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#2093: Marine Links Serco's Con Air Sister Decoy Clock to St. Ermin's ad hoc Waypoints, Ron Brown spot-fixed Crash

Plum City - (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's imputation of ad-hoc waypoints during NORAD Santa events to a child-porn blackmail ring, allegedly run by the Offender's Tag Association out of St. Ermin's Hotel in London since 1983, and Serco's apparent hack of the NIST-7 clock in Boulder Colorado to generate a packet-switched timeline for the backhauling of images of the torture, rape and murder of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996.

McConnell claims that his sister sent former DNC fundraiser Ira Sockowitz into Ron Brown's Commerce Dept office a few days after his death to steal information on the NIST network timing protocols allegedly used by the St. Ermin's SOE command to decoy the Langley fighters (Quit 25, 26, 27) through a Serco navigation clock on Venus 77 – a B747 National Emergency Airborne Command Post – and set up al-Qaeda ad hoc waypoints for the attacks of 9/11.

Prequel 1: #2092: Marine Links Serco's NORAD Santa Waypoints to St. Ermin's Tagged Offenders, NIST-7 Time for JonBenét

Prequel 2: Commerce Secretary Ron Brown - Serco 8(a) SWAT team hit? - SBA administrators: Ginger Lew and Aida Alvarez - fraudulent bordereau-insurance claims

"Ronald Harmon "Ron" Brown(August 1, 1941 – April 3, 1996) was the United States Secretary of Commerce, serving during the first term of President Bill Clinton. He was the first African American to hold this position. He was killed, along with 34 others, in a 1996 plane crash in Croatia. ...

On April 3, 1996, when Brown was 54 and on an official trade mission, the Air Force CT-43 (a modified Boeing 737) carrying Brown and 34 other people, including New York Times Frankfurt Bureau chief Nathaniel C. Nash, crashed in Croatia. While attempting an instrument approach to Dubrovnik's Čilipi airport, the airplane crashed into a mountainside. Everyone aboard was killed instantly except Air Force Tech. Sgt. Shelley Kelly, a flight attendant, who died while being transported to a hospital.[2] The final Air Force investigation attributed the crash to pilot error and a poorly designed landing approach.[3]Speculations as to the circumstances surrounding the plane crash that caused Brown's death include many government cover-up and conspiracy theories, largely based on Brown having been under investigation by independent counsel for corruption.[4] Of specific concern was a trip Brown had made to Vietnam on behalf of the Clinton Administration. Brown carried an offer for normalizing relations between the U.S. and the former communist enemy."

"Vince Foster and Ron Brown were both involved in the Clinton/China encryption scandal.

One known event took place in May, 1993 when Vince Foster, Webster Hubbell and Bernard Nussbaum paid the National Security Administration (NSA) a visit. These three fine gentlemen, with close connections to Hillary Clinton and the Arkansas Rose Office Law Firm, were tasked by President Clinton to help develop policy for U.S. communications technology....

Foster's attendance at Ft. Meade also confirmed that Attorney General Janet Reno tasked Hubble to encryption policy. Hubble had access to Top Secret material on U.S. encryption. This fact was confirmed by a series of 1997 interviews with Democratic and Republican staff members in the House....

The CIA briefed John Huang 37 times on satellite encryption technology while at Commerce.
Huang's co-worker, former DNC fundraiser Ira Sockowitz, walked out of the Commerce Dept in 1996 with over 2,000 pages of top secret information on satellite encryption, space launch and earth imaging technology.

Sockowitz was supposed to fly with Brown on the fatal trade trip but he took an advance flight ahead of the Secretary instead. Sockowitz identified Ron Brown's body at the crash scene. Sockowitz left Commerce with the secrets only days after Brown's death.

He was never prosecuted nor investigated...."

Friday, December 14th, 2012


Periodically, the false notion surfaces that there was some relationship between the Langley fighters (Quit 25, 26, 27) and the B747, Venus 77, a NEACP flight (National Emergency Airborne Command Post). Despite a cursory screen print that suggests a relationship there is no correlation. The two flights were independent events whose paths crossed as they flew to complete their assigned tasks.

There is no primary source evidence that links the two paths.  The crossing was incidental.

Also, there is an occasional comment in the blogosphere questioning why military aircraft didn't immediately land when Ben Sliney ordered all planes to the ground and why aircraft such as Venus 77 were allowed to take off. First, it was not clear to FAA facilities if Sliney's order pertained to law enforcement, first responder, and military aircraft. Readers familiar with the FAA tapes of the day know that multiple FAA facilities raised that very question to the Air Traffic Control System Command Center. That question was also raised by "Navy Ops" to Andrews Tower at 9:37. The answer given was "that we will know in about 20 minutes."

"Live Monitoring of Air Traffic Control and Chain of Command during 911 and MH17 False Flags 

By Sir Oliver Klosov, Ukrainian Air Attache To Australia [ aka Malaysian Persuasion ] 

"It is difficult to bring together in one place, all of the technological, government/corporate and ideological relationships necessary to conduct sophisticated False Flag events that span international borders, such as 911, MH370 and MH17.  Books can be written about each event.  And of the smaller false flags, such as 7/7, the Woolwich Hoax, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hoax, Extortion 17 etc., much international co-operation can also be seen." 

"It is essential to hold all of the facts in mind, yet take a broad view about international politics, energy and monetary security, human rights, and yes, mad bankers into account.  Doing so begins to reveal some interesting common threads that run through event details. They begin to weave seemingly isolated and tragic events into a "cut from the same cloth" so to speak, a common modus operandi that certain people, groups and companies use to perpetrate world changing tragedies, supported by a common mode, method and opportunity." 

"Abel Danger and many others time and time again match these events against the following common conditions: 

a) There was a government or military exercise in progress at or near the crime scene, distracting resources and consuming threat supervision, leaving security holes in which the exercise could be switched live in the confusion.
b) The established Chain of Command was compromised or by-passed, be it Malaysian ATC, the Kiev Government, Ukrainian ATC or the Naval Command Centre at the Pentagon.
c) The compromise came in the form of a parallel Command Authority, held by compromised individuals and therefore government departments.
d) The compromise was initially set up by private defence contractors such as Serco/G4S, Pentagon 2000 or Marconi Systems working in composite with other multi-national companies or government departments, with technological access to security infrastructure.
e) The security infrastructure is able to be tapped into and live feed used to control the actors or change the script of the flase flag event ad-hoc, when necessary.
f) Those that point the finger first after an event are always those with the means, opportunity and motive to commit the offence in the first place.
g) Those who are initially blamed first are always those who stand to lose the most, because they stand in the way of those doing the blaming, or possess something the blamers want. (this is natural behaviour, as evidenced by other 3 year olds playing with their toys in the sand pit or Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79!)
h) The real perpetrators usually boil down to Serco / G4S, the White's Club alumni and the Bankers/Vatican, their patsies being the European Monarchy, Israel, the 5-Eyes Governments, the EU and the City of London.
i) Control and timed release of partially false information to a hungry 24/7 media blurs the actual timeline and facts to a point that everyone has plausible deniability and all claims have an associated counter-claim.
j) The truth is so obvious, and so vile and terrible, that it is impossible to be believed by the trusting masses. We have been conditioned not to discern correctly and not to approach information analytically, and we are too busy and too distracted to spend any time researching and being critical thinkers." 
"It would be great for someone with both some time and knowledge to create a matrix, with cataclysmic events as columns, and a) to j) as rows, and fill it in with some critical thinking.  I'd bet most of the rows would be similar." 

"Ask yourself, if you were to buy a gold nugget, would you just hand over your money trustingly, or would you pick it up, gawk at it, rub it, weigh it, bite it, scratch it, feel it first – convincing yourself that it was of value?" 

"Why do we not do the same with life changing events such as 911?  The cost to us in terms of our freedom, our health, our society are immense, yet we no longer discern these as having as much value as when we purchase a nugget of gold.  It is seriously time to re-educate ourselves, and others, in our approach to life. History has shown that we can't leave that control and responsibility to others. Hence the rollout of THE FIELD REPORT." 

 "Let's then try something.  Below [at the link] is a short analysis regarding live tracking of MH17, how the aircraft came to be in a perilous position, and some possible motives behind the false flag. Then there is a piece by Michael Kane on the chain of command, live ATC feed and focus on one individual's actions during 911.  No attempt has been made to draw any comparisons between the two, I will leave that up to the reader or the Global Operations Director in the Plum or Camp Canton. http://www.abeldanger.net/2014/09/america-stands-book-15-chapter-3.html"

"At the age of 34, Prabhakar was appointed the head of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) [The custodian of Serco's Con Air sister decoy clock – NIST-7], a position she held from 1993 to 1997.[1][2] After NIST, she was the Chief Technology Officer and senior vice president of Raychem from 1997 to 1998.[11][12] She was then the vice president and later president of Interval Research from 1998 to 2000.[11][12]

She joined U.S. Venture Partners from 2001 to 2011, focusing on investment in green technology and information technology startups.[1] On July 30, 2012, she became the head of DARPA, replacing Regina E. Dugan.[1]"

"NIST-F1 is a cesium fountain clock, a type of atomic clock, in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder,Colorado, and serves as the United States' primary time and frequency standard. The clock took less than four years to test and build, and was developed by Steve Jefferts and Dawn Meekhof of the Time and Frequency Division of NIST's Physical Measurement Laboratory.[1] The clock replaces NIST-7, a cesium beam atomic clock used from 1993 to 1999. NIST-F1 is ten times more accurate than NIST-7."

"NIST-7 was the atomic clock used by the United States from 1993 to 1999. The caesium beam clock served as the nation's primary time and frequency standard during that time period, but it has since been replaced with the more accurate NIST-F1, a caesium fountain atomic clock that neither gains nor loses one second in 100 million years."

"I seem to recall someone saying a while back that the xntpd that comes out of the box with Solaris 7 is broken.  Here's the problem I'm having. Would somebody tell me if this is a bug, or if my conf file is set up poorly...

I have a network of approx. 15 solaris workstations, with one central server.  I've configured the central server to check a NIST stratum 1 server (I live in Boulder, CO, I might as well use one of the big guys since they're local).  It then broadcasts on my subnet to sync up the rest of the workstations.
When I restart the xntpd daemon, it of course re-syncs the server clock via the ntpdate command.  But within days the clock starts to drift considerably (at present, I am over 18 seconds off of NIST).  The funny thing is that all of the ntp "clients" on my subnet are totally in sync, out to several hundred microseconds (good enough for me).

It appears to me that the ntp stuff is working OK, but the server doesn't seem to be able to reset its system clock, even though it keeps track of its offset quite nicely.  The following is my ntp.conf for the server (my clients simply listen on the default broadcast address).

# Either a peer or server.  Replace "XType" with a value from the
# table above.
broadcast ttl 4
#enable auth monitor
driftfile /var/ntp/ntp.drift
statsdir /var/ntp/ntpstats/
filegen peerstats file peerstats type day enable
filegen loopstats file loopstats type day enable
filegen clockstats file clockstats type day enable
#keys /etc/inet/ntp.keys
#trustedkey 0
#requestkey 0
#controlkey 0

I know, it is not a very secure setup, but that's not really a large concern for my group. [It was fatal for JonBenet]"

 "Spies, intrigue and afternoon tea: St Ermin's Hotel and the Secret Intelligence Service

What were the Secret Intelligence Service and Churchill up to in Caxton Hall, Caxton Street and Westminster in London during the 1930s?

Every street in London has a story to tell. Some stories might be as simple as a birth or a death, a lasting legacy originating from someone coming into the world or someone leaving. The blue plaques which adorn many London buildings will happily point you in the direction of these important locations. But there is another type of London history. There are locations around the city which are wrapped in intrigue. Homes and hotels which have altered the course of the country's history with little to no fanfare. While it might be important to know where an old poet breathed his last, those with a historical interest might be fascinated to discover the history which hides within some of the subtler city walls.

In terms of threats to the country, there were few which were more feared than the Nazis. The waging of the Second World War was a caustic and exhausting campaign, fought in the fields of France, in the skies above the city, on sea, sand and snow. But it was also the birth of modern spying. The war was a global concern, but the heart of the British effort was born in a clandestine series of locations in West London. Caxton Hall, Caxton Street and Westminster saw the arrival of British spying, and the creation of the vaunted SIS.

The birth of spies

Espionage in the British Isles has its roots in the end of the Victorian era. The Secret Service Bureau was established in 1909 with the intent of evaluating the capabilities of the German Navy. This service became formalised and evolved as the First World War began to take hold, with the branch devoted to foreign investigations becoming known as MI6. Although the service achieved middling results, it was able to collect a great deal of intelligence in neutral countries.

It was the 1920s which saw the service really coming into its own. Working closely with the diplomatic community, the British government began to establish a spy network across the world. At this time, the emerging service was based in Whitehall and increasingly became known as the SIS: the Secret Intelligence Service. Throughout this time, much of the concern was with Bolshevism, seen as the biggest threat to democracies in the west following the Russian Revolution and establishment of Soviet Russia.

It would be the rise of fascism, however, which would shape the century and soon enough, the SIS changed focus. As well as maintaining a spy network and a concern for foreign communist governments, the rise of the Adolf Hitler's National Socialist government in Germany, as well as Franco in Spain and Mussolini in Italy, became a more pressing concern and it was here that the SIS would prove themselves invaluable.

Finding a home

The Second World War was something of an inevitability. Following the emergence of fascism and the Great Depression, the intermediary years between World Wars were something of an arms race. While earlier, countries had stockpiled ships and soldiers, now they were stockpiling spies. During the 1930s, as war drew closer, it became clear that the SIS would need to become directly involved in the coming war efforts and to do this, they would need a home, somewhere to meet. Today, St Ermin's Hotel and the surrounding areas at 2 Caxton Street and 54 Broadway are the lasting legacy of those meeting places.

In the heart of the city, the buildings were the perfect location to move freely between the different departments which were concerned with the coming war effort. Palmer Street was the home of Government Communications, MI9 could be found in Caxton Street and the SIS Chief's office was located at 21 Queen Anne's Gate. Victoria Street, St Anne's Mansions and Petty France all held vital branches of the government intelligence service, but St Ermin's became the de facto neutral ground.
It became a meeting point for discussions and councils. The hotel and the close-by Caxton Bar were the ideal spot to meet agents of many different divisions. SIS, MI6 and Naval Intelligence all met in the building and exchanged information. The rooms themselves were used to interview prospective employees. The hotel and the surrounding area quickly became integral to the escalating efforts of the intelligence community. As the Second World War began to take hold, many operations and plans were discussed on this exact site.

The list of names which could be found in the area is sure to impress. Ian Fleming, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Laurence Grand, H. Montgomery Hyde and Eric Maschwitz had all worked in the building at one point or another, while the hotel and the bar quickly became a favourite location for Winston Churchill to meet with intelligence officers.

As well as general intelligence, guerrilla campaigns were born in the building. The training which was provided to many MI6 officers took place inside, involving people such as Noel Coward and Anthony Blunt, renowned for their work during the war. The SOE (Special Operations Branch) was an offshoot of the SIS created by Churchill, meeting in the hotel in order to "set Europe Ablaze" with covert operations. It was this group which would later become the SAS and their first home was an entire floor of the building.

During the 1930s, government intelligence worked tirelessly to gauge the threat which was posed to them by the country's enemies. After 1939, their efforts became consumed with stopping the spread of fascism across the continent. As the Blitz saw the city bombed and millions perished on the front lines, the work of those in the offices in Westminster is easy to overlook.

The secret history of the British intelligence community is surreptitiously cloaked in mystery. While it can be easy to walk along a London street and read the swathes of history from the mementos and the tributes which adorn many of the buildings, some of the most important contributions were created in a secret fashion and have remained as such. For those looking for a real entry into the world of British spying and its contributions to saving the country, there is only one location which is open to the public. St Ermin's hotel, in its own luxurious splendour, is a tribute to the efforts of those clandestine contributors.

Jonny Rowntree

St Ermin's Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Westminster, Central London complemented by neighbouring bar and restaurant, Caxton Grill."

"The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a BritishWorld War II organisation. 

Following Cabinet approval, it was officially formed by Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton on 22 July 1940, to conduct espionagesabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements.

It was initially also involved in the formation of the Auxiliary Units, a top secret "stay-behind" resistance organisation which would have been activated in the event of a German invasion of Britain.

Few people were aware of SOE's existence. To those who were part of it or liaised with it, it was sometimes referred to as "the Baker Street Irregulars", after the location of its London headquarters. 

It was also known as "Churchill's Secret Army" or the "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare". For security purposes, various branches, and sometimes the organisation as a whole, were concealed behind names such as the "Joint Technical Board" or the "Inter-Service Research Bureau", or fictitious branches of the Air MinistryAdmiralty or War Office.

SOE operated in all countries or former countries occupied by or attacked by the Axis forces, except where demarcation lines were agreed with Britain's principal allies (the Soviet Union and the United States). It also made use of neutral territory on occasion, or made plans and preparations in case neutral countries were attacked by the Axis. The organisation directly employed or controlled just over 13,000 people, about 3,200 of whom were women.[1] It is estimated that SOE supported or supplied about 1,000,000 operatives worldwide.[citation needed]

After the war, the organisation was officially dissolved on 15 January 1946. A memorial to SOE's agents was unveiled in London in October 2009. It is situated on the Albert Embankment by Lambeth Palace.[2]"
Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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