Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Event Pin Wheel - Iraq's WMDs Followed and Found

Through the forensic economics of Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and the Abel Danger Team, an image diagram has been developed what is called an 'Event Pin Wheel.' The purpose of the event pin wheel is to follow a time wheel around events which makes understanding the events easier. If the event wheel is analyzed carefully connections can be made between events and people.

Using an event pin wheel for example, we can see how Saddam Hussein was under an embargo prior to 9/11 and he needed money. An organization known as the Organisation International Francophonie (OIF), which is an association of French speaking people in about 53 member states including such countries as Laos, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Canada and of course France, continued to trade with Iraq during this embargo on Iraq.

Member countries of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

Francophonie member states trading with Saddam Hussein that were identified by the Iraq Survey Team (ISG) consisted of seven countries trading with Saddam Hussein before 9/11, they were: Syria, Turkey, South Korea, China, France, the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. If you go to the Iraq Survey Group site which has the final report on record, scroll down and an entry can be found for Bulgaria as an example of a Francophonie state trading with Iraq prior to 9/11. The report found the following:
In 1998, Bulgarian companies contracted with Iraq to provide numerous dual-use items such as ammonium perchlorate, aluminum powder, phenolic resin, carbon fiber, and machine tools. Recovered Iraqi documentation stated that the end use for these goods was for the Al Fat’h missile.
A slide show using an event pin wheel has been included in this overview of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie for the association of forensic economists to understand these events and connections. This is a highly educational presentation called Iraq's WMDs Followed and Found.

A thermite reaction using iron(III) oxide

To view the complete presentation:

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