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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—3 March 2010 Hour 1

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Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 3, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

David Hawkins: I think ah, let’s go to also the Captain Sherlock site.

Rayelan Allan: Okay.

David: Ahm, so if people – that’s one word, captainsherlock dot com.

Rayelan: Okay, captainsherlock dot com, this might be an easier way for people to find it?

David: Ya, and then I think ah, because we made a major break that I want to talk about today, I want to get people to visit the Hawks Café and perhaps join the Yahoo Group.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And you know, I apologize for a lot of very dense technical information, but it is the basic source of our case against the self-styled Global Guardians where we will ahm, put them in court with a civil claim and possibly of them going into court with a civil claim is, they’ll end up on death row.

Rayelan: Oh my God, wouldn’t that be wonderful. And ah, would this be ah, would this be in civilian court, or is this in military court?

David: Well ah, ahm, let’s just go to the applications. So captainsherlock dot com. If people could open up there and they will see the eight icons which represent the five books that we’ve have written and various others. And on the bottom row on the right ahm, you’ll see the icon that says, “Visit Hawks Cafe.”

Rayelan: Right, that’s correct.

David: Okay, and if people put their mouse on the ‘Visit Hawks Café’, and remember, the captainsherlock dot com site, they’ll see a menu with five items in it, Hawks Café home page?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the Hawks Café Yahoo Group? The ‘Hawks Café verses the Global Guardians nine-one-one. And that’s the civil lawsuit that Field McConnell filed in Fargo, North Dakota on the first of May two-thousand and seven, and that lists about a hundred plus defendants in a civil case for the wrongful deaths associated with nine-one-one. And just in case people think that we’re particularly partisan ah, George Bush Senior is named there and the two Clinton’s and Field’s sister.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: And then there’s my bio and then Reform BC which is – I’m the leader of the reform party in British Columbia, but I’ll just ask people to put the mouse on the Hawks Café Yahoo Group and then open that up. And then they’ll get access to about ah, five-thousand or six-thousand pages of dense technical material all of which we believe is sufficiently robust to go into a law – a court with a civil claim for wrongful death.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So when these people ahm, ah, want to come and ask us through a process known as discovery to find out what we have to say, we’ll say, “Go there, and you’ll find everything.”

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And it dates back, down at the bottom I see, the first ah, the first posts went out in September of two-thousand and six.

Rayelan: On September eleventh of two-thousand and six.

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: On September eleventh you also had a radio show on coast-to-coast with George Noory.

David: Yes, and probably about four-million listeners.

Rayelan: Exactly.

David: Now, when people ask us, “How many of you are there?” I don’t have a clue.

Rayelan: Yes, I know that.

David: When four-million people listen to us, and let’s assume the great majority dismiss us as conspiracy nuts, there will be enough people who will understand that we know what we’re talking about, and they will talk to there friends. And I would say, there’s at least ten-million people around the world who are aware of our existence.

Rayelan: Yes, I would say that too. I would say that too.

David: Now, fast forward to March ahm, ah, the third the top of the list you will see ‘Volcanic Olympics Cats Colonel Mirage’...

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and if we open that ahm, we can see some very interesting images that relate tot eh nine-one-one attack we believe.

Rayelan: And people need to know that the Yahoo Group always ah, takes the images and flattens them and that’s why David takes the jpegs, the actual jpegs for these images ah, underneath the images in the Yahoo Group. So if you really want to see what the photos look like ah, you know, click open the jpegs that are below there ah, and ah, you can see them. They’re just incredible images. Who makes these images for you?

David: Well ah, they’re not made for me, I just Google key words and it’s a technique that I’ve developed and I’m pretty good at it. And so, when I discovered the strong probability that the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers that were set up by Maurice Strong in the nineties, could have been used to subvert the war game of nine-one-one, I just Google for VAAC or Volcanic Ash Montreal ah, to try and get some useful images. And if you Google images you find some of the pictures that I’ve selected – and just put them up on the site. And of course it drives me nuts that Yahoo introduces this flattening process because it distorts the image, but that’s why as you say, I always put the links so people can always open them and so on.

Rayelan: Well ah, I sent out something to my Yahoo Group and it took my image out completely. So, you know, you can never tell, you can never tell if it will stay there which is why it is brilliant that you put the jpeg

David: Right, and I do that with the chapters of the book as well. So, let me just read this invitation that went out and it was addressed to you, but it’s gone to our Yahoo Group.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Ahm, so it’s ah, March the third, “Dear Rayelan, topic proposals Rayelan Allan Show Rumor Mill News Volcanic Olympics Cat Bond and Colonel Mirage Arrest’, today’s time and so on, the images are shown and then the text, first couple of paragraphs, “We believe our warnings of cat bond bomb threats to the twenty-ten Olympic games, forced the preventive arrest of Colonel Russell Williams, a former commander of Camp Mirage which is in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. And we believe ah, Williams was hired to trigger cat bonds so as, that’s the short term for catastrophe bonds.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: For MET office, and that’s the United Kingdom MET Office which has been going since eighteen fifty-four, so preceding the American Civil War. In eighteen fifty-four it was started incidentally with the board of trade under Robert Fitzroy as a service to mariners. Now, fast forward you see, historically the MET Office in the UK was under the board of trade which I guess is the equivalent of your commerce department?

Rayelan: What is, what is MET, what does Met...

David: It means meteorological.

Rayelan: Oh, meteorological, okay.

David: Which is the ah, notion and it’s very obvious, if ships and boats and planes and various other things, particularly in a military or civilian era, don’t know what weather they’re sailing or flying into, they’re highly likely to ahm, you know, have a disaster.

Rayelan: Yes, that’s true.

David: So, it’s very logical, if you want to execute a catastrophe bond insurance fraud...

Rayelan: Mhm.

David:’s extremely exciting from the point of view of the ahm, crooks that are running it, to have access to the weather information that the pilot of the boat or plane thinks is true.

Rayelan: Yeah.
David: For example, the plane that ahm, left Rio and was heading for Paris, Air France Flight four-four-seven, allegedly turned and flew into some very bad weather and the tail got ripped off.

Rayelan: And so what you’re saying is someone else sent them misinformation?

David: Correct. Through the virtual – sorry, through the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center. The second paragraph is, “We believe that Williams was hired”, this is Colonel Russell Williams, “was hired to trigger catastrophe bonds for the MET office trustees of the virtual weather network and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center set up by Maurice Strong to enforce climate change rules adopted by the Montreal-based United Nations Civil Aviation Organization.” Like I said, the material I put out through our posts is quite technical, but the reason we select it and put it out, is not necessarily easy to understand, but we’re building a case in a ‘court of public conscience’, if you will, that is sufficiently robust to go into a real court and sue these people for damages.

Rayelan: Oh my God, and can you image everybody who has been killed in a plane crash, or nine-eleven, or how many other things do they have their fingers in that have killed people over the last one-hundred and fifty years or more?

David: Well, I think we go back – remember, Maurice Strong, I’ll just give your listeners a little flavor about what this man is about. I consider him to be a genocidal psychopath.

Rayelan: And it seems to run in his family, because his...

David: Yes, his cousin, his cousin Anna Louise Strong, who was born you know, in the latter years of the nineteenth century, she did her PhD at the University of Chicago, she was then, we believe, mobilized by the wealthy backers of the University of Chicago, including the Rockefeller family.

Rayelan: Right, or the Rockefeller...

David: As a communist fellow traveler and she was the woman who ahm, who produced the English language newspaper in Moscow. [called the Moscow News]

Rayelan: Delightful.

David: In her twenties.

Rayelan: Now...

David: And she, I’m sorry.

Rayelan: No, I was just going to say there are people who, who trace what you’re going to be talking about to another person ah,

David: Well, it doesn’t matter what they trace it to, you know, again, it’s not relevant who sent her.

Rayelan: Right, exactly.

David: It’s what she did when she arrived. When she got to Moscow, right, she launched this English language newspaper and she married, and I forget the name [Joel Shubin was his name; Shubin was also of the Moscow-based Peasant Gazette in the 1930s], a Russian agronomist. [a scientist who specializes in agronomy, which is the science of utilizing plants for food, fuel, feed, and fiber]

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the two of them got to know Stalin extremely well. And they persuaded Stalin [good ole’ ‘Uncle Joe’] to introduce a seed quota where the forst - first forty percent of production by the peasants and kulaks in the Ukraine was confiscated by the state.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And they are directly responsible for deaths by starvation in what is known as the ‘Holodomor’, the terror famine of between seven and ten million Ukrainian peasants and kulaks.

Rayelan: Ah, we were talking about the Ukrainian famine, which killed how many people, David?

David: Between seven and ten million.

Rayelan: Okay, and the ah, reason we’re talking about the ah, Ukrainian famine, is because Maurice Strong is responsible for the mess we’re in right now. And it was his cousin and mentor, Anna Louise Strong ah, who was in Russia, married to Joel Shubin, a Russian agronomist, and editor of the Moscow-based Peasant Gazette. Ah, and the, and the two of them probably joined together after they married and, and put this idea to Stalin who could get...

David: Yeah, they, they convinced Stalin to confiscating the first forty percent of production [see what happens when our welfare is left in the hands of do-gooder psychopaths] of the seeds, basically they applied a seed quota to the peasants in the Ukraine, and there’s no excuse, these people willfully murdered between seven and ten million Ukrainian peasants and kulaks which we believe, had ah, were the victims which is known as dead peasant life insurance…

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: By the Equitable Company who’s law firm is Sidley Austin in Chicago.

Rayelan: Right, right, and I always...

David: And Equitable, I’m sorry?

Rayelan: No, it’s just so incredible that her husband’s newspaper was the Peasant Gazette and we are – we are always talking about the dead peasant life insurance. It’s like these people are laughing at all of us [they are] because they consider anybody who is outside of their circle, we’re all peasants and they want us all to be dead peasants.

David: Well, they want to execute this scam where you sell insurance to people, right? Who buy it ahm, you know, through these tontines, or different kinds of formulas, and then you buy insurance on them dying in large numbers.

Rayelan: That’s right, unbelievable.

David: Right, so when they die in large numbers you make a killing literally and financially through the international insurance industry and that model which historically was a link between tontine life insurance and dead peasant life insurance, was refined and developed by an American company called the Equitable Life Insurance of the United States. And the law firm that acted for the Equitable Life Insurance of the United States was the Sidley Austin law firm out of Chicago that used to employ in the ahm, nineteen-eighties, from nineteen eighty-four to nineteen eighty-eight, Bernadine Dohrn, who was the boss of the Weatherman Underground Organization. And described by Edgar Hoover, “as the most dangerous woman in America”, who allegedly built a nation-wide revolutionary network to bomb and to kill. But she hasn’t stopped, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: She extended it internationally, and I think that woman who is too dumb to build anything constructive. She didn’t build the Underground Network, he was hired by it...

Rayelan: Right.

David: ...i.e., she was a mercenary, right? So the network she allegedly started building in the late sixties, was actually constructed in the fifties after the second world war and the person who constructed it was Maurice Strong. And Maurice Strong, coming back to this man, I alleged is a genocidal psychopath. [think of him as a ‘public utility’] He was sent to Kenya in the nineteen fifties, fifty-two fifty-three period, after a spell as a junior pass officer in the United Nations Security Office in New York working with, and in a conspiracy with, David Rockefeller Junior.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: And David Rockefeller Junior’s law firm that handled the trust of the grandchildren of, I think her name was, is it ahm, Eleanor McCormick Rockefeller, or Edith McCormick Rockefeller?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: I think she was the sister-in-law or whatever of the founder of the Rockefeller dynasty? And when she died, and I think that was in the period nineteen thirty-two? Over the next twenty-two years there was a dispute over her estate, that was eventually settled in respect to the grandchildren, which include David Rockefeller Junior, by the law firm that handled that estate which is Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So over thirty years, from nineteen twenty-two to nineteen fifty-two, the Sidley Austin of Chicago, to all intensive purposes captured the Rockefeller family wealth.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And the Rockefeller’s per se individually, do not control the Rockefeller family wealth, it’s the law firm that controls the trust that has it.

Rayelan: And this goes all the way back to right after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and this very same law firm institutionalized Mary Todd Lincoln so they could take over the ah, Lincoln ah, fund , Lincoln trust?

David: Exactly, and by putting her in an institution gag her and prevent her from revealing that wasn’t an isolated hit by John Wilkes Booth on her husband, her late husband, Abraham Lincoln, it was a conspiracy run out of Chicago and Montreal.

Rayelan: Yes, and you’ve been able to trace something that was found in John Wilkes Booth’s pocket to a bank that was actually controlled or used primarily by this very same ah…

David: This very organization. It was set up in Montreal, there was a bankers draft, I think they had Pounds in those days, and on his body was a draft for a hundred Pounds on the Bank of Canada out of Montreal.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: He was a hired hit man.

Rayelan: And that is amazing, and that hired hit man according to other historians, did not die as people thought he did ah, but lived on into the early nineteen-hundreds.

David: Right, but, but whatever it was the real secret that Abraham Lincoln was hit by a ah, a confederate conspiracy ahm, was hidden or known to Mary Lincoln, and she was so terrified she actually sewed money into her petty coats but she was consigned to an institution by Sidley Austin in order to shut her up.

Rayelan: And we were just talking about Mary Lincoln being so afraid of this group that she literally sewed the, the what, the stock certificates into her...

David: Well the bonds and the money that was coming through her trust in her petty coat, you know, to try to maintain her financial solvency ahm, but it looks like ah, the Sidley Austin characters decided she was too great a threat in ahm, speaking out there’s a conspiracy that killed her husband and they managed to maneuver her into a lunatic asylum.

Rayelan: Yeah, it’s, it’s just amazing because many people have tried to blame her for the assassination of her husband and of course they make her out to be an absolute nut and...

David: Well that’s absolute disinformation which comes right through to today, anyway, move – moving on, if we go back, Karl Marx produced his Communist Manifesto in eighteen forty-eight, an the absolutely essential concept there was centralization of credit in the hands of the state because if you centralize credit with the state you control the state; you control everyone.

Rayelan: Ahuh, that’s true.

David: Now, fast forward, from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln through to nineteen thirty-two the Holodomor, which was the famine, you have Anna Louise Strong whose got a PhD at the University of Chicago being mobilized by it would appear out of Chicago that is a mixture, if you will, these radical lawyers and wealthy characters that stretch back into the Rockefeller Trust, and she’s sent around the world [another example of a ‘public utility’ to these bankers and lawyers] to raise hell and the communist revolution.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: And in eighteen – sorry, nineteen thirty-two, thirty-three, they managed, she and her husband, managed to persuade Stalin of this seed quota, whether the first forty percent of production of the peasant’s farms was confiscated and belonged to the state. So she killed, an American aided and abetted the massacre of seven to ten million Ukrainian peasants and kulaks that appeared to have been covered by a bogus insurance policy written for Sidley Austin’s client, the Equitable Life Insurance of the United States of America.

Rayelan: That is truly just amazing.

David: Now, fast forward, in ahm, nineteen-fifty-eight, she ends up, or has ended up, in China. And we have some evidence, not conclusive, that she was bisexual and she had - was having an affair with Madam Mao, the widow of, Mao Tse Tung well, back then she wasn’t a widow, she as known as Madam Mao.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s correct.

David: And Anna Louise Strong, and again, an American citizen, traveling the world as a fellow communist, persuaded Mao, or Madam Moa, to introduce another ahm, quota system for grain in the so called “great leap forward”, triggering a wide spread famine, and I’m reading this from Wikipedia, resulted in up to thirty million deaths meaning, I allege, an American, educated at the University of Chicago, is directly – indirectly responsible for genocide that killed thirty million people by starvation.

Rayelan: This, this is unbelievable.

David: Not Chairman Mao, not Madam Mao, but Anna Louise Strong.

Rayelan: Who is the cousin and mentor of our great ah, what do we call him ah, he’s the champion of the credits exchange there in Chicago, Maurice Strong.
David: The Chicago Climate Exchange.

Rayelan: And, and you know…

David: He’s, he’s the director, Rayelan.

Rayelan: It’s – and we’ve never connected him with Al Gore’s mentor ahm, the Occidental oil seller, I can’t think of his name right now. But...

David: Hammer.

Rayelan: Hammer...Armand Hammer.

David: Well, we don’t need for that because Maurice Strong and Al Gore were great buddies and they – anyway, I’m, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s, let’s just go back to the “great leap forward.” So now we have Anna Louise Strong, the cousin of Maurice Strong using the same technique she used with Stalin, and in this case with Chairman Mao, to kill on a massive scale, an unconceivable scale. Right, she died in nineteen-seventy, Maurice Strong her cousin was born in nineteen twenty-nine. So in Kenya, when Maurice Strong was developing the Mau Mau terrorist organization, she was effectively his mentor. Immensely powerful, remember, in nineteen fifty-two, that’s twenty years after the Holodomor terror famine in the Ukraine.

Rayelan: It, it is, and I’m wondering, didn’t she die in China?

David: Yes she did, she got a state funeral courtesy of ah, Mao’s cronies.

Rayelan: And she died in China because she couldn’t comeback to the United States because of what, treason charges or something?

David: Well, I think that Hoover recognized that she was a ah, ah treasonous spy for the communists.

Rayelan: Right.

David: But you see, Hoover was ah, limited by what he could do because of this corrupt network out of Chicago.

Rayelan: Oh boy.

David: Right, so in nineteen fifty-two when Maurice Strong was sent to Kenya by the Rockefeller Trusts, and he was working ostensibly for Caltex, I don’t think he was working for David Rockefeller, I think he was working for Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Boy, that seems, that seems that you could be right in there. But what is very interesting is ahm, Anna Louise strong lived her remaining years in China and isn’t that where Maurice Strong is now living?

David: Correct, he’s on the run and I’m suggesting to Americans and the American Congress, anyone who is listening, that Maurice Strong is a fugitive from crimes against humanity including the nine-one-one attack, and they should employ or deploy bounty hunters and bring this scumbag back to New York, and put him on trial in ah, the court adjacent to ground zero. Because I – and we’re going to go on and demonstrate the link between Maurice Strong and the nine-one-one attack.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: But anyway, so let’s go back to ahm, this letter, the invitation to you. While I’ve been talking to you, I’ve requested or invited Kui Longboard, you know, the man who built this wonderful website, abeldanger?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: If he could transfer our letter that went this morning to Stephen Harper, the prime Minister of Canada, which linked Maurice Strong and this volcanic ash Advisory Center to the nine-one-one attacks, so hopefully, that will go up soon and I can move off the invitation that we have presently ahm, which we’re talking about these four images.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So, just backing up, we have invited people to go to captainsherlock dot com, to the Hawks Café web site, which has got all the posts that stretch back to September of two-thousand and seven and we’re looking at these images which are a bit distorted, but ahm, I’d like to open the image that relates to the ahm, Volcanic Ash Advisory System that was set up in the mid nineties, allegedly by Maurice Strong underneath the international Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal in Canada.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now this is an extraordinary network for all intensive purposes a private network run by an organization we can usefully describe as a virtual weather underground network.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now, the weather underground organization theoretically was launched by Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers in the late sixties and this was a revolutionary network to bomb and to kill that attacked, Rayelan, the Capital Building and the Pentagon in nineteen seventy-two.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: So, when we’re bouncing around the world trying to blame Al Qeada in some cave in Afghanistan for the nine-one-one attack, to me it’s a lot more logical to look at the people who bombed the Pentagon in nineteen seventy-two.

Rayelan: It makes perfect sense, it, it - yeah, in nineteen seventy-two. In nine – just think about this, nineteen seventy-two, they’ve been bombing things since nineteen seventy-two.

David: Well, in the late sixties.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Right, in nineteen sixty-nine, Bernardine Dohrn went to Cuba with members of the Front de Libération du Québec, which is the liberation movement in Quebec and they taught Castro, how to build a school of terrorism, saboteurs and assassins.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Right, and Castro we allege, built the school of terrorism, saboteurs and assassins that deployed people to kill the Jews – Jewish athletes in the Munich Olympics of nineteen seventy-two.

Rayelan: Absolutely, absolutely, and...

David: Embedded in the Cuban basketball team.

Rayelan: Right, and...

David: And then hey blamed blamed ‘Black September’ that was exactly like nine-one-one - no one had heard of ‘Black September’ until Peter Jennings said on a radio broadcast from the Munich Olympics, he thought it was Black September about, I don’t know how many minutes after the initial taking of the hostages.

Rayelan: I know, I know, and...

David: So my question is, why did Peter Jennings, who was on the ABC News desk in Beirut, on what basis did he say these people…after all, they were wearing masks, they hadn’t said they were Black September?

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: So on what basis did Peter Jennings, who is a Canadian, declare these unknown people in masks to be Black September and was that on the same basis the people on nine-one-one, fourteen minutes after the first plane hit the North Tower said, “This looks like Al Queda?”

Rayelan: Wow, and nobody...

David: It’s garbage.

Rayelan: And nobody heard of Al Queda, we’ve heard of Bin Laden, but not Al Queda.

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Al Queda is a phantom organization set up by the virtual underground weathermen network launched in the fifties by Maurice Strong. Now, going back to the fifties, what Maurice Strong did, and remember, this was – he was born in nineteen twenty-nine?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So in the fifty-two fifty-three period, he’s twenty-three or twenty-four, right?

Rayealn: Yes.

David: Relatively young man but certainly old enough to kill.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And enjoy killing, which he does, he’s a psychopath. Now, what he and the Sidley Austin Law Firm acting for the Rockefellers understood is, if you want to build a network of saboteurs, assassins and propagandists, you want to make sure these people stayed loyal to the agenda, right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now one way of getting them to stay loyal to the agenda is entrapping them in some disgusting ritual ceremony and recording what they did as witnesses or participants on film.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And then archiving that information so that even if these people went into the ceremony not really understanding that they were doing anything particularly criminal or disgusting…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: ...when they came out of it they knew that they had lost their souls. I don’t know if you ever saw Mephistopheles, you know, where Mephistopheles sells his soul to the devil to get wealth on this planet?

Rayelan: Right.

David: So these people in fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four, including Maurice Strong, were witnessing, or participating in, or were orchestrating, or filming Mau Mau oath taking ceremonies that included infanticide.

Rayelan: And it also included Barack Obama’s grandfather.

David: Yes, it included zoophilia, which is sex with animals, and necrophilia which is sex with corpses...

Rayelan: And probably...

David: …and cannibalism and the most disgusting activities imaginable, and if you think I am exaggerating, all you need to do is Google Mau Mau oath taking ceremony archive Harvard Maurice Strong, and you find that Maurice Strong’s papers, which describe these activities, where he was either a witness, a participant, or a designer, or a choreographer, are in the archives of Harvard University.

Rayelan: Yes, I have Goolged them and I have found them and they are most, most disgusting.

David: Right, well I haven’t seen them, what the papers – the descriptions themselves, but I’ve just found the reference. Now, what does that mean folks? That means the founder of this climategate myth and the founder with Al Gore, the Chicago Climate Exchange, has been engaged in pedophilia, necrophilia, zoophelia, cannibalism, and designed and initiated the Mau Mau terrorist organization out of Kenya in nineteen fifty-two, where thirty – twenty years later, sorry, in nineteen seventy-two, he would launch the United Nations Environmental Program out of Kenya.

Rayelan: I mean, this is just unbelievable, you know, I’ve been following Maurice Strong, quite, you know, quite, quite actively since, you know, he created that cult of the solar order who committed suicide. Um, you know, probably nineteen-eighty.

David: They were murdered.

Rayelan: They were murdered, yeah, absolutely.

David: For their insurance policies.

Rayelan: I, I can believe that but, you know, I believe – I’ve been following him, I knew he was the bad guy, but my God, I never knew the extent, you know, until I met you of what this man has done in this century. And how many people he has actually murdered.

David: Yeah, he and his cousin, Anna Louise Strong, I would allege, are responsible for ahm, the Armenian Genocide?

Rayelan: And...

David: The holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, the Kenya genocide, and so now, when I say ‘responsible’, if you take custody of the global commons and you hire people to so these acts which you don’t do yourself because you want to keep your little hands clean...

Rayelan: Right.

David: ...ultimately in the court of law, you are known as the ‘mens rea’, the guilty mind.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, the buck stops there.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Now, he has perhaps, although God knows what he did in Kenya with the Mau Mau, he’s perhaps never killed someone with his own bare hands, he’s too much of a coward, right? But he’s created ah, a cult if you will, which is the global warming cult, which kills and kills and kills and kills, and it’s insatiable.

Rayelan: Yeah, it, it, it is, I mean, you know, when all of this information gets...when you put it out in the way in which you have put it out right now, we realize that there is a small cabal that as you said, has been responsible for the mass murders starting in the Ukrainian famine and, and you know, if we go back and realize who’s funded ah, Lenin, which is the Rockefeller family, probably funded out of this trust in ah, Chicago, but this cabal has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the twentieth century. Hundreds of millions.

David: That’s right, and going back to the end of the nineteenth century, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the, was it the, the man from Jekyll Island?

Rayelan: Ah, well, I haven’t heard of a man, I’ve heard of a teacher.

David: The Jekyll Island group ah...

Rayelan: Yes.

David: ...that was created in the closing years of the nineteenth century...

Rayelan: Yeah, it was…

David: ...was created, or effectively driven by ahm, ah, Hyde, the founder of Equitable Life.

Rayelan: Now he – he doesn’t happen to be related to Henry Hyde, the con – the long time congressman from Chicago does he?

David: No, the Henry Hyde that is of interest for me is the head of the French section of the Office of Strategic Services, and he’s the grandson of the founder of Equitable Life Insurance.

Rayelan: Wow, isn’t that interesting that all the ah, *laugh* now the OSS, you’re talking world war two.

David: Yes.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now, we believe that Churchill understood the OSS was totally corrupted by these people and for example ah, for the D-Day landing, he didn’t entrust the Offices of Strategic Services which was based in thirty Rockefeller Plaza...

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: ...with any of the information that might have allowed the Germans to understand where the D - D-Day landing was taking place.

Rayelan: Yeah, yes.

David: We think the OSS operating out of thirty Rockefeller Plaza through RCA, later to become a company called Circo...[not sure if this is the correct name]

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …ah, was actually passing information onto the Germans...

Rayelan: Well I would...

David: …and what’s very interesting when you look at the movement of the death trains carrying the Jews to the concentration camps?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: There were no significant, as far as I can see, acts of sabotage to prevent those trains from reaching the concentration camps where the Je – Jews were killed in huge numbers. Now there might have been other acts of sabotage, but this to me is very interesting. What it suggests is that the espionage agents, or saboteurs and assassins and ahm,propagandists working for the OSS, were actually aiding and abetting the Nazis and collecting the Jews and sending them to the concentration camps because many of those Jews’ insurance policies ere written by Equitable Life.

Rayelan: Again, amazing.

David: And the law firm that represents Equitable Life is Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Yeah, horrifying is the word for it…

David: So fast forward with ah, with Maurice Strong, in nineteen-ninety or ninety-two, he was being interviewed at the World Economic Conference in Davos in Switzerland, and he described a book theoretically fictional that he was wanting or hoping to write one day about what needed to be done to prevent the rich industrialized societies from destroying the planet. And from memory let me quote what he said. He said, “If we conclude that the rich industrialized societies are not going to deindustrialize to protect the planet we’re going to have to destroy them. And the way we would do that is, we would hire mercenaries, take a position in the stock markets, gold and commodities and computers, and create a panic and jam open the stock market.” What that means is, with naked short selling you would make money because their would be no floor when the stock market started collapsing?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Well, this is nineteen-ninety-two, Rayelan,

Rayelan: I know, and I’m waiting for that to happen anytime now, aren’t you?
David: Well, it happened on nine-eleven.

Rayelan: Well, yes…

David: Exactly what Maurice Strong said would have to be done to the rich industrialized societies was done on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Now, what happened in the run up to the election of November two-thousand, which resulted in the election of George Bush was, Maurice Strong intended Al Gore be the President of the United States.

Rayelan: Oh my God, can you imagine where we would be if Al Gore had been elected in two-thousand?

David: Well, if you had, then America would have signed onto the Kyoto Accord and agreed to pay the carbon levy to the virtual weather underground network created by Maurice Strong to collect that money for the United Nations. Now, when Bush was elected and congress, they said, “No way are we going to go into this Kyoto scam.”

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