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McConnell Claims Magnotta Hired To Make Snuff Film For Murdoch Pay Per

Presidential Field McConnell claims that agents of the U.K. Sun newspaper hired Luka Magnotta to produce snuff film images to be sold through Rupert Murdoch’s VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view networks.

“Gay Canadian Porn Star Cannibal on run after chopping up man - possibly in France”

[Spoliation inference that Murdoch’s Sun hired Magnotta to make pay-per-view snuff films in a 2011 kitty-porn sting] A British tabloid says it warned Scotland Yard months ago that a man posting videos of himself killing kittens was dangerous.

Magnotta, a 29-year-old Toronto native, is wanted for second-degree murder and indignity to a human body after he allegedly murdered, cannibalized and dismembered a Chinese student in Montreal.

A video of the grisly crime, which has been circulating online, is at the centre of a police investigation.

But this isn't the fist time the alleged killer, who is believed to have fled the country, possibly to France, has garnered international attention over violent Internet videos.

He is suspected to have appeared in online videos killing kittens. In one video, a man drowns the creature. In another, he feeds one to a python.

The U.K. Sun, which had reported on the kitten snuff films, claims it warned Scotland Yard months ago that this man was dangerous.

"We showed cops sick film of a live kitten fed to a snake and an e-mail warning: 'Once you kill and taste blood it's impossible to stop,'" wrote reporters Tom Wells and Alex West in the British tabloid.

The pair claim they tracked Magnotta down in a London flat and spoke to him.

"It wasn't just his appearance that was weird — his behaviour was very odd as well. In a strange, high-pitched voice, he spent 20 minutes denying that he was involved in killing the kitten," West wrote.

"But behind the denials it seemed he was getting some sort of bizarre pleasure out of the attention. I suspected that pleasure was sexual."

Two days later, the paper received an e-mail from someone using the name of a recent murder victim.

The writer claimed to have met two of the paper's reporters, describing them as "sexy."

"It's fun watching people work so hard gathering all the evidence, then not being able to name me or catch me," the note read.

"So, I have to disappear for a while, until people quit bothering me. But next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing that will have some humans in it, not just pussies."

West informed the Limehouse Police Station in East London, who passed it on to the Islington Police in North London.

"After an initial response from the officer in the case I then heard nothing more about it. If the police had stopped investigating Magnotta, then I was not told," West said.

The Sun listed six infamous murderers who started by slaying animals: The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, hitchhiker killer Edmund Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Son of Sam David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy and the Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths.

Internet vigilantes have been hunting Magnotta since the kitten videos first surfaced.
Members of the message board 4Chan, the birthplace of the cyber-activist group Anonymous, reportedly raised $5,000 reward money for anyone who could identify the kitten killer, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, in Maple Ridge, B.C., some two dozen cats have turned up killed and mutilated this week.” TORONTO - Security staff at the offices of a British tabloid newspaper in London, England, are on “high alert” in the wake of reports the alleged ice-pick killer may have fled to Europe.

But the UK Sun reporter who warned police there about Luka Magnotta — six months before a Chinese student was murdered, cannibalized and dismembered in Montreal — says he’s not concerned for his own safety even though the wanted Canadian threatened him personally in an e-mail.

“Could he come looking for me?” Alex West pondered over the phone to the Toronto Sun Friday. “I’m not particularly worried about that.”

The news reporter, who has been with the London paper for five years, actually met Magnotta late last year.

“He’s not a physically threatening person,” West said. “He’s a very slight guy.”

But while Magnotta, who grew up in Toronto using his real name Eric Newman, may not have an intimidating physique, he still made West’s “skin crawl” when he met him face to face.

He tracked Magnotta down at a hotel he was staying at above The Fusilier pub in Wembley, north-west London, to confront him as the possible creator of an online video in which a kitten is eaten by a python.

“He was definitely creepy,” West recalled, adding he immediate felt there was something “not conventional” about the 29-year-old.

Magnotta answered the door wearing a black leather jacket, grey track pants and running shoes.

“But he had foundation on his face and blue eye shadow,” West said. “He was clearly a strange guy.”

It was his behaviour as well as his appearance that West felt was odd.

Although he denied being behind the sick video, West said he behaved “suspiciously” and seemed to enjoy the attention.

The reporter was only vaguely aware of Magnotta’s many online personalities at the time, but the person he portrays himself as on the internet is nothing like the person West talked to for an “unnerving” 20 minutes.

“He was a loner, living on his own in this cheap hotel,” West said. “It didn’t add up.”
Soon after West and his photographer walked away, two plainclothes police officers arrived and took Magnotta away.

He assumed the young man was being investigated for the cat killings but later learned the police were just evicting Magnotta for the hotel manager.

Two days later, The Sun received an e-mail from someone using a murder victim’s name explaining how he planned to start killing humans instead of animals.

West suspected right away it was Magnotta who sent the chilling message.

He refused to reveal the entire e-mail but West claims it described “in horrifying detail the disgusting things he wanted to do to me — acts of the darkest sexual and violent nature.”

The sender closed by saying he had to “disappear for a while.”

“But next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing that will have some humans in it, not just pussies,” the sender wrote.

West notified police of the letter soon after.

But police there failed to take his concerns seriously, just as authorities in Canada and the U.S. failed to take calls from a Montana man seriously last weekend when he tried to report the now infamous online video depicting the gruesome slaying of a man now identified as Jun Lin, 33.

West said he forgot all about Magnotta within a couple of days, so he was stunned when the story broke this week and he realized it was the same man who was now wanted for that grisly murder.”

“ … What next for the Sun?

News Corp’s Chief Operating Officer, Chase Carey, revealed he had held a number of talks with the company’s executives about selling or separating the publishing unit from the company.

“There certainly is an awareness” that New York-based News Corp. would trade at higher multiples if it didn’t own newspapers, Carey said at the Deutsche Bank (DBK) media conference in Palm Beach, Florida.

James Murdoch became chairman in 2007:

The Leveson Inquiry into media standards also heard on Monday that NI’s chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, was being privately briefed by Scotland Yard on its original phone-hacking inquiry into NI when she was editor of The Sun in 2006.

James Murdoch remains chairman of BSkyB.

Meanwhile, what of the Millies, the Sun’s military awards? Operation Elevden has arrested a serving soldier and an Ministry of Defence staffer. Sun reporter Alex West is the son of former First Sea Lord and government minister Admiral Lord West. Rebekah Wade (now Rebekah Brooks) once suspended him from work his arrest for alleged drug offences. He now covers the Millies, and, as the screen shot above show, his dad is an enthusiastic supporter.

No wrongdoing done, of course. Everyone is innocent. It’s just that if soldiers are sent to prison because of their work with the Sun, can the Sun say it supports Our Boys..?

McConnell invites VideoGuard users to join him inside Rupert Murdoch’s OODA loop to track a kitty-porn fugitive and expose a global pay-per-view kiddy-porn trade.

Presidential Mandate

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