Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Cameron Safe, Sidley Ledger, Nazi Paperclip Passports
Watten Camp 165 – Snuff-Film Compound O – Chips’ Battle of Britain II

Abel Danger has Good News for all of God’s Little People. Agent Kaya’s defensive efforts deflected DEW targeting Chips’ Room G1014. Chatterbox MdC recommends Hamish asks Agent Del N. Pole to contact Pearson with the Scottish project. Chatterbox Dwarf priority ‘Dettwiler and Canadian privy councilors linked to Colonel Mirage have built a GIS system to claim AGW is true by jurisdiction, legislation or convention; they can ignore the physics’. KSM Witness ‘Limey’ explains Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers are using backdoor JPATS call sign to JUSTICE courtesy of Queen Hornet. Chatterbox N. Sukhoi warns that chatter from city of London and Blairmore indicates something unsavory to mark the Katyn Massacre. Blabbermouth Slade Lane reminds Chips that AXA/Equitable Life insured Jews in the Holocaust and Obama’s mates in the SEIU in the $55 trillion CDP; only City of London is known to possess more. Suggests a trip to Jekyll Island. Miss Tarrant County has a lucky morning with Abel Danger; she is one of six AD specialists heading to Dublin and Dorchester for briefings enroute to Watten, Scotland. Squealers at Sidley, Clinton Rubin and SERCO sign off on Sidley Ledger. Umbrellaman authorizes a May 6, 2010 release of Book Six the working title of which is “Cameron’s Safe and Sidley’s Ledger. In 1871 the Bullingdons torched Chicago and blamed it on Mrs. O’Malley’s cow. Godspeed to Abel Danger as use of deadly force was authorized. Hamish reads aloud some clues: Life in Compound O - reserved for "B-Category" hardline Nazis. De-Nazification programmes included repeated showings of newsreels and [snuff] films detailing the horrors committed under Third Reich. An inmate became adviser to the US Air Force, DR PAUL SCHRODER CHIEF OF THE BALLISTICS BRANCH THE WAFFENPRUFAMT – PEENEMUNDE worked for British and USAF and NASA. Gunter d’Alquen started his career in Hitler Youth. Himmler appointed him head of the Wehrmacht Propaganda Department. When Camp 165 was closed in 1948 he was “passed on” to the USA CIA for propaganda tactics during Korean War. Hamish asks Chips; Brits need your help to show UKIP how it can exit the EU to begin Battle for Britain. KSM Witness John Kenty FLASH Clipper copy Chips and Hamish “Will meet you at St. James Gate to discuss SCRAP Virtual Tunnel Project + RCA patents + Titanic telegraph operator + Paper Clip Nazis + Nagasaki thermal trigger. Every one of these tidbits leads to identity of MRS BIG and her agents in Compound O. Her name is .........” Suddenly all electrical power was 'shut down' aboard Wacker 02 and John Kenty's incomplete 'stacked' Clipper was lost in the shuffle while, in Pod A, a firecracker-hot Stevie R. Gowray called "switch".

Abel Danger has Good News for all of God’s Little People including Banzai Pipeline. The Good News is Written in Matthew 27 and 28 but let’s see what the mainstream media would rather scare you with. Hit the link below, then follow along with the lyrics.

It's good news week,
Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere,
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky,
It's good news week,
Someones found a way to give,
The rotting dead a will to live,
Go on and never die.

Have you heard the news?
What did it say?
Who's won that race?
What's the weather like today?

It's good news week,
Families shake the need for gold,
By stimulating birth control,
We're wanting less to eat.

It's good news week,
Doctors finding many ways,
Of wrapping brains in metal trays,
To keep us from the heat.

It's good news week,
Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere,
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky,
It's good news week,
Someones found a way to give,
The rotting dead a will to live,
Go on and never die.

Have you heard the news?
What did it say?
Who's won that race?
What's the weather like today?
(what's the weather like today?)

It's good news week,
Families shake the need for gold,
By stimulating birth control,
We're wanting less to eat.

It's good news week,
Doctors finding many ways,
Of wrapping brains in metal trays,
To keep us from the heat.

Agent Kaya’s defensive efforts paid rich dividends as the DEW targeting Chips’ Room G1014 was deflected and missed the Opryland Hotel by several miles and buried itself harmlessly southeast of Lieper’s Fork, Tennessee without releasing its trilaminar offensive weapons suite that were deployed to silence Agent Chips after 3 failed attempts prior.

As Thrasher could sense Chips’ tenseness she tried to coax him back into Full Mission Readiness with a manual manipulation designed to increase his Tango India; turgidity index. In the eerie darkness of Room G1014 of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel Chips issued a quiet monosyllabic instruction:

Thrasher considered his instruction uncharacteristically brief, dare she suggest laconic, and contrary to his normal modus operandi which was enduros at every opportunity and quickies when tactical situations dictate and the first syllable of dictate should be dwelled upon. Chips hit F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun as he reached for his blue Magnalite 4 D cell flashlight such as the ones he was required to carry in his flight bag at both Northwest Airlines and later Astana Airlines where he first encountered Agent Kaya, the red-hotel chili pepper from Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.

Once the flashlight was lighting his way he grabbed M. Thrasher’s Clipper 52DD over the shoulder boulder holder and initiated an ‘all call and cross-check’ just as many of the airlines in the US performed at the end of each flight as the NPR jets, be they Boeings, Airbus or something lesser, are brought up to the jetway to deplane the disgruntled and abused passengers. No sooner had Chips solicited ‘all call’ than Banzai in Tokyo interrogated Thrasher’s Clipper with an authentication protocol to prove that it was indeed Chips transmitting the request: “Chips, authenticate WHISKER’.

“BISCUIT” responded Chips from M. Thrasher’s Clipper “Good catch Banzai, Thrasher is listening to a post-boinking song from Elvis and I am checking our protocols to ensure Abel Danger Global is up and running. Agent Kaya used the network we tested with NW188 and NW253 with great success. Please contact Otto Pilot in Trondheim’s Falcon’s Café, Kui Longboard on the Garden Island, Agent John Galt in the basement of the Phoenix Library and Agent Pink Pamela Herriman not to be confused with the Lesbo who created Hillary and Michelle from out of thin air, just as in revelations this week in Europe the central banks have been exposed for creating ‘credit’ out of thin air. There is a name for this process and the name is FRAUD. Banzai, once you have them all on line please Clipper me on the Squirt Gun for a very short ‘Immediate briefing’. Have Brumhilde load a bogus flight plan for Wanker 01 from KBNA to KDMA to depart exactly 2 hours from my ‘hack’. Ready, hack. Chips out.”

As Elvis finished up his 1957 megahit “Don’t”, Thrasher and Chips exchanged Clippers and Chips excused himself for beating a hasty retreat but explained that a change of plans had occurred and he would have to have Mad Baxter assume his identity for the duration of the Tea Party National Convention as am emergency meeting of the remants of Reagan Republicans had been called and would take place in Arizona but not in the area of Arizona where McCain was losing support to JD Haynesworth. He then picked up the house phone but found there was no dial tone. He checked his briefing guide and determined that Mad Baxter, Stevie R. Gowray and two other 72nd C4ISR Agents were in room G1022. He clipper-called Mad Baxter to give him a 5 paragraph order, or SMEAC, as they were both fluent in Marine Corps parlance even though most Marines would never use a word like parlance, a word better suited to the effeminate candy-ass college boys such as the effluence emitted by Oxford, Columbia, MIT and other institutions of lower learning trying to cause a second episode of Cro Magnon men walking the earth. Only Bullingdons and Yalies could be considered more useless than ersatz ConLabs spewed from the Georgetown friendly Oxford, Columbia and MIT [ OCM ]. Not to obsess on the useless Yalies but it is quite possible that some lovely male cheerleaders from Yale don’t understand what ‘eating at the Y’ means even though they sport a Y on the faggy sweaters, capeche?

“Mad Baxter, secure Clipper, go”

“Mad Bax, Chips on secure Clipper, SMEAC follows: Situation, Pelosi, Stupak and Obamaroy intent on cram-down of Health Care without any of them having read the document. Mission: Obstruct Pelosi, terminate Reid, delay the non-Resident squatter at 1600 PA Ave. Execution: Chips, Stevie R. Gowray to fly to ‘Laguna’ after filing a flight plan from KBNA to KTUS, Wanker 01 becomes Wacker 01 passing Tulsa. Admin and Logistics: Banzai, Otto Pilot and Uncle Ray share duties with Uncle Ray in North America, Otto in Western Europe, Banzai the remainder of Abel Danger Global. Command and Control: Agent John Galt in AAOR, Namedropper in remaining 49 states plus North America, Banzai remainder Global. Any questions Mad Bax?”

“Negative Chips, Stevie R. Gowray enroute to G1014, anticipate a knock-knock in 2 minutes, Mad Bax, out”.

“That’s great, she is a nice knocker, execute Swamp Drain”.

Chips was gathering a few items for the trip and anticipating a pair of knock-knocks when his Clipper went off with a priority from Marquis d’Cartier embedded in the Vancouver Library.

“Chatterbox Marquis d’Cartier priority Clipper to Chips, Umbrellaman, Corazon, Mitch Stack, Nano, copy Namedropper and Hamish: Minow (Sidley/Northwestern) can INDEED be described as Mr. Ku! (Not to be confused with Dr. No or Dr. Wu.) For balance of Operation SWAMP DRAIN Abel Danger to use code ID “knockers up” for Mr. KU.Minow said his greatest contribution was persuading Congress to pass legislation clearing the way for communications satellites. Minow recounts "When I toured the space program with Kennedy, he was surprised to see me". Minow told Kennedy that "communications satellites will be much more important than sending man into space because they will send ideas into space. Ideas last longer than men." During his two years in office, it was estimated that, other than the president, Minow generated more column-inches of news coverage than any other federal official. He also promoted what ultimately became the International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium (Intelsat). This organization controlled satellite communications for many years. As the NTIA correctly notes, "INTELSAT . . . plans to be fully privatized by July 18, 2001." INTELSAT takes this opportunity to briefly update the NTIA on the progress it has made toward that goal. 54 days before 9/11 the U.S. government was disassociated with INTELSAT. In its comments filed May 8, 2000 for purposes of the NTIA's second report to Congress pursuant to the Anti-Bribery Act, INTELSAT noted that its subsidiary, Intelsat LLC, had filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC" or "Commission") for authority to operate INTELSAT's 17 existing C-band and Ku-band satellites, to further construct, launch and operate 10 additional satellites, and to relocate, among 22 orbital locations, certain currently operating satellites ("Application"). At this time Federal Communications (FC) and knockers up (KU) become an entity that can be deployed by those creating FC-KU crime scenes, according to Blabby Blago who is thought to be incarcerated. Suggest Minow be Smoked by Oysterman, MdC.”

Moments later an Abel Danger knock-knock was heard on the door of G1014. Chips said good bye to Thrasher as he stepped out into the darkened hallway to prove up the knocker, or more correctly in this case, the knockers. As the door closed behind him, his flashlight beam saw a pair of 48Ds with a rolled up Ramey Bomber Cheerleader sweater above them. As he turned off his blue Magnalite, the knocker with the knockers proved to her own satisfaction that the knocker checker was Agent Chips. They exited the hotel and ambulated to the Purple Reign II Abel Danger C&C Limo. Chips opened the driver’s door and programmed the GPS, a Garmin Nuvi, with the address of the Nashville International Airport, and pressed ‘go’. He could hear the distinctive sound a Bell Jet Ranger as a black chopper settled on the greenspace at the edge of the parking lot. Chips started the limo then closed and locked the doors from a second remote. He took Stevie’s hand in his right hand and held a purple Crown Royal bag in his left as he led her to the chopper idling just to the north of the world’s most recognized Limo. As they settled into the back of the chopper Hoss lifted off and set a course direct McGhee-Tyson ANGB near Knoxville, Tennessee.

“Chips, did you leave the limo running on purpose?” queried the amply endowed Agent Stevie from Fort Worth’s Abel Danger office.

As Chips prepared to answer he noticed her circuit breakers were popping indicating that perhaps an in-depth debriefing would occur aboard Wacker 01. “Yes, Stevie, I did. I needed to ensure that the GPS was programmed for KBNA and that the car was running so that the necessary algorithm being monitored by Paul Pelosi’s Air Patrol would indicate to their satisfaction that we were enroute to the airport from whence they expected Wanker 01 to depart. Being inside their OODA loops I would anticipate that approximately 3 minutes after I locked the doors with this second remote their algorithm would incorrectly assume that I had placed the transmission in ‘drive’ which would also have cause the doors to ‘auto-lock’. These boneheads trying to destroy America whether through Air Patrol, ADT, or the flaccid Cameron-Obama-Brown-Balls cabal [ COBB ] are always hoisted on their own petards as we are inside them, just as I hope to be inside you once aboard Wacker 01.”

Agent Stevie R. Gowray, predictably, was sudsing like a Maytag. As Hoss pressed on toward KTYS Agent Stevie placed Agent Chips’ right hand on the ‘target area’ and cooed “Why wait?” As Chips honored her gambit and commenced a moisture recon, an immediate Clipper came in to both the Clipper Squirt Gun and her Clipper right bay of the 48D restraining device. Chips elected to utilize her Clipper as the moisture increased, as did the temperature making Chips wish he had learned better the relationship between entropy and enthalpy as a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy from which he matriculated on 9 June, 1971, with Chic Burlingame who would end up in Arlington National Cemetery prematurely thanks to the Bullingdons and their Chicago supporters of the 1913 Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve which would start self destructing during Mother Moose, Bachman Turner Over and Chips’ Operation SWAMP DRAIN 2010.

“Chatterbox MdC immediate Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Namedropper, Banzai copy Otto: The MoD/Met Office Virtual Weather Networks are integrated with Paul Pelosi’s AirPatrol and Connected Urban Development systems. The AirPatrol devices can be used to hack into the Intelligent Transportation System to trigger catastrophe bonds and punish companies violating Obambi’s CO2 rulesets such as Toyota and GM. Pelosis appear to have used AirPatrol devices to backdoor Lord Ashcroft’s ADT Security systems on 9/11 and ensure that expert witnesses in the FDNY died in sufficient numbers to silence witnesses as to what really brought down the Twin Towers. Recommend Hamish ask Agent Del N. Pole to contact Pearson with the Scottish project, capeche? Marquis, standing by”

As Chips was mentally gnawing on the Clipper from Agent Marquis d’Cartier, Stevie R. Gowray was wishing she had something to gnaw on likewise. As the digital exam continued and Chips figured out the Scottish project comment involving Pearson, Hoss turned around to let his two passengers know they were ‘five minutes out’ to which Agent Stevie R. Gowray whispered “and 5 minutes after the jet is airborne you will be in Chips, if you know where my head’s at”. As the sultry Agent Stevie attained moisture index 85, Hoss put the chopper in a ground hover as Chips terminated the exam knowing that she was ‘good to go’ as soon as they could get behind the closed doors of the KC135 with the image of another buxom blonde...

.... on the left side of the cockpit and I wish to draw attention to the cockpit as opposed to the flight deck that is mandatory in this post 9/11 era where ill informed pilots, as ALPA has squelched the existence of BUAPs, QRS11, SMACsonic and KU Band illegal modifications, are sitting on top of explosive flying vehicles much like Major Kong in Dr. Strangelove. Agent Stevie R. Gowray was suffering from anticipation that had not reached a crescendo that high since before Carly Simon’s megahit from 1972:

Stone was on the ramp at McGhee Tyson and offered a hand to Agent Stevie R. Gowray as his father thanked Hoss for the quick trip. “Don’t leave without me Chips” was the first indication that Hoss would be in the cockpit of the KC135E with the dazzling blonde on the left side of the nose. As Chips observed a Kentucky Air Guard chopper pilot climb aboard to replace Hoss, he looked forward to having Agent Stevie on the left side of his nose, or the right for that matter. As he double-timed across the ramp to the mobile stairway to rejoin Stone and Stevie, his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with an immediate message from Agent Bachman Turner Over who had to pull out of the National Tea Party Convention to appear to be at arm’s length from Mother Moose and Chips who along with Orly Taitz had issued a ‘hit parade’ to Name Dropper on the night of 2 February, 2010. Without referring to the briefing notes Chips recalled some early targets were Hairy Weed, Bert Stupid, Earl Obamaroy the 3 remaining of the ‘first quintet’ originally targeted before Christmas Eve, 24 December, 2009. Apparently the DoDos, Senators Dodd and Dorgan felt the heat and decided to get out of the kitchen and allow Hairy, Bert and Earl’s gooses to go into the oven, dare I say ‘get cooked’, as a trio. Perhaps these constitutionally illiterate POS misfits could ask any 4H kid in America was a ‘trio’ is, for instance “a trio of barred Columbian Rocks”.

“Blabbermouth Bachman Turner Over immediate Clipper to Chips, Del N. Pole, Mitch Stack, Slade Lane copy Hamish and Bean: We have told the Warmists to get over it; there is no predictive correlation between CO2 and temperature and repeating the canard put them amongst a shrinking and certifiable but increasingly-irritating minority. Please note that Hot Air Al, is a ‘missing link’ since Abel Danger handed him his ass in Oslo. Also we should remember what Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The American voters have voted for candidates from the TWO PARTIES created in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 since 1896 and cannot figure out why Obama’s change sucks compared to Bush’s ‘stay the course’. Bachman Turner Over, see you all in Minneapolis on 7 April; heads will roll.”

In the interest of political correctness and ‘balance’ we, Abel Danger, will now give equal time to Democrat Congressman “Hardware Hank” who serves as Obama’s mentor in vocabulary and oratory skills. In this brief dictation [ emphasis first syllable ] Hardware Hank sorely tests Admiral ‘Rat’ Willard’s ability to suppress laughter as this product of American’s public education system shares his concern that a landmass is capable of capsizing. Admiral Willard, an Annapolis Grad from ’73, flew his last training flight in a TA4J at Chase Field, Texas [ KNIR ] with Chips in his back seat prior to Rat going on to choreograph the flying scenes in the 1986 thriller “Top Gun”. Note in the credits only Rat Willard’s name shows up twice, and his name is spoken in the script when the short, bald, hot-headed Air Boss chomping on the cigar commands “ready Willard and Simpkin on cat 3”. In this usage cat 3 means catapault 3, not category 3 landing like the one that is alleged to have cleaned out the Polish government last week as they resisted efforts to homogenize the European political landscape. The TU154 which was “Polish Air Force One” had missed an approach at Astana, Kazakhstan the previous spring but after Chips successfully performed a Cat 3 autoland, the Polish AF pilots got the TU-154 on the ground, which is the only place these antique death traps should be allowed.

Hardware Hank, master of diction:

Stone motioned for Stevie R. Gowray and Chips to repair to the VIP pod in the rear of the KC135 Strato-tanker, just forward of the Boom Operator’s crew position where he/she would lay prone facing aft while transferring fuel at 500 miles per hour. Chips could sense that Agent Stevie was ready to be plugged for a transfer of another type of fluid not dissimilar to the ‘heavenly bodily fluids’ referred to by Col Bat Guano in Peter Seller’s Dr. Strangelove. After steering Chips and Stevie to the debriefing room, scratch that, intel briefing suite, he turned to go to the cockpit where he displaced the enlisted crew chief from the right seat after ensuring the parking brakes were set. As Hoss was sliding his ‘Dan Blocker like’ body into the left seat he gave Stone a ‘twirling’ signal with his right index and middle fingers indicating to Stone to ‘turn 1 and 2’. Stone ensured the forward cargo door was closed and the ignition was selected on prior to gang starting 1 and 2 while pushing 3 and 4 up a little to provide more bleed air. As the left two engines lit off he saw that the crew hatch was also secure which was followed by the appearance of the staff-sergeant crew chief directly forward of the tanker indicating the chocks were removed. As the not-so-svelte Hoss was extending his seat belt he indicated to Stone to taxi out for takeoff while back in the VIP suite certain IOCs were being taken off. Agent Stevie hung a pair of lacy items in Pastel Yellow Rose on the back of a stuffed chair while Chips freed the monster from an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in matching Pastel Yellow Rose.

“Wacker 01, information Mike, taxi, ready to copy” was spoken into the right hand MIC as Hoss steered the nose wheel while Stone used the throttles and brakes prior to Hoss taking over.

“Wacker 01, cleared to Davis Monthan AFB direct, climb unrestricted to flight level 280 initially, delete the 250, when airborne contact AWACS Sentry 69 on 311.0, squawk 4003, cleared for takeoff. Happy hunting Abel Danger, Godspeed.”

As Hoss indicated to Stone that he’d “help him around the corner” Stone replied “Wacker 01, copy all, rolling, we got ‘em, we’ll Smoke ‘em” while he pushed the power up to TOGA power as Hoss surrendered the nosewheel steering to Stone at 80 knots while Hoss gave up on the seat belt project, pointed at his lack of seat belt and monitored the engines as Stone kept the old Boeing on the centerline until nose wheel lift off speed was achieved. Had this been an F4D the speed would have been 155 or so, however this was not an F4D so Stone used the VR written on the performance page of the FMC. As the main gear cleared the runway Stone made a ‘head’s up’ motion with his head signaling to Hoss to raise the gear. A similar hand signal had Hoss raising the flaps as Buck Naked appeared from the cabin area with two Grolsch bottles sporting porcelain stoppers and handed the full one to Stone. Stone engaged the autopilot and thanked Agent Buck Naked, former lead singer and front man of Les Suave and the Leisure Suits, a house band famous for their long run at Johnny’s Hideaway in Atlanta, Georgia. His impact on Georgia’s music landscape was overshadowed by Denny Yost’s Classics IV whose Change of Heart had Buck thinking it would be most unfortunate if Agent Stevie R. Gowray had had a similar change of heart before Agent Chips could achieve his mission which was to transfer a tin or two of Smoked Oysters as he and Stevie harked back to pleasant memories of Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, where in March, 2011 an Abel Danger Victory party will bring together the Ramey Historical Society and All Classes of Ramey High School unless the venue is changed to the Destin Hilton due to security concerns for the Ramey 1 Limo so familiar to the Secret Service.

As Buck, Hoss and Stone leveled the old tanker off at flight level 280, Chips and Stevie R. Gowray had achieved synchronicity less than 5 minutes after ensuring the door to the VIP Suite was securely bolted. Stevie had been so ready that she didn’t take time to remove her knee highs or a gold necklace with a Ramey Class of ’75 pendant dangling in the deep valley between her remarkably well preserved ‘floatation devices’ as Chips had referred to them when he saw them for the first time in the midnight silence at the tidal pool below Cliff Road at Ramey AFB where in March, 2010 a U2 would make a photo run ostensibly supporting COBB’s HAARP-Haiti Charade that would be outdone by the more ‘in your face’ HAARP Easter Earthquake of 4 April, 2010, 1967 years after the original Easter Earthquake which cause a stone to be rolled from the tomb to which Jesus’ body had been taken following his crucifixion. Stevie, being old fashioned and wanting to relive their tidal pool experience of 1971 had taken the low ground to get things going, but after listening to Chips’ Clipper playing the Chambers Brothers ‘Time’ for 30 minutes, Stevie called ‘switch’ just as he 48D Pastel Yellow Rose Clipper holster took an incoming priority call from Dwarf in the back of the ‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’, also known as F4D 66-7478, where he was ‘sweeping’ for Wacker 01. His nose gunner was Roughrider who had first met Dwarf at Gimli racepark when the Gimli Glider made a dead stick landing scattering the race car drivers who were enjoying the abandoned airport just north of Pembina and south of Winnipeg. Please note that this song starts with an accessment of Pelosi’s mental condition, capeche? The time certainly has come for the safety issues of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) to be addressed before another Polish Air Force One is turned into a lawn dart. A copy of a letter which announces the time has come and there is no where to run will appear as an ‘epilog’ to this robust chapter, but not as robust as Stevie R. Gowrays 48D headlights.

“Chatterbox Dwarf priority to Name Dropper, Chips, Uncle Ray and Otto Pilot, copy Banzai and Hamish: “Dettwiler and the Canadian privy counilors linked to Colonel Mirage have built a GIS system under cover of CanCoastWatch to claim AGW is true by jurisdiction, legislation or convention; they can ignore the physics. Their Brown-Balls Virtual Weather Network agents communicate by sending messages to each other via simulated communication networks. They have formed Entrust PKI command and control hierarchies to bypass the C-in-C or Parliament. It’s treason. Quo warranto? The operation of the agents usually mission-driven e.g. collaborate to interdict a suspected smuggling operation and actually facilitate it! Watch for participation by Cameron and Obama to create COBB out of the already infiltrated Brown Balls. Dwarf”

Ramey AFB had been where Agent Stevie had been recruited into the 72nd C4ISR at about the same time the COBB forerunners were recruiting perverts like Bill and Bernadine into the Weather Underground movement which was big in Chicago in the summer of ’68 and never disbanded. In the mid-70s the Weather handlers in England and Scotland had taught the female led, and effeminate male supported, Weather movement to target academics and airlines while leaving an MO that misled investigators towards an aeronautical engineer or airline mechanic. Chips had shared some quality time at the Tidal Pool with Stevie in the summer of 1972 between his tour at NAS Pensacola and Basic Jet Flight Training at McCain Field, Meridian, Mississippi. 36 years later, a formal charge of Treason against a McCain would be filed by a Field on 6 April, 2008, ending the front runner status of Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota who McCain dropped like a hot-potato as he selected Mother Moose whose quest for the VP spot was just posturing to allow George Soros’ boy wonder to squat at the White House prior to the Mother Moose-Bachman Turner Over-Chips Operation SWAMP DRAIN which would remove corrupt incumbents of any political party. Moose, Turner and Chips would be members of the T-Party in America which would have a platform similar to the Reform Party in British Columbia, Canada which would inspire a UKIP, United Kingdom Independence Party, in England. After much investigation, Agents Del N. Pole, Slade Lane, Hamish and Mitch Stack determined the ‘ground zero’ enema insertion point for the UKIP. They selected a cellars under the room which held the ‘House of Cameron’ safe at Blairmore near Camp 165 in parish of Watten, Caithness, Scotland where Con-Lab conspirators recruited or blackmailed psychopathic Nazi officers in preparation for ‘Operation Paperclip’ – a series of ‘false-flag’ attacks on the United States which would culminate in “the first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history” on 9/11 according to the loose lipped and generally flaccid Mr. Barnett, a weasel academic who, in effect, conspired to murder Captain Chic Burlingame, USNA 1971 and AA 77. We are coming for you Tommy Boy and I refer not to the movie with Chris Farley.

Chips was pleased to get a Clipper from Hamish delivered by one of the race car drivers he had so abruptly scattered.

“KSM Witness Hamish routine Clipper to Marquis d’Cartier, Uncle Ray, Otto, Banzai, John Galt, copy Chips: History lesson for Abel Danger principles; Camp 165 had area which was not for low risk POW’s. This was the part of the camp that was kept very secret and locals who worked there were sworn to secrecy. This part of the camp was known as Compound O. This area, effectively screened off from Area A, was the home for hard line Nazis who were brought to Camp 165 for re-education and interrogation. The inmates called Compound O “Little Belsen”. Inmates at Compound O included the likes of U-boat captain Otto Kretschmer, Hitler’s personal aide, Max Wunsche and Paul Werner Hoppe, commandant of Stutthof concentration camp where 85,000 people were murdered. Men held in Compound O were repeatedly shown films of Nazi atrocities. It was felt that such an approach might go someway to breaking their support for Nazi ideas. Those who showed suitable repentance were allowed to return to West Germany. Those who did not were sent elsewhere [Operation Paperclip?] for further interrogation and possible trial. Google “Cameron Blairmore safe Great Fire Chicago” Google “Caithness Secret Army knives unarmed combat” Google “Watten Caithness Hoppe sub-human insurance” Google “Watten Kretschmer Chief NATO Command Baltic” Google “Watten Nazi rocket scientist Schroder US Air Force” Google “Watten Nazi journalist d’Alquen CIA Korea Cold War” Google “Paperclip OSS Nazi bleached US Government” Google “Thomas Barnett snuff film” Chips, can you delve into Bullingdon Dave’s family archives and see if House of Cameron bankers financed any Serco (RCA) snuff film productions, for example at Camp 165 in Caithness, the B.C. Pig Farm or Ground Zero in New York?”

Chips, occupying the lower position, couldn’t help but notice that Agent Stevie had really filled out in the years following 1972 and the perspiration forming on her globes-to-die-for glistened like diamonds as her 1975 Ramey High School pendant danced in Chips face while the sound of an incoming Clipper tickled Chips’ ears, or at least his good ear. As Stevie called ‘switch’ Chips resumed the view from above and liked what he saw. In his peripheral vision he noticed her ankles getting close to both his ears as if to dissuade him from answering the incoming Clipper. He obliged by selecting ‘text only’ as he continued delivering a message not in text that Stevie very much enjoyed receiving.

“KSM Witness Rico priority Clipper to Hamish, Name Dropper, Banzai and Chips, copy Umbrellaman and Corazaon Dulce: “ Trudeau said that “Justice should no longer be seen as a framework of order but as an instrument of revolution”. He worked with Castro and Carter (draft dodging accomplice to Al Haig) to make it so in Canada and America. Trudeau’s girlfriend in 1966, hooked (?) him as Minister of Justice; she helped build Canada as a hub of drug trafficking, organized fraud and international money laundering for the Oxford Parasitic Pig and Extortion Party (Her father the late James Sinclair was a 1928 Rhodes Scholar like the 1969 rapist went on to get himself impeached. Margaret smuggled drugs in Trudeau’s luggage, screwed Studio 54 front and back and tore apart a tapestry celebrating “reason over passion” Trudeau’s father in law, James Sinclair studied mathematical physics at Princeton University and during World War II, he served with the Royal Canadian Air Force in North Africa, Malta, and Sicily. From 1960 to 1973, he was Chairman of Canada Cement Lafarge Limited. It appears T’s F-I-L helped Mau Mau Strong to launch Virtual Weather Underground Network in the 50’s and recruit Hillary (Lafarge Director 1990-1992) and Bill (Expelled from Oxford in 1969) as agents to develop Virtual Weather Underground drug and weapons supply chains in the ’70s and early ’80s utilizing gullible shills such as Ayers and Dorhn. Rico, enroute Harper’s office, again”

Chips was sensing an uncharacteristic early exploculation so to ensure that did not occur he used his mental agility to alternate pictures of Janet Reno and Madeline Albrecht in his mind. Suddenly, early exploculation was thwarted but he could sense his turgidity index waning. Apparently Stevie could sense it also as she stuck her tongue in Chips’ left ear. TI restored. Towards the end of the third 30 minute span of the enduro Chips was anticipating a ‘switch’ call but it was preceded by an immediate Clipper from a fighter pilot friend at Goose’s 5th wing who has assisted in getting Abel Danger into the Canadian Forces OODA loop in attempt to save Colonel Russell Williams life and the fighter pilot friend knew who won profiles 1, 2, and 5 at the 1986 William Tell World Wide Fighter Weapons Meet at Tyndall AFB just down the road from the Destin Hilton where Chips and Jam cavorted in October, 2009.

“Chatterbox Roach at 5th Wing immediate Clipper to Rico, Tango, Hamish and Chips copy Otto, Mad Baxter and Banzai: “ The Brown Balls Met Office is using a ‘Virtual Weather Network’ of computers to generate bogus simulations and visualizations so Mau Mau Strong can ‘BOINK’ the public into believing that weather is driven by anthropogenic CO2. The technical input for a Strong Global BOINK (‘SGB’), is provided by the Numerical Algorithms Group, Oxford University’s Clarendon Laboratory, the CRUked data manipulators at UEA and the nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres set up by Strong in the ’90s under cover of the U.N.’s International Civil Aviation Organisation. The BOINK platform [BOI] is aimed at public resource distributed computing project. The Met Office was established in 1854 as a small department within the Board of Trade under Robert FitzRoy as a service to mariners; it became part of the Air Ministry in 1920. It currently holds a quasi-governmental role, being required to act commercially, but also has remained an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence since April 1990. A branch of the Met Office known as the Mobile Met Unit (MMU) accompany forward units in times of conflict advising the armed forces of the prevailing conditions for battle, particularly the RAF. The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research and the National Meteorological Library and Archive are also parts of the Met Office. Two of the main media companies, the BBC and ITV produce forecasts using the Met Office’s data. The forecasters at the BBC Weather centre are employed by the Met Office, not the BBC. The Met Office is also one of only two World Area Forecast Centres or WAFCs, and is referred to as WAFC London. The other WAFC is located in Kansas, USA but known as WAFC Washington. WAFC data is used daily to safely and economically route aircraft, particularly for London VAAC. Forecasts to the aviation industry of volcanic ash clouds that could enter aircraft flight paths and impact aviation safety. The VAAC were set up by the Mau Mau Strong through the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Montreal. an agency of the United Nations, as part of the International Airways Volcano Watch (IAVW). It was a Canadian who corrupted the service for Strong; Ronald MacAlister Macdonnell was born in Vernon, British Columbia on 11 May 1909. He was educated at the University of Manitoba (1925-1930) and Oxford University (1930-1932). He attended the Conference on International Civil Aviation in Chicago in 1944 and assisted in the establishment in Montreal of the Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization the following year. From 1950 to 1952, he was a Minister in the Canadian Embassy in Paris and helped set up Le Cercle, and often was pivot man at Cercle Jerks. In 1956, he attended the Tenth Session of the ICAO Assembly in Caracas, serving as Head of the Canadian Delegation for most of the session. Mr. Macdonnell was concurrently the Canadian Ambassador to Egypt and Minister to Lebanon from 1957 to 1958. He was appointed Deputy Under Secretary of State for External Affairs, Canada in 1958. Mr. Macdonnell was appointed Secretary General of ICAO on 1 August 1959 for a term of five years. Agent Roach, 5th Wing, Goose”

Chips immediately detected the scatological references meant to humiliate Chips and his family tree. McConnell AFB is in Kansas, home of WAFC Washington. Macdonnell the Cercle Jerk aficionado could be confused with the McDonnell F4 Phantom II in which Chips had won Profiles 1 and 2 of the 5 profile William Tell Worldwide Weapons Meet in 1986 flying against Canadian Roach from Goose’s CF18 pilot friends who didn’t fare well against the Phantoms flown by Chips, Roughrider and other agents of the Flying Circus who have not yet been ‘outted’. Further, the lesser Macdonnell offended Chips by appearing to be a fellow Scot and also counterfeiting his birth date of 11 May to mimic Chips’ father’s 11 May birth date. God does not like being mocked. Neither does Chips, capeche?

Chips was using his ‘mental agility skipping capability’ to try and build a mental link that would include BOINK and Obama, the ‘missing link’ in the Cameron-Obama-Brown-Balls quartet intent on destroying America for the Bullingdon cuff dummies who were pulling the strings of the Federal Reserve, Congress and the United States Department of Justice prior to the retirement of the liberal 89 year old Justice John Paul Stevens. However, Chips also understood that the Mother Moose-Bachman Turner Over-Chips T-Party Express III tour would end numerous corrupt political careers, initially Hairless Weed and Bert Stupid to be soon followed by Earl Obamaroy D-ND. While Pelosi, Reed, and Obama knew they’d been infiltrated, it was only Hillary LaFarge Barge that knew who the ‘unknown riders’ were and she withheld that intel from the PRO trio so as to save her skin in exchange for enabling the take down of the Cro Magnon Trio, capeche? Hillary could sense a change in the wind, not the false change of Barry Soetero the Purple Dinosaur but more like the changes expressed in Robert Zimmerman’s hit from the 60s, ‘The Times They Are a-Changing’. Listen well to the lyrics, especially Harry, Barry and Nanny as well as the ‘sing along to Kumbaya’ Senators and Congressmen being pink slipped in SWAMP DRAIN 2010, courtesy of Mother Moose, Bachman Turner Over and Chips, with a tip of the hat to Joseph Farah and World Net Daily:

Bachman Turner Over was from Minnesota as were Congressman Charles Lindberg, Sr, Chic Burlingame and Chips. It was fitting that Bachman Turner Over, Mother Moose and Chips should gather on 7 April, 2010 to determine how to best lead the United States of America into the post-Obama era where both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court and the United States Department of Justice were refocused on serving the citizens, the Constitution, and the Creator. If ‘the Creator’ is not clear, go back to watching Jerry Springer, Oprah the whale, or doing a suduko. The train is pulling out of the station and if any citizen of America wishes not to be left behind in the smoke and cinders of the departing locomotive they need to board the train to freedom just as Abel Danger Agents in Japan, Norway, England and Sweden are encouraging ‘God’s little people’ to do. And you can take it to the [ Octopus owned ] bank that God’s Little People are watching Satan’s Evil people through rose-colored glasses as we sense His power, for His purpose. It is written in Romans 8:28-31and and Isaiah 55:11.

As Agent Stevie R. Gowray called ‘switch’ for the 3rd time, Chips resumed occupation of the lower station and observation of the ‘globes to die for’. The glistening perspiration drips, known as ‘glowing’, continued unabated as did the thrashing that Stevie had so much longed for in the ‘dry spell’ between 1972 and 2009. That is not a misprint nor a boast. October 24th of 2009 for the doubters amongst you. As Chips continued holding up his part of the bargain, he noticed that his Clipper Squirt Gun was taking an immediate message as Agent Stevie R. Gowray was taking a non verbal intercourse that was not to be immediate in nature, if things went according to Hoyle.

“KSM Witness ‘Limey’, B777 Captain, British Airways immediate clipper to Chips, Name Dropper, Tango and Agent Bean, copy Rico and Hamish: “ The nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAAC) located around the world are responsible for coordinating and disseminating information on volcanic ash that may endanger aircraft that fly through the ash cloud formed from a volcanic eruption. British Airways Flight 9 a Boeing 747 lost power to all four engines in 1982 over Indonesia after an eruption of Mount Galunggung and KLM Flight 867 another Boeing 747 again lost power to all four engines in 1989 over Alaska after an eruption of Mount Redoubt. This gave Strong an opportunity to set up a dual use operation to sabotage commercial aircraft by hijacking them thorugh a VAAC backdoor using JPATS call sign JUSTICE courtesy of Queen Hornet. While Air France 447 did not fly through volcanic ash, they flew through an area known to be hazardous to jet aviation. Lufthansa, Air France and IFALPA pilots wish to spend some time with Chips and Name Dropper in Atlanta prior to 15 April, 2010, in the company of ALPA and IFALPA pilot reps as well as some ‘newcomer Delta’ conscripts”: Limey, Crawley, England UK.”

Chips could not help but recognize God’s timing in the inflow of information and the political landscape in America, supported by intel from around the world, that indicated that God’s Little People were going to awaken from their slumber and demand that they be granted the life that God had created them to enjoy. From Trondheim to Tokyo, from Malmo to Minneapolis, the network was growing and the intel was flowing. The cowards such as the DoDos, Hairy Weed, Nanny Piloti and Mother Moose’s former running mate were running; but this time not for re-election but for survival. It was to be an unsuccessful run according to the prognostications of Name Dropper, who held their balls in his hands..

Agent Stevie R. Gowray appeared to be close to exploculation so Chips, ever the gentleman, disconnected to protect the process going forward and allowing the sudsing Stevie to re-cage her thoughts and slow down her libido without the administering of pharmaceutical aids prescribed by Dr. Les Libideaux of Louisiana, who, in fact, was a card carrying plank owner of Abel Danger. If the term ‘plank owner’ doesn’t make sense, perhaps that Sudoku book is within your reach as cutting edge intel processing appears not to be. As Chips could sense that Stevie was ready to ‘press on’ he saddled up and continued dishing out all she could take holding his best stuff for last in keeping with George Strait’s admonitions in “Ace in the Hole”, a signature song for his Ace in the Hole band with the kickass steel guitar player. As Chips was reviewing the lyrics to “Amarillo By Morning” in his mind, Stevie called switch simultaneous to an incoming clipper from Agent Slade Lane in Norwich, England:

“Blabbermouth Slade Lane priority Clipper to Rico, Mitch Stack, Tango and Chips; copy M. Thrasher and Bravo Zulu: “They’re arguing with me about Gehlen and John Seargeant but Sergeant was a member of the BBC Pension Trust and therefore a witting or unwitting benficiary in cat bond frauds executed by its fellow investors in the Brown-Balls Carbon Disclosure Project and the PPE Virtual Weather Network. Gehlen worked with Henry Hyde and Allen Dulles to infiltrate the O.S.S. at 30 Rockefeller Plaza through RCA (later Serco) and hijack the CIA-SAD, the OSS successor organization formed in 1947 for ongoing acts of sabotage, assassination and deception. Hyde replaced Allen Dulles as the O.S.S. station chief in Switzerland. Henry Hyde was born in Paris to a socialite couple, James Hazen Hyde and Marthe Leishman Hyde, whose glittering circle of friends ran the gamut from composers to spies and inspired his penchant for art — and intrigue. He was also the grandson and namesake of the founder and first president of the Equitable Life Insurance Company. Remember AXA/Equitable Life insured the Jews in the Holocaust and the inmates of the Twin Towers through 9/11 and is a fellow signatory investor with the BBC Pension Trust in the $55 trillion CDP; only City of London is known to possess more. Suggest a trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia to see ‘Trapper’ prior to April 15th, 2009. Slade, Fur and Feather, Norwich”

Agent Stevie R. Gowray apparently was moved beyond rational control as she exploculated early, only 13 minutes into cycle 5 of the proposed 4 hour enduro. As Chips honored her gambit to relieve her guilt, he considered Slade Lane’s posting from Norwich, in East Anglia, not far from where the AGW BS spewed by Hot Air Al had been ‘busted’ by Abel Danger in early December, 2009. Which reminds me, has anyone had an Al Gore sighting lately? Chips looked forward to his opportunity to travel to Georgia early in April ostensibly to attend the Ramey Historical Society annual meeting to be sited at Warner Robins, Georgia, near Robins AFB where the second largest collection of USAF flying vehicles is located. Chips knew that if he were to ‘appear’ at Warner Robins he could have a noctural tour of Jekyll Island, off the Georgia coast, and also caucus with the businessmen who wished for Chips to come out of retirement for a 4th time to fly their private business jet with global legs. Chips refused to commit prior to seeing the crew rest facility where he may enjoy sharing intel with Agent Jam, Corazon Dulce, Agent Bean, Mattress Thrasher, Stevie R. Gowray, Bravo Zulu, Madam Ovary or other highly placed intel agents of Ramey’s 72nd C4ISR wing with assets spread, let’s review that, assets spread all over the globe. Following his gentlemanly early exploculation, Chips noticed an illumination of 3 of the 4 LED lights indicating an incoming immediate Clipper.

“Chatterbox Marquis d’Cartier: “ The most dangerous spy in American history, often thought of a working as a double agent for the Soviets, is S.E.S. Robert Hanssen. He worked as a triple agent for the Fabian bankers in the Carbon Disclosure Project and Virtual Weather Network out of 10 Downing Street. He stole the Continuity of Government algorithms used on 9/11 to stand down the USAF. Hillary, Michelle, Cherie and ‘defendant D’ knew about the plans for 9/11; the language was French; mission attempted; a coup d’etat for clients of Femme Comp Inc. What the French speaking whores did not know was that Abel Danger was inside the OODA loops of those contracted to attack America in French, Arabic and Navajo. Checkmate. Marquis, VBC”

Chips was thinking about waddling up to the cockpit to check on the flight’s progress when any Clipper came into Agent Stevie R. Gowray’s left bay of the 48D item in Pastel Yellow Rose from Agent Natalya Sukhoi of Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan from her posting in Dublin, Ireland.

“Chatterbox N. Sukhoi immediate Clipper to Agents Stevie, Corazon, Jam, Madam Ovary or Bravo Zulu, copy Banzai, Otto, and Uncle Ray: If any of you ladies in North American are in the company of Chips have him Clipper me at his earliest convenience. Chatter from within both the city of London and Blairmore indicates something unsavory to mark the Katyn Massacre. Otto, please have your Norwegian assets in Tuscon prepare to join Agent James Crosby, Chips and Hamish as they will be turning the corner in Arizona to Teeside, UK, immediately. Moose and Bachman Turner Over will be briefing Chips and Hamish during the quickturn at Laguna AAF. Banzai, file a draft. Natalya Sukhoi, Dublin Abel Danger.”

Chips was reaching for his Clipper Squirt Gun to place the call to Natalya Sukhoi but noticed that Agent Stevie R. Gowray had other ideas as she presented a stern shot opportunity that no fighter pilot could resist. She hit the Clipper left bay 48D, selected F4, and entered ‘3’ on the timer. Chips was somewhat taken aback by the 3 minute timing until the sounds of Cleveland’s Outsiders’ 1966 megahit conveyed to him the message that due to security issues, a quickie was agreed to by Stevie. As Chips saddled up, Agent Stevie barked like a Pomeranian to honor the position, as it were.

As Stevie got into hyper drive towards the 2 minute and 45 second marker prior to her crossing the finish line first by a nose, Chips understood the message in Sonny Geraci’s lyrics from 1966: “take me back, I’m comin’ home, I cannot wait”. Chips didn’t wait either and finished her off immediately after her crossing the finish line. It was almost a tri-fecta as a Flash Clipper came into the Squirt Gun moments following a squirting of another variety. As Stevie collapsed into a satisfied heap, not the be confused with Uriah Heep or the tight end from Baltimore, Todd Heap, Chips answered the Flash Call.

“Blabbermouth James Crosby Flash Clipper to Hamish and Chips, copy Umbrellaman and Banzai: Chips, we’re picking up signals that a Tupelov 154 has had ‘the upgrade’. I have seen that Banzai has filed a draft to have you arrive at Laguna AAF. Natalya S. in Dublin has us set up for a briefing in 14 hours at the normal pub that Natalya Antonov first suggested not far from St. James Gate. Recommend Corazon Dulce, Bravo Zulu and Agent Stevie R. Gowray join us to keep up appearances. Agents John Galt and Sonny ‘Bill’ Spanner will be at the Laguna briefing. Godspeed, JC.”

Chips took a quick Marine Corps shower as Agent Stevie had fallen into a non-REM sleep with a smile on her face, as beautiful at 56 as it was at 16. Chips covered the target area and up to her shoulders, opened a bottle of Merlot and filled a goblet for her, then grabbed a GWB, Grolsch Wide Body, not the Yalie, and left her to rest. As he walked towards the cockpit he thought it strange that the thunderstorm lights were not on full bright, not to be confused with the corrupt Fulbrights whose scholarship recipients were not fully bright at all but often rather dim, and as he walked up to Hoss and Stone he could see why they were in a darkened cockpit. Dwarf in the rear of the F4D was giving HEFOE signals indicating that a classified briefing would be taking place on 2828mHz in “ plus 5”. Hoss, Stone, Chips and Buck all read the HEFOE signals the same and were collectively stumped as to what the Canadian Microwave installer from Buddy Knox’s hometown in Manitoba was trying to convey. Chips clippered James Crosby as James had an aviation and space background involving all of North America.

“JC, secure, go”.

“James, getting a HEFOE signal from Canada’s Dwarf. What does +5 mean to canucks?”

“Chips, he is signaling that 5 minutes after you touch down at Laguna you will be briefed on a critical real world dynamic. I’ve read the message. FYEO briefing to follow at Laguna once inside the British Airways Trojan horse. James”

“Roger that James, seems with Dublin, Poland, and Jekyll Island we are getting pretty busy as the girls drain the swamp in the USA, capeche?”

“Message received” was a strange answer from James Crosby inasmuch as both Clippers were encrypted. Chips relayed the ‘plus 5’ message to Stone, Hoss and Buck as Buck handed out 4 quick study guides to B747-400 FMCs.

“Stone, please help Hoss get set up for the crossing and I will attend the briefing with Chips and do the walk around for you on the way back. Pass me a Grolsch.”

Stone nodded in agreement and handed a pair of green 16 ounce bottles to Buck, who passed one back to Chips as Hoss brought the 4 power levers to 1.05 EPR and began a .86 descent into Arizona early morning darkness.

“Strangle” was heard in a Canadian accent so Stone turned the transponder to standby knowing that Dwarf had picked up the squawk in the F4D which would be ‘flight followed’ into Davis Monthan AFB while Wacker 01 slid into Laguna unannounced just as Chips had done early in the dark of night on 26 November, 1986 in a Gulfstream Aero Commander 500 with $300M worth of cocaine weighing 1400 pounds in 17 duffel bags which were found 9 days later by the eagle eyed security team at YPG which on 27 July, 1987 ended in a request from Paul D. Rademacher to Senator Daniel K. Inouye to lend federal investigative assets into determining who the pilot was that, in effect, dropped a load at Laguna.

Chips and the other 3 pilots observed the burner plumes from the J79s corkscrew as Roughrider and Dwarf accelerated away from the tanker while aileron rolling into the Arizona night. Hoss reached up, turned on the thunderstorm lights, grabbed a copy of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and indicated that he was done for the night, signaling Stone to take control as the ‘pilot flying’. Stone pulled the power levers to idle and extended the speed brakes one-third as Agent Stevie R. Gowray joined the kerosene cowboys in the cockpit. That word had Chips thinking of the next flight. From the response of Agent Stevie is appeared she didn’t yet realize she was on the ‘draft mission’.

“Cockpit, what a nice pair of syllables” commented the sudsing maven from Ft. Worth as she rubbed a pair of 48Ds across Chips’ linebacker like upper back.

“Your lucky morning Miss Tarrant County Abel Danger, you are one of the six AD specialists heading to Dublin and Dorchester for briefings enroute to Watten, Scotland” commented Hoss who appeared to know more than what was printed in Sioux Falls finest daily.

“And debriefings I would opine laconically” added Chips as his TI was elevating commensurate with the MI increase in the target area standing behind him.

Hoss ran his right index finger down the checklist from top of descent thru the approach check and gave an OK sign and a wink. Stone understood that only the landing check remained so as he slowed below 220 knots he asked for “gear down, flaps when you can, landing checks”. Three green flashes were observed at the approach end of the runway at YPG and Hoss and Stone saw at the roll out end a steady yellow light atop some boxey looking vehicle, which turned out to be a military ambulance.

As Stone rolled the tanker onto the runway and opened the buckets, Hoss said ‘my jet’ at 80 knots, stowed the buckets, closed the speedbrakes and gangbarred 1 and 4 not waiting for any cool down as Stone had flown the approach and landing at idle, a bad habit he learned from his father the swordsman, see Ephesians 6:17 . As Hoss cleared the runway he and Stone noticed exhaust plumes from all 4 engines of the British Airways B747-400. Stopping where directed Hoss set the parking brake, shut down #2 and said ‘Clean it up Stone’ as he helped himself out of the left seat, grabbed his Argus Leader and grape Nehi and his athletic bag with Idaho State logo and exited to cockpit.

Chips suggested to Stone that he’d see him at Jekyll Island on April 17th if the Purple Limo didn’t fail him on the Tea Party Express III tour that was driving nails in the coffin of Nancy Pelosi’s speaker of the house abuse, grabbed Stevie’s left hand in his right, and exited the tanker. Noting their luggage on a cart heading to the British Airways jet, Chips led Stevie towards the ambulance while she gave him a quick status check. Apparently she liked what she found. Chips gave her a little ‘pat down’ and looked forward to a debrieifing once enroute to Dublin.

Inside the military ambulance, Agent John Galt had an AQFB27-uniform at the center of a card table with 6 chairs set up. Stevie and Chips took chairs 1 and 6. Moments later Agents Corazon Dulce and Hamish took chairs 2 and 5. John Galt pressed a switch that brought the images of Mother Moose, Bachman Turner Over and Agent Bean into view but with the sound muted. Agents James Crosby and Bravo Zulu arrived and sat at the two remaining chairs. Agent Buck Naked stood behind Chips enjoying his GWB.

John Galt unmuted the gazing ball as Agents Banzai and Otto brought the Pacific and European Abel Danger satellite offices into the mix. Sound checks were quickly performed and once it was determined that all were in the loop, Jackson’s voice was heard but his image not seen.

“Good morning Abel Danger, this will be brief. Blabby Blago has indicated to Gerald Fitzpatrick the the Bullindons are ‘done with the pollock’. To counter, we must get to the Watten Blairhouse ASAP to prevent the conversion of evidence. Squealers at Sidley, Clinton Rubin and SERCO have independently signed off on the Sidley Ledger. Umbrellaman has authorized a May 6, 2010 release of Book Six the working title of which is “Cameron’s Safe and Sidley’s Ledger”. The audit of the Ledger is complete as it pertains to the John Wilkes Booth-Montreal-Mary Todd Lincoln caper. We need to ‘repossess’ the Cameron Safe to ensure the sovereignty of the United States of America. In 1871 the Bullingdon’s torched Chicago and blamed it on Mrs. O’Malley’s cow. Chips great grandfather, the poet Eugene Field, reported a different source of ignition. I have given Agent John Galt ATS briefing folders indicating the 3 items of interest that survived the Arson of 1871: Sidley’s Ledger, Cameron’s Safe, and ITEM 3. Read those briefing guides, work fast, think faster and Wacker 02 is set to go, Godspeed Abel Danger, use of deadly force authorized. Banzai, convey to Namedropper “Reid-Stupak-Pomeroy”, Jackson out”. As Jackson’s voice faded, Moose and Bachman signaled 5 with their ‘right hands’ as the AQFB-27-uniform was powered down by John Galt. A somber and focus sextet, gee, I love English, sextet exited the ambulance and ambulated toward the BA B747-400 with a can of grape Nehi visible in the left cock pit window. As Chips followed Stevie up the stairs he was reviewing the root words in cockpit, as was she, no doubt.

As the sextet entered the jumbo jet, Agent Marquis d’Cartier and Sluggo greeted them. Agent John Galt distributed the ATS briefing guides, shut the main cabin door 1L, and became invisible in the early morning rain, quite a rarity in Arizona in February.

As the Agents reviewed their briefing guides, Marquis d’Cartier sent each pair of Agents to their private VIP pods for the 9 hour and 11 minute crossing to Dublin. As Chips and Stevie headed for Pod A, James Crosby and Bravo Zulu headed for Pod B.

Umbrellaman and Pink Pamela were reported to be in Pod D. Corazon Dulce and Hamish went to Pod E while Bigg Johnson and April Cunning were rumored to be in Pod F, perhaps checking each other's tattoo. As each of the doors of Pods A, B, and E where AQFB-27-uniform gazing balls illuminated. Pink Pamela’s face was visible as Umbrellaman’s voice was heard saying:

“Abel Danger is authorized global rollup to match America’s Operation SWAMP DRAIN led by Mother Moose and Bachman Turner Over. In your briefing guides you will find, among other ATS items, the following: Geddes, Schroeder, Queen Hornet Bleach. I encourage you all to get some rest enroute as Agents Natalya Sukhoi, Natalya Antonov, and Natalya Tupelov will tell you of some ‘rearranging’ that the UN friendly Bullingdons are conspiring to commit. Sleep well, Umbrellaman out”.

In Pod A “And Chips is in” was cooed by Agent Stevie R. Gowray as a pair of Pastel Heather IOCs were draped on the bedside table and an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Heather laid beside a recently emptied 18 ounce tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and an empty 3 tab gel tab of NDSU Extend-o-peters, not to be confused with Tom Petters of Minneapolis who is in Prison having committed the second biggest fraud in Minnesota history. Only Honeywell’s HVAC fraud of 9-11 is likely to ever displace the ‘Petters penetration’ of retirement funds that made Madoff look like a wanker not to be confused the Jumbo jet call sign Wacker 02. In Scotland Fields of Heather are common and from Baemer, Scotland, Gordon Waller came to join Peter Asher in singing a smash hit of 1967, the year Chips graduated from Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. As Stevie reached to her Clipper to select 240 and F4 she whispered “Chips, name a song that you would dedicate to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barry Soetero and it has to be a Peter and Gordon song’.

“I Don’t Want to See You Again?” responded the musically gifted master swordsman as Stevie knew she was not receiving a foil or epee.

As Stevie hit the play button, Chips was playing with her button, so to speak, with both his hands on her shoulders.

As Chips and Stevie harked back to the heaven like existence on Ramey AFB in the sixties Chips was very happy that Stevie hadn’t selected “I Don’t Want to See You Again” for the 4 hour enduros. Stevie called ‘switch’ in Pod A while in Pod D, Agents Corazon Dulce of Abel Danger INS and Hamish of Abel Danger North America were reviewing the briefing guides assembled by Banzai, Uncle Ray, Otto Pilot and Uncle Ray with a modicum of help from Agent Del N. Pole in merry olde England. Hamish was reading aloud the clues as Corazon Dulce was wishing she was in Pod A with her Amigo Frito Caliente de Aguadilla.

“Estate of Mary Todd Lincoln + Russell Williams + Moose + Chips; May 6th election + UKIP-Pearson, Nazi Snuff film + Compound O + Camp 165; Cameron Blairmore House + Watten + Waffen SS + Dimitri Shaliskashvili + China + Clinton, 1990 + bleach, Krcma + Baltic, Nazi rocket scientist + Schroeder, Sultan of Brunei + Dorchester Hotel + $100M + Chips-YPG, paperclip + queen hornet + bleach + Truman project, Dearborn Street + Holly Grieg + Hannover, Caithness + Watten + Hoppe, Kretshmer + Krcma + Baltic, Watten + d’Alquen + CIA Korea + Cold war + Grain Quota + 1932/3 Ukrainian genocide + Stalin by Maurice Strong’s cousin Anna Louise Strong + Collection agent for Rothschild-Cameron [HSBC] racketeering loan syndicate + Maurice Strong + U.N. Environment Programme in Kenya in 1972 + Soviet 44% procurement quota on seeds + Ukrainian peasant + Strong United Nations 100% quota on CO2 + Peasant lungs + Worldwide genocide + Global peasantry + AGW promoters + Military firing squad + 40,000 ppm exhalations of CO2 terminated + Utmost dispatch + Thoughts on Bullingdon man + My Mate Dave”

Then Hamish, being Hamish, decided he would blast off two all stations Clippers; the first to warn how ‘Snuff-Film Compound O’ at Camp 165 appears to have re-programmed Nazis to set up the CIA-SAD as a front to attack America from behind with Sidley Austin and the second Clipper to invite his associate Chips to bring his American friends to come to the aid of the party in the U.K. elections and begin the Second Battle of Britain because they never finished the first.

“KSM defense witness Hamish immediate Clipper to KSM defense witness Chips: History Lesson I. Life in Compound O - reserved for the "B-Category" hardline Nazis who were watched over by armed guards - was far less relaxed .. documents revealed that this Caithness prisoner-of-war camp had played a secret role as a place where some of the most notorious figures in Hitler's Third Reich were detained, interrogated and "de-Nazified". Apparently the "de-Nazification programmes" included repeated showings of newsreels and films detailing the horrors committed under the name of the Third Reich and highlighting their defeat as well as the absolute victory of the Allied forces. BUT these recently declassified Government files also reveal the existence of an inner compound in the POW camp with the grim moniker "Little Belsen". After the camp closed, one of the inmates was sent to the US where he became a key member of the CIA and helped devise its anti-communist propaganda strategy during the early phases of the 'Cold War'. Another inmate who co-operated with intelligence officials and shared his technical knowledge of rockets, was eventually handed over to the Americans and became a respected adviser to the US Air Force (3) DR PAUL SCHRODER CHIEF OF THE BALLISTICS BRANCH THE WAFFENPRUFAMT – PEENEMUNDE (He worked for the British and USAF. May have been given a job with NASA) .. He resurfaces in the historical record as a British prisoner of war and seems to have been amenable to Allied offers of amnesty in exchange for scientific know how. From 1945 to 1948 he was interned in a special detention centre where he provided invaluable advice to British scientists. In 1948 he was granted special status due to his extraordinary knowledge regarding the specific technicalities relating to rocket projectiles and allowed to return to Germany. In 1950 he was granted an extension of his protection as a “Matchbox Consultant” (code for science advisor) in order to ensure that the Soviets did not get access to “The Greatest Mathematical Authority on Rockets Alive” according to the Science Advisor to the joint Committees. The next section is somewhat sketchy but it appears that he was considered too valuable to be left in Germany where he had been reduced to working on projects related to trains and was relocated to the USA where he first became a trusted advisor to the USAF and then in 1958 joined the newly formed American space organisation NASA. Gunter d’Alquen started his career in the Hitler Youth and later became a Youth Party leader in 1927. He joined the SS in April 1931 and within three years achieved the rank of Captain (Hauptmann). He joined the Völkischer Beobachter in 1932 as a political correspondent and began to write articles of a distinctly right wing nature. Clearly talented, his work was read by Heinrich Himmler who was so impressed that he placed him as the Editor of the Schwarze Korps – The official newspaper of the SS in 1935. By the outbreak of war the print run of the paper exceeded 700,000 copies per issue and d’Alquen had earned himself the reputation of being a “firebrand’ extolling the virtues of the new ideals. Over the next four years d’Alquen used his position to incite antagonism towards the Jews, moderate intellectuals and foreign opponents, reluctant leaders and any others that opposed the strengthening Nazi ideology. With the outbreak of war d’Alquen’s Nazi fervour saw him become a dedicated and enthusiastic SS war reporter himself. His work was exceptionally valuable to the morale of the German war machine and towards the end of the conflict Himmler appointed him as head of the Wehrmacht Propaganda Department. During his career he was also responsible for several key works including the commissioned history of the SS. Over the years his works inflamed anti-Semitism and denigrated democracy in favour of benevolent dictatorship. He survived the war and was captured and interned in Britain. When Camp 165 was closed in 1948 he was “passed on” to the USA CIA where it is believed he worked on propaganda tactics during the Korean War. He certainly did something for the Allies as he was allowed to return to Germany. On the whole he was allowed to live in peace although he was made to pay two large de-Nazification fines (Berlin), one in 1955 and a further one in 1958. There is speculation that both of these were indirectly paid for by the US Government as part of their repatriation deal. He was apparently banned from ever working in journalism but otherwise allowed to live out his life in peace and quiet. He died in 1998 aged 88. Other than three years in a British POW internment camp d’Alquen largely managed to avoid both jail and notoriety. Not bad for a man who actively inflamed racial hatred and helped establish a society where mass murder and genocide were considered by many to be acceptable”

“KSM defense witness Hamish immediate Clipper to KSM defense witness Chips: History Lesson II. We Brits need your help to show the UKIP how it can exit the EU to begin the Battle for Britain The Con-Lab Warmists are dissing Lord Pearson by quoting admiringly (?) from “The Vacuity of UKIP’s Flagship Policy”. They ignore the issues of criminal extortion of U.K. taxpayers by Peter Dunscombe, chairman of the BBC Pension Trust AND the EU agency, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change IIGCC. Lord Pearson does not need to exit the EU by the front door with the UK on its own. We can help him to help every EU member country to exit through the backdoor and shut the EU – a rotten and corrupt bureaucracy – down altogether. All he has to do is confiscate the €4trillion held by Dunscombe’s crony trustees and return IIGCC to their righful owners (as they leave the EU) and then begin the ‘Battle for Britain’, or, as Churchill said… “What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. upon it depends our own British life and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us now. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted [Warmist] science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will say” .. “The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) is a forum for collaboration on climate change for European investors. The group’s objective is to catalyse greater investment in a low carbon economy by bringing investors together to use their collective influence with companies, policymakers and investors. The group currently has over 50 members, including some of the largest pension funds and asset managers in Europe, and represents assets of around €4trillion. Consider tri-axial thrust in Britain-Poland-Jekyll Island, capeche? Hamish, Pod E, PS, Corazon is one hot tamale Chips.”

Corazon interrupted a second time while holding a pair of magnums of Merlot which were matched well to her own two mammary magnums, if you know where my head is at.

“Hamish, would you like to fool around a little while Chips mentally googles all the clues and sends them to Eric Holder as an item of evidence in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)?”

“Corazon, I absolutely would, however I am having trouble with the $100M price of the Dorchester Hotel, it had been ‘flipped’ for $50M just 6 months prior……” Hamish was interrupted mid-thought as the lights went down, a negligee went down, and the fever went up.

“You know what I want don’t you Hamish?” cooed the sudsy Corazon Dulce whose maiden name was Waxhah, Chocktaw for Warsaw, although she had been cured of her maidenhood on a warm night in July of 1965 by the tidal pool below Cliff Road at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico where in March of 2010 a U-2 would make a fly by searching for Chips after the Haiti HAARP and prior to the Easter HAARP Earthquake or the 70th Anniversary 'aftershock' in Smolensk.

“Yes but Chips is in Pod A and if I know Chips he has solved this puzzle by now. If I could find the light switch I would go get Chips for you….” as Corazon interrupted a second time.

“Forget Chips, forget the lights, forget the puzzle, and listen to my Clipper Plaintain as it plays Chips’ favorite song by April Stevens”. As Corazon waited from Hamish to finish his double mineral water with signature lime slice, she harked back to July 27, 1965 when she had driven Chips down the hairpin road below the Officer’s Club at Ramey in a 1963 MGA with a fuel shutoff valve installed by her brother Julius for his ‘dates’.

As Corazon continued waiting, she saw the seat belt signed go off as Hoss’ voice over the PA said laconically “ETA sked, sleep well” just prior to a violent thud in the night.

[ Corazon Dulce and Frito Caliente ]

In the quiet darkness that ensued, both Chips and Hamish missed a Clipper regarding the uploading of Chips’ letter to the United States Department of Justice dated 2 April, 2010, that was intended to prevent the explosive excising of persons, including heads of state, who don’t sing along with Kumbaya and its musical directors including Sidley, SERCO and the Bullingdons. Due to darkness, silence and cowardice, that letter will not be in this Chapter 12. [ psssstttt…it will be up at ] In addition to the Clipper regarding to USDOJ a rare FLASH CLIPPER from Agent John Kenty of Abel Danger Bath, Maine was stacked in queue, but not in the way that Agent Stevie R. Gowray was stacked. John had been a 'buck sergeant' at Ramey AFB where he worked as a teleype spook although he was assigned to the 72nd FMS and carried as a 'jet engine mechanic'. After leaving Ramey he continued working in 'special projects' as a civilian.

“KSM Witness John Kenty FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman, Banzai, Otto, John Galt, copy Chips and Hamish: Will meet you at St. James Gate to discuss these key words: ATI + Beryllium + Oak Ridge + SCRAP Virtual Tunnel Project + RCA patents + Titanic telegraph operator + Paper Clip Nazis + Nagasaki thermal trigger +

Night Stalker + C123 Sneaky Pete + BQM-165 + Mark 17 + China Lake and everyone of these tidbits leads to the identity of MRS BIG and her agents in Compound O. Her name is .........”

Suddenly all electrical power was 'shut down' aboard Wacker 02 and John Kenty's incomplete 'stacked' Clipper was lost in the shuffle. In the cockpit Hoss declared "I have the aircraft, loss of all generators Stone" while in Pod D sultry and feverish Corazon Dulce whispered in the darkness "Hamish, anything you want, I'll give you" to which the erudite Brit responded "splendid, another mineral water please", while, in Pod A, a firecracker-hot Stevie R. Gowray called "switch".


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