essence, perchance:

“Chips, John Galt, Dropper, Uncle Ray and, I think UKIP can clean up SCRAP Merchant and Lords corruption: and therefore, support Lord Pearson in the May 6th election. The SCRAP Merchant agents have been engaged in a one hundred + year old fraud on Lloyd’s of London and the House of Lords; therefore the man to deal with them and explain the issues to the public is Lord Pearson. He’s the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP): he believes that the political system needs to be torn down and replaced; and as Pearson cleans up the City of London, Chips, Bachmann Turner Over and Moose, perhaps with the help of Petraeus, will drain the swamp in DC. After leaving school, Pearson followed his father into the insurance business and set up his own broking firm at Lloyd’s of London in 1964. This led to the defining battle of his business life when, in the late 1970s, he found himself involved in what became known as the Savonita affair, an insurance claim on a cargo of cars said to have been destroyed in a ship fire. Pearson suspected a fraud and refused to collect the claim, even though the firm making the claim was his biggest client. When the client replaced him with another broker that paid up, Pearson pressed Lloyd’s to investigate his suspicions of fraud, which it was initially unwilling to do. The struggle has some of the hallmarks of his subsequent battles with the EU (which he accuses of endemic corruption) and other foes such as the BBC, which he has accused of bias on Europe. But he didn’t beat Lloyd’s, which later passed a private act of parliament giving it legal immunity from negligence, something Pearson fiercely opposed and that frustrated his campaign to open up the insurance market. 'Ultimately, we lost,' he admits.”

As Hamish took a breath, ‘the stranger’ approached the lectern with a pint of Black and Tan in his left hand.

“Abel Danger, while Pearson admits to losing Round One, it is incumbent on Pearson, SAS and Abel Danger to ensure that we collectively do not lose Round Two, which will unfold in May in England and November in Washington. The House of Rothschild is infighting with themselves and outfighting with others and victory is soon to be ours, I am confident. Many of you including Name Dropper, John Galt, Marquis d’Cartier and Hamish know this, but to be clear, please consider that BBC tried to screw Rothschilds in Pension Trust 9/11. Can anyone pinpoint when, exactly, the BBC lost its independence and became a version of Pravda? In 2001, when Peter Dunscombe, chairman and custodian of BBC Pension Trust and IIGCC funds, used those funds to sponsor and trigger 9/11 cat bonds and then tried to strip cat-bond investors, such as the Rothschilds’ RSA, of their assets after the Twin Towers had been demolished in a double-occurrence insurance fraud. Of course the Rothschilds’ RSA refused to pay and got delisted but to their eternal shame the BBC employees [ Yes, Greg Dyke, we know! ] put the money in the SCRAP Merchant’s bank. RSA Insurance Group plc (LSE: RSA) is a British general insurance company which re-branded under the RSA brand in April 2008. The company formally changed its name from Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc on 20 May 2008. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It was formerly also listed on the NYSE: in late 2006 it was delisted from the NYSE due to the sale of all of its United States operations, in large part due to the refusal by a Rothschild stranger director [gerance a l’etranger] to pay its obligation of US$4 billion for the World Trade Center. RSA’s formal exit from the USA was announced on 5 March 2007, following unsuccessful legal challenges to the sale in the courts of Delaware, USA. I can assure Abel Danger, SAS and members loyal to their sovereign governments that the perpetrators were…….”

As ‘the stranger’ was about to name names or be named, three concussive blasts rocked the basement of the Jagger’s club and, in Tromso and aboard Joint Stars, Otto and James Crosby agreed as to the source of the force. As Banzai authorized deadly force, in the sleeper of the Lorry, Corazon called out “bake and switch!” to which the ever laconic Chips riposted “fake and swap”.

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