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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 8 - Book 14

MH370 And N105GT Both Put in PARK By 
Abel Danger
Obama STAND DOWN Endangers More U S Troops

Obama Dempsey Action 6 August, 2011 Affects Father’s Day Again
G-Spot: tillman + extortion + obama + Dempsey + SERCO
Serco’s MH370 Parked In Octopus Hangar FJDG
G-Spot: Clinton’s + Bush + Bibi’s Twin = Serco

Sword 31 Last Word Of Serco’s 9/11
G-Spot: Venus 77 + Quit 25

North Dakota ANG’s Quit 25, Venus 77 Solve 9/11
G-Spot: Derrig + Eckman + Borgstrom + McConnell

Singapore Listens To AD, Malaysia And Voice 370 Do Not, Yet
G-Spot: Serco + Inmarsat + Sky Wave + Field McConnell

Serco’s Sucker Loses Gun Control; Out By August 25th?
G-Spot: Molon Labe + Extortion 17 + Obama + Serco

MH370 Solved By Plum City Intel Agency
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G-Spot: Serco’s Snatch + ATI + Yukla + Buffett 

G-Spot: Cass Sunstein + turn off + lights + atheist + serco

As he had demonstrated to Serco and the world on April 15th, Agent Chips was willing to walk into hell for a heavenly cause. Now the Malaysian Persuasion was keen to pick up where they left off a 7pm on Saturday night 19 April, 2014 when Chips had finished her off with a RIMSHOT AT THE BUZZER after removing the purple Moo Moo and the red hibiscus in a manner of deflowering her, which was right up her alley. As the pleasure commenced, Mike Papa selected F4 on her Clipper Pilot Hat to set the timing. Agent Chips was enjoying the private moments with Mike Papa when it dawned on him that the had a rendezvous with a SEAL TEAM family from the Little Creek-Dam Neck area just 60 miles west of W386A where on the morning of 9/11 Soros Serco’s boobs had murdered with discretion of forethought all souls aboard UA175, AA11 and AA77. As he visualized a family with someone missing, he realized that as Father’s Day approaches a little man in Florida misses his Dad, and Agent Chips and the mother of the Hampton Roads Harley Angel might just walk Serco into a trap before 25 August, 2014. If only Chips could find the Harley Angel Someday Soon.

Chapter 8

Scripture: Ephesians 6:4

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. 

Gospel: Our Father, Who Art In Heaven


Secular: The Greatest Man I Never Knew



G-Spot: Serco = Kenyon + CLINTON + DMORT

Way back in Chapter 7 Chips had been planning a speaking engagement with Harley dudes and angels in the Hampton Road-Tidewater AOA when he received information that caused him to post AD TW140704 for “threat window” for Peachtree Road Race 0911/03Jul14 to 2311/04Jul14 due to information gleaned from recent Bilderberg “hit list” distributed to, amongst others: Nathan Deal + Kasim Reed + Bush Sr. + Nunn + progeny of Sonny Perdue. It is imperative to note that Atlanta Hartsfield is the busiest airport in US and the two recent VANISHING JETS practices centered in Austria, when compared to the apparent threat of ATLANTA BURNS might make an effective backdrop to cause America, and therefore the world, to forget what the two primary objectives of MH370 + N105GT were and the relationship of Serco and Soros to those EVIL TWINS. While Agent Chips was contemplating the ATLANTA BURNS he received in incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Agent Tiny Dancer of the Virginia Beach Office no relationship evident to THE VIRGINIA COMPANY but Hamish and Barry M. Hall ( of Atlanta arson ) are reviewing Peshtigo.

Pink Dawn Agent Tiny Dancer IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers 3, Agents Hamish, Chips, Marquis d’Cartier, Gravedigger, Namedropper, Freeport Girl, Atomic Betty and Ginger Cookie, copy Bean and RPM: On a Harley run last night from Langley Inn to Scotty Quixx to review Fish and Chips 9/11 comm-trails, I was under the flight path of Langley AFB listening on 311.0 and I picked up comm that indicates a mission reminiscent of Venus 77/Quit 25. Need Clipper contact with East Coast Hammer, Chips and Hamish ASAP regards ATLANTA BURNS and Chicago Fire 14. Tiny Dancer

Chips’ attention was taken off the TINY DANCER IMMEDIATE as Agent Mike Papa had finished her Abel Danger Standard PBPs and had slipped back into her signature purple Moo Moo and placed the Red Hibiscus over her left ear signaling willingness for an enduro at Chips’ earliest convenience which may not be prior to 0911/18June14 if the Plum City Office decides to refile both Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and Civil Case 1:08-1600 now that pages 225-259 of Global Guardian 2001-2 Exercise Order has been found to be heavily redacted to conceal Warren Buffett’s participation and true reason for him hosting 300 Goldman Sachs bankers at the former SAC Command Post where he and other EPs were to become gruesome voyeurs of the destruction in NYC and WDC on the morning that a Jacoby from NY FEMA was in the back seat of Rick Gibney’s F16B while further to the south Derrig, Eckman and Borgstrom had twice been delayed by United States Senior Executive Service when their Quit 25, Quit 26 and Quit 27 passed 4000 feet over Venus 77 which had departed Andrews for Offutt while Vivi 36, Word 31 and Angel would established the ONLY TIME IN HISTORY when all 4 FEMA ‘doomsday’ contolling jets would be simultaneously airborne. Chips was amazed at how adeptly Mike Papa had stuffed her 44DD funbags into her over the shoulder boulder holder when he was brought back into the here and now as the slats and 5 were selected by Agent Stone Kohl as Captain Hoss was dozing next to his Idaho State Broncos bag missing 3 Grape Nehi cans. As the DC-9-30 with Dash 15 engines was being prepared for arrived at Red Wing Airport, Chips received a FLASH FESTUS from Hamish who was positioned in the back room of JR’s Mainstreet Junction in Plum City home of the 72nd C4ISR Wing since 19May10.

Pink Dawn Agent Hamish FLASH FESTUS to Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn and Agent Chips, FYEO: On 2Aug01 Warren Buffett was informed that his TARGET WINDOW was to be 05-14Sep01 for Operation GS Cat Bond. On page 233 of Exercise Order GG2001-2 it is written that the inclusive period is 20Aug01 to 28Sep01 but that the Goldman Sachs Servants of Satan would not need to be in Bellevue, Nebraska until the EMPLOYMENT DATES 05-14Sep01. I have printed copies and suggest that we need to refile Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 before the WITCHING HOUR in the briefing guide Umbrellaman has distributed for Operation PESHTIGO 2, Hamish, JR’s back room, the Plum.

Pink Dawn Agent Baraboo Beer IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, Domestic Hammers, Umbrellaman, Hamish, copy Dangerettes assigned PLUNGE 14: Notice that as early as 02Aug01 Abel Danger antecedents had realized the CANADIAN STALLION of 5th Wing Goose was preparing to attack America’s ICONIC 5 on 9/11 during cover of GG2001. The MISSING MAN of TINY DANCER’S family has called and suggested I remind you of these 2 paragraphs in the BUFFETT 9/11 Exercise Order: “c.   (U) The EXORD in its entirety will remain in US custody and will not be disseminated to Australian, Canadian, or British personnel or agencies. Australian, Canadian, and British personnel will not be permitted unrestricted access to this document. d.   (U) Extracts of releasable information from this EXORD are authorized provided the extracts are screened by US personnel to ensure that no US-Only information is contained in the extract. It appears evident that “CD” understood Canada was infiltrating for UK benefit and one of their moles was a VMI product. The MISSING MAN suggests we all google [ VMI + Treason ]and see if Duddy Kravitch is a VMI flunk out from Class of ’71 ]PS, Tiny Dancer sends message NO MILK TODAY as she is airborne with Agent Barry M. Hall for a face-to-face at the Maiden Rock Inn regarding the killing of Harvey Milk, Pelosi’s Mafia beard from Baltimore and the guy from San Fran that Nanny Peloti wishes to keep from marching for marriage in DC on 6/19/14. Baraboo Beer, Virginia Beach.

Agent Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun rang with an ill-timed Priority Clipper from Agent Barry M. Hall just as the landing checklist was completed and while Agent Mike Papa was accessing Agent Chips’ TI with a result of 93% which cause MP to had Chips a tin of SMOKED OYSTERS as Chips’ proboscis detected a faint hint of clover. Chips wished to speak to Barry M. Hall so he texted back ‘I-p +3” indicating that Chips would call Barry M. Hall at the ‘in ping + 3 minutes’. In the case of Malaysia 370 the I-p + 3 would have occurred on Diego Garcia at 0654 and it is likely that at that time one of two things occurred: (1) the white hats found the crew and passengers had been killed by black hat ATI dispersal or (2) the U S DoD had to figure what to do with 239 kidnapping victims who had just landed at FJDG and in doing so proved to everyone observing that the methods of 9/11 had just been proven. As the aircraft taxied to Blue Airways with the port engine shutdown, Agent Chips saw a routine Clipper from Rico Gambolino who was standing in at the White Rock BC office near the birthplace of Barak Obama who has no DNA commonality with Stanley Dunham according to FBI suppressed reports shared with Abel Danger by KENTUCKY BLUEBIRD who took a message to Michael who had gone and changed his name to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Sasquatch, capeche?

The parking brake was set and Chips and Mike Papa headed for the forward boarding door joining Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty as they waited for the Purple Limo to pull up to the DC9-30 sporting the Dash 15 engines. Hammer Rooster Cogburn was riding shot gun and pointed to the right rear door for the PACKAGE OF 6. Chips and the 3 Dangerettes joined RPM and Rooster Cogburn in the party pit from a quick transit to the Maiden Rock Inn where on Saturday June 21, 2014 three vintage Studebakers may make an appearance at a parade in support of a Sheriff Candidate who is in concert with the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and [ redacted until 25 August, 2014 ]. As Chips settled in between Rooster and Mike Papa he was given a free shot of Pastel Mint Green indicating that Atomic Betty was his assigned PWA for the Sunflower Room at the Maiden Rock Inn where it was anticipated that Umbrellaman might have an ALL CALL to signal the beginning of Operation GOLD COW, no reference to FATBOY of Omaha intended regardless the linkage between Buffett, the Sukhoi Superjet Hit, 9/11 and his protection of Wells Fargo involving FATBOY and Rosemary M. Collyer who may see Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) again soon, real soon.

The Purple Limo was set in motion and that allowed Rooster Cogburn to distribute a brief snippet of Operation GOLD COW that was assumed to be ready for deployment if a Delta 777 was given an unprofessional GO-AROUND at HartsFIELD Atlanta airport in the same week that support would be denied by Obama for U S contract troops being targeted in Iraq and this time he, Barry Soetoro, Barak Mounir Ubayd, Barak Obama or whoever the fuck he/it is will not have Hillary’s FOUL TAINT to blame forcing him to invoke the race card for the 119th time during his ACT as commander in chief during which 2000 cases of WRONGFUL DEATH have occurred during his incredibly poor job of acting. Chips was looking forward to sampling Atomic Betty’s ‘babbles’ in the Sun Shower room and as he grabbed a tin of SMOKED OYSTERS he focused on Rooster Cogburn’s pre brief which would be followed by UMBRELLAMAN’S brief and Atomic Betty’s debrief if she wished to confirm her CEMAW, MR and FSD designations prior to Tiny Dancer’s arrival from Boston, or is it Norfolk, aboard a jet with a beard on the vertical stabilizer which in no way should indicate that Chips’ PTRC rises vertically when he visualizes a beard, or beard equivalent, no relationship to the President in Dr. Strangelove, Merkin Muffley. Google [merkin muffley + buck turgidson + field mcconnell ] and then try and get your head around the plot to Dr. Strangelove which played at the Warner Theater on Ramey AFB during the time Field McConnell was a marquee boy and his girl friend Sandi D. D who had SUNSHINE IN HER HAIR and enjoyed free movies sitting on the left side of a PLANK OWNER of 72nd C4ISR Wing of Ramey AFB, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico which has a statistically unlikely concentration of law enforcement officials leading many to wonder if it is a drug transshipment point for DEA and protected by some unwitting Coast Guard Neanderthals. What are the odds that Ronny and The Daytonas had a bass guitar player named Ramey?


“Chips and ladies, we have to make a brief stop at Blue Airways to pick up TINY DANCER and her escort Barry M. Hall. They will brief us on Chicago Fire 14 and Atlanta Burns 14 while enroute to MRI in Plum City Area of Operations. When we get the GOLD COW briefing see if any member of the StratCom staff reminds you of Gen. Buck Turgidson who advised President Merkin Muffley in a black comedy no reference to any StratCom or NorthCom flag officer living or flaccid. To make room for Tiny Dancer and Barry M. Hall I will ride shotgun again and in about 20 minutes we will be at the Maiden Rock Inn where Hamish will join us for the Umbrellaman Omniglobe at 2045, time not 2028. Please read the mini-snippets of Operation GOLD COW.”

Hammer Rooster Cogburn opened the right rear door of the Purple Limo and held it open as first Tiny Dancer and then Barry M. Hall settled in after their flight in from Norfolk about a Nextant Jet from KCLE where on the morning of 9/11 the drone for United 93 was taxied into the NASA Hanger at the northwest corner of Cleveland Hopkins after everyone had been evacuated so no eye witnesses could see that the cockpit of the droned B757 had no humans visible in the cockpit; oh, pardon the shit out of me, I should say Flight Deck as Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 tries to make LBGT normal which is like making a three peckered billy goat normal, capeche? As Barry M. Hall was ensuring the door closed securely, Agent Tiny Dancer regaled Chips with a freeshot of Pastel Teaberry, a battle standard vacated when Agent Vani reached the 50/30 retirement gate while serving as the Abel Danger Chief of Paramus-Mahwah, New Jersey, which may have imputed a 41 minute delay in the departure of Captain Jason Dahl’s United 93 according to FBI [ Field’s Boeing Investigation ]. For supporting documents try this google pairing: United 93 + 41 minutes + imputed + Abel Danger + Newark.

Agent Chips was delighted by the glimpse of Pastel Teaberry, but was brought back into the here and now as Freeport Girl directed a review of the snippets of Operation GOLDEN COW which would pit Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 against Field McConnell Punahou ’67 on opposite sides of Civil Case 3:14-cv-69 if filed in Fargo with options of refilling in Washington DC where Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) was dismissed in a FRAUD upon Rosemary M. Collyer’s Court by Suzanne Kalfus, James Johnson, Rob Plunkett and Pete Janhunen. In a TIT FOR TAC, or is it Quid Pro Quo, Agent Chips would consider a ruling and award from the bench if Judge Collyer wanted to stay at arm’s length of 9/11 which those on both sides of Malaysia 370 no long can. Pisser.

Barry M. Hall, Tiny Dancer, Atomic Betty, Mike Papa all signaled they had completed the quick scan so Freeport Girl began the briefing knowing from Chips’ gaze toward Tiny Dancer’s skirt that she was either holding an aspirin between her knees or she had stunned him with a freeshot of the target area; a common practice CEMAW qualified heterosexual females serving as Dangerettes in duties aField or aBroad.

“We have a few minutes spare so everyone grab a sociable from the industrial sized cooler in the party pit while I prebrief the main SMEAC points of Umbrellaman’s anticipated talking points that we will here inside the Maiden Rock Inn. I will using alphabetical subfiles beginning with (a).”

“Subfile (a) relates to the position Abel Danger has placed Serco, the Malaysia black hats, and even white hats in the U S Air Force in; to wit: MH370 families/survivors are invited to communicate with Agent Chips, Plum City’s own Field McConnell, regarding the BUAP, the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. This is the mechanism, by which MH370 was commandeered on 8 March, 2014 as it was passing waypoint BITOD in the CONE OF CONFUSION where Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia all had radio and radar contact with the soon to be ill-fated flight. While Malaysia was fairly quick in contacting Field McConnell after the YouTube “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot” went up less than
24 hours after Yukla 27 saved MH370 from Serco’s Snatch, those in Malaysia may not have been aware of Field McConnell’s relationship to the RSAF Airshow of 11-16 February, 2014. Field was aware that MH370 was landed safely. However, in saving MH370 the benevolent power exposed the Truth of 9/11. That is, since 1995 the U S had had the ability to electronically commandeer any B757,767,777 and Airbus has had the same ability in the A320 family of jets since 1989. With 9/11 exposure on the table, the U S government and Serco are in a tough spot. Did they kidnap 239 innocent people, or did they murder 239 innocent people. Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) would have made this illegal electronic capture impossible. Boeing is not the problem, nor is Airbus, Thales, Honeywell, Embraer or Bombardier. The problem is ALPA, GAPAN and Serco. Sociable and then Subfile (b)!”

Chips took a loading dose of his second Captain Sherlock Martini and noticed a free shot of Pastel Mint Green from the lady who was assigned to provide PWA overnight security for Agent Chips in the Sun Shower room at the Maiden Rock Inn, roughly 2 miles from the underground weapons cache in the abandoned salt mines which no longer give tours during the Maiden Rock Summer Festival which occurs Saturday 21 June, 2014 and will see 2 or 3 of the Plum City Studs in the lineup. Chips was tonguing his two stuffed queens wishing they could be Atomic Betty’s instead of a pair of Mezzeta’s, the family farm operated in Napa Valley California since [ redacted ].

“Subfile (b) is a partially redacted message from Agent Tiger Moth in New Zealand and I will read for your considering the raw message with only one redact. The copies before you are as heavily redacted as the Exercise Order GG2001-2 which is effectively “spoliation of evidence” at the least extreme and indication of Treason by Goldman Sachs/Buffett at the more likely extreme. Umbrellaman will likely keep the redacts until after the event in Cape Cod is completed and, not or, but AND we have the Clerk of Court accept the updated Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 FIELD MCCONNELL v. GLOBAL GUARDIANS likely to be on the docket as Civil Case 3:14-cv-69. The raw message from Tiger Moth includes “Hullow Eegent Chups, Missing folders attached.  Folder 3 is 8 page summary to keep it available to both tech and non-tech audience without losing the flavour.  Folder 1 is the noun for you to keep close.  Folder 1 original document can be turned into into a verb (by adding opportunity, motive, ability and additional technical input after your second trip to Singapore to visit Ee, Ong, Chong, Lieu, Gooi and Meta ).

Very keen if your new contact is willing to give feedback on original document or Folders 2 & 3.  Still on the cards is the full document for 370 + flight path.  Verb will be included if following technical verification is possible. Verb 1: [ redacted ] hack (911 style) main suspect for hijack 1 (hence irregular heading + elevation flight path from BIDOT over Nth Malaysia) Verb 2: AWACS Mode-S tag and lead NW out of radar contact, then FP2 uplink (VOR navigation to Sth Maldives main VOR intersection and direct south track to DG Tower capture and JPALS landing) whilst AWACS goes home to Korat, FJDG or Tinker. Verb 3: ATC hack (or inside job) and FP2 uplink (cram) not favoured due to irregular flight levels but opportunity was there but RSAF friends you meet at the Feb 14th ‘chance encounter’ don’t believe Malaysia was aware of BUAP’s ATI mode. Drag and drop from laptop for FP2 cram also an option but I can’t verify the system existing in Boeing patents prior to 2011.  Software requires aircraft transponder crypt-key. Note distinct lack of red switch network.  That belongs with Verb 3: there is still the difficulty of interfacing RSN with purpose built Inmarsat or Boeing or MAS hack software for remote flier to then use stolen crypt-key.  Entirely possible to do but it’s the long way around the hill.  BHUAP was designed with simpler ATC and military transponder hits in mind. Proud you will walk into hell on a heavenly cause. Your admirer in Christchurch, Tiger Moth.” “Umbrellaman will address this in 9 minutes when he discusses the shot across the bow pertaining to both West Point and Buffett Goldman Sachs voyeurism at SAC Command Post on 9/11, sociable!”

Chips finished his CSMv, his celebratory Captain Sherlock Martini using Russian Standard in place of Absolut. As he passed the empty glass to Barry M. Hall for a refill, Agent Tiny Dancer regaled him with a freeshot of Pastel Teaberry and again he was frozen as his TI [ turgidity index ] went Sky High as the Angel from Hampton Roads knew the universal attractant for heterosexual CEMAW Patriots who proliferate in 41 of the 50 states.


Chips realized that the TWIN TORNADOES near Wisner and Norfolk may have been a warning the Warren Buffett and the 23 Star Fraggers of Pat Tillman to “stand down’ as 6% of the U S enlisted forces had been briefed on the first 9 Flag Ranks that would be taken out if Operation GOLD COW were to go live. As Freeport Girl began to brief Subfile (c) a weather warning was broadcast on FM 97.5 from Rochester, Minnesota not to be confused with FM12 which goes north from Canton, Texas towards the East Texas Gator Farm adjacent to the Saline Creek Farm B & B where Abel Danger Agents may gather next Memorial Day to celebrate removal of Malta Dempsey and Indonesia Amnesia. Agent Tiny Dancer passed Agent Chips a tin of Smoked Oysters and Freeport Girl was advised they were 3 minutes from MRI and so she need to brief the final two items not to be confused with 2 IOCs in Pastel Teaberry, Pastel Mint Green or Pastel ‘whatever’ might end up in the Sun Shower room with Agent Chips.

“We have passed the three minute threshold which was violated on 9/11 when Canadian controlled flying vehicles pressed their attack on the Pentagon and on 6 August, 2011 when Extortion 17 was sent to its death with neither a 3 minute prior visual observation of the landing zone nor pre assault fire which were violations 3 and 4 of the 5 violations that contributed to the deaths of Extortion 17’s 38 souls on board. I now have a message from Mark Meyer of Minneapolis who may not be related to Stan or Steve Meyer who could brief us on the FAUX SOLAR FLARE attempted in last 90 days to cause an UNNATURAL EMP which would have shut down the North America Grid from benefit of Serco’s Monkey Boy and Traitors such as McCain, Lindsey and others found by googling [ Putin + McConnell + Crisp Fourplay + McCain + Graham ] Mark Meyer is a former Honeywell Ring Laser Gyro engineer and he has some questions that he’d like Agent Chips to ask Boeing when they appear in court together relating to update Global Guardian filing. Here is his message, verbatim “  If I was at Boeing and was asked by an authority “Can the QRS11 control an aircraft?” I wouldn’t commit a lie by saying “No, the QRS11 can’t.”  If I was asked “Have you and/or Honeywell embedded BHUAP, as per your public statement on 3 March 2007, hidden as your patented unauthorized flight detector within the AIMS software, which can be deployed from outside of the aircraft to remove power from the cockpit thus denying Pilot Authority, leaving the AIMS to directly control the ACE’s and flight surfaces through the embedded FCC as per Autopilot instruction, just like Honeywell has stated they have been researching with Airbus for years before 9/11, or like this diagram you drew up for the patent? Q2:  Have you fixed the loophole whereby the AIMS can be accessed through the Mode-S Transponder?  Q3: Why did you not consult the US pilots like Honeywell has done in the EU about the hijack patent?  Q4:  Did you upset Lufthansa by telling them about these patented un-optional extras, and did you tell MAS the same when they purchased the 777’s in good faith?  They can blatantly lie or let you enjoy the sounds of [uncomfortable] silence.  ALPA can then be asked too and when I suggest ALPA I believe you have mention attorneys Rob Plunkett, Suzanne Kalfus, James Johnson, Pete Janhunen as well as ALPA Presidents Babbitt, Woerth, Prater and Moak. I think if they show up on the Abel Danger chess board they will find that with nothing but Pawns and Bishops they are in 5 move checkmate at the hands of the Rooks, Knights and Queen of the Slipstream. Just a thought but I’m no good at playing chess . Anyhow, enough of my ranting.  Trust God that Regional solution will naturally fall away if it doesn’t fit God’s plan or is unsafe for you.  They may get RE INSPIRED by action on the subject elsewhere, for instance, Fargo, Boston and Rosemary M. Collyer’s Court. Take care Major Mammillary [ Mark Meyer ] Northern Republic near Mound Venus. PS The FBI guy’s aircraft is N-569AT and your memory joggers are Hydrogen Power and SPOOF which is Serco’s Presidential Override Outsourcing Frauds such as what is playing out with ISIS in Iraq where Obama and Dempsey are replaying Benghazi not realizing that the enlisted forces are BRIEFED.” I had hoped to brief the re-filing of FIELD MCCONNELL v. GLOBAL GUARDIANS with the two added names relating to WRONGFUL DEATH of SOC Aaron Carson Vaughn of Extortion 17, however we have arrived and as soon as Tactics Tillman and NOTSO finish their security sweep………..”

Agent Freeport Girl was interrupted by the sound of two approaching freight trains which could be from the tracks parallel to US Highway 35 in Maiden Rock or another man made TWIN TORNADOES which is not a historical throw back to the B45 Tornado Bombers which appeared to be a TWINjet but actually had 4 jets not that boneheads like Malta Dempsey [ treason? ] or Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 would have a fucking clue, spineless bastards that they are and apparently not students of history or they may learn from Operations Fandango, Backbreaker and Ju-Jitsu that the B45s from Langley would be supplanted by Major Glenn A. McConnell’s 4 B47E aircraft from MacDill AFB, Florida which set up nuclear alert at Brize Norton RAF in 1953 when the FAUX ROYAL Goosestepping Geriatric began her FALSE REIGN that would last 61 years as Operation GOLD COW was designed to remove her and the flatulent and pungent Prince Phartingham who loves to roll up on one cheek and blow a kiss to his neighbors.

Suddenly unseasonably high winds blew and limbs of mature trees were falling and a message from Agent NOTSO came over the Clippers “Tillman down, MRI not secure, Umbrellaman posts TORNADO WARNING, seek shelter, if in the Purple Limo push 9-1-1 on the CD player. NOTSO”

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty

MacCheese pushed 9-1-1 on the CD player in the 1995 super trick, piss wicked Purple Limo as Rooster Cogburn selected 9-1-1 on his Clipper Hammer. The power of Psalms 91:1 was evident to all except Chips, who had buried his head in Tiny Dancer’s Lap as he was a “stranger to the reign and not a friend of thunder” but he couldn’t help but be engorged at the faint hint of clover wafting through a Pastel Teaberry IOC with a 24 inch waistband.


As Chips had his nose in someone else’s business, he missed three incomings on his Clipper Squirt Gun. As the three messages went to queue, Umbrellaman was set to cancel the weather warning as the HAARP array in Arecibo had been hacked by AD to protect Agents awaiting BREIFING in Operation GOLD COW. Although messages in queue from AD Agents are truncated, messages from UNKNOWN RIDERS or involving code words COCKED PISTOL or TACCO are not truncated.

#2002: Marine links Serco’s presidential override outsourcing frauds (POOFs) to the U.S. Defense Ammunition Center’s ISIS kill

Plum City – ( June 17, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s use of the Defense Red Switch Network to conceal presidential override outsourcing frauds ('POOFs') to Serco’s development of the U.S. Defense Ammunition Center’s mobile application tools to train the paramilitary members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) for a mass killing of soldiers recently abducted from an army base near Tikrit………trunk

#2001: Marine’s wrongful-death suit in re Serco DSN stand down, Buffett Offutt Global Guardian and London Co Cover Up Cat

Plum City – ( June 16, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell will sue for damages on behalf of a fellow USNA alumnus – the late Captain Gerald DeConto – whose wrongful death on 9/11 allegedly resulted from Serco director Maureen Baginski’s use of the Defense Switched Network (DSN) to stand down Warren Buffett’s blue-team agents at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska during a Global Guardian exercise and cover up Pentagon cat-bond contract hits by London Co of Virginia invests.

McConnell believes that Serco had London Co founder Stephen M. Goddard put over $100 million into five investees which were allegedly tasked with covering up Captain DeConto’s murder in the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center.

Corrections Corp of America – Prisoners remove evidence, extort silence and redact the Global Guardian DSN document to hide Serco stand down; Sturm, Ruger & Company, Incorporated – Equips cat-bond contract killers with semi-automatic pistols; Alliant Techsystems Inc, (ATK) – Vaporizes evidence of contract hits with rocket-fuel arson; Service Corp International – Disposes of evidence of cat-bond hits and body bits at nearby crematoria; White Mountains Insurance Group – Triggers Buffett Fireman’s Fund cat bonds to fund hits.

McConnell’s prospective lawsuit should be examined in the context of the prequel link and the allegedly criminal redaction (spoliation) of DSN numbers at the pdf document displayed therein.

Prequel 1: 
#1999: Marine Links Serco Red Switch Global Guardian to London Co Cat Bond Triggers, Buffett Offutt 9/11

Mr. McConnell,

I've been reading your blog off and on since flight MH370 disappeared.

On that matter, although you have provocative ideas and may be completely or mostly right about what you publish, I have trouble following your analysis and arguments. I think It's because you assume that your readers know much more about things, technical details, people, relationships, and events than I know and than they too are likely to know. Many times, as I've read your posts, I've thought you should have had them vetted by an average newspaper reader. Unless nimrods like that can understand what you've written, most of the rest of us can't.

Some flight MH370 issues intrigue me and I'd like you to discuss them. You may have mentioned the matter of Rolls Royce continuously tracking its engines' performances. Howevermuch I read though, I never got an answer to the question of whether each engine was monitored by Rolls Royce during every flight second or whether monitoring was only intermittent and at takeoff, in-flight problem, and landing. Continuous engine location monitoring during operation is an unresolved mystery for me too. The capabilities of fly-by-wire are confusing. Was MH370 able to be controlled in that manner, how, and by whom?

Satellite, radar, and other tracking issues raise questions. What are US and other countries' capabilities? Some have written that the US, and maybe other countries, followed the plane for every second of its last flight. Others, seemingly in the know, say that's impossible.

And, of course there's the overriding question of why no national government, especially China, has made any sustained fuss about the loss of its citizens and the plane.

The MN370 matter is an enigma. You have had many of the best leads and answers. However, as I wrote above, it's hard for anyone not so familiar with the details to keep up with your explanations. Write so that us ordinary folks can follow along and you'll have more readers and more influence.

Mark Meyer
Coon Rapids MN


When Chips ultimately gets to the messages in queue I am certain that Mark Meyer will have his questions answered on the Livestream Radio show at 2pm on Wednesday, 18 June, 2014 available at this link:

Tiny Dancer tapped on Chips’ 64 year old bald spot to signal ‘all clear’ as MacCheese had received it from Umbrellaman. As Chips reluctantly raised his head, he was surprised to see they were alone in the Purple Limo. With a confused look he asked Tiny Danger where the others were. The response pleased him; they gone in for the Umbrellaman briefing which has just gone live. He was perplexed until he saw she held the key to the Sun Shower room in her tiny hand and a smile that indicated it was time to saddle up perhaps in a birthday suit, or a pair of birthday suits. As she exited the car ahead of him he could help but notice an absence of VPLs, and he liked that, a lot.

As a courtesy to Umbrellaman and the others, they quietly crept up to the Sun Shower room for a debriefing, or shorts, while the others Abel Danger crew was getting a briefing from Umbrellaman and a representative of Voice370 who was not named Sarah Bajc. Chips was surprised to see two twins side by side on the nightstand which caused his Knightly kickstand to prepare for knight action.

Tiny Dancer dimmed the lights, bolted the door and closed the curtains. Chips thought of his work exposing the attacker ( Serco ) of the Twins in New York, the frustrated attacker prevented from hitting the Petronas Twins but as the blue jeans were covered with a pair of IOCs in Pastel Teaberry he saw another pair as Tiny Dancer selected F4 on her Clipper Saddlehorn. As Chips rose to her gambit he was taken back to Annapolis in the summer of 67 and he felt invincible again.


Chips recognized the facial features and he knew he’d seen them before, on a beach, in the sand with a woman than resembled not only April Stevens, but also Tiny Dancer. As his mind raced back to where he’d seen that smile she was wearing another she had worn in 1968 at Navy Norfolk where Chips was aboard the USS Waldron DD699 and he met a young lady that appeared similar enough where in his swirling mind he considered Tiny Dancer may have been the daughter of a Navy Chief Warrant Officer whom he met in July, 1968 not to be confused with his Punahou classmate Susan Brand who was also the daughter of a Navy Chief Warrant Officer in his Punahou Class of 1967 and his prom date, if the truth be told.

G-Spot: Serco + Inmarsat + Sky Wave + Field McConnell

Chips was feeling like the ladies may be related when a FLASH FESTUS came into his Clipper Squirt Gun where an UNKNOWN RIDER was asking Chips to compare the flight tracks of Venus 77 and Quit 25 flight to the flight track of MH370. Chips was thinking about how Quit 25 flight, 3 F16s from Fargo flown by Brad Derrig, Dean Eckman and Craig Borgstrom had been flown to W386A by US Senior Executive Service traitors, then sent to the wrong CAP point by US SES traitors, he wished he’d been the flight lead as he would have Squawked 7777 and flown north to CAP at North Cap anchor point 38.52N. He could give the west coordinate however it was classified and he had been talking about Venus 77 for 13 years and this was his first chance to enjoy another Venus, not in Blue Jeans.


Venus 77 + Vivi 36 + Word 31 + Trout 99 + Field McConnell: Google it, I dare you!

Serco’s Sucker Loses Gun Control; Out By August 25th?

Malta Dempsey, Fulbright Soetoro, Hillary, Kristine and Songbird, listen and learn:


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