Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 1

Eurostrangler Threat to Good Queen Bess, Betsy Ross
Clegg-a-Legg Katyn has a sniff of rendition from Mombassa Waterboard

"Chips apologized for being hasty to the ladies but had to respond to an urgent text from Umbrellaman in the BBC World News snuff film studio in Almaty. Hamish is still amongst the living and needed him to look at the unsolved murder of Robert Wone who died with an electrical masturbator probe up his corn hole. Philip saw April's flushed face and turned on a Dyke-inspired BBC Virtual News radio station. Barnett’s snuff-film news was reported by a script reader with more articulation and IQ than the world's most deranged teleprompter addressee. Chips whispered in April's ear, "Are you familiar with Lou Christie's Rhapsody in the Rain?" and selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun. Philip turned off the BBC whose Dyke appeared to be helping SamCam's Chicken Legg and Queen Hornet with their SES flag knocking off the Betsy Ross and sporting the East India Tea Company's seven cowardly stripes. Not to mention their chicken shit Keystone emblem. Marquis d'Cartier handed April a large Cuba Libra made with 151 rum and gave Chips a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini. Hoss puts seven questions; one is, 'Did Mrs. Clegg use Royal Charter for BBC 9/11 with Queen Hornet and Serco to make the "first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history"? Chips muses about an unfortunate son with an SSN indicating he is 120 years old and from Connecticut when he is really 48 and transported via Serco rendition from a secretly-recorded waterboarding session in Mombassa with Gorillawoman as Boomer and Sasquatch as Windowsmear.

First and foremost read Matthew 28:18 unless your name is Obama or Kagan, there WILL be a test at mid chapter. If your name is Obama or Kagan, please watch this movie as no Muslims and some Jewish folks don't like what Matthew 28:18 promises all who can see, all who can hear, capeche?

In observance of Decoration Day let's pay honor to our Veterans of all branches while we watch a USN jet chase the USAF out of a video, just as on 9/11 the Canadian Forces overcame the USAF due to an agreement between some unfaithful Americans, one Army and one Air Farce, and Maurice Baril of Canada.

Slicer, Nellie and Chips lie in sweet repose in the tangled sheets of the heart shaped bed in Room 106 of the Full Moon B&B on Rudge Lane about one beer north of Frome, England where on Wednesdays Nell the bartender works at the Livestock sale barn, generally in the sales ring with sheep even though she is a professional cattle breeder whose father was a Scot in the British Army and she had once slept in Henry's house on the same second floor as Agent Chips. Chips was thinking about pleasant times with Nell when Slicer's head disappeared below the covers, perhaps searching for the map of India. To Chips' pleasant surprise she also had another motive which was enjoyable and Chips lost his concentration just as Hamish does when he gets in a hurry. Slicer's effort were having the result she desired when Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun went off with a ring consistent with a Flash Text. As Slicer stayed busy like a beaver, Chips looked at the LED on his CSG and saw a brief message: CBP RFB DBX TSE NPR GE6 CEA

Under the comforter Slicer's enthusiasm had awakened Nellie Nosebush who wished to join in the undercover work but Our Man Chips, with his mind on the mission, let the girls down gently with a caress and a love song to let them both know how very special they were to him, as opposed to notches on his gun, as he saw a Flash text from April Cunning come into his CSG also.
Chatterbox April Cunning Flash Clipper to Chips, copy Name Dropper, Banzai and Otto: "Chips, our HRM subject has popped up and I copied his 7 item text. Umbrellaman wishes that we depart for Perm ASAP and Otto has Norski 07 inbound to RAF Brize Norton at this time. Pastel Tangerine. Respond via voice ASAP, Clipper 4. April C.”

"Hate to be hasty ladies, not to be confused with tasty ladies, but duty calls and I just got an urgent text from Umbrellaman in the BBC World News snuff film studio in Almaty. It appears that Hamish is amongst the living and I am being recalled to Kazakhstan or the area where Senator Lugar and Boo Boo were detained in September, 2005 not long after Operation Clinton Uranium Swindle where a Canadian pogue flew Slick Willy to Almaty, Kazakhstan in a private McDonnell Douglas MD80 derivative and 11 months prior to the unsolved murder of Robert Wone who died with an electrical masturbator probe us his cavernous and oft traveled corn hole, capeche?" As Chips jumped out of bed and took a quick Marine Corps shower, he selected his ultra manly, not to be confused with MK Ultra, Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Tangerine. Fortunately his TI had reduced to 65% so stuffing the monster was neither painful nor time consuming. He threw a couple of things, including his Sig Sauer P226 in the 9mm version into his Mumbai leather bag before stepping into the Lou, ostensibly to send a lengthy message to USIS headquarters where those who abound in profusion are aghast to consider losing their treason-friendly jobs when the SES goes down like Penguin's black robe or Boo Boo's Wone Woody. Once inside the bathroom he turned on the exhaust fan to the "Al Gore setting" and played a recording of the crepitation contest so that 'the girls' would think he was having an Al Gore like offload replete with 'emissions' well above 350ppm. While the 3 minute flatulent melody played at 396 decibels, he dialed April Cunning on Clipper 4. Although the original of the Crepitation Contest is in custody of CIA this Chinese rip-off version co-produced by Thunder Thighs and her Lesbian Lover [ Lavender Merkin ] from Wellesley that now sits in a Boston Bank will give you an idea of Lord Windowsmear, a Bullingdon Club Grad of Oxford as he foolishly opposed Australia's Paul Boomer who was tragically lost in a methane lighting contest with the suddenly silent avoider of the Oslo AGW Charade.

"April, Chips, brevity brevity, where to and when?"

"Right now, Avis car by RPB out front, Perm or Astana, stat, Pastel Tangerine."

Chips gave April 3 green flashes and flushed the Lou. As he came out of the bathroom he found Nellie and Slicer, in the buff, preparing to leap to their deaths from the unsashed back window. They were both holding their noses.

"Don't jump" cried Chips "to conclusions. I played the crepitation contest recording so that our Agents in Room 105 would not come over for Tea and Cakes. I apologize if I scared you or your thought I violated Pachauri's bull-shit AGW limits designed to prop up Hockystick Mann of Pennsylvania or the cowardly oaf from Tennessee who was a no-show at Oslo. Nellie, I have taken the Map of India (MOI) and look forward to the upcoming Secret Tactical Uranium Revelation Evolution (STURE). I will look forward to seeing you both soon after I return from Kostanay and Pavlodar. Enjoy the Full English Breakfast and give my regrets to Name Dropper, et. al."

As Chips went out the door and double-timed down to the waiting Volvo Wagon, not to be confused with Vulva Wagging such as his signature passtime, he wondered how long it would take the ladies to put 2 and 2 together, in this case MOI and STURE, or Moisture. Even though Ian Fleming has been replaced by a rookie writer and Sean Connery has gone into retirement, these things were only fiction. Agent Chips and his VW (Vulva Wagging) were the perfect cover for the conduct of secure intel operations such as April and Chips were engaging head on, think hard.

As Chips crawled into the back seat of the black Volvo Wagon he got a shot of Pastel Tangerine which was April's way of proving up. Chips also noticed the tattoo on her right shoulder was correctly aligned 'northwest' as she proved up Chips by checking his turgidity index and PPC, proper pastel color. Security protocols completed April told the driver, in fluent Finnish, to get to Brize Norton ASAP. As gravel was slung from the front drive tires, Michelins perhaps, a strong and tan left hand reached from out of the back of the wagon to tap Chips' left scapula twice indicating that Homi and Duke were providing stern security as April was checking Chips' bow, or for nautical buffs, masthead and April Cunning was convinced that not since the Blue Nose racer was built for Halifax has any masthead been more famous or feared, capeche?

As Northampton, England's Abel Danger Agent Philip Ackroyd drove expeditiously towards Brize Norton, he handed back over the front seat an ice chest with the short message, using his left hand over his right shoulder just as JFK's Driver/Shooter did in the Zapruder film that some question, and said that Agent DJ of Halifax and Los Angles had suggested a 'sociable'. Chips had his hands full but April took the offering and opened it to see her signature Cuba Libre in a 16 ounce schooner, not to be confused with the beer of the Maritimes, Schooner, and also a pair of Captain Sherlock Martini's. As Chips was checking moisture and temperature readings April asked Philip if he'd like to share their bounty as Chips' bounty hunt had successfully located April's.

"No thank you ma'am, I hate to mix when I am driving" as he held up a 32 ounce schooner of black and tan and smiled with Guinness froth in his beefeater like mustache.

Philip had seen April's flushed face and determined that Chips' was doing a little recon of the target area so he turned on a Dyke-inspired BBC Virtual News radio station, KBUM radio a BBC VNN joint venture just as Barnett's snuff-film news was being reported by a script reader with more articulation and IQ than the world's most deranged teleprompter addressee who has been bumbling a lot lately as his future is being brokered by Facedrop and Hairless Weed who is losing his ass to challenger and honest person Sharon Angle not to be confused with Wolfman Jack who according to the Guess Who had all the angles for any woman with all the curves, at the 3+00 point in the youTube link immediately below. Don't believe me? Listen here as the paid liars at BBC talk about another corrupt tail gunner who is being taken out by the Abel Danger Wrecking Crew while BP’s false flag in the Gulf of Mexico gets revealed with the help of Game Breaker at Fox News, perhaps, for sooth, et al.

"LONDON - A senior minister in Britain's new coalition government resigned Saturday after admitting that he claimed tens of thousands of pounds (dollars) in taxpayers' money to pay rent to his long-term partner, as in homosexual, read gay, co-pervert."

Of course this 'wanker dandy' in Gaye Olde Englande cannot hold a candle, or EROSTEK ET302R electrical shockwave generator, to America's Buggerer-in-Chief, according to both Larry Sinclair and Wayne Madsen, who will see the Wone Wanker trial coming soon to a Courtroom near Ewe. Google Ewe. Then google EROSTEK ET302R + Wone + Obama. Then in 30 days google EROSTEK ET302R + Wone + Obama + butt pirate and this Chapter 1 of Book Six will come up. And if some pervert from DC attempts to harm Captain America their Name will be Dropped according to Name Dropper who isn't just a guy who walks his dog, capeche?

While the London based taffy-pullers were having their puds whacked, the Casa D'Ice in North Versailles, Pennsylvania was honoring US Veterans as little people around the world were doing also. In fact, if it weren't for American GIs who selflessly served 65-70 years ago, the wankers in London would be pleasuring each other in the captivity of some goose-steppers who loved buxom blonds, buzz bombs and beer, WTF is wrong with that Boo Boo or doesn't your Occidental-Columbia-Harvard magical mystery education allow you knowledge of alliteration. Perhaps when this 'darling dandy of the Treasury' is removed those cleaning house could sweep out the City of London and the Magic Circle Jerks before I have to come over there myself and get it taken care of PDQ which would not leave my CONUS ladies very happy or satisfied, capeche?

Chips had completed his digital moisture exam (DME) not to be confused with the DMZ where 12% of the KIA were African Americans while the other 88% were non-African Americans and AMEC of Canada helped the Ho Chi Minh Trail go 'underground' as Chips father participated in Arc Light, Rolling Thunder and Linebacker, not to be confused with our current administration's Operation Fudgepacker, flying operations from his posting at PacAF Headquarters where today there sits an F86E with the name Capt Joe McConnell on the left canopy rail, as Agent April Cunning handed him a slip of paper that had fallen from his shirt pocket as he had been inspecting a pocket of hers, so to speak. Let's see now, Lt. Glenn McConnell top 4 engine fighter pilot, Capt Joe McConnell top jet-jet Ace, Major Chips world's record low jet-jet refueling, could it be in the DNA?

Pick-up Location: Agent Chips, DNI-F Pick-Up: Saturday, July 03, 2004 - 10:00 AM
London Gatwick Airport – LGW Crawley, London XX RH6 0NW United Kingdom
(44) 870 0104068 Sun-Sat Open 24 hrs

Return Location: Agent April, DNI-FI Return: Sunday, July 11, 2004 - 10:00 AM
London Gatwick Airport – LGW Crawley, London XX RH6 0NW United Kingdom
(44) 870 0104068 Sun-Sat Open 24 hrs

"This reminds me of our trip to the Royal Cattle Show in the summer of 2004, Chips."

"As well it should my juicy cumquat. These are my 'tac breifing notes' from our penetration, pardon the choice of noun, of the British White Cattle Society so that we could get inside the Meat and Livestock Commission at Milton-Keynes and determine what, if anything, they had in common with Sodexho a company which is positioned to poison a majority of America's deployed military at their whim not to be confused with your quim. I had come over from Fargo, via Minneapolis and you had come down from Ylivieska in your native Finland. You'll recall that when Jimmie and I checked into the Full Moon they were one short on rooms so someone saw DNI-F and DNI-FI and thought we were together. I love mistakes like that and I remember well how little sleep we got with all the security debriefings, and such and how much you were looking forward to your 18th birthday, as was I."

"Chips, the discovery of pleasure was all mine. I was so surprised when you suggested a 'target area' was N6404.5 024.236E. I was aware of your reputation, as I listen to American Annie and Otto Pilot in the Chatroom of Uncle Ray's Wednesday's radio shows and clearly the ladies dream of being the one who dictates, I say again, dictates oldies songs and pastel colors to you each week to help you with your chronic and debilitating lack of creativity, and had thought that the target area might be closer to here." As April Cunning led Chips' hand on a voyage of discovery he detected a piece of paper where none had been earlier. After selflessly increasing her MI to an acceptable level Chips withdrew the paper and was surprised to see a map of India with the two unnamed red dots now identified as Sardiha T and Mangalore A. Chips, who believed it was his responsibility to think hard, put his hand up to the secret map case to see if there were any additional clues. He had just reached his digital destination when an incoming Clipper call came into his Clipper Squirt Gun just as Philip Ackroyd swerved to avoid an oncoming cement truck on the Rudge Lane roadway. Chips continued pleasuring April as he read the incoming Immediate Clipper from Marquis d'Cartier.
Whistleblower Marquis d'Cartier Immediate Clipper to Otto Pilot, Name Dropper, Agent Bean and Banzai, copy Corazon and Chips: "I do a lot of networking on the internet and this material is being looked at by quite a few people including more recently Dog Walker, Mercury Man and Henry Makow who just put up the piece I did on Geddes' safe in the Chicago fire on his site in response to an article he posted related to David Cameron. Scroll down about half way and you will find an acerbic comment just below the David Cameron piece at Henry Makow's site: I have subsequently received several favorable email responses. Today comes news from the Sligo Squealer that the satellite launched on 21 Oct 2000 and currently in geostationary orbit over 72W is the 'facilitator' used MNB on 9/11. Have we a trace of 'cheesy'? Marquis."
As Chips tried to determine MNB Philip apologized for the near miss with the cement truck. April could see his concern and as if to be a mental springboard for the laconic Agent known as Chips she offered "Any chance it's a misprint and Mineta-Minow-Bienen is the user of the facilitator? After all, after Abel Danger contacted the USAFA '81 Attorney on the Sheikh Khalid Muhammed Defense team Boo Boo and Horse Holder have gone as silent as Al Gore is on his relationship to David Blood who is from the same country whose Dyke BBC demonstrated their prescience by reporting WTC 7 was destroyed 20 minutes prior to its happening"

Chips was very impressed with this young daughter of an auto dealer from Ylivieksa, Finland and he demonstrated his appreciation by increased manipulation and a heartfelt expression of thanks. "You are right April, I did not pick up on the misspelling of facilitator which was Marquis d'Cartier stenographic indicator that a significant misspelling was to follow. How can I ever repay you my moist maven of mental alacrity?"

Philip was blending into traffic on the motorway to Brize Norton as April passed Chips two 18 ounce tins of Smoked Oysters and a 3 capsule gel tab of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extend-o-peters. "I hope to share some Tangerine with you at our first opportunity" as she accessed his TI and found it 'workable'. As April was manually returning the favor, Philip changed the radio dial and a broadcast from the US which had been dumbed down for benefit of western Europe which hoped to take America, as per Zbigniew Brzezinski's 1970 plan known as "Operation Polish Bonehead", after loosing their own cities and countries to a Muslim population explosion demonstrated the mindset of the 'entitlement gang' that was sucking the lifeblood out of the US Treasury while BP was creating environmental havoc in the Gulf of Mexico and Boo Boo was trying to destroy America thru piss poor performance as a former Fulbright Scholar and Columbia University absentee all the time flashing a Social Security Number that indicates he is 120 and from Connecticut which Pastor David Manning suggests should be 47 and Mombassa, Kenya. Let's listen to another scholar supportive of TEAM OBAMA 2010 not since Clinton's AFU Surgeon General masturbating expert have we seen such excrement in office [ EIO as per Old MacDonald's farm ]:

As Philip, April and Chips were proud of Michael Savage for pointing out the illness of this demented Jo from Boca Raton, a sudden rain shower began and Chips whispered in April's ear, "Are you familiar with Lou Christie's Rhapsody in the Rain?" Three short tugs on the tiller bar indicated "Yes, I am". Remembering how they once utilized the large floorspace of a 2004 Volvo Wagon's folded down backseats during a rainstorm at England's Stone Henge in July, 2004, Chips selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun as Philip turned off the BBC whose Dyke appeared to be helping SamCam's Chicken Legg and Queen Hornet with their SES flag knocking off the Betsy Ross and sporting the East India Tea Company's seven cowardly stripes to weaken America. Not to mention their chicken shit Keystone emblem which makes one think back to William Penn which recalled Chips' reputation as the PENIS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. No wait, strike that, THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD, see Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)

"Oh Chips, how I long for yesterday" gushed the 100% MI April Cunning as the late May rainstorm became stronger and the car driven by Philip was being buffeted by the wind and waves of torrential weather enough to cause one to wonder if Zbigniew Brzezinski was again toying with the weather trying to prosecute a Polish Heart Attack on God's Little People [ see Matthew 25:40 ]. An Immediate Clipper from Banzai Pipeline seem to bear the same energy strain, hmmhhhh.
Wrecking Crew BP Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Yellow Hammer, Marquis d'Cartier, copy Chips and Thrasher: "The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." (FaceBook, Cell Phone Conversations, Emails, Texts, Government Records, etc.) Watch for a preemptive weather strike as Air Patrol, ADT, Magic Circle, Sidley-Avery-SES now realize their Goose is soon to be cooked. Mother Moose authorizes LETHAL FORCE."
Mid Chapter Intermission, all but Brzezinski, Obama, Clinton, Soros and Rockefeller are excused, Kissinger is like Paul

Matthew 28:18 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”

Intermission over, continue reading, but remember Matthew 28:18 because you SES-FCI-Magic Circle PFers are toast.

As a bolt of blue lightning struck a radio tower nearby, April clung to Chips and he could feel her tremble much like when she had sequential exploculations, as was her delightful habit. "Chips, that singer, Lou Christie looks familiar; is he also with Abel Danger?"

"Umbrellaman has asked me not to identify certain of our Agents, however, in anticipation of your much touted sequential exploculations, I would simply opine laconically that I am no stranger to the rain, that I am a friend of thunder so is it any wonder lightning strikes me. Also, if you ever watch the video by Keith Whitley of Abel Danger's ode to Weather Modification, Name Dropper appears at the opening, pardon the expression, 0:22, 0:47 1:47 and elsewhere and you may note a resemblance to Lou Christie" as he went back to soothing his Abel Danger Security Ass-set whose Tangerine was becoming dew laden but not like the DEW that Dwarf worked on prior to the Global Perverts taking down the electronic borders on NORAD's north while the Lesbo from a state gaining statehood in 1912 almost did down south. Thank God Arizona shit-canned the queer and replaced her with Jan Brewer. April was about ready to 'bob for apples' when another Immediate Clipper came into to Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun not to be confused with his Skirt Gun.

I'm no stranger to the rain
I'm a friend of thunder
Friend, is it any wonder lightning strikes me
I've fought with the devil
Got down on his level
But I never gave in, so he gave up on me

I'm no stranger to the rain
I can spot bad weather
And I'm good at finding shelter in a downpour
I've been sacrificed by brothers
Crucified by lovers
But through it all I withstood the pain
I'm no stranger to the rain

But when I get that foggy feeling
When I'm feeling down
If I don't keep my head up, I may drown
But it's hard to keep believing
I'll even come out even
While the rain beats your hope in the ground
And tonight it's really coming down

I'm no stranger to the rain
But there'll always be tomorrow
And I'll beg, steal, or borrow a little sunshine
And I'll put this cloud behind me
That's how the Man designed me
To ride the wind and dance in a hurricane
I'm no stranger to the rain

Oh, no, I'm no stranger to the rain

I'm no stranger to the rain
I'm a friend of thunder
Friend, is it any wonder lightning strikes me
But I'll put this cloud behind me
That's how the Man designed me
To ride the wind and dance in a hurricane
I'm no stranger to the rain

Oh, no, I'm no stranger to the rain or or email 'Jan Brewer'
Chatterbox Dwarf Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Name Dropper, Mother Moose, Umbrellaman, Bachman Turner Over, copy Uncle Ray, Thrasher and Chips: "Hamish, we men usually don't get excited over happenings in a gay massage parlor. Well, believe me I witnessed in Toronto, mid 1970s, that the gay community was all a buzz that the Prime Minister of Canada was coming to Toronto that evening and a few boys (?) came to my woman's boutique in the Four Season's Sheraton to brag that they were invited. My woman grew up around gay cousins who became noted fashion designers and she could spot these gays from a block away, and she always gave me the signal. She tolerated them and understood all their ways and unique problems, such as Boo Boo, Rahm the Rammer, and Pal Kenn are dealing with today. They were all excited as the PM's visits to a gay massage parlor were always a blast, closed for a private session, and not to be missed due to the PM similarities to Napoleon, who pulled his Bonaparte. This was a red letter day for them and they explained what all would take place. The PM was a Communist, but he flourished a single red rose on the lapel of his jacket, which is the symbol of the European Socialist. So I can very well see what a great occasion these encounters are for them. Dwarf PS If you see two red roses with T Sardiha and A Mangalore watch for a train wreck and an airplane crash to be engineered by those we pursue, capeche?"

breaking news:

breaking wind: Bullingdon Club Oxford Grad Lord Windowsmear Part 2:

April was about ready to get the show on the road as her MI was now 'uncontainable' and she sorely needed a debriefing by Our Man Chips and to some degree the loquacious opiner from Plum City thought a roll in the hay might go pretty good right about now. As the passing downpour seemed to be giving way to clearer skies Philip Ackroyd signaled a right hand turn to exit the motor way for Brize Norton where Hoss and Buck Naked were supposed to be waiting in a new G550 recently delivered in Savannah, Georgia not far from Warner Robins, Macon and in fact near our Abel Danger Georgia office at Milledgeville in Baldwin County near Etonton and Athens not to drag the Eton Elites or the Greek Deceits into our short story line in Chapter One of Book Six of our Ten Volume Set which will be released within 60 minutes of any flat heart rate monitors of any Abel Danger Agent. There is a reason why both Minnesota and Wisconsin are now waving the 'bull-shit flag" at O'Trauma Care but I don't have time to elaborate on that as there is a Tangerine that needs to be plucked......from the tree, get your mind out of the gutter, you might bump into Boo Boo, Rammer, Facedrop, Thunder Thighs, Sasquatch, Farney Brank or the other misfits that the Rocky and Rothy rumpriders have loosed on America not realizing why, exactly, Abel Danger has moved it's center for Global Operations to Plum City (better home grown security) from Fargo where the treason-enabling Alien Technologies does there dirty work at the same land grant university that allowed the bulbous nosed and brain dead president to overrun the budget of his 'castle' by $800K while Hoeven's taxpayers sang another chorus of Kumbaya as Obamaroy from Valley City was having his lunch eaten by Rick Berg from out west near Medora, capeche?

The G550 sitting in front of Base Operations at Brize had both engines running as a gate sentry motioned for Philip Ackroyd to proceed. As the car was approaching the Gulfstream jet, a second bolt of blue lightning flashed, causing April to again cling to Chips while she trembled. "What is it Chips" she asked as she placed his finger on her trigger.

"Lightning is striking again as when in our car love came like a shooting star, it was exciting like thunder but I don't wonder where you are." As the bolt from the blue faded and the rain gave way to clearing, Stone and Marquis d'Cartier opened the right rear door letting Chips out first followed by the lovely April Cunning not to be confused with the United States Air Force Major April C. who was on Adm Tim Keating's staff at Northern Command and whom received my written warnings that Boeing jets had [ BUAP + QRS 11 + Smacsonic + KU band ] and therefore a CLEAR THE SKIES order should have been given to protect global travelers over the threat window of 24-25 December, 2006 but alas ALPA obstructed that so Adam Air 574 (1-1-2007), Kenya Airways 507 (5-5-2007), Colgan 3407 (12-2-2009) and Air France 447 ( 6-1-2009) were added to the list of "re-insurance generation involving NPR airliners" according to the Abel Danger Aviation Expert in Milledgeville, Georgia just north of the V-D capital of the south, Vidalia-Dublin, not to be confused with the kick-ass oldies band from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky the Van Dells. As April egressed from the Volvo Chips got a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a Tangerine vulva, but as ALPA's Peter Janhunen said "Chips must be a troubled guy". Maybe the 'Washington bath house' gang will be getting in a little 'hot water' over their failure to ensure that the illegal modifications to Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and ESPECIALLY Bombardier aircraft, which were painted white with no markings on 9/11, are removed before their potential re-deployment of Canadian Clipper 2010, the prelude to OOS, although Chips has been GIVEN AUTHORITY to obstruct that evil plan.

Marquis d'Cartier handed April a large Cuba Libra made with 151 rum and gave Chips a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini which made him think back to Molly's On Main which is the only watering hole in Wisconsin where Fat Tire, Shiner Bock and CSMs are all 3 available. Stone had the foward door secured and replaced Buck Naked in the right seat as Hoss was taxiing towards runway 26 with his left hand while enjoying a frosty Grape Nehi with his right hand, which was the size of a mature snapping turtle such as the one that died on the road to Nugget Lake on 29 May, 2010.

"Chips, we have a forward CG problem due to the extra fuel in the ACT so Hoss wonders if you and April would object to repairing to the aft Crew Rest Facility, is that doable?"

"Yes I am" gushed the sudsing maven of mental alacrity before thinking.

"Any thing to help the mission" responded our laconic opiner who is seldom flappable and never flaccid.

Chips had just shut and latched the CRF door when Hoss, or Stone, was cobbing the power and from the three gate 'bumps' it appeared that TOGA power was being used as a Toga of another variety was being dropped.

"I wish we were on our way home" cooed April as she was spent from sudsing like a Maytag all the way from Frome to Brize Norton.

"Maybe you'll feel better if I slip this in" responded Our Man Chips as he put a CD in his Clipper Squirt Gun and selected C6 and C240.

With the timer set for 4 hours Chips knew that he would need to review some of the horrendously ugly and undesirable hogs that infest FCI, SES, DLA-P and the Chicago Law Firm that are proud of their work in some rather unsavory enterprises, so what's new for Sidley-Austin, NU and KSM. While you listen to a musical account of what I was doing Saturday night while I was downtown at Molly's on Main, in Plum City, I will mentally try to figure out Hamish's cryptic Clipper while I try and hold off firing an errant round prior to April's signature sequential exploculation.

Chips could tell that April hadn't seen a Bigg Johnson for a while so he set the 30 minute rule aside and called 'switch' at 24 minutes so she could pretend she was a NASCAR or Indy driver and be a pole sitter. The rolling reversal, without a disconnect, had just been accomplished when Chips saw an incoming Immediate from Hamish. Fortunately the technologically challenged 12 D thinker used text so Chips had both hands free to dial radio stations, so to speak. In the brief text Hamish explained his now 13 hour absence.

"Chips, sorry to bow out without notice. Had to meet one of the BBs in Dubai. By the way, have you figured out the coded message yet? When I sent you this group CBP RFB DBX TSE NPR GE6 CEA I knew that the bad guys would be able to figure out Crystal Blue Persuasion, Red Phone Booth, Dubai, Astana, NPR but thought they might have a 'gran mal poop' when they realized we have evidence that the GE-6 satellite launched on 21 Oct 06 from the Cosmobase in Kazakhstan, and currently sits over Quechee, Vermont at 72 degrees West was used for enabling private communications and commands during the 9/11 attacks which were perped by the same ho’moses who did Katrina, Deepwater Horizon, Haiti, JFK, Pearl Harbor and are hoping to finish it off, according to the Banker's Manifesto of 1892, during the OOS currently set for 31 October, 2010. What the pig-phucers don't know is that the GE6 has a 'hitchhiker' and we have a clear continuity of custody trail and a 'chat room audit' going back to 2 November, 2000 and Agent James Crosby is working with Abel Danger Kazan to fill in the dates 21 Oct-2 Nov as well as the Russian sat-shots of a Sky Warrior 'cat-shot'. I tossed the CEA in there to give the R&R Intel Shop a head ache. See you in Sitges. Hamish. Standby for incoming FLASH.”

Fortunately for Chips April Cunning was lost in G-spot land and was unaware that Chips was in the harness with Abel Danger. As her counter-rotating fun bags kept everything in balance, Chips slipped an ear piece in so that April would not be forcibly brought back from her orbital action, which was mildly pleasing to Our Man Chips. Chips has his Jack Bauer-esque candy-ass Hollywood prop in his ear for only 18 seconds when Hamish chimed in.

KSM Lead Witness Hamish to Umbrellaman, Mother Moose, Name Dropper, Corazon, Banzai Pipeline, Otto Pilot, copy Abigail Chopsticks and Yellowhammer: "The response from Lord Pearson is intriguing. Hawks CAFE asked him to investigate Mrs. Miriam Clegg and the European Movement founded by the late Duncan Sandys, not to be confused with Sandy's gas station in Plum City, for their possible use of BBC snuff films to blackmail David Laws and force the ‘Treasury Axeman’ to resign. Our KSM agents have evidence that ‘Eurostrangler’ leaders have been using the BBC’s Royal Charter and snuff-film production crews to blackmail victims for over 60 years, apparently starting with a de-Nazification program at Camp 165 in Watten, Aberdeenshire and continuing through 9/11 to the recent alleged sabotage of the BP-chartered Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. While Lord Pearson did not challenge any of our points east of the Atlantic, he disavowed knowledge of Sandy's in Plum City. He also suggested we look at 'Frank the Kraut' but that may be a vain attempt at disinfo ala MOSQUITO PILOT-LIMO DRIVER-GIRL IN POLKA DOT SKIRT. Hamish”

Chips could tell from her intensity, cycling speed and heavy breathing that the moist maven magnificently mounted was in danger of exploculating so he removed the air refueling probe and called 'Sociable'.

April immediately remounted causing Chips to see the downside of never having a downside, if you follow me regarding the 3 extend-o-peter gel tabs and TIT [ turgidity index tungsten, not turbine inlet temperature ]. As April got back in to sync, Chips heard a corroborating Clipper come in from Corazaon in CONUS.
Chatterbox Corazon Dulce Priority Clipper to Umbrellaman, Marquis d'Cartier, Name Dropper, Game Breaker, copy Banzai, Otto, Hamish and Chips: "James Crosby in TACIT BLUE hawking Joint Stars confirms they took the bait regarding Astana, Perm or Almaty. While Phil J Berg and Orly focus on Perm, reset course direct Stiges, Spain. We have a fox in the henhouse and our principals will all 'redirect' to the Bilderberg destination as their JIG IS UP. Suggest Nellie Nose Bush and Mattress Thrasher meet the G550 passengers to discuss this recent 'squeal' from an unhappy sow: Royalty In Kind, a primer: Phase-Out and Transition to Royalty in Value Upon termination of the RIK Program, Secretary Salazar directed MMS to “. . . ensure that the termination of the RIK program will not adversely affect the MMS’s commitment to ensure that the nation’s Federal and Indian energy and mineral revenues are accurately reported and paid in compliance with laws, regulations and lease terms and that the American people receive fair market value for their valuable energy and mineral resources.” As a sidebar, as RIK oil and natural gas sales contracts expire, RIK properties will revert to in-value status. MMS is requesting additional appropriated funds for the increased in-value resource needs resulting from this transition. The FY 2011 increase will be offset by an equivalent reduction in outlays from receipts, previously used to fund RIK activities. Workload shifts from in-kind to in-value will begin in FY 2011 and continue through FY 2012 and FY 2013 unless the OOS does not occur or does not achieve our purpose. Game Breaker will be following our efforts from his Fox News Outpost, Corazon Dulce, Abel Danger Waxhah, North Carolina, Madrid, Spain and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.”

Abigail Chopsticks Priority Clipper to Marquis d'Cartier, Banzai Pipeline, Otto Pilot, Uncle Ray and Yellowhammer for forward to the Laconic Opiner: "We from Europe are aware of the paltry education dispensed in America post 1963. However, please consider the truths from Europe. Remember that the Holodomor Famine of 1932/3 and the two Katyn massacres were serial Eurostrangler crimes – one in 1941, the other in 2010. Emile Zola, an incorrigible Frog opined that 'if you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground [ Fresh Kills garbage hills 1, 9 and Chinese and Indian steel smelters ] it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way [ Civil Case 1:08-1600 (Pro Se)(RMC) ] and from Franks' Kraut Arthurs Schopenhauer 'All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed; [ ALPA's Janhunen: McConnell is a troubled guy ] Second, it is violently opposed: [ Northwest kow-tows to USDOJ causing McConnell to be wrongfully terminated ] and Third, it is accepted as self-evident' [ ...of course 23 young men from the mid-East could not pin point AON and Cantor Fitzgerald in NYC and the Naval Command Center's Window in the had to be the BUAP + QRS 11 + KU Band + Smacsonic ]. Whilst some Yanks still possess intelligence and balls, sadly your country is going the way of Alexander the Great, Rome and the British Empire. Suggest Chips identify Clintons and Obamas regarding China. Abigail Chopsticks, O'Neills Pub, Brighton"
As Chips was hammering away like a busy beaver but possessing no buck teeth, up in the forward lounge Agent Buck Naked was on his 3rd Captain Sherlock Martini and dressed in his Lime Green Leisure Suit, anticipating a nice night with the ladies at Sligos, Jamaica and the Seoul Kitchen in Astana, Kazakhstan and perhaps dinner at the Line Brew. A more erudite Marquis d' Cartier realized the Chips-like ingestion of Martini caused Buck Naked to miss the DRAFT change to Stiges, Spain. M d'C was about ready to update Buck Naked when he felt a vibrating in his CCW Peni-Cam. So as to not arouse Agent Buck Naked, Marquis stepped into the forward Lou and reeled out his magnificent Peni Cam what was always 'gathering intel' for Abel Danger while Chips would probe and data mine in another method.

Wrecking Crew Banzai Pipeline Priority Clipper to Marquis d'Cartier, Agent Bean, Name Dropper, James Crosby and Lonewolf, copy Hamish: "In April of 1997 United States Secretary of Defense Wlliam S. Cohen said: "Others are engaging even in an co-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." He made this statement at a conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and U.S. Strategy in his official capacity as the US Secretary of Defense; thus this can be taken as an official position of the United States. Further he used the word "are," not "could", "might" or "maybe sometime in the future." He further added: "It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensifiy our efforts." If the United State Secretary of Defense say that the earth and the sky have been turned into weapons, and are being used as such in present time, I believe we should take this statement very seriously. Suggest Otto Pilot consider HAARP Norway, Brumhilde consider HAARP Russia, Agent Grizz consider HAARP Alaska, while Corazon and Chips update us all on the Arecibo Radio Telescope ( built in Puerto Rico by Dr. William Gordon PhD whose daughter and only progeny Nancy often slept at FO3 Cliff Road, Ramey AFB )while they were novice agents of the 72nd C4ISR Wing while also classmates in the Class of 1967 at Ramey AFB as well as star pupils in Priscilla N. Cordero's Spanish classes after Victoria Principal had left the island but before Elvis had left the building and before Chips was given his fighter pilot call-sign SMOKE that was so respected and feared that when he retired from the Happy Hooligans the then squadron commander Maurice Borud became Smoke. Banzai, aboard Joint Stars. "Marquis responded to Banzai and also printed a copy for Chips as he noticed Chips was not CCed from Banzai Pipeline. He noted that Agent Buck Naked had fallen asleep after three of the Captain Sherlock Martinis which, in Wisconsin where ObamaCare is DOA, can only be found at Molly's on Main, the restaurant and lounge in Plum City across from the Trout Pond. While Marquis was 'sealing' the copy for Chips with his gold signet ring with the initials MdC, he saw another Clipper come in via Satellite GE-6, this time thru the C band which made him concerned regarding the weather ahead.

Blabbermouth Agent Bean Priority Clipper to Hoss, James Crosby, Banzai, Otto Pilot and Marquis d'Cartier, copy Hamish, Corazon and Nellie Nosebush: “The government-wide Senior Executive Service flag, which the Office of Personnel Management approved as the official SES flag in 1989, stands in the offices of executives throughout the government. The flag consists of the gold SES logo on a navy blue background, encircled by 13 five-point gold stars. The SES logo is a trapezoid-shaped keystone, symbolizing the importance of the SES in carrying out [ or assigning / corrupting / obstructing? ] the president's policies. Inside the keystone are seven lines, which OPM explains represent "columns of strength" in the SES ranks but seem similar to the 7 lines in the British East India Tea flag or ensign. The Clegg-a-Legs infiltrated the snuff-film archives at BBC Bush House and asked the SES [Saboteurs, Extortionists and Stranglers?] to place a couple of Auchi’s men in the Chicago Eurostrangler network. The flag was designed by the Senior Executives Association in 1988, the year that in December Agent Chips had explained to Queen Hornet how to drone executive transports to confound would-be hijackers, proprietary intel that Gorillawoman and Thunder Thighs deployed on 9-11. The flag is meant to be a symbol of unity, representing a vision of the SES as a government-wide corps of leaders [mis leaders? lesbo traitors?] for the career civil service. But the Army has decided to foster unity on the department level instead. And the Marine Corps never did. According to our Mercury Man, SES is the PROBLEM, not a solution. Therefore, Mother Moose has authorized an effort to have Marines and former Marines dishonor the SES Fag Flag ala Bill Ayers and see what the pussies in DC do about that. Stronger message to follow. Bean, CIA retirement home, Phoenix."
As April Cunning was calling 'switch' in the aft CRF and Agent Chips was positioning for an unobserved stern shot, Marquis put a short movie in the DVD player in the forward lounge so that he and Hoss could relax while Buck Naked enjoyed some REM sleep and Agent Stone monitored the non-Thales FMGS was showing only another 33 minutes to Stiges.

Hoss enjoyed a fresh Grape Nehi while Marquis d'Cartier had a sip of Grey Riesling while the movie, starring Jack Webb, Henry Morgan and some 120 year old person from Connecticut that cut class at Columbia and cut cheese with his granny and Osama in Pakistan in 1981 began with a challenge to the viewers:

"1) Who had the shortest career in modern British political history: [A = Treasury axeman Laws quits over £40,000 expenses paid to his gay lover]?

2) What does this character set result in when googled: BP + Halliburton + Department Of Energy + University Of California + Plum City ?

3) Which Polish 'plant' wrote: This 1970 book Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era? [ Boo Boo's handler writes in support of the New World Order with emphasis on weaponizing the weather as one of the military strategies, along with 'one world state] Perhaps the PFer will go back to Poland for a free ride on Polish AF 1.

4) If Gavin Henderson staged carbon-offset snuff-film rituals at Buscot Park for visiting Nazis or Lord Louis Mountbatten, how much would a dead Basque Boy be worth to Henderson Global Investors?

5) Did Mrs. Clegg use Royal Charter for BBC 9/11 with Queen Hornet and Serco? After all, she was a former Foreign Office expert on the Middle East peace process, and her FO/BBC colleagues must have known that 9/11 had been described by Dr. Thomas Barnett as the “first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history”.

6) Are snuff-film actors or production crews using BBC’s Royal Charter to silence or blackmail victims? After all they ran the de-Nazification cinema showing Lustmord footage at Compound O, Camp 165 in Watten, Aberdeenshire before creating the CIA.

7) Are they targeting the SES with LGBT scarf-stranglers to build archives in Bush House for BBC World Service of extortion and carbon offset trade?”

At the conclusion of the 7 question survey, a welcome to Spain video was to be played automatically descending through FL180. Perhaps Stone had a problem with the non-Thales FMGS as the 'welcome to' video was a "Welcome to America" production of the IAPP:

April Cunning was nearing the finish line and as her cycling speed almost exceeded the red line, Agent Chips thought about his two WWII Veteran parents who lie side by side in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, 2010 and he realized that the world would come to realize that he was just what he thought he was, The Fortunate Son.

And the unfortunate son who carries an SSN indicating he is 120 years old and from Connecticut when he is really 48 and transported via a Serco rendition from Mombassa is invited to listen to a secretly-recorded waterboarding session where the Gorillawoman posed as Paul Boomer and the Sasquatch posed as Lord Windowsmear; a would-be Oxford Bullingdon pervert, pardon the redundancy.

on July 4, 2010 do this google search: maple leaf + freep + splotcher + fragrant fuzzy fart + Soetero

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