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British Empire Creates a Bump on The Bell Curve - The Ottoman Empire Did The Same Thing - The Jewish Aristocracy: Clever in Money and Scholarship - Jewish Scholars: Clever Marketers - Playing the Victim - Cheaper to Buy American Politicians - We Are All Palestinians Now

Source: Gilad Atzmon


Source: Gilad Atzmon



Marc H. Ellis on Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: I learned this week that Professor Marc H. Ellis - regarded by many as the contemporary leading Jewish theologian, came to the conclusion that yours truly, is the new Jewish prophet.

Here are some quotes I found in the final chapter of "Future of the Prophetic," Ellis' new epic treatise.

The Prophet
"Like the ancient prophets Atzmon exposes Jews. At the same time, Atzmon believes that the Bible, from which the prophets spring, is bogus….Atzmon provides no hiding place for Jews anywhere."(Future of the Prophetic, Marc H. Ellis pg’ 332)
"Atzmon is extreme but, in his extremity, he is much like the biblical prophets." (pg' 332)
"Atzmon performs the prophetic for our time. Like the biblical prophets he does not acknowledge, Atzmon believes we are at the end of Jewish history, a history, like the prophets, he no longer believe exists or, if it does, is not worthy of being carried forward. Irony of ironies, he witnesses to the continuity of both" (pg' 334)
"Like Moses, though with a twist, Atzmon is constrained from entering the land….Atzmon refuses to return until the Promised Land is liberated from the modern-day Israelites. In short, Atzmon's homeland is occupied by Jews." (pg' 336)
"Instead of King of the Jews. Perhaps Atzmon should be recognized as the prophet of old, At least in his self description and his outreach, this is the way he appears." (pg' 332)
"Although largely silent on the prophets, Atzmon's prophetic voice wants nothing to do with his biblical patrimony. It seems to him contrivance that leads to what Israel has become-and perhaps, more or less, always was." (pg' 329)
On Jewish Diaspora, Tribal Symptoms and Detractors:
"In an accusatory manner, Atzmon cites Diaspora Jews for constructing their identity through the Holocaust and the State of Israel. Since most Diaspora Jews were born after the Holocaust and do not live in Israel, Atzmon views them as voyeurs." (pg' 329)
"From the Jewish establishment Board of Deputies to the marginal Jewish Trotskyites –'the Jews for this and that'- Atzmon sees it all as a giant scam." (331)
"Atzmon views the accusation of being an anti-Semite as a last ditch attempt by Jewish groups of different viewpoints to insulate themselves against the deconstruction of Jewish identity. However, while protecting against the deconstruction of Jewish identity another projection comes to the fore." (pg’ 331)
"For Atzmon Jewish identity lacks foundation. Therefore, ganging up on him becomes an agreed-upon foundation to deal with a group anxiety that there is a little basis of Jewish identity at all. Why else would such diverse group come together to denounce a fellow Jew* with such vehemence? Perhaps, as well, Jewish group-think regarding Atzmon represent an anxiety that Atzmon himself voices and embodies: that the only foundation of Jewishness is injustice. " (331)
"He (Atzmon) baits his opponents and leaves them without a place to turn. Nor does he leave himself room to turn. Unlike the biblical prophets, Atzmon’s call to repentance leads nowhere – unless exile is always somewhere else." (pg' 334)
Addressing the question why Atzmon doesn't simply drift away and leaves the Jews alone Ellis writes:

"In fact, Atzmon takes pleasure in the ire of Jews he antagonizes with his writing. He delights in calling attention to the restrictive Jewishness of Jews across the board. "(Pg, 330)
On the Jewish appeasement of Palestinians a la Ali Abunimah & Co, Ellis writes:
"Atzmon's self-identification has led Jewish and Palestinian groups to publicly disassociate from him. The lead has been taken by Palestinians themselves who struggle to separate Jews and Zionism. For these Palestinians, Atzmon muddies the waters since their dispute with Israel as a Jewish State is not with Jews themselves. By disassociating themselves from Atzmon, Palestinians want to set the record straight about their own views on Israel, Zionism and Jews" (pg' 330)
Final words by Gilad Atzmon: I have never regarded myself as a prophet, let alone a Hebrew prophet. I am just a person who thinks loudly, often enough, too loudly.

I can see where Ellis is coming from and why he sees a prophet in me. Yet, I need to emphasize, that for many years I haven't spoken 'to Jews.' Instead I talk about Jews I as I see them, or more precisely, about Jewishness, Jewish culture and ID politics.

Ellis, no doubt a unique spiritual and critical Jew, is correct to see in me something that is foreign to his vision of Diaspora Jews. I was raised in Israel, I was brought up to see myself as the body and the soul of the revival of the biblical Israelite. In alignment with my peers, we believed ourselves to be the remote sons and daughters of King David. This view was further strengthened by the Israel in which I was raised; a Spartan society driven by Prussian military culture. We were taught to believe in 'truthfulness', 'authenticity' and 'justice.' We were patriotic because we blindly adhered to the Zionist 'homecoming' ethos.

Bizarrely, it was the Israeli rather than the Jew in me who protested once I realised that my existence on the land involved the dispossession of an entire nation. It was the Israeli rather than the Jew in me, who was outraged to find out that my ancestors were probably Khazarians and North African Berbers rather than biblical Israelites. I was even more furious as an Israeli, when I found out that my relatives weren't reduced to soap by the Nazis. It was again the Israeli in me who asked what kind of people fabricate sickening stories accusing others of turning their family into soap. It was the Israeli in me that made me question why the historicity of the Holocaust is a sealed zone protected by draconian Holocaust denial laws.

I also believe that it was the Israeli rather than the Jew in Shlomo Sand, Gideon Levy, Israel Shamir and Israel Shahak that made us into outspoken critics of Israel, the Jewish people, Judaism and Jewish ID.

Unlike the Diaspora Jewish left, a controlled opposition front dedicated to the concealment of the Jewishness of the Jewish State, Israel has managed to produce the most profound critics of Jewish related matters.

It follows that it is actually the 'Negation of the Galut (Diaspora)' embedded in Israeli patriotic ideology that fixed the Israeli intellect in a bitter battle against the 'Jew.' It is that unique resilient attitude which Ellis interprets as Hebraic prophetic spirit .

Further reading:

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Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine

Source: Jim Stone

There is no status more powerful than that of the victim

In a nut shell, the answer is because the Jews want victim status, which makes it possible for them to slam anyone who speaks against them and anyone who points out any of their evils can be buried under the slam "anti semite" and Nazi.

It is a simple truth. People are good. You may not realize this after all the propaganda getting pushed about child molesters, rapists, drug lords, evil hitch hikers and all the other crap constantly pushed in the Jewish owned media for the purpose of getting us to hate each other and be divided, but under the lies a simple fact remains - virtually all people are good people who want to make life good for everyone else and will help those in need, especially when they are "victims". And the Jews, who predominantly act as parasites everywhere but within their own communities where they treat each other well, know that they can take the good nature and sympathies of the general public and use it as a weapon against that public to get that public to hand them everything on a silver platter.

The holocaust, which is an easily proven lie, is their best weapon to use against a gullible and sympathetic public

One huge advantage of victim status is that it puts the victim in a position where it is impossible for good thinking people to believe the victim could possibly ever do anything wrong. Victim status allows Jews free reign to be as evil as they want, and no one will ever question them or even consider them being evil a possibility.


The Jews have worked themselves into a situation where they can reap both the benefits of victim status and minority status.

Why is this important? Because if you are an employer who has over 50 employees, and you are running a business which is in competition with Jews, or a very important business which works data security, high tech, medical or anything else important, affirmative action laws are often written in a way which will prevent you from keeping infiltrators out of your company.

Granted, most business owners are totally oblivious to the Jewish threat and totally bite the dust when they get infiltrated and never know the reason why they were destroyed. They never figure out why, even in things that were supposed to be totally private, other competing companies released the same inventions a step ahead, the same software innovations a step ahead, and smashed them with patents and copyrights on things that were supposed to have been private. Coincidence it is not, there is a reason why Jewish companies are rocketing to the top now and infiltration in conjunction with NSA snooping is the reason. Victim status afforded by the "holocaust" and the ability to rip their ways into companies via affirmative action has ensured the Jews a certain victory over all of us.

The above is sensitive information with regard to victim status and hiring policy, so much so that Yahoo answers will pull it so the greater public cannot figure this out. Take a look at this google search. In the original search, the third item down read: "Yahoo Answers: Minority hiring edge for a poor Jew? Most of us are very rich, but I am not. Would this qualify as a minority and I would have a better . . . . When clicked the entire question is pulled and does not exist anymore. If it does pop up again, it will be re-written as a lie.

But the answer to all of this is obvious, YES, they always had minority status, and could ram rod their way into anywhere with it. Once inside a goy business the outcome would be profoundly advantageous for the Jewish community.

There is a reason why everything is going a totally Jewish way now. And they did not do it with a greater intellect, they did it via infiltration and destruction even at a medium business sized level, and with the NSA stealing all the intellectual advancement of the non Jewish community and handing it squarely to the Jews and nothing making it possible to keep infiltrators out, you will see a horror evolve where non Jews are smashed into oblivion and everything that once was Western Civilization is sucked into a black hole all the while the words HOLOCAUST, NAZI, and ANTI SEMITE are used to discredit and bury the true victims. I would say we are no more than 10 years away from the final end.

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